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tv   RT News  PBS  December 5, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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eldest is up to eat this morning assembly in scandinavia. sweden's revealed to be the most by getting help is in effect snoop dogg of russian leaders got to kill the central sun not as the cradle of yemen's minute to get devastated but one of the bloodiest rights the country to see the recent hits. also this hour. no doubt with the united states stands alone as america wasted on ukraine's ongoing crisis support to the pro eu
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opposition protest is different than chemical that an ultimatum. this is the light systems and took him by the way with rallies continue taking place don't stop. i'm ready to pick up an ak forty seven and start shooting. see the rays of light not just the tip of the claims that the fight to the country's pro eu demonstrations right the with one kid in the capital in this morning's ducked into a top story swing has been helping america's nsa to spy on russia's leaders and provided washington to the list of high profile targets too sleepy state tv sites documents leaked by whistleblower i've been snowed in. the program which revealed the kind of cold mission investigate its chief editor told us what they
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found out. we haven't revealed that nafta but it deals with a huge hit that between the swedish defence review of port de f for eight and that their american counterparts. nsa. and according to documents. that if i have spied on spying owner of the russian leadership. and they are passing these information on two nd essay. there we got access to the stock a mess thanks to anna. it was no done so far and we had gone to heaven there the tears more than that the documents are mentioning them the faculty involved and unique. the chileans had to give up classic. it really ends and the oh so mentioning cables. the spokesman of all this rain didn't get any comments about them. edwin hacks asked about that being
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an unseen pass a leading hawk that that's the way that david and spend it in in the stock a mess if ray is the leading off the head to an essay and then his face ok the sweltering heat sinks so they thus the word in common too we have been received so far. while the swedish foreign minister has since collected on those allegations saying they would affect his country's relationship with russia. our correspondent in europe reader all of the old cement into one else is it about you we tried to come times but the f are eight tonnes and present to mr spokes person close to them saying they don't comment on these type of months is now a separate document that was released was the worst address to and it's a personnel are working with the sweets that told them that they should find sweet and for the continued work on the russian target know all that this coming and sharing this bit sweet and is just a note the parts of the system of peace is widespread global nsa spying
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program that seems to be looking into many other countries and has many of the country's working as partners with it the misinformation of course comes out on the same day as it's been revealed that the nsa tracks the immobile phone records of five billion people that day those mobile phone records of course would allow you to know where somebody was moving around the world so it seems that the months of the week but instead from the lakes of edward snowden revelations come he knew to come out this time king of sweden was helping the nsa to spy on russia. so once we were up eighteen percent of russia's international internet traffic goes through that country. a cold front is not alone in being subject to the allegations of high profile zipping by the nsa japanese to spiegel my cousin bill daly the kid that the agency a targeted cancer at the monaco also reportedly on washington's radar is brazil's president among others that this was the russian prime minister and former lead me to medvedev in iowa spite of
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the g twenty summit in london back in two thousand and nine the smell. britain's gc hq with the nsa reported the harvesting taken from hundreds of millions of older people cell phones and a us intelligence analysts can look at all because what time it gets from all this information the volume of information is extraordinary and remember the housemates told them they have the storage facilities of a dark side of the mica states and get what they want to resort to stop and say that someone is using a cellphone and a bottle fed. i admit it's just like the hat and a navigation system you have your medicare card that dot its link to stuff like you can say well i didn't get some time the collar is what it was to say we're out of a man about town of time itself and is located you can pick up. if you need to defend his mom that you have an interest
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in the new menu on the scene at the time of blessing in touch with all the millions of poles. probably ninety five percent of them. i'd just get into the hall. they stated that the polls is. as this goes back to sleep patterns on the tube inside out. it said that unless you were about to go to a fashion had my kingdom is in decades yukon party these days you can be tracked in iraq. seems i would post the following this developing story for it but not to cos all and an ally not to go home. yemen's defence ministry complex in on the capital's been shaken by a car bomb a more than two hours of intense come fight think of the fifty two people died in the attack were still some leftover hundred and sixty injured according to officials. the government says that a relative of the president's among the dead then managing editor of the yemen times. the state tells about the tragic events in some non folding. gunfire start that the father
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the exclusion of the best in the eighth off being a ministry of defence and the it was like that. second car the heart of man we get me to the beach in uniform. they entered the compound has started to think in the start that also chasing a soldier's yemeni soldiers and it was. the it's hopeful chaotic situation i would say it was. ponting is even more than two hours after d there's the explosion days the hospital. from what the costs become report the and the heat. they usually eat any use for for a fight i think that meets the man and a mini. and of those people are crammed into the state's destructive to a team at chief of staff. and for now the average post
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about athletes who fought in medico the staff are among the dead. at this point you can't say that end of the favorite to start getting quite ranking people. but the dictates of the seats the kind of good and that the heart of yemen's so security and the defense ministry. i think the biggest target date they just wanted to target anyone at the base made a call this bath soldiers hijacking to meet a man altogether the airline security in which ocean bridge he's in full the uk tend to terrorism intelligence officer for his still some groups of this moment. it does seem to have a . all the time i q ap al qaeda in european commission to someday have studied the permit to carry out such while courting ninety six the town and very successful attacks from that perspective but also of course have a continuing our own gary motivation. largely at
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the behest of the us issued the threat of work are going to be scarce. in. new road to the yemeni government has cut outs from rapid city in conventional terms of the successful campaign the offensive against al qaeda al qaeda is to claim the funds to the province's if yemen. the response to golf course is quite predictable when i am al qaeda. of course or if your keys in the story if you like the commitment of forces whereas i am faced with a conventional almost what's interesting facts from yemen on the phone. the toxin in the past two years. their response will be to move away from convention will say that one before white from people in towns and cities which is what you do to contribute again. now he's very effective at killing or attacks on the way reporting on the worship is caught up in the crossfire. that is
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this is the amount of time all in all of the christian community. celia and religious officials played for action to protect finished kristin's with a group of still being held by rebel forces to bring its becoming just that. next let's take a couple of lists of focus and was having ukraine and rushes for mississippi love rob describe the actions accusations levelled at the kids leave the ship by eu governments as hysterical. the statements that are being forced to tack on you cry i can senators and fitting for the last evening especially the all in all his diary that some european countries have gone into it off to ukraine used its sovereign rights and decided this moment in time nor the sign an agreement the agreement of the experts on the government found nor profitable for you crying said a level to express his concerns about how the pre planned regional security seventy ever be used elsewhere several senior diplomats including assisting in the second is that the tory new window right now
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in fact she had uncovered skill positions pro eu rallied to stay listed. this is ukraine's moments to meet the aspirations of its people or to disappoint them. and risk descending into chaos and violence. there should be no doubt with the united states stands on all of this we stand with the people of ukraine to see their future in europe and want to bring their country back to economic health in unity meanwhile the opposition ukraine's the mill to make cement to the president threatening to set the program that will locate of government institutions and that's an early elections now. listening to much to report next. make sure the protests. he shifted the jewelry to ukraine hillary to the theories is the official slogan of the hardline nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and it sounds heard among the crowds and tube these days. here's just a couple of these protesters to
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the dentist. mr next time people founder of the national assembly the party and the men inspired by the actions that the ui is wartime delicious we took a machine guns and fought the russians the germans and that you lose gold souk wanted to take away our ukrainian land. this is that the kaczynski and other party activist radical nationalists but scout movement. we need school. to maintain an organization not cause conte exist without wool. protest is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action team over the weekend. both men represent the ultra nationalist sentiment is popped it in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards europe rather than moscow. make it look like the european union until the end. even if they bring all tanks we will win unocal which must go up. i'm ready to pick up an ak forty seven and start shooting it's up to a thousand people go to kiev everyday. and of
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moscow is all together till the end of resistance forces consist of afghanistan war veterans and former security service officials. recent polls show the country's sharply divided on the issue with more than seventy percent of those living in western ukraine. savoring the deal with the european union. but that drops to less than thirty percent in the east european what began as a campaign over trade ties with europe is now descending into rallying cry for ukrainian nationalism. then on to it when these people are being passed off as innocent kids who suffered during a peaceful process i'm sorry i've seen others there who clearly were not email it. and then there were others with knives in their pockets. why would anyone do that one going to peaceful protests. yet it seems to be escaping some of europe and america for the happy thing is that there is a rowdy right when driving force taking root. a year ago still thirty two years. well
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the need to fix maybe when ukraine right now but in a few minutes we hear about the struggle to keep its current citizens out of home i mean. i still ate it all on one hand takes money from us and all the not believe gentleman but wants to spend time with her through the pits and to see what you mean to teach is acting in the capital is used in the standoff and the force. i think you should plan to separate the present existence. ukrainian authorities which have been negotiated in the body in venice away was bo's european union russia and the thing and then some. the us
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the war. stories. you can do since changing the world likes me. also pictured. i don't . most. cole's nineteen from rolled into national effort to secure the release of twelve non importantly help like radical islamist rebels in syria who sees ramona street journal position assault of a dome of the christine time is up to pull its leader reports next is the latest in a series of attacks on religious targets in the country. well tonight and said i hope those who belong to the orthodox monastery of minutiae of
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the need to have the means to be on wood. now according to syrian opposition activists the woman with moves for their own safety but very evident this official said that the woman was abducted by minnows of the alchemist the fines which is affiliated to al qaeda the senate is a victory for human rights says that the woman was taken off the simple days of intensifying take jury which in the hours to find finds his invincible managed to capture the old course have all been doing that and the latest reports claim to the fact that these almost a fine fine says. instead the orthodox them on a street in the sink tip of my hooter way these women were a woman some other incentive to commit the most christians living in this area as the attacks against the community's seemingly estimate we have heard from the pope who has decided to pray for the safety of these woman and her yet. we adults he spoke with the international christian concern he said that they
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were extremely wiley an extremely troubled by this incident in particular at the half court on the rebel forces to ensure the safety of these women or so to make sure that the four lines of communication within the main loop and there on several muslim clerics who have also condemned the abduction in the strongest terms. we denounce their deeds can confirm that terrorism is a savage monster which wants to devour all religious and humanitarian values. they came to kill and kidnap few moles them in mom's increase increase in archbishop's online. the kidnap recent priestess of the events and alicia witt dangers conspiracy chains of benin and the role of the directions hearing at which they want to take back the stone age. unions are in flight over the country how many christians have left my hair then i'm not living as refugees. elsewhere in damascus because this is the follow up the situation the last time that i was a soviet type this into
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the city of homes where both teams. as what is people who are returning to the christian quartet showed me a mountain found in texas and spoke about the fear that they too had as a tax on the christian community in sight so that is today. when he is the video allegedly showing another rebel attack on a christian site in syria to this dimensional filled moments treated damascus the opposition justify the assault would play with the government to be using his firing positions over the rebels unleashed in the trunk of the site several people reportedly wounded in the attack us but the priest of the canapes from syria he told me that christians are being used as common foe that as this complete goes on. thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands wealth of christians where displaced from their homes. and look both of christians with guilt which we hopped on the shelves. missing from last fall when the call. we don't know anything about them. the rba's view was by
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both sides as has the political comment because the leak of an aging. no one was also two feet to push all that they are protecting the minority especially the christians and now they are begging for for the international community to lead the field to lead these moments where the i'm beat the devils they are done in the blind eyes to the al qaeda and the islamists took our kids specifically christians that is assisting my tic tac. all in all of the christian community in c a r and r and hundreds of thousands of off the trees with distaste. as the eu keeps the welcome mat down potential new members it could be setting yourself up for trouble ahead. one of the impending threats is widespread he was an existing member states. that would almost a quarter in fact the books population
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living on the brink of something of a global deal to handle this but and here's why. bulgaria top of the listed one of the eu is most impoverished countries in the hall for this population living close to proposing to remain is off of the line with. for that and find it hard to make ends meet in that country in belle de grace that of the figo sum of thirty five percent of the population struggle to make ends meet advocate its leaves paid to do. big economies with roughly the same proportion of people under pressure from harsh austerity measures. the fifth of a quilter. because this nope this is a day in a food bank in rome where essential permission to have the bed to the city sports marco use to workers the pto many italians use to call the pope and skill which would always get the work n roll but it didn't hold true for local one day he was sacked and has not been quiet since he's been living on the street for about four years now and says that forty six he sees little chance of fixing his life
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yes this not to review his identity in all we live on the street survival is what takes up most of your time simply gets in the shower is a challenge. that said some us time to take care of yourself. what a normal person. cutest end of the day and you're exhausted and depressed. with the italian economy going to its longest recession since the second world war over twelve percent with all our unemployed. well for adults and young people don't have a job. there are no official figures on the homeless. we have a new type of food that it can get for free from somewhere. more italians are beginning to turn to charity and humanitarian aid for help. we use a goal with about fifty five percent with foreign minister and a four to five percent died in the wee of about sixty five percent. i did go to five percent. i did today. everything on the shelves is freely given in exchange for points
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allocated to low income families by the global charity network that weakness most of the fort is near its expiration date except for special you able to eat the snow similar to an ordinary us and from what you've got bread pasta dairy meat products vegetables and salt. one thing which really stands out for the fact that it's a sign saying not for sale of this is humanitarian aid from the european union and pulled together these products make up around five thirty a full the stuff here regis is no reason the alarm saying around one third of all italian children are. it was the quality and are lacking basic essentials such as protein which was keeping and cool. people could smoke or a key role. osborne is not the red cross said the suzuki spaces was humanitarian crisis in decades millions were named for the roof of the head with a seventy five percent increase in people than mine on food aid across
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the continent. the deal was a european directive told that the number of people having to turn to charity. beyond that what expectation. what we have seen this since been paid off in sydney in two thousand and nine and on to two thousand and sixteen. is that the crises and i'm really taking a look at qut than i had a duty to handle and that household given to a different degree. because people are today and hence they used only in savings there's nothing left from you soon and rapid decrease in what we called them they can cause people to the british red cross what they had to rely on what he owns more than a month. i used i used to be construed to petition campaigns since the state concluded. it is to use it even farther one surprise working in a nice base this on occasion he says we buy shocked when he sold it can lead to a ten course hero. economic troubles of
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instantly turned into a political landscape. if the four liberals play the role the king maker in the european parliament times on the change with euro skeptic closing the gap to talk to fool the next european elections laura smith of ways the precarious balance between right and left. went to the many means take the dog that didn't get wet for six men are sick of the european union a keen to ao the nose. but that's what happens. yet at the conquest of the alliance of liberals and democrats together. they reckon that still they did moms that opinion polls and in the city throughout the eu target different story. in fact the consonant it is to make a significant cuts to the rights with new policies that led to believe that place. copy this space needle is making me with that holds the seat towards immigrants and on saturday at the very idea of the eu. it was still the main street crossing enough to cause evidence is
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stacked to the right to eat any but to get to date the conference can said that since starting the bit that's still on the liberals dying as david jack. i asked the great wall said in an ep represented the albion alliance be simple. there is a haunting prepared to stand up to the far right. when so many are simply moving on to their ground in the hope of recovering lost books of the cutest if this is an existence here in opinion polls to see it in people's attitudes. we have to convince people that is the european union brings us a lot of benefits but needs reform. ppd is to continue to bring us the benefits of makes it to the grace that but suddenly swimming and getting the tights. why do liberals have to fix months before the european elections to convince a skeptical that the debate eu integration is in good faith. meanwhile the lights will be whacking
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justice hearts can increase in sanford says you can't really do fly rods in topeka bathroom landslide victory is that it's practically in the back. laura smith reporting that makes all these books in iran since the ashes but three fold when it's time to maybe the company in the end between them and wills upon next two frames on going for a review of the temple in the spotlight now. i am. we often see the middle east is a place that's a term of revolution. people tell it seemed to be very fired up as well. masses of protesters to force a government ministries to shut down by storming the look you in waves. one such ministry is the kind of cool that of the american fbi which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support us to pray. mr cox
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intentional walk trot was the brother of the current leader while people are crying out for democracy accusations of violence against protesters. so where barack obama john kerry the mainstream media. i mean whatever some group of rebels protesters frightening freedom fighters fight for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like and libya served in iraq. some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are almost totally silent when i lived in bulgaria where there have also been struggling to buildings less than a month ago. and with the conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and slick of concern for some humans rights the rights of others. what smells a bit fishy to me. but that's just my thing. i rmb he knew you you will
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the rules are too high. she's not a genie. the issue could be. i don't know which one i teach students work on it from the local branch. we are and employment training you change the channel can be agreed to lead the pack. a recipient of the idp case no educational curriculum project only moved. i agree to school graduate especially low income families. the country's growing industry it's ok to cheat the court's conclusion the curricula upgraded i'm trying to teach. the message between companies and vocational schools are
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encouraged. students can be placed into the becoming full time employees. he then accompanied me to write an opportunity for students to practice with the internet school in a new working environment. the energy in the bb do some practice at school. here they do it in real work and practice what they learn. let's teach students the occasional school. employment placement of graduation. i don't know who he's shown continuing skills. like your leisure. i mumbled of the hat that makes it a good one. dion looks great on. to help me complaining that the claimant agreed. all about obama and
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the team meeting government had commissioned to develop into a catch though education she caught on a dt and the private sector the country's growing to include cyclone. a welsh know christ. you and meaning long woohoo. i eye. the key to the city is in berlin this is the journal. it can be with us. the story. gale force winds battering northern europe in the first one to store. goalies to amber shares in ukraine. most western foreign ministers meeting in kiev expressed support for the opposition this is rich in year to europe remain at record lows ecb chief sunday threatened to punish banks that


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