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tv   Arirang News  PBS  December 16, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the lot of my reportage is the end of the human eyes people of the other sites that we have a real debate this country. not an abstract one of our people that are caught at a crisis and these are collateral damage to sunday ten am and late season form. the exit of the cast as north korea commemorates the two year anniversary of the jungles to the regime's military reaffirms their loyalty to its supreme commander cute elmo. a railway strike makes fewer trains available for seoul subway riders after one rider died over the weekend of an accident attribute it to substitute operator the summer buying spree for investors start selling off their holdings in korean stocks on the corporate performance and expected us thought to bring program
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prime time news begins now to prime time news it's monday the seventh sexy fearing korea one from solange see them come with it so much for joining us. we begin in north korea where the communist regime is gearing up for tomorrow's second anniversary of the death of former north korean leader kim jong il on the eve of the occasion the nation's military held a mass gathering to pledge allegiance to his son and current leader himself the hand that passed the lips. the schuylkill and trying to quell instability in the north by the king is spread on the state's military. according to the state run korean central news agency monday the north korean military swore loyalty
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to quote unquote their one and only supreme commander keen to land and that the state party and in accordance with tudung if it works. the gathering took place at the couscous and memorial palace and county and our bodies of the state founder kiwi some in the sun to tell me in mind state military apology or keep the domain and armed forces minister tom thumb them were among those in attendance the molecule. the man also pays its respects to the late chairman of the workers' party control commission to pay the least known for his loyalty to the routine the kcna of reporting on consensus is that stressed the importance of doing the same. a lot scale national ceremony to commemorate the second anniversary of two done instead is expected to take place on tuesday. much attention is being drawn to how the front seat will be arranged as to be indicative of the team's new power structure. and then added any
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back here in the south amid the turmoil in north korea president than they can be a security meeting with related ministers and senior secretaries on monday the president to set them on a train infrastructure to better anticipate changes in the north and to safeguard against reckless provocations in particular a dingy reports from the presidential office her recent execution of that time so that was once regarded as the second most powerful fake during north korea has startled the world not to mention south korea as a follow up whatever to security policy meeting on friday. a tense execution was announced by playing in state run media held a meeting with the afternoon with her fork affairs and security related ministers and senior secretary. see your essentials secretary for relations agent had told reporters the president ordered the establishment of the national security council
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secretariat support the management at the nsc and the action of the national security office to better respond to the rapidly changing situation on the korean peninsula and in the abbreviations. the fsc secretariat played a role as the control caliber of security related issues for the bill clinton administration. it was abolished in the back administration. she also asked or top officials to fully prepare for any contingencies. the proprietor charge the so they can continue want to curtail the brick he's now worry credit records related to the streets to keep a close eye on the situation unfolding in the north and the fetus from security posture. and particularly she cursed them illustrate to closely cooperate with us four cents a share for a chat with neoprene nations and international community earlier that day tour to the director senior secretary president have warned of possible provocation. don't
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get between incheon and package a premium. hamilton and compare that with an onion little teeny the secret to helpful. more money to buy the pack and put that tactical pt has gone nine to nineteen. the session off the south china and other offices or early on emergency standby with president beck calling for nationwide efforts to prepare for any possibilities. consider the ship called the graphic tee and unpredictability of the status quo. well it seems to achieving its. while tuesday as the second anniversary of when the mill stuff. it also marks the first af and seven's thirty error as north korean leader. are you education ministry correspondent on sunday joins us now look back at the young dictators accomplishments over the last two years and explore what his future may bring over eighteen guys says honey let's travel back in time for two thousand eleven when kingdom and first came into power. what was his leadership there like what
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the heck of a spot and former north korean leader and daddy on december seventeen two thousand eleven there was a lot that fell into the canteen slack. now that twenty seven year old king done any inherited a new arsenal one point two million trips six trillion dollars worth of natural resource is and a population of twenty four million impoverished people. the young leader is believed to have received much less training compared to a spot there to train for years before assuming power so at the beginning of its leadership we saw him being accompanied by his uncle time some tech who was regarded as his guardian and the second in command. for a spell of until last week when saddam was executed on allegations of treason. so even though kim john the end was the top guy in power how old days of the removal of times and tech affect the power structure that. but experts say the execution of sounds that naz eyes shift in north korea's current structure to
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a one man leadership structure this meeting backed teams and then it's making sure that he is the one and only rule out the btn. now i'm on the outside world that shot lights out his removal north korea watchers say it was a calculated move and very much and expect the plan the dictator. it seems prudent and capable. he has to be careful you'll take measures to remove those are very high and on a higher key because they pose the greatest challenge for the greatest potential challenge to his rule so the exhibition was carefully planned rather than emotional impulse said the session of the set right. sata because i wasn't the only man to fall under team sunspots five out of seven senior officials that company again came during his father's funerals have seen have not even those which means he has even
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sniffing figures in his father's generation had this to bolster his own inner circle. if you take a look at the chart here the number of clients that time the company the north korean leader at events. this year from the earlier arrest trivial yet again mccain's new father's day has enough hearing a lot more tailored appointed by him as the flip your achieved in april last year and he has seen next to the north korean leaders says ten's execution. so based on the case presented so far tongues canceling execution seems very logical but will this get him what he wants why experts remain divided on how the un team i will spare afterwards depending on whether they see the removal of time as a calculated move or one that arose from an internal power struggle. it's amazing the amount of time and effort in meetings and appointments and things that were done. um across the board in terms of
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ideology in terms of institutions and personal. um appointments in control that night don't see the reason why it should not be successful. the woman. it shows how corrupted the north korean leadership is that there are many internal conflicts due to the forces to oppose change. the long term this may provoke the north korean citizens tiny it's business as usual for the gang leader games and has made a string of appearances since the execution had this uncle visiting the construction site for the boxing and ski resorts and the korean people's army design in sticky and the sneaky will also be welcoming retired american basketball player dennis rodman for the third time this year and allowing an international delegation to torrid they can some industrial complex this week i think is very less on cue for joining us this evening session. before your dna. and
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another begins. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the cold its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. after the nation's spy agency announced self reform measures a hearing was held by a special parliamentary committee over ways to overhaul the organization and on top of sifting through ongoing accusations of political interference lawmakers discussed the intelligence agency's role in the recent north korea perch up to one tells us. this special prominence beacon eighty two with twenty ten national intelligence
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agency held hearings on monday. a group of experts was invited to share their debuts on how to make even see it more politically neutral and think that it's a breeze no mention of information gathering the experts have a very chill and opposing perspectives about the direction and go but with reports all taxpayers in baghdad. i don't buildings candidate parties that reducing agents suspected an investigator who punishes domestically or death but negative impact on security considering your korea still stands. there are spies to south korea and the national intelligence agency often the rest of it experts recommend it but the main opposition democratic party said dna and showed strength and information gathering activities and north korea and other countries and that its investigative rates and home give them headaches the sharing it doesn't interfere in domestic political acts. the two parties also chemo with
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differing opinions about the same development in the curia and the role as a spy agency in buildings unity party said his agency didn't get top correcting information on the prairie take a cautious approach to be taken regarding the scope of the courts. you go now is when parliament meets by pursing cooperation to add this in quarantined both diplomatically and security wise we should avoid internal conflicts the opposition democratic party said the foreigners should center on improving the agency's information gathering capacity mean we would regard to north korea. the reform ideas by the democratic party are intended to strengthen the nis not to weaken it national intelligence said this is embroiled in allegations that an adult in last year's presidential election. this batch of prominent rican is hearings will continue to excuse the berlin state the committee will begin
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deliberating an abbreviation of the market to buy control of the national intelligence service. aidan means the rain after railway strike in the nation and turn its second week on this monday all the while mostly only affect its freight train operations during week one it's now starting to impact passenger train services leaving some leaders and alert. this is any reports they really streak that started one week ago has now begun to have the direct effect on two meters in the capital city. the korea railroad corporation recall trail begins operations of some wailing three insult by fifteen percent on monday the line is operated by the both coal rail is all natural which also read the first and fourth lines at signaling the possibility of further scale downs in operations. the unions representing so natural and the kirby of railway workers have already notified their employers could be planted on
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a strike starting wednesday the number of its passenger trains. it's all for science starting tuesday suggesting more i think and the means is that commuters in the coming day. on monday evening july st district court issued a press warrants for six union members were currently on strike. another cortisol is still reviewing for other warrants that were requested by police earlier in the day and a four year old woman was killed in southern seoul on sunday evening after her leg got stuck between a train doors while the subway was still moving. a stuffed it to denton year was riding the subway at the time of the accident. one of hundreds that are filling in for the nearly eight thousand workers currently on strike very demanding that the government reversed its plan to set up the new rail operator which they claim is the first sector or private aviation the government and police call it an illegal strike and that he'll follow the letter headlined dealing
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with it. she's a main item yes i bought a baker says its market share in the bric nations of brazil russia india and china is at a record high and a daughter and its affiliate kia motors said monday that the companies' combined sales and the bric nations reached two point three four million units and that in eureka november period sales record in a stark contrast from the company saw its sales in the us. the singer also represents the automaker's highest market share in the bric nations at ten point nine percent and the automaker said it expects that to increase to more than eleven per cent depending on december sales. a spokesperson from the other pivot at the sales growth to the release of models taylor to foreign consumers. this past summer the korean stock market emerged as one of asia's most popular st stephen's into tears over the outlook for us monetary
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policy but sparked a major sell off by that upward trend is reversed in recent weeks he and his will. two months ago when korean stocks enjoyed their longest ever for and buying spree and had an eight month high. that's been hiking feeder to the timing of us panelists it brings and the investors seeking a safe haven to korea he considered it a more solid economy compared to other developing nations. we have recorded a trade surplus for the nineteen straight month in october. but it turns out that less nor more than a blip on the radar. in recent weeks the cost yet dropped by nearly five percent to a point lower than the beginning of the year the fears that the united states will most likely start tapering on in your future experts say korean company's disappointing report cards in the third quarter also come to the fore and sell off of the two hundred and fifty four local companies have announced their earnings and
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the third quarter only get them posted higher than expected profits. this compares to around two thirds vote in the united states and japan. ever since the global financial crisis the united states carried out stronger restructuring their shirts and japan lashed out in use in a steamer all season so called economics korean state continue to create a bubble raising company's credit rating as it benefited from the spring yet. that one the lack of strong restructuring measures he says has taken a toll on local companies that are calling for a new and stronger brother ben's in an appropriate policies to support that to the korean stock market can follow a solid upward trajectory. ut and i didn't use. korea's second largest mobile carrier may soon see the former samsung electronics semiconductor division president has its new chairman. its announcement kt corporation ceo recommendation committee said
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it tapped long tongued you as a final candidate because of its expertise in telecommunications and his business management skills the six year old is a widely acclaimed a person has a semiconductor specialist and is known for inventing the world's first two hundred fifty six mega dram chip bomb will be officially named chairman and a general meeting of stockholders set for mid january. i did on tv korea's only global television network will be available on directv the largest satellite provider in the united states beginning in the first half of the next year the korea communications commission said on monday that the new deal will help you or the korean wave reached mainstream audiences in the united states idea on tv becomes the second former broadcaster to run programming on directv following china's cctv. ibm launched its first a digital terrestrial tv channel in the united states in two
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thousand eleven and reached one hundred million households worldwide in two thousand when. l e d lighting may appear to be a bit on the expensive side when installed but it can save you energy and therefore money in the long run with another electricity shortage fears this point or a local association is promoting alley the lighting and the way of the future. so in jong and tells us more this is the parking garage of an apartment complex in time to break the elite the lights automatically turn on our become brighter than the person or a car here is the area. the management of the complex is to set them back nearly forty thousand us dollars to install the lights but is an investment. expect to get back. we are now sitting on the seventy two percent or almost forty six hundred dollars from the average total electricity bill of six thousand three hundred dollars every month with effectiveness of the eco friendly lighting
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coming in tonight. the curry association for the comics industry development or copy it. he's actively pushing government agencies and the private sector to embrace the elite the industry and turned onto and other cds into it and the tc its moral or religious reasons the city of vaughan who is plotting to replace more than ten percent of the street lamps with l e d lights within next year and continued the substitution extensively. leave it at all to achieve a sixty percent penetration rate of a leaky lighting by the year twenty twenty is also working on helping korea's eight hundred and eighty related companies make inroads into other markets in europe and southeast asia. and i mean i need and u. the entertainer was a wonderful year for
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south korean sports stars across the bow but a new poll says that one player shine the brightest even shake joins us with details. well the big guys he was indeed a great year for sports and according to recent poll of south koreans. one homegrown at me captivated their hearts and minds the most. more than fifty one percent of respondents in a poll of over fourteen hundred people carried out by gallup korea said the mosque their views known that it was most popular athlete this year his rookie season for the l a dodgers was a gem. here are fourteen wins with the three year rate as the middle of the rotation pitcher and had a distant second with thirty five point two percent of the vote was figure skating queen. you know not. and speaking of the queen she'll take part in one or figure skating competition ahead of the sochi winter olympics in february. the korea skating union confirmed that kim yu na will compete in the two thousand and fourteen korea figure skating championships seen as the final dress rehearsal before the gates
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the national competition will take place from generate first to third in twenty on sunday though province. and will be on the rain boycott taiwan slammed his way to the two hundred meter gold at the seasons and the fancy in australia. while we were freezing over here in korea heart was beating fellow swimmers in the sheets at the queensland championships in brisbane. the one with the finals time of one minute forty seven point nine two seconds beating out thomas fraser holmes by more than a quarter of the second. and ending it all off psv eindhoven returned to their winning ways and their five one window for fc utrecht on sunday and dutch fans were delighted to see better impact is on return as a starter to begin an eight point seven rating for his performance despite not putting up a call for an assessed his team will look to string together a pair of wins in the mexicans bangkok next week. then at the spur
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me into sports and fitness has been stephen chow setback at midnight for the latest in a world of sports. in the this is. ahh still mild
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start to the week here in seoul but i hear the snow is on its way in some regions it tells us to overturn can go down at the weather center again how much snow is expected to fall and which areas will see the maps. good evening guys. while winter weather advisory has been a steady income i know province aligned with the mountains i've tasted and tongues handle province while at most fifteen centimeters of snow is forecast income on new products and the mountain to take you and the mountains of highland me get about twenty five ten and is due to winds blowing east for it. other than that reads eight eight seven meters are forecasting york times and milk products and snow will continue to zero wednesday. take a lot that the current and it stands what you can see it is
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cloudy across the wood across that bad especially in the southern regions due to our location trap. with all the snow chalet several it's highly likely to be high so please be careful behind the wheel that other than that in regards to that extent it was like get back to our ac still have the kids tomorrow. taking a lead that tomorrow's numbers tell us that topped the day as mine is five degrees with a high of five. meanwhile content sauce and topped out at six and nine degrees respectively holding on to either be david's sake the rate is six degrees and the morning before hitting nine and he asked did you mean alot to do and not too happy at six ten minus four degrees respectively. bought something out that during the fly and a bad day after midnight. that's a broadcast on this monday nights and it became so strong when things were watching the season. to
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the eye the tories to its greatness of this joint. it offers the streets are filled with love. its goals liking to them. this is one of the world's biggest marathon race. all the over thirty thousand won. most of the residents of retraining order is delivered. the film is just one of the many sporting activities. the city has many fine training
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grounds in humans is much used in addition to the residents of boys in the for a very good especially for children growing up. being active in today's post. if you're healthy. do you possess these new stadiums which will live with this. hosts many to mention events during the course of the two. . even the great earthquake and tsunami in march two thousand and eight. don't interrupt the regular flu will that continue to compete with the students . the are you. i think this is an amazing new
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wheel designs and easy the service is perfect it and liking it. with high quality facilities like this it's an open training camp in you. i hope both training facility on the way we conduct the matches themselves will get these visiting athletes a memorable things the way we approached bolts interest school to persons with disability and was too critical. and well supported in tokyo. the event is the japan tour championships. which two was the very best athletes with disabilities from around the world . the three to come to compete in turkey and was delighted to discover the many and varied attractions of the city. this
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is going to win it. to date today i will even exist tokyo is filled with amazing sights to see. a joy it will cost to the store. shopping streets filled with restaurants and parks. six thousand year old temple. see the glory of the traditional streets. where else could you see scenes like this. street style and story to speak japanese style the spooks miss its really overdue. it
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hosts the so called test to be useful. the trip to the rest of the tumor removal will the school to see a difference. dr continues to shrink itself into one of the very best international band. i will. our witness to call what and mass murder near damascus tells rt that dozens of people including children were killed by a radical is there uncertainty hangs over ukraine and the eu says it's frozen trade offs on keeping up pressure on the president and blaming monster down from that link. mexico's planning to tie this was the poms but if you're an oil tycoon don't get your out just yet hundreds of thousands of protesters


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