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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 28, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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when you read. the us. one what will or will the ira welcome to nhk world news line and you know tony in tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the chinese government officials have rejected a call from south korea to revise their new era defense identification zone as nations continued to define it. thailand's prime minister has called for an end to protests after she scored a victory in
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parliament. but her opponent about to carry on until she wins. and competition is heating up the japan trip and orchards with duty free shopping. as the country welcomes a record number of visitors this season. chinese leaders are standing their ground in the face of more complaints over their newly established air defense identification zone. they've rejected a request by south korea to revise the zone which is over the east china sea. the airspace overlaps areas claimed by japan taiwan and south korea. senior government officials from china and south korea. talk about those only in seoul south korean officials say vice defense minister pics on to our pics soon june expressed regret that authorities in beijing said it out without prior consultation. but his chinese counterpart one one jong reportedly project it's a
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request to redraw the zone when his deputy chief of the general staff of the people's liberation army that this was it packed away and that south korea is considering expanding its older your space. they said the vice defense minister expressed concern that chinese action could increase military intentions of the region. he reportedly called for talks among the countries concerned japan's chief cabinet secretary and the new us ambassador to this country say they will work closely together on this issue. you see this or that old caroline kennedy that the new zone is extremely dangerous in raises serious concerns. kennedy said in a speech on wednesday that her country is also concerned and will cooperate with japan sita said he appreciated her comments. he later revealed that self defense forces have continued routine activities in the zone since china's declaration. fukuda ground self defense forces have routinely been conducting air
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and sea surveillance operations in china's air defense identification zone two including the east china sea after the declaration you we will never alter those activities for the sake of the shiny shoes. see this as sts patrols in the sala have not triggered a reaction from beijing. china has rejected japan's demand that it withdraw its new air defense held in the east china sea. a spokesperson for the chinese foreign ministry referred to the zone at a regular news conference. he denied any plan to withdraw or change that. the chinese government has repeated the debate our stance on the issue to the japanese side the spokesperson said tokyo should first to show sincerity and create the right conditions before a dialogue between the two countries. japanese and u s naval forces are training together in the pacific
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the americans sent one of their money via stencils and nuclear powered aircraft carrier. the uss george washington arrived monday in waters off the japan's southernmost prefecture of okinawa. crew members had just taken part in disaster relief operations in the philippines attack planes took off and landed all day and all night with commanders also sent six warships including one with an aegis missile defense system japanese maritime self defense force crews brought fifteen ships they could be cured of a destroyer. his wife that makes it look like an aircraft carrier. the u s japan relationship remains the most important key to security stability peace and prosperity in the end of asia pacific region. so for friends which will continue to work closely with us something to improve our ability to respond together japanese and us commanders denying their drills target
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any specific country. ay ay ay ay. two groups of lawyers are challenging the results of july's upper house election they say the valley of each built among constituencies is far from the same and that makes the election results invalid therein is she a dainty or legal proceedings in all the high courts across the country in the first ruling was handed down on thursday. nhk world's most acute on k has more the plaintiffs say that disparity ratio between these two represent the streets and the most is as high as four point seven seven. they say these violates the people's right to the quality is guaranteed by the constitution. the ochre him a branch of the jurists in the high court ruled that this disparity is
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unconstitutional. they're buying valley gave him the election results in no clam up a picture. is the first time on court has announced the results of an offensive action. presented as nori a secret that no man has done it for not acting sufficiently on a supreme court ruling handed down four years ago and chris who is pro reform. sonny bill reading the ruling is wonderful and all. it states clearly that the value of each product should be the same. jimmy g tube is your government finds the ruling very sincere. you all. you hunt though we take the ruling of and allegations very serious. the onus now all eyes on this diet to try to correct the disparity by the next upper house election in two thousand sixty. he will call you. this weekend
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most sundays and to remodel we'll be discussing electro recall of targeting twenty sixteen upper house election day went. we may have to seriously think about where the church is ok and associate them all so complex bought a steel pole lawmakers have to deal with the issue of electoral reform and deliver the goods by the two thousand and sixteen upper house election if they have made pledges to carry out reform. so they should consult among themselves and be as good as their word it's a snow plow. i knew it to us. the disparity in the valley of voting masses lower house election is also an issue. the supreme court ruled last week that the disparity among the two a state of our constitution our eight a mother call it stops short of saying it violated the constitution. this is
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going can be appealed by the obama prepares to election financing. voting is finalize the constituency is so lawmaker will disease requiring nothing much right now it's anyone's guess about which way this will go. a son killed the king nhk world tokyo. all high courts across the country are expected to hand down judgments on the upper house election law suits by late next month struggling with he told its citizens to whom and in increasing the rate of one of the entropy. she will come so don't open til tuesday
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every weekday from going into the world needs. thai prime ministry election no one has called on protesters occupying government buildings to go home she addressed the nation hours after surviving a no confidence vote in parliament crocodiles in a bangkok has more details. mr has survived a no confidence motion but thousands of protesters calling her to quit showing no sign of backing down their continuing since i've got the buildings in bangkok and on thursday aiming to cut off the lake. this is part of the headquarters of the greats. when protesters are on a tiny town of the finance ministry and one hundred apartments built they also demonstrated outside the minister that he should. mommy was booted out of no confidence motion tabled by the opposition thursday morning. isn't it. i was reading max coalition has a large majority could literally get promotion. mr later when on tv and called the opposition to any of
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their protests. we can't articulate it again. which could undermine thailand's economy. our society. and the trust of other countries the upper floor has expressed frustration that he had hit me hard. another day the ruling party has a majority of seats so that nothing we could do to cost them a confidence motion. no but i just don't accept beating the administration the protesters and their son timothy who was supplying it is in bangkok. we switched to using electricity generated. the recent turmoil was triggered by white's decision to force a controversial. perhaps critics say the bill was designed to let her brother
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to former prime minister talks and she was returned to thailand. it actually was ousted from power in a military coup in two thousand seats in the country the party who seems most of its oil. eric didn't know how to use the opposition democrat party is partly supported by urban middle class. the political standoff reflects social and economic gaps between evolution and the different islands economic development and those left behind the difference was the prime minister's televised speech given for the same time protesters. one of the mean streets of central bangkok lined with high end shopping malls luxury hotel is. so i think you're determined not to get it and it's a cop shows no sign of ending anytime soon. afghanistan's
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traditional settled altar is known as ledger has been forced to deal with us forces remain in the country beyond two thousand and fourteen but afghan president army karzai has so far to late signing. political in this issue reflects tension afghan society but that wasn't behavior of foreign forces the issue of immunity from criminal prosecution especially the box. there were also stop assured of reports. us forces in oct carried out the helicopter attack in downtown east is east and probably sold on the hop. the us says the mission was supposed to clear the ration of extremists in the five children and teenagers died the most shots on the empty brown sugar in law my uncle was killed. we are not terrorists or members of the taliban. he was sitting near their home when they were indiscriminately attack
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by the us military. shah says she protested to the us military but received no satisfactory spanish and an open position up. she wants to know whether the people responsible have been punished. he says to make sure such terrible. easton is never happen again. us forces must be made accountable on the afternoon lol. there's no way u s forces should be given immunity from criminal prosecution. they should be expelled if they were allowed to remain in the country. he would do whatever they want they'll just keep flying around and killing people he knew the key voice troops was one of washington's key demands during negotiations over the bilateral security agreement. without the ol' boring forces would likely the fact that this time at the end of next year. salam
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runs a company in kabul including furniture and other goods. he warns that the u s troops redrawn and security war since his business will suffer. vicodin is gone things have been getting worse and worse it with the withdrawl of international forces approaching next year nobody is willing to buy. meadow for some months as a dentist in these foreign forces to stay in the country to maintain security. she meets giving them immunity from criminal prosecution. he's a price war paint jewelry i want us forces to stay longer. it leaves me all sorts of problems. the best interests of the whole country that allows them to read him last friends are divided over whether to allow us forces to remain and on what terms. we
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chip away at any sense politically that she chooses the decision will have a lasting impact. he said the country and beyond gaylord kabul. our bullpen in bangkok. investment in middle eastern energy supplies will be the key in beating rapidly growing demand in a show that's according to the head of the international energy agency. itv executive director maria band are open spoke to reporters in tokyo she said demand for middle east crude oil may fall over the next decade as the us and other countries increased production of natural gas but she said production will fail to match demand protective coat outside north america this is to show
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to take over as he entered the production code to the law sticking to twenty thirty five. so to me to continue to rise in demand in asia. he drove me to be seeing the necessary investments made in the middle east already in this decade. general but also said china will overtake the us is the world's largest petroleum consumer by twenty thirty consumption will also grow rapidly in india. car production in japan rose in october for the second straight month consumers were attracted to new models from major brands. ati makers say they produced about eight hundred twenty five thousand vehicles of the month. that said nearly ten percent from october last year the figures were boosted by strong sales of new fuel efficient cars and mini vehicles increase exports to the us also helped me to be she led the way with an increase of more than sixty percent followed by thirty percent for mazda toyota's output grew more than nine per cent due to
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brisk exports. the automakers plan to release more new models in the coming months the kazakh culture ministry is to make the largest cut in its rice production target in a decade. the battle of expert and farmers are advising the ministry approved the target at a meeting on thursday the target for the next year is set at seven point six five million tonnes. that's down two hundred and sixty thousand tonnes from this year the ministry made the cut for a fifth year in a row. rice consumption is falling due to rising prices are relatively good deal in the crop this year is raising the prospects of a surplus and the rice stockpiles next year. the government sets the total production target and quotas for rice producers the system is set to be abolished in about five years the number of tourists visiting japan this year is likely to top ten million. it appears that japan is recovering from the march
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eleven disaster in two thousand and eleven. many foreigners hope to do some shopping in dean's eye which is an upscale tokyo shopping district. it has always been the place japanese people would go to for luxury goods but he has been changing over the past few years competition is heating up among retail shops targeting tourists from emerging asian nations. nhk world cup for the kennedy reports. oh and i'm trying to go into it by making duty free shopping etf. featherweight king and appearing on going. customers just kept the mets have scanned a passport and then find a copy. twenty oh one he scored twenty one others in japan and china. melt the first time consuming to it on it. shifted to duty free retail. the company
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effective plan to open more outlets in japan. baking the vocational will be its flagship store in this country. in this area specializes in hardware made in the country's northeast so to show iran temples made by tapping it on to things. a popular especially among wealthy chinese. crises range from one hundred dollars to more than ten thousand the new queen and she had to kick you in the economy is so patient nations are growing rapidly. what was in fashion last year may not be popular this year. we want to keep abreast of these to man. this is our challenge. rebuilt in japan and making up lost ground. point is that santos thousand eleven dropped by almost fifty percent after
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the much delayed afterthought things have seemed to improve. and the number of chinese visitors is recovering. despite the diplomatic tension between japan and china people from other parts of asia are buying into you it's up to scavenge pizza pizza restrictions for two with five southeast asian nations. it's trying to attract more out when troubling. and well established up to department stores trying to win them over there offering cheap cheaper service. and more. a story related content area and extended its winning streak thinking. lol come on why we are getting more shoppers from china and grandad as well as from other south east asian countries the cfr and customers and three times as much as they did not scan well japan welcomed the bank at eight point six six six million foreign visitors as of the end of october. i really
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thank promoting tourism will stimulate the economy and creates new jobs. new wall was in full control most of it was quite japan's population is shrinking consumption is not likely to grow. but by welcoming foreign as we can boost sales on the other hand how horrendous it sometimes depends on time. you all. we make it more for him and so few. according to political and economic events. it costs them. government officials want to welcome twenty five million people from abroad and twenty twenty to hear how kentucky olympics the competition to cater to these visits as well get up in the coming years. to be in a stairwell to go. i do. more
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than one thousand people largest democracy. the word region's culture and religion investors are increasing the property. what's next convention. ch. rachel ferguson is here with the weather freak show. hi there at sunset on and eastern asia. things are looking mostly clear for china and mongolia lots of sunny skies. but credit towards the north and east are running into some when she precipitation alone here over japan s and rain and snowfall even inspire them as fast as hiroshima gidley had made twenty six centimeters of snow in the last twenty four hours. that is a record for snowfall in november up twice in our heaviest snowfall for the last couple of days and in the next twenty four hours you could even see anything from thirty
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to fifty centimeters higher than the three of snow piling up in hope because i'm told will crimp. there will be heady still up in hokkaido was well come in by strong winds gusts exceeding one hundred km in our possible that means the possibility of a drifting snow and blowing snow reducing visibility and dangerous to travel conditions for the venue towards the south leaving things in heavy rain across the philippines once again luzon and the science of intense the scene from severe weather in the next twenty four hours as the temperature is well things will be warming up across china. finally after a cold spell we will be seen temperatures moderate in to average levels by the beginning of next week on into the americas and of course is thanksgiving today across the us and a pretty good for caspar almost everyday i've got to say that storm has moved to lehi and are left behind some really beautiful clear skies lots of sunshine available. he will be seeing some lake effect
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snows them to showers continuing here but generally a very nice outlook although will be quite chilly especially at twice the east one degree new york city steel in washington d c minus two pm toronto in just one in chicago. but even some send out the new ipad with minus twelve eight in denver and then towards the south will bring the low twenties in miami. mexico city and also in los angeles' on a picnic in tv here and now things are quite display here the midsection of the content you to be having some dry skies high pressure in place but that is just about to change because of toys in the north and west we have this bigelow about to descend across the british isles. the northern british isles is welcome no punches in germany. scandinavian can enter your baby getting the brunt of this system coming in chilly rainy and in the upper elevations he will have the snow up towards the northwest in the racine mrt station fake piercing like snow but it is the kind you buy some pretty strong guts to even those not have the stomach and still
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imperative is that thirty and make for difficult travel conditions down towards the south. we've had quite a bad run of the weather in the mediterranean over the last couple of weeks it's been very stormy and yet again another system coming through which is going to develop further and keep things very unsettled into the weekend the temperatures then when the teams but it's raining then to the south of athens as well as rome a bright day in lisbon a thousand injured fifteen and nine respect to think and act was the he still had some snow one degree moscow three degrees in kiev. towards the north just one degree in stock on a sunny beautiful sunny sky. here is your extended forecast. i am noon
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i do. it's japanese vintage car enthusiasts are driving around i wanted a rally to offer thanks for the people's support. after japan's two thousand and eleven
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earthquake and tsunami about sixty classic cars left friday's presidential office on thursday for the four day tour. they include models made in france italy and germany from the nineteen twenties to the nineteen seventies. each car bears the sticker expressing gratitude for the approximately two hundred million dollars in donations from the taiwanese people to the disaster to regions of north east japan. the rally circuit extends about one thousand km around taiwan motorists will hit the spot that historic ties to japan and meet with the local people. tht i said the taliban. i regret that we can express our gratitude to the plethora of time on three smiles and shaking hands the event called rallied in the pool and two thousand and thirteen in taiwan was organized by a group of classic car lovers in japan this is the first time their annual rally has been held
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abroad. this is one of the summer and you know tony in tokyo. chief of japanese
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it is. the fall of two thousand thirteen and intriguing structure came into being on the new campus of the bma university of economics and business in austria. eat till she called it does them and beyond. he currently heads the department of architecture at ucla. i was interested in


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