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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 2, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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the one we will do the ira welcome to nhk world islam and you know tommy and total here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. air pollution engine reached a record level over the weekend prompting authorities to issue a special morning. anti government protesters in thailand are calling for a nationwide strike. as the increased pressure on the prime minister to step down. mandela's ins with
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the deep affection for height the baby weight to send their poetry back to its birthplace. weather officials in shanghai are asking residents to stay indoors air pollution in the chinese city has hit a record high on sunday. the density of tiny airborne particles known as pm two point five reached its highest level since. city officials started publishing the day in june of last year he was two hundred twenty micrograms per cubic meter the safety level in japan is seventy. the air remain heavily polluted on monday the twenty four hour average for pm two point five reached two hundred and fifty nine micrograms per cubic meter shanghai authorities are asking citizens to stay indoors to avoid breathing that they are. kindergartens and schools have canceled all extracurricular activities air pollution in china worsens during the winter as people start using coal fired heaters. greenpeace says the government should do more to tackle fine airborne
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particles. particularly if it hopes to host the twenty twenty two winter olympics in beijing greenpeace as priests in their released the results of a study on pm two point five around the capital chinese authorities announced in september a plan to cut air pollution by more than twenty five percent by twenty seventeen. greenpeace says even if officials meet this target. the level in two point five won't fall below china's air quality standards before twenty thirty. boucher many teams still need to be done. the government wants to keep the standard. greenpeace says emissions of air pollutants must be reduced by eighty percent from the twenty ten levels. it says failing to do so would mean china want clear its own standards by twenty twenty two. the thai prime minister remains under pressure as protests continue in bangkok told hudson a ruler has the story. the wrist don't
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know and assigned to the unrest in thailand monday marks one week since matt since the days began in and around government offices in bangkok the state is calling for the resignation of prime minister and senior auctioneer what many people are concerned that a ton while we did stop in treating night and that makes the second largest currency and economy. high in the critical parts of the capital. thousands of protesters threw rocks and the heavenly gandhi prime minister's own face. police responded with t gas rather than expand to ten in. the i use the forestry get another protest outside the u k wants to. i will give them what i came here to tell police the chapel is now shooting they messed up sitting retired. as the days events
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of the sevens nationwide to come out on strike industry to self govern but this entry to the office a few comments forcing them to wait outside he appealed for reconciliation cry nineteen the economic consequences of the unrest the end tradespeople and the tree it's the enhancement how thai people. you see that. a man trying to keep it in. on the picket the issue. this time of means no money thailand's tourism appeal but many can mesh upper sixties. it was clear that the weekend. the country's tourism and sports ministry said around three hundred thousand people have canceled trips to thailand due to the chaos. the financial loss has already reached an estimated her being gone is that tomorrow is affecting everyday life. dozens of schools and colleges statement monday as did many
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baby things you can try many things all things artistic range of safety precautions the protests have escalated since the knoxville conti try to reload a controversial amnesty bill through parliament. critics say the bill was intended to pave the way for a brother of former prime minister seems to want to attend to time and he was ousted from power in a crusading years ago. the anti tax group enjoys a one hundred and in the middle part. inside muslim areas and milk and honey and sixties monday time he said an arrest warrant for treason has been issued against the protest media format deputy prime minister to take to survive and punishment for those convicted of treason includes the death penalty on life imprisonment. attacking the opposition side is responding strongly the latest round of confrontations has reached a level not seen since the unrest of two thousand and ten. and it's still a little sign of progress
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that's all from bangkok. i knew. one year ago nine people died after concrete slabs fell from the ceiling of this ensemble trouble in japan's yamaguchi prefecture experts say bolts holding the slams spring and attach the accident raised questions about maintenance of japan's aging infrastructure. friends or relatives of the victims gathered on monday near the site on the two expressway be prayed silently at eight o three am the time of the accident. the victims included young people on the way home from the trip so scott. i'm so frustrated so sad. she shouldn't have been killed. he posted above do the things that i do wish the expressway operators had inspected the property. these images show the severity of
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the accident. the slabs fell along the one hundred forty meter section of the tunnel crushing three cars. good optical what we are very sorry for causing a major accident. accidents involving aging roads bridges and other facilities have occurred around the country. some were caused by problems that inspectors had overlooked in maine in the covert chunks of concrete fell from bridges and emotional. in august a roadside lamppost collapsed in yemen after. last month and eighty kilogram road sign fell from its pole without warning. even she got experts urge that more engineers be trained to address the problems that go in a university professor got a knack of what i use as an old bridge to train municipal officials responsible for infrastructure since last year about nine hundred have taken the course. what is says many more engineers and higher levels of expertise are needed to manage japan's massive infrastructure. when
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cool. on the way to reduce the risks in my opinion that it is to set up an effective screening system that covers all the important points to the plea deal with the land and transport ministry has also distributed inspection daniels to municipalities. d telling items that must be checked its regional offices or using the materials in engineer training workshops japanese leaders are doing more to help with the global fight against infectious diseases. the giving him an additional eight hundred million dollars to an international fund raising their contribution to nearly three billion dollars government officials are expected to announce the contribution on tuesday in washington to be attending a meeting of the global fund to fight aids tuberculosis and malaria. japanese leaders propose creating the organization with a host of the g eight summit in two thousand. it provides financial aid to treat and prevent the spread of
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infectious diseases in developing countries. prime minister on the spoke about the fund in september we met in new york with my croissant founder and philanthropist bill gates. i said japan would continue its financial contribution. ministers from japan in myanmar are to keep working together on the air emerging nations development they've agreed to push forward with the special economic so as industry minister to shoot some of the game and in tokyo whitney on mars minister of electric power. in mom's soul and taking note of good progress on the tool i want economic zone near the largest city of young goal he said japanese firms need to start operations there in two thousand and fifteen liters of japan's private and sectors see the zone is a key way into the growing myanmar market the two ministers agreed japan will provide financial and technical support the building power plants and to the secure electricity
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grid. many business leaders around the world have been turning their attention to india. not only as a huge potential market but also as a manufacturing base competition has intensified and are now facing up to the challenge of some new rivals local indian companies in each year olds can cope with their reports on the shifting trends in the manufacturing industry particularly in the auto sector. this is part of northern india is home to foreign carmakers and parts suppliers. one of them is a japanese company. the world's largest manufacturer of cables for controlling break the enjoyed strong sales after launching its intent is to fifteen years ago. it seems in two thousand and ten and the company fell into a contract. well reason is increasing competition
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the two companies are trying to look at the fourteen team down. the sales have been growing sharply. the man is now slowing down. senators are struggling with soaring fuel costs and wants higher living expenses. it is an auto parts suppliers under pressure to cut prices. but that's not be seen. his company was in court one of its essential components. sue lines leading lady i don't mind its quality. the release is weakening of the group b teams at the park costs more to the import. for some. for the use of potter's wheel and are now offering lower prices to do so. competition is getting more intense. houston nutt while many foreign
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suppliers in india trouble the fighting. ink and companies are becoming more competitive. this manufacturer is located near new delhi. it would use his metal brackets used in car seats and forty parts. i sing to her new release c'mon time that he has to work for a japanese automaker. ten years ago he said of his own factory. his experience has paid off. sales had gone fourteen times higher in the word in the first year most of the success is due to low prices. the company's products are part one points cheaper than those of foreign rivals. it is both offered cheaper and actually kind calm. was she does that its pipeline use concrete. o ever
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costs are another key. so more hires workers from nearby villages. he teaches them the skills they need. he also cut costs restore single materials from your mind and steel companies. automakers from japan the us and europe i get a weekend business india is the quiet cool. who would do if one of the order to get to you played the part of the best mother and baby milk bottle tops and act like that. this is of moving woodward in trouble jolie is visiting one of his clients. a major u s truck manufacturer. negotiating new contracts. farmers are buying more tractors initial and a us company is trying to become more competitive and marquette. that is. the low
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base yes indeed negotiations are also a chance for time to expand its business in either college or industry. i should go into the italy. well my weight and age should be back to the betterment of next year next year to the victims and buckled. foreign companies the dti are facing increasingly tough business environment. opening the door for domestic manufacturers to grow and contribute to the content success story. to put this in turn means the world. i do. more than one thousand people in the womb largest democracy the word region's culture
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and religion. investors are increasing the property. for the kids. you can use. zz. us vice president joe biden has arrived in japan and will soon step into a dispute that's generating plenty of friction in east asia will be meeting the leaders in tokyo beijing and seoul to talk about china's newly established arab defense identification zone. biden will sit down on tuesday with japanese prime minister shinzo lafayette ave has called the zone very dangerous. chinese defence ministry officials announced last month they set up the cell. it covers a large part of the east china sea and includes islands the japanese controlled but the chinese and taiwanese plane. my dad will have to try to forgive the chicken the vice president will meet
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on wednesday with pressing she's in pain and other chinese leaders. analysts say biden is starting his six day he shouldn't or in japan to highlight the decades old u s japan alliance and to court in a response to china will travel to south korea later this week. us leaders responded quickly to china's move with both words and actions. top officials criticize the chinese for trying to change the status quo in the asia pacific. and military commander said b fifty two bombers to fly over the air defense identification zone. it sent a strong message to authorities in beijing that the operations of us forces in the region wouldn't change we as bonnie glaser with the center for strategic and international studies about biden's visit to the region and how much will the identification zone dominate the talks. i think this new air defense identification zone but china
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has announced will be a very important topic of discussion it has created new tensions between china and the united states. it has certainly increased. the friction between china and japan. and now introduced new tensions between china and south korea and created the potential for accidents. in the region that could be quite dangerous. it is the tightening of the announcement and the extent of this zone that i think is quite worrisome to the united states as well as the procedures that the chinese have announced that apply to aircraft that are flying through the set and therefore i think that the united states does not expect that china will rescind this zone. i'm wiped i think the us hopes that we can influence how the chinese actually implement these procedures. the circumstances
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under which they intercept aircraft flying through the zone. i think you will certainly encourage more diplomacy on any specific discussions about confidence building measures up between your forces in particular but also between other parts of the military and law enforcement systems. i think overall. wh the vice president is going to do is encourage a lessening of tensions between china and japan and underscore how important the sino japanese relations that is out to both countries and to the preservation of stability prosperity in northeast asia there was bonnie glaser senior advisor for asia at the center for strategic and international studies a us think tank based in washington. i i i. haiku are
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short on paper but often long in meaning. more people around the world of writing be streamlined palms and some are mailing them to japan the birthplace of haiku the busiest include well known names as nhk world takashi channels that tells us the eye. the european council have more room. why is that all the new official he's also a keen haiku poet in october he published a second collection of his works this is one of these mornings. you don't think can be daunting and his ministers the growing moving again this boy and solid as the body of trendy new life together with someone you care for deeply. he and other
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haiku. he traces his sorrow for the victims of the great east japan there is great three does not stir. stone tune in to the song dream but new to me when. all media tycoons. when you have some story to be in yourself and then you've come to hike the same time. right the hikers makes you more stories. he was released on bond. translated from home price hike into japanese these days. haiku written in over seventy countries the convention's alright and then vary about the basic rules to fix. the appliance i went in on three separate lines and they should give a sense of the seasons. music i'm all right to work toward
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both are perfect for modern life. the feature literary elements. she said. they leave the french chic impression the growing number of people in belgium a writing haiku poetry. last april a special hi to my inbox was sent to belgium. he was a gift from auntie i'm a mom of the main centers for haiku in japan. the points left in this mailbox outside and free of charge to monte on the other japanese embassy h and a multi piece i started to write haiku. i feel a call seeking a change in the small things in life a few more precious. i lose the weight of reflecting on one's own existence. even in unlikely places. you can find
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the right to ensure that those in this part of the city. this is a village in the snow prison. i was okay. the strike is going on this postcard is the topic in the mailbox a movie set to one pm. monty is the range weekly sessions where the prisoners write haiku and share them with their fellow inmates. you know you are so far away. a group rules of the world. now i pondered my day thanks to this type of ad blocks many wines make their way from belgium to multi outlet. the best of them are published in a specialist magazine found that over forty years ago. now my summer off hopes to select the points for the magazine she says the spirit of haiku can be shared. no matter what line which they are written in. to some kind cool and
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wonderful medium for communication. to add greatly to express yourself. and to share part of yourself the company's see i only missed the project at haiku are spreading around the world. three of the shortest formal portrait that means the forest are mobile. hostage in a state nhk world. people in northern sumatra are cleaning up after a deadly landslide our meteorologist robert spencer has been following this situation. robert. all really only argentina watch this idiocy of a satellite picture of this tropical wave imbedded in with the north east monsoon. all this cloud cover was to bring in some of very heavy rainfall not only across indonesia over their courts malaysia but i wanna show you the school's coming out of northern sumatra where this landslide has occurred nine deaths have been reported no one missing at this time but all you can see
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there just at hillside gave way in what happened with over a hundred and thirty millimeters short time heavy rain occurred there from sunday night into monday morning star to watch out that belly gave way and several homes. i'll wait and claps down this hill side you can see right there that has resulted in both deaths in three different villages in exactly now. the next seventy two hours unfortunately we're still looking at some pretty heavy rainfall across much this area extending all across much of indonesia over their course malaysia or you could still see above to one millimeters of additional rain to mudslides is still a major threat also flooding especially once we get that afternoon feeding combined with this tropical wave at the time eating. that's really when you are the single strongest under sells really develop on this or something to continue to keep an eye and not just on next twenty four hours to relieve next several days this coming week and like it so that's embedded with the north east monsoon north of that belt high pressure is dominating that's the big topic here in the china korea
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over torture can't really be tapering off as he packed snow machine. talking about northeastern china that air pollution out here unfortunately with this in place. this is due to having any clue into the air the wind starts to calm down it doesn't stir up the atmosphere very much an already start to see some unhealthy readings and the portions of beijing. even in and around shanghai and that's expected to continue to remain in place through the coming days the ventilator on this week we start the next storm system come through now will store up the atmosphere a little bit of light it captures all really reader on average if you're in beijing thirteen there for you high sole intent to kill is a wellington fifteen degrees here. jaunty been getting at the high teens little bit above average. the beer for us though warmer tantra slowly seep in. after the big blast of cold air we actually saw last week. now on the blast of cold air into the americas that's what's going on here right now we have a low pressure area moving across the northern rockies into the northern plains. this is all ready to bring in some snowfall on you still look at how widespread
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areas could see ten centimeters this additional snow was topped with target and seek in the northern rockies. extending through the code is in the minnesota much as seven candidate here you are going to be seen not only heavy snow but also compare the gusty winds of seventy kilometers per hour tons of concrete and whiteout conditions not to mention that you have the cool temperatures. those gusty winds as creating a very dangerous windshield minneapolis these are the highs not counting the wind scale minus thirteen thereby here friday in denver today you're actually looking up there on monday at a high into the mid teens. by tuesday a cold front come through and you get to see that art in the last coming in from the north. the plan on traveling in an across the tv series. as always you again wanna have your cell phone with you just think he's bought these are some other things i want to keep it on an especially when caesar guineas winner storms come in to always have a full take the gas to least try them a faulty gas even traveling a short distance he gets up in the snow. that really is going to be a lifesaver for you but also
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keeps them is our winter travel kits ready. if you are playing and traveling here the next several days last took a road weather is forecast i am noon. i do. it
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is. testers lines of this hour from all of this year as an aid to israel. thanks for joining. act. did
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