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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 3, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill knw the ira welcome to the world as lychee nuts honey in tokyo here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the japanese prime minister shoes on in us vice president joe biden agree to work together in response to china's newly be clear here the fence. i always try to calm anti government protests by opening up the grounds that the prime minister's
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office. and the battle for their ancestors. members of china's we are muslims to protect the cemetery. that said to be honored by the cup you were spiced preston joe biden is trying to keep a dispute in east asia from getting worse. he held a meeting in tokyo with prime minister shinzo law back where he shared ideas on how to deal with china's newly declared air defense identification zone. to know that we confirm that japan and the united states will not tolerate china's attempt to unilaterally change the status quo. we also agreed that our countries will continue to work closely together to deal with the matter based on the strong japan us alliance the united states has an interest and lauren lauren intentions this vital region as i believe all the countries in north east asian share that same in touch with us. this underscores the need for crisis management mechanisms and effective channels of
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communication between china and japan to reduce the risk of escalation. i'll be raising these concerns with great specificity directly when i meet with chinese leadership. vice president biden is on a six nation tour that will take them from tokyo to be djing and then on to saul the trip was planned before chinese authorities announced last month. they set up the era defense identification zone. they said all forty aircraft was give prior notice before entry the area. they warned they may use force if planes don't obey their instructions the zone includes a group of islands the japan controls in china and taiwan claim japanese leaders have been urging china to withdraw its declaration. my dad started his tour in japan the highlight us japan rotations. he first visited the headquarters of the major ninety firm dna. the company was founded by a female entrepreneur of the local member he spoke with
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the staff to get their take on what makes a good work environment for women. prime minister ahmed has made it a priority to create more opportunities for women in the workplace as part of his economic growth strategy. my dad also met japan's crown prince. not a people the crown prince expressed his gratitude for us support after northeastern japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in march two thousand and eleven i am i authorities in thailand all are trying to defuse protests by people who oppose the prime minister. they're fairly aiming to avoid more violence before the birthday of the king this week. tall pots and a ruler in bangkok as the story. ideally i'm trying a different approach with anti government protest is on tuesday that are nearby caves around the office of the primates standing watching a lot and let them onto the grounds of ten they say and bart's want to stop
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the demonstrations from any team ahead of the case then they are the best day of the protest is making it clear they won't back down until the prime minister resigns. one daily and thirty three used a gas and water cannons to repel the frame protest is the scene in front of the time mrs office on tuesday was dramatically different. police took away the tiki lounge for testing to attend the compound. i like to think at least eighteen tyrant and used for today. i am very proud even though this is just to be kidding. this is a victory to improve. the deadly in the country. industry says hans shook hands with police on display in front of the building but invention that protected by the parties' ones in stock
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when it runs to the heart cornerstones of the day be full. we found the money that had obtained an arrest warrant for protesting against it it takes a bond on charges of insurrection. a short time intensive care who is a former deputy prime minister called on protesters to stall the metropolitan police have what it is. if the hotel my erupted last month when he not trying to pass a controversial amnesty bill. critics say the bill was intended to pave the way spot older brother of former prime minister seems to want to return to thailand. he was outfitted a true seven years ago and he now lives in self confident in front of the top contenders for the bombing this is what a time in thailand economic grinds. he continued to enjoy a landslide victory in elections. he has inherited his policies and tea coffee and fruit supported by ebay middle of it is acute in the full backing of seven so watching to see how that but they asking me when the new gate on the state of facts tendered on the streets thinking enjoying the room i
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mean respect all the pub date time and is already in a festive mood ahead of the fa official events is right that date will be keen on wednesday. high. i think the situation should calm down first before king's birthday gift a very important day. everyone should unite as one of our beloved king. abbas attacks as his resolve to continue with the protest is unchanged well my daughter at a prime minister you. as you know resigned yet. our work is well finished. the government is apparently a means of telling them what's ahead of the kids and they bought the political divisions and fixed line and into one d not least because everett in gaps within the social and economic structure. that's all from bangkok. i do. top
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trade officials from one hundred and fifty nine nations and territories have gathered on the indonesian island of bali. try to find a breakthrough in long running world trade tax the negotiators are attending a four day biennial ministerial session of the world trade organization attempting to save the deadlock doha round of free trade tax. indonesian president cecile mumbai new delhi also attended the opening ceremony he said the delegates need to show a strong political will to make progress. last friday morning the movie. with the logo go with you. wto director general for show us the video also expressed hope for the success of
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the negotiations. the field sometimes that the wto has been to a long dark night and i hope that perhaps here in bali. whew once again see the morning of the world trade organization the participants are focusing on three issues this simplification of customs procedure. agriculture and development. japanese workers could soon be rewarded with bigger salaries the nation's largest labor union federation of red eagle has decided to demand a rise in basic paid for the first time in five years. you'll meet the demand that next year's wage negotiations the federation made the decision after considering the increase in consumption tax from five to eight percent scheduled for april. corrupt society will produce confusion. it really does fill to increase along with the rise in prices
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pringle will also try to improve working conditions of non regular workers to account for nearly forty percent of the workforce. it plans to encourage the production of rules to help them convert to full time employees unions that are members of gringo will submit their demands based on these policies to their company's management by february. usa today retailers may face growing government pressure to collect sales taxes. even in states where they have no physical presence. the us supreme court has declined to hear amazon dot coms appeal the company sought to overturn a two thousand and eight new york state law that requires online retailers to collect the sales tax. amaz officials had originally filed the lawsuit in new york they said they shouldn't have to collect the tax because they have no business facilities in the state the officials cited a supreme court ruling that said the state government cannot impose a sales tax on businesses. alas they have a physical presence in that state. amazon lost the case
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however been filed an appeal the supreme court didn't give reasons for its decision not to rule on the case different states in the us have different tax systems experts point out that some of those systems and become outdated in that each of the internet. indian women are breaking with tradition they're finding jobs in workplaces traditionally dominated by man but challenges remain. even for women who were skilled acceptance of the workforce maybe some time coming and it's a real skill corporate reports. you don't have to smash all women stopped raining nice to me in your diary. there are tunnels simple component parts the government is promoting women and the manufacturing industry. it's the sector economics project work around around nine thousand schools like this across india. more
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and more women are not keen on their doors. they want a better job qualifications can drink i don't eat anything. i want an independent anonymous leaving. donnelly your pc sunny warm and find opportunities act foreign firms. they're considered less gender conscious intent companies the family line are all the non rainy. they cannot fire of love. ah for their profession. this japanese motorbike maker provides training to reach the new workers. provincial government commissioned the company established to program last year. the menu and enthusiastically techniques if the current high level skills over three
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years. they have a chance to become the grand police delays in toronto. women are often good with details so they are well suited to assemble and test components it was thought to efforts to implement greater binghamton women remains the second half that of man. while the number of women with education and skills is rising. many people still believe a women's place is in her home. the rolls turkey so he enrolled in a focus on training course to get off work on top. this in new delhi with her parents and two brothers. or in some killer on his monthly income one hundred pretty colors
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the family really cute sky joshi want a job so she can contribute to the household budget. and her brothers schooling. the situation is not easy. he often meets with friends to stop job information. there are also looking for permanent comment many physicians are temporary. it was nine. i even got chance to expand its place your day. it was a new home and come check on your mind. always ensure she wants a stable income. she hasn't read. she wanted to attend medical school. julie don't they. i want to be a doctor an especially high tension this mother support strict orders ambition. she herself had no choice but to become a housewife. indeed it was
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denied the long juicy tidbit i couldn't of my generation i please have it tonight. also on the client the issues and it depends on your climate conditions and apply to the casino. so just so happen to like the taste and it isn't that the guide on a landline. the society is at the crossroads. the economy expanding menu opened the doors to women with enthusiasm may bring the country. i'm not that the mention of growth. you've got to sit down and his hero japan center and emperors have received a grand welcome in india on their first official trip to the country and fifty three years the imperial couple attended a banquet at the presidential palace in new delhi the reception open with the japanese and indian national anthems about ninety
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guests from the two countries welcome the emperor and empress any presents or not at mckay dee dee is an opening address that the emperor has been asked about his official visit as crown prince fifty three years ago and he praised india's dedication to peace they are asking are you still consider creativity and now i am looking into the top of the lot. the new team on now. see the one on the penny celia the show pushed it to them on at the next. increase annual japan and india can continue bilateral cooperation and friendship the bank president and chief for india's assistance after the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami aye aye aye aye aye. with every spew of ash and love the japan coast guard officials say i live for my
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volcanic activity keeps getting bigger and bigger the landmass surfaced off nice emotion island about one thousand km south of tokyo. sunday coast guard officials conducted an aerial survey and determine that the climate is that two hundred fifty meters wide and two hundred meters long that's about two and a half times bigger than when it was spotted almost two weeks ago officials now say they found three craters pushing out ash and lava better helping to make the eyelet row the researchers says the coast guard will continue to monitor that and its activity. japanese researchers have made a discovery that could help people with a type of cancer that's difficult to treat they've identified genetic mutations unique to cancer of the bile duct the researchers studied tissue samples from sixty six patients. if thou significant mutations that part of a certain gene. about twenty thousand people in japan are diagnosed with bile duct cancer every year. my dear
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survival rate is just over twenty percent. that's a good post about some of the study gives the cancer genome exhibition at the national cancer center research institute in tokyo. we hope these discoveries will lead to clinical applications soon as possible. researchers say they hope to begin clinical trials by the middle of next year on chemotherapy treatments that zero in on that mutations. chinese kids are our ranking their asian rivals. japanese teens are also doing better in school fifteen year old students rank higher than the international academic assessment. there is a shame for economic cooperation and development oecd evaluates reading and applied skills in math and science to be three years and urbanization on tuesday released its two thousand and twelve assessment of five hundred ten thousand students from sixty five countries and territories. japanese
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students did better in all three areas compared to two thousand and nine. asian students dominated the top ranks in the latest survey teams from chennai. i came first in all categories as they did in two thousand and nine. hong kong placed second in reading and science and third in that. an expert on academic testing has this to say the students in asia seem to have a strong belief that with mosley took place in a high ranking university which in turn leads to a stable future. professor for the sustenance and a balk countries tend to be less motivated to study he says the japanese government is to come up with ways to foster an interest in learning the chinese government leaders are trying to contain what they see as rebels who want to split the country some members of the muslim community of wheat beers are
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demanding autonomy in response violent attacks have been launched to make their message heard. but for a group of leaders the tension has now turned to the plot of land has been the final resting spot for generations of their ancestors and eight year olds today she told our exploits. she hides the seasonal katy keen to see joe week local paddlers region. the final release the government and decrees we should respect of grapes off the streets the fourth two hundred years of his graveyard. we do is have the means to rest the bodies of humans being seen in accordance with islamic customs. but not here government also repeats the saudi toothy smile coo and relocate their cemetery
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the we're going to play this is the burial ground of our ancestors. muslims are oppressed. new new. to keep the show. sure . allco government of the shirts he's known to the grave garrett and surrounding areas for development. hunt i need the proper term as a project that includes a shopping mall the response was of how we go with the karen are practiced in oct that he's still going on the app but i need to dig up our ancestors graves. government officials or content from customs and traditions. i want to risk and keith. we're supposed to be important to our country but the government sees us as nothing but trash. since
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the fall so we do so complaining about four years with the new seat as the licensed to practice for the show we too may be seen last year to host go with keyword make you go the reason he cannot speak chinese. for that to cope with his own clinic. i would have to write an exam in september. he beats carver and teach them how meat is nor on the return key. do we go down weeks. as well. he's here some of them creations have been changed to ten weeks. i would do in the pits as for a week or medicine will have no picture. tweak your doctor will disappear we
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found a local hobby teaching church. that idea. i hope that on the people's money sherpa. one huge thing. i have. since she's eating calls for school to study. us government police youth sit at the mine repeats. c fields of cultures and traditions are being stripped of stock cookie sheet or on a skewer being winter storm is hovering over the northern united states and southern canada. our meteorologist robert spencer has been falling the situation. robert causes they all rather potent storm system is not just the heavy snowfall to me coming out of it some fairly gusty winds in hampshire's will really be starting to drop down across much of the northern u s southern candidate here as a store such work its way from the west off their towards the east again into
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the western great lakes oil again some areas here we seen well over thirty centimeters of snow fall before this is all said and done in a pot of actor towards the west we have another low pressure that's moving through the southern rockies and this is dropping some fairly heavy snowfall in some areas here to see well over sixty centimeters of snow so it's really coming down out here like if at the windsor also contain the gossip we could be seeing some gospel overnight club rc of the gusty winds. very dangerous when chilled white out conditions appears to be seen blizzard conditions there in the northern plains and while i am really is can be of very rough go of the plan on traveling. how about some areas are here take leah captures the women take their descent southern canada. ah minus twenty for the high and friday this is the type of weather we have the url south side for too long especially exposed on a really has me craving hypothermia rather quickly least frostbite. the setting in denver on my knees and thereby or fridays while still well below the normal average for this time of year so deftly wanna watch a storm system not just the storm
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that the blast of arctic air as well as titles going on in eastern asia alas we were talking about. they are blasted a hole or a year from the north there well this week that she would be warming up high pressure work its way in from the west to katie did see some showers earlier on today but that's all that tapering off as is very weak will start to move off the high sets in. of the problem with this though is that it is creating these very cold winds in eastern china so we're top of the air pollution yet again and well as some areas there in around saying i know but port's beijing already the ear indices audience that unhealthy to severe level so he really wanted the careful in and across areas if you have respiratory issues northeast monsoon still dominating the match with south east coasts the philippines who are seeing some light rain showers. nothing too severe enough to organize there but we do have a a while. a tropical wave there in the southern thailand and also worked with malaysian this is the party because some from some fairly severe
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flooding last several days in the years have seen well over three hundred millimeters of rainfall there still is a very high risk of flooding also went twice with this one it is to be tapering off out towards the weekend but i think a lot as we stood here will be fed into a new developing storm there that's been lingering just wears the social aka than this could be in the next like like storm if it does continue develop going and the latter part a week something keep an eye on here towards the babe and call us look to hear temperatures though hong kong's sunny skies the ride twenty tuesday night sixteen solon i ever though soul you'll be seeing a warming trend. going into the weekend as well the hide to start the pool when someone there from the south when i was going on in europe as well cut awful lingering there to italy in the problem is that the car off a list of staying in place but the good news will be tapering off weakening as most were the south can really act has to be shipping off a portion or some gusty winds heavy rainfall also heavy snowfall expected when state and especially going
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into thursday across the northern portions of the british isles the scandinavian pants but not really going to be the big topic later on this week about what you will weather. this except for pets i i i i i. i do. the time
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check to see shows and is due in washington have made a big announcement they've decided on the name of a giant panda cub. the news drew a warm response from the first ladies of the united states and china savannah was born in august and smithsonian national zoo to a mother on loan from china internet users chose the name in our online survey officials held a ceremony for the announcement. they decided to call the cob and i'll bow. meeting treasure in chinese us first lady michelle obama and chinese first lady paying the ones sent their congratulations on a video. we are thrilled to welcome this will come. a couple who exemplifies both the common bond between our nations and a bright future of this magnificent species came in to mop up all i want
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to pull a bill that could mean only am i gaining steam chemical montana. i guess news line with this tarantino dhoni in tokyo. act the eye
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did the dealer's choice the deaths of two thousand thirty. we'd like it opened a probe and you'd most like to watch again from a selection of nhk world tv programmes broadcast this year. we've created this awesome website where you can find information on the nominated programs including your thoughts and comments by a production team members. so please go to our website and vote now. do you. though. i
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am. moore. the kids called the mount isa begun to turn the heat on this


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