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tv   Journal  PBS  December 7, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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wing will or will. i knew the land or welcome to the journal coming to life and dig out the winter wet and sarah harman and these are our top stories this hour should this continue for nelson mandela preparation to get underway. memorial service and funeral. after twelve years of negotiations the world trade organization held its first global trade agreement. and if so was not in berlin where the european film industry. continues to
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mourn the death of nelson mandela who died on thursday the ninety five the government is preparing for a memorial service miss the way to stadium in johannesburg on tuesday which will be attended by leaders from around the world. that service may followed by a smaller fuel on december the team. with song and don's south africans commemorate the life of one of the great leaders of all time thousands of travel to nelson mandela's former president since alexa to pay last respects to the father of the nation the we weren't allowed to use his middle of what is it just means that the computer instead
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the initial crates. keane. my grandmother. my friends love it. she sneaked into you once named enemy of the state's nelson mandela became south africa's first black president in nineteen ninety four today he is celebrated as south africa's great healer. throughout the country folks of contents give people a chance to put their thoughts on paper. a sea of flowers spreads out in front of men dentist. a sign of mourning and the chance to succeed the spokesman foam and then as family expressed thankfulness for the old flooring of grief in south africa and the well of. this lens. is this that the truth but to do that was not dressed as does the north of paprika. and for the african continent. that the events that is at. world leaders and
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dignitaries to attend a memorial service in johannesburg on tuesday unexpectedly increased its troop deployment to central african republic on saturday after my night classes there between muslim and christian militias left hundreds dead at a security conference on african security in paris french president was on said his nation would send sixteen hundred soldiers of four hundred more than originally planned. central african republic is a former french colony and has descended into chaos after mainly muslim rebels overthrew the government back in march new morning the hunters killed even has an uneasy calm marines in the streets of the capital i was obsessed with others and keeping to the relative safety of their homes. so many good it is said to me what the president
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there are always more to wisma to do muslim rebels overthrew the christian president nine months ago since then and central african republic has been used in your panic as battles raged between the mostly muslim said the comparable group and the militias from the country's christian majority. france has reinforced its troop presence in the former french colony it employs sixteen hundred soldiers to patrol the streets of bible week in an effort to restore order stick to beat in indonesia create what they teach me and told me to say my friends because they were going to kill me. destruction is everywhere. the french need to tell the main road about two a woman walking along the blog often the woman was in paris president don aunt told the summit of african leaders of the continent must develop the capacity to look after its own security. he offered strange training and assistance for a pan african rapid response force. it's an appeals court has reduced the prison sentences of
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fourteen female islamist protesters. the court come here with you all eleven year prison terms to one year suspended sentence as the members of the muslim brotherhood were detained in october after demanding the release of ousted president muhammad more say in juvenile court ordered the release of seven girls who were also arrested the initial sentences handed down last month caused an international outcry ukrainian opposition activists are accusing president victor nicole richie on the train national interest. after she held unannounced talks with russian president vladimir putin. both governments deny reports of a deal giving ukraine cheaper gas. in return for joining in moscow but customs union. in kiev thousands of demonstrators were on the street again today to protest the article which government's push for closer ties with moscow they're calling for stalled trade ties with the european union to be reactivated the world trade organization has reached its first ever
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trade reform deal. there is a warm approval from nearly one hundred and sixty ministers who gathered on the indonesian island of bali when the agreement was finally announced. global trade talks to face years of deadlock with many countries shifting their focus to regional deals. the wto says the bali deal could add one trillion dollars. the global economy. it is so great people you need is a milestone for the wto. it marks the organization's first global trade deal since its creation in nineteen ninety five for the first time in our history the wto has truly the limit the deal will lower trade barriers and speed up the passage of goods through customs. most importantly its terms apply not just to reach industrialized states and also the poor developing countries. analysts estimate it could boost the global economy by hundreds of billions of dollars. we have
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achieved something very significant. people all roam the world will benefit from the beckett who have delivered here today. but some critics say the agreement could prevent or countries from setting their own priority areas like environmental protection workers rights and food security. negotiations dragged into an extra day after last minute legal threats from individual countries. he objected to the removal of a reference to the us trade embargo and india objected to provisions that might stop it from stockpiling subsidized grain to feed four. compromise wording was found for both nations in the final document allowing the agreement to go ahead. north korea has created a five year old american tourist after detaining him for more than a month when charges of war crimes committed during the korean war. over six decades ago. north korean veteran darryl knew he was arrested while visiting north korea on vacation in october
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he arrived in beijing on saturday morning before catching a flight back to stanford to scott. merrill told reporters that he felt good and was looking forward to seeing his flight. two german politics now the free democrats have elected to stand there as their new leader. other special party conference in berlin seventy nine percent of delegates supported the head of the ftp in the state of north rhine westphalia. your places former leader philip russell had to step down after the party received only four point eight percent about in september's general election that was below the five percent threshold required for parliamentary representation. one of germany's most stitches prizes for seventeen games matt has gone to european council president had on rum fight. the ceremony in auckland a sixty six year old belgian was awarded the charlemagne prize for contributions european unity he was honored as a mediator and consensus builder from point a former belgian prime minister has been in the eu
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post since two thousand night these courts now and the latest bundesliga news third placed our men are currently hosting a second place labour prison. earlier in the day. table toppers i am uniquely down an impressive mark or the chasing pack. they stress better brain and seven a long way. thanks to an inspired strong community the frenchman creating two goals and scored twice to lead the route. the victory meant by and have now gone forty the games without defeat. the rest of the weekend's results so far look like this the shotgun two months to start one fourteen against hannover on to star in battle so we ask amber frey for losses home to haunt the time. i made her cousin are still in action meanwhile one sunday fiberglass will spark and from spying take on berlin on friday evening nuremberg and mines played out in one all draw. no words match
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against mines was played in chilly conditions and once again the hose froze when it mattered not. is there to grab all three points means they are still looking for the first win of the season after a fifteen match. they hit the brakes no content in the nation as noon that stop the lead in the fifth minute defend opinions. the team to make one meal. if it ain't interested people that got away from keeper lewis county is. mine's just couldn't come into its own against one of the few chances they managed to create. i knew that was clearly in control but failed to put the game out of reach after the break mine starts putting a cd of the stocking caps and constant you will pop equalised in a sentence of six minutes. he didn't shoot that most east london the opportunity to put lights in the league. peta says the beach was in top box is the steep no one took b to leave town with appoint an
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interim that will have to get into after the winter break that leaves the table looking like this for the moment. byron our way down the front door to them later crews are out of it yet only two nine and eleven would close the gap to second we'll have more on that later. as the separate the teams bottom either. a win for fried or tomorrow could spell trouble for frank for his last hope that my muse and squarely in relegation trouble. and once one of the highlights of the motorsport calendar now the formula one f i a prize giving challenge in paris shannon my neck and sebastian that'll look sharp as he was officially presented with the champions trophy for the fourth year in a while. settles boss michael principal christian horner was honored with the fia constructors championship award. the fia awards honor those who have stood out in competitions throughout the season. and europe's hottest movie stars be
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gracing the red carpet here in berlin tonight. at this year's equivalent of the oscars the european film awards. leading the pack with most nominations is the broken circle breakdown by belgian director of phoenix and condemning the story of a young couple coping with a terminal illness of their own trial nominated in four categories is the chairman of the old boy is directed by gum up the camera down and have guessed that. the black and white feature follows a day like collins dropped out. as he wanders aimlessly through the streets of berlin. and our films correspondent scott rock star is on the red carpet here in berlin. scott the essays are referred to as the european oscars. how big is this night for the european film industry it's a pretty tight i mean that it really is the only truly europe in the ward you've got the baptism for a new god that the seasons of
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france got the journey to lola's ikea which celebrate the local film industries but the if is the only ones that are only words that are voted on by the entire european commission european film academy votes the if awards just like the us academy does for the oscars and if you win here it is something special. it's basically tells you that this is a film that wins here is a film that gnarly peels in berlin or in in london or paris but really across the cotton so it really is something special to take home a trophy at the atf is tonight. that's what films are expected to come away as minor snag. yet that's a difficult one usually there's the update front runner in last year it was michelle comic of the more which basically swept the awards the real world masterpiece on the issue to the top for a broken circle breakdown might might might do well boy might do well this is quite a few um i think you'll see the prize is spread out among three or four films. if i had to pay a bill i put my money
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on the french film was the warmest color which show which won the cannes is getting a lot of buzz out of head of the issues of them. i did say that its friends in the films that were nominated this year. it is strange sure it's the sort of an established trend. i mean we're seeing a lot of looking backwards. both forms colors a very french movie called the food and parking in the italian film the great beauties. the sleek an update on the go to the tap so i think maybe this time of all the people where people in europe are wondering where's your going european filmmakers are looking back and do their fruits as in european cinema before they decide where they can go in the future. the tracks that things that will certainly be checking in once they announced the winners. they are a new record was set at christie's auction house in santa paid a record seven hundred thousand euros for a
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guitar. there was of course no ordinary instrument. it was bob dylan's first electric guitar. the one he played at the newport folk festival in nineteen sixty five. the three songs he played at newport were a milestone marking dylan's transition from all music rock. and i haven't update for you at the top of the hour. at that the huge musical arranger. when told dramatics. controversial. two hundred years. in two thousand thirteen. he's the famous german composers i sent entering. wagner two hundred gw is multimedia projects. we had company this major cultural events throughout the year. w taught me english wagner two hundred
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its abit late. we need to get some eats and peanut sauce. i love that. at least next time you hear the eight hundred and sixty munich in the womb. in may the coast of the visit to the wound through. mm mm this is the roma get up in the czech city of loose tea not love them. many of the houses are run down. some don't have running water nero and marcel grew up here the three friends returned to their former neighborhood a few weeks ago when right wing extremists tried to storm the area. hundreds of residents gathered to stop them along with the meter
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tells me if it weren't for the police. it could've been much worse. and bill bill been and still insisted they were really threatening us as though at one point they came so close to us. i was scared they try to break through the police to grab me. we were really angry. we wanted to fight them to do with a view. if the thought that the focus to conclude. would you not love him is home to many roma and the animosity is high. city officials even tried to wall off the roman settlement. but international outcry forced them to show the plans. he went on to resign to this high rise apartment block. more and more roma families are moving out of the ghetto. and their new neighbors often react with hostility. both in their early twenties. you know in
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august to live with their parents. zero shares a sixty five square meter apartment with his mother father and one of the sisters. none of them have a steady job though. the moment niro has an income. black market work case two euro is fifty an hour. the bill if i try to find a normal job when i finished school he said. he would do the job center was built in applications. i wanted to become a chef. i never found more than part time or something the hero's mother tells me the job center always says there's nothing available. it's because of our dark skinned be unfair but in saying there's never worked for as
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roma and two. under the table he rolls a joint. i think memories linger of the hate campaign against the roma late this summer. neo nazis organized rallies across the czech republic. they were joined by many average citizens chanting slogans like gypsies out. many of them were normal people says on. the it could harm. normal people like those who live in the same high rise apartment block as me rollin on to the neighbor young steve blow to join the neo march is. but the pensioner did start a petition against the roma collecting three hundred signatures. do you agree new terms the nation
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with we the undersigned object to the behavior of the roma community. he reads we demand the police do something about it. when he spoke from the roma don't respect the local populace there are no easy feat the steel and they frighten us. he thinking the carnivore only thing you can feed him when he been. steve says he wants nothing to do with the right wing extremists. he adds that some roma even signed his petition. q what would you. i just want them to behave like normal people he says. that's not racism that would mean that the truth. the club has been hit hard by the global financial crisis the industrial city is suffering falling wages and high unemployment the frustration is adding to
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the anti roma sentiment. one hundred thousand people live in the city. one tenth of them roma. amy there's some roma who are ok says this man it's the night with no problem with them when they became france's companions of effects to add to this the sun i hate the roma says this woman. in the heavens the tsunamis hit. much of this woman also has strong feelings of violence is not a solution but we should throw the ones that don't work out of our country. one dr niro are czech citizens so the idea of deporting them is absurd. the pair to visit two on his sister. and andrea finish school and work part time isn't clear until she had her first child when she was seventeen. she now has three kids and her husband is on the hunt for work
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the family of five lives any one room apartment family and friends are constantly dropping by. the home is a constant hive of activity almost all of them survive on welfare benefits sadly none of the guys at cushioning about the people complain that we live off their tax money says on to that they would give this work week and earn our own money. in the vicinity apple was assisted chimes in on the texting for lazy but that's not true. we would like to work now. the vet the apartment is not just small it's also expensive. on drew's sister wants to move but she says their chances of finding a new place are slim because of their name their appearance and their accent. oh well. this apartment belongs to another
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room these profiting from their desperation. meaning that the owner's sister shows us the bathroom. it's the only place we can store anything she sets out that way. they are eleven the washing machine is also broken. that's all the family needs. yet unknown bring your mommy you know. this is the school nearest to the roman neighborhood. here are used to go here. it's a special school principal martinez said hello but has worked here for over twenty years. the evidence of an above average number of roma children and appeared because the school was so close to
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their homes. because of the schools don't consider the disadvantages they face in their entrance tests but they aren't stupid. it's just the roma children receive far less support from their families. it's not easy for roma children in the czech education system. according to much in every below but it's not just because their parents don't always look after them properly. it all she tells me the state must do more to promote integration. rachel tells me that recently check education authorities ask them to count the roma children. it's the will that mean it. if it down yet they want us to judge which children were roma and which were not on the basis of their physical appearance. why did you react and haven't heard anything since then. education authorities put the scheme on ice because of the criticism it received from many
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teachers. one year ago police said was to not go up and started the pilot project roma like elena by nova and carl someone for being trained a special police officers in an attempt to combat rising crime the city's ombudsman for minorities. pablo books of the lake. helped initiate the project. he believes there will be less friction at the crime rate among the roma falls. so what do we knew we wanted to use the hatred all of the roma police officers are helping us on. they should get close to the people in their community and help implement lawn order. the idea gives the impression that the roman themselves are to blame for the discrimination against
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them. trolls have proved useful though. officers often mediate and help iron out arguments. but they can't address the core problem. no time to make a conscious or later but no but some setups we often face racism when we look for work in. if you have dark skin or rejected whether you're a good citizen or not. we also face racism in local businesses and in the schools the key every sunday on to play soccer with his mates. it's an all roma team started by policeman carl someone. this team captain explains that it should teach the young men's it should teach the young men's social skills and discipline. do we do he says many of problems with
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unemployment and criminality the one whom he says were trying to awaken a sporting ambition. we hope it makes them more reliable. as a defensive midfielder. he could also play for a regular club. he fears he would have to deal with discrimination back in the high rise apartment law. nero has no interest in soccer. his biggest passion is making music with his friends. her room. only home. i know i am he tried to take part in a reality tv show. can be discovered as a singer. he dreams of becoming a star. in
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a sa onions in it and it's a dream shared by many others like him. otherwise have little chance of escaping poverty. on a and an. little booty. i do. to focus documentary series from which
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it though. captivating documentary said reports covers business and finance alternative teaching historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm we are. peachtree. ace dead he stops. nice day thousands of civilians and forced a careful to do just as you walk. tombstone. he said. also the reason i'm
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only home. first two. two explosions at its peak. you knew me when will we will know it. why yes. and i think that's the thing i did see with its dynamic economy the best holiday


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