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the street in which slightly greasy. oh the chance to remedy that. the many courts close in age. it's part of the country sea. it's awful it's better than seeing downtown beirut to me at the party that evening thousands of new anti state the reinforcements us at surviving in south not contain any advice in sectarian violence. se. i
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mean is that trains the ground. this week my good intentions. the attack. china simon's the japanese ambassador to express his outrage. it has promenade said this if you come to the field for klein. watch her teensy ctv news on the team and jane and the stuff by people including prominent than the self financed menace that muhammad to shop time had been killed and inspiration that i gave it to shock his convoy in downtown beirut just not a sunni muslim was orson opposition feedback and an eight to follow from any set aside our hiring the chateau was reported to be on he's way too attended the scene when expansion that has eye witnesses say ambulances and taking beacons from the area
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evidence the state news agency said the stairs in a region agents from the comp all noble nine season has yet claimed responsibility for that bring you more details become available. essential to that my team j in beirut he said jon the midst of that a lot to know what can happen with a kiss to have aunt bekah polling station what will be giving you just mentioned are full with getting a move from second to the full review here. over the reasons why some people go on the convention opens his most recent tweets to the pool. and he doesn't think i'm mentioning it. it doesn't. exercising its right to attend to inform policy an issue with him on the button but i think it ought to
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expect a great arm. situation is very very tense and teach them that is the top of the old firm triple product promotions from but come on over to the wall this is due to expansion was going on in to the days leading up to of the storm's home just in time to come from both camps when you look at the demographics will both sides of the june war which of the road. school groups who have none of the extremist elements within them. and people are paying him the boot camps have some individuals within those extremist elements which are wont to communications to go ahead to the pubic to confirm it. retaliation so grateful that form in all this comes as the location aligned to the super rich. i sent him an awesome awesome samples from barrett's and ten lists in the area telling us about the latest about the act note that the cob home expansion happened in the new museum makes a full one
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minute that passed painkillers and i tend to the ongoing violence in south sudan's u n envoy to the country heritage ellison has said the fast peacekeeping reinforcements are expected to arrive by saturday she admits it's been a fast growing tension in the african nation has taken us by surprise. this lead to sign an ad in the city. i use the police checks on me that means a protection obligations. the eighty two disobedience not counts of making sure that b or c. we are also doing some pixels not on time and both he and nights. in the neighborhoods in june but she tried to create a more protected environments for people to the candidates and to their homes. however many will remain high in the cas. it also agreed on tuesday chewing cranes and un forces in south sudan from about eight thousand tents me in the fourteen thousand to help the local ganges nation and
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restore to attack and called cezanne and equipment are also expected to be sent more than fifty thousand civilians have sought refuge at the un compounds in south sudan and the modest but count on december the fifteenth between full of sicily are two passages from ikea and those backing former deputy president to meet my shock when the one thousand people up in the cia having kill it sat on. unfold in a case to them and i joined ella found by alt respondent and daddy have the mood here in south sudan's capital juba denny's africa needs is a mac ten south sudan's president of south ikea. she tried to mediate an end to nearly two weeks of fighting. ask any progress be made during meeting and how they reach any agreement to sell the company. the reader. it tightly with a dopey you know
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yes i'm that good and faithful to you. it is going to let him when he hit the beach and i'm so pleased with the help not hinder you from the kind of clothing but it shouldn't be a few minutes of the day before we could go to when he needed me the political than you you can now my mouth i hope i can the depiction of land you need to move up to the end they think that i'm going to compare the two. the film due to low fee that will communicate with them. oh well i'm wont to do them or for that you can bet that what the fork and they didn't
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do that because of the last lap completion relate to it oh well it couldn't be good to think i will need to get a chance. and i didn't do. i'm working for a good twenty feet into the book is that they could one day off and then feed. you know the local positions he got out. and that what we didn't went to the pumpkin he could think of people were great there the end of the day to take a bow that need to get to thank you day and age in the moray acting chops that and capital juba. an anti corruption trial has taken the attack a scotsman to assaulting the rest of the sounds of three cabinet ministers and the resignation of three minutes to save a mate to attack its prominence to a separate but dylan appointed ten new menace is falling in resignations he says is null and simple corruption present at a time spiritual attack. despondent and after economy has this report from the sound booth this is becoming a familiar scene in turkey. thousands of people back on the streets this week calling for the government to step down come on is a mrs would not be enough. aragorn should resign themselves. this cannot be covered up. don't
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riot police used water cannons and smoker needs to disperse the angry crowds the fourteen month investigation into government corruption unprecedented in scope struck at the heart of turkey's ruling elites just months before elections will go the blog then. we're facing an attack against the turkish people interpret republic which is presented as a crop to grow. everyone is aware that this is not a corruption probe. but an obvious conspiracy to set up against turkish politics in turkish appear immediately start to feel hopeful. one claims this guy rundle st to lagoon on a us based turkish cleric who still call his nap movement claims at least a million followers including senior police officers and judges kw the movement meant a number of non governmental organizations and schools promoting what it says is peaceful coexistence in the wild. if the government has become suspicious of its popularity. according to the media foundation established by the man
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himself continuing support for ed to one and his party began to deteriorate when the government started retracted on its promises melissa you can see his new homes for mikey. after seven or eight years and a tea party started to change direction the eu especially for a slowdown of democracy fell off the agenda and anti democratic policies are being implemented. we also saw decline in rights and freedoms. this created a lot of disappointment in the mood of long balls on the ticket that day. however the government steals all this is part of a smear campaign to show discordant turkey bowl going on has denied any involvement in the corruption probe. his influence has helped and the ones at the party when its share of the vote in three successive past elections elections set for march it may not be as easy a win for everyone this time around as this corruption probe rose to the biggest challenge to his eleven year rule. natalie party for cctv in istanbul turkey for more on the corruption scandal in
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tacky when i joined there by responding to me how by the bits in the east and there may have a look into this that the deep changes they have taken the political scene the intense heat. is it costing case. well what are the most important things that is happening right now is the breakdown where the envy of white teeth out of the three ministers that was um that actually resigned one of them. i don't buy the one who is the minister of environment for station was the minister for that of course comes the first of all stated that he was forced to resign and he said that the project's construction projects that are of some of them are under question of course i'm also included the signature of prime minister either one so he said if i were designing and printing is shadowing should resign himself to this and every one accusation and this was when the main person breakdowns within the op party. another thing that happened last night was that of our white teeth decided to
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send three of them members of parliament you disciplinary un council and one of them already resigned last night saying that the night agree with what the party was doing right now so two main breakdowns within the party happened already so this is very important for our party another important thing that happened yesterday was not another new round of the rest was supposed to take place by the prosecution they kick the start button for this operation to begin a weber the police forces refused to make this happen so there wasn't a huge breakdown within the system on between police forces and the prosecution so on. turkey is at it and a lock in terms of what the system is going to do right now. the many reactions from the political parties' eleven having to balance that reshuffle. well we understand that this this
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situation is very new for turkey on. of course the main opposition parties and in the other parties are ours criticizing what is happening there criticizing the party they're calling for the resignation of one dead on. but there's invade there's a big change in terms of what's happening within the public's reactions as well because of course we know what happened in june we had a lot of reaction globally we saw that the reaction towards authority of everyone saw that it was a lot of calls protesting check into place but i want to enjoy the projects were criticizing time i was tagged on and the party for on the issue was in bahrain the issue was that person and human rights a well read this the very specific group. then there was thought that a lot of the population in turkey didn't even know what was going on when in the protests of the main change here is that not the main population is aware that the media is covering the topic of a corruption scandal is all of the media and what we visuals e it's impossible to deny millions of dollars in shoe
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box on so he can be sure that no one is ever going to be referred to the shoe box without this connotation it's just a common joke already and i mean im money counting time machine in the house of someone. this is undeniably something that no one is going to dismiss in turkey very easily so that's a big change. thank you meet him teaching me how much of it imported from the east and the eu registration for posse proportional representation the titans parliamentary elections. sestak those are not the kind of registration on friday. candidates must sign up for that guy thinking that this constituency scenes from saturday. ask the election can eat its registration web continues titans had to get deputy prime minister out on tap captain jono was rejected to be in action commission school two was found hiding in the election saying the bench with kayla had in primary and scheduled an the commission made the call as protest is full with
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police in bangkok and the act on the state seeking to hold the elections on the clash took place outside this old stadium a natural candidates reduced its full fat dairy beds and crannies officer was killed and about one hundred people let him get in the clash. and stay in thailand countries on the tv general of pride you to the time no chat has said the government and the opposition to show restraint and senior army officers met friday afternoon and a minute said to the ami has supported and tries to calm down the wall in that it says on the um is it that a rally in town and we spent an ef two of respondents want to go in and call we get a position of the ministry is essentially apathy on the has the big east think they have the most powerful weapons so if the rule of mole does break down and it came very close to me yesterday that made the army's position will be crucial that everybody has
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them and agencies via the army is really seen as pro inmates pro establishment and crocs that demonstrates its side the pennies on the other hand are nice people said to favor the people i know pro government intervention by the army in two thousand and six when there was similar at st uprisings and next to a minute to do. i'm the toppling of a red shirt government then and death so far this time the army has kept out of the confrontations any facts in the past has tried to act as a piece of bread to dip the violence escalates again at some point they may feel compelled to step in the chinese form a nice day long he has summoned japanese us ambassador to china for cookie tara in banking strongly protesting and danny japanese prime minister shinzo abe's visit to the warning it's a penny shy of ten ec with the japanese ambassador long he said. on this visit to the us to finish i have created and made to please call the toll
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to already strained china japan relations. it said china will not tolerate such a move and japan must take full responsibility for any series and its resultant frostbite on this visit. a long pointed out to the yasukuni shrine which on this japan's war dead including fourteen kos and convicted to vote with two criminals is a spirit to look cool. i'm single at the japanese unit to restate the question and the real problem of the visit to the acetate chinese whether japan can correctly understand an effect on the real meaning and its history of the need to restate the question is also a master of the principal consenting that laid the foundation of china japan relations. oh one he said not this this is strong the wind against the principle in state of the full panic mode documents between the two countries as fun as the commitment made by former japanese unmanned stations and the fist on historically sees a long battle to china with fine to the end to it japan continues to be afraid to challenge the baseline of china japan relations and
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the intensified the two countries tension and confrontation. you don't underage essentials. he shoots hundred. jaffe has promised to change all defences to the us economy sure on which borders japan's war dead including fourteen costly to fix the whole quart of cream in and stood back to school canteens to the title is tranquil. this is the great provocation tents natural justice. an awesome blessings trampling on human conscience and the chinese government has protested to the japanese saw lights and stanley can them up its act it was all he has done is taken to penny and dangerous direction. lessons must be the dents from a detroit based national community including china should step up their vision and its nostalgia and to retrieve it is our eco steps. eli china's ambassador to japan to me all my mates with japanese vice
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foreign minister pak it on the psyche and the most he's strong protest to the days that yes it can shine by japanese prime minister seemed to love it the chinese foreign ministry spokesman jean gullible to repeat it on to three months after visiting the shrine in that briefing. to win. not others and you wait three hours. i was asked who did the japanese minister is tied for one with a first class war criminals on in the classic are you trying to find bike justice and peace and prosperity is it is abuse on them. japanese leaders have the critically say one thing in and do the very upset in private and the remarks wide work easter annie and japanese from any stitching to live and six he regrets is that this isn't the acid finish line had become a great poet and diplomat says. i've had no intention to press the feelings of chinese and south korean people. he also says he respects china and
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japan had croup set to build friendly relations. foreign ministry's spokesman tim gunn said a fifty pound been earmarked to improve relations with the station made this japanese from a stock they shoot and also visit nasa to a shrine and a second visit to the nineteen monster you mario. in hong kong thousands of protesters staged a demonstration outside the japanese embassy against a single at this visit to the eskimos trying to protest as and apricots and anna's as the months to the embassy and to see santa they call out this visit to the china warning will quit today is a shameful act. in spite of mounting criticism the japanese government has defended to the visit saying it was not meant to cause offence to neighboring countries and japanese chief cabinet secretary gus he did so the stats update which continue to seek the understanding of neighboring countries. i seem to love this visit to the yasukuni shrine has drawn
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strong contamination from the international community even from the two main us. i like the us embassy in tokyo has published on their websites and on the use of criticism of this visit the statement says the us is disappointed at japan's leadership has taken an action that would exacerbate tensions with japan's neighbors. airasia was expressed regret is that the basics. the farm ministry said that some forces in japan had any devaluation of the out come the wolves went to batam is different from the dock shack by the blood could this isn't the has also come from a year of eu high representative catherine ashton said in a statement about the visit was not going to use it to lowering tensions in the region. ames the full mainstream news paper at an hotel bought has published an editorial saying isaak these core seen in a skillet instead they see in the beach it is actually the editorials of these cannot be accepted by stop the station people including singapore. the two was
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invaded by japan during one one two and the simon wiesenthal center a leading jewish human rights organization said it is morally wrong to show read the arrested as he left response though for butchering and carrying out war crimes and crimes against humanity. carrying all this china's homegrown playdough system is offering great appreciation in positioning said this is the country has a plan to launch more satellites in two thousand looking to build its own code the system. dummy me before china scholar from legal system isn't ready to compete with gps. after being put into commercial use. late last year. the system has improved is positioning accuracy to five to seven meters of the countries and parts of china and ten meters elsewhere in asia pacific region. industry around baker navigation is taking shape the technologies being applied to find a student of
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these transports fishing with the full cost of the softer eighties and one. they the result of the first ascent of the world. note that all frequencies within the teams units. the vomiting was to create eighteen frequencies promise made to the station in positioning and dedication to the system could be used in a book on to the cricket action to generate small benefits. in the meantime he also released performance tended to fund its bid to accuracy and reliability of the system and they don't set the size navigation system is already extensive he seems that's what it's about eighty percent of passenger and car bounces heavy duty trucks and trailers use the system the system also offers mitigation from the ring fisheries council fisherman etsy to keep in touch with families. these short messaging services. that says nato is also compatible with eu has gps units kennedy all
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the shoes don't match that night. china will continue to provide a reliable service tomorrow the aoc. china's legal system is pulling a priest of study last year when finished the second step and putting to use the system covering the asia pacific region the staff is a system was that an apology to cover the client. by the end of next year we'll launch a new generation of paige's tap lights and a longer lifespan and the team competes in the constellation for global system and sixty eight says it will be able to provide positioning accuracy of about two point five meters. as part of nato's global outrage when and where become the first country outside china to use its parody next to it. he has to be a blessing to serve as time is play doh set times navigation system has recorded stable and reliable performance this is from his own track
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to play the narrowing in coming years as china moves to was bolted to the bank the closest town of thirty five cents nights at ten to twenty. cctv payday. add to the after maths at the massive expansion and if i had to shopping mall that has killed four people and in just fourteen ctv new job in southwest china's sichuan province a fine has been brought under current roanoke most part they say it was cole's fine and can speak the injecting could find through a series he has to be treated at a local hospital the zoo. even the explosion shattered windows to old school days when the streets with pork and goss and every menu of the nj a dorky by falling costs oh yeah the date where receive a twenty and thirty three patients are being treated for different interests including bone fracture and lacerations more than two
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homes. the funny voices and twenty fine talks responds to the place that engulfed in the brain using the fire was put on the control of the freud the morning. many who breach the stakes pollution remains shaken. and when joey electrician at the mall was inches by the lost thirteen pounds as it cooled enough to reach the ground. i was frozen by fear and the wreckage of a drone all cool. some of the image into a pedestrian sal sliced them all the castles he's half mike beebe much client. he sees it as a tune that day. did either. as i drove by i heard a loud explosion from the inside of them in my car was hit by flying glass beads florida hospital says it has set up a special team to treats the seriously injured you tease him site gets
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the whole hall of those saudis were cute. the general cctv. that's all for this nice update on cctv need them i have the us. i knew them
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through. you do. routine
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father i meet a couple jill and john daly. he planned to retire. they wanted to take the time and among many many places they said well this place. i'm very end of the baum there have been listed on iraq. here are all winter they each can all be looking to build on what's in those doubts. stray dogs so this was something. well miss something. and about two to having a social formation six reinstated so that's why taiwan. the case of jail what happened to her. she was rescued dogs and she got out of material and intellectual both legs written about. i'm a couple of years later. um well the setting was intentional somebody helping themselves to. most of such a tragic tale. i laughed about that
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informs main accomplishments that she did in silence. she was named the occasion of the year was the first person in on a show. to be a champagne. i really big thing a really special person. i mean when you see her. i mean it's robots you want to remember. she went to thailand to retire. now you know that's that's been the stimuli to manage the person that you see it and it's as if a woman made of. it's amazing that it will in his twelveth straight edge as the lead they held a speech or body weight on only time in a shelter she's either totally got into medicine and abrasions over the coming days. no need for anybody to do it by herself. it's amazing to them do they. a a. he and nothing
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will. the eye the ira welcome to nhk world of islam and chino tummy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am and the us will move ahead with the controversial plan to relocate an american base in okinawa after winning approval from the prefecture is covered. north korean leader kim jong hoon has used state run media for free the is


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