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tv   Arirang News  PBS  November 25, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the evening. yours. the us the alliance the of the ruling and main opposition parties me for spots. while political deadlock but failed to narrow their differences over the state's alleged illegal electioneering. what happened ross national income make it a record high this year at the local currency's appreciation and a rise in gdp. ron and six volt power strength and you could deal with decades old diplomatic standoff took the how the world is reacting to
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the wet bar complete with hats and patients for north korea's nuclear ambitions the stores and more next time tightly. welcome to prime time news it's monday november twenty fifth year in korea one from full minute to hang them from limping so much for joining us. we begin this evening with president fox reaction to pro north korea remarks by a group of catholic priests over the weekend. the korean leader said that she will tolerating condone any attempts to cause social conflict in the country and uses presidential office correspondents are going to reports. recent remarks by priests from a leftist camp the crew that seemingly justified north korea shelling it get to the island three years ago. coffee
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attention of president packing an extra spot to give up that day but the warning to whom one that the teaching time don't they get in local currencies in the beginning you can be honey you don't at least don't walk will keep out of town and commune kicking game to me that question respect and shared that the catholic priests association for justice at last friday and north korea had their choice but to launch missiles in the west sea response to south korea key west village creek exercise that was taking place your good work of maritime border at the time. during a meeting with her senior. a ten day present that made it clear that her that its creation would not ever let any easier pick a cause chaos for conflict in the pantry. she also emphasized that her ministry should would immediately retaliated against any north korean provocations that kenya will never think of staring at
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such an act again. prime minister tell no one went one step further. the slippery spots comments the ever present quote. it seeks to destroy south korea and aligned with an enemy analysts say for such strong words the nation's top leaders need to demonstrate their commitment to protect south korea's territory into people's lives especially with last saturday a block of purity the first trio began dialing shelling which killed two civilians and tuqiri us you see the controversial comments can be used as a part for the prez central office to further pressure the opposition party says optus lawmakers have been somewhat supportive of the catholic groups to me and for president had to resign all i can share. and it's and say uh the political front for a rival party leaders helped foster the end of resolving the prolonged political impasse that is that the prominent read this this for weeks that the two
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sides failed to reach any compromise for now after one has more on the ongoing debt clock. bill and one he became the leading candidate for you know how to yell and democrat party bnp and the air and the rebel a concrete agreement in the east. during the fifteen mimi medium heat. we are for personal growth. we suffered through the parking pass and has kept the problem and best yet still for a week. team said the group would consist of the meters and collaborators of them will be in main opposition parties and would put gethsemane testing to prove it but she's at work sites that time being the opposition can steam and for eighteen month investigation into allegations that the nation's spy agency medal in last year's presidential election and it meant that in the cdp
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in the spirit of the choirs at the nation's spy agency keenan said the formation of such a comedian with me up at the nationals and we can deal with a series of paintings that he could tell. billy kennedy part you don't have the us that he would respond to the proposal by friday. he also his friend emilie parties and it included an investigation is unnecessary and that the parties look for updates on saturday the back just for this year and next amid the controversy the prominent but just fed them and can immediately opened on monday when the first time since the main opposition boycotted all events on the prominent rescheduled fourteen days ago meanwhile met with friday's crash over them the sydney markets. i kept the priest for the presidential office and don't really have any parties that really just meters fifteen from making comments that you buy a country where the democratic party to the more these are
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the products seem pretty pot and the student id needed to listen to what the message conveyed. seawater. i am china has set off alarm bells in the region by declaring its intent to protecting yourself and back covers korea's own defense ellen and eileen said are in dispute with japan and the beatings move has prompted the korean government to convey its stance of regret for a diplomatic channel because a lot has to detox. china's dedication of a new air defence zone is raising concerns and scully as a part the overlaps with korea's own air defense identification zone or that hobbes. the new zone conference the korean i'll end of the local submerged rock and ice between china and korea as claimed by korea even though it is not included in the country's air defense only. in an expression of concern of bombay james weekend announcement seoul's defence ministry summons
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chinese defence after stacy team aimed to korea on monday the ministry said its deeply regrettable that china as identification zones overlap with korean airspace over the tape to n e of the high lands. stalin also said that china's recent announcement will not affect korea's jurisdiction over the waters surrounding field goal it's our military jurisdiction our military action permission zone and since the area stretches out two koreas jurisdiction over it though. our government won't give notice when flying our aircraft in the area maintains declaration is yet another step the search type in chinese control over the disputed islands known as the are you anti not insane couple in japan. china's government says it will take offense if emergency measures against any aircraft that does not identify itself properly in that area. this
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means aircraft flying in the zone without authorization can be intercepted by fighter jets the us says china's action as an attempt to change the status quo when the pacific. my japan called the move unacceptable and said that raises the potential for unfortunate incidents. meanwhile korea and china not plan to take up the issue during a bilateral vice ministerial level defense strategy meeting set for thursday and so it was a lot. i didn't use. a landmark nuclear deal was struck between iran and six world powers and her on speaker program over the weekend well the pact has been hailed by the international community it is also raised hopes in certain circles of a similar deal with north korea i can jam reports on whether pyongyang and the next the landmark nuclear deal with you on on sunday. we spoke to a nuclear agreement with north korea. although
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some think the deal could set a precedent for a deal with the north. local experts here in south korea are skeptical the sea that iraq and north kirby are fundamentally different which affects the amount and degree of control the international community has in spades the scariest scenes it's neither program as a deterrent against external threats and so most experts think it is very unlikely that tonya will relinquish its nuclear program. it claims to be in euclid seed and so there's very little room for the kind of exchange that can be to a deal. young and dropped out of a new leg nonproliferation treaty in nineteen eighty three and then the country went ahead with three new bill is passed you on the other hand is party to the npt and cleans its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. in addition the international community does have something valuable to offer you're on a steam train ride suspension of some of its activities the lifting of certain economic solutions in the new president's son to heidi's
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focus on the country's economic about making also played an important role in sunday's nuclear green experts also seen germany's role as mediator was an important factor in a new midfield. china has served as the needed he said north korea but is unlikely that china will be able to queue for the last lecture every day for iraq. this priority is to peace and stability of country and not a fool rather than denuclearization of north korea. china's role as mediator of the shoe. in the detail on it. china and the us and its allies agree that six nation talks on the emu playstation or the action resumed. but the us and its allies including south korea and japan want north korea to take concrete steps toward the new playstation before the talks resume. china believes the pox can happen in tandem with emu crazy and yet again the next. thus
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think the korean government raise electricity rates for the first time in nearly a year by an average of five point four percent move comes amid concerns of the country's heavy reliance on power and gospel blackout string peak seasons. for more on the latest electricity price hike were joined by dr kim jong and professor of economics at two nine university. thanks for coming to the studio piece by piece the cancer had been mixed reviews of the latest electricity price hike. what a chore to take on this i mean do you think ill be effective enough to curb energy consumption of formerly the thirty fourth time being but i think not effective and long which means i think the price might be cool on him and more because of the body of the government to increase the domestic surprise. i think the need to increase
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more scenes. on the price for unique oboe electric prices ease of steel award and the reason for this post. so you know to the core lines the production costs. and then benefit the home of tissue increase in more unforced. so we've experienced the power crises year after year almost season after season. how bad is that shortage situation. all actually keep the outcome carrying petroleum and natural gas electric city parsons it much more than that or you know that for you and call. so this one many people so she hopped up using the two cities because of the cheap price and say all of the price hike it's expected to have a serious impact in the local industrial sector which party if it will be the hardest hit and how bad you expect the phone to be fully
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the hadiths he might on the industry side because they have a very very up many fishery. over the past the saudi years. but though we didn't used to want these cute increasing the price of democracy especially for the industry sector. so prolly they are going to increase their production costs and management cost too but at the same time there are going to find all the candidate the patience to read. and as saving money in the industry of course it's soul though it's not cool with the competitiveness of the giver countries. market might be decreased. soledad is that the road in an oh so responsibly. so from what you say it sounds like electricity here in korea is sepsis to subsidize ethanol an unsustainable level and nuclear energy was seen as a pasta with a way to expand the source of cheap energy but now that korea and other nations are moving away from nuclear power and one other
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sources to rehab realistically. fall we the awareness of the nuclear power. he's very very increased so the other you or your book than you can call this why the uk germany and even united states. up front to avoid nuclear power he repeats a very cheap. i think the new iso maker paul ii's before weakening because in the creeks you in korea too al dente pool we called poker. mitchell katz is this a year when is it such as el bulli will bring the power of biomass energy. the stone for reese was so much. but the increase in the future and what you said earlier that year expect a further jump in and or shipwrecks and find out what to expect that to truly the on campus at maximum. euro by year as a accumulation. so ten percent because well like mahler on the ninety one minus two percent of. the because he's
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sending us to seven placenta has a kid. so full we do go monthly increase. i think more than more than seven percent to at least the campus and i think in the futurity maybe steal five years. i guess. it was thought to contain the somewhat rare times today thank you very much during that week. before your dna and another began. get the latest line from seoul expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only caught with its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby
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south. all the economic rights korea's per capita income is expected to top twenty four thousand us dollars for the first time this year largely backed by the appreciation of the local currency against the greenback. the sunday sun reports on the anticipated record high. what the government forecasting economic growth at two point eight percent for exists here kali is expected that the highest ever gross national income per capita of bolivar twenty three thousand eyes to see here otherwise from bubble the twenty three thousand dollars and twenty well it's inflated by the strength of the korean currency. he can take a cotton is that lg economic research. anstey said. given that the queen one asking to play not the sound of its value against dollar in first half of the sea here the exchange rate changes that could account for nearly half of that it's become gay korea's ji and per capita first surpassed twenty thousand dollar mark in two thousand seven. and as poverty low twenty three thousand dollars in the past five years. but many
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economists believe the country will have to wait several more years before its per capita income hits thirty thousand dollar mark the kiwi kiss ink and finance reported monday aging society in a the birth rate as factors that could slow economic growth. as those twenties would reduce household income and investment thereby attracting the potential growth rate. it said household in the word decreased five point six percentage points. every time the country's gdp growth rate slows down by one percentage points the oecd expects to queenie cotton me to grow two point seven percent is here and three point eight percent next year after expanding two per cent last year. this time. identities global ratings agency moody's has downgraded korea's largest steelmaker to cut costs goes for currency bond rating and its senior unsecured shelf rating by one notch to be double the two on monday citing a high level of
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debt and uncertainties in the industry. the outlook however remained xd will looking for duties did acknowledge moscow's dominance in the korean steel sector but also forecast that its financial leverage will remain weak over the next year to two years because of weaknesses in the regional steel industry at large the curry and slovakia are celebrating twenty years of diplomatic ties this year and to mark the location so that deputy prime minister of near slough my packet is in seoul this weekend our foreign affairs correspondent and some key differences sit down with and for each. but deputy prime minister indira spotlight checks as kirby and slovakia have become very close friends during your teeth decades of diplomatic heights the dual tremendously and it is a success story the look and we are now two close friends who come to
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push through this and the teams from all the same ideas on the global stage speaking with itn news on monday and salt. i texted back to the country's strong economic cooperation as many korean company. the slovakia as a gateway to the european market. slovak yet to lead the central european country or during the czech republic austria poland ukraine and hungary. morning tea and companies from the republic of korea in the stomach and invested more than two billion euros. big companies like the kiosk and there were some some number of others this look is the fourth most important part for korea neil communion and it creates the sixth grade class for slovakia school or your company's former fiji. more and more than ten thousand of them don't like it. the kit currently offers tax deductions for foreign investors that operate companies in pyjamas for the jobless rate is higher here than average. the deputy prime minister said brad
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parents and kids there on the way such as the one percent cutting corporate tax by next year. i check will also serve as foreign minister. a south korean counterpart in god's hand monday to seek ways to expand cooperation such as in the field of science. you don't need to go into it. he has involved with the announcement of a corporation the minister's involvement in the small screen. the meeting like taking pride in his south korean partner to visit slovakia. noting the importance of having regular political exchanges he sets the box yet that is korea as an important diplomatic partner because of their similarity. first and foremost we are partners because we can promote and defend the same idea is to be in favor of a piece of democracy so that means on the global stage we are eating and sleeping side by side with the city sending
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the same values and interests sunny and nice. the tour it's me lpga tour has come so close and this year all eyes were on top ranked golfer mike beebe and she ended the season with yet another accolade stephen kaye joins us for the details below their big eyes the world's number one lpga golfer pot can be added yet another distinction to her fairytale season by securing the two where's the money title is a second straight time she stopped the money list and it came after she finished fifth with the four round score of eleven under and the final forming of the season was a dramatic finish to get a spectacular season for two thousand and thirty four pot who won three majors this year. she bested the world's number two says anne patterson bike nearly one hundred and ten thousand dollars pedersen contested
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her in both the body and the player of the year awards with a late season push. now turning to baseball free agency action is in full here but there hasn't been much indication as to where pitcher duties of me is headed with top closing pitcher olson was dealt to japan's hudson tigers forty two year price tag of eight point nine million dollars the entrance then shifted back to uni and his quest to get into the pilates court today to see the toys seven year old righty isn't working talks with six teams in the deal is likely to be reached sooner rather than later. the minnesota twins have shown a keen interest in the body for sometime now what the likely favourite skin that humans services and finally headed to bar court there are no kb all games played on mondays so let's check out the current standings. the five remains intact from last week. this case the laws of this but the losses leave on sunday which left their home game winning streak last season at
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twenty seven j l j lopez and they did their spots while you can see link below. now all of the bottom and the team and at times on our ties with eight wins apiece and the auto install and lofted a ball to wild qc and his fault or not he's back at the bottom of the stand. here the sportscenter this has been speeding chair setback at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. i am. it is. i do. thx. it is. i got
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off to a dark and rainy start the week throughout the country. that's right let's find out how things are looking for tuesday returning to cambodia at the weather center. hello good evening that is just on cold winds blowing at about five to four meters perspective makes it feel weak or defend the actual number is and that they can expect another cold one tomorrow. taking a look at the current conditions as you can see we had like clouds in the east coast and southern regions but it's looking relatively clear how many cents each the high priestess of them from high now. now they'll watches and warnings have been left dead in the west and south coast regions. but they're still in effect in taiwan province and
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the east coast presents tomorrow those of you in once it expects from whence elected today. other than that and that's to be a mix of flurries and likes challenge the king and the central region late at night with full spread throughout the country by wednesday. looking ahead at tomorrow's meeting of solace that topped the day at my best to decrease but the high stakes. we'll update when i need to eat at night. the on sale at every change that and told me it is seven and eight degrees respectively while bottoms and tops out at my spine. talk about and see that it's after midnight. a kid for dems to broadcast on this monday night it's an easy hand so i have come and thanks for watching will see a cent. and. is you dare they
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teach the young. the symbol is just too stupid to want to grow healthy and leave them home. a knee. is it. it's the close the door historic mistake presence obama struggles to find the right words the face by face trial on capitol hill who wanted to see iran's right to peace but any case. places like texas by the gases each other in the training capital during the second day of honor outside the government putting back from an easy deal. i hate the clean oil industry propaganda and barman honey it's hard to get a grip


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