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tv   CCTV News  PBS  November 30, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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issues of korean society korea us relations is the most important relations we leave any country sunday at twelve pm we knew we knew we would win will. the us. i had. why was there it seems like light. all friends with them. sounds as i walked in
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i got. while. four. bought him. ctv news on the weekend thanks to a chinese securities red lights and some peyote that country for the initial offering system it's seen as a major step toward a market already and its ipo registration system according to the new rules the security threat the tree commission will pay more attention to the elite in the policy and economics even use as a mocking johnston risk and that too. in the press conference a spokesperson for the second a tatted report says that in euros in the immortal by the cast and a system to make it stable but said it still needs some time before being
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fully implement it. he estimates it to more than fifty companies with the senior shacks by the end of january next year that the new rulers. china began its mission to land on the moon on monday that on the street in a prep will be dumped at one thirty am local time from ceduna. i cannot stand. too sensitive to gluten. bookies system has functioned upon thinking oh four general inspections everything matches. i think it was only two requirements also look the way that has been feeding according to tom tomorrow will be answered in texas state which indicates the official start of the launch procedure. if successful the mission will be the last time any country have turned it on the moon funny and forty s it's also the chinese a fast soft landing on an extra terrestrial that this animation will see an astronomical a test at a
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stall on the moon and the fact that they are in the history of lunar exploration. an added strain on some buying in its camera on the time that is that the science team environment and change is on the f u l a high tech in a row that would carry him they got to study the moon's crust to a depth of one hundred new sets and a cellist remission the east this second phase of china's new in a program that follows the success of the tunnel an ant on the two nations in two thousand and seven and two thousand ten. i just now beach on the street in a prep will be the countries of the state and texas all driving on any extra terrestrial cent based on the bus the moon landing by any country in almost a faulty as an extreme distances presents new challenges for the mission control team. the munster remotely many of the best the press and her back to a high level of accuracy. our input a hunting has been granted special access to
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the call mom sent a way it's all taking place. this is the beijing aerospace control and command center is the headquarters of the tracking and control system of china's lunar probe except like that on the free moments all belong to all the auditory and command orders what to make from here making this place is politics ups on top. you lean into the heart of china's space program. some might say the brightness. one lady deputy director of the system design department explains why the tracking and control system is key to the nepal this command old decides to flee the town of three seamen nations are on again and again i could've taken what all until we see we knew we heard the whole process and an extra practice for some crucial stage was like breaking landing in separation of the lander and not offer it was helpful the story will unfold china's first use of an axe
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and observation system in the soft landing and for the moon over. china has the two chinese antennas for that specific task. there's also the ua five s band observation system or usb and a very long baseline into for roma tree all the alp on think of it. they use to track the distance and angle position of supply for all that determination. receiving the data from there over an hour to working conditions and also send orders to control its function due to indicate that the sense that to us. don't get into a communications and dishing out what excites him. see the ngv years ago on hats were told to reach on the pulpit. jesus this post will roll four provides both a challenge and an inspiration in deep space tracking and control of the alp on aviation command the toll sometimes witness
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all the time and space progress including this until madness space missions that on its previous two probes this is a place where the scientists and engineers collect a top one three signals and make crucial decisions at each stage. and it's here that i would buy another page of aviation history. amongst all the time buffer the cctv baking the movie. combing the present. i will post soon roper and explore. aunt trudy of town. on cctv. it would seem cctv means protest is in thailand have a place to sing bali. lolx on
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the doors of state run office is continuing the week long campaign to paralyze the government. eros approaches of the government have launched their realm demonstrations and basso as of the red sheds had arrived in the capital for iraqi suspected to be cheese tonight. many of today anti government protesters marched to the department of the special investigation they placed their rope adults on the front doors of the department and also that next time is the headquarters of two states telecommunications agencies as part of the government's strategy to avoid confrontation. there was no police presence outside and the bill faces and the opposition that protest is having to catch the sun they will be dead beat st day late on friday at the time on the sheets etc this it would remain neutral. and he wants no one should drink sodas into that. the speech the protests in bangkok is pressing to many areas of the cts but as the headquarters of the ami and the ruling party when
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the ten thousand protesters of the moms in the center on cold calling for the government to step down as a tony chan reports from bengal. they were joined by some unseen am and byzantine and democrat party the detailed the screen you know it is with one voice thousands of anti government protests is get in bangkok's commercial hub. some of the team with a crew tinsel week. others would just mending this will demonstrate and this time the opposition democratic party to join the fray. to this day till now to topple the government what is. we had what he said the democratic party democratic elections alone what kind of people
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the trade the body. he seemed upset at all. still with you now that democrats added. granted i would get so up and all. well done. so just a little. holding out his shirt said that he has no scruples they need that strength in numbers. democrat politics in the area has been living for themselves down here addressing the lunchtime crowd seemed to think about they bring with them the sequel. as the count is still with the government on this day the prime minister easily defeated a motion of no confidence. this was the message of reconciliation rather than confrontation among them. we need to talk they need to stop him first this would be the best solution so everybody will be relaxed. then we can discuss the way out for our country despite the opposition and
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franco becoming the type of tea still come on into the true majority the democrats haven't won an election for more than twenty years. despite the tournaments and that is unlikely to change. it is our students. it finds a way to win the election. and the piano for the customs house. but did not enter and remain unwilling to make changes to change the leadership of the title track on cd since it's the end of the foreign policy ideas. they're not making those changes and therefore the democrat party loses every time the house the moment the democrats in the protest movement are riding high on the way the schools. we've been here before. while this might look like progress to some. emc is that i announce that he did though. stopping the kingdom from the people. tony tinged cctv think of. earlier we talked extensively to hear me
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stick is used in our mt annan said deputy prime minister and finance minister on the recent protests in thailand and the sticky do it said the thai government wants to shake down with a protest is and he asked what the region one. we like to hear very clearly what exactly that but this is really wants. and the va can understand that what they want i believe that no one ever before system they would oppose it to be considered very very catholic. but the tv don't really understand too well because though as i mentioned to you is that to the end of weeks ago the protest to stop that would be no amnesty bill. and dumb when it was so clear that the people. not only does to people but villa's who did not want to forgive but the other from the former prime minister. it was a victory if a physician been that the dublin when we're in a position to get well real bad weather it be to concede that in the short selling of
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the dough some of the tub government offices which include the midst of finance and also well served in the dublin over my station located in the cupboard sent to his now in difficulty but things can still be run as to show because we have backup system. we have office phone bills to the seventh to was the daughter to her white dove service to the. but of course if the teachers and read all one of both but that didn't meet him seven the moment and then in the efficiency would cost and difficulty for the govnment i believe that dumb. by that time though. in general would not go want to see the protest is about doing something that could be harmful for. prospect of the country in the meantime and all that. and by that time to time for four photos of me and saddam inside in the process decide to sit down and tried to run
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the fault of the more serious manner. that just means that he's huge in our narrow in on high and steep the tea from any step in china's people's liberation army and forth on friday has detected and identifies foreign ministry please answer in the east china sea and defense identification zone and forced that's meant changing cuz it to find to dance with the galley and forth on friday morning to call him any meds and see response to that and try to recall it says that crops from the us and identified ten japanese planes since it was safe to assume that c and j eleven will planes identified the three and ep three spy planes from the us and ten japanese at crops including e seven six seven p three hundred and fifteen. he said the for small e tax the planes to wrap their flights through this and that force is a fluke and document the appetizing is known as the defense and offense is meant to. and while it's common in cash the pact is on
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the chinese s forces maintaining the status of a high end handsets and to take measures to deal with any threat to china's and space an announcement closing seconds of the us japanese and south korean planes and trains them to back in form china that my clients one of the sandusky requirements well according to you and fourteen in new york times the us president obama needs to tell american command show and minds to comply with the rulers of chinese and defense identification zone and eighty five lifetimes to chinese all far its east and at the station has apparently been taken following an internal government nice. and a japanese government has planted to race the ec of the china's and defense identification zone tearing the jackpot on sale special summit to be held in the sun that ain't all kill the crust off the mcm countries to take the same standards as japan and china's foreign ministry has responded to the means
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duty on me. we had repeatedly made our position clear on the issue of the east china sea or defense identification zone would like to ask you can't explain to other countries whether it has in ages or not when japan for setup the eighties and later expanded its pages several times. it never consulted with other countries. and look at the size of japan's aid is he to bed doesn't want to allow others to do what itself has been doing this try to stir up trouble. this approach is that splits and speaks of japan's ulterior motives. and japanese from a fishing guide a rest on friday that the panel after seeing this laker fan. and to be in the actual set top of the eight days and i then met officials of the liberal democrats in pontiac and seven sins and accept it everytime proposal asking china to retract that the station an hour then bounced cooperation with neighboring countries and are related to international institutions. the japanese
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army to step from the look and see this at his country would discuss the sea with us vice president joe biden in his coming visit next week japan sent out and popped last saturday to lloyd said china's estimated explains the japan self defense force of the state expects to more aircraft into the anti france identification sound depends as happens in the town in the nineteen sixties and are now presented chinese deli items without china's consent in japanese media have the radio said that we should shoot regular its repeal the country's self defense force says it s been conducting intelligence activities for the posse as without the leak of the prime minister and defence minister it was said to have the units had been successfully send to a spine to the dprk and all praise is safe houses eu russia china and south korea south korean media said the news to tell what's in these times with japan. according to the report and diesel prices
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started tearing the code will but the former soviet union as their primary targets along with china and the dprk to the us ministry has an exit they provided assistance to the c3 to knit. but japan's defence minister has denied that any secured it exists in the country lawmakers from south korea and japan have concluded that us general assembly into me as territory the spirit of the salad relations between the two countries. japanese prime ministers to go out and out comes the lawmakers' efforts to heal the rift and courts look at the dial. he cooks for a restored relations for the sake of stability and prosperity in the region. relations between japan and south korea had in the phrase since august two thousand twelve and then south korean president lee milbank visit in the disputed islands known as the pill in south korea and the tacky shiva in japan. pakistani prime minister now lots are way past a riot in the hopman
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cup to come who had insulted preston honey cause i didn't beat the scots in athens to stop the peace process with a tight bun and energy projects to a duty to chronic pallets off the disc and best countries and this is the shower it's fun to visit since he took off his idea to see a president karzai has been pushing pakistan for help. in talking to the tight bun and access to a tight band the recently released from prison by podcast on the many tiny body gets us all to be based in part to stun a combo has just sold some of us helped to get them to talk. relations between the two countries have been testing an afghani center has often accused pakistan of aiding tight on the disc sheltering across the border fan the us. i know. and any
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chance to meet people on the edge of dead after police had a call to prayer seemed to be removed from the crowd at the catskill boss and the rescue people trapped in the unstable building the crash happened at the top post ten pm local time on friday nights the piece is time to be many awesome city officials say some people had been taken to hospitals. eddie was too silly to get the number of things that adds about one hundred and twenty people were reportedly in the by listening to it bands performing at a time of the crash police said it was too early to speculate on what course they had a call to to smash into the pot. it did not appear to have courts high activities offices in sydney and in kind as to lead in the helicopter when it came down with. i've been nice is saying it felt very
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creepy. a total of the sixty six people injecting the hong kong ferry incident had been discharged from hospital and according to the fairies and that the shun tak company into a folio meant the area the caustic hong kong to macau on friday and collide it when it with an object in the war sent me a painting chow i didn't get to spend ten to add to the hong kong macau ferry terminal in show mind and took a look at a t five people on board with injecting cooking seventy six passengers and nine crew members and they had the chance to find the hospital's the court said the accident is under investigation. big airlines says a passenger plane carrying thirty four people went missing on route from them as mb two and a lock on friday and chinese embassy has confirmed in the one chinese national was on board the plane. the airline says the plane is a breeze even made it and react in one hundred and ninety it's a
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call from a map to show the capital of mozambique and twenty eight passengers and six crew at the mall the land as scheduled in the angolan capital one back yet i insist all parties' at trying to confirm a report of the canine baby in the moment to indulge in the media daddy at ease on the bulletin with pagoda. it's an eia it yet since israel launched an eight day campaign against the gaza strip in response to rockets fired into israeli territory. eight hundred and seventy three palestinians died in an strikes infrastructure was destroyed and the families displaced effects are still being felt with continuing palau and worked until he gets stuck the thing to have the latest from the israel gaza border this is what happens in a gunshot. every night the worst rolling blackouts electricity is in short supply here. it was one point
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seven million residents have been literally catapulted backwards into the dark age in the room we learned to get him for two weeks our water supply has been kicked into the water treatment plant he's into working and to see what are we getting decent sleep drink or even hint that the kenyan way that the shortages do not discriminate. nor did the stair than me or trail these dialysis patient care of on backup generators that run on fuel. but fuel in gaza are used also in short supply also the suffocating crises or would people really need to leave the gas stream. he's a result of the only power station being shut down any skin the right penal stickers or twelve hour day shutdown how to make the affected health services available to the people here don't know if the blockade in the egyptian
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military shutdown of tunnels has pushed gaza's residents into the grip of a humanitarian crisis described as catastrophic. people are getting the basic clean water electricity fuel and medical supplies. some fear and desperation. maybe to backlash. israel imposed a land sea and air blockade of the gaza strip in two thousand and seven. to borrow materials the company. two rockets fired. population centers. un officials say that and coupled with egypt's tunnel thoroughfare shot down and a thirty percent unemployment rate has pushed hard into full blown crisis its leaders say the strangulation and easing ten to twelve o one. it's very obvious that gaza strip hamas led government are all under the conspiracy the babies really occupation of the corporation of rum on
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the government and some arab parties which is one goal to handicap the gaza strip by the blk eight hundred print on the hamas government with these catastrophe but opinion senate and to make this nation for over two million people needing gas street to turn them against the government the ga sis leaders are warning time is running out. if the crisis in east soon. they say the situation with exploding the faces of those responsible for creating stephanie read. cctv on the gaza israel border estimates its two thousand by twenty seven surround it demonstrates a scene ukraine's independence clack of thousands of protesters continued to rally in the center of ukraine's have to keep two team under the president's resignation the trust and to sell the landmark agreement of european union in favor of the cozy ties with russia and around ten thousand
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protesters joined in the demonstration on friday including opposition didak i've seen me yet due and there were several small scuffle took place but no major accidents. friday the biggest shopping day of the day in the us has kicked off a few hours earlier than usual as in many retail is opened on thanksgiving night for the first time the youthful alice shop as a team the fighting in and outs of stores across the us into such a big deal. respondent against the man has the look and this is a shocking likeness of god the end there before the sun came up on friday morning shoppers were out in fourth. this is the money goes is that they didn't get much sleep if the kids. it's the u s retailers hope to turn the reading of loss in their ledger books to the black ink a profit. but what was once a single shopping day the day
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after the us holiday of thanksgiving. now begins before the turkey is served and runs through the week an eye for things like credit union and relevance because it's becoming more of the season. then one day in particular. you will need a strong black friday this year since the court that the calendar keeps them six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas sales are amazing people i didn't spend money they don't like friday that's exactly what they do the kids become as much a tradition for that usually ensues with people posting they have online wednesday in keeping shoppers looking for bargains get out of control and seems like this one in a wal mart outside of different wal mart in california workers protested for higher wages no more. as for everyone i know that they appeared to have little impact on the shoppers inside wal mart stores revved up and ready to
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stand. last year we reported that we had to go for twenty two million customers and not on over the black friday evening of thursday evening and we had substantially more than that. last night so we're very pleased with the turnout. customers came out in large numbers to our stores and by the way. as we went out and saw the of the retailer's the customers were shopping for broadly so were encouraged by a by the start to the black friday shopping weekend. as the sun sets on black friday many of the best deals will shift from in stores online. as retailers and consumers gear up for the next big shopping push cyber monday. jim spell and cctv washington. that's all for this news updates on cctv knees on the dunes. i have. the you know. lulu. eye
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i am. it is. i will the cz
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when u who will. with you the iron. oh and just a guided tour to welcome to this hour's news line japanese defense mystery antonio mode at us as chinese fighter jets did not approach japanese self defense force aircraft. in china's new air defense identification zone although this remark came after friday's announcement by china that it had scrambled fighter jets in response to military aircraft and japan's spf. in the us entering the zone


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