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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 6, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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the one. welcome to nhk world is like juno tummy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am people around the world are reflecting on the life and legacy of nelson mandela they can to protect leader and first black president of south africa as fighting continues in the central african republic. the un as or princeton to get more foreign troops to try and
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stabilize the country and neither are your rights manager this restaurant for showtime has devised a novel with paint what you want from the sea. people in south africa and around the world are mourning and reflecting on the life of nelson mandela he dedicated his life to the fight against apartheid and has been a symbol for freedom and equality. mandela became the african nation's first black president. many see him as an inspiration for courage hope and reconciliation. he died at the age of ninety five. nhk world nordic o'connor reports the fan. man we man. young and old. south african scam and outside counsel month to month home too late to get to
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the innkeeper. many considered him to find an opening stand. do you really read blogs that i was when he sings to him. he was in the aisle in the woods again is he on the union the difference tensions in the united states again. most of the methanol. the five hour difference being eaten off of his twenty eleven the lung infections on the vocal vacation. he died at his home on tuesday nights bonded by calmly the assault monday let's do it quickly spread abound of olives. daddy gets to the un security council. their meeting an old stuffed a moment of silence. in holland new york. then on the mug full of guests that will set some mistakes in his own
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people stopped to take a look. and to remember. i recently read in full winter crop was small bowl. the body and all the great myth that the body after meeting with a brain eating too many meetings for our needs. it is likely to. the nice comments twitter. people came to call for some eyes of the fruits of mind to let stuff too. for sure. granted i'm a mormon this will never be forgotten and also to world peace if it distorts not just a peak in south africa for a little and saw the doctor was so bizarre. it'll be the beloved system was set up. he's here many remember monday lets the least of contributions
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and his stylistic bullets to make the walls of the templates. dictated to them all. everyone in the world know that he filed against racial discrimination what he did was amazing. is it that way. so it's time to speak to transcend race and nationality. and so that's the way forward. his message will be remembered for many generations. we'll miss him very much. the study is needed. in tokyo. looks like this one outside the south african embassy. i've called mosques. i just said being carried out the mount of olives. many never actually emits no foam on the map. but how those clinics and secure the meeting now stripped a spaz beyond the borders of south africa. i'll fall for a reminder of his four and the lasting legacy. recall
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that in a stairwell tokyo south africans know how much mandela change their country but a fair number of black people still live in poverty and whites remain the economic leaders. despite growing disparities and lingering prejudices mandela's drain of the equal opportunity for all lives on nhk world you go by and she has the story. the theory almost everyday to teach people to vote to cruelty of it. my mom to muslims. it is the month so we'll see cakes you going to come in you the wife to an otherwise
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ugly truth comes to pure gold the ipo to be the most harm to the pain. and stripped our own size of its themes of the inning the outfits did read it and things like the township today dad the afp chief uk and the good hope in a paid up a playdate that people accept it is too good to get them into spin tunes that communicates by the plucky i left him. in scope yet into the children about the back of the nation and the keys and and you get meet the new one man making the piece of baking the fact that the key to good people to continue to pray and to me to another man to stand eleventh of june heidi and continue to pray the key. snowboarding. being a wife who go home. you could do that the simplest way to
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see him come to mind their own. the case don't use of molds from kuwait. you knew it seems the wall. granted that has to be making that kind of nice to see me. he yells at school. she opened on the phrase screw him. an old man of six hundred and two. two hundred and fifty two going into the tent and sleeping hours. i was truthful thing and ten. lucy will not bow to the rim. in all three of four comedy. all forty two p no space can be expensive. snowball raises funds to cover their costs
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the students home. the rule of a grudge it was a single one of them to have them call me. when i'm done. this idea that it is no right to say i know that this ordinance is to shut up. mom did a row of trees and providing free education up to high school student film for funding thanks to you. about sixty per cent of all high school students. for other reasons they knew well. see north korea. i do not want to be useful to do it in the future through education. in teaching school commitments
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t stands. you can't beat them he's trying to preach there are pros and acorn people more people. it is for a lesser of two wee ones. to make his team come the new plant in it to him. oh. in an eye. the us unemployment rate in november hit the lowest level in five years more jobs were created in the american labor market than expected investors around the world have been waiting for these figures to get cues about when the federal reserve code to scale down its massive bond buying program. u s labor department official said unemployment was seven percent in november. that's down zero point three percentage points from that
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over. employers added two under three thousand jobs in the non farm sector that's three thousand more than october. the us central bank is likely to take the numbers into account that their policy meeting in december analysts say. sustained positive results could lead to an earlier start to tapering. anti government demonstrators in bangkok took a brief break from the streets to protest organizers are coming for them to return in force this weekend but so did excellent in bangkok has the story aims high and demonstrations them on time he's even got to know what's resignation now poised to bring the campaign to a new netbook with a temporary scale back their protests to pay their respects to keane who meet one of the new kid on his past eight one says state that they continue to occupy government buildings sending a message that the protests will go well the demonstration was less than one grateful for that
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day in the mood on friday remained quiet but protests he says are courting for stepped up demonstrations this weekend's protests is not preparing for the next step. i held her accelerator efforts were intensifying around to be nice to bring the government down. if it takes too long the government will have more time to argue for its legitimacy. with tensions rising on the domestic front prime minister jean got canceled visits to japan the mind rush to get killed for this month the demonstrators also went to flee their country from what they say is the influence of the box elder brother of former prime minister talks seemed to know why. he now lives in self imposed . the political classes for people who oppose talks in intensive support in mun drifted onto that knowledge is sweeping across
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as knights and benefit from the nation's economic development and move residents who have been left behind. maybe if the air this week and will continue to create and well trained own time to come. people from all walks of life thoughts came into the streets to voice they can sense an hk what happens when somebody takes a customer at up to mom. it's the people in a car had been in the eighteen months on the one straight in this past weekend with a fifty percent of the dc area. most of the protesters for office workers or students. europa league soccer with the bestie has been taking part in the demonstrations whenever he has the chance. i just sit and do nothing in our country is going in the wrong direction. kong stocks as he hadn't been very interested in politics before. but the recent protests have made him think more deeply about
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the nation's future. he is particularly opposed to the us administration's drive for testing program the government effectively buys rise directly from farmers at higher than market prices. critics say the program was created as a populist policy to win support from farmers. but the expense of bryce is in fighting the new fighters stockpiles are growing and so was the government's deficit. it said to have reached a deal in dollars around ten percent off the nation's budget. some feel there is a strong need to change the political environment for this financial burden. it's not passed to his students generation. that is why he decided to join in the demonstrations along with his co the us. you see the government is injecting taxpayer money into its political base in rural areas
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women. government officials to change the way they spend our money. to be used to improve the lives of all the time people the day the day the more the one gal worked at the country's transport ministry the thirty six year old fisher writes history demonstrations during his lunch break. he says he fell extremely angry when the government tried to pass a bill that would pardon former prime minister talks to the feel of what's been sentenced to prison the person who's committed wrongdoing by many to reading votes in parliament should get off scot free. it's not acceptable. not in a country that supposedly ruled by law but what the stirrups and the most is the behavior of the former deputy prime minister if his troops about who is leading the protests singtel said an unelected people's comes so cute to see
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the next prime minister after the current administration is ousted. from our house a sneaking suspicion that some are using the demonstrations as a way to seize power. i got were nine demonstrating to know someone who didn't work that the people under the former administration to take over. we're fighting to put politics back in the hands of the people i sae ramos is starting to have doubts that the lesson battles between pro and anti government groups would you very much me time and into a better country. so when someone enters the world in bangkok. that will wrap up our sleeves and i actually have someone in bangkok. i knew. violence continues in
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the central african republic fierce fighting between rival forces has reportedly left at least one hundred people dead armed militants attacked three muslim controlled locations in the capital bondi with machine guns and rocket launchers. the muslim side says christian militants were behind the attacks the minority muslims seize the capital in march. he then declared the establishment of an interim government the country fell into chaos after muslim forces ousted the president. this led to repeated clashes with trish and militants looting and vandalism are rampant. as most government troops and police have fled the city about four hundred and sixty thousand people are seeking refuge inside and outside the country. the un security council is taking steps to get the situation in the central african republic under control. it has authorized african and french troops be sent to the country to help restore security and
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order. the security council unanimously passed a resolution proposed by the chair country france the council has authorize the deployment of more african union or eu troops for one year. french troops will also be sent to assist them. the resolution says the security council will consider giving the eu forces un peacekeeper status. if the situation in the country doesn't improve within three months. the eu plans to deploy more than thirty five hundred troops in the country french president francois alliance says the situation is becoming serious too. we decided to actively be due to the urgency of the situation starting tonight to go talk this over with the african union france is sending six hundred more troops within a few days that will double the number of french troops currently in the country france is concerned about militia is gaining ground in its former african colonies
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it has also sent troops to mali to push back the dancing travels. the people is to show city in china collett the restaurant of integrity that's because after diners eat. their honesty is tested the aim is to encourage customers to behave well in each year old score on the toggle has the story groucho is the capital in which implements in southern china. it's one of the city's was the highest economic groups. for me when people leave. easily the most unconventional restaurant opened in the shopping area how much would you pay for piecemeal. the restaurant serves food to face trial don't cast registers are
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inside. there's no fixed charge of the dishes. it's not free. customers are asked to follow the honor system after dining at a seaside town once the meal was worse the restaurant requires customers to pay a reasonable amount. and they put their money here. it's possible to get away without paying anything at all. by pretending to insert money the idea is to give customers the satisfaction of being context of doing the right thing. local media reported on the establishment now it's known that the restaurant come into your tea. i've seen posts on finance and bacon the particles from the restaurant. i definitely want to physically couldn't see out in a month ago and noticed that there are so many do so most people around tuesday. it's really good to
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have a place like that. ponce and interior designer who runs a restaurant. on an overseas trip that you will suffer as a christian to earn so little people came and helped the chinese people floor. this caused him to want to do don't seem to change that. then he opened the restaurant in august. on the wall side. the rest of weird because ants walking the mall. with its verses used to also. we see a woman at the ttc is crucial to human activity. p i'd like to create an environment where diners can experience what immoral behaviors all about paloma pushing on ambitious with each. the concept may be reasonable. the reality is harsh. many customers still pay only a little for their meals. in the revenues are falling short fuse
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expectations. instead a network of supporters is growing. university students and neighbors volunteered to help with the cooking and clean. yes i've read the bell the place of the crafts i came from the need to ease tensions province to do something to help. when the sun is coming to an extent to which i was getting something i'm learning things that are more valuable than money. the hole in the gobi i hope the volunteer students will keep increasing the fuel they are now motivates them to work you see the huge shock. he says he's not breaking the restaurant to try to awaken the conscience of the chinese people. it's too early to tell whether his idea to work. there's no doubt it's causing customers to greet the balinese their moral now. rundle title in hq world. we chilled china. in
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the i do. thousands of people have gathered in tokyo to protest a government sponsored state secrets bill now being debated in the diet they're concerned the legislation could give government officials extraordinary power to control information the rally was organized by academics citizens groups and labor organizations. an estimated fifteen thousand people the legislation would allow government leaders to designate national security information as state secrets makers of such information could face up to ten years in prison. the protesters say the legislation could infringe on freedom of the press and the public's right to know. nodding out the neat thing is it's not clear what kind of
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information can be designated as secrets. bill doesn't stipulate the most basic idea that the government is not keep its illegal acts secret the protesters marched to the diet building. they demanded that the lawmakers scrap them though. there's a severe ice storm in the united states the neurologist robert spencer has more proper. fall is one i really is rolling across much of the eastern seaboard is especially along the western slopes of the appalachian mounts today we have to see it on not just the icing fairly heavy snowfall ki lace and soften the freezing wind out here the two portions of alabama to see peaks any of the carolinas you could be looking at flash flooding going into much to daycare on friday in the southport saturday see that called for continuing to lift off here courts an orphan well only from portions of texas. of course minnesota and that and if the copy you have felt the effects of the storm system last several days the ics video coming off from
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all three both locations here this only knew about this verse is that icq malays were talking about biking building upon people's legal stuff and make a person hazardous driving. also a look at those heavy snow fall of coming down there snowfalls hard at work clearing this up some areas of minnesota's off with about forty centimeters. now it is still coming down out here is the lofty it was a northeast to pull back the picture nod to take a look at this graphic the worst hit areas expected here on saturday. samir is about half and half a centimeter. excuse me of on ice accumulation could be building up and not the mention of this world the way we apply pressure coming in behind it and then another war movie in northern california courses award and you can see the forty centimeters of snow fall i knew the course their ethos of the clutter pro hour when sosa wants to walk free after another high pressure coming in re the middle and is an arctic high and we mean by that is given piece of that silly freezing temperatures
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oklahoma city minus forty for tyson still fall to ca eleven minus five on a header that. you're seeing some relatively warmer temperatures but it will be changing washington dc to see keira eleven. i'd take a look you three day forecast though only one there for your hive by sunday. then we move over towards europe and another storm system is one that brought the storm surge across portions of denmark germany or courts and that the way it handles the winds continuing to kick up the see the clouds moved down the course northwest shooting off their toys to keep a l pressure area now here in the eastern europe behind it some slowly improving conditions but overhear course the baltic states were talking about some eerie seen upwards of thirty centimeters of snow fall when is well over a hundred km for hours the least when dustin at the front that makes priests of the case in the messy stuff extend of course black people once that cold front pushes through post captures the step drop rate often strayed over the snow by saturday out here i thought about going on in eastern asia where off course
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northeast of the snow fall on hokkaido northern portions of the whole crew. some areas to the top forty centimeters wide spread about fifteen to twenty so on. if you're a skier you're gonna like this but on the pacific coast on to stay dry cycles that can still out there on the western seaboard high pressure dominating back here towards the west and unfortunately that is going to be the case into the week and i say unfortunately we have from the report the air quality in this he's out here well above hazardous levels there are parts of shanghai without hiding place no wind stirring up the atmosphere it's going to remain that way not until next week or is he a low pressure area come through. nope we stir up the air. start to bring in some pressure from the west of affleck you will whether if its forecasts. i am noon
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and. i know. thx. this just in japan's lawmakers have approved a bill that gives the government authority to designate official information as special secrets the law gets tricked penalty for those who leak information. once again japan's lawmakers have approved a bill that gives the government authority to designate official information as special secrets. the law gives strict penalties for those who leak information. and the cruise line for this hour and a note on in tokyo. it is the eye
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and. oh oh. i do. i am. i
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