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the piece. defence sources said. you knew no one will want one. will you. the tree up on our tv journalist to help reveal the expansion of nsa surveillance testifies before the eu parliament committee. glenn greenwald shared what he believes it is his ultimate goal. we'll tell you what he said. just ahead then senator john mccain goes ruled that the overseas this trip to ukraine is the latest. the senator traveling the troubled nation is to exert more influence more on the maverick that his thirst for war coming up the past decade newspaper circulation to have faults or pellet doll a poll shows that only twenty three percent of
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americans have any confidence in newspapers this fall the current owner of the washington post offers his cloud services to the c i a for these developments later the show. i am it's wednesday december eighteen five minute walking distance their stocks in your walk that are too. we begin with breaking news the white house has released the report written by a review board set up to investigate possible and if they abuse this. it included forty six specific recommendations to reform the nsa. condition one was to limit section two fifteen the patriot act forcing the government to submit focused requests for data rather than bulk collection port. the revue border also called on us aid the transition away from storing data on its own to have the data stored by private companies which says they can go to for specific
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requests. also the report calls on the nsa to stop undermining encryption standards as revealed by edwards noted. ur number of other recommendations including organizational changes to this day in reforms to the top secret buys the core. the electronic frontier foundation which has been fighting in the same court released this statement in response to these recommendations saying. we're disappointed that the recommendations suggest a path to continue on targeted spying surveillance is still heinous unit private company's servers are holding the data instead of government data centers centers. will continue to follow this new development meanwhile the man who brought edwards started says the documents the world glenn greenwald passed by today for the european union parliament committee looking into nsa surveillance on eu citizens. we had some harsh words for governments working with them aside. on a
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the limitation upon the world while the us the uk needs to be partners. d lang has profound consequences for everybody. it's lunchtime reed walters in possession of detached events the documents obtained by adverts noted for which he believes to be the nsa is all technical. he also made a clear that this is that it does go far beyond counterterrorism. rocky and save documents to her work appears to us. all sorts of references to the fact that the goal of the nsa is captured by the phrase colac at all. yesterday in an interview with abc news griddle promised more reporting on the nsa noting that only a small fraction of the documents have been published in that they're still there is significant stories to come. meanwhile united states where the ministry's top defenders senator dianne feinstein the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee made
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some surprising comments about them this is all well and better data collection program suggesting she may be opener for me at. after all this program in conjunction with other programs helps keep this nation safe. i'm not saying it's indispensable i'm saying that the hideous war. and it is a major tool in their eating out a potential attack. not saying it's indispensable her words not to back track. her comments come after a federal court here in washington d c ruled this week that the phone with another collection may be unconstitutional. elsa promised tech companies many of them participated in these nsa spying programs. why did the white house on tuesday for aggressive nsa reforms and of course the nsa review panel released its findings this afternoon calling for broad changes to surveillance programs. so change may actually be coming to the nsa after all no one to ukraine
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where the united states is trying to influence the protests that have been seen on the streets in the country over the last month. senator john mccain win on what is famous or infamous diplomat. yet remain with opposition leaders and protesters and push for closer ties with the european union. mccain whether the state department likes or not has become a maverick ambassador to the world in recent years though often with not so satisfactory results. is that the whole highs are points of the suite in the wire when john mccain comes to town talking freedom disaster ensues. most recently mccain is in cairo august following an egyptian military coups since the protests continued in the country as most violent crackdown. now the former democratically elected president on a more student is facing terrorism charges that could result in his execution. also mccain visited syria back in a word he met with the rebels and became the biggest supporter
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of arming the opposition in the steering civil war. since then that opposition has been rapid and far more aloe radical elements of the opposition are exerting more and more control in initiating violence within the ranks. mccain also met with rebels and lydia back in april of two thousand eleven specifically he met with him and beg gaza. and we all know what happened there later seems like wherever mccain goes the situation interior its which doesn't bode well for you chris. and one has to wonder how a center like john mccain has garnered such respect in the senate when it comes to foreign policy the united states is nearing a nuclear deal with iran but just a few years ago this was senator mccain's solution to the situation in iraq. i don't have that old beach boys song bomber and his. bio mom burned by the pay may have. last. i figure it's
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great for the theory insurgency there. or should acquire a nuclear weapon mccain is also one of the voices to stop the war in iraq would be a cakewalk. it wasn't. he also got the later troop surge in iraq that he supported was responsible for drop off and violence. it wasn't and said it was the sunni awakening which happened several months before the start. and as most us troops have left iraq today mccain back in two thousand and eight was calling for a much longer occupation of the country president bush's top are staying in iraq for fifty years. maybe a hundred. is is that part is that when we've been in south korea. we've been in japan for sixty years we've been in south korea for fifty years or so i'd be fine with me. that honor. so the question is why is john mccain's interventionist foreign policy which has subscribed to by many elected lawmakers still taken seriously. well earlier i spoke with katie to chile managing editor at reason twenty four seven and a
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warning though is john mccain's foreign policy. kiss of death. yeah i would say pretty much sewn and if nothing else. he goes into a country he opened his mouth but he gives the local archery refuse to read cover to us each a state or local nationalists of being leaned on by the us. you know this is what's happening in our office we don't want it don't change direction even when he's right. perhaps it's because of the wrong way to all of a china shop so he doesn't enormous damage at the toronto will mccain isn't the only one who sort of subscribes to this point of lindsey graham is with them on a lot of these issues and connecticut's democratic senator chris murphy win with mccain to ukraine this week how is this hyper interventionist ideologies to legitimize despite its disastrous effects that we've seen over the last couple years. be it whether it be a place to the local tv audience to please the media the united states some of my inshore that it's intended
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that an apparent effect of the international stage. i answer it is counter productive in many cases of the national stage. however it makes headlines. you might talk about them and that gives the politicians and from the camera gets them into newsprint and that may be the end goal or at least a couple weeks. daniel when it comes to ukraine specifically mccain has aligned itself with an opposition party. a note here that some questionable nationalist anti semitic past if you just basically stepping into a complicated situation here we went in hoping you'll koppel it's a great question i hear it now you've got a three way trade struggle going on ukraine has caught the battle the government has a lot of problems is also an enviable situation in the people the streets of religion that demands. what an american politician steps into a situation like that the stars thrown his weight around. he did that he gives local governments to cover to resist the americans in that it helps pull ups national fervor of a nationalist fervor. and it said it complicates the actual argument in place in the country it doesn't do
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anybody any favors. they were problems at the test result locally it's not something that john mccain is next. we nearly went to war with syria few months back the president a very close to launching military strikes something entertaining company. i've been calling for from more than a year now. does that suggest that despite the rhetoric coming from the uprising obama about diplomacy in the importance of diplomacy that this white house is a lot closer to mccain's interventionist thinking that it lets on. we have with the continuous flow of foreign policy continuity of the saintly since two thousand has no particular reason to draw a bright line between bush administration foreign policy in a prominent recent foreign policy. this fine tuning. there's a difference and in the tale of emphasis. but the of the departmental privacy and to the same extent of interest are part of its militaristic and it's one that season the goals of being one of the troops or more these days for all the president right now is pushing back against criticism he's received from an interventionist far right on this potential for an
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iranian nuclear deal with this deal would have been possible had the president gone through with military strikes in syria is not right well me. i'm not sure what kind of a deal was done is gonna come out of this but these discussions are ongoing for years are in our routines people brought to the table with threats course they are mean that you're achieving year in goals with threats to people on the ground the people in the streets are better off at the end of the day because he threatened you purchase weapons. that i think is more complicated and we look at these into national coffers. and with the pressure dropping interventionist the right and the laughter the stand to be a shared fetish. the end result tends to be some hits the headlines the politicians meeting that the people actually stop for a little more anonymous note to people in the streets. did it but decade of war that we've seen in christian extremism. so we've had we've gotten this war on terror for more than ten years as a result we've
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seen an increase in extremism the loss of huge amounts of treasure them out of money we've thrown into this war on terror an intervention. if all of this isn't enough to stop the interventionist when they go out there in a call for us to go into another country then what will what will it take for people like john mccain and lindsey graham c error in their way pushing them aside. there's no way of people who would base their courtiers. i know this type of health policy this goal are going to renounce the scientists were rarely are they are announced saturday that an arrow for decades. he pushed the site we spent a vast amount of money we had spent her place tomorrow night. forty percent of total military spendg of thelane comes frothis ountry. and yes extremism has revealed that has risen around the world we have not achieved its cheaper pnets i would say the foreign policy that would pursue it has failed. they're not going to admit that even if it were sweeping the sun but didn't
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get one place to record it for us. j d drew to a managing editor at reason and twenty four seven. this area where there are growing concerns over rampant lawlessness and violence to the hands of extremists working within the opposition our chair beck responded ah boon to live bubble hire more tears still feels the hearts of those who witness the militants entering the town about the soft panic disoriented people running for their lives and they ran themselves they will never forget that it's there in the eyes of those who were forced to stay behind with no reliable way to communicate with the people trapped inside out. but officials are saying the atrocities against the civilian population are continually people are being butchered in even burned alive in every bit of news coming note of the town is doing a new blow to those whose families are still being held by the militants everyone working for the local authorities was to be killed. regardless of their religion or denomination. it was all taken to be killed because everyone even those who
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supported neither the government of the revels in all i did tortured killed always uses human shields the things being done in the car unthinkable they are slaughtering children and throwing them out a window and no one's doing anything about it. syrian authorities say they have evidence confirming that massacres of taken place in the address said that the attack tia and many other areas which remain under the control of the armed opposition the situation in syria has now deteriorated to the point the international norms of combat are no longer keen observer. there is an industrial town with the look of its residents working both in the private sector and foreign government and its these horrifying crimes had been committed in this town houses were set on fire with people trapped inside the syrian army which is positioned just outside the town continues to carry on surgical strikes. as part of their effort to liberate adha which is now the only hole of the families waiting
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for news of their loved ones inside the town. ten of the blue i e a r t. all of the reports that the indiscriminate massacres their concerns that relations between christians and muslims and syria and the rest of the middle east are rapidly to hear it. fact prince charles spoke about this topic in london this week killing a reception from italy's christians that we have now reached a crisis where bridges are rapidly being deliberately destroyed by those with a vested interest in doing so. we cannot ignore the fact that christians middle east are increasingly being deliberately targeted by fundamentalist islamic militants. i spoke earlier with our men fought the middle east analyst and i asked him what was behind what priest rose refer to as the deliberate burning of bridges in the middle east we have taken to the sedation debt from two thousand sunni and the us invasion to iraq. the tube
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and so all of their powers and ain the balance of the entire eight countries o andow parked in a wka half e have to recl that there was more than what many in the iraqi christians who have been forced out of their countries. right now in cabo we haven't bought the book additional two million christians living dead. and out of those two million population of up for the five thousand have fled the country. eighteen months ago there was a good bishop or audio bed the night that should have been and what is this the port of the us sa that a gene and his whole body belonged to me about the whole situation that is the biggest theater as a witness in syria what will happen what had happened bore in iraq. so yes i agree with his royal highness prince charles in his analogy that there is a deliberate action to bring down
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the relationships that muslim christians relationship in tow in that letter as age when this is very evident in iraq in city and in egypt as well. it's still with us it's been meddling in the middle east for decades in over the last decade actively digital warfare in several countries and noise that exacerbates the problem of violence against christians to extremists city's population the extensions of the west extensions of the united states no it's not it's not like that pp is perceived probably i will call them the mickey mouse organize nations such as the head to my thumbnail of the islamic state in iraq and it evolved such as al qaeda such as the son of the movement that said ed now mushroomed over the use or knew of the cross demand and use these all whites seemingly honor as independent magazine and medieval have a central
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command. indiana tv all packed in sync. they have given a clear message you just have to go follow the fed rhetoric in the countries that do you open it and debbie are anti christian anti jewish anti team and that muslims who might be sucked into a quarrel by the shiites will mind me not to eighteen hundred percent on the inside out by the government. ahmed were the consequences of a christian free cereal or more broadly than a christian free middle east if this continues well now we have been christened pre iraq. it didn't live long which is a different tool as as syria lebanon and palestine. this is all a big empty and dead from the christians. anyone up to overrule that the ten million plus that christians in egypt will also be annexed to follow. i was not
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overloaded baby the christians in jordan also we let windfall been dismissed as many sad. we are being captured as hostages maybe it's the five moments these seem to be in separate yet the odd united when that kev how the us is responding to this issue given the conflicting interests here for example in syria the assad government which has been friendly to the christian communities but us is opposed to the assad government instead favors the rebels which were dousing factions of the rebels. not being friendly to christians to us and even play a role in mitigating this problem nobody understands what the us arab and came up to bed to read this and this time in the movie's debut as the forty first time in a very long time. there are that there seems to me mad that he's even by its strongest ally such as saudi arabia and egypt as an
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unreliable partner. this is quite harsh. i have not moved as such the harsh criticism would do us a government probe mason said the height of the anti american sentiment same and even he believes the sixteenth and seventeenth. this is one of the us. unfortunately does not have a game tonht. usda is edna would be made with the situation and that the new baby i'm a tourist in many inexperienced and have any shadow away game in approaching the use of the holes to action. that was middle east analysts are often painted. the senate foreign relations committee is considering new bill that could have wide ranging implications for u s foreign assistance. the quarter that sits stays in business meeting agenda for the senate foreign relations committee and read at the top the list is something called the egypt assistance reform act of
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twenty thirty. officials within the white house have been working with the senate committee to get this bill pass which could loosen restrictions on us aid to countries experiencing a military coup. according to section seven zero zero eight at the twenty twelve state department and foreign operations appropriations law none of the funds appropriated shall be obligated or expended to finance directly any assistance to the government of any country it was duly elected head of government is deposed by a military coup d'etat. this law. complicated things. earlier this year when egypt democratic government was overthrown by the military and the us was forced into reconsidering its hefty pointed contributions to the country. palm industry has been careful not to use the word to describe what occurred in egypt as a result of that law. but this new law soon to be under consideration in the senate would scrap section seven zero zero weight and oh i'll post two countries to apply for a waiver to continue
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receiving aid from the united states. there were hurdles law could face both within the full senate and house the washington post is dealing with conflict of interest questions. that newspaper was recently acquired by jeff business the founder and ceo of amazon and as ceo of amazon business recently signed a six hundred million dollar contract with the c i a to provide cloud computing infrastructure. the six hundred million that business is getting from the c i a the clips is the shorter fifty million he paid for by the washington post newspaper and there are questions over whether or not this deal could affect the washington post reporting on c i a it matters. here's business responding on sixty minutes does that prevent any conflicts to you the fact that you provide the cloud that the ci he uses for it that i don't think so we're building was called a private eye out for them surely they don't wanna be on the. but
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here's what former washington post reporter john henry and told the huffington post called. one thing is certain most reporters and editors are aware that business is majority owner ben is on as a financial stake in maintaining good relations with this yet and this sends a clear message. even the hardest news journalist and making the c i and what that might not be a good career move. washington post isn't the only newspaper that saying its reputation question. in fact americans are losing confidence in all newspapers. the gallup poll from back in june only twenty three percent americans almost a new historic low have confidence in the newspapers. so what does this mean for journalism and news media in general. i spoke earlier with jeff cohen journalism professor at ithaca college about this issue. i first asked him whether or not the wash campo should disclose the amazons contracts yay. when reporting on it since. it had its
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company and a time and that a hundred million dollar contract and i do believe that regularly the washington should acknowledge that they want to let them enter that knowledge when the order of the newspaper. at the financial interests in the subject of the store. yes regular. there should be disclosure is an elementary principal to let them come to think that this. what looks like a conflict of interest as a chilling effect on journalists at the washington post as they're pursuing stories that might be about this yet. all i think so. i mean i i would hate to be a pr washington post reporter and at the age of the washington post reporter whether it be. arrived at the base so that you know involved in. but the idea that has a chilling effect that everyone may i know is watching this. that now that
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i'm already playing a role that their coach and one in kicking ricki lake's top of each web hosting with really good with teammates. during the height of the controversy a while back. and so the view of the relationship that now it's time to pay stubs to an agency like the cis. ms barry robin and remember them. a spokesman last month were saying we were lowered to a successful relationship with the ci. wow now i hope the washing of clothes and looking forward to the successful relationship with c i because in american journalism and journalists are supposed to be independent when it all. we asked me to our agencies like the eye. and the americans' confidence in newspapers is near an all time low at only twenty three percent of americans have strong confidence or any sort of confidence in and in the newspapers you think that has something to do with these conflict of interest stories these ideas of
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the very wealthy individuals moving into the newspaper industry you have these other interests on the side. i tink they be happier news consumers in our country know about some of the mind works i mean they know that general akhtar reviewers. now with comcast owns nbc news in an accident and the new thing although we're not going to let me know about you the army navy seaman i think that sappy or consumers don't trust on u s mainstream media because the corporate owner or so. so many interesting so cozy with the state. and now i should say that we're not the only problem at hand. not the only country as a problem of corporate ownership is too cozy with the state you care about it. written with ancient lands of mexico russia and all the other countries. but in our country were totally no interest in this propaganda about a week
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at the water that we have that. and in reality in recent years because of corporate ownership of the media. we've just been so much posing as being the orders. big game players with the corporate and political powers that be that you can't trust reporting today at the end only in the pan. how new is this phenomenon i mean we always think of these media there and the very wealthy newspaper tycoons from the oldest citizen kane. oh what a what the new newspaper baron today is that because they make their money elsewhere and then get the newspapers that what the problem is. now i know that it's always the most problematic is that. but then i can at times it to the game in a place like new york city there were twelve didn't like that ever known. that place like chicago there might've been six or seven games. every major city had two or three days the difference between iowa and now here's a site from
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the internet which we need to keep forty one. these corporations. my horizon that's the time warner. but now aside from the internet that the media really concentrated on his studies in one newspaper town. and when it comes to tv radio newspapers magazines movies and basically six to eight corporations that control most of the revenue most of the potter. that's the difference between balancing the nineteen twenties to learn. sure there's this new media venture started by pyramid the founder of us uk and in paypal owner that paypal there's been criticism levelled at him to do is passed into two. what sort of relationship amazon and paypal might have. oh with the government are these criticisms fair and do they reflect it. maybe people becoming more skeptical of the relationship between businessmen and newspaper outlets. i think you're right that the encore which they
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are wrong about that ties them all. the media and nine you know we're only going green roving during a go. who are going now we are told the control of the new news organization that of adr on e bay and. and i have a good read on and they don't heal are more than the two players in the evening in the middle of remodeling for years and years of mainstream media. their model for a week or two. i expect them to come out to announce that the operation and what kept me so i have a lot of faith in this new operation because one greenwald in journey to tell him our waitress the filmmaker will be in charge of the new operation jeff cohen journalism professor at the college thanks so much. thank you that doesn't allow for more stories we covered including the breaking news coming of the white house about an essay reforms could youtube
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dot com club charged america to her website also rt dot com slash usa. you can follow me on twitter that sent stocks will be right back there at eight pm. the walk i don't. the study with us on this edition of new signings interstate december nineteen and casting comanche in tokyo. policymakers at the us federal reserve by scaling back their efforts to prop up the economy. baby trying to get more money flowing to this this and so they've been pumping and eighty five billion dollars a month


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