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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 7, 2013 11:30pm-11:41pm PST

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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline". i'm keikichi hanada in tokyo with the latest at this hour. officials at a ministerial conference of the world trade organization have reached an agreement on some points for global trade liberalization. it's the first time that all members of the wto have agreed on new trade rules. ministers from 159 member nations and territories closed their meeting on saturday after unanimously adopting a declaration. the session was extended by one day. the agreement came after wording
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for the declaration was modified in response to requests by some countries, including cuba. the declaration says wto members reached agreement in three areas -- agriculture, development, and simplifying customs procedures. these areas involve few conflicting interests for negotiators engaged in the doha round of talks. >> it is so agreed. >> the agreement came at a time when governments are shifting their trade policies to bilateral or regional talks such as trans-pacific partnership negotiations. >> translator: the wto director general and others managed to salvage the talks when they seemed on the verge of breaking down on the last day. >> with the latest global agreement, the wto appears to
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have managed to demonstrate its presence, but difficulties lie ahead for negotiations on remaining areas such as tariff cuts. 12 asian and pacific countries have begun ministerial talks to lay down rules for a transpacific partnership free trade pact. the discussions began in singapore on saturday. the negotiators have four days to strike a political deal ahead of the year-end deadline. officials from the 12 countries will take part in bilateral and other talks to try and resolve their conflicts of interest. japan's representative says the talks will be tough but he'll do his best to seek an agreement before the end of the year. he's attending the meeting on behalf of the economic revitalization minister ahmadi, who is undergoing medical treatment. >> translator: i will not give in to what should never be compromised in the talks.
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>> also on saturday, japan held separate meetings with mexico and new zealand on the abolition of tariffs and other issues. the upper house of japan's diet on saturday unanimously adopted a resolution calling on china to immediate withdraw its recent establishment of an air defense identification zone over the east china sea. the resolution says japan cannot accept the declaration of the air zone because china treats the airspace over japan's senkaku islands as if it were its own. japan controls the islands. china and taiwan claim them. it says china's declaration is a grave infringement of japan's territorial sovereignty. the resolution says the air zone restricts freedom of flight over the high seas. it also says the air zone will heighten tension over the east china sea and undermine peace and stability in the asia pacific region.
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>> translator: japan will closely cooperate with the united states and other countries to calmly and resolutely deal with china's attempt to change the status quo by force. we are determined to protect japan's territorial land, waters, and air space. >> the lower house adopted a similar resolution the previous day. japanese defense minister itsunori onodera and the philippine secretary of defense value tear gas mean have agreed to work together in dealing with china's air zone. owed theira arrivedunday for a two-day visit. he said japan cannot accept change of the status quo. gazmin said the philippines had expressed its own concerns as the move creates tensions in the region. on dera told reporters the important thing is for the international community to issue a strong message to china.
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>> translator: i think japan needs to express strong concerns if china sets up a similar zone a similar zone in the south china sea. >> on sunday, they will inspect eight activities by japan's self defense forces on leyte island, hit hard by a typhoon last month. south africans are taking to the streets to pay tribute to their late leader, nelson mandela. crowds of people gathered from early saturday morning in mandela square in johannesburg, the nation's largest city. they offered flowers in front of a statue of mandela. people attached messages, expressing thanks to the anti
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apartheid leader, and praising his achievements. mourners from different ethnic groups formed long lines to sign the book of condolence. >> thankful that he's gone, but also celebrating his life, celebrating what he has done for us as his people. so just want to thank him. >> the country's leaders plan to hold a national memorial service for mandela on tuesday in johannesburg. there will be a state funeral next sunday in the eastern village of cue knew, where mandela grew up. six men suspected of stealing a truck carrying a load of radioactive material in mexico are in hospital for possible radiation exposure. a group of gunmen hijacked a truck outside mexico city on monday. it was carrying a cobalt 60, a radioactive substance used for medical applications. police later found the radioactive substance about 60 kilometers away. the thieves had removed the
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radioactive material from its protective case. health officials say six men, aged between 16 and 38, visited the hospital between late thursday and early friday under police guard. they were tested for signs of radiation exposure. the officials say one of them was treated after complaining of a headache and nausea. police say they detained the six men, based on the truck driver's statement. the authorities plan to investigate the case further, after the men have finished undergoing medical tests. an event featuring south korean food has been held in tokyo. the country's traditional food culture, known as kimmon, was recently designated as an intangible cultural asset, along with japanese cuisine. the south korean embassy organized the event on saturday to deepen cultural exchange between the people of japan and south korea.
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kim jon involves making and sharing with neighbors spicy kick he willed vegetables called kimchi during cold winter months. 1.8 tons of chinese cabbage from south korea and 18 seasoning ingredients, including red peppers, oysters and pares. japan's princess, tack mottau and prime minister's wife were among those present at the event. they helped by adding seasoning to the cabbage leaves and sampling the source. some of the kimchi pickles will be sent to areas hit by the 2011 disaster in northeastern japan, and used as embassy events. up next, the world weather forecast.
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and that's it for this hour of "newsline." i'm keikichi hanada. on behalf of our team, thank you
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for staying with us.


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