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tv   Journal  PBS  December 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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oakland has to be useful the trip to the rest of the tumor removal. will the school to see a difference. dr continues to shrink itself into one of the very best international band. i ll one will or will will. ay ay ay. thus the on going up. it is when i was especially interesting. to be together. he might. it's coming from france. restore trust before leaving for vacation why. as infinitely
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the entrance. or a brit does that make the call to a real night of the members of his family near ambeey. it's the first time cornucopia seen them outside prison in a decade. everyone follows russian president wagner who is the pool is part of the kremlin critic on friday photographers crowded arod the front door as one of london's most exclusive hotels hoping to get to such a trough of a prominent guests. only two days ago because he was behind bars in a siberian prison. since i'm better off you images of russia's most famous bowman prisoner. he told moscow's the new times newspaper that the experience of freedom was unbelievable. because they spend most of his first day
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as a free man with his family he meant his ailing mother and his father. his eldest son problem the rind from new york for the re union. my family is finally reunited and we're very very happy after that the cost of separation. we can't imagine what other than going through a lot right now. and she cannot possibly the ip with all due today but he really appreciates the support that you have received. through these years the release of the former oil tycoon came as a complete surprise. gemini so much harm in this to hans de physique and jeff have been working behind the scenes figures to call the cops get out of jail. he received vital support from russia expects alexandre not seen at the center of this but to cry. the press conference will be held in dublin on sunday. it is expected to call the cops he will outline his plan for
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the future. the way our correspondence i mean young spoke to alexander mark as it is heard in a report bar is an expert on russia with the german council on foreign relations has worked closely with former german foreign minister hans dietrich nj to get make out a copy released his crime the moment when the two men met in berlin on friday first mr approached the local ski until tomorrow he was so to see him. in their lives. free and in good shape and so i told him. hall she works a couple of words in the costs to nokia's own that releasing them. this goes a very sincere he said that he loves to sing personally it was against her. for this in the sense that he made the tomato also in the couple from the statements. for most
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the time we saw that the faculty was in good shape he immediately started to fondle the senate or so before him. so we had no time to speak in the collar will go to the airport the vault himself. canceling the calls that the house russia was calling him and beating him and he was there. it was able to see how happy he was aisha last trial why he believes president hu and chose this momentarily scored a copy. i think it's the inner tube in the cookie the city that still puts you at least so the other cookie because he doesn't want to have trouble during. the oh and in the games selection it's too simplistic view of it all it's certainly a role but don't read him a generalist in the major role was reported that the port and also in the scope of the new german government has sent him a second for the two
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signals that the german government wanted the kind of miss it. um towards the local commercial coal smoke ring um maybe also in deep and. modernization partnership and lonesome song. um and she wanted the response was so the commu just share a clear signal that yes the door for calls a ph mall between good and most call is open also from russian side our political correspondent simon young joined stay in the studio simon welcome. how does this impact german russian relations. will his colleagues on the road was suggesting that this could be weaned when the gym and russian relations. if president putin is looking to self when he's lying. and in truth these tony's be internationally and that could open the way for new dialogue on human rights and other e she's not something that the foreign minister as telling mine has saved the day he sees is a possibility coming out at
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the back to base a call because he relates that a bill calling it pains us but his own walked the lane khodorkovsky takes he's giving a press conference on sunday. with the cheese is to focus on criticism of the thirty min putin the russian. a justice system for instance that that could of course the strain that on a sat between the gemini which is placed in him now and most of the pickle because he's already been talking about. all the prisoners held in russia and in particular his former business peloton caught not done so that they don't say to their awesome concerts there i suppose that that began at me chuckle because he is no human rights campaign it easy for all that often these these these interests may be at least in as important in deciding what he does next. as any political att school. simon's from the press conference tomorrow what options the score to copy have now will this the sewing on that he's going to remain in
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germany for a while as we mentioned his mother is receiving medical treatment here has been some suggestions he might go to bed to switzerland but one thing i think he simply want to be there he's going to russia to elude the russian authorities have said but you're welcome to come back anytime i think business credits of a potential third trial against cotto coast beat the fee should decide to go there. so i think that wouldn't be his next move what do we see that what he says in his press conference tomorrow thing then we'll know a lot more. simon and thanks for joining us. a look now at today's other top stories the pentagon says for us troops were wounded in south began when gunmen fired on the aircraft during a mission to evacuees american citizens while and there is spreading on the dispute between two rival groups the incident took place in the jungle a state. earlier thousands of armed news story
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to you when baits at least twenty people were killed including two indian un peacekeepers. their bodies have now been flown back to india. the land has called on the government of south sudan two results the crisis peacefully. thailand's main opposition party says it plans to boycott february seven election. the democrats also led an election boycott in two thousand and six that help de stabilize the government to pave the way for military tattoo protesters have flocked in to bangkok for another mass rally. their name is increased pressure on thai prime minister and optionally to step down. the democrats are closely allied with the protest movement which wants the country into the current political crisis six weeks since my feeling high and devastated the philippines. many survivors still don't have access to food and water. un secretary general ban ki moon
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who has traveled the country he's been visiting survivors and tom club on the city hit hardest by the storm. the un says five hundred million euro snoring eighty is still needed to help survivors typhoon killed over six thousand people and left millions homeless. when they hit the central philippines early last month. us president iraq obama says he'll consider a possible overhaul of the national security agency's controversial surveillance practices in an attempt to restore people's trust. obama made the comments during a white house press conference which came shortly after panel of advisors who looked into how the nsa clock stayed out and recommended the spine on foreign leaders be stopped it was barack obama slams media conference of twenty thirteen with a new us president faced get more questions from journalists over the nsa scandal. once again obama has defended u s surveillance now. but he has
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also promised to reading the nsa. right now obama is reviewing expert findings on intelligence reform. they told him to stop collection a phone call information. obama says he me change held daddy's collect it. but he won't stop surveillance lately. we need this intelligence. we can't unilaterally disarm. there are ways we can do it potentially that his people greater assurance that their checks and balances that are sufficient oversight sufficient transparency. when help obama has conceded his government has screwed up the rollout of changes to the us system. he also again tackled you're on. it is my goal to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon but i sure would rather do a diplomatic fast that obama and his family headed to white for the christmas break the us president a difficult year is all but over people
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have been gathering in the scottish town of lockerbie to remember victims of the lockerbie bombing twenty five years ago families of the victims and politicians gathered to lay wreaths at the local cemetery the bombing remains the deadliest attack ever to take place in the united kingdom. more than two hundred and fifty people died when pan am flight one of three from london to new york exploded over scotland. let's shift gears and look at sports now where the signs chanting by munich in the bundesliga at the speed up the christmas ninety minutes too early. borussia dortmund were undone by defensive errors and lost two one at home to head to berlin the honor in ramos dance and all agreed to pay for their goals for dortmund it was a third home defeat in a while second place by labour cousins to come to a net of bringing counterattack losing one nail countdown of garcia netted for framing to secure his side's first league win since november. the other
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results in the monthly is so far look like next. freiburg round a win against hannover mind snatched a last minute victory at hamburg. brown's five grabbed a vital three points against all the time in shock and nuremberg are currently in action the score there's still no male one friday frankfurt milan star drew one all more on that in a moment. on sunday. there's only one game with nineteen got the posting will start buying it are about to get underway in the club world cup final. you won't taste of dark until after the winter break. on friday night then frankfurt had another chance to end their winless streak at home. they are up against all its bird that move had their best start with season in club history. in the end both had to settle for a single point. frank's head into the winter break without a single home victory on friday at least they split the points with our store
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the visitors but on the pressure early and took the lead up to hoffman. i will put the finishing the job. bring to its defense unable to clear the ball in the argentinian gratefully accepting an early christmas presents. then straight to the offense its course to deny buy outs but keep mulling hits the synoptic and the response the animals and todd capitalizing on this poll at the moment. one goal in the forty second the second console few chunks is behind this site the deal its meaty school and renounced its best opportunity just before time houseboat headed into the break when up in the standings. trying to just above the drop zone. shot of all that action is a bundesliga table that by the end it will like the look out as the lead breaks for winter. the variance remain a comparable seven points clear at the top with the game in hand. things looked dicey for dortmund belt law that could overwhelm them with a win
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sunday. that is in six and on starting eight have much to celebrate this christmas and the bottom half of all the clubs who should cut down the frankfurt can expect a lump of coal in their stocking. all european hopes going into the season but have failed to perform brown's five are briefly off the bottom thanks to their women can take some positive momentum into the winter freestyle skier aaron belong to grab the first world cup win of his co we are on saturdays in copper mountain colorado. the american delivered a really how my performance in the snow the snowfall was not enough to dampen his new data. we could celebrate a fine victory. despite the conditions he was joined by a raft of other american leaders in both men's and women's events. for the possible six podium places went to notice the year to year you have to reapply. that's all from us and carolyn journal keep it here for more news and updates and do visit our website that's tw gandhi
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thanks for watching. i in you decide you want to watch the images. the whole package the future. media center. dw tell you. climate change is
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affecting us all. rising sea levels i still remember reading once a night. through the streets. oems. and to entire communities. this is their own choice. energy conservation. recycling. and transport. help me jaw line find out what you can see today. he told reliant on all or earner aye aye aye aye aye aye. a tough old this sunday morning. vienna boys choir. in a few minutes i'll be singing it. this maxim that be a knock off poker cannot. if it's written so that they can. jolie's exhausted. east and dorian is copied into the chest is full
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to the ross does. this is a tradition popular with tourists and locals in vienna i am. once again children contains actress in the continuation of a centuries old tradition. it is is it. earlier. from june to me. we went to try to catch sight of this senate seats. traditionally the uniform of the vienna boys choir and then when i asked about ict the terrorists of plastic photo opportunity. deanna is a dream location to visit his old beautiful coral traditional. just like
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the boys choir. get on the artistic director and president of the quad takes is to a nearby cafe the vehicle is quiet as one of the most successful children's choir in the womb well it he says boys class at the contraction in general one reason is because young children seemed very demanding music the highest possible level. the one thing though. when was the show must go for the movie for me and not something that makes the as well as other artists conduct is missing is and also comprises many of you know always comprised in this medium the company into the room. jonas from the today show. he always wanted to be in a boys' choir and his parents agreed to go to tony and his twelfth annual testing the quiet since kindergarten. so nice it is difficult to say what it's like in other schools because i mainly use to this
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one. and i like it. to get to know the police stepped up so we get enough camera and they said softly into the bt piano. we osbourne show was pcc and a live studio. so that is based on. chilled sites team to beat oriented and asks him about escape the tumor. she and patient it also and eighty cents. i can't decide it's time to think there's any rate to its on the top the opportunity to travel the world is one of the pets of the choir. she likes it i can buy it up. yes i didn't get the cd because it's nice knowing the nation finney it's still something
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really special. till then he's a little bit sad that this be nice nice and bought this christmas season. he should scare you. i have stored in. this offering joachim favorite place in vienna. joan essential to keep definitely likes the christmas market. don't really is the actual session be. you can see the city holding. adopt a rough spot on. last month the apartment
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the building housing the vienna boys choir school is known expected to send somehow gotten palace is with the boys leave and learn alongside iran hundred of the clan in this age between nine and fourteen a kid. this is the british historian. yes that is ordinary boys the boys choir is keen to shed its image as an elite group. that's certainly what and when the concertina. it is a whole educational concept behind singing in the choir. being part of the communities more important than being a gifted singer. the choir office for children a lot of support and a lot too late. we had seen in some states today says doreen and cons of pancakes about it. i didn't know it'll probably be something
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good. the supersonics the us in the sky. the school use to have a reputation as an extremely strict educational establishment. the boys choir was founded more than five hundred years ago. it's always had a very consent to be made. at least up until the nineteen sixties the evening's time on of course times have changed giving voice training this i am thinking. the new news to me in you. oh oh oh. you can use. i knit this. this is in the cinnamon and a phenomenal thing about singing in a sense of
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something we probably off test against. how many positive side effects that are obscene units and she needed to get up. sunday is again the vienna boys choir also began talks on its knowledge to the outside won't. choose to smoke why i keep singing. wilson austrian of the countries. the male driver is one of them to us that we can do it the program is called sticker on it and in war with the aim is to get some shade to sit and chill a sense of self confidence and sometimes painful to find new tenants for the choir eight. i'm not i am. with. the and sometimes these children also due to appear on stage is this two track on its
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popular. this is assuming that it's about accepting a sumptuous yuan says rafael i'm realizing that you couldn't do something offence but afterwards you can. and it's not something abstract the chicken run to costco texas high school. it's something you sean. it's about trusting yourself to sing in front of the floss to make a mistake laugh about it and then everyone keeps singing to him. joan is back in las. they should be enough to listen to today and making christmas time. many boys this is their first experience of the christian culture. we are still with the christmas isabel's celebrate tonight show. he says yes but not like him reminds me that it doesn't have any christian meaning to some families because malaysia is or snow country he says the current owner. my eyes and i used the nation's gun. joni is puzzling as to his english lessons. some of
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the boys go to school. optus will send court just like everywhere else. zinifex post gives us a tour of the boarding school. she's the class archivist drama to an hour and a lot more besides. this is to tailor shop. tina says is the uniform worn by the youngest choir boys. she came to be an f fifteen years ago and has been working for the boys cry and it seems. i don't think it will surely this is due to stir emotions with what you do you'll send it yourself she says. such a feeling of happiness. the one just wants to keep reproducing it here so that children learn very quickly and it is. this is the meaning of success the feeling of happiness and by nature and happiness
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enough that it increases your own. and that's a really nice to take it as is. the chain effect. and it is. i own will keeping quiet practice. joan and tony and in the hide and cry. they're a full choir snow. you always want to continue at the school i said if the police come from countries that in austria. i am i in him the end. just use the insert six pm the boys had some free time and the opportunity to speak to their parents. joel finds a quiet corner and put one on reception. he hasn't been in touch with higher to six weeks. it's often more difficult for parents than
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the boys it and suck on my it's very difficult to see yet there. don't they. what was to do. he said. the term most of the boys talks remained cool wanna tok about the parents. we could look into their hearts that we wonder if it's really sunk with them to leave home so early. it's impossible to miss their enthusiasm when they are singing and performing. any spare time the boys like to listen to pop musical heavy missile maybe joel will go on to seeing him and when it was just great. the boys time in the choir is on top the things that they have learned here and experience to make two lists around the world will always stay with them the law. our. a ban
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on on the day as they are lulu. solutions. a lessening of us wanted it. mentoring us coming and taking out time and afterward he said it received sth. i know. i
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the sth. the company to cover me up. it always. read your troublesome when he exposes them. local student like me. the thoughts i will get a good player that didn't like it was totally shocked not actors too. through him it's no sin to his friends to whom you can be simple
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several intersections. job well done. it also tasted good. he nm moving me. i know the mine yet. i think that if india did to make this dynamic economy. the best holiday destinations. i was on the weekend that the festi


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