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then i can do so. you long you who will the sea. it's good to go the us. i did. it was. this one. and i do. my
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agent called. you got beijing. thank you for joining us our top story at the sol you as vice president joe biden has wrapped up his visit here to china and is now traveling to south korea buying is on a weeklong asian tour of japan china and south korea. during his meeting with chinese peasant eugene paying the exchange views on china's recent announcement of its air defense identification zone i report on call has been closely following this visit and has this report. joe biden speaking the chinese call is filled with smiles and handshakes. but disagreements over china's announcement of an air
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defense identification zone are still widespread. biden said he was very direct present she jumped in. less firm than china's recent and sudden announced the establishment of new air defense identification zone has to state the obvious cause significant apprehension in the region see james dean calls for us to respect china's core interests and says the two countries should maintain what he calls the crack direction of the sino us relations. on sunday. china has set up the east china sea eric and i can put the case in style. how often the tournament needs of self defense in accordance with international law. japan and the united states should respond to read of the issues in an object at the fair manner. secondly as i pointed out earlier in the country has unilaterally change the status quo. repeated tension in the region. its
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all time she didn't. titus new addy for identification zone was established last month. it covers the disputed tou islands and overlaps with the us. i liked it as a vip the us and japan both the five chinese requirements friday and warplanes students only. china responded by scrambled fighter jets. but biden's visit to china was planned long ago but forty recent wave of tensions. it was well written read the focus of discussions on he shows that the dprk see leah cybersecurity and was keen understanding of china's blueprint for keeping wish for. anybody know. now this is happening under the cloud of its air defense though and i think that there's enough attention to both of these things to reassure allies in the region us allies and to try to build the new positive relationship with china and the us and china have many common interests were close trading partners were trying to develop a global economy together and i think that's gonna be a big part of the message is not just a newbie about the crisis over
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in her defense though i would say that joe biden isn't that the condition of mediating pensions. this law might i add the rice and all. what kind of united states may not fully agree with each other it's a bloody and eighty i see both sides say that a moment to calm the situation calls for sustained high level gauge. i'm sad it's all about. this is about twenty four inches. major concerns on cctv. they did. french the issues you more. ril has arrived in beijing just in time to attend the closing ceremony of the nineteenth france china economic seminar on thursday. they're all delivered a speech at the ceremony. saying that france hopes to reach an economic balance with china the seminar is an annual event co hosted by the china council for the promotion of international trade and the french to the committee every year a delegation of french governor's lead by the french government
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officials comes to attend the seminar. it has become a way to facilitate high level trade and economic talks between the two countries promised rail says he will discuss the measures france has taken to enhance its competitiveness when he meets with top chinese leaders on friday. ukraine's president victory on a cold its use in beijing seeking investment speaking at each of the ukraine trade forum on thursday morning the president can buy the chinese companies to invest in ukraine's infrastructure tourism telecommunications and the energy sector and tell us about a policy support chinese vice premier ma tei said there are ongoing projects between china and ukraine. these projects are under support of the chinese loan for agriculture and infrastructure including light rail our plans for an aviation bill. china's second
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largest trading partner of ukraine after russia. mott encourage ukraine to increase promotion and export more high tech and high added value goods to china the forum was attended by three hundred fifty delegates from both countries. five agreements were also signed between chinese and ukraine companies. ukrainian president periodical each is almost four day visit here that china is keeping the political unrest at home a number of deals are expected to be signed earlier we spoke to correspond with shu who was at each of the ukraine trade forum in beijing attended by the press the first event that savagery an outcome which it ended in beijing insists that here late wednesday. he's scheduled to meet china's top legislator dumbed down and chinese presidents meeting on thursday at nine ten and ukraine will also sign and amber the natural payments on thursday afternoon. according to ukrainian prime minister
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at least twenty economic and trade agreements will be signed during the present busy here in china. on the present is that despite the chaos at all is said to be looking for a long lines and investments from china mine yet. according to reports. china has four out of reach by eight ten e lee us dollars worth of loans to ukraine. but again she is still needs more than seventeen b lee us dollars next year. two meets gas bills and debt repayments once on the heels of protests the opal botak apple bangkok for nearly two weeks thailand is celebrating the eightieth birthday of its key in the humble abode yet each. in his address to the people licking her old ties to perform the duties for the country's interest stability and unity. he said thailand has been peaceful and the school because people are united and love the country. after the ceremony was broadcast live from the palace in
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holland cry. most units in law represented the government and the people and wishing making her happy birthday and express gratitude for his work for the country. the key is viewed with great reverence in thailand and is also a unifying symbol for most people. clashes between thai anti government protesters and police had died down in bangkok as people turn their attention to celebrate the king's birthday protesting even gathered to watch a broadcast of the king's birthday dress but the opposition leader's about on thursday that devastation will continue. be gentle as the store the excuse for each new school that i use that protests in some watch people's cause of the teens but to trust us that democracy morning and to think of. given the hugger but today they stop the protests and i agreed because we will pay our respects to our team
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the call to chris has his chance as they came to this day. it's been common in stating that she was talking to the importance of the on screen. the tears in their disapproval. the protest is said that despite the ten great quotes. if arts was far from over. the night. she is seen as a force of stability and the moral low and high politics. he has often served as a puny find they get tons of places. this birthday celebration with the us the charleston tea few places in the us the saints who have had it on last effects protests in the sense that tend to talk so then fall to keep up the struggle. luckily tomorrow but it was noon and will continue in order to get back to the taxman region from time and can return the power to the people police have issued warrants
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for thompson been sentenced on wednesday that our government pressing him to surrender. offering to hold talks on his fiscal agenda they refused. foreign media have speculated that the minutes read might stage a group. if the crisis escalates. the claim that the ministry has sold for up to knowing the gender cctv as of the latest knowledge go to our correspondent martin lol he's in bangkok alomar. the king uses these to call for stability but made no direct reference to the prices that has divided the nation. what does this tell us about his willingness to intervene and perhaps help defuse the crisis this time a speech became cold on tight people to support each other. now he's the world's longest living raining mart monica's roll tide and fall sixty seven years he made quite a short speech it was just six minutes from the skywest in the coastal resort of hua hin about a
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hundred km south of bangkok not keeping the ball often makes calls for national unity in thailand but you say to daddy he didn't make any direct reference to the current political problems to what he did say was this he said. thai people should do that cutesy for the stability and security of the country. now that's being seen as a coal for people to try to resolve the current crisis protest leaders have called for the government to beat his old and the king to step in and appoint a new prime minister. the current administration says that's impossible. on the title all the awesome precedents mccain has endorsed in the past changes of prem yet but perhaps not in identical circumstances. not when there was actually an elected government in place that he was asked to do something at the river a center in two thousand and six when the political upheavals here at the time he refused to do that saying that the king to protest at it in any way that he wished and that would be an overstepping of his charity said it does seem
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that for the time being at least the price will continue to distance itself from these current political upheavals nomar to lead a protest leader this is the pumps obama has vowed to continue the protests after the king's birthday celebration. are people reacting to this and what of aituation like they are now on the street. well today is a national holiday in thailand and it's a day reserved for revealing the moment and celebrating his but then it would be seen as highly disrespectful here for anyone to make any major political statements on eye popper my brief comment from c except that the bible were to resume tomorrow. nobody really is making any comment today will call for any announcements that the timing of the kings but they spots a crucial because it comes as it does it provide support in these political protest and it gives people time to take stock. not that sometimes these events to gain the momentum of the road and then eat them very difficult to hold but with the kings
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but they both sides the prime minister on the protest leaders have called for a complete halt on hold demonstrations in street rallies and protests and that's exactly what's happened and in the last few days dipping street battles in the streets in regina five people have died hundreds of being injured but did i find copies completely calm completely peaceful. the only people you see outside all that is going about their wooden the business of celebrating the kings but that doesn't set the crunch will come tomorrow when the protesters have vowed they will return to the streets. martin will reporting from bangkok. thank you to ukraine are worth thousands of people continue to rally into the night in the ukrainian capital kiev they're protesting the government's decision to freeze to add that the european union and to move closer to russia. small matter earlier we talk about correspondent investing in key and he tells that the government is trying to control the situation they approve there is political and diplomatic means. he got
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this title is clearly not going to get up on the situation that it's a great quantity of international political and diplomatic activity going on the delegations guidance of the european union to re negotiate their dedications going to moscow. two of them negotiate with the russians for the gas price something which is that badly affected the ukraine. instead the ukraine's teacher in cali and of course the president of the country is in china at the moment negotiating success than me and told us of the loans had to drop out of. marketplace position of the ukraine economy. so there is a considerable amount of work guiding on the protest is in the square behind me continue with that appears to be taking something of a second place but to the m two
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to the to the diplomatic and political activity. that said it could change at any moment and it really depends on the outcome of talks as to which way the ukraine a way to go towards the eu as the negotiations ever number of years indicate it all will be something as switching policy see it leading to moscow. the people behind they will be very unhappy. it got off to k state play. cal team president herman van lew ford has condemned the crackdown on anti government protest in ukraine some runway said you are a huge ready to respond to the aspirations of you with a new people which he described as being very visible the sets. it respects the rights and liberties excessive use of the us
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this is unacceptable and association agreement included a comprehensive approach that area independent and the great chinese community could chill and met with us my father joe biden during the game on biden second day it is the year to china. the two exchanged views on economic development and youthful relations committee said the development of china us relations benefit not only to countries of the international community as well. later in the day biden also met with his chinese counterpart. chinese vice for the feed one child we don't also the two countries should abide by the agreements between the teaching painting and us president barack obama earlier the shia on constructing a new type of relationship between the two countries. nato secretary general anders full rosters and says the u s afghan security pact could be signed by representatives of the afghan government and not
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necessarily by the karzai the security pact will allow all thousands of coalition troops to stay in the country after twenty fourteen. rice's his comments followed talks with two afghan envoys at nato's brussels headquarters of an afghan foreign ministry spokesman says it's not it's for karzai to determine whether the bilateral security agreement will be signed between the two nations. any presidential war minister elect. it's something that. it is. within the authority of the president of afghanistan and the afghan government win. take action based on discrimination to the present and to make this trip back so in other words it's up to the president of pants. to determine where there. a security agreement will be signed at a presidential
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level four. the difference between the two governments nearly a month after super typhoon ions focus of the philippines the death toll was still rising. he has soared to over fifty seven hundred. but even as the country is to counting the day and the capacity of hospitals to address all issues is also becoming a major concern. cctv is by reading no reports from complements it. this is the new needle intensive care unit at the service science regional medical center in football but most of the babies here were born premature. under normal circumstances he would be kept in incubators. not after typhoon high again. nurses here have had to improvise at the maternity ward mother's tender new words enter the heat. electricity itself. most of the day in most areas of the hospital but this is where many mothers in the fall but now come to deliver their babies the average number for
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the hospital has doubled this is the only fully operational hospital here in fl the city. even then it's probably not good enough shape to adequately serve the needs of its patients. a lot of its equipment and supplies were also added that mr walked away for the water search for meaning. that is empty the truth and nothing can cry from the company you might expect the many free seen. in texas this season many. he acted maniac in the spring of this piece is the most. but the single biggest health problem that emerging now has pneumonia according to the health department. the hospital has seen his fair share in the state's day i can't do that. overcrowding and cough i was going to be friends and fam went a goal and not any hack poland and the place
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and maintained. let me go fast. already the hospital is over its normal capacity the patients and hospital beds lined and police and court orders. but dr andrews says help coming from other places in the country. s was field hospital set up by international aid or get easy shoes are helping them cope the only question now isn't the way. one even though cctv oh but city the philippines the roma community in europa was thrust into the headlines in october when a girl a bulgarian descent was found with the roman family in greece. this also shed light on the stereotypes about the community across europe now link on the report from the bulgarian capital sofia the non negative perceptions of the roman people are contributing to their plight but the negative press about the drama across europe is easy to find tabloid news or not these headlines still influence attitudes towards the community. there are many people have a rich history and culture. the reasoning in
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northern india the community has spread across the world over the generations bulgaria and romania are home to the largest percentage of population of rome in your app. it is estimated there around eight hundred thousand in bulgaria making up about ten percent of the population yet negative stereotypes have been driving discrimination against them. according to the national statistics institute of bulgaria in two thousand and eleven only fifty percent of roma economically active or employee. many blame the state. i see in the checkout at it the current andaman coast and its employee and one was looking for a job is to get a moment out to be standing up my husband the garbage can to feed the children. instead they got out the stainless those are because it's not all the time i say discriminatd against. you know camacho rome herself works on projects under the bulgarian ministry of education to
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better integrate the roma children into schools. yet at other people voted them publicly about the reason for that is that they don't have the necessary education to get that out. only nine percent of roman and bulgaria has a secondary school education. while success stories but in the community that is mariana are motivating parents to place more importance on education the cost of schooling still leaves an unreachable for most in turn may resort to dig into dumpsters or stealing to get by. further fueling negative perceptions of the community well for now because the school bought the government doesn't do us money for them. it is tough moment. no summons a steal and we can hear the band many initiatives by the bulgarian government and the european union to better integrate the roma community into bulgarian society. however those programs haven't really done much in two thousand and five year called for a decade of roma inclusion doesn't
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intend to improve the socio economic status means that we lugged fifty k didn't happen because i wasn't that bad and that was that he got to the dk turned out to be a stay at for my back now the main bar area. in other countries as well. i suppose that it tastes good. in two thousand and twelve the bulgarian government launched the national roaming integration strategy two thousand twelve to two thousand twenty this time it includes an action plan and will receive funding. yet it will take a lot longer than eight years to repair decades the statement i stationed natalie tiny cctv in sofia bulgaria. and that's news update for now i'm going to look in beijing thank you for watching the international level. is there and we'll have more news to tell
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the eye. we are. and i. i
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think what you say balance especially as pets they were working on with the fact that i've run a charity for disabled and the refugee children our parents. mason's
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kids. i started with the kids and the year two thousand and one. prior to september eleven on because i was watching the news knows this is bombing in sydney. and i just like that and i was like wow we are creating an entire generation disabled people that no one knows what to do i felt the need to go back there in tucson. when i first went to work with the kids i had no idea why. i didn't i picked up went to the haitian refugee camp knew no one knew nothing and was just like ok it's cabbage onion and do that. to those of you who have never been to a refugee camps is so porous that riding swimming attend this long to write down who is and kids. millions and millions of foreign hungry kids and i was going to be their ultra clean and shoes and glasses and clothes and all the while protecting myself the most
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gorgeous or he too has been by the way we get. yet they are disgusting and rife with disease. the first time i ever walked into an orphan is this thing ran up to me with a fragile growing and it's on next day i wake up. knowing my eye. i go out to get some edits and when at that exact moment i can. and tied to the back of the key. my kidnappers. the women of the cave. they have decided i need an extreme make over refugee detention. they stripped me down and start weekly. straighten my hair with an actual fire. and then they put me in six inch heels and marched me through the canyon. these people took care of me and i had no choice but to keep taking care of that. i still have no life. i still hate kids. i have seven hundred and thirty two killed the lower animals that call my own. i loved him
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many of them of us understand how god into the meat section as for disabled some of these people need to head to chat. so i sigh as posted on this program that focuses on getting kids into college getting kids to study getting kids to graduate getting the kids of lost both their parents have someone over their head saying ok you have satc need to study. so you know we did wellness with physical therapy. we focused mostly on education scholarships. i feel like it to me soon skip that step the us judges long tradition
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of baking with cuts and it's based on the beach. the first one was produced illustrations for books they read several of the books people stir in coloring them and then just for a reason to practicality. instead of in green. the move to putting color on was the same kinds of arts that they use to put their minds once we expect to on this long tradition. what will make you more particularly he looks back to the landscape tradition so he's mostly a landscape artist. and during his lifetime. he explicitly means your chickens is one of his inspirations. kirsty was what does he like your chicken who lived in it and it was absolutely. separated off from the west. costly. no was
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all works. studies in dispute with western style theater in japan can incorporate that into the mix. the other. and i don't. welcome to nhk world as line and you know tony and tokyo. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am the us defence secretary and leads to the cds china's newly declared air defense identification zone thailand's revered king has called on to the beloved nation to get by without refer directly to the polic


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