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tv   France 24 News  PBS  December 6, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PST

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in it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much. either or situation stocks. for it. good news you. see the eye. i sort of
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family. it's white obligation i have for it. freddy of family updates at the venetian. i chatted the iata. offer to south africa where all south africans. i get. south africans together this friday to mourn the loss of a man who changed the nation and inspired generations. nelson mandela has died after a long battle with the recurring not long in the us at the age of ninety five. thank you so much for joining us for fools think i'm only home this friday people around the world are paying their respects to nelson mandela the ninety five year old died thursday evening at his home in johannesburg was
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battling a reoccurring a long illness. mandela had been receiving intensive care at his home in this friday everyone from heads of state to people on the street are remembering mandela was both inspirational and controversial. kyle brown takes a look back now the life of the us mandela when the former trend state eritrean july eighteen nineteen eighteen. nelson mandela was meant to become a tribal chief. just like his father. instead he became an aliya in the first thought legal practice in johannesburg. he joined the african national congress korean sea in nineteen forty four. apartheid was introduced for use later. his practice monday that was exposed to the new manatees of apartheid on that day basis. and he decided to fly back to the norm finances the strategy was first arrested in nineteen fifty six and prosecuted on treason charges which relate to trial two years later he married and elaine cia to this we
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need. a turning point in mind that it's two against apartheid came in nineteen sixty additional two massacre police gunned down sixteen million pounds contract demonstrates is the dominant bit goofy. it is used in the future. for us to put it up with these unknown buyer the government was proud. he is on the subject text. i'm trying to defend his feet london and therefore prone to do and going to waste you wait a minute reel seat of the anc. he was arrested again in nineteen sixty two and try to present iphone type activities. then it was sentenced to life imprisonment in nineen sixty four would end up spending more than a quarter of this entry behind bars this involved a minute opinion polls will make a town moment that it was imprisoned lisa curry poignant shook the country in nineteen seventy six government forces saw dozens
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of youth and school children who would demonstrate in custody in stewart st. in the nineteen nineties demonstrations and police find its continued state of emergency was declared the country's currency collapsed. meanwhile the anti apartheid movement picked up momentum the board's announcement that it became its living single. several musicians great songs in his armor and writing history the month that it was eventually transferred to pick suppose to prison in nineteen ninety eight when he meets guilty secret negotiations with the government. in nineteen ninety the ban on gays he was lifted to dump every eleven combat team into the warm temps a free man . then it was elected president of the anc in nineteen ninety one. he continued to negotiate the president of the butte occurred to seek an end to the country's racist goals. three men were wanted
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them to the price in nineteen ninety three. nope all. i didn't fight at all. when paul. it was. apartheid when he came to an end in nineteen ninety four when like some africans were down to play for the first time in the country's history the agency won the parliamentary elections and nelson mandela was elected president of south africa eyes before you. they would get involved. by the bottle all this time. you have shown such a crime patient to detonation. will be made this card. as a whole updated. from the rooftops
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free at last the june nineteen ninety nine off to just one presidential term councilman dan everett on from politics. he remained committed to promoting peace and justice. the counts against fifty thousand pre invasion of iraq. and what comes out of the team needs in two thousand and five he revealed to the that is eldest son had delayed if the disease. the last three years for mom when frequent hospitalizations as he struggled with for spare cheaper ones. his health deteriorated into the sea and received intense and paste medical care for a lung infection. after three months in hospital. now cemented a timepiece pretty it is to come is decorated on this day he was ninety find these old well as aegis on that report nearly twenty years ago nelson mandela became the first black president of south africa from all his political legacy lives on in many of the country successes it's still a long way away
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from mandela's team for every donation of a person's explains. the employer gets ready for another performance in the sea don't go inside africa's longest running soap opera. she's no puerto rican actress. in the light movies also numb the mind the foundation of the fight against aids. work she puts to good use in her role in dc don't go where she plays the part of a businesswoman who is hiv positive. it was not an easy role to play it really has opened up so many doors for me. they might stay now i just get out. maybe you know with cuts and taxes
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in the race is a goal and six the unit added differences all differences. and that is the will to do that. without being overly self conscious about his bc don't go in camps makes the bunnies the rainbow nation would like to represent. it deals with real problems including racial prejudice from all sides. some think will be on top of the coast and how to deal with on a frequent basis so they say it's become less of an issue and posted on its africa. i o line is in english here are a handful hated the doctors the doctor and the can and that's exactly the point is that celebrate the fact that in europe in the number of european descent and pensions african and african descent the nineteen ninety one even knows some months now the final of the road
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the seeing the spring books to really chew on it and most of the symbolic moment ruby was then and some might say. still it's nice to know quite expensive if you put into history books to be celebrated next to him. there were delivered the message so the ones in africa and student twenty four weeks this was a seminal moment he is a rebel group the international supporters in cape town on the sin bin the incessant to the latin language is inside as most of the units to one its most stupid stupid stupid things like changing the eighty
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eight at the food is gone it's been the topic. with a good one today . it's free to post notes monday and is hitting its hopes on a new generation to experience the fun tonight. the risk to the schools of the seabed to the future of the pool which you tee full reality through a small company. it's that it will be done with it it's like stepping into the schools at me i have to be sad to see it come to school gifted in india. that means integration for the new rich in areas like this one segregation of the majority who was still cool. i know some of those dream of unknown racial south africa is ever to come too. then it sets no blame schools like this one and her husband
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that will have to take roots hopeless be that a small but families move into areas once populated exclusively by whites. integrated schools will become the norm. it's emotional it's beyond the genes of the millions of south africans who still live in the township's. would i would electricity without water without such points and plagued by crawling. it's a bit like ecm in the washington based none and that the tv is nothing nothing. which is suffering here. but to have leukemia be based on what is going to give us something in town maybe houses and att wartime the top off the bus i kidding it in that's to die that day the tv right now. we thought outside the will of the people he doesn't know we should be close to the mid
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nineties that the sample file week two of them. it's been eating the whole of government and schools have just seen. with the detroit news to put it to steam but the one who does. so i cleaned it up with two steam is used in the week to complete it. nilsson month those successes are lame and patience may be running out africa is changing cost them millions and still nothing living on promises and don't mean it'll be good enough her center parting and has to stop africa looks to its future will mark on south africa's future i'm joined now by setting a time from the nelson mandela foundation it's there in the johannesburg think you very much for joining us now vanessa mandela foundation it's one of a handful that the former leader created what is the main purpose of this particular foundation we're going to the election
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q do you need. that there are two of them. i have been and. among them through to the vatican through. on thursday. let them go the optimum time. a tradition. she didn't run i'm not going to do more to it. this kind of way. i don't have to. due to the top to bottom. all of them. and try and find solutions to each
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other. london the day. you can help. she did. mass i tell us how involved was mandela and the foundation of course when he did create us already older and rather frail but how involved was he he boasted that it didn't you. a good time. the compute japan included the addition after work. the kitchen the chc"teau. like achieve that goal. two thousand and four. the open view them again did not chew on that in short that the other two
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it might in that position each of them. mm good. i'm not good at it. come again but gave them a lot going on some of the main issues that the foundation seeks to ease in the country. do you look through. the i think the kids. you can. admission to the amount it to achieve the boat. in the future. do you want to come but when you
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get on. ho. keep an eye. one that is going to put to bed. the court. bay what people. a crew of five going into the kitchen decor and hope i can share my cooking. so the computer to be completed and santa came from the nelson mandela foundation to give too much so much for taking time to speak with us on the southern end of his life on the line to bring in and to apartheid and minority white dominance in the country on earth can expect not for passion and segregation. that brought the country worldwide and three. tyson was officially born in nineteen four th with the election victory of the african international
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patchy. the divided south african society into four races white black college and asian. segregation was applied in all walks of life places such as beaches cinemas and hotels with art a reserved for whites blacks were not lead to bowls or own property in place areas. many black people were reset them contain reservations known to spend just ends the government granted independence to four of them it can use this independence is strip many black south africans of their citizenship however south africa's industrial and commercial needs require rock workforce which resulted in many families being separated meanwhile workers piled into the title chips. once insisted in terrible conditions. it was a terrible system for family life. he seemed to get there and what happened to the doc what is in the mind to all taken and living in hostels on the site the mind well the comedies
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where hundreds of miles away back in the room in her room because it is. the government used a vast security apparatus to uphold the high price. blacks were forced to use passes in order to go about their everyday business resistance was ruthlessly suppressed. the government introduce some reforms in the nineteen eighties. that was until the election as president of nelson mandela in nineteen ninety four. it's pernicious crippled south african society was gone forever. well ms of mandela's passing it came last night many south africans only found out when braking and this morning. these are the latest images coming out from johannesburg. of course such an outpouring of emotion that's taking place there these are people gathering outside his home up and down let's get some reaction now from one of the nelson mandela as the best known contemporaries in the anti anti apartheid movement archbishop desmond tutu the swan. it's become. you
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look. includes cd. i can see these. we want to. when modi and fourteen i teach you need points. stomping. each tool the knicks heat. the new. ix the free kits. levy. these market. sure it doesn't hit you. speaking of that wolf on the south african president was remembered at united nations as well a minute's
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silence was held at the un headquarters in york street account and dropping friday's meeting the top honor mandela un chief of the new calling at mandela a downturn him an inspiration. belinda as in life than ella has inspired a global unity in honoring his passing. harry browne reports on influx of international treaties. u s president barak obama says his entry into politics begun with anti apartheid ronnie's at university. key roles in the guardian of having watched nelson mandela over the years with admiration and humanity. unlike so many around the globe. i cannot fully imagine my life without the example the nelson mandela set. and so long. as i live i will do what i can learn from him. political activists who went on to become leaders said none of them inspire them to overcome prejudice and oppression. we
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need is all understand that no one should be penalized because of his skin the second step is to reach his goal. he also has a staff he can teach that one the exiled spiritual leader the dalai lama also winner of the nobel peace prize says he has lost a dear friend. he added. the best tribute we can pay to him is to do whatever we can to contribute all during the oneness of humanity and with the peace and reconciliation as he did preparations began on friday for the liberation heroes state funeral. i know the enemy act. paul frost bank has increased interaction to nelson mandela's death from around the world in one of the area's most closely linked to stop africa is india. mandela's fight to end apartheid is often compared with gandhi's struggle for india's independence. miss the prime minister has called him a true and auntie anne nelson mandela's fight to end
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apartheid in south africa was often compared to don the struggle for independence in india. do you start soon the two kong and it's pretty good idea. giants the rest of the word. expressing his deep sense of tickets to the game what is hooked. teaching when the struggle to end apartheid is a memory close to a gas card. it was optional in south africa in eighteen ninety three lead on sixteen spaces and an expansive but going to shape his political activism in india. my demo put it aside gandhi as an example for him the insights offered so much the president's health crime while our midst. for good or new as informants. i was
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ready to shoot on scrubs good record in. kenya was the first country to sever trade relations with south africa's apartheid government in the nineteen forties after his release from prison in nineteen ninety one cannot travel to india when he was given the country's highest civilian honor the buck stop now. speaking with postman can to india mahatma gandhi's grandson said his country's proud of what nelson mandela accomplished. it varied the minerva. you will all be at the moment and that they thought it might not mind you in two thousand one mm and analyst on to the gandhi peace prize but the indian government for promoting peace and nonviolence. my demo was living proof that god these guys are non binding strips of five. in the twenty first century both from paris to beijing and tokyo to new delhi reactions to the diva's passing of the morning and the prospect that said just didn't resume is a new ark
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city which mandela visited shortly after he was released from jail mushy as reactionary from harlem mendoza the congregation at the stats on the green sheet music monday as jump. but it did. nelson mandela. one of my identity is my modern day hero. milton and domestic use to it in nineteen ninety four when he stands treat us it was an on again. that would state it was that decided to venture. i have to adjust mandela's microphone. and so i have to approach the pulpit where he was speaking. and that is despite the font size is very close to him the son of the day in constant pain in his text is seventy three the archives to find a recording of mind and speech although black tea for cassini i was a content free
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martini thinking. corker is a key player in the civil rights movement. jenna was an inspiration to end users importantly this morning to get a tree. as for the basic colors. nichole. which even the least arguable that you can overcome any obstacles that anyone rushing off to bible cause of the checks dentist told us all montana's is it. and the cement that was coming he really. he was lying. i just felt really very proud to be havin guy to be an african american to be decades before the anti apartheid. i checked his pulse to toe with steve johnson says he will continue to preach about this is done for monday. these rates move continued to my earn more and more and more about twelve
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we used to symbolize to try it on monday as nineteen ninety four visits. he came back to holland began to show solidarity. can americans once again produced. i would stick to it now and how people are reacting on the internet to mandela isn't that an event run by shannon bennett ran on china but every scene. well i feel are taking to twitter especially this painting daily list of reactions than on basically every minute buried dozens of new people reading tweets and this person is in south africa. she says the world has lost an icon and we have lost a father of her emotional reaction there under that some people are confusing him with at least physically with other people and this sweet pad has that has the maturity to the uber cool you know that's not the end of the photo is of morgan freeman who played nelson mandela in two thousand seven hundred it does but that's not cans. as enforcement is out at he's
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not the only one actually to make that made sense to me was that unfortunate fate sweet and nice it was fake from paris hilton where she supposedly gets. martin is the king jr mixed up with nelson mandela. i on the net in the main thing is a lot of quotes they're going around this ad in today's twitter feed actually just that puts out at quotes by nelson mandela and the look on saturday going out. this one is by far the one that people have been spreading the most no one is boring heating another person because of the color his skin and done said or they will record his background or his religion blind dates and if they can learn to hate they can be taught to love for love comes more naturally to human heart than its opposite. now i add be careful because there are also sad to say to me as a catch quotes are going round at slate of this about saturn at first i cannot seem to scroll down and tell you what it is at it this fake tree in
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this fake wood if you see it now that it's not for mandela he did not say i didn't see this fear is not that we are inadequate our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. stunning. a man on a sunday morning cheney know you know that seven films have been made about nelson mandela about his life serving in the nineteen eighties with the discount mandela where danny glover played the hand but he also became part of the national popular culture through this song which was that called free nelson mandela and it came out in ninety four it was a song by the specials and a really long it's the popular movements around the world and educate people about it meant so much a a the as i
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know. in a small little moments you and conspiracy the music that was inspired by inspiring and awesome and other fees be remembered that today as he passed away on thursday evening show nothing very much. look at the internet's and thank you very much for sending us to stick to the prospect that last one is contrived. since i did. i can woohoo rule. all
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you. use. as you. going to shoot in the zone by it has received the chairman of the agency for combating economic and corruption crimes today in court on the issue to subiaco reported on the department's what progress for the past ten months this year according to the chairman financial police have initiated more than one thousand criminal cases against nine hundred perpetrators of corruption crimes one hundred and twenty of them are officials of the national and regional level. the agency is currently


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