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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 17, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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a sunday. the connection we do low will. ch the idol. it is. welcome to the world islam and you know tony and tokyo shares a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am japan's leaders from the country's first comprehensive national security strategy for foreign and defense of food. we are trying to figure out who might be getting fever. as people they are under former leader kim jong il. and
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beauty. colombia's government leaders in the distance to them as being about more than just books. japanese prime minister shinzo ave and members of his administration have made history as part of their push to reshape japan they'd approve the country's first comprehensive national security strategy for foreign and defense affairs the usb japan will contribute further to international peace and stability in from the stands of a proactive pacifism. the strategy says china's foreign policies and military posture are matters of concern for japan and other nations and the ants they must be monitored closely. the document says recent moves by china indicate authorities in the chain maybe try to use force to change the status quo in the east and south china seas but it says
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they're using claims that are inconsistent with international law it says japan will work to build strategic and mutually beneficial ties with china from abroad long term perspective and in those leaders in tokyo will call for restraint from their counterparts in beijing the strategy says japan will consider reviewing its policy on arms exports currently such exports are essentially ban. the strategy also emphasizes the need to raise awareness about national security. members of prime minister of his cabinet also adopted a defense policy package because for enhanced protection of remote islands in light of china's maritime ambitions the guidelines recommended greater operational integration between japan's air ground and maritime self defense forces. they say units should be more mobile and they say japan should enhance its deterrence and response capabilities by securing
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necessary and sufficient power. specifically they call for the creation of an amphibious brigades with in the ground self defense force the unit would quickly respond to an invasion of remote islands and retake them. the guidelines say. it should be equipped with fifty two amphibious vehicles and an increased number of destroyers and fighter aircraft the package costs for the introduction of seventeen osprey tilt rotor transport aircraft three dollars and ninety nine combat vehicles. the aim is to strengthen mobility and surveillance activities the guidelines say japanese leaders should assess the capability to respond to north korea's ballistic missile launch activities analysts see this as a reference to the possibility of a shift in policy that would allow them to strike in many cases. retired sts lieutenant general. no botha yamaguchi says the guidelines are designed to try to create a unified defence force
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the forces of the month from the temple more than this don't join the twenty oh three being lazy to say about the time called to the demand i'm still totally cool professor images as japan's leaders pay particular attention to amphibious capabilities be on pbs the funding to help us out of town is emphasized mountaineers could go on to the us over its own so the most peace among all the more praise on the play as some of the walk home from korea on a on my tongue ground forces working together you need to cut their skulls are some items to green pellets into the control they are gains to come on the dock for including held onto to rescue people and eating the need for those items. we have to cut the amount of thinking
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it sounds nothing like the idea of talking about it's given me peace professor noble yamaguchi of the national defence academy and japan. some of japan's neighbors have criticized the changes to its security and defence policies government officials in china and south korea outlined their concerns soon after the details emerge china's foreign ministry spokesperson who i've chewed ying said japan should respect the security concerns of other countries. in the uk she sends me this. japan's military and security our sleeves will affect regional security and impact on each end. so the attention of the international community is squarely on the actions that japan takes hold up quite new. the new national security strategy says japan will work hard to address the territory issued in the sea of japan japan claims sovereignty over the tactician islands south korea controls them. south
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korean foreign ministry spokesperson told tale accuse japan of making unjustified territorial claims he said it's regrettable that japan continues to do so. despite repeated calls by south korea to stop. he also said it's unacceptable that japan calls for better ties while ignoring the historical issues. i know. north koreans have been marking the anniversary of the death of their former leader kim jong il died two years ago state television broadcast images of the memorial ceremony in pyongyang the son and successor of the former leader kim jong we sat on the podium flanked by other leaders sitting next to him was spent sitting next to kim was cheered me on an the director of the general political department of the army. he is said to be
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playing a larger role in the leadership style and execution of the leaders. i call a town suntec last week john was the former vice chairman of the national defense commission. humility we will raise high the workers' parties with planting and dedicate ourselves to which i commanded you don't own and no one else. it was good later in the day kim and his wife visited the palace of the sun the final resting place of his father and grandfather. kim bow before the statues of his predecessors. keane geology is the wife of the executed town. she was not seen at the event she is the younger sister of the former leader state media have now reported anything about her since september ten. she is thought to have kept your political status despite her husband's execution. some reports say she is pale. earlier we spoke with rafael over associated press the senior video
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journalist and tell him he has covered north korea for the past decade. today is not a holiday is not a tale that is the normal working day that will be sold this morning is that while that major events the main central memorial meeting was good holmes tossing about eleven o'clock in the morning yet the full box and won it was on the streets royal most is that today was like this that she came to a standstill this very very few cars on the streets and very few people about. from what i can understand they were mostly inside in their workplaces taking part in their own small memorial gathering some of them watching the event live on tv is well the actual setup and the kinds of speeches were fairly similar of course one of the main officials executed last week was an all the butts. apart from that the others rounds on the central stage with the samoa and i think that the full blossom events very
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similar. however the contents of the speeches although some of the halves. intensifying the federation of the foliage that i and the need to intensely express loyalty to the present leader. to go in to teach olive pits the two flanking him on either side closest to him who is suddenly fixtures of the last two years can yield on the palm and had them once i didn't shed don't pay the vice marshal and headed up on these fiscal bureau and other sites the day of familiar faces. taylor hay was st is the puzzle envoy also be taken to wind to paging earlier this year that's some people noticed is being unlawful because it was in toronto a typist i did isn't pitching in the cost to the people. flanking him directly with familiar faces in all kinds of mention any kind of mention of the puzzle like to use. we could
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conceive that other countries like a member of the royal family all kind of discussion is very rare in fights. basically you with the state of who really is something which people are intensely aware off of calls that at the same time it's not spoken about publicly however it is possible to say that when watching these events in general. people the general didn't pay close attention off familiar with the faces of the press nazis the eye and their relationships and in the privacy of that unfolds all of the private conversations on shoulder this is a topic that people are aware of. it's fair to say that such a shocking and came as a surprise. and whether it actually affects people's lives i think in the daily struggle to keep warm and find something to eat an older that the average person's concerns it doesn't have a direct effect the reports that people
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relate it to him. all businesses are next to him might be affected. that could well be true. let's all levels which a probity must be removed from average everyday because his daily life. and this last weekend as well we did have the jaunts to sit down and told with a senior economic official hit a moose tracks that the country's economic policies should remain the same that nothing would change its attempts to develop its economy. even often last week's execution that was to raphael over ap senior video journalist and kelly gang experts and government officials in south korea have been following the day's events. they're looking for signs of change within the range game and each year old son of john reports from seoul. i recorded this image is from hudson city south korea. it's just ten km south of the river that separates it from him though. the answers about what they are people
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going into a building in the morning. that starts the afternoon. he's attending a ceremony for the job the two media reported extensively on events to mark the anniversary of his death they are told that the legal side at each level can go back to the new ig such it was a bit and put to rest get back. we always have to be careful though national security. the new cologne korea might need to go through purge to build a new framework they might be showing off their toughness if you ask professor for you son of two university of south koreans few did these facts. you can come in and he can kill increase name and irrationally been on the official list of people who would attend the funeral of a high ranking party officials on monday so she
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hasn't completely lost favor but she didn't appear at the memorial ceremony for kim jong il because her husband james from eric was executed and she suffered a huge emotional trauma i'm also a north korean citizens would connect her with the execution you can tell he has lost power in terms of her position in the political structure of north korea. but in terms of relations by bloodlines she is the only living relative of kim jong hoon. and she will remain in place as a symbolic figure out. she will probably be given some type of honorary posts and remain behind the scenes in support of the administration of kim
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jong un. much. other than that. and we expect that she is essentially lost all the for real political power and to come on. to keep up with it. it looked as though the mutilated team. the third and fourth generation of descendants of one of the revered group who rebelled against japan during the war the other way is referred to as the crown prince party in the e e are likely to be so according to kim jong hoon administration and said it'll still look again in two thousand and three the worst speaker motorists have announced more of what he thinks that the satellite killing markets courts in south korea will monitor developments closely with japan and the us. and
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the john h k twelve school the head of the company that runs the tokyo stock exchange says serious discussions will begin early next year on whether to start nighttime trading. the dse now opens at nine am and closes at three pm. some promo and considering recent developments surrounding the financial markets. we think it's our responsibility to provide trading opportunities. after three pm that would enable investors to respond to events that may occur in and outside the country after the closing there has been talk about extending took a trading hours but some securities companies have expressed reservations they have said they would need more staff and would also have to upgrade their trading systems
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psycho said he would take immediate steps to begin nighttime treating if they decide to go ahead with the project. baseball officials in the united states and japan have agreed on a new recruiting system to allow japanese players for a top free agents to negotiate contracts with major league clubs one ace pitcher has already come forward to take advantage of the change officials announced the overall to the posting system on monday. the rule change will give a japanese club the right to set a release fee of up to twenty million dollars for a player this will allow them plea to negotiate with major league teams. if the contract is agreed the american team must pay the fee to the japanese club the previous agreement involve the bidding system in which a player could negotiate only with the highest bidder. twenty five year old pitcher must say that america has wasted no time declaring his wish to play in the major leagues the place for that old local rock band golden eagles. he
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is not a free agent. he set a record this season winning twenty four gates with no losses. it is to continue today i conveyed my wishes to my team. i wanted to start next season and was a major rico. i must now wait for rock band two agreed to his beliefs. the catwalk parades are over and so are the speeches judges in tokyo had just crowned the winner of the fifty third miss international beauty pageant miss philippines took the honors japanese organizers organizers laid on the glitter but in some countries government officials go even further colombia is one. this year olds. the whale she called me and explains why. we need to compete using the school on the quilts. it's that you can
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see down to the moment full force soon. so we had was born to sydney's international competition each contestant is jobs in twenty eight weeks. it looks new monastery important. so it's not a spoken on the unit used in recent weeks. these insurers to weekend towards columbia mall. as it could either eat is more during the closing supplied by pressing the best responses the money to meet you down the contestants monday off for so jax. diesel how the cold can be ignored is about cf community its uniqueness. and i will be at home towns. alina comes from a tentacle the cd single was in town. she wanted the score on the icon. top right to rest one point six million dollars. he is against our
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allies even though my team over to nietzsche that is i'm trying hard not to pierce into tears . this is the happiest moment of my entire money . here are my three hundred duty called his ear off or see the final cut of the moments. this constant in local projects. they tried to work via wait out to rescind the snowman. someone who is unbeaten on cold days to strengthen ties among the people in competing theories. amour. when people in each region get together to work for the contest. it improves security on all of us. so the country will be unique to this. by the end of
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this. so he decides to take critiquing i hope that i didn't he just reached over to him. she just needs to compete because she was to wean i knew the risks to us the areas in but i'd like to take a little sticky. being a working television on radio antenna that. people join we've got a good sport. some contestants. i even think it's time once he meets on the acoustics. along with new signing will croak on turn you into his own wonderful cd to a wider audience of time my mom to continually skeins of competition in the. on its feet on seats across the country to send copies to become future contestants i am going to win and get a
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pension it's time to read. so for all her community owned personally the eels townsville to support its use on to study for. she smiles you who have no rights to the theory. which anti sikh even two tickets to the finds she wants to be going to the huntsman completion monsanto could come on and forth already. steve stone's comments. the tourists both lifestyles and diets e. i am very happy too. people from my hometown and really secluded. a few. it's only two out. the if you keep the audience the night the proof on the gold coast the country. keating's am something to cheer about when she called me up in
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east keilor. a large winter storm is hitting japan we might see some snow here in tokyo on wednesday our meteorologist rob fitzpatrick has more proper. continuing the once this storm system there really has argued that bring in are quite a punch of fall weather out here the cross not only the southern japanese island westerns and even northern be an auntie saw some snow fall into three zones diocese and polls coming out of eastern china where the schools they're out on today. in some areas were closed due to that heavy and persistent still fall causing some white out conditions now all that energy. it's pulling off your towards the north the society in pack much of a western japan summer that cia fact still be impacted portions of eastern korea and then allied with the preset outlook here it's pushing just south of ponce you a lot of this ability rainfall during the day granted and especially their roster cuckoo read along pacific coastline. but going into those evening hours topic is
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going to drop this to be dragging more eerie and from the north that all the air and if you take a look here evening forecasts twelve months of the comp so plain you do it then that snow fall including tokyo to close your eyes to water the more likely is to shift over the reader least the rain stills makes that sleet mixed in there but northern ca so you could be seeing a lot and said the leaders of that accumulation especially of course about the low lying area is much much less that more likely to be dusting but taxes will be sick on that cold cycle killed just what to do for the low by thursday as the call was actually been since i back in the spring in march. still getting on the market is a pill is well by friday as things stand out silly for departure tides have turned all seven there with that snowball coming through on wednesday so luckily i did for beijing saying frigid as well just won their sunny skies but it is just going to be saying absolutely cold out here the thought about going on in the americas as well then that's lake effect snow out
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here across much of the great lakes that's been pushing over and we have an alberta clipper moving through as well that means. it's a fast moving storms is still not a very cool and one not dropping the incredibly heavy amount of snow fall but some years could be seeing a five to fifteen centimeters across much of the great lakes eccentric new york pennsylvania into new england but as this move is just off the coastline. the storm system is going to start to develop in it had some fine with that said it would be pulling for easter back on shore into portions of the new england of course made a new piece in the seminaries out here bought twenty five to thirty five centimeters of accumulation going to the next does several days so i'll definitely get travel plans acropolis is the area is going to be a rough go into the northwest also look at the heavy snowfall in parts of british columbia that storm systems eventually get it reversed off the report said for canada in the central us by the latter part of this week while it does so will be popping in some warm air ahead of its own peer toronto
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new york over death was washed in the c i notes below freezing it's been that way it should get back up that average on going into latter part of weeks prior to that next storm system coming through as far as the europe is concerned the religious status cool with this last several days he applied pressure dominating much of central western europe has been keeping things sunny called albeit but sunny and clear skies out here some morning fog in the big problem but that hyde has been busted in these low softwares or its other than staying in place across the british isles over for the scandinavian tinsley been seen wet and windy conditions and unfortunately that is going to be the case for the next several days london with a high of nine dearly in a rain shower is going wednesday evening fog chores or the season still fought off five dollars for afff is fi
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am noon. and. i know. i can
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people in northern finland are keeping the magic of christmas alive. they're sorting letters that children around the world have written to set the clocks. through the in the distance and it's in a village outside the city of rome by name in northern finland. every year about half a billion children like him asking for presents their letters flood into the village post office postal workers in red caps range letters by country before handing them over to santa. these posts to read them one by one. my wish east or that you did. the schools around the wounded would become prey. would have won another two point one and he has a problem. and the opel become great friends and everybody would be equal legend has it been said that
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departs from his village and a reindeer sleigh to deliver presents on christmas eve and that's his line for this aboriginal county and the kids. the offer. i was. i
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have the dollar this year. i did. did you. i've. wingman or i was. the air. this tree has begun


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