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tv   RT News  PBS  December 19, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PST

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your marketplace today research makes the network new new new guru the ratings as he's waiting since the end of the center for russian tycoon mikhail because he spent more than a decade behind bars for the summons i'm tired today. how strange i came up to face to face more than four hours of questions from tenets of russia's domestic and foreign policy. i received a nationals as tunneling see rent levels of established a new form of tyranny and forcing the reign of terror of the secret prisons where
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children as young as an ace on the chicken a torch and. a fan. he's like for most of the book she has eaten with me. i welcome the crowd. on the breaking news this not present the idea patience as kills find much into cars and jailed much that i can't help but to speak. the businessman who spends more than ten years behind on a spot in basil and has reportedly already filed a petition to the continent. joining me now why ethanol isn't easy but the sky now. how they do or say why the station decided to deposit the business. well the media conference lasted for over four hours but the biggest news media happens. after that came to an end. the president was surrounded by a group of journalists and someone asked what about the health of
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the books again so we found out from the president but the former tycoon had asks as the head of state to be released from jail and the president says that the demand is already spent over ten years behind bars and he is looking at signing the quarter. if you don't know what to call steve recently wrote a petition osteen need to call the game in the spindle detainees in prisons. this is a serious punishment. the signs humanitarian reasons saying his mother is sick too. and really take into account all the circumstances. it's possible that i can respect that decision. and in the near future i will sign a decree to pardon him. boston has to be one of the wealthiest people in the war then what are the most painful one sola in russia in two thousand and three he was arrested and then found guilty for us to fraud and then a separate case all for money laundering and basil into sentences impulse and in two thousand and seventeen and the news that came from the president i was greeted with applause
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by the un human rights groups a un report we took his lawyers by surprise. this can often life anymore thank you very much and it cut outs and let's not get to be open this calamitous to dimitri the beach on pitches decision to attend the pope's geek and i had them each a very nice to see you right now this up this hand and said that the coffee could be filed a petition been full but he didn't whine would have done it now. he has just a few more months before he's supposed to be released from jail just because he is set to expire this. there were several of. previous to that is when all is said to me at all boy. short on them long time that you will have to spend in jail. on sol. in this way he just bites with himself seeks onset of moms
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all normal life. i guess that that i don't always pay cut to save with the precise reason the spot. you may be a type of contented souls problem and all because the interview with fortune in his system as something told me and him. force. nah probably he understands the system that. and he understands that is not going to be a deviation asked for clemency from president ford in fact he had filed such petition at me at least paint in support of that one the disco compilation from patient with kenneth. well i will be surprised if we could have done it before because if you'll hold posters time to put seen a lot of very high placed officials. i placed officials who in fact it gave testament in support of their goals. that was done by the former finance minister for them. he was
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still the finance minister at the time. that was done by pulling economic development ministry get monday off so i did see a new reason why importance should be afraid of doing that. i absolutely adore by the west and the aim that quentin is afraid of conduct for steve. i don't believe that it will stick with their wild. a wonderful weekend and a presidential election. russian people remember all fortunes were made in the ninety s and suddenly the richest russian men overnight guests will not despise seemed to be in too many russians just in a very limited so call all the restrictions me. add the staff of the costs gainesville as well as the clip of state himself that's a bad day and cheney didn't opt for cars and what's going on that. well we have here is change. he's always community. even if that was the role of these things. we don't use it on a
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snowy mountain. this possible and it was the norm today his own decisions. seventy eight and unwise. or maybe mr clinton has decided that it's time to set the goals keep reading are in any case i remember that there was a lot of our people from the russian hebrew and contingency plan should have asked for them to pop in and posted before his term expires. so all weekend so the freeze on that. to them at the sentencing. i then ask and comes amid new case again steve. it has come across these for my company as a knock at how would that affect the investigation what you think. oh well. cube the euro's was a huge company and intent that is obedience of dollars. suddenly a lot of them. will this money will look quite clean because in all a glow stick themselves
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acknowledge them. they gave us all. all text optimization i want this money is no wonder all. so i'm not surprised that cuba's is being investigated. second i pulled the free arm doesn't think school in the cbd that he may be questioned about this money so i hope that trolls will be on top and fold and staple get this money back. i've mentioned on this disc on his life for most goods me to think very much indeed. i'm into action returns the in china as they now live from london to film role not to say is i missed advertising welcome to aunty at me as i said this announcement. i can do this a pricey. we knew the team is going to award creativity in all this to two thousand and fourteen. we got to remember that he's being done for embezzlement. he's done for stealing oil in the sense that you cos trial which
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caused him to do was talking about the q a day in the bus few hours was the important one is theoretically those charges we don't know what the court authorities in russia wouldn't do well at this zoo but it was the place to be a grand conspiracy and we know that quarter goals to resume talks with chevron and acts on clothes to altered state upon and beaten in the bush white house panel that the obama white house estimate we where on the side that's what most people i consider to be the case in which case it was this ground the conspiracy. will the greatest theft in world history as it's being known from the ex soviet assets but how was he going to manipulate oil resources and energy resources in russia with the united states that was the big question god is with the trial. and president reagan seems to be saying that he doesn't see it is feasible. and at one time he'll point to your presentation of the pond and some wine. am i mentioning costing so much trouble. what
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we do we cause trouble because the little too much money is re hearing of the richest man in russia they say. the reasons the persians putting up with bollywood to know for quite awhile. famously recorded mosque is an amnesty international prisoner of conscience. amnesty international us very close to the us state department presumably the president believes that there is no f o there are of benefit for the russian people because ultimately be up to the russian authorities and besides the president had to decide on the future of cortical speak because the one thing is the sudden the russian people want to know and to be the russian people said what did you do when he talked again scored a coffee in the first two trials. no one to know where is the money they can to get the money back. and what to what is this all the gawking planning for russian oil resources and am in terms of electoral politics because
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they both remembered going to cost the favored him when the liberal economic approach with alliances with the united states. we need to know all this information well then again if you close trial in the afternoon. find out otherwise need to be up to journalists that and that other people to find out if the russian school it's cute too. i called he only has coffee and left appease jail ten just how much irony is that. what is the oldest used to walk free but there was this that you close trial pending which which presenter and says isn't feasible. they will be voices in russia it will be saying no there is a feasibility over the trial because there's lots more proof that is coming out people use everything from a wiki links cables to more of it as an investigative research to show how the ahead of you cos was involved with deals with american oil companies of the multinationals and that perhaps that is very close to the political power in
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washington. when it comes to energy reserves. so it's a it's too early to tell whether this is just the end of it and that upon who will succeed in quietly has that story down and said we have the russian people want to know wat happen with all the money. shell and a coffee house or for admitting thomas had bought a new investigation race to save money when trying to think a surprise. content may be followed by another sentence i think it could well be the case that will again be up to the russian authorities there is only given elements of the first embezzlement charges were below the ceiling of oil conviction of the second you cos trial to consider. so in a sense that he might be being tried twice over if it relates to the embezzlement charges relate to the two the prior two convictions but they say mickey at trial that people were looking forward to and i presume many russians in
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the vehicle which is that the trial. how fun quiz he had been flooded the one to exert political power russia and act as a proxy between washington and down and all that money. she continued to auction it on piano start as a thank you very much and he asked appreciate it. and all perspective now on this unexpected positive for the help of local ski was neil clarke agendas and that the concept that mystical welcome. and that according to a the russian presence in to catch the protocols that any a staunch foe of ogden at once unknown. he said a british peace to the road option two is for study. he came back and he's become a potent enough for me in line for the west neocons in
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the russian troops. so i think that he had a lot of pop and that along with this great that he was the one with me. that being presented it is. by the evil computer keyboard. bk to study the bible on the go not strictly. the reason why the mess and that could have cooking thousand full and i knew the gist on this day why am i to have taken this decision. he didn't hit me that he will be something good and he will be out to dry. we got a critique of the people were protesting workers to put one on the protests. it predicted that the show began with the smack of a group of all is not that it was still in the towns of the russian move up in the nineteen nineties still in the russian people that would have it ready for the crimes of the century. so i think that we see this is part of a trend that there
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was widespread international concern about the optics that he carries about because the fullest. and i think that the bookies will be concerned that he may be opportunity and he had no receipts for ten or even a rental. monty i think that based on info for that coffee is aimed at the international community all the domestic audience she is eating cake. he tried to recruit new direction for the control it. we will see that i hear the full extent of islam a massive scale that be can it be. it's even a lie because all the people around her will. i rushed to the course taken the field of course he got his head meaning that any of these crimes were quite enormous so i think anybody will be so that she has a lot. what a fortunate to be released will be lovely. so he's got to the tv up because the course of the court can say that i
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become what they did the right to be the right methods but then causes a court of law no court because he was a foolish to bet. and i think that people should get the pin on the ground will be double faults by posting the best place for me dale. think long term istanbul cost that mr cannot thank you very much. due to the surprising announcement comes after the education faced a tough year in a session blossom well as full as the subjects jenna's first and only included the buttons in ukraine can be adopted on the steeple presence in russia as well as these trains planes between moscow and washington and the sun upon to appease the garbage can off the phone i'd be questioning that for us in lockstep. sadly though it s not on that historic in a session. well the media conference itself was attended by over thirteen hundred journalists and of course the disgust if you wish variety of topics and
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with snowden was um longer the former as a contractor police. scores of controversial documents on us surveillance programs across the wall if you receive temporary asylum in russian is exact whereabouts are still unknown due to security reasons. according to the president of the never met personally but it does and admired him as a character who definitely made an impact on the walls of the presidents also commented on his relations with moscow promise and the tactics used by us security services and couldn't resist using some of that famous him where he's known to master. genius is to teach you in rio now after stalin's leaks and the mentalist on the last house on sunday my dad is taken from the social movement in that city the following is the day was me. i continued use by russia's relations with the u s captain weeks and two fever at the bus to go but it was good looking if you want an idea how i feel about mr
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obama office nineties leaks a few generous. i felt jealous because he can see these things and can tell still free. still there's nothing to be happy about. on the other hand isn't a reason to be frustrated. however tough criticism against the us may be all these measures a boyfriend named tackling terrorism will but it must be simply the rules said agreements including those of ethics. ukraine was another issue discussed the fact is though been going through rough times the past few weeks with the protests are taking place both for and against of having closely with the eu. moscow is getting finicky of a fifteen billion dollar loan and according to the president that's being done primarily to help the country cope with the severe economic problems it's also experiencing and what it was an added he doesn't think that integration with the eu is before all the current wave of protests. you will see with new. they're still pushing for the idea of signing an association agreement with the european union. these people what
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governing ukraine also don't get a continuous was a foreign minister also said that the parliament tymoshenko is a former prime minister. yushchenko was ukraine's president. what did they sign these papers when they're in power. noah was standing in the way it's the kind of go ahead and sewing and mending the new program today. i have in jesus and sounds that come to protest about leaving places in the field. it's an internal critics. still signing on loan signing this document is just a pretext that it seemed like no other reason why news about the makeup of course became such a surprise is that because that the embassy that the authorities that we are working on and that should affect up to twenty one thousand people. that was just us and for the first time putting all these years no one actually asked a question about temples during the actual conference itself but they did talk about a pushy riot which should benefit from the upcoming honesty end of the so called arctic thirty. greenpeace activists were arrested in
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the russian orphan or are being charged with two of hooliganism. these should expect seeing these charges all of these charges a listed i guess the man the president of commons on the organization itself saying that he admires everyone. four flights of for the safety of the environment but he doesn't agree with the methods that greenpeace users. the rush to move to initiate a dented on exclusive economic zone in the snow was not responding and they tried to scale the formula take the opposite end of the blue that this second but is sculpted from a noble cause is back to civil discussion about protecting the environment. it's just self pr or intensive batman racketeering they pull someone's order to test the well welcome to the team sources look at what happened to seven's a lesson in all its ups and only greenpeace into an f as i can leave them on environmental risks instead of just making a fuss of libya. of course these are only a few subtext which show were talked about during a media conference
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the president also spoke about the recent diplomatic breakthroughs like the one with the assyrian i chemical weapons on this deal. and to the breakthrough what would the un in nuclear program and also spoke about the need to protect traditional values as saying that since as being conservative is edited out by keeping society from moving forward. what is more about preventing it from rolling back the county's the locusts can all fly if he were thank you very much for the token to make again thanks. and i'm going east on some actual brain to stay with us here on out into action off. i am the resourcing of the car business. he stimulated demand for its size by offering its workers increased wages in cash without merit get the idea to increase demand by offering workers access to more debt to him our credit which is a slippery slope into because
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that then of course entertainment in the interest on america's debt is the greater than or approaching america's gdp and is in japan. so the low point of the global debt is approaching the global gdp and answer to this is the grave or tax credit collateralized where no amount of revenue. our taxes will ever pay that debt which is exactly what the plantation owners while we all live in the film as you said really loud so we did bush's security. your party. years ago. seems that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. it's all on politics. only on rte . it
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seemed not to welcome our children as young as age he is old and being held and tortured a course in the swap secret is in this prison is a celiac. according to shocking new report. j lo's operation by one of the faces who rebel groups the islamic state in iran and the avant a free says andrew hill also said on the scene. national has equated it to a reign of terror. smoking on the haiti a deemed anti islamic can lead to lengthy sentences of these detention centers and even was the sound he moaned a report now from cnn on sunday seemed natural to set check. this is not so welcome to seize up. the conditions like these that the citizens of these jails will await the people of thailand. xd and indecency tension and centers run by the islamic state in iraq and chan. and there is widespread torture and torture off at souths
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including the and also with children. i on the and the most common form of torture that is flocking to the flooding and against npc movies take place. i need a new me. an ad on the day team as the database each week. it includes funding against children. we have witness as for every detainee who told us that they have seen children as young as sixteen to fourteen. being in front of scores of times. ayam added carrot accusation and the children's accusation has been back a half and common sense a theft on that one former detainee told us that he wants howard said the number of matches and forming on each side has instead been at the detention facility in the governorate
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of. probably not this year yet. he counts and i'm so ninety four and he stopped counting anymore. anna and a piece added and the boys stand on if anyone reading for us. and there are also common. and to try deals that could have bought it. when either way you will be known to international standards for fair trials and landed continues i'd not allowed to and be presented by tabling at an eight by sentenced to death. an adult i know that does not exceed two minutes which is that of an outrageous read me out. these curtains made them how they were in a just right today will beat a nap at is possible to convince them not to do so. well anna and i think is that even if it's not possible to convince them not to do that. that's why
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in many points we have colds and on that government of turkey. shula on the fence into the sea of fights with hands and at the old kind of equipment includes eight. i'm at my hands and in fact when fourth to the hands of the need in an islamic state in europe and chanting ncr now and he has also called on the golf needs to tune out presents. i am to finish alone the incentive for you to be something i'm still waiting to be the financial audit material support to the islamic state in iraq and shannon. that's why we are trying to move on to put pressure and an on the one who has that feel lands and in true for the seeing eye on them and the islamic state in
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the rocking chair and an o with them with much of the material that's nice it's how to use that to continue using them. and he rewrites by haitians in its true. sitting there not found in some countries such as thank you very much indeed for sharing these with us and as the rich get rich around the pool continue to get pummeled mind that the animal been a two run to the risky move that has ever pulled up next. i do. i know i am. yemen has put forth a motion to ban chao attacks in the country. the motion is now awaiting approval by the present is probably
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impossible to force unless they can build a really big net or something. isn't it strange that now after years of drone strikes in a country the parliament just wakes up to affect the system getting blown up from the sky to the ferry yemen doesn't have a ton of cash and i could see how having a well equipped and funded us military to cure the al qaeda problem for them for free could be really enticing. i mean let's be scary to be a politician with lots of power hungry terrorists. this would be the first time in history has stronger foreign power for a weaker states battles for them. but the problem is that according to the huffington post the former us state department official in yemen says that every year toward tax creek eight from forty to sixty new terrorists why the creek terrorists because according to the human rights watch said the cost of the people killed by a drop in yemen are civilians. you know if the yemeni government is really free from washed its grasp and really want to do appear al qaeda problem to have better luck doing it themselves. the good old rifles and bayonets point that the right targets. just
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acting. i am the band. it's nice to be counted for a new way of teaching to which he did. it took an age. hrh like stepping onto issuing checks it's called mary and stare and eight. too many films and tv series. please note that architecture costly incentives to have a dream to build a ten day trip had incredible views of the break today ninety three to find what mary became customary
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kind of chance it. still working on that they would lose ninety eight cell. to finance the building way to the beach became its th a tourist attraction we tasted the building being used as clubs can see it's choking to increase its ok still snow even cooler was one of her face brick buildings. i just want to try and experience in chinese. it's just didn't want to read and comment. he can shoot off script gets an etf for you. it is a model for these cupcake. needless to say that his creation sadly it seems the street and design star team mates the kitchen tap. she's coming down to the once and for many and today is a top tourist attraction in north wales the eye. you knew you
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it was when we will the news on jillian. syria's main opposition group has again insisted that president bush are laws on should not have any place in a transitional government the demand comes out to western nations indicated that he starts next month may not lead to a sod removal and that is our white minority will remain key in any trends that show administration the message delivered to senior members of the syrian national coalition at a meeting of the empire thought friends


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