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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 2, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the second headlines this hour the central console officially kicked off twenty four th. administrative city officials. this saturday later in life for a service based at the capitol the outlook for three months exports are expected to reach close to six hundred billion dollars in twenty fourteen she felt that the north korean leader. it's new year's address. with plans
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for twenty fourteen the extension of the olive branch to south korea the story similar to that i'm ten years it's thursday jack during second year in korea life of full time and trouble and thank you for joining us. we begin this evening in scheduling city where the government kicked off the new year with its first meeting of two thousand fourteen are fuzzy hair has more unhappy year old said even a step closer to becoming the central administrative hub of korea the korean government held its first meeting of the new year on thursday in the central city of scandal it was the first time that meeting was held in the new administrative city that meeting led by prime minister taiwan was also broadcast
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live at the central government complex a scholar the government's annual new year's meeting has been held in store for the past forty years. but starting this year it looking nice that the government complex in schedule around six hundred officials that represent government and he's in the healing ministry that popped up part and the needy prime minister thomas said the nation's administrative system is at a turning point it's part of the focal piece to face with a government office relocation plan consider this as a chance to destinations in the spin of system. around ten thousand officials from thirty one ministries and state agencies including the prime minister's office and the finance ministry are now working instead of following the second phase of a government office relocation plan that wrapped up last december. the new administrative center is the legacy of an election pledge by the late president would run in the early two
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thousand and eight is to diminish the focus on the nation's capital and achieve balanced regional development. i mean. at the nation's top off as president i can hand has no plans right now three shuffled her cabinet during an emergency news conference on thursday presidential chief of staff kinky choon refuted looming speculation that the president could replace some underperforming ministers in her second year in office and added that now is an important time to focus on running state affairs the presidential office reportedly called the press are out of concern that the speculation would create distractions that government ministries at the start of the new year. political watchers however take note of tins of word choice in the press conference as he said there were no plans right now for a reshuffle possibly leaving the door open for one down the line after heavy political wrangling over the past character of rice to buy
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the two thousand thirty national assembly politicians are setting their sights on the future june elections stakes are high for all parties eric him and he says you're set to make all our efforts to win the voters' hearts the ruling party is determined to winning a landslide victory in the jungle all elections in which more than thirty to nine hundred local governments are up for grabs it plans to harness alternative resources and energy free elections in a bid to empower the package administration. as the first regional elections under the administration. the john elections will serve as an entertainer of the valuation of her presidency. it's time for us to pull up our collars and approach the with a humble heart and integrity we must make two thousand fourteen a year that guarantees a bright future for the party. the stakes are particularly high for the main office of democratic party. but suffered a string of election defeats. starting with the twenty twelve
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presidential election it plans to appeal to voters by choosing the pack an administration that worsening the people slightly as the nation's democracy. he moved in addition to protecting democracy and people's livelihood it's convenient an election victory this brand new year the democratic party recognizes the need for all of the foreign and strange and internal unity. as it has happily divine creature battle but also a new party led by the panama make caricatures sale. i miss pushing ahead with plans to form a third party. he says will overcome before politics at the two parties instead this new party is fast gaining popularity in the southwestern corn on the region which has long been the democratic party's traditional power base. he'll be in the old system and we are thinking that wants to keep its best to write by settling for regionalism in refusing to perform in a while talking about on the other must be eradicated
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starting in the region. this new party ish or display the opposite. but i'm stressed that he will merge with others like the day the twenty twelve presidential election when he unsuccessfully joint with ppp to try and get their candidate mccain elected president tvnz added and it's in the wee hours of the new year the national assembly passes to fail since fourteen government budget and it passed on the condition of two other bills involving reforms for the nation's spy agencies and foreign investment procedures because the battle over the national intelligence service in particular crowded the headlines tonight we delve into what exactly the twenty fourteen government budget. professor ian didn't stop at catholic university of korea. anything
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that even while professor this three hundred forty billion dollar government but she is a slight increase from last year but the less than what the government had a regionally you've requested what determines what went into the budget and liked it not okay i think the government is trying very hard to keep resin parts promises the promise that she made during the elections. so the wealthy applauded the budget was strengthened point that the parts dealing with economic recovery economic aid to so called creative innovative firms were also strengthened part of that the education part and the defense color well it represents an increase from what they got last year but still it was less than what those departments last four so i think if you have to cut out some eczema losers i think those two winners the losers for this budget and sing to look to set a budget in particular are in line with president park and has a campaign but it's ok for a job creation shia the government an awesome
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entry programs for the people who would you be coming in to the labor market individualized aid packages so that you had better taxes of getting jobs and a split more flex time and part time job programs to get more people an opportunity to join at least part of the workforce and in terms of the increase will trickle down state has been normal for programs for working parents. people of parents was especially their children for example. at the sick children will get a substantial cut a substantial lead in the universe the tuitions. i'm also up payments for senior citizens programs for senior citizens will also be strengthened i'd also be a lot of emphasis on coolness would be small and medium size companies. specially those small and medium cars size companies which do a lot of r and d and there will be some assistance for those companies to export abroad as well. there were also some
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acapulco programs especially for those that look awful sectors which would not meet is going to be haunted by the free trade agreements on and then on the sordid the opposite side of the gunmen also said that they will step up efforts to collect taxes. today that packs the invaders as well as close tax loopholes so they're looking for. i've been looking to get a lot of time and the news because they really want this budget to be. in this era plus if possible if not then the deficit thought to be minimized as much as possible what's this budget passed almost a regionally as written was there enough today to the dads went on in the national assembly over the budget during the political impasse. ok this but it is very similar to what the government propose and cotton reason is that they didn't really have time to debate over the merits of the of the budget. now i say do it
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i think they did accept a lot of factors which are politically important for example the spending for a regional government and regional projects have been increased. partially i think because there's a beach elections coming up in june but still. i just mentioned that that this budget was carried out with the assumption that green growth will grow by three point nine percent the year next year and welcome most of the civilian it's nice to live musicians of convicting someone fifty three point five to three point eight percent so it's not a bad estimate but still i wish you had the knife assembly had more time to bowl with some of these assumptions over some of these programs to see it actually wasn't the unrealistically a woman like that. i write thank you very much tougher for three down for joining us this evening. thank you. before your dns and another begins get the latest online soul
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expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the cold its local network and why. as you forgot. on arrival that has seventeen always on standby. south what ink and korea will see bigger utility bills in twenty fourteen as gas prices and postal delivery service is rising and the new year the move has drawn criticism from some quarters as it will take a heavy toll on the already tight budgets of the nation's low and middle income brackets that evening she purports utility charges are rising sharply from the start of the new year but the price if they also won the rise the price hikes are almost certain to increase the financial burden on households. following hot on the heels of hikes in electricity in raw material prices. these increases are
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expected to turn over a wide range of fields. starring jaggery first the korea gas corporation raised the price of natural gas by roughly five point eight percent the price of gas for households led up by five point seven percent translating into an additional four us dollars per household per month industrial sectors on six point one percent increase and the service sector five point five percent hike the high close of an electricity rates in november last year by an average of five point four percent in its attempt to curtail the nation's fifteen electricity use. transport eat your rates are also sceptical of this year the curry and rail what corporation is expected to increase rail crisis by about five percent. the city of things that is also considering plans to race bus fares by five percent while the western port city didn't ungreased taxi fares by an average of seventeen percent last month. stop this parcel delivery service these are
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also slated to ride starting next month the three of us an additional dollar will be added for package is what it is also expect some posts transaction fee increase is the first in nine years in a bid to make up for that deficit and postal service is due to the production and post bali him. the price if they are trevor james has also caught up. major cutbacks tree company store and pick a copper about to raise prices by an average of eleven percent at eight point seven percent respectively coca cola has also lifted the price of its offerings by six point five percent. some local bakeries will also raise prices on about a third of their products by an average of seven point three percent starting january fifteen. considering all the price hikes it shouldn't come as the feud surprised to see that the ministry of strategy and finance expects this year's inflation rate to be two point three percent after last year's one point three percent. lindsay. i am
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nice. the story of korea's nuclear reactors will resume operations sailing further reducing the fear is that the nation will face a power shortage this sweater. after meeting on thursday they knew their safety and security commission approved the resumption of its forty reactors wanting to conceal or some free after one three had been shut down since may after control cables were found to have been given fake certificates. now with new labour place cables in place and after regular checkups that three reactors are expected to be fully operational by the end of next week. looks like we are headed for another friday era of the nation's street fronts korea's exports are expected to reach close to six hundred billion us dollars in twenty fourteen at least any signs of global economic recovery this year i in the system in guelph reports the future looks rosy for the korean economy in the new year
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the minister of trade industry and energy said it expects to export total for this year to reach five hundred and ninety five billion us dollars with imports expected to reach five under sixty two billion dollars. the positive outlooks with this here comes after korea's trade surplus widened twenty new ohio forty four point two billion dollars in two thousand and thirteen. exports continue to grow at a steady pace reaching some five hundred fifty nine billion dollars the highest in the country's history while imports to him bill. from outbound shipments of mobile phones home appliances and semiconductors are expected to drive exports in the coming year semiconductors sitting on top export list. the economic recovery seen in many western economies is likely to help korea's exports stay on the upswing in two thousand and fourteen. the korean automakers are hoping to sell more cars in the us this year as the us economy continues
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to pick up steam the shipbuilding industry also expects a positive year estimating double digit growth orders for offshore structures are on the rockets and mortars go well will boost exports this year korea's steel industry faces a listserv in twelve months china's steel production capacities have grown rapidly spreading korean steelmakers has become another time the risk factor don't read japanese yen may act as another hurdle two koreas outbound shipments of banks and international popularity of the hot items korea's exports me break into new territory yet again this year saddam did. add the onions rail interchange on the call for better relations with south korea in its new year's address but experts say not to get hopes up too high a similar gestures before provocations have been made
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before and on looks at the possible implications the reunion king john and delivered a rather silly entry message to south korea on wednesday. who knows me and we must breathe atmosphere to improve ties between the two koreas. i will work together with anyone who values are equal and six beatification and to improve relations. seoul's defence ministry has said it expects more provocative acts from county and targeting south korea sometime around march of this year following the execution of time some cake. in john's uncle who was once the north's second most powerful man. despite the unexpectedly friendly town of bisbee tell but for most experts echoes the government's feet. it will be conciliatory message is not worthy of special attention to north korea has sent a friendly messages and a half before tearing out of
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contention i think the new year's address in christ and jones hopes for stability rather than persons here reconciliation without korea the korea leader also mentioned the execution of time some head although not by name. referring to was on call as factional itself he said that removing him strength and the ruling workers' party. and it stayed mentioning the execution in the tail and a new year's message is a rare move and reflects his still naps and leadership. they say what really needs to be noted is that ken krieger emphasis on county and ideology education which calls for blind loyalty to the routine than before this shows that theme tunes leadership has not reached a stable stage at it here's the press and general contains no special message is more dramatic changes in north korea's policy. what the experts also know that almost half of king john's
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twelve paint new year's address conveys his desire to improve the state's economy these are stressed the importance of every culture and new construction to enhance the standard of living of the north korean people. and then attempts the new year maybe it's time to make amends in burial packets but following recent high profile gaffes by a tokyo. it's going to take a lot to convince korea to rebuild relations with japan our team gian reports as mimi in twenty fourteen bilateral elise is teaching korea and japan are on that later. largely due to a series of visits to the controversial aghast when trying in st david's. a member of mine this is not based haven't visited the shrine which honors japan's war dead and several class the war criminals. on new years. the less than one week after the baby his own face it use to submit to his
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internal affairs and communications minister said he visited the shrine to pay respect to those who lost their lives in war the us and chinese viewed by korea and china as a symbol of japan's wartime aggression the employee mrs spokesperson tricky on criticizing those who stayed there seems to be a lack of historical awareness among high profile japanese political figures. i then seniors address also hitting their whistle when he called for boat building the new gp and vowing to defend japanese territory including its territorial waters and airspace. camel my kids and not touching my day off every twenty seconds which calls for korea to return korea's eastern most irate of talk till we get canned. i owe it to the korean territory and that under crean jurisdiction of elsa suggested the country's pacifist constitution and her son to panic after the second world war should be amended and call framework he caught a ton in the country's history
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textbooks. after changes to how the second world war is taught in schools the korean government is planning to call for change is to get his nationalistic stands by the support from the international community south korean foreign music in gilbert az to visit washington next month. like afford a visit by chicago yet special advisor toppings happy to see on the evening the tour of south korea's national football team is hard at work preparing his team three upcoming world cup in brazil and stephen kaye joins us in the sport center with details on the upcoming training can blow it. hey guys manager colin young bull has put together a grueling training schedule this month and has just released a list of players that will take part in a trading roster includes twenty three players from the kiwi and jamie but
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not those playing on european clubs training chapel opened on the thirteenth goal for herself and then the team will head on over to us a week later for three friendly matches against costa rica mexico and the usa in that quarter before returning to korea said you're either. now moving on sports media outlets have much to say about south korean baseball players. the mlb nation dot com as playstation two and the human gene and its top one hundred and one fantasy baseball player rankings for twenty fourteen the mall and i'll be back on predicted that the texas rangers will reach the world series on the back of the choo choo train and prince fielder and sports media outlets bleacher report fantasized about top international stars you insult me and that will play in the majors. now the security situation for the sochi winter olympics next month is of growing concern with the international olympic committee and the ioc president thomas bach addressed the issue in this new year's message saying that while terrorism must not
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try all of the two bombings in russia earlier this week despite that he expressed trusting the government there to deliver a safe and on the tropical updates for those participating and watching the games. let's not jump into thursday's comex up starting with the caveat all the k c c just visited the mocha status in the words that come all this comes in looking to lock up the pace and tcc answers with three pointers. it's like forty three forty three at the half and will be surprised if that were met by hon zealand six players score from the floor rod benson as the film was the one and the seats that line and power smokers tollway eighty nine to eighty four. now would still be in the new brush and passion best they take on the typical big storm in so long in the third meeting of the season. now energized by the home fans heckled takes
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the first set six doesn't that make them one brush become the next three twenty five nineteen twenty five twenty and twenty six crore in to get the victory three points to overtake to collect six in the sand. for me here the sport center this has been students head to bed at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. high
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levels of fine dust throughout the country this morning before things cleared up by the afternoon. i hear more is on display tomorrow for d tells us to overturn can go down at the lester center put down. good evening guys and see this man since he had the sense of the days are forecast to get two to three times the normal outlets of buying fast tomorrow afternoon. now dry weather advisories have also been issued in the south eastern coastal regions. dry weather alert in congo province and the dry weather warning in some kind of provinces and cities of table was ten and with that. taking the lead at the current conditions well as you can see we have absolutely clear skies the most hyped up and treat you to a high pressure system from the west sea. now the big news is that we will continue to have their fall winter weather after next wednesday the news isn't all that rosy as the influence of watts has its nationwide self
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please pay extra attention to what's in your hands and stay healthy. taking a look at tomorrow's nab as self that topic they add minus one degrees at the height and eight. meanwhile santos and its twelve and thirteen degrees respectively. as laura at their briefings and other treats his ninth race papa grandma and aunt nat minus two degrees respectively. once i have read this hour but i'll be back one day after midnight it's foggy out to broadcasts on this thursday nights and use a cane so i'm sean when things were watching will seize it. to be. in the beginning i sing to him and race time and raced up and kind of acting family your mind my brother's new
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system musician my sister selectors my mother is an actress director and my uncle's an actor. i was so years older than my mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing so me and keep it on stopping at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanna try to address that yet why not. and what's in it for me and said well you do get some couple hundred coolness and in. for every show. i was just thinking about that have remote control car deck and i said yes let's do it. i mean and then to just roll on from there the answer for users from tv or radio came to the theater and i started doing some. as a kid the lead up working in the city theater open so i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that um. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or or or so stop doing theater that i did some film speaking i
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still enjoyed it but. i stopped yelling gauging and i'm really trying to get to to be interested in more jobs. i started doing music instead of eating them. i was in court with a band. and two thousand and five. we had just been nice. our first single and we were doing some some promotional exam in some parts in this and some are bad news and i when i moved onto the stage. first off they introduced the band and there was about thirty thousand people in the audience going. i felt like a rockstar and that was those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool. but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on and i was looking at them scratching and i was thinking that. they are a sexy way they want to be right now and i was out it was more like a hobby to me and him. and then
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so that's that was what i expected to step back in the night till the guys couple weeks later that i wanna apply to the to the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i let stuff go. there are four different feeder schools in sweden. the is one is unstoppable. but i know like i couldn't be here because i had so many calls like paco de da de da tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so but still i still know what to say no but i need to leave everything and then moved to mumbai where unknown nobody in it so hopefully difference. seal of the city and and. so i started in this. in this class of people. cool and knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of all of them the mei tai and the music. i guess i attended my way
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the school as well. new long ruling will. i do. thousands of police offices now what this is healed but the blonde face was trying to tell as already explained the lines of when to back off us once we began to mix things up the eu has opened its doors to remain in the old gary wants to sing seven year old restrictions on causing many in britain to worry about the possible impacts. i'm fun and games lead to s


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