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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 26, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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the road. welcome to nhk world news lot and you know tommy and took to it here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the japanese lawmakers of the house passed a bill on the secret state. critics say would threaten the public's right to know. demonstrators have expanded their protest of more government buildings saying they won't back down until the prime minister
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steps down. and the piano tuner from western japan sprinkle the instrument from a bronze back to wa. chinese leaders are hearing more criticism about their decision to set up an air defense identification zone over the east china sea white house spokesperson called the announcement unnecessarily inflammatory japanese officials want the chinese to revoke the masters. chinese officials announced on saturday that they had set up the cell includes airspace over this and cuckoo islands japan controls the highlands and maintains they belong to the country historically and in terms of international law china and taiwan also claim them. chinese officials said aircraft entering the airspace must now notify them of flight plans in obey instructions. they warned that the emergency defensive measures in their instructions are not follow japanese prime minister
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shinzo of it. call the creation of the zone very dangerous he said it would escalate the situation in the region and lead to unintended consequences and he said the measures have no validity on japan. japanese officials plan to work with their counterparts of the us and other countries to have the chinese retract the measures. white house spokesperson josh earnest said disputes in the region should be resolved diplomatically. a pentagon spokesperson says us forces will not champ change how they conduct their operations colonel steve warren says us pilots will register their flight plans or identify themselves. the chief of japan's maritime self defense force says sts aircraft crews are responding coleen safely to china's creation of the arizona for the east china sea the chief of staff cuts though she counted told reporters that the maritime self defense force's watching design. the book anything in which china's declaration of
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an air defense identification zone and restrictions on flights that could lead to a contingency. it's a dangerous situation. on a ladder that under the circumstances it's important to show the strong alliance between the us and japan. japanese government officials are telling their civilian pilots the same thing they say airlines don't need to register flight plans with china in response to that is all. officials and japan airlines and all nippon airways have taken the precaution of greek and chinese authorities about flights to and from taiwan even though their planes don't fly and chinese airspace. chief cabinet secretary of chivas and emphasized that the japanese government doesn't recognize the new zone. she'll go with the potential of the zone is not in force in japan and the transferred ministry told airlines on monday to follow the government's policy of mud and all they should conduct their operations as
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usual it suits them to us japan's transport minister said officials have also made their views clear to authorities in beijing. women don't move of otago. we told the chinese government that japan would follow its usual rules. he said that ministry officials believe the airline companies to make appropriate decisions based on the government's instructions australian leaders are also expressing concern foreign affairs minister julie bishop says the timing and the manner of china's announcement are on helpful and will not contribute to regional stability the government has conveyed concern to the chinese ambassador in australia in the for explanation. chinese officials are getting ready to take their nation's space program to the next stage they're planning to send on manned spacecraft to the moon the state administration of science technology and industry for national defense announced the mission. it's as if conditions are right they each on a three lunar
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probe will blast off from its base in sichuan province or the next month. the probe is expected to carry a rover named due to or jade rabbit it's expected to examine the lunar terrain and analyze substances on the moon's surface. the lunar launch would be china's first successful mission would make china the third country after the soviet union and the united states to reach the moon's surface. china's leaders to construct a space station by around twenty twenty. they already have an experimental laboratory and in orbit astronaut successfully docked it ends though spacecraft with it. in june. lawmakers in japan's lower house have passed a bill that would give government official sweeping powers to decide what constitutes a state secret the government already has controls in place on classified information the bill would give senior
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government officials the authority to define what are known as special secrets that would include information related to defence diplomacy counterintelligence and counterterrorism. servants found leaking or deliberately obtaining such information could be jailed for up to ten years. one lawmaker says about four hundred thousand pieces of information initially be classified as a special secret. the footage to a pickle to reno nevada on the speedo is securing the safety of the japanese people. we will explain its purpose to them all i know that some of them are concerned about the deal. we will work on to exist that can sense their debates in the upper house. a mobile phone will pursue pushed a few of them and to expect the bill is expected to pass the upper house before the current session of the dive wraps up next month it could go into effect next year. critics argue the bill
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will allow government officials to keep for more information from the and they fear the provisions did not include enough oversight. nhk rules to mobile content has more details. this bill is closely linked to on wombats members of the opera house are debating right now. prime minister cecil ave is trying to establish a completely new com all too quick to make foreign affairs and defence policies. and if it's cold out japanese version of the us national security council the americans have been reluctant to share sensitive information with the japanese online. some members of the willing coalition cloak that these bills will show that they can control such information back on the national service act and its already prohibits servants from sharing secrets and goes for
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the craft by today to face up to walk in and year in prison members of the ten incarnations say that for some information they need stricter machinations. they say this will lower amount than the pretty the exchange sense that intentions if i knew and combinations. some members on the opposition's generated through my tears and lawyers are urging the administration to reconsider the plan the country's laws as slowly as cooper on to help build could allow government officials to quantify information as official secret. we think that's justification and eighty eight the prospects of our long prison term. will intimidate people put tried to access information on undermine people's likes to know. time and inclination that if their opposition counterpart to address some
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of these issues. and the admin dept parts of the bill. i'm getting teeth change if the prime minister would be given the lie to oversee the classification of information on organic or actions also looming on tv this weeks to consider setting up an independent panel to watch over subprime critics say checks by the prime minister would not prevent data. some opposition lawmakers say they need to duplicate this film are carefully. the prime minister seems odd that wants to make the state secrets fell along as soon as possible. i am anti government protests in thailand have spread to new locations in bangkok tried to dig us and is in the thai capital with more details
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sunshine is rising on the streets of bangkok protesters demanding the resignation of prime minister who want to know why i choose a force their way into more confident buildings protesters briefly occupied the offices on tuesday including the ministries of person. i got to the people continue to occupy the minister of finance which the uk. this didn't stop the compound where demonstrators took turns speaking out against the bar knock and former prime minister time. not to dissolve parliament and resign about one thousand protesters have taken up positions outside the interior ministry. they
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are urging that the employee to beat the crowds. i miss training block has expanded and mercy security system are here and around the capital the escalation in tension was triggered by not intend to pass a controversial amnesty bill. critics say the bill would have allowed her brother and former prime minister taxing shinawatra to return to thailand. eckstein was ousted in a military tool in two thousand see two convicted of corruption. he fled the country now lives in self imposed . here's more of an amnesty bill but that is usually down to canteen. she designs. a thai court on tuesday approved an arrest warrant for a top coat as leader in connection with the occupation of government ministries. the police called on the protest leader to surrender. this is the nominal i should be eaten by the dash has triggered fresh political on grass opposition parties are attempting to cripple the national infrastructure in protests and they don't need the election will not be conducted fairly. protesters
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down all the homemade bombs and removed railway tracks to disrupt services on tuesday opposition parties have begun the forty eight hour nationwide go lucky. amy has reported at least one person was killed and scores were injured during a clash with police. the election commission on my nice and gentle refit at the gate for the national election the opposition has been demanding an impartial caretaker government was formed to oversee the boat they want the current government led by prime minister shaikh has now resigned. prime minister has rejected those demands. a lecturer in clashes between supporters and opponents mind you bought last month causing thousands of guests the glacier was briefly in singapore and malaysia are being tested by fresh allegations that the respondent in the east and asia. it follows therefore that singapore has been helping western nations
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to intercept communications what was published in the sydney morning herald citing documents the by former us intelligence contractor adverts taliban the article sent to singapore played a key role will help us and other western intelligence agencies tack on additional cables the malaysian government said this is extremely concerned about the allegations. it's not on singapore's high commissioner for talks on tuesday. prime minister and the foam on said is it true the allegations with this serious matter malaysian strongly rejects the courts. last week the surface that s really try to intercept the mobile phone communications and indonesia's president. many have responded by suspending military intelligence cooperation with australia less than a week that the us in afghanistan supposedly dream of long term security
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deal the two sides remain far apart. i was scared and reallnice posts to set the stage for some us troops remain in afghanistan long term. but as the u s official visit in kabul has said that unless he was signed quickly international forces might leave the country completely the world's most scientists have reports. new trading honeycomb night and us national security adviser susan rice exchange not miss the cheese. during rice's not mean visit to kabul on monday the key sticking point is to whine cause i should sign the bilateral security agreement. the deal won approval from the fruit of this meeting to try the snowball into the house and look at the weekend the ad we the us military could remain on top and spoiled beyond twenty fourteen. he even accepted that us troops have immunity
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from criminal prosecution in afghanistan. cause i have said several new conditions before he signs the security deal. one of them were nice to us military operations in private homes. yes the is strongly opal was to foreigners entering a good houses. cause i know he's demanding the us stopped and immediately. another realize to the presidential election makes it real. how zine h accused us of the differing in the last election in two thousand and nine even though cause i e seen eligible to run again. he wants washington to promise not to endorse a candidate. he says he'll only signed a security agreement after the election is over. rice express the strong opposition of the obama administration to kyle's eyes conditions and timetable. she said oh that's
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the deal is signed quickly the us would have but to stop funding the so called cerro option the withdrawal from afghanistan. the touted on the stepping up its campaign of violence. the eos is a glory that the us these completely. the country could return to see the war the ongoing diplomatic battle is between washington and kabul had even more uncertainty to an already unstable nation. the stock eased up. nhk lord. that wraps up our pool. in bangkok in true country. more than we want to do. largest democracy. the word region's
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culture and religion investors are increasing the property december's japanese health ministry officials say blood donated by an hiv positive man slipped through safety checks may say the red cross used to it in transfusions for two people on that one now has the virus. the donor was in his forties reportedly gave blood to the organization and every third cross then pass it on to two people a man in a sixties contracted the virus the other man is still awaiting test results the donor gave more blood in november it was only then that the red cross confirmed he was hiv positive and safety screen. in re examine the store sample of his blood given and every m found that it also contain the virus the red cross also tracks donated blood for the aids related virus they can sometimes go undetected in the early stages of infection when the quantity of
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the virus in the blood is small. the red cross says this is the first hiv infection through blood transfusions since it improves blood safety past nine years ago. at that time there was a series of hiv infections through transfusions. i eye. a piano tuner from western japan is creating new life into some old instruments he spends his days restoring antique piano from europe and the united states. connor at that. a disc and it was made to st about two hundred years to come. it was important issue it has been pared to produce goods. neil associated cullen is to sixty one year old piano tuner. he looks purple
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candles and put conditioner in the internet. imports in from western countries. what a great japanese piano maker for starting as a can of tuna time she became impressed with the superb quality manufacturing techniques of your pinky and the screen. he was around forty npt and repairing antique instruments he deals with piano suite at the upper class in the early twentieth century. they use materials. they produce good sounds. after the meet notice about six thousand clerics around the keyboard alone. if you sent it delicate instrument. even a single carts problem to fix
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the sound. she acknowledges that makes any parts that are no longer in production. he uses new techniques it necessary to making these parts this card is one thing to do so. here's a new one is me. i just screamed to make every ceiling. so that they can keep up with the fasting to move into the pianist good piano will be calling for another one hundred years today it is also necessary to pass on the red hat techniques to future generations. a coffee shop in london and has an antique piano to achieve the color had the piano julie. susie o'neill. she has an inscription that sense it was made in july eighteen ninety
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one which means it will be one hundred years old next year. how often does a coffee shop for turning so that they can maintain its quality twenty children came to the coffee shop saying that they wanted to create the antique piano. they were excited at the eye the onion ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. thus the will she be. you'll probably remember having a playmate. the antique piano we get a feel good piano draws people to want only the eighteenth of may th i will be happy if people can touch the real thing and find
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out how wonderful it is and continue to use i shouldn't tell people to continue to yours truly wonderful and sweet cream can can't swim in and so will teach our kids temperatures are starting to drop in the eastern asia richard ferguson from the weather team has more rachel. i may enter into assessing and across much of the northern hemisphere and euthanasia is no different high pressure across much of mongolia and china is keeping things clear and calm for the most part but there is going to be planted precipitation across the korean peninsula and care into japan. all that god is this the effects machine the wings come across these chilly winds picking up the moisture from the sea of japan and also the loc and dumping the precipitation that snow across most of the western coast. now we are to be seen from snow maybe to the chain of twenty to thirty
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centimeters in parts of hokkaido as well still hook or by at wednesday and this time the next twenty four hours. i assaulted the economy by strong winds today wins recorded in hokkaido hundred and twenty km in the hours that means that snow will be buffeted around blowing snow and drifting snow is simply not good for driving conditions tempered as authentic to fall across much of japan as well as we head into a standard work week fifteen degrees until kid not too bad that we should see that drop off and sold one degree and snowy to get a few centimeters even in the city there is zero in beijing and twelve in shanghai's both in chongqing to get an idea for the lows and looking like the great irony as the morning the people the study of the commute to school to work on tight painful and eight degrees by friday. shanghai one degrees soul at minus five sunday is going to be very very frigid. on into the americans now is is a very big trouble week of course for people across the us then heading to see
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friends and family for thanksgiving on thursday conditions are looking pretty good at weston center locations as well. warming up and staying nice and calm for the most part all the action center towards the east down to this as you can be fined a heavy rain that the cause and flash flooding from georgia in sports bars of the eastern tennessee and the carolinas then attends over to this freezing rain which is such dangerous stuff. especially when you're traveling on the roads there and we have had the snow now as we head on into wednesday that can change very much be getting a little bit of rest by here in the south island terms of the rainfall is easing off a bit but is really just heading up the atlantic coast in toys new england to see the flash flooding threat there and also that freezing rain could she not been towards eastern canada as it acts as the major cities endure temperatures as we have on him towards thanksgiving. what is going to be chilly but a bit of a ride there in york city up to sixteen him back down to two but it doesn't look like it'll be sunny day for the most part it's not quite
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chilly seem ideal that a game of football. all right. and today here we go things are looking still very unsettled towards the north by taipei she keeps it nice and clear for you across much of western your belleville will be quite chilly here in the train is also taking another bath ring with these storms rolling through hail thunderstorms heavy rain could cause flash flooding it please close the balkans into turkey here towards the north of the system it is going to be snow and to be pretty significant that the accumulation that we did check to that the temperatures and low you can see things or be pretty cool here as well. the arrow in kiev. i'm minus one in moscow and not really improving very much in as we headed towards braille and three degrees here five in paris and the seventh grade in london his extended forecast. i know. i do. she
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wasn't lawmakers in japan's lower house and passed a bill that would give government officials sweeping powers to decide what constitutes a state secret . the given a rating and controls in place on classified information the bill would give senior government officials the authority to define what are known as special secrets that would include information related to
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defence diplomacy counterintelligence and counterterrorism. servants found leaking or deliberately obtaining such information could be jailed for up to ten years. one lawmaker says about four hundred thousand pieces of information could initially be classified as a special secret. the footage to the renal unit on all of these hero is securing the safety of the japanese people. we will explain its purpose to them all i know that some of them are concerned about the deal. we will work on to address that consents. three debates in the upper house a mobile phone will pursue pushed a few of them and they expect the bill is expected to pass the upper house before the current session of the diet wraps up next month it could go into effect next year. i imagine is one of
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the tarantino tawny in tokyo and the eye. ch. as he and
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his fight against terrorism controversial information gathering on a global scale the united states is at a crossroads which way is headed. we search for answers to this question and discuss the subject of freedom and justice. read noam chomsky
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eye. channel. the euro. eye we stopped into the construction site of the great anti war movement since i cleaned hundred and sixty meters above the ethiopians have not met or more specifically he operates from work they specialize in high places


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