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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 7, 2013 6:30pm-6:41pm PST

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good news you knew when we who will. the law can to make a few slight itt tech are now buying tokyo with the latest on the saw officials at the ministerial conference of the walled trade organization have reached an agreement on the stump points pulled global trade in the light station. it's the first time the old members of the wto have agreed on new trade rules. this goes from one hundred and fifty nine member nations and patriots climbs them you cannot stop by after unanimously adopted at the climax. the session was extended by one day
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the agreement came after living the fold of the connection was modified in response to requests by some countries including cuba but the nation says and wto member has reached an agreement in the street every house on creep out to the development of how to simplify new customs procedures. the cre has been called a few conflicting interests. negotiation is engaged in the build out from the pool. it is so ugly beadman in the mind of man nd theomen that you couldn't include appointees to the lineup will meet on the center's content that they could keep going. he's done it long ago. the wto director general and others the east to southeast a contest when they seem kind of errors of breaking down on the last eighteen months
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the latest global agreement the wto appears to have much to convince my kids the difficulties that lie ahead with negotiations on between eighty million sweetest card. won all twelve asian and pacific countries of the gun at ministerial talks to lay down rules will cause us to pick up the ship free trade pact the discussions began in seeing a poll on top of it negotiate as the four days to strike a political deal ahead of a euro and the deadlock. officials from the twelve countries will take part in by the full lineup of tricks to try and resolve the conflicts of interest. japan's representative of the gospel she knew she was a successful talks will be tough but he'll do his best to seek an agreement before the end of the he's attending the meeting on the hof of the economic revitalization of us to ikea on monday who is undergoing medical treatment. is in a room all i will not give into what should never be compromised
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in the talks. also on the subway japan held separate meetings with mexico when new zealand on the abolition of current set up the issue. the opera house of japan's diet them some funny unanimously and talk to the resolution calling on china to immediately withdraw all its recent establishment of i and defense identification zone although the east china sea the resolution says japan cannot accept the declaration of it as only because china treats can stay solvent a constant condoms as a fake lights on. controls the items china and taiwan claimed that it says china's declaration is a great infringement of japan's tutorial sovereignty the resolution says he and his own restricts freedom of flight although the high seas it also says he has only will heighten tension although the east china sea
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and undermine peace and stability in the asia pacific region. you don't like it was accidental closely cooperate with united states and other countries to calmly and resolute to deal with china's attempt to change the status quo by force. i know we are determined to attack japan's territorial and waters and airspace. lower house adopted the symbol of resolution the previous day. javanese defense witness the key to legal then i am the philippines secretary of defense bullpen gaffney and have agreed to work together in dealing with china as well total ban on driving mom the mom so thankful today that the senate to pass calif accept china's change of the state the school. gavin seven in the philippines have expressed its own consent the move creates conditions in the region. all of them told reporters before
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concluding his holding to the committee to issue a strong message to china. i think and speak with phone calls. the plaintiff to see where it all into tennessee about. on some tiny little that i will inspect any activities by japan self defense force's online pr and hit hard by a typhoon last month. some of the freedoms of taking to the streets to pay tribute to adelaide's lead of nails combined off crowds of people gathered from ali's son of a morning in a month to allow square and jonas by the nation's largest city. bail for the flies in front of the scratching among the people of god's messages expressing thanks to the on
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the up up neatly kept on praising his achievements more times from different ethnic groups formed long lines to sign the book of condolence the debate. what is that pride. it's these people so disconnected want tod a small memorial site is called mum to allow him to stay honest. they'll be below the state funeral that somebody in the eastern village elder who knew what happened to walk through the six man suspected of stealing a truck carrying a load of radioactive material in mexico are in hospital for possible radiation exposure a group of gunmen hijacked a truck outside mexico city on monday. he was carrying include holds sixty a radioactive substance used for medical applications police later found the radioactive substance about sixty km away
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the sleeves had removed the radioactive material from its protective case. health officials say six men aged between sixteen and thirty eight this to the hospital between light dusting of ali friday under police guard they were tested for signs of radiation exposure. peel the shells that one of them mistreated after complaining of a headache and i'm nosy police say ninety nine the six men based on the trot by that statement. heels for these clown to investigate the case father. the man had finished on the billing medical texts. from a band featuring south korean food has been held in tokyo the company's traditional food culture known as kim jon was recently designated as a unesco in tangible cultural assets along with japanese queasy nor a white silk the south korean embassy organize teach them some subtle ninety two and cultural exchange between the people of japan and south
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korea. john involves making an issue with tomato spicy pickled vegetables called kimchi during the cold winter months. participants at the event a cold one point eight tonnes of chinese cabbage from south korea in eighteen seasoning ingredients including red pepper as boisterous and pets japan's princess park a model and the prime minister his wife at the outback among those present at the vet. my health by adding seasoning to the cabbage leaves and some kind of sorts some of the kimchi pickles will be sent to areas hit by the two thousand and eleven ethos to northeast in japan having used to and deceived up next the wild weather forecast. i i wound. i am
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the eye. do. sth. the psalms
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use my eyes to see. it is. i don't. i a creek summits violence in south america since the last unexplored area. six people. sheer this that day


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