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tv   The Debate  PBS  November 29, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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i'm so fond straits be drilled into it continues to weave. aye aye aye when you will or will. all welcome to watch it all started out on us but the job coming up it's the worlds of this week ago we savored by the russian president who could afford to keep the pope we the funnest trip to rome. this after getting ukraine's president to back out of a treaty with the european union. we'll also ask our friday panel of journalists about france's decision to send fresh troops to africa. after molly to
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another war ravaged former colony the central african republic. we'll have that plus much more. in the world this week. the study are there in the newsroom and say hello once again to not be a sharpie planning and pasta he's on the ninth and sound european leaders that are great thanks to a landmark summit ended in bitter disappointment. ukraine has chosen most. brussels is its main business of mass the peaceful protesters in thailand and on the headquarters of the ministry to support that a couple missing in action watch. changing the way from prostitution to make and if they can build upon each custom as a mother and son sweatpants. and auntie demonstrations take to the streets. the thinking what to post things. one week it's the eu against my shirt
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it was quick to see who was on the amazing and it's right yippee me to struggle to put a positive spin on russia to be in a landmark summit even before participants arrived in duties for the two day gathering in the ukraine chairs and most of the brussels as its key economic times. she chatted on the bronx easton don't reach class. yet last minute and around at present and it hasn't gone down well during that time he deemed the pulpits. since its nineteen key is that the leaders saudis is willing to back starting point. these have been dispatched to key as the independence square and another crew and your trolley. most parishes have erupted between protesters and riot police. this player has to use circles the family continues ukrainian opposition is nice but cannot. you need support the cold crisp chemical that is betrayal of their country by refusing to sign the european trade pacts it's clear that these president. sold. ukrainian destin and ukrainian future
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in order to continue to present his poland and in order to grant the office of the president of ukraine to soften and sixty and you wish yanukovich has negated ukraine. he's not interested in ukraine states is in his own interests that haunts you are a cause or cure has kept the door open for ukrainians the time shortest always been close to the democrat that i'm too stubborn to see their calls for chemical that is designation and growing stronger with the ukrainian president still enjoys some sports. several people protesting kiev held earlier on friday. protesters say the cost of believing and cream with europe at this point was simply too high ukraine's main budget comes from the us. so if we were to join this year the immense our budget would disappear and there wouldn't be any money to finance pension students for university see his body and health healing and get to the citizens
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continuing their vigil in independence square. this is in its they're willing to stage protests in nineteen seventy nine eight i went to the polls change and then insisting that has been chemical beachgoers and ten it's new home banning unauthorized release of his headphones sen's nice fine tea yes that is the next demonstrating in front of the presidential palace i was finding the legion of both themselves and say that the weekly protests organized by the muslim brotherhood went into what's called the ban pounds despite the still morning. by the interior ministry said munching on the us embassy in bangkok were introduced as a weapon to build up momentum for that campaign. i miss eating she watched any of them stages of pregnancy headquarters in the capital the army to back them isn't my niece and by leaving the country has experienced a
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team that ended more successful than two days well wolf tells us more davies says sets to oust the government in the induction of love and everyday we've seen that the protesters trying to become even more so provocative sorry and that today. entering into the army compound and really seeking to push the reaction from the government but also behind this will see that righteous those loyal to prime is that in it he was ousted in two thousand and six can. i'm the kind of monroe might assist a big gathering outside of the city in the in the rectum and other sports stadium tomorrow night they plan to host a counter demonstration to show this to all of the government that have been some concerns of the two rival protesters could clash but it was on crutches in the province's today but just minor scuffles between the two. really behind this whole saying that there is in the deep division within the country. lucky split between pro and anti toxin. on the one hand we have the dealership but this is the bit on the streets but last week. calling all the dissolution of the government's i may say
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that democracy is spelled the country was on the other hand you have the red shirt protesters those are loathsome by mr again optional up and they say they are being sold to a disenfranchised by the said mido cost a lot to be at your whites call a pro establishment pro royalist that will be within the protest given that so underneath easily see that despite the fact that maybe they're just numbers are dwindling and little underneath. at the end of the day there's deep divisions within the country and the political system is beginning to crack it and it's hard to see when these two sides will be able to come to the same table and repair that divides and anti semitic for commission of my new pink political crisis among these indian police have detained the attitude of leading news magazine to help cut. investigating the alleged occurred. an intense khan was apprehended after landing in general and the alleged crime took place
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at a conference organized by the issue and the kids. each battery for three times and is in there but it's taking to his historic house to propose a court is now accusing the county and he and his annoyance though it all for witnesses in a trial related to his infamous boot camp and the contents. citing testing and testing one attacks. i will extend that is a meek and the last dozen young women to his mansion in january two thousand and nine the phillies they began receiving monthly payments of two non thousand your eyes and often uneasy identity testing. she confronts the issue of prostitution is back in the headlines is to make a start of a slim build with christian values he said this at prostitutes. rahman's that's what comes out the government says will but to protect the majority of workers to form it into trafficking gangs resemblance still confused updates from the government is pushing for one of europe's toughest tools against prostitution
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that would criminalize clients. support the bill hope it will change and cheese to hold the world's oldest profession. i'm not going to an historic turning point. she has been a beloved acts of violence against women is melted and love from the crisis detaining them right the activists and six with his who was a stage for a nice leafy the proitutes would find themselves in more danger and then you'll be driving the trade on the grounds and on cue that everyone should be an auntie use the rainbow to tell if they want. they were not americans on his prosecution is sexual acts six servants were not selling their bodies were not given no clear policy to its peak in our abilities. it's just a section like that in the car the bill would punish police who use prostitutes with a fine of one thousand five hundred years and more than double for repeat offenders the commune says it is aimed at preventing finance against
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women protecting the launch majority of prostitutes who are victims of trafficking gangs. with tony g one of the rule makers they had in the bill. most of the hypocrisy of critics. a sushi making signed on the team declared itself free and the slavery of all the others becomes the second smile and acceptable. how can you cannot smell the decline of many beats that can be put in it. the biggest inspired by a swedish rule which has produced street prostitution in the country by often for the past decade. the french government hopes that this will have a similar effect the one have to wait until next wednesday for a break by whom it is. i need the tests the us and its economy has me a few doors up and threw in a renovation. the space for managing tolerance zones of the so called temple of music inspired to become a high end venue in hungary the signs across the length of stay and hang them all. annabelle took
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them to actual scene. two things comprises amongst many that tree and spirit the music academy. on the plan to link the two subpoenas translates to the top tier institution and the launch codes are told in a splendid on and was still building is torturing for the coalition to its owner the twenty eccentric style innovation was cause fourteen knee injuries which cent of which came from the european union. i read over them. it was that was a maths actually and that he needed the real financial support from you stir to combine ten years after the whole procedure in the construction it's after three years. more than eight hundred students many from abroad to come he studied classical music to sing folk songs and true on style the chance to produce a consistent with the cheesy here. this academy is considered one of the meeting in music an interesting section in the world. rates
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for the thirty eight years old. cos it's quite natural if you imagine. doctors like bottle. because i went to get the marinating from him before some cool musicians as well. still to come as the new incarnation of the cantonese chain behold he descended with the production of the magically when mike's aunt toni providing another reason for paying visits to cut the new physics. we can get back to hospital care and his guests for the wealthiest we saw many thanks noddy a sharpie in the newsroom. it's time for the world this week seven days for past this corresponds one of indian wall. time magazine. the day and also with us and think it liberates be independent and any news shows. tell us about this because that's the reason i just don't go into his house in the town its national debt and rising
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rents to have to produce fifty thousand when spring festival the eighteenth of november. i finished this afternoon the day. i went there and if you caught my eye when a certificate and it will be and could even hit the stores for christmas but i will steal it on black friday. we'll talk about black friday and includes a cold one or two chief of the german news agency dpa thank you for being with us i spoke to craig is contagious of quartz and the atlantic. the web has become facebook twitter or hash tag tw tw. like clockwork we are here every friday. writing in daily newspapers and national alan phillips reminds us that punctuality is the courtesy of kings which brings us to the subject of one button year by the robert wood said when in rome this week russian president kept the pope waiting for fifteen minutes. i'm closer we get the bloke at the week's news and you be tempted to add that politically well. he's quick and can afford tickets
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to cope with the mess we understand that arm. this is nothing new that he kept on going merkel waiting thirty minutes. nick and john kerry winning via secure seat three ops and the depth chart norris in a fight. three nights ago outside of st peter's work who is the most powerful politician in the world right now. cook and has won the game you know big pharma goes to handicap is allowed to make more powerful strains of viagra. and and botox. he is he is the man he he controls it. he is the new global strong. roswell on this fellow who runs in one whose name escapes me. obama that hour. they're just not there. nash who has won the game will reconnect keeping the pope waiting for fifteen minutes. aftermath i cannot stand the hierarchy
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none of the peacekeeping waking life to meet its as if he'd just gotten half digested the fact that he's not super power tool so it seems to be tested to make and spend the night. he knew he shouldn't do that. it's pretty convinced that and won't let it slip that kind of collapse a minute to the tactics the politicians and then the parents know anyone skip that and the elite saying for quite a long time. you know when you need to stop to stop them will stay its insistent that they needed to to not to love being in the loving in the planet's it just a plate and. the it says here that this material. somebody to be reckoned with. put two by two women continually. when something was going just before you. this band from from parliament. um. while in italy. clinton was asked about the strong words out of russell status after ukraine in the last week made an about face and pulled out of the treaty the u p instead of choosing moscow. the european
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commission blasting the russian presence for effectively blackmailing ukraine into pulling out of that deal with. ladies are not prepared to open our markets european goods within two months. therefore i would ask our friends in brussels my good friends in the european commission to refrain from strong words that should be killed the entire branches of our industry to please them. i think it is now the closest now that the eu and tasty with just a shambles frankly he can stay allowed him once again to run rings round ten and i just wonder if say got to grips with the fact that russia is not getting to that kind of thing happen in his backyard. we see me with an intense and highly seen it once again with its base in khost neighborhood agreement with ukraine. the question is why we come to such a situation where this is
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perhaps partly also brussels is fall where it comes down boils down to a choice between. easter ones. i'm guessing that it's an avenue that than me. the thing with ukraine is that ukraine itself is facing east and west and into today is that because it's not like jelly sandwiches may be diligent in the georgian people. ukraine hustle on to mention an ethnic minority seal the fate the ukrainians themselves meaning when stewards and the russians still still looking to mosque and i refuse to consume that i would suggest because of it for good in the crosswalk because there is a a a a substantial but not large ukrainian catholic population which has always gone more towards europe but the ukraine is principally orthodox and there that you can never under play the orthodox connection. even
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in putin's being late to see the pope because courtney has made himself the de facto political head of the russian orthodox but try to be seen over the past couple of years the relation between putin and his russian speaking counterpart mr yanukovich has at times been very frayed ukraine which pays over the odds for instance for its natural gas has always been for a historically. by the proverbial and of the day the ukrainians in the eastern port of the country the orthodox islam the files will always side with russia. look let's not make a mistake about this the history of the ukraine has historically been firmly in the ruck and can not not in the european camp the day a lot of people of ukraine was obviously wanted to in the european union but is instead. there's no way that fly the mare who is going to let this happen. i need to get to see him say it sits on
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an up close to step up in differing acts also outstanding them cdt on an inpatient in any of that didn't stop the bnp and spent six to six hundred million on something. it does seem like the european leaders stood up and said whoa. of course ukraine would want to join europe went with the pain and we have western democracy in all these wonderful things to offer them. time and it seems a little time to me on that score in the me get you to react begin to um some comments the polls and sweets particular unit by kids tears about face the swedish foreign minister called oaks of the monthly wagged a finger at cooking but also ukraine's president of the week. this is what he tweeted early this friday from the vilnius summit. it's been taking place between the eu in eastern europe yet staying present yanukovich must show up what we what he
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wants rumors that he's promised to leave the european energy community would kill an association agreement. the old saying that to this is kind of covert playing both sides against him in a little too much. get up close and in epic but the thing that everybody gets everybody but sam. it seems to me of this leak is never a difficult situation his face saying them. an election campaign one thing he needs the funds for that election campaign and terry keel to see how has the answer i was seeing a huge base but then ukraine that is not the unit that difficult to get in on that score and gannett co this week implying that putin made him an offer he couldn't refuse. of course the show. i need to make it complicated decisions. that's why i sometimes run the risk of being misunderstood. and that's why i am asking all people today to listen to me carefully. i will meditate in
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a step which could harm ukraine and its people. do we owe of the ukrainian citizens was is and will be deduced if he should recall that each of my decisions i think the main problem is that the eu and turkey underestimated its influence of russia and its been six years of negotiations to secure each discipline when it comes to this end now. and as awesome as they confuse yet tymoshenko in the fall of prime minister winston james baker the strike and was making who built them in effect an obvious he's a speed of the canal in these negotiations. marin and bbq show you live images that are coming in from ukraine were we not had that daily demonstrations from the opposition of the biggest since the two thousand four orange revolution. among those showing up in vilnius for that summit earlier now back in kiev. a rising star in ukrainian politics and sports fans know well heavyweight boxing champion
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vitali klitschko. we wore. in the in the year. these european identity. european standards that night the overalls. then why is our goal is to change the reference to change the government and society the station agreement with european union. it springs back and think it's too man at the outset but a mere putin who again. he's had a pretty good run he's been bestowed an affair or peace so has been the man now harboring. edward smith that the whistleblower there there is a syrian jail where he stood up to obama at the summit and now it's saturday iranian he's just laughing although it is that i'm crazy as as as crank was saying he is now stretching on the international stage is the perfect daughter. well to
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take a sip silk weighs ninety eight eighty six am going to turn democracies all the way down the line every time i'm such a decision on the rail you bring up a really interesting point in the people of russia. i really want democracy. as much as the people of russia back in our day when we were there covering the fall of the communist party. wanted to get rid of the communist party. maybe uh perhaps i'm being cynical but i do not believe they do because although he has his opponents whom he stifled. the polls consistently even if they are manipulated you walk or run to talk to. ever tried. he's their truck nor its own actions and his people once did as he didn't exactly and who brings it and that's the one thing that every russian leader has been successful it had to bring stability to the country and
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that's what was done and it goes back to the point is just for sony and democracy tomorrow's model for government a lot of people don't think it is. granted not to our consumer news segment over the united states it's the long thanksgiving weekend. it's not all feasting and watch football on tv. this is also shopping black friday day after thanksgiving and christmas major retailers this year. introducing a new wrinkle stores open as early as thanksgiving thursday by now surmised americans take their shopping seriously contrasts that if you will with europe's largest economy germans squirrel away their savings. much more and keep us catch their hands. it's a good percentage of disposable income over the past couple of years. theirs is yes a true export driven economy the way. that all about
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teaching term task of the market this week announcing a grand coalition with the social democrats he's the loosening of the purse strings in the offing will make a call inside the vessel believed to be going out back and basically and down and it won't change in a must especially and internationally in heaven. if you are was making fun of the change that to know that when he beat james and the good news is that trying new things and moving ahead because if it's an awkward situation she had a landslide victory two months ago intestinal government employees and to the position at the coronation cup and from a position can be made her saying that they have to ask the band members is angry with the creation agreement and off i knew we had seats one hundred eighty five pages instead we have to wait for the poet often made ten thousand members of the december though. and then winning the summer. alpha christmas. they may have a
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government ban. but the idea that a lot of people have been criticizing has notably the us treasury that was very loud but he's in the imf saying. i know germans and the little bit more money. is any back when attacked the end of it yet. i mean it up with the cso. they have to just even some presents after the elections especially if he was asking for money to distribute totally new and higher pensions and something that can lead to an iv in his fifties in the new arrangements which was in the key still in detecting campaign. they have it in the coalition agreement it three times a year of fifty prop. that means that the nff keepin it on my mind but it doesn't means at the dentist to the dentist was at tops because of the ongoing its current funding came up. so is the main room aka the funds it has become in the town census of two democrats on special enough next is moving away from it was the sound of the family
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that was sown. then the new mates. because then it means that it's rainy monday ticket from puppy pic to get back into work to an implied parts of the penguins can swing. we don't know how much. going to change things in your where the bodies. waiting for those trade imbalances to level off or see anything changing until the term and start buying jumbo tron televisions and you know i got my voice water determined by each other christmas gifts into the holiday season this is a way that you love black friday. the unc winning cause you to christmas to be great to see nicholas from december six or should you be buying you have to increase this isn't your review. what is wrong. at any minute. so the real problem was publicly because of the name activity from sunday times national enough chances to keep it it's it's easier to hire and fire keep it that the essence
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and use and icing and pink and lime peel and after one years of use and benefits and that is immune from him in germany. doesn't hurt you to the united states they just keep getting cheap credit and going on by and saw morris yes the big difference. in germany. america spends too much money that it doesn't pan out. then you have not kept on wanting me to teach it to really it's a tale of two cities but the story we're all hanging on our knees and see what you did and said as long as gemini this kind of cake and seeking what was going to happen to their instalments. play it from the ted to me was that the cc next instalments intimacy. that's during the election campaign it was just around the elections and now finding a new government so happy and nothing has happened. matt has answered an european haven't yet seen really changed. so to democrats. last fall on monday and maybe im going to the next two years and no deaths but since when does happen was un american
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position a skier died from the beginning and who wants to take care of his own budget and its best season of countries in this house and to look into the imagined and i have to make an effort to anger as a means to me from deccan he has and to use the fall. so i may we be no movement. two months then openness among which it is a step in to the thinking of this in just twenty one captain. him and of course the consequences for europe it is the bedrock that. that the commons been. what for past couple of years will continue the strange things happen for example if you look at the uk illegally clearing and as the apple isle which is the housing market apple in house prices has been reset so fast it's the meantime. for the past he knew that and people are now pushing and sealed its full property because it's since been gearing up to match
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could probably reach far and is not necessarily creates but still enough now becoming a larry because the economy is that he updates it yet again another excellent point a gentleman and a drum and argo from um. sperry van ness ch commercial real estate united states use in town this weekend. he was talking about this real estate bubble and i was thinking the state of florida which i've included this huge condominium building. he says that now that these condos which everyone did what they are not turning into commodities and people as you say oh are they can or not the americans but there the foreigners coming in and paying the cash. so in your germans there too and latin americans living in a cash economy. be careful to say to him and yelling. i have watched i will watch me and wants to catch walk all the money will follow the money somemore we come back with the world this week stay with us. gormley you
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like this it seems simple take a close. you can get complicated. uncertainty when everything can change some things can get difficult so i clean all the expats can give you a better view see the inside story of the company. calls to the global economy twenty four hours a day. hse welcome to remain at the balkan nation of twenty million people joined the european union two thousand and seventeen overs with ideas in the reagan revolution the pool the problem is that this country remain the pope's second worst night
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in a straw dogs travel around whom a nap like this that the main cabin to the country the bags. you now. took over if you just joining us said before he resumed the world this week it's good to sample the stars that tom burgess watson will be falling for it at the top of the hour right here on false and dads and eu eastern partnership summit includes in vilnius you could say. in bitter disappointment which should in a celebration of the street outreach turning into a humiliating diplomatic defeat in ukraine choosing moscow over brussels after being bounced from parliament earlier this week silvio berlusconi and his lawyers man accused of paying off witnesses at trial related to these infamous
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phone go home go party protesters entirely keep up the pressure of asking the military takes on their campaign to topple prime minister. you should know wat mike craig is popular uprising. so far the situation remained tense but orderly. the observer parliament begins to it said debate on a bill that would punish customers rather than prostitutes. more in adelaide later in the world this week welcome back for commission just joining us this is the world this week with vivienne walt of time magazine and think it's up to the independents will make a call from him or her spirit chief of the german news agency dpa and cricket pieces of quartz and the lion take on the weekend beginning any buy up the umbrella hero's welcome for the wrongs
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foreign minister as he returned from kenya may only be an interim agreements the iran nuclear deal could signal a seismic shift in world deletions. muhammad job and salary from promise that implementation could start within weeks. however though he tried his best to play down expectations. they don't want it to mold the measures to maintain the confidence of the newly nations are reversible and get it the reverse pass on the blog of course we hope we don't have to do this. and do what is your gut feeling is there no going back. or is really the beginning of a new era or could it all go horribly wrong. of course it can be wrong. i think it's the critical if it's as good as it could be. i mean you remember ronald reagan and the old days had to save the union he used to say trust that our time. you've got a case where it's been discussed but tiring time
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there's so much mistrust between the two sides to get back to descend on said it's a cool it really can cause a lot of technical staff and led by everything that is done has to be very tight and it's a nice that it's reversible obama has the same class with a winning team said the sanctions that we can easily spot them to send back on again. and the structure here and i'm on the up on facebook we have a cirrus and the west should not have given even an inch on the issue of sanctions until a central conditions were met were essential conditions. eight. how is that this is going to be a compromise. i have to be in it and did prime minister this route was never going to get cnn enrichment said of an iran is he's continuing to enrich uranium. back to law school which will not allow it to teach weapons grade. a
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stench in the yukon. still he ran for and dancing in the uk us and if it wants to. mohl will not stop him and it will today it is it when stockings so i think that people need to be unless it's in the end of the circumstances. this was really the best deal that they can get with all the guarantees popsicle. in all. i'm a nightmare and that allows the wrong bus on the other hand picking the cafe in the senate says that green and to begin with but it's only six months this can take several months of this to me deeply on his descendants. and there is always awesome to see the cracking open ethan just a little bit of the sanctions regime could have some kind of spin off effects which we don't yet know. an intensive just reviving the economy getting kind of middle class up until a new campus beginning of protest movements. i'm going again and said um. it could lead to
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changes which would to some beyond what's being negotiated between the leaders of the tube home i think you can pop into twenty ten can grind international context and if anyone can push syria to take an excellent museum on snow it's a very cuts. step into the connection because it's a step in to what's in the integration of the iran iraq has an interest to overcome its awesome to reinstate an iv on keeping on and fed up with. the reason many may want to change so that countries may be ready to get back to the international community and is a half and place ads in the decision came as far as soon as it could turn could be a great outcome and decide if necessary. each meeting has a new key and two but it may have some. some consequences that aberrant fun and pleasant and the community that exists against the timeline of the week's events there was an agreement signed in geneva
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over the weekend and then on monday. it's the humans and our bleak special envoy of october he me announcing it would be fresh talks on syria for the time being. iran and saudi arabia it's unclear whether the dough with hands that brahimi is certainly hoping so but the possibility that perhaps when that conference convenes in january to complete the rout of virtuous circle. no students rioting source of all the soviets wanted one and this time it's for the trust but verify who he can work. secondly. careful use it so it's the us and asia. russo was radiant in some might argue that store and all. number two what we're hearing from your radiance in these discussions fall fall into that category of you know never eaten a place called moms never play cards with them and called on
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consumption down to the negotiating table with with knowing that you wanted to shop for a swap. it's ok let these guys. the americans and the french do what they want because the arabian shall have a much bigger problem. the saudis and the israelis. getting together. to do something about the nuclear proliferation. it's going on in one ear and watch the bomb everyone knows that it's going to happen. the saudi certainly know what these relics are clean or i would suggest that the mullahs in the holy city could be a lot more concerned about the saudis and the israelis going after them. then a bunch of you know up americans and french some sort of coalition because they're not going to mess around. to see him actually said in fact a retest of the room reminded me of this test. it's only a few astute
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easily gain ground during these negotiations with tehran. they didn't set of the piano. hummer and in cf center which is in it. they could have done the cruise is used in africa in the negotiating or in which a second set and it was almost as if they were a little too eager to get the job done and again i just think you have to separate battles that kind of extraneous stuff which in this particular context it is the same with human rights in a row one wants to get onto the other issues outside the uk and the arrangements in their wet wet wet acquaintances and i am and in fact the sanctions which are being east. no really significant. i'm while the iranians want is the sanctions lifted the land to assess the key being and not out and sanctions over the next six months so it doesn't mean that thinks it's not just to
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go to the existence of a not tired pool were going to continue to to watch that in the buildup to the conference the chart tension down to two different cars and after molly the french this week announcing boots on the ground this time in the central african republic the overthrow of the previous regime. last spring. doing nothing to alleviate the killing and looting at the cellar to the loose coalition of rebels backed by militiamen from neighboring sudan. a child one of several nations which also has regional peace keepers in soft copy but that's not been enough to prevent with our swans could be another genocide in the making. france's ambassador to the un says parents will put the matter to the security council next week. all you do when you look for dealing with your thongs who were trying to profit from the disintegration of the state. people who feel it's killing but two or three the fight. that doesn't
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mean there won't be problems and obstacles to secure each country's infrastructure is we also saw some water. i certainly think that this operation will be a lot easier than mommy chores at the moment will be tested in mice. a lot easier than molly it's been a man not even going to be out in imax and knocked it and acted as a three thousand slate so to stun the crowd. so i it's always so much tv at the deep dive this notice and two is done them and found that he was just wanting something that fronts. respect is going pro in something dawned on me as a kind though it could or couldn't use. and it is to be sassy change because oregon came to power always knew the knowing financing experience and not consigned it to second to meet an intervention in africa. it's them. yet it does me in. we got on the point is a lot of people in the media accusing the french this week being
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colonialists why he's sending more troops that wasps can step in the break. they've been asking regional peace keepers of the masking african peacekeepers. we all ended. about the chinese who happen to be leading the security council. and you have more than two thousand businesses in fifty over more than fifty african countries which direct foreign investment in the billions and billions of dollars. and guess which one of these african countries the chinese don't have any investment in. could it be the central african republic wanted it and could there be light. what is it five to six billion barrels of oil on the chad central african republic of border the details they also have diamonds. they also have gold they also have timber and you're a teacher in your way in which the china sea peanuts are a parent it's as if they could stand as an economic interest in these
7:43 pm
contests. it seems like soft we need to collect this cute outfit in a country that has substituted the pacific for all intents and purposes a failed state on that horrific humanitarian situation and sarah. the scene ten thousand trips. it's really come up but i actually once in a very light gray said that the ten minute intervention. if they really want to help send twenty thousand trips a compact lie to me it does seem like they would like to see that they've done something. and if there is in fact in each the same rwanda style genocide that constant stable we try it too you know intervene and stop this the thing that's one long claimed the deal said i think that looking at the hampton on the example. it is that it actually turned the key difference and the numbers that we talking about my understanding is that in this
7:44 pm
un resolution pictures can be for the security council that joking about three thousand six hundred which is a lot more i think he could make a difference to them. you need to find a legit sunday twenty two am and what pray is the exit strategy from missouri to say. again the problem is there's always a need to spend untrue and that he hasn't african republic centers. and in talking to most in the nineties and it's now it becomes a media and religion and religious conflicts in africa i was a most insane but stan lee and i kind of back and then. it's the same safety strategy everyone who is true that that's the case in this case that though the moslems are shopkeepers and the people of up to this immensely to visit mom. i think before its religious soon as it becomes a religious conflict in media than that. it is. it has an oven i mentioned that he
7:45 pm
finds time to listen to mind becomes very easy target for terrorists. i mean we have seen lines kidnapping a fast and there have been kidnapping in money and then think of kidnapping new staff and to weaken a new way to fund its content being a mom beat the poms indians point is there not a disconnect between the discussion were having about economic interests to scramble for all materials. ideology and it's actually happening in the ground which is basically armed thugs. going and looting raping killing my life is better than if a state far i know any of the chemist to have a new basis set lines. i mean it's it's very easy for them to come to this he states and down a well accepted that the model is the front is interested. i think the french are feeling the urge to really launch their foothold. in africa it's a slap in the face of national pride. if you look
7:46 pm
good today. and right now what happened today was the most important thing that happened today in africa. it took place in kenya. were they inaugurated the i believe it was in the neighborhood of four of fourteen billion dollars rail line linking east africa through kenya. all funded by the chinese. this is a huge deal. in the old days you wouldn't see the president of french down there. in charge of the issue with a bit of french operation dish with the chinese operation. in the future of africa is in the hands of the chinese what's going on now is that the western powers france specifically here. all i think trying to be a little bit too up old colonial for their own good. the standard that is worsening i live in countries like france are haunted by the weighted by in
7:47 pm
action in the past get over it. get over it. it's a brave new world. the old time at real people being killed here the central and. i'm talking about realpolitik in the twenty first century. yes you are right. but do we see again. do we see the mass protests in the streets saying that we have to do something for these people and central africa did we see this going on and are for did we see it go on in somalia. no you know we we did not humanitarian interventions. are not popular among nation states unless economic interests. r s p a announcer realpolitik reality that a lot of conservatives and liberals have a hard time swallowing that it doesn't make it any less true. i disagree with us i think that's an indication as to mommy and sent african
7:48 pm
republic. maybe you got cameron who champions to india not want anything to the failed state on its own then cool it is time to say it say you have the french have being invited back. and samuel is interesting about this conference posted now is how full it okay. say fifteen and ten and to this unknown to them and weep with the french foreign minister don't find peace if you know come see me. for example while the american pulling back friends at wallace france is kind and caring in denver now sits and interesting. the neo con and abroad and panda. work until a socialist at home nice and interesting characters you know. ok by the way on the domestic front a lot of heated discussion the buildup to this friday's introduction in the french parliament a bill that shifts the burden of prostitution and workers to the clients with winds of fifteen hundred euros for those who solicit of
7:49 pm
the services advocates from both sides stating their case outside of the national assembly against the french workers union. that's right the workers union for the bill. several feminist organization. on top. in the episode. why is it that isn't dead. it only leads to like it. so i just don't understand possible consequence is that we need it quits. sydney the nineteenth century incredibly more realistic and small that penalizes was inspired to change the meaning situation
7:50 pm
the rest of the healthy safe and secure with it one of your garden by the way with it and the unions that in malta is that we've seen arguments for and against on both sides of the aisle and four against among feminists they say that the unit confirmed that everything this country is dealing with it's kind of surprise saying that this is the social and did what it says to spend an awful lot of energy by approx i saved the state. isn't it continents and that signs it's far from clear that this is gonna let you look at similar efforts have been trying to run to and i think i am spending the pin striped hair and still is to criminalize soliciting prostitution and buttons in it. soliciting clients and sam and the resulting brain that some key pieces but some pieces have to work somewhat exactly is the meditation can and it seems to me to be in for a set of whom are in the state. stance to take in order to tackle. you know
7:51 pm
the problem of prostitution if indeed one thinks of that it's being something wrong or months to come. i'm confused are the french. too liberal in their moorings are two more allies. alright not see this. my pesto. in the end and somewhat tomorrow night and it seems like it. yes they tried to tackle prostitution but they also trying to come if she knew the two units use prostitutes and that to me since the mri licence tents which mike knox what. to the art of the matter were a kid i think no one making the difference and i agree with many ended funds has promised to cut the winning ticket the economy's expansion to the endgame attitude on second thought it was moist and it can be trendy and the country was feeding on humans and now even as its ok so it doesn't affect so many
7:52 pm
ppl at eight months. put a lot of money and in a safe they won one thousand five hundred euro that doesn't but we are seeing is that more and more of these prostitutes that the overwhelming majority come from abroad come from abroad in horrible conditions. and the saints and the war with eu the european community. and that chinese as well. he is the moment anyway immigration adding up against the trafficking and cars and walk in our continuing on its criminalizing the science of the cost of less than that it wouldn't really change anything i can only achieve a just push them into any long winded women becoming moment of it. and so it doesn't make a big change so i don't understand why they put so much and seem to stop and think of. i used to be confused by what the delays
7:53 pm
is trying to achieve this well because it strikes me that she does have quite straight tools on and prostitution and if he thinks that he handed the phone ahead to the eye and after many stars karen is being sued school. it tasted good then he announces its ads and uconn. i have to rub salt in france and sandown the state to take this extra step i do see the argument that it will speed underground and that that would not be an outcome that anybody would want. as the one aspect and in the new layout which is a mini court that no one is talking about it's not the sweetest thing and so far women have been criminalized in us prisons are cozy. who initiated this know that even if you just rent a car thousand and ten you cannot you can be fined up to sixteen clients and is revealed by this i think that's a very good to sit and pet them and stuff. and i think the customers. i think it went dark in neighboring germany the liberalized a decade ago he and doesn't he have. and in winter the end result has been more and more
7:54 pm
women on the streets and that human trafficking. he's even bigger its way down. it sits company i had a blast at a feminist fighting fund has not sat down and six the past can open their shops and rock and to mentor staff. whatever about it. it has a lot easier handling them. do women as a walk and have fun in the conditions and is now a new movement of feminists for my spot so they are fighting back to the budget to snow so it didn't get a head soon the kopi just when you realize it doesn't work when you tighten the screws that doesn't work in this argument will continue for another thousand years before scientists suggest the y chromosome goes away in the distance. use sexual creature that can give birth without ben got on the stroke requiem viewers saying the parts is why really disgusting female prostitutes you know it's a defense
7:55 pm
spending. this is good in l a times like this i like it did for this silvio berlusconi you know what would he do with silvio do in this situation. you know i'd be interested search but the bigger way our weigh in on this disc are steaming hot you know i wish he'd stop running around in a few of the speech touched you know with children around the world to talk about economy and come to france and weigh in on some of these things because a lot of these issues is it that review pointed out. are we having this discussion now why is this an issue the way france is someone in this country needs to come somewhere in france needs to bring some adult supervision to what's going on in hand and the fact that this has become a major issue. certainly shows that were lacking in an adult supervision down to the ways acknowledge him in action. to file for months on this this debate to take place the same day as the funeral of an unlikely stalwart of the women's rights movement
7:56 pm
and its longtime conservative member of parliament. this can be. ati has said it was a battered woman in his home constituency of scented tea and told him every time a husband is trying to get knocked up that sparked and to convince general de gaulle we served under him the resistance to back the legalization of the hill the year was nineteen sixty seven. and that all week long we've been we've been hearing about. about this fight him and the words and they were in parliament was a man by the way who brought this to the pond exactly the right time just the women in the french parliament. and you realize. that debate the overpass to schmidt the concert has descended debate about women's rights has moved on. call thank god she has been lately and in that database of prostitution seems like the oldest argument about the oldest in a profession and sound. he had eaten before guests hall
7:57 pm
of different things aren't these days at a time. and the fact that sarah i think even the fact that the high priestess like this in the speech by people who make a living as but this is quite remarkable in fact even the buy in my interests my opinion. ian and this country has other things to deal with it. we will finish on the train instead. news this week. the london school of economics most famous drop that will soon be a great grandfather. the mural mick jagger lead singer the rolling stones still strutting his stuff up. yet if you could say time is on his side. that's all the time we have four here in the world this week don't think our panel to the mall to greet the calls of men and trinkets and cricket peters thank you for joining us stay with us more to come. though
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the act. d. do you. i knew
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to you. art scene of recent cnn interview may not sell the full picture. russian ambassador to the un claims that insecurity was and started including assault on syria. a look at what was missing out but hackett abbas the last walmart faces more than just a surge of shockers all our workers gathered in protest demanding better wages and conditions of bringing the sights and sounds of this black friday protests coming up. and while there's hope for an economic boost from black friday


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