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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 25, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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dot com five starts in their power. check out our website our t dot com five usa the council on and better at night and underscore lopez one thing. new new new new nhk world news line and russia plot on with the news from tokyo. the secretary general of the united nations has announced that representatives of syria's government and opposition will take part in an international conference in january. it'll be the first time the warring parties said the negotiating table diplomats have been trying to organize peace talks for months. on the moon said on
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monday that hill convened a conference in geneva on january twenty second. he said the goal will be to establish a transitional governing body with executive powers. the conflict in syria has been continuing for more than two and a half years more than one hundred thousand people have been killed. almost nine million have been driven from their homes and the violence has spilled over into neighboring countries. the ymca of the maze towards the pig is a threat to international peace in secret. it would be unforgivable. not to seize this opportunity to bring an end to the suffering and destruction. it has quashed khan says he expects all regional and international partners to support the negotiations the announcement came after u n and apparently gone with the city on the photography the the closed door meeting in geneva with russian and u s representatives. heaney said they were asking that the government and opposition
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to mean their representatives as early as possible so they can meet and speak with them this conference is really for the syrians. two competent enough to fall to one another. and hope were dished out a collective room one of them. effective this process for their country the bloggers ask whether delegates from iran and saudi arabia will be attending. but but he said they're still trying to establish the list of participants. chinese officials find themselves at the center of the diplomatic route over the weekend they announced they'd set up an air defense identification zone over the east tennessee and that drew immediate criticism from japan south korea and the united states and is the world's most popular kid has more. it all started with this announcement. he should have
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a researcher in their defense identification zone in order to protect our sovereignty granted airspace. defence officials in beijing said aircraft entering the zone maths notified tiny so authorities of fun plans and obey instructions. they want the emergency defensive measures eighteen stocks has not followed. the zoning codes in space over the sink hot climates. depend controls the itunes time and taiwan claimed him. the band maintains that the sink is belong to the country historically and in terms of international law. today he said the prime minister says the law they criticize the action. to know which path to outline his creation of the air defense identification zone is an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea it's very dangerous as it could escalate the situation in the region and lead to unintended consequences. us
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officials say they are deeply concerned. secretary of state john kerry and secretary of defense timetable. it's a statement criticizing china and its restraint. hegel reiterated that the same cup liners fall under the japan u s security treaty. the south korean defence officials say it's regrettable that time is you and defense identification zone the overlaps that of that country. it could affect commercial airlines as well until now kerry is lying between japanese cds in taipei. all we needed to submit my plans to the japanese and taiwanese and topical authorities. but the authorities in the scene until four and allies. eight months and flight plans to time you see the snow crystals a bit cramped house oozes down. japanese vice foreign minister pak into the psyche some of the time his ambassador to japan on
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monday. he told him that many commercial aircraft fly over the east china sea. and that japanese carriers do not have to submit any flight plans to time he's a beast. no court cases. south korean officials also say they will not give advance notice when their craft night cruises on. this all my japanese in self defense force commandos as time has moved will have negative consequences. do you go and pick me. air defense identification zone are defined areas. when an unknown aircraft enters the zone. fighter jets scrambled to prevent it from ensuring the country's airspace. he sure as the no smoking nearly wise in the face of international rules concerning ddr diseased minds. also d stabilizes the region. it creates many problems chinese officials
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have rejected complaints from the pound. foreign ministry spokesperson team gunn said it's totally unreasonable enron was a count of cuz the zone. this latest step in the territorial dispute between the countries suggests a diplomatic resolution is a long way off the second attack a hk world token. meanwhile the chinese embassy in japan may have been anticipating fallout over the cloth that officials had asked chinese residents to register contact details in case of unexpected emergencies. embassy officials boasted the notification online two weeks before china announced its air defense identification zone. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson chain gun responded to reporters on monday. he said the contact details request is not just for japan but put chinese residents all around the world. he said people should avoid letting imagination run wild the chinese users of micro
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blogging site. we've all had posted about the issue. they say china could have been preparing for rising tension with japan. anti government protesters in thailand have forced their way into government buildings. they say the prime minister eating less than a lie it is under the control of her brother toxin and calling for her resignation. this is one into the compound of the finance ministry as well as the foreign ministry the government has extended the internal security act already in place in parts of bangkok. city resident extreme chaos in two thousand and eight due to massive anti government protests authorities closed the capital's main airport for a week. the month as the demonstrators are damaging the thai economy he said that threatening to resign at the high season gets underway now the prime minister says he's considering imposing and emerge with the lawn in bangkok and other areas to ensure order. japanese
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leaders are preparing to send more help to the philippines then dispatching experts to assess damage to infrastructure caused by typhoon high again. officials from the land ministry are heading to the region along with what appears from the japan international cooperation agency. expected to spend about a month and mostly on the island of leyte at the check on the supply of electricity and the status of communication systems japanese leaders will use what they've learned to determine what needs to be rebuilt. japanese leaders have already sent in self defence force personnel and medical units from the japan disaster relief team. and it offered more than fifty million dollars in aid. major indices until killing new york ended higher on monday investors on the knee did shoot a weaker yen while those on the dow jones industrial average began a holiday shortened week. ign joins us from the business tax. so i will can you tell what this book ended by roger but the similarities seem to stop there. it was up by more
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than two hundred points on monday with the dow was up by single digit still again is again investors seemed upbeat amid increased hopes of an economic recovery in the us the weekend accord to win a bronze nuclear program also boosted market sentiment. in fact the dow jones and the shabbat ended and another record high after gaining for a third straight day it was two point zero five percent to sixteen thousand and seventy two. what if the markets here in japan are taking what's better than me maliki's standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. i mean how is the market starting the session. grandma died that we see little bit of a reversal. but of course the focus has been on a stronger dollar and how that's been dictating stalks here in tow to the subtle into the open doubles. which makes using november twenty six and you can see what i'm talking about that. a bit of a reversal from the gains we've seen in recent sessions both indexes lower in the first few minutes let's not forget that the case been up around nine percent so far
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november with the dollar rising to six month high in the end we have seen steady gains among exporters which of course came from a stronger dollar. when repatriated back to begin the key sectors which have also been benefiting from prime minister she is obvious but it is deflation have also seen games and diet tends to boost domestic demand up by the prime minister's administration has kept a lot of key sectors tired but we are seeing live in a bit of paring back is a setback for all those gains in recent sessions. a lot of focus course he was on the consumption tax to which it is going to go up in april which is why investors are betting that the bank intends to continue its aggressive monetary policy easing measures. as you'll see how that plays into markets but as i said a bit of a reversal just in the first few minutes of trading so far i've ever made those policies that you just mentioned like me to keep interest rates in japan well and the weepy and weaker. speaking of which we are getting closer on to that
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one oh two million level against the dollar weakening get deathly we did see that approaching those levels that yesterday hundred one point nine one ninety two. we backed off a little bit from that paints the slight declines were seen in the nikkei hundred one thirty seven to thirty eight to thirty nine right now. i began has however lost more than four percent the ideas that color just in the past month. i'm considering is the upper hunter upper ninety six on oct twenty fifth of the euro is also of more than a four year high against the yen impresses me betting eurozone economies especially germany again a support group after some of the measures by the european central bank now we're also going to keep an eye on chiron a chance we get to see any impact. but of course as some investors are concerned about the escalating tensions that this will keep track of but in a good start so far for this tuesday fight back she can write anything to la for that update from email i got from the tokyo stock exchange negotiators at the chance
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pacific partnership free trade talks are making progress on some issues but struggling to find common ground on others' efforts to conclude the pack by a year and are now in the hands of ministers who will meet in early december. delegates from the twelve nations wrapped up their six day talks in salt lake city. they say they were able to move forward in some fields such as government procurement they agreed to ease restrictions on foreign firms that want to take part in works projects in emerging economies. japan's economic revitalization mr ah kit ahmadi said. member countries are narrowing their differences. the good kind the countries have taken a big step towards closing the deal by the end of this year. but negotiations have hit a stumbling block on some issues such as intellectual property and market access many countries are urging japan to consider removing tariffs on all goods but japanese officials are keen
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to protect find key items including rice and wheat fishery officials from around the world have rejected calls to lift the catch quota for atlantic bluefin tuna. many of them want to wait another year before they decide whether to increase the hall. delegates gathered at the annual meeting of the international commission for the conservation of atlantic tuna as they discuss whether to increase the fishing quota for the second straight year in two thousand twelve they agreed to raise the quota for the first time in that decade not the delegates voted to keep the fishing quota and thirteen thousandfour hundred tonnes for two thousand fourteen. representatives from countries that are harvested fish such as spain and morocco argued that stocks have recovered. they wanted to boost the quota but the us and other countries to come more cautious stance. defence delegates say they hope to increase the quota at
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the next year's meeting after confirming that stocks have recovered. at the latest in business. alivia with the tech market. it is. it is it is. a japanese leaders are a step closer to their aim of setting up a japanese version of the us national security council members of an upper house committee voted in favor of the idea the bill is expected to win approval on wednesday japan's leaders want to create a state security command center. the prime minister which at the new
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council and the foreign and defence ministers would be members. the bill has already won lower house approval to clear the upper house committee with backing from the ruling coalition lawmakers and members of the opposition parties the government hopes that wants to come so soon after the upper house vote. now government leaders are pushing through another bill that would get the broader powers to decide what constitutes a state secret and of aged people have waited with their opinions including people from the region around the christian and anti nuclear plant. although a house committee organized a theory. one participant said disclosing information you could be crucial in the event of an accident such as the one two years ago. speedy module like this. many residents were exposed to radiation because government takes her from the spread of radioactive substances was not released immediately the head of a new clear equipment company said
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the pools may make workers too scared of punishment to believe what they've learned on the job. the student to let workers will have difficulty distinguishing what information is a state secret and what is not. and as a result they will certainly feel the pressure he said. the city was once taboo to raise questions about the safety of nuclear plants and that created the myth that the plants were safe. he says the bill should not be applied to the new clear power industry. what is at least a minute to plant moved on used the rollout of the reactor building last week. now they're moving on to more dangerous past they're set to start removing had bbq at the used fuel. tok elected power company workers on friday completed the transfer of the tax containing twenty two assemblies of onions fuel rods. they moved it from the storage pool of the number for me at the building to another pool nearby. officials said they've encountered no
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problems but they said send in the pool did use his ability. a plan to pump the pool clear of particles for the next operation. this time of the one thousand three hundred thirty one assemblies of spent fuel rods on tuesday that the vast majority of fuel remaining in the pool. and they'll be taking extra care with the highly radioactive material. this will mark the first time spent nuclear fuel has been removed from the reactor building since the plant was damaged in march twenty eleven by an earthquake and tsunami meanwhile a team from the international atomic energy agency is inspected the commissioning process at the mission iodine to plant them as the gathering information in tokyo before heading to the complex on wednesday. the nineteen member team includes experts in the reactor de commissioning and the activity. the second visit by the teams since the poll is scheduled to run until wednesday of next week team leader juan carlos twenty paul said he wants to share with the world what
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they learned from the krishna case. the deal added that built a particular attention to the way of radioactive water is handled at the facility will also assess the safety of the effort to remove nuclear fuel for the number for me after pill i do. seattle cheater from western japan is breathing new life into some older instruments he spends his days restoring antique candles from europe and the united states. cause. for that a disc and it was made to st about two hundred years to come. it was important
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issue. it has been geared to produce goods. neil associated cullen is to sixty one year old piano tuner. he looks couple can do is input condition and the internet and imports came from western countries. what a great japanese piano maker but we're starting as a can of tuna time she became impressed with the superb quality manufacturing techniques of your pinky and the screen. he was around forty and became repairing antique instruments. he deals with candles made to the upper class in the early twentieth century. they use materials. they produce good sounds good to be read here
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notice about six thousand khartoum the keyboard alone it is said to delicate instrument. even a single carts problem to fix the sound. she acknowledges the need to make any parts that are no longer in production. he uses new techniques it necessary to making these contacts this part is one thing to do so here's a new one is me. he modified the spring to make him recently. so that they can keep up with a fast beat him open to the pianist. good piano will be trying for another one hundred years today it is also necessary to pass on the red hat techniques to future generations. a coffee shop in mind that the main has an antique piano to achieve the color had prepared. i
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fooling. it is going to use an inscription that sense it was made in july eighteen ninety one which means it will bring in one hundred years old next year. how often does a coffee shop for turning so that they can maintain its quality twenty children came to the coffee shop saying that they wanted to create the antique piano he wakes i keep an eye the onion. i am. you do i hear the air. thus. the will she be. you'll probably remember having a playmate the antique piano we pm. i
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feel good piano draws people to want only to teach them a day. i will be happy if people can touch the real thing and find out how wonderful it is and continue to use i shouldn't tell people to continue to yours truly wonderful pianist with me can can't swim in. and so will teach our kids. people in fiji are bracing for us like long that's hovering over the day of the nile. my sil is he has the details in a world where the reply. good morning night. and lying around saying is we are monitoring this iconic storm system you can see in the massive confrontation over the bay of bengal. it has moved up acid and a moneymaker. i meant but still there's a very rough sea conditions prevailing so we advise you not to venture out in the squatters the water is warm that feeding assistant in pacify him to live in
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the recent years like onyx that and it's now a severe psychotic storm systems that is this the hard but adds that moves into northeastern coast of india. ponsonby and run under intense which is the area where the two p this storm system is fine the manhattan has hit so it's not enough break for and that the phantom and again in the seminary at the stormy conditions will be provided through starting tomorrow possibly making landfall around thursday noon your local time with. i bought two hundred kilometers per hour it is unlikely to move into the air into the next ninety six hours to do one ten and take precautions for this the storm system. now across elsewhere hearing the shia pm another developed the stand that created blizzard conditions across northeastern china as well as south eastern russia the system also provides a very cold air in a korean miss the snow that precipitation is likely to turn white. the system also has pulled the cork front hanging on the way down into the open honest and also the western half of japan
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prior to two hundred and thirty millimeters of rainfall and coach ep picture about a hundred eighteen kilometers per hour. they are coming up from tokyo where it was also caught by strong winds and seven. the downpour last night. the people are struggling to keep hold of them from that six people were injured and thousands of households lost their electricity. also stranded as flight center rail services were canceled. the pulling away which is good news but it is going to become binding winter pressure packed and left behind which means that this ending gusty conditions as well as not to be piling up north but with northwestern by bethesda to the arctic air that is pulling in an anti will be providing up to thirty centimeters of snow fall across some of the areas in the northern half of japan the fanfic is that the bear like it. back to the market take cold air in spring the frigid air by bringing down temperatures here in another threat minus sixteen
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at the height to remind you with stanley park and struggling to be in the double digits here in beijing an insult. eighteen degrees in tokyo but the bit on the team down as we progressed through not happen this week. eric ross american the last thing anyone can relate on things to ease up but not the same story here across the east. a winter storm will be on holding in north east and in an area with a very bright pink passing through and the call for the sins. this book and find a widespread heavy downpours across the gulf states and into the eastern coast plus planning could well be possible here. and then precipitation on the mix across the northern areas further towards the north month and a heavy snow to be found in a portion of meat as they continue making and this is the outlet for your thanksgiving weekend is thanksgiving day blink like really bumpy ride here in new york. optus sixteen he resigned when they can and cannot hear and to two
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degrees so the overnight hours in the season's week or even snow and then began pulling teeth the leaking and temperatures dipping on the team to two degrees on thursday after thanksgiving day. well the linear and friends ali bin al critic and art. i i i
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