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watching. i peered years and the longest ongoing series on the seventeen ninety two election campaign. i know all that well continues line it's wednesday to sunday eleven and calf ankle and she and tokyo. global chemical weapons once todd has been awarded the nobel peace prize and is again again is a shame for the prohibition of chemical weapons have pushed for more than a decade. they gained international recognition when he took on the job of overseeing the destruction of the series chemical arsenal the extent
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that the knives at the ceremony in oslo and mittens and to promise to make chemical weapons in the pants. the really need to look at the fate of the survivors of such effects people are destined to spend the rest of their lives sunscreen on minimal physical or psychological pain. to understand why such weapons must be banned the point is that the organization since its in the afternoon gas attack in august. the media's later agreed to destroy their stockpiles of chemical weapons. syrian government troops and not let up in their fight against opposition points as the missile just have me taking control of the strategic town opposition forces use to control the town of noble it's located along the highway connecting the capital damascus to this end to city of palms. it will
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now be eased if the government forces to transport goods feel and weapons to the capital. tear of french soldiers who were killed in an operation to restore stability in the central african republic yet france is first casualty since its military intervention began last week french defense ministry official said the two soldiers were attacked by militants at close range typically an airport in the capital city of pune be drastically about sixteen hundred troops to the central african republic to help restore security. tribal militants have repeatedly clashed in the country in recent weeks. civilians have been killed in the violence french president francois long offered his condolences to the soldiers' families he said he will continue the military operation. south africans and dozens of heads of states came together on a rainy day in johannesburg to remember a man who changed the nation and inspired the world. i attended a memorial for nelson mandela who died last week at the age
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of ninety five. he sought to dismantle apartheid and went on to become the country's first black president. nhk was teaching us and points . two. citizens against rivals from across the country for the occasion. the jammed inside the stadium cheering feelings of loss and trading stories of their great leader among them. my diva as he was affixed it to be known. i'm in deep resentment so in a mind game. he's going he will do as maggie mee and fried them with fat that may fit in my effort into us as emp put in some of the car. my guess that but not at this end racism out of that can keep up on and it says a teapot of a part of this i can. i was
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known as an avid soccer fan she may be his last appearance year or two and two seventy two nd quilt top us president barack obama flew into it and. he was joined by former presidents george w bruce to clinton and jimmy carter japanese crown prince naruto. british prime minister david cameron the new second digital want to move and also pay their respects. leaders of brazil india and tube train some form of fools the night. all in attendance dooley has to cease to speak about them and greeted by this means that people are on the role. come on in the north. i know. you know. what's more there all
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the time. she was hungry that is. oh and i. the tour the poll. it's just that it is. the this is just like it the body. to you. eighteen people. it is. sea two to say the film. since it brought
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together leaders of two countries that have long change at the united states and cuba. us president barack obama shook hands with tube and present will castro the us cut off diplomatic relations with cuba more than fifty years ago and has impressive range of economic sanctions. i went around the world broadcasts the handshake line. sen allen said it signaled a step toward reconciliation. not obama leader said that back too many to claim solidarity with mandela struggle for freedom but do not tolerate dissent from their own people he did not mention any names what is time now for the latest in a business news and business sentiment they get inside t d day in every country japan is gearing up for one and it's a key business and that begins next monday. i'm a married guy joins us now from the biz and that's running good morning to like it this week for that day to get deathly a captive market is very keen to see the bank of japan's quarterly tank and sorbet. i'm as
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the heads of about ten thousand companies have been surveyed about the state of their business. so researchers that the japan says sixteen private institutes expect the tank and survey to show a modest improvement among both manufacturers assault on many factors now would be the fourth straight quarterly improvement. the researchers say the measure of business sentiment among major manufacturers like the ranges from pos thirteen points to plus sixteen points and that stuff up from the last twelve points from the last tank and report released in october they say the sentiment among major on many factors range from plus fifteen points to plus nineteen points and that's also up from the previous figure which was last fourteen points researchers point out good business results in the construction industry is due to an increase in works projects and last minute demand prior to the schedule consumption tax hike from april but the researchers forecast only a moderate improvement in sentiment they say the volume of exports is not growing as
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expected due to delays in economic recovery overseas not a skeptic on the markets and the us stock prices fell on tuesday the dow jones lost the third of a percent to fall below the key sixteen thousand special. investors were uncertain about whether the federal reserve is going to start to taper its monetary stimulus program soon and for more on japanese market so we go to the needy at the tokyo stock exchange so elaine how are the markets i kicking off this morning. the morning or in need of an empty and quiet and i start at the moment and we also have to leave this beat out on machinery our guest here in japan. they lost zero point six percent in october which is the pristine into months and now let's go to the opening levels phone wednesday december and eleven the nikkei is down to zero point four five percent at fifteen thousand five hundred and forty one points and a broader topics as the lab i
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still point eight percent this comes after the nikkei closed to lie on tuesday when some profit taking from the center valley so weak side this morning pulling those losses on wall street now you as a very late this month he shoot the bull como and this will impose restrictions on pete's that bangs in the us carried out and that means i need you more that are past week or so we'll see how this affects share prices of japanese banks have operations in the u that's me. the numbers dollars following his major currencies including the yen of course i mass despite some speculation that the us economy is recovering and the fed may actually scaled back its up on buying program soon twenty twenty have on that front. i don't mean that the stress and bengali he is treating at right now the leader is not at one hundred and two point eight to ten in fort compared to the one hundred and three have all at the round the same time on skis the end of this a market for years
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have retraced and the possibility of the fact that various monetary easing programme and the act taking profits on the dollar's recent miles ahead of more us economic data due out in the tent this weekend. in this weekend's sales on this day and producer price index on friday and it has happened again during ns about doing this at one hundred and forty one point five four two five nineteen the year was also slightly lower against the yen as investors bought the japanese can see acid that can be safer assets. aft that overnight losses in global output in life gets so we'll see how big he is in the yen and the forecast for a decadent and business sentiments of the day dimension that will lead into the mike gets to be seen thanks elaine and i keep an eye on most levels there will be back with you later on and that's all for business use for now i'll leave you with a look at some of the region's markets as well
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it is. we warned investors to reduce you to think the tokyo market linked to win. born to rule the world from the decision to quit change the course of
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the economy. i have missed more to do. in our bike stolen from a brown one. oh but wait this is tuesday to get into it with a heater on youtube. first a dementia some that will be held in london on wednesday. health ministers and researchers will discuss global action to deal with the rapid increase in dementia cases. the summit will also bring together officials from the world health organization and pharmaceutical companies british prime minister david cameron requested the meeting alzheimer's disease international estimates that more than forty four million people are living with dementia. the organization predicts this figure will triple to more than one hundred and thirty five million by twenty fifty. but this depends on to discuss global cooperation to dev as wl as effective support for patients and their families the us ambassador to japan has visited and nagasaki the us hit the city with an atomic bomb in nineteen forty
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five. caroline kennedy is expected to call for more efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons. that is taking me a tummy sacked elway welcome kennedy at the city's atomic bomb museum in massive went for it or mention that the atomic bomb survivors she said that the sixty premium tap and she referred to her father the late president john f kennedy. president kennedy was very proud that he was able to start the process nuclear disarmament. he then went to p start to place the weeks before a statue dedicated to two prayers for peace. she and the airtel we planted the flowering dogwood saplings the americans gave this type of treat japan nearly a century ago. in return for the three thousand cherry tree saplings the japanese tea then in nineteen twelve. a representative of the japan confederation of a and h bomb
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suffers organizations. alan kennedy says that he wants her to send a message back to washington. continuing the knee. because of the bombing. people were unable to do the work to pay as human beings. you want the ambassador to tell president obama to come and visit nagasaki. she also emphasize that atomic bombs designed this i striving for a world without nuclear weapons. lawmakers on the u s house and senate times services committees have approved funding for troop shall fully in the asia pacific. some of the us millions currently stationed in okinawa japan are expected to be sent to the island of the guam. as for is meant to ease the burden on okinawa the southern prefecture host the majority of the u s military facilities in japan the senate has been blocking funding related to the transfer. but the armed services committees in both
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chambers in quito the contents of the national defense authorization act for the current fiscal year. it is the expenditure of eighty six million dollars. the bill includes a closet maintaining a freeze on past budgets by japan and the us on spending related to the transfer. if trees could stay in place until all construction plans for a sizzling bomb. i submit it to is this a part of the freeze has been lifted us officials estimate the transfer will cost eight point six million dollars japan will contribute about a third of that amount the us plan aims to stop the transfer of marines in the early twenty twenty east a japanese maritime self defense force vessel has joined a multinational fried off somalia. this is the first time for japan's sts to take part in a joint anti piracy mission to destroy years left at the same could be pushing the prefecture last month bound for africa. one of the ship's the sunny deck during the multi national
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task force in the gulf of aden on tuesday. each country in a task was assigned to him at times down to patrol their ships had the job of chasing away any pirates cited numbers down. that and other an sds destroyers and being in the area since two thousand and nine. but japan pass an anti piracy law until now those patients have been restricted to escalating commercial vessels gabe's defense news the familial montana announced the start of his country's latest mission. a couple putting the snow japanese vessels will do their best to deal with pirates. while cooperating with other countries in the multinational force maybe offices from each country take tens commanding the multinational fleets on the day has said he does not think japan will be assed to take on a command role in the near future. but he said an sts were considered doing so is the requests it
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japanese chance have a food fight on their hands they see me and diana has ordered more and more westerns the summer and then cheered the decision by unesco to designate traditional japanese cuisine and tangible cultural assets and many more in that tradition needs to be protected this high end restaurant in chilton was established more than a hundred years ago. its owner and yes it's your shingle about that. he's played a central role in loving the government to give watchdog group the status of world cultural theorist. what does worry because he says a growing number of children no longer understand the authentic taste of japanese cuisine. although all the children's three favorite dishes are. one hamburger steak a two parent
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and three. the content the striking doesn't change also they can no longer tell the difference between watchdog groups and western cuisine. to join hands with two pools authority to launch an educational program he worked with another ship the gushing on and to familiarize children because they too simple too. he went to school and teaches a pure prepares to go. known in japanese as gushing. she is fundamental in determining the flavor but these were families that confirms for me due to the widespread use of breaking made soups the deal you often see children ate well today a one to taste stock made from it. a tasty japanese meal begins with the preparation of adoption the process is so important that experts say the least of
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the soup still determines the success of the day. one common recipe for d'arcy doyle kill him. try putting it off i have. and the colts the children will learn what an authentic. she is supposed to taste like i had. i did the list of errands with the children making their room and she super clear that notes you can turn off the stove the stock is then used to simmered locally grown vegetables. and in it
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it takes time and effort to make authentic costume. but he and the food is delicious it's a bit difficult. i want to try again. home is an ideal anyone children to develop their right to claim to have it by having the opportunity to taste authentic sheet while they're still young the baltimore that if nothing is done marshall who will no longer be the miracle. instead people will have to go out to lead the tour. what people need to reconsider the right to the dishes prepared by their grandmothers resting at the past. i want them to learn to cook and to taste that kind of food again the washroom to manhattan to the world's intangible cultural heritage. but keeping it alive. it starts with passing it on to the next generation. all
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bullying in japanese schools is a serious problem and day there were a record number of incidents during the two thousand and twelve school year. the education ministry revealed the surge in its recent annual summer day the survey shows that nearly two hundred thousand pieces of bowling but confirmed during the year through march twenty thirteen if the gears about two point eight times higher than the previous year it's the largest since the ministry began this kind of survey in nineteen eighty five. of all the cases more than one hundred and seventeen thousand occurred at elementary schools that are over sixty three thousand cases have junior high schools at senior high schools that are more than sixteen thousand. education ministry officials say the surge in numbers is probably due to greater efforts by teachers. despite pulling added at least an inch. this time average bank of the dome other people in northern japan next year in this stormy weather. mine sure she tells us more about
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that table. yes i welcome the month that location since then has the dado western and central japan yesterday. now i was mentally to north betting poker as of now reaching the summit by one hundred twenty two kilometers per hour and stormy conditions will likely continue into the afternoon hours. this is one of the pulling away in the southeastern rest of bringing blizzard conditions reducing visibility. in another location since then as affecting the korean peninsula. it's the of the act. active since then now we created c effect snow as of now we have numerous understand supported and salt this system will then make its way towards northern japan into tomorrow effect he had this another area that has been battered yesterday said very short break here in orem but north western flank of japan especially the pacific side remains quite dry. in fact it then though there's a demo on community level discount about twenty five percent said they mainly use them on it at six today here in tokyo
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thirteen degrees for the highest india to the gay press on that one minus eleven is flying high. isn't the place he knew he would only namely spheres moisturizers here in bangkok in a very tropical down them not cross and the americas at yesterday's snow has battered much of these areas in oklahoma we have one in ten fatalities reported awesome car accidents have happened in north east and the minutemen take in states where the central crime scene about three point six centimeters of snow fall which is an unique in the records of the skirt is actually worth around in a new york but and this is the result on them they reported temperatures are already to know they have a strange thing down ten minute set one degree in nineteen ten and the peak will be on your thursday. so the snow piling up on and the roads will be melting by the melted snow could turn into black eyes. the pca mean went to the romans do take extra precaution because that could
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be black ice rather than as a way to road conditions driving laws of the hazard is hearing the great lakes region on carrying the sea and about sixty centimeters of snow fall. another area will be in around him and cannot where blizzard conditions with us the town hundred twenty kilometers per hour can combine with the snow. the ducati you're going to come look at him he must travel in europe the cause. the sentiment fell on the other side making at twenty twenty trees that plenty of sunshine. i hear in a year at the licking and a very unsettled conditions to continue across a turkey in fact the european champion meet one of the time. the un teams have been canceled due to hail that has been reported there. lots of snow will happen in two into work friday in istanbul forecasted snow will continue into the weekend uterus lining damascus to my pc see some snow there as well as some money where things are happening in some places across the world. some
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western area sent me to thinking very chilly and a drive in fact he may even see some morning sans font with reduced visibility down ten hundred fifteen eight meters of paris and london making and single digits again pot and sky and sunshine payment and has been making it the look that fits on even now for your accent artest i am noon. and. i know the rest
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i don't. i do. the road. it
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is gathered at a temple and the ancient japanese capital secure itself. they were then to pray for good health and to get a chance to enjoy a pint being hot dish. and here is the temple. some three thousand icon that it is a bengal and then in large pots the south and slice eyes as he only seasonings. this is named after this that that is caused by a kentucky jess and i sense it's a bit editions died after their ancestors could have a satellite dish for a famous buddhist monk named its team that he visited the temple some seven hundred and fifty years now as the increased make an offering of field which don't dish test the queue of thirteen and enshrined at the temple. is is then got a chance to doing that i could take it too. we'll keep in mind and body my health is
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suffering. so i've come to keep this in hopes it'll make me feel better
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