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tv   CCTV News  PBS  December 22, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PST

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want. the us. well that's how i defined in this house and field position battle the boy looked like an infected eye a naval task force from norway and denmark display the reason for this. as for
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chemical weapons out to sea again. he went on to win the ideas or sites in south sudan to find a negotiated outcome. and sectarian violence. i read that i got let off the ground the taking and protect its people. one seconds the bottom to cctv need something to me in thanking least on this program with the on going pretty good at all in thailand with thousands of anti government protest as i've got it outside from any state election law residency in and called a minor shock told me he said that his agency also it would take care and for his last chance to read and a viable position if it accepts i'm escorting full week of reform and will lead to step down and had to go from many states now else i will be touring north eastern provinces. see the salt of
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the house of commons and in this monkey trying to end the stalemate ideal position is pushing for her to step down before snap elections in cranberry. i know saturday he may fill positions democratic party headed by the la promenade scott bcp to see the state aid to look bleak will be in action the protest as air outside to the residence and type comments taking action on watching unfold as weak people she said it did monday police reforms and she step down ahead of elections slated for february. not respond in ten to see this country filed this report from uncle. the ending is a little of that and identity might mean nothing. i didn't get up at the intersection located on n main break in the capital. now this is one of the area occupied by anti government protests. that meant the nation. not sure what they believe the cute
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apartment. on the planet that talking to lots of people want to flaunt and they want the action with running the demonstration that we are experiencing around the capital today. one thing announced that they would boycott the re election the expectation that it is and when i don't have long been reading one. i feel like it's nineteen fifty and yet how about disagree. i'm a big deal. it's nothing to do with choosing which party we don't care about which party to vote for only one focus on reforming the electoral and ministry that system especially can be that the tax and the team. and with all that eventful the twenty knots in the one at p three. these people had gathered what they want change they want their own and then found not know until they get. some actions and to see this country are reporting from cairo nest more. these ties into
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the protests and i'm hoping that joined tonight by alec respondent not to know that my acting as thousands of anti government protest is on again gathering in hopes that was the security situation iconic brand of it. yet what a great year in bangkok he talks it's noisy in the whole things than the front seat that has been a big turnout nine numbers has yet to run clear but it's many many thousands the air is filled me up with the sound of protest we can get loud speakers we can hear speeches begin with cheering on the tv at that rate mob whistle blowing that come to signify approval from the crowd now many of bangkok's main roads are completely blocked by protests is causing widespread disruption people not directly watching this beach is the sitting down in the streets waving flags transport buses trains and buses being overwhelmed by the numbers coming into the city to the atmosphere itself is calm there's no
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sense of menace pm all of its streets parks and shops and restaurants have remained opened the difficulty is getting to them and some that have started to close early no one group of protest is a data sets to its prime minister he should know what time they forced aside from a semi staged a noisy demonstration outside the house with herself. isn't there today. she's a rallying support in a pot plants in the north the time. well what's in that regard as having didn't come home for vermont's down and it's a sign of a compromise from i decide he is still what i made the impact to how the protests had on the development of democracy it just is what the directions to finance the offense by doing so they can be what they're calling political reform effectively they want measures put in place to prevent the let's pull it tight. foxy winning an overwhelming majority as its country this as a
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redshirt parties have done he asked for more than a decade they want so called populist policies runs that they couldn't pull it tight wins at the polls because it introduced things like farming subsidies on low cost health care protest is claimed that amounts to buying votes from the top not what they want is to replace the elected government for the people's council drawn from a cross section of thai society but with a sizeable number actually selected by the protesters themselves that this would give the protest site and influence in thai politics which he covered the card when in an election they deny this is anti democratic and say the present system yet has failed. now more than fifty countries have called for free elections to continue in thailand but the protest leaders say bank atms parts of the media who agree with them to shut up and keep outs of taiwan's offense a site i like is a young democracy and many other countries did take time to stop the center and political systems. when you
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consider what has agreed to examine political reform which he says this can only be done under the direction of the property of elected governments. thank you very much in the belmont man approaching from on call under the structure will see in this chemical stockpiles as now and said any important state in kabul that sows and three dates from when denmark and norway have or by dan to pull in cyprus and stand ready to transport weapons to syria needs. a joint operation with global consequences. a combined task force from denmark and norway is in cyprus and emma some ports as part of the mission to help his mentor serious chemical weapons arsenal. my job is only successful one day from the point of time to do it part of his vision was so and i don't know where the wind when the cars would be in the form of badband
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wannaw that your baby we andhatnd i will be there. it's up to the pope cw which is in c that the bed inside a few rich. well the taskforce which frees next orders the commander says he's currently staying at this by keeping i ships feel it's stocked and ready to resnd to get in the worst case scenario. we upgraded to respond with a big birds in chemical agents from moses aid that the army. the danes on in between the weekends to finish the danes and a civilian in them intelligently or so. so we only reach respond to that situation. should the need be with him going ot be a mission best we can take out the presents which might be contaminated and we can clean them we can stabilize them and we canvacuate them to two awesome. however if after untouched forest is dispatched to spearhead its unclear where the chemical
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weapons new contract the organization for the presentation of chemical weapons says is to determining the final destination for this team in stockpiles but your medications director genel has called for all countries involved to continue supporting the disarmament missing. you tell cctv. i was lulu. mm mm mm mm. culture extends. the war. so now
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the enemy seen the is coming closer to us. you boys with me. an accident the new you let's watch to get there. i bought. he delivered the news let's explore. we get you inside a real. every day cctv. welcome back to cc tv news told us a minute repairs now i'm being treated in kenya after being wounded in shouts of john o'neill attend
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to evacuate americans from rising conflict in the african country the united nations says the hundreds of people having killer cold this week ensued on the south sudan including two in the end un peacekeepers on monday the president announced that he's full season installed an attempted coup. at this than the country has been bought by him to rest make my this neighboring african nations have that sent envoys to try and seek an end to the fine thing for us to pass these on a special envoy cctv seventy two he cooks. bullies of the union peacekeepers killed the same the world's newest nation. they died protecting civilians who fled the violence. hundreds of dollars may be many more union peacekeepers were killed in the town of aqaba the capital jewish state four us servicemen with his own son today as they tried to land in the town of bowl us ministry said the engine will on board all spray it off like these which can fly like planes or helicopters
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in a statement the us department of venice and quiet. they will funnel my small arms fire but on the enforcers will create all sustained damage during the day spent full service members on board the april were wounded during the days when kidnapping treated in kenya south saddam's presence of a kid from the day control and says the bond stilted often attempted to buy his five boys present when michelle was from the rival new untried. monique regional african leaders rise in the capital to grow something to hold talks with the present to try and quell the violence. in addition to that. when the government the piece of it to the top given that indicted. it is
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to continue with their sports in order in pizza sauce with the thousands of south sudanese troops and police are now mobilizing this nation has moaned be news to him to ethnic rivalries which took second place for decades the south's is known for two don't a little. but since gaining independence in two thousand eleven. with the premise should add that the rapidity that don't go rang me this would struggle with steering this emerging countries to stability ethnic rivals and those created by souths to dawn's potential oil wealth of re emerge. this policy has racial implications to sit on to the north of may but has warned it will all stand by it the bonds continues the two nations to love them all the greed of a common border. no one exactly how the oil revenues from the south will be distributed most of them think and know that one so all the tribal rivalries to look for one of the two singles. they contain the cctv washington. and the machinations the second straight down onto one has responded to the escalating my innocence out saddam by a team or pisces consent to
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having to think it's outcome i call a prison cell but she also has an obligation free agents including wallabies prison would be much out come to the cave where to find a particular way. out of decent prices. we are responsible to the people of south asia. to handle crises and if i did the party to communities of what this thing get differences. i called him to put everything in the apollo. be sure that your wireless get the message loud and korea. that continued defiance. if tony and otherwise is complicated are upset them. paul was a dangerous threat to the futility of yall country as foreign minister from meal to share that and the chinese ambassador to japan can heal. i have met seemed full tilt as the two
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sides main command and frosty ties and tcs and ops than me saying that the teesside the scot said the acc's related to their relationship including the deli items the spirit and china's anti christ identifications and the beast by the act was there at the colts as friendly and the stitch on said day he agreed to raise its china's position on the number of topics and call for more dialogue to break the impasse is and shall add it to china and japan should work together to bring the two countries on the tracks of sticky tape and youtube any future relationship. this is the key she is the first meeting with chinese and bounce that since he took office in december two thousand twelve. i kneeled foot high levels of radiation had been found underground in and around japan's crippled for pushing many of the palace station it's all prayed to tesco said it found a retro look to buy point nine meeting after ella's petty theft of the banks have brady in the team of radioactive
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substances at the mandate to react to read activists easy and hassles of being detected in the crown court tavern and the full react as well. and that says a lot of samples from twenty five meat is on the war set of demand the full react as well as shown that the radioactive substances may have already seen deep underground. and just a few days that it tickled pink. it was billy the wolves initiate to stop the contaminated water from leaking out to the sea we allow the japanese government says it to increase funding to tackle a full cleanup and reconstruction efforts at the people of god the de commissioning of physician ancestry back to react is expected to take decades and to require expertise from around the lounge. fan. i am
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the show he means business
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the it seems the refusal of sport. the union. and then sunday marks the winter solstice in two thousand and thirteen mendelssohn hands that would have installed the longest nights crucial to stay in the act the winter solstice is an astronomical phenomena as bad as the traditional holiday in many contests. the chinese tradition of celebrating de sacs and two thousand yes and amen. as important as tasting festival with a chinese meal yet. i mean don't the china people make dumplings known as doubts in the country's south. it's good to me is that going to miss my stamping these traditions carry which is full time and the uni and i mean good hobbits in the next day. also drinking wine to handle the cat and visit the graves of family members. the winter solstice is one of a twenty fold down the thames on
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the tradition of the station coming back. and i had to lift when asked they don't rhyme is a term of three new animation the row that and i'm back i've taken photos of each ad that for the fifth and final time and next that is the scientific said they and exploration can compete in the days of the time the three time that had been sent to us. the eu to read that carries the panoramic camera for real time bdo transmission and the camera provides a step really image is seen high resolution three dimensional he made a beach house redone the is equipped with the several cameras including a decent camera and an extreme ultraviolet in the jet plane that's a mountain to leo said they the moons and she launched a strike chance that the substance is i'm hopeful natural resources as well and it will conduct its operations and the binding sites will again become a free press box the dough from the southwest china on the sound effects and animations to such full match resources that can be used on us and to test china's remote
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control technology at the robot from us. according to official statistics the number of a college graduate seen shining two thousand and fourteen when he can recall seven point three million nearly three hundred thousand more than this yet i love the hat to find stable jobs on the us striking out on their rounds and it's a cctv says eric if i'm asking the trick to hide in center tennis with problems. the spray evening gown and a printer as the shaking up the competition. twenty three oh no she's at least graduate who has tried to look at the culturally rich city after completing a deep green line eighteen in agricultural economics the line forum for school mates to study just i don't think. the key and some fruit stand on campus. that link mulling over the past three years tinkling a chain of fourteen stores across the city. while some of the other called force is struggling to find any coffee stout they can yell and her
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partners to putting education need to practice every day he came up with a business model and marketing strategy based on family service at your company makes an impressive ten million guy knew that his team two thousand twelve. expect to reach eighteen million yen this year. labels a long time we are from the countryside and our parents' hopes that after graduating from university that would get stuffy doubt that the guarantee as a stable income. still there still against as for getting this demand didn't start out todd every morning and i and one team one of the other co founders of the flu shot goes to local wholesale markets to purchase a store supplies for the day. lombardi stunning appearance for the pie and it didn't start out that way. as a silly way it was a repeat of the bikini. we headed to a rookie at three am to buy the fresh foods. the scope and didn't lead to one be afraid of being cheated
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holidays join your team says that it's easier than usual there's lots of fruits lots of decorating dish out to be getting their sales promotions ready the company's first christmas three years ago was a disaster a point to porto team team's top shareholder the staff have learned from their past mistakes and have grown stronger and that the boys of the men. we have competition at nearly every street corner but we've survived and kept growing because all five of its sheer expense of study dairy and almost all of the staff here are college students or graduates became his endowments he hoped more talent to come join our company the city that i complain to the scene. our university has always been encouraging students to start their own businesses in a given them up support. we do hope that the local government will increase support for students with ambitious endeavor to give them a fighting chance founders not have even greater ambitious plan to grow large enough to go they are just launching a pool of
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harvesting their own produced a filly in the overseas collectors your stories and i each had a college student on what graduates are starting on conventional small businesses hoping to find our footing in the ever competitive markets. after our last flight for you to think back and smile the five thousand entrepreneurs have the time he and get a good option according to richmond and acted out. friday was the event the sixteenth the entrance. the tv. that path but chinese smartphone maker shall mean what's more why is this thing called a disruptive force in the smartphone industry now dominated by apple and samsung an outage dummies be looking to expand day the seeds i put that grace brown sat down with people that the new vice president and shall be unable to find out. lol at the peace prize to prove the chinese tech
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crime to alice mary nature no departure from silicon valley made global headlines he was whining that vehicle and kate's tummy. china is probably the most exciting place one or two be right now and it has been in for a guy is the product i'm working in the mobile industry for the past ten years. i've been following show me for awhile i think it is probably the most disruptive companies that would ever see. i really want to be part of the story of human health. it's billed as the way. it is found worldwide. humans we can hope that the tsunami that these seats. we can all expect this to be in the nation singapore early as next year is captured. we don't know yet what we're studying on some pcs and and and other parts of the world. they're very closely to figure out how to get a product's launch of you know we would love to you personally taken in china and would like to read it as much
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as we can. overseas and one overs. on the other markets beyond the contents in it he said. so we have already entered tibet taiwan and hong kong. those were the first to markets outside of mainland china. and it was launched and they have been very successful options. no we're not looking beyond taiwan and hong kong look at southeast asia for example as a region that to be. i would be great for the kinds of products that were built. we are researching these markets carefully even try to figure out the best way to enter a weak country to go first so one time and will know that the next two weeks for sure in your view. hobbs is often used in taiwan and hong kong contents of those chinese name. so i want is a really huge market in the same time and time and even though users in taiwan and to buy phones very differently from hubby buy phones in china and taiwan and the often perch is a form for mobile operator for example instead of buying
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on the internet. on b for songs that we've seen and done to our products has been equally exciting was the main compresses the fonts this sound the entire besides what sets me on the promotion has been its low price. not low cost and to be sustained at sea. i don't think so without knowledge is exactly how we build our market our products and there's no real reason why you do it differently the markets will reveal that show me he is a global standard of hardware software services in the mall has been very successful here in china time and we really do think that it's the very very high quality foreign accent for ourselves that will work very well everywhere. she bought at frankie few times. max was so biased press it into the county can ever you go back and the back seat any of the company ended the cities and cctv news. i think. bc's
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i have eye. you know. all
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the eye. it is. i will. cz
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you you you will or will you will. entrance to it until i tok are enjoying your pre christmas weekend with us here on nhk world. this is news line protesters in thailand came together in several places around bangkok on sunday before official campaigning starts for elections scheduled for february the us. tens of thousands of anti government protesters called


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