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boss but some textbook which i hope the country. what price the future. this is jake tuchman reporting from the grime afghanistan the next. windmill and moving moving. news on him us presidents brock obama has preached is really quite an instant and intensity of the one that deal made between geronimo is that the islamic republic's new to the program obama racial mixing it that america remains committed to israel's safety and will not allow iran to acquire new to the west in the conversation between tb does tend to miss any of you describe the new deal as a historic mistake
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the agreements made at the weekend in geneva will see it grounds me to put that last phrase in exchange for partial rebate from economic sanctions if the administration is reportedly considering helping iran in the east sea including efforts to bring to the syrian civil war. goa has reportedly become the first country in the world to ban islam in an apparent effort to crack down on was an extremism according to local media mosques in the country have been dismantled to the end goal and minister of culture said quote the princess of legalization and his mom has not been approved by the ministry of justice and human rights of the country's eighteen point five million inhabitants just a small percentage of muslim that nearly cost the country following traditional indigenous beliefs . i knew the routine. she and more
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all that. oh no. hohoho. on the wall. you have. and while. i hope. i did. is you
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each term president has issued a new law regulating protests weeks after the bills spirit serious criticism from rights and political groups that c will undermine freedoms and further stifle opposition jacksonville has been widely debated since the military backed government first floated in october the law comes ten days after authorities lifted a three month long emergency order the crazy broad powers to security forces. he didn't even hit like turmoil and perpetual protests for nearly three years since the two best eleven operating against on a cracked hosni mubarak the unrest intensified following the overthrow business backed present muhammad more see the first democratically elected leader of the country. was reading that supporters have complained of abuse by security forces while the government has accused the infamous group of eighteen violent elements within the opposition. the us and iran are being secretly
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negotiating during the pots here and high stakes it come to gamble by the m on her administration that paves the way for the deal sealed a deal signed in geneva aimed at curbing tehran's disputed me to try it. that's according to a new associated press reports. so we know of at least five secret talks that was at a talk in march that happened in oman and then there were other talks that happens after the honey was elected but before these discussions happens and officials and then pretty secretive about where the talks exactly happens and that's in part because they wanted people to preserve these locations for future secret talks and tours were called to be held in the middle east the nation over mom and elsewhere with that he ate like circle of people in the nile from the us side the top two officials were deputy secretary of state bill burns a and buckekeket official named jake sullivan who use to be at the state department and currently actually serves as vice president by his top national security official at
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bill burns is someone who has worked on the iraq issue for several years. jake's olive and is someone who is very widely respected at the white house the state department and that in the tube and they really forged his spring strong relations with iranian officials at both before the election and after the election. their approach men between tehran and washington had been building for some time in potential tax which infuriated close us ally israel. the us kept the march meet team from its allies is that inconsiderate to the mep that substance but it did have to brief israel and its five negotiating partner is at about these meetings that happened during the fall and the president canceled the most sensitive of these three feeds himself and that was with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu maniac who was scheduled to come to the white house for a visit on september thirty f obama personally briefed netanyahu on the a u s bilateral talks with iran and tuesdays after that brief the netanyahu went to the united nations for its beach one that he gives every
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year in which she really blasted the year review received calls from honey a wolf in sheep's clothing. and it became pretty clear that whatever president obama had said to him in their conversations earlier the week hadn't done much with speeches and sermons israel says the deal is a historic mistake but for now the winds seems to be persuaded that tehran's insistence that its media interest is only in peaceful energy production and medical research should be tested distance runner assembly has voted for the crucial security deal with the us to allow american troops to stay in the country after nato forces leave in two thousand fourteen the decision of the assembly has a winter coat which consists of about two thousand five hundred tribal elders and religious leaders has been met with skepticism by afghan president who presided the city and state schools to bring peace to afghanistan before he signed a bilateral security agreement signed in
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pieces only condition to this agreement america should bring us peace and we all eagerly accept its agreement with them and accepting your decision we will sell and it's like that. the security deal were now close to fifteen thousand foreign troops to remain in the country and were given the need for your soldiers you can watch the u s troops which had been in afghanistan since two thousand and one of my dad government forces and the country's taliban insurgency. religion is simply serves to consult that it prepares to light only to advise the president on the matter and the security deal town that is opposing the deal and has threatened to kill the tribal representatives to enjoy the security team and us the obama administration has said it would remove its forces in the deal is not signed at the end of the year this would jeopardize the breakthrough in women's rights protection from the taliban and especially this complete afghanistan losing billions of dollars in foreign aid us going at it stoops first in eu countries come to you. violence
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continues to dominate brought to the seaside bomb are blowing himself up in a city north of baghdad killing ten civilians city of religious leaders have announced that they're closing down mosques as an act of protest according to senior sunni scholar the moscow sure has been triggered by the systematic targeting of justice to get to bed mosques and were surprised members of the city council demanded that the commission provide security and justice after that is the killings of sunni clerics day before the announcement of moscow's or two bombs carried its sunni mosques in baghdad killing four and last week i see clinic was gunned down as she left a mosque in western baghdad. sunni religious leaders have not publicly accusing it of being behind the attack. however the ongoing violence between iraq's shia and sunni muslims have spent twenty five people dead the latest tensions have increased after the poem read by security forces to stay according to the united nations statistics nearly five thousand five hundred
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people had been killed even though many of the car bombing attacks clean out the militants targeting the shia sunni muslims are being killed in retaliation attacks. use. it's a sleeping bag and is great eats and eats the stuff that people are thinking of making his brow. now from the thousands of people walking through the day. a sixteen inch fact that many people. it's a tool to fight the tears came to see in the ministry of immigrant absorption several schools with such happiness and to provide people with more information on the pink and black. it's now a staff of the eighteen thousand people from around the wild and agree to extrapolate idea meanwhile tote and want more
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access than decreased to eighty on the odd is that for and the great aid to israel ms spence st to its presence on these roads immigration bill which isn't all free time. if you make you quantify peninsula has very much an open goal for the state as far as the calvin them on skits it benefits the range is from freeport on which his unending penang which missiles the health benefits as well and there is a money tree kits. and depending on size and family that is hosting an award eta for them to help me and it's right up next. it is to be taken to school to encourage guests to connect the kids. i think making his frail pontiff your mind. actually brings you a jewish identity to life in a way that they need to be very difficult to do otherwise and so i would be carried to everybody to explore every possible way to spend time in israel's deep in your relations with israel. moving to israel is obviously a wonderful thing to think about but today there's so many other ways you can make it so i don't like to throw at him. that's why we've got
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a tremendous number of stands to show you some of the ways you can do that. the ex based sauce provided information on splitting the anti taxation buying property in its care while many people integrate successfully months in a scene from the idea told risky. attach the church in touch and why some people can come to town. place the unlawful under them and find it very difficult team to carry into western society that comes from said parts of ethiopia was completely different lifestyle. alas the problems of them is the integration and with the higher numbers of immigration into easter island recently is about schools the high numbers of children at risk in the end he was so excited to find people considering buying property in its path and
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the great it's actually do it again. encourage people to consider the options that at the moment. it is the finances will. sometimes when you win you win you fine folks in this moment in profits a bill sinking of the uk times can you afford the pub still not clear to this translates will license its wrong. and the great secret is why tote and why he believes he made the right decision. thank gawd i just didn't speak up for us. we misled the front of us but whistle. we actually fell in love with and read read read read it. we have the balls of paper. this phase of its misuse and the inhabitants to take a month and sauces found itself as the rest of the clients still abuzz with clients and build a practice these years people from the uk continue to consider making a spell the end of the scale on eon remains an important issue. i take from everyone he meets rate than it did not see people thinking of me thinks it's brown. the non denied a seat and winding down . the it
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seems to want to and syria countries in the middle east asia and africa. he tried to find some peace and safety refugees making dangerous journey from their war ravaged states often end up completing attempting to carry a crease or serbia that benefited our water situation is really really bad. in some of the sand to a pregnant woman sick today. do not have access to chill out. they have access to only one needed but they bb's know i'll get nice maybe a can of it these days on beyond tears a deficiency is an inexperienced situation is particularly alarming pump area that you come to play here in turkey which has accepted ten thousand migrants mostly from syria and also from afghanistan and iraq during the ride and since january of this influx of my pants kind of numbers
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the country's capacity to clementi efficiency is only five thousand people. gary and far right nationalist and protesting against plans to produce the county of her neck to stop to refugees and earlier this week the bulgarian president has contender for a rise in attacks and refugees following the influx the reason isaac refugees coming into europe has been fueling sixteen far right movements. going to don carty it speaks to the third most common political party in the country. easton and an increase in the form. some sixteen countries the company to provide humanitarian mission on the side of the refugees fleeing from the east conflict. this meeting which is granted asylum seekers from residents they knew of the country is going to fight. pfft the year is marking the fifth anniversary of the mumbai attack in which militants attacked india's financial capital targeting key
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benchmarks and sixty which gives one hundred and sixty six people dead. ten minutes mr on the moon was full and in a dinghy whole spitting into four groups and him talking on a killing spree during the texas library pass the moon was caught mahal hotel as indian commandos made that last push to clean for ten minutes minutes. since held off the elite commandos for up to sixty hours into the tree hotels in achieving since the late sixties were killed in the end of the commando operations to melt the snow was a a arrested while the oven on and gunmen were killed kason was executed on the morning of nov twenty first twenty twelve i promoting diversity in the corporate world for his years with the european commission says progress in getting more women into company boardrooms has been slow. after a round of
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successful but it's so fine the european parliament has now shown its support to four eu rules that will ensure forty per cent import remembers our women by the year twenty twenty according to eu figures and then continue to outnumber women in top company positions prompting the european commission proposal last year to accelerate change your gender quotas. the european parliament agrees that one hundred and fifty million to one hundred ft eight in favor of rules that will force tell eu listed companies to hire women for forty percent of boardroom seats but the year twenty twenty or face financial sanctions supporters of gender quotas see if it weren't for european intervention change would simply take too much time. eighteen now it is time to re inspire people to ignore clear that what we can have a single space at the intent of the same the problem. we all know that
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they're important economic arguments for this proposal making use of the inmates had and to improve his company's results. but critics say the rules are undermining women's ability to get there on their own merits. british member of parliament's maori in a can of kentucky's is in favor of the voluntary approach as well as promoting initiatives that will empower more women with the skills to make it at the time. it is that the increase in women on board. when we have had quiet as. and the child is norway we found that a false picture of me does not actually increase the participation and say to their own. upstairs the middle rounds to the current group suggests the rules might be more effective with their temporary some very very capable and skillful with them too. all moving through whatever systems exist at the moment. two very successful positions on top of industry at the top of
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politics so. box. um i do believe that there are separate sectors where because of the circumstances because of the rules because of the history. there are not enough women. she represented the highest level. i think in those cases. i'm old and say borrow from taking some form of action. even if its one off action. in all that to make that balance rob a bank to avoid the so called golden skirts affect any pc that a female candidate for a top role will only take precedence. all candidates are equally qualified as increasing transparency in the recruitment process there is an overwhelming majority in europe in favor of gender quotas don't blast because the law on friday exists in some member states and countries like the magic kingdom who are against a setting in eu wide standards are set to block the proposal we may end up seeing the lawn watered down. center diamond fourche and one at
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the european parliament in strasburg. i. loom it's the state steering united states and across the country americans are taking the time to remember those who've served and sacrificed in the us military. and during the israel synagogue in washington dc jewish war veterans are taking the spotlight as millet read and pulled the discussion of how tired she wished they had informed their many years of service to us for seats the military to our country's leader when it comes to quality. the first of the organization to be segregate to the harry s truman's presidential order it is today an organization where anyone can excel. based on their own skills and determination but not where they're born. the color their skin or whether or not they
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were cheap. so says reader add on for mitchell anstey who has served in the us media for over thirty years he says his state has shaped his time in the military the teachings of judaism the moral upbringing contributed a lot to me. in terms of ethics. and moving more and doing the right thing and a long story the admirals experiences are just one of many army chaplain rabbi arnold dress niqab agrees that he's jewish upbringing foster the spirit of service in peachtree tease him. i believe. i say to thee to serve my country. do you believe jesus leads us to know that. in every country that we should. strong in the concrete right. rabbi entered the military as an average soldier but he's experiences led him to rabbinical school and he ended up helping other soldiers with matters of faith and spirit. he stressed
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that interfaith cooperation is a defining part of what meets the u s force is uniquely successful. we were in the top schools in the bunkers there in beirut and i made one statement wednesday as we were crouched down in the mortars were coming in the shows were coming in it's original adventure we americans have the only interfaith fossils in the mideast. the christian fall and just depression photos of muslim cartoons are and over lion the israelis of monkey george michael's and i said maybe if the world of more interfaith photos. we would mean more to meet so many fox holes to start with a timely message for veteran's day at the national museum of american jewish military history in washington in a run in association with the jewish war veterans of the usa group everyday is an opportunity to remember jewish contribution to the war front the goal of the national museum of market which military history. it's to preserve her wisdom
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patriotism serves his country of american jewish reference photographs and text tell the stories of countless american who have sacrificed their lines to the cries from the men's names to the everyday civilians have been lost to time. jewish americans have a long history in the us force is having served in every single war. many took pride in serving the united states especially during times when were being persecuted in other countries around the world. established in eighteen ninety six the jewish war veterans group is the longest running active veterans organization in the united states with members of ali g is located across the country. they plan to be around for many more batteries days to come. i'm rebecca foster for j and windy in washington. the head
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of the european jewish congress. i'm told has called on european officials to do more to stop the rise of neo policies across the continent and to a statement following a victory in regional elections in central slovakia murray and put a label for ten min and me an aussie togetherness national polity come to a sydney announced easy using the democratic system against democrats called the european authorities to drop a plan of action flicks before it's too late. he suggested that europe should follow the example of greece which ended its district members of the new gold until we see that their parliamentary immunity and cosmopolitan off from state funding goals until it nonetheless remains a powerful political force having risen from the singles th to become increases that may spark in a political policy elsewhere in europe countries. alright she opened policy is also called space and falling number of anti semitic incidents including one on team will
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make a cooling for this to be drawn up that easy to use national security threat that auntie country colts forty seven seats in hungary's pretending it's the six seat parliament. councils mornings european will make his opinion on c's comes amid speculation that nationalist parties like the arctic and going and going to see well in european parliamentary elections next spring as it is expressed their anger at the economic austerity and unemployment. zion. the new case against jewish film festival today and did on the sugary high with the primera b is really filled cupcakes which tells the story of a group of friends and seventies group and israel's anti into the eurovision like some context document result that dominated the last eight with films that so the promise and dancing in jaffa the team
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the uk jewish film festival ended on something sweet after more than two weeks of an enticing the pain of films talks and parties the feelgood comedy cupcakes is a departure for it is really to venture into fox he seems to make the hard hitting drama it's often touching on themes of homosexuality and how the israeli palestinian conflict the pics from lives of those in the region. as one of israel's leading directors. he was asked whether he feels the application to attend the story of the country. i took the pic you can tell stories to what life in israel's very sad to live my life. the need to explain its feel and to process my thoughts about its real chaplin films. i just do it but this is tied to conceal. someone tells a
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story to the authentic even close to him than she does become authentic and close to what it says no matter if there's maybe dramatic keep us straight to read it too much into it. she's the film gets what about when to israel and palestinian children also captivated the audience dancing in top nazis would know about me and dad to appear today in teaching the children to put aside their cultural differences and trust each other to dance as one audience members were treated to their own dance classes ahead of the film's screening. a uk jewish film festivals and its huge batch of michael atherton said it was a bumper year for the events. with the topic is at the festival with a record
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or dean says center with renault's we got to think a t3 screenings. nineteen ninety three screenings eighty three. so is comparable to many many punches twenty countries on all kinds of jaws know we have documented strolled some peaches and it's been a barracks year. aye aye aye we laid him on his friends it's yet to document it as the promised highlight the untold story of how muslim albanian state near the two thousand in world war two. photographer non aggression but the balkan country to meet the families who can't have that sound or word of honor to protect the gist of the advancing army. the film's producer jason williams said. the un non story was one that had to be told. the forty two. these people in the five years old so the more people trying to
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choose time now for judicial office was just possibly exception the history of europe during the second mobile. so that's it the seventeenth uk jewish film festival comes to a close for the record numbers in attendance this year organizers say they will have a short break before working on next year's film festival in december. i'm cindy martin st and one. in london will you. do. will. i mean. to me. gold. who are. i
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will. i do. it was. it makes the world. reading for locally mined. hunters and underwriters local contact s sponsors to any team that works out or seven at three seven seven o seven one four seven. in focus documentary series from good to go captivating documentary said reports cover business and finance alternative kitchen historical and present day
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events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm loom mm mm long one. since i want all in all we can democratic progressive party chairperson schools and skunk has slammed towing a forty unit naturally creates an air defense identification zone that includes tireless down the thai islands. it's also called on the government to stand up to


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