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tv   RT News  PBS  December 8, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob you knew you will will will will will will will. a thousand state mass protests in ukraine's capital kiev the position hopes to force the president from power by the fiji government quarter while foreign politicians fan the flames with statements of support for the demonstrations. some even travel to kiev to score on the nt government knew it. us oil giant chevron resumes drilling during village in romania. curious locals engaged in a bitter fight against the tracking site they say will destroy their
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livelihoods. though the boppy and equipment to remove one two with two police did not encourage them to the dogs the guardian newspaper offers a robust defence of his papers reported that the nsa surveillance and all was being grilled by uk parliamentary committee. in the i'm not too much mocked the time and take things for joining me. tens of thousands of anti government protesters gathered on sunday in central kiev forty massive rally the opposition says it's a decisive moment for the country's future is called supporters to stage more contests early in the morning and lots more office as paul scott is following developments in kiev. this is the ambiguity i did the exact biggest heavyweight boxing go well
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and good vitali klitschko taking to the stage behind me watching the protests on the protest is to remain peaceful or symbols haney a slate of giving the government and holds the rights of up to say despite its high schools but we controlled the saving the lost men. our induction into the clouds that buckled down stocks to monument so that didn't cost much to do with it so late august elsewhere today there are a number of t bone steak outlined by the opposition as taught so that both relate to these include the words essay should be released any protests is to be directed to the cost of these demonstrations on the goods the top down violently on the protesters last week and should be punished somehow though she demands include the art resignation of president nixon and undercut the japanese government bonds an immediate election now. on that puppy off the set up a position called for nationwide general strike on the continue to surround them to update the government sold
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the pub until our ministry to buildings day in the center of tea after that bought the ukrainian security service to say that investigates and of all they are corrigan intends to seize power in the country and is also much on sunday that the use of foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to be sixty s later this week to try a doubt find a political solution to the crisis on the home and really has been voiced by support from european officials as my colleague every negative stuff now reports. i love the image racing and staff on the streets. but for some reason teens independence square has captured the minds of politicians from europe and the us have seen it there the opposition leaders. to speak for the crowds. and yet so few seem to have made the pasta cured from both sides from the country runners and their supporters
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assistant u s secretary of state's we stand with the people of ukraine to see their future in europe and want to bring their country back to economic health in unity. two former polish president and the supporters of euro integration must remain for and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way they can get unocal which make concessions. and current members of the european parliament with the whole day go by the end that will not be completed in may. often it is more than i expected. we then thought if that means every election. what began as a pro eu which descended into and out and out attack on leadership. the buzzwords of democracy justice and love of the people were interspersed the deal took phone calls from president chc!vez wants to admit he's been beaten. in
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utah. more so this is something that should be unacceptable. it's widely seen as a clear breach of my content. it also raised prices in moscow tomorrow. i can imagine how origin and partners with phelps is russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held against general. i didn't think they would consider it a friendly step towards meeting with opposition and this is one thing to take part in rallies that's interference in domestic affair really weak the government survived a no confidence vote in the ukrainian parliament defeated by the great process opposition teams went home to walk the stage installing parliament outside protest leaders called on people to take over as the civic offices as possible. but to have been in debate the pros and cons of the new friendship has descended into foreign few
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commitment to boosting opposition to the different tax earnings. we still like to see it. journalist neil clarke compares the reaction of european politicians to the protests in ukraine hypocritical. they have been proud to be headed for nashville to visit ukraine is very much a presence in the west ukraine. we didn't get a good introduction going to struggle when your solidarity with the way but the eu treaty. the protest easy to keep it peaceful day with great brutality by the police little fortunate to be a dress to be a good tackle that. extract. ukraine
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to divorce to his ribs and seeds eagle st writes that demonstrate its current european union st region inside sheou know they give you the space vacant it's absolutely outrageous shipping. ruling party officials are urging the protesters to go home they said the blockade of administrative buildings as preventing the approval of the twenty fourteen but get a cavity impact on state salaries and pensions across the country. so far though no sign of the rallies abating the thousands of pro government after the stage gravel rallies in kiev and across the east of the country. all suggest ukraine is sharply divided along geographic lines the west more than seventy percent of people favor a trade deal with your up a nice lesson third one closer links with the eu. mid term while the security services are investigating claims some politicians are aiming to seize power. if that were likely to happen. analysts think the east wind back the government the baby is a true eu. in the orange devotion. they would be up through customs union production company evolution so it would be the puffed with the civil war. because let's face it in the end of the industrial base in the east. they know that if
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they joined the eu package they would of course they will never join the eu itself they would lose. customs religious and russia and their industrial goods which are still being exposed the corruption in increasing quantities when suddenly become thirty five percent more expensive which the price the mile to the market and the same time i felt very much. that eu countries was suddenly expressed an interest in buying the new industrial groups. so even if there is an attempt at the violent overthrow of governments they will be definitely a very sizable come to force ready to come onto the streets. it is no longer co thousand the fall when no one was willing to risk their skin for frequent. beneath all the particle problems rupturing ukraine are even more pressing economic concerns. the cake building on venture capital late on rte when she explains just how close the country as to
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going under. despite violent clashes between locals and the authorities operations have restarted at a fraction sites in north east romania the shale gas well was being developed by us energy giant chevron with an army of police to ensure security residents were horrified at the prospect of thousands of tons of toxins being pumped into the land which provides them with their livelihood there are t. in a remote part of armenia deals in liege and fury. protesters stormed the work site operated by chevron. police responded with full force those who didn't leave willingly were dragged away so you can see at sony up in my country i live in the place for scenes at the height of political project of home projects the company front of the net the the people here want to know is who will protect them
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from big business. this is one of the poorest corners of the european union. but it still needs to sit on top of large reserves of valuable natural gas. it's the sort of place has changed little over the centuries and most of the residents still live off the land land which could soon be pumped full of toxic lead her to get the fuel underneath everyday acts and dry water out of the well for the millers are scared to ingest this is really what's at the heart of the matter the environments and the water. for them so much about fighting chevron as it is about protecting bullpen lives and livelihoods. about a minute to have been working on the line. it is they'll realize that i know i'm going to do isn't your typical sort of protest or a farmer all her life she and her husband were also some of the first villagers to speak out against chevron plans to drill for natural gas in their community. we've heard
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horror stories of realtors it might be included for a snow dome that being green. we don't have to risk everything for this company to make a profit. chevron says it's committed to working with the local community to drill without damaging the environment. it insists that it is abiding by all safety rules. that's not reassuring for farmers like the silly. in they could completely destroy us we just want to protect what's important in our ward are in our land. and that's what they've done for more than a month. leading the colts villages set up makeshift tents across the company's drilling sites. chevron to temporarily suspend its operations. last week the camp was greeted by the police. i had a hummer could stand the pain was the leading romanian but the police treated us like criminals. i'd like to assume that the entire selves together to form a human chain to kicking and feeding
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us with their bottoms. i was kicks here is another religion is a postponement is a new party in the stomach and on saturday. more violence that began as a peaceful demonstration was broken up by force. her breasts. the protester and hands but demonstrators continued to get taken away in the spark in some ways that the case of david versus goliath tiny romanian village i didn't get an energy giant chevron off and its lands but despite the arrests despite the protests and despite the clash of the chevron trucks are already here. no work look sets to one. reporting in to ingest romania rt and the seed capital. many believe the chemicals used in tracking code that can accumulate in the soil. i even causing water and air pollution activists claimed that are over eight thousand documented cases of contamination near drilling sites. that's as the health risks could include sensory and respiratory damage the safety campaigner george
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barna says that even if affecting a cracking victims were to take these cases to court in the unlikely to win it. it is too shall pass and that's made to put into them it is going to be too few of the people in neighboring plots of land and that they the ones that suffer the consequences that the huge increase rates of those kinds of rules with respect to program's thousands of families and schools without the areas i'm wondering if there were no hearing more about specific stories of death and illness is that in order to get any kind of compensation from the stock in companies that houses the club will use the comp games fight the nickelback schools that serve them can afford. on top of chemical and other chemical pollution rather of that. water contamination backing is also blamed for causing earthquakes. he got on the texas communities dropped like unexplained travelers and locals and sets down to tracking. the arts
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this week it's legal in on the nsa spying get more the kremlin's keyhole swedish tv reported fresh leeks from adverts noting that stock on hand that intelligence from russia's leadership in energy giants to the united states the chief editor of the news program that broke the story told rte earlier about the findings. we haven't revealed that the but it deals with a sushi the between the swedish defence review authority sra and that their american counterparts. nsa. and according to documents. that if they have spied on spying on to the russian leadership and they are passing these information on. two nd essay there we got accesto the stalk a mess thanks to anna in the snow done so far
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and we had gone to heaven there the tears more than that the documents are mentioning them the faculty involved and unique the chileans faculty above classic. it really ends and the oh so mentioning cables the spokesman of all this rain didn't give any comments but an edwin hacks asked about that being an unseen pass a leading hawk that that's the way that david and spend it in in the stock a mess if ray is the leading off the head to an essay and then his face. ok the sweltering heat sinks so they thus the word in common too we haven't received so far. meanwhile the editor of britain's guardian newspaper with a grill that it's fair hearing this week. alan ross bridge or faced questions after exposing the scale of the global surveillance program in which the uk. lead me to read. st ap the room was filled with by the sea
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with the following tuesday jenna. can we assume you are having discussions with your american lives of hundreds of thousands of people who can assist your intuition. then i saw it. all three of us who told him as a specialist him jed. thank you very much the one of britain's top stove to kiss the paper of it at assisting terrorists by revealing how they're being spied on. the editor strongly defended the reporting insisting the accusations world bank national security was not breached the articles but in the interest the hearing led to concern over the issue of free speech in the country buffet home and abroad. journalist gleaming he believes is all part of a campaign to publicly embarrass the guardian. he says because as the seafront own consumption is really full the united kingdom and baby cameron is trying to demonstrate that he's the strong man is tough on terrorism in late june the senate. tell him all to do in the full. he's coming
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out with the statements which are the worst the world thinks pretty crazy because everyone is dying from prison on the talents that we should have this debate about what all the newness of supply and small pioneer of the site to be had. an israeli david cameron and the uk job on the same deletion of data communists are recovering from iceland or controversial government plan to close the twenty four thousand euro written off every household mortgage in the country that's a few minutes after birth the eye. i see think that he has that. a representative of the ad in the gotham government the government in general could achieve that. i easing off life for the palestinian people. fill the way they communicate to the ways that present themselves to do what
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you can make a train and when it is excellent from owning a kind of governments that and then to make the nicest government which recollect of that today. and presented it from the palestinian people the soft wrist neck to watch the second suspect outlet later sunday telegraph. so called peace process to miss all the israel palestine conflict. this little if any results. in fact the palestinians are experiencing excel with illegal land seizures. isn't it time to accept that one state solution and are looking for institutions like the un to replace the current negotiating framework the art is like a mosque i'm going to france. iceland is alive and kicking the country's economy has
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rebounded after the recession which struck our five years ago with state reading its own path to financial well being. instead of trying to save its bankrupt banks the government will let them go to the law. the leadership then decided to reject a lost deposits repayments being swayed by protesters he said the plan is unfair. instead every household in the country will now have twenty four thousand heroes written off their mortgage banking executives accused of causing the crisis the first place are also being pursued at the state. master of binary economics mighty shakespeare believes that iceland is setting a remarkable example. you must rely on your own national bank. for your own new uses for your own with economy and for the spreading and if you don't do that you'll be trapped into debt in the same way that when the priest of god christ and that you've got a free country in the well is being checked
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into the increasing debt. and all that happens is that they increase the levels of debt and smashed the populations down. we need every vote against this global financial system and in its own way iceland is testing ivory somebody is awful. thank you honest. international monetary fund has criticized the icelandic government policies saying those little space left for additional debt relief masters. and by leaving the insolvent banks to fend for themselves the country's already let down its biggest creditors the rt korea went to two of the biggest uk and germany to gauge opinion. australia wide what does it get it that was left of it has been obviously a span the miles males he said he was helpless families to skip that. heads of the dots of featured many academics to christmas. what the hood up with a few women
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the economy. while it is the to just go though provoking the country can afford it very great. anyone with the white also. listening to michael steele. i think it's a good thing we have laws in germany where you can get subsidies as a home owner that's the thing overpass this is ok. he didn't get this thing for individual people that would be good news but not for the country you never know for the money comes from facades gifts ever wondered how twenty lakhs got one over on the united states defense and state departments had our tea dot com get the story from the man behind with the leeks gillian summers has just marked his third year next door and tennessee in london class. a record level of radiation. recorded at the fish in a nuclear plant in japan. experts say that such a level could kill a human in twenty minutes the full story on monday the was an official day of prayer and reflection in south africa in memory of former president nelson
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mandela who died on thursday tens of thousands of people including sixty world leaders are expected to attend his funeral in just a week from now. the slayer follows mandela's course. angry on gravel to a global icon at the equality and compassion he's the man who did a couple of the divine gift and that from the brink of civil war the man who often tree tea sipping coffee as the green prawns with feet from prison in his heart was an open theme. well i think that his greatest legacy to this country is reconciliation. in the last three decades the world's tiniest be punished. the image of nelson in ghana. and in each recognized of all the world nico cocoa that his patient in such a man who struggle for racial people undertaking south africa is reading like the noise he had a dockside and wound has conveniently forgotten about. nelson won ten of the need to know struggle pretty cool. someone
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used. i embraced finances isn't this a street political instrument at a particular juncture in history. this house was the secret headquarters of the african national congress it is here in the mid sixty s my dad and his comedy school and beyond struggle it is also said that mr bin where they stood on trial and sentenced to life in prison south african journalist chris bishop believes the nineteen sixty four trial that soul mind and then he's come late sentenced to life hope tat it will be in a favor. during the trial these gentlemen. you don't throw the venue promise they went from being the cute is that the people in that tall slowly it transform. they became the benjamin franklin's of africa as a beacon of freedom fighters that began the man of principle astounding up mainly for the rights of
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august. i slowly built on old opinion around parma violets to one of the greatest freedom fighters to have a noble spirit. the story of nelson mandela is remarkable a man who stood up for the whites of people it is the way. but also the familiar tale mcdonald's has gone into town was around twenty one day and evoke the next. was he a rt hon is that south africa. this area who went missing after rebels captured the christian village of mullah have made contact with the world can be yelled at in march. they claimed they were not kidnapped but in fact were rescued from the shelling attack. their statement has raised many questions now people suspect in the way they were speaking under duress and oxen writer a journalist who's been to syria several times and has met with christians there doesn't buy the claims of the rebels good intentions we have to see that money will not see it. the three qt
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whether you were in his testimony will you it's a very old and ancient christian pilgrimage with them. there is always more history. so when we see now that the eu rather than on start filling it with this one i missed having the added treat her well. and in all it is we shouldn't forget that the shelving to check on them honestly was turned off by his union army boss turned off by the so called readings are free and cheap nothing else than terrorists. so then he saw. christians because they are saying we are treated well. before we go along with a song that there are quite fits what we see is this my one up was to take right now. the second time within several weeks in brief
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the main opposition party in thailand has resigned from parliament and are likely to deepen the country's political crisis. hundreds of thousands into the streets in recent weeks demanding the government resign. mass rallies began when the prime minister tried to pass an amnesty bill. many fear that would have allowed the ex pm also her brother to return to power. tensions between south korea and china have heated up after its sole expanded its defence zone to include areas claimed by both countries in the east china sea that's in response to a declaration by the team two weeks ago claiming that a submerged chunk of land fell into its own military zone south korea has said it informed the us before making its decision. a series of bombings across the iraqi capital that left at least thirty nine people dead and more than a hundred injured the deadliest attack took place in the shia district of baghdad were a car exploded near a workshop. peace activist or adrian sends believes the situation is
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worse for many that it was under former dictator saddam hussein. the darlington in my view was that they were interested in informing him that there is a finnish tradition. the russians to italy. because there was no no. after the war. disease is gone. involve them in the states. there are basic services to be near the end to ocean isle where the menu occupation. and you know basic services. after about thirty minutes with more news but before that at some point to look into the role of hamas the peace process with
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israel. ross park. i them just an edge to foreign leaders account to your location or the triple j showed up the anti eu protests and bulgaria greece are hungry to urge people to leave the eu would join the population customs union of these debates to me would be artfire scream that this is part of an attempt to use a democracy that steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda. they know what that might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talked about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament florida version uni at an eu vice president gets a foot to see a and former polish pm purest love kaczynski the european union preston was just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protesters to start a pro eu revolution but then all of their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to join the eu the obvious
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hypocrisy of this takes all the way up the mosque. just typing. i rmb. they did. to
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this. did. glance at me with an sunday's edition of nice line it's monday to sender nine crime capital and shea and tokyo. members of that north korea's ruling party has confirmed something that speed limits that day. they announced that the uncle of the routine junk bond has being dismissed as on tanks and as vice chairman of the national defense commission and was widely seen as his mentor the political


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