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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 1, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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he grew. when we were. all that well he's right it's monday to ten percent and ten tactical trashy and telltale protesters in bangkok are calling for a mass action to seize government offices their goal is to force the prime minister to step down because the demonstrations have left three people dead and fifty injured. the tensions that prompted time sorties to ask that people in bangkok state
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interest over nights. the no fine thousand people tried to storm the prime minister's office on sunday. and as his clash with security forces that my team against the violent reporting left many people injured. local media reported sporadic gunshots were heard at a university campus. when someone fired shots at protesters on saturday night some of the protesters also surrounded offices of media organizations dedicated to demanding the resignation of prime minister he knocks you want to accuse her of being a proxy for her older brother the ousted prime minister taxation a lot. violence for some department stores in shopping malls in central bangkok to close on sunday the thai government said on sunday that it hasn't as a nighttime curfew citizens are not allowed to be outside between ten pm to five am monday morning. the protest leaders met with the prime minister and unsuccessfully tried to get her to step down
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the protesters are calling for a nationwide strike on monday to bring government activities to a halt. i ching the mailman to newark city has encountered four passengers and injured sixty three others. it happened near a station in the bronx just after seven am local time on sunday the last day at the thanksgiving holiday it's believed the match illinois the train was carrying about one hundred and fifty passengers at the time he was on its way from the outskirts of new york bound for manhattan police say at least four of the eight cars left the track with some of them coming to rest on their sides that can happen your sharp curves that the cons still remains under investigation. well why did he actually didn't really know i can appreciate is the deep down i knew something had been near the river as the plane fell small plane because this is the wife all the airplanes to practise and there's a lot of off the airplane traffic cops in lehi on the hudson bus that was either plain or
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there was a big outside of the blood that ran really well when i showed up emergency crews were on scene they were pulling out of people helping people get out the drinkin and to see some birds and downtown manhattan that means used by many passengers every day tensions are still eating in ukraine over the nation's participation in the european union. the turkey and more than one hundred thousand rally and clashed with security officers. to the they were protesting against cousin victor yanukovich is gernments ukraine's and straight into the year. the protesters tried to storm the presidential office using construction vehicles on this through gas and smoke bombs security of the seas responded with tear gas and comps at least one hundred had the mood hits. last week the government want away from ntu offered by the eu the team after a brush and
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put pressure on ukraine by restricting some ukrainian in points. the protesters say the government's refusal was a betrayal of its own people who want to join the eu. some a now calling for the president to step down. i been. the slice president joe biden will ride in japan on monday. all eyes on whether the leaders of japan and the us can send a strong message to china on its new air defense identification sound of the east china sea item on the prime minister shinzo on the mound tuesday to discuss the defense down the chinese defence ministry said at the november twenty third. covering a large part of the east china sea. after his fifth it's cheap and you go to china and south korea and china and biden will meet rise in gdp in other chinese leaders on wednesday. his visit to japan and china is viewed as a means to highlight the us japan
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cooperation and to confirm their next course of action however japan and the usa taking slightly different approaches to china the us state department on friday approved of us commercial airlines providing flight plans to china one traveling through the air defense town major us airlines have also made clear that they will comply with such requests by chinese authorities the japanese government however will continue to ask if that lives not to submit my classic chinese authorities. instead they say biden will also tried to wean japanese support but she made the us goal of concluding a chance to think a partnership the trade agreements by the year and. japanese emperor. i keep still and embrace me to go on down and getting into an imperial couple met with japanese nationals living in the coury. andy also saw something be left behind more than half a century a cow sunday they do come to visit the japanese and as his
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confidence in that eighty five japanese citizens including some company officials involved in railway construction being done with janese made a couple teeth a winter in catchments they also view a linden tree in the audit the ambassador's residence they planted the tree on december first. exactly fifty threeears ago to commemorate their first official trip to the country as crown prince and princess she has its current seventy meters high. the monday then ben and chris will attend the welcome family and meet with president and prime adding that he she. last year india and japan celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of diplomatic ties after its underweight to deepen those tights an hq birth to india correspondent and commentator academy he can stand for points. he has managed to aintain high goals and peace can track people edition last week with japan. still newbies in wikipedia vehicle from them which ranked eighteenth in its missile in
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borders. no one can still squeeze into a sudden the net with the two sides kicked off a comprehensive trade deal i'm passing the six balls of autotive parts steel and othertems. on the other hand job on these opinions are the largest direct warning investors. it separates business committee had a botched convention in cocoa in september. all the stones. making investments. can you please jeffries how india constitute a high speed or maybe it's just him. what you're about to back champions do it the system will meet india's main cities and have them at kroger accommodate these are longer works. to fall on the wing and contracts for such large scale protests hopefully you know to open up because the kind of investment you can do in infrastructure sector with a two dollar reduced the sector
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the dish to continue to be meaningless. to develop an effective it should open up porch. due to the previous baby can eat crab is going to be great. i need to be and india's main uses for a race last time the finance. they say they have high expectations in japanese technology. nearly fifty thousand of india's gdp causes of the service industries such as finance and banking businesses. but manufacturing industry easily accounting for only about fifteen per cent of gdp. i can summon the cabin crew scheme aims to strengthen the mind of jordan the government was tool a letter come on tony dean japanese companies. this fall on the media with its problems with that blasted the coach is over also japan india of reinforcing that the security cooperation. in june to a seventh round. jeff as a moderate dems have
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defense forces on the indian navy. and that can be a false joint exercises. many ferrero there of i forty and the defense of the show's is continuing. they have weak to continue enjoying my weekend trendy. kenya a zoo ready to become increasingly important thoughts and acts on its military presence. that was as a commentator he told me he said. we'll bring you the latest on and curran and chris's visit to india including special coverage on bilateral relations from monday to wednesday. bullies time now for the latest in a different news to investors in asia are back in front of computers they let people into getting more direction than they had last week when their counterparts on wall street had a few holidays. i didn't see that james is now a prominent physicists desks that i slept on the agenda will captain choseromnvestors the us but can it be that age that they're going to get jobs data there to get third quarter gdp so investors will be able to look to the skids for direction but still let's
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review what happened last week the dow jones industrial average edged lower in its final session last week in a holiday shortened trading day that snapped a five game streak of record highs. but the dow did finish higher for the month of november on optimism that the us economy is on the path to recovery and there this week may provide further evidence of that one protocol stack. here are starting off the new week and the final month of the year. the good of an email a guard standing by the tokyo stock exchange the meta twenty of the new also he stops just a touch on friday about mart big gains for the month. i think shaping up this monday morning. and how much i use indeed i'd like to be games for the nikkei last the month i actually rose nine point eight percent on the month of led largely by the stronger taller that we saw which was a lot of exports but let's not let see if i were taking off up to date december seconds and a bit of a mixed picture here of the nikkei just marching in the negative topics just barely in
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the positive we'll see how that develops. now i know you can take over key economic data may arise but the house in the sense that the u s jobs data on friday is going to be the big focus for today because it's gotta be the last one before the federal reserve policy meeting on december seventeenth and eighteenth. i had to set them on a tree policy and investors again be very keen to see how that all stayed out will affect the federal reserve officials decisions on when they may scale back their card on buying program that's a big focus for global stock markets. investors also wanna see china. the watch in china of course of the world's second largest site connie the government's official purchasing managers' index to fifty one point four. in november and changed up from october. however it was slightly higher than market expectations us who didn't keep track of our china rated the shares here in japan of course throughout the session domestic airports lot of focus on retailers especially online retailers as
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the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear. so we'll keep track of that sector as well by enemy and the dollar that in a six month high against the yen last week where does the stand today. get quite a big move in the dollar is as you mentioned that does have a look into where we are this monday morning hundred and two point forty five to forty seven the nikkei rose to five hundred and two points sixty one now many are expecting it to test the year high set on the twenty second which was one of the people in seventy three still awaits a co op but not that of course is going to depend on the key data that such yuan in the us this week manufacturing and the us joss as i mentioned here again hundred and thirty nine for fifteen to twenty one that also may show a little fluctuation ahead of the european central bank meeting later this week people also continuously operating a couple comments by officials regarding the direction of interest rates are up for eurozone economies interesting also took note of the moody's upgraded to me says decorating at the end of last week. another positive for
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eurozone overall sentiment up but as i said i lived in the mix open here for the needy and the topics that you are. i really think a lot for that day. well a survey by japan's government backed development bank has found that china is no longer the most promising overseas location for japanese manufacturers. the result marks the first change in two decades in tunisia ring as the most promising overseas location over the next two years. looking up from third placed the year earlier india remained in second place and thailand took third place. china fell to fourth place this year after having been top ranked over the past twenty one years. by contrast nine members of the association of southeast asian nations ranked in the top twenty including vietnam myanmar the philippines and malaysia asked why they didn't view china as the most viable overseas location. many many factors mentioned of rising
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labor costs and difficulty in securing workers. another reason was political risk stemming from strained relations between japan and china. ellis take a quick look at a global economic calendar. first on wednesday the us federal reserve will report on the latest economic conditions and alterations in the country. the october report pointed to an increasing lack of transparency in the economy that was in part because of the impact of the government shut down. the european central bank will hold a regular meeting of its governing council on thursday the ecb cut its key interest rates to zero point two five percent in november financl markets are waiting to hear what the ecb president mario try he will say about the regional economy. at his news conference. revised third quarter us gdp day now will come on on the same day the initial reports said the us economy grew at an annual pace of two point eight percent between july and september on the previous three months. and on friday
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the latest us jobs report is due out in october unemployment inched up to seven point three percent but non farm payrolls client or above market expectations and that's all for non business only be with the tech market. it is. e g until ard taking to the streets in a fresh wave of protests against the new law that restricts demonstrations. the law has been concerned that it would end to really limit the freedom to hold contests
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today was the high street demonstrators in central cairo on saturday when they tried to disperse the crowds that is as good as he's responded by penance downs there is a bag government issued id code of law in november requires rally organized is to file a plan in advance and allows egyptian security authorities did and demonstrations opposition groups at the stadium now they think and the interim government formed after president mohamed was he was toppled in a de facto military coups the government has detained more than two hundred people by and then continued on the government is stepping up the crackdown in impact appears to contain protests and restore security the otests against the law is spreading beyond the muslim brotherhood men face to the general may seem concerned about deacon political kiosk. the us defence secretary conveyed his concern over the new lawn to the egyptian defence minister on the found the cable on the net down to tassie seek not to use military force in containing demonstrations. the us
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government has urged north korea to immediately mideast and eighty five year old the us military veteran. he's accused of having carried out hostile acts during the korean war white house national security council spokesperson peel an mtv and told nhk on saturday that the united states urges annoyance to at least now newman to keep me return home and be reunited with his family. pagan said the us is concerned about his advanced age and health. he entered the country in october as a tourist than on state run media to put it on saturday the men had even rested for hostile acts. he's accused of killing north korean soldiers and civilians during the war hayden also said she continues to pyongyang to grant clemency to another detain u s citizen and release him. the man and korean defense he was arrested in november of last year. he was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor the us government is dealing with the issue through
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the swedish embassy in north korea. you are short on paper but all along and meeting more people around the world of writing the city relied upon. and some are mailing them to japan for a place of hiking. the season could well known names as nhk most time i see it she said telstra eye. the video game console more from home. why is that all the new official. he's also a keen haiku poet. in october he published a second collection of his works. this is one of these mornings. you don't think we can only use my stash. going home today this boy and solid as the body of spending new life
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together with someone you care for deeply. in another hike and he expresses his sorrow for the victims of the great east japan hairspray. three two cents to stone turned into a snow queen. but new to me when all media tycoons. when you have some senity in yourself and then you come to hike. but at the same time right the hikers makes you more stories. he was really fun bah. translated from rome prize haiku into japanese these days. haiku are written in over seventy countries. the convention's alright and then very. but the basic rules to fix the appliance i went in on three separate lines and they should give a sense of
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the seasons. music i'm all right to work toward. but they're perfect for modern life. the feature literary elements. he said. they leave a fresh impression the growing number of people in belgium a writing haiku poetry. last april a special hi to my inbox was sent to belgium. it was a gift from auntie i'm a mom of the main centers for haiku in japan applying smashed in his mailbox outside and free of charge to monty on the other japanese embassy. h and a multi team fun friday to try to hide who i feel a call seeking a change in the small things in life. a few more precious. i lose the weight of reflecting on one's own existence. even in unlikely
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places. you can find the right to ensure that those in this part of the city. this is a village in the snow prison. i was okay. the three coupon on this postcard is the topic in the mailbox in the second one pm. monty is the range weekly sessions with the prisoners write haiku and share them with their fellow inmates. is the communal you are so far away. a group rules of the world. now i pondered my tea thanks to this type of nine blocks many points made their way from belgium to multi outlet. the best of them are published in a specialist not as the child that over forty years ago now my summer of helps to select the points for the magazine. she says the spirit of haiku can be shared. no matter what line which they are written in. to
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some kind cool and wonderful medium for communication. to add greatly to express yourself. and to share part of yourself. thompson's see i only knew the project added haiku are spreading around the world. they are the shortest formal portrait type them in state forests are mobile. hostage in a state. nhk world it's time now but check the vid or whether it's a sunny morning here in tokyo. but it's feeling a little chilly meteorologist at the twenty ten for us what we can expect today. the morning cafe it's going to be. jimmy and sunny across the camp very nice condition to start the work week. the committee is going to be about twenty percent you may want to moisturize your skin. sorry for the northwest and final of the country snowing it's built on it. aware that
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the object inside of that occurring in hokkaido the heaviest snow is fawning over western hokkaido. i would have reports of a twenty five centimeters of snow on the next twenty four hours the snow that has immediately sneering one heater and on top of that in addition a very decent meeting is likely that from the stockton in conditions will be looking up snow will be winding down. the korean peninsula and most of which are now looking quite nine. i mean when a plane for most of the china finance lot of them only convinced that the incoming tropical know they need increasing and things are increasing this twelve weeks and going to be as high as one meters. that investors are going to be in that piece in time and hung on the lower temperatures over the north ninety claims for himself and at the precinct and care with sunny skies. now the course the america as the major star in the eco winter storm over the north over the southwestern corner of the canon of the north west in us and after it made lance is a risk of the pooling snow
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about sixty centimeters of snow is likely for the northern rockies thirty centimeters while turnout and still be combined with very strong winds so that the current low visibility and dangers to bring till he could even kill minus forty degrees f in the mountains if you have any plastic coated with dairy and meat chicken with rice or vehicle and avoid traveling by yourself. the snowy conditions with the sped into the upper midwest further into the east is becoming too can stay active but not dry weather and temperatures are on the minute i think the six degrees forty euro cyclist and eighteen degrees in denver and if you look at the northwest of berry cherry on the five decreasing the apple and a vancouver because there will be spilling into the culinary history becoming the next couple of days. for example and then very high could be minus five decreased and wednesday. ellis biggest nineteen degrees on monday but that this trial will drop to nine degrees on wednesday we still don't see this number even in midwinter minus one victory for you on
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the cross omaha so be prepared for the rapid cooling. and finally across the europe the north to the weather is happening over the central mediterranean you can keep rotating cars right here and an equally their surveys can of heinz lady tornadoes any fact we have of the point of that a water spout it's the race clock in the skies over seventy clique in this area in southern gaul campaign is now western turkey algeria year compared to the sky that this week i have no patience to stand stakes and for the month of heavy rain thunderstorms large hail and isolated tornadoes unlikely that to the north and the dome of high pressure again because the ratings dominance over the previous trials and most of the continent. the wet and windy conditions for the northern areas of the scandinavian peninsula and sleet snow and windy conditions on moscow temperatures are going to be at the precinct one in moscow one typically pouring cats and snow showers in seasonal temperatures are many places and the continent. pranksters
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expanded our text. i i i moved. i know. just about one
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hundred thousand people have attended a ceremony like a giant christmas tree on a lake in rio de janeiro the tree is decorated with the beat new england states each side meters tall and weighs one hundred and forty two times. this will make it as making alliances as the birds timeless christmas tree on water. the a lady. it was really pretty. in truth the world's most of the risk and free nation within one hundred million brazilians and then visit the church the countries located in the southern hemisphere so people celebrate christmas a little flour. cindy's line
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she is. the light landed me an american talk about an hour. how women are powerful if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind
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and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding also on. i can't help but call our doctor say the hindus and one main iraq as the place. a stunningly since we brought them
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