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chew knew you when you will ay ay ay. the eye. thanks for joining us. the show while struggle to beirut is that the car on the way has the most linked to before and syria the eu opens its doors to maintain simple. watched height restrictions on their social. hundreds of thousands
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of somalis in the world's biggest refugee camp were told to go well. the more violent eleven on where these where people have been killed and about forty wounded in a car bombing in the capital beirut. the device went off during rush hour and a stronghold of the shiite group hezbollah. one has claimed responsibility the city has been hit by a series of bombings since hezbollah intervene in the war in neighboring syria signed it doesn't help. you will staying in the middle east in iraq. government troops there are fighting to wrest back control over to major cities for militants linked all qaeda iraqi army is all the cartoon row positions and illusion. and the nearby were among the islamists have taken control over several districts fighting broke out on monday the twenty oh eight ended an anti government protests in burma. a least
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twelve people are dead after a suicide bomb attack in town north of the iraqi capital baghdad. the bomber blew up a truck packed with explosives in bathrooms near the iranian border. when the group has claimed responsibility for that attack. in other news the ice found russian vessel carrying a group of climate warming researchers and terrorists has seen the much appreciated arrival of australian rescue. well everyone is happy to be heading home there is question as to who's going to pay for the rescue mission it is a price tag of about a million europe's right now though that question is in the background is the fifty two passengers were dry and much warmer last. to be extended to ninety days the ruler of the top today's was a welcome some passages of cold antarctic research and academic tchaikovsky the helicopter made several trips transporting up to twelve passengers at the time
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to a nearby australian ice breaker. the receptionist tourists and journalists on board with this home on christmas eve when a visit to the ship in antarctic ice despite being trapped passengers and crew kept in good spirits posting videos of the adventure online. a cop. it's been up to three on three kids tried and failed to break through to the distress ship passengers and crew pulled together trenton businessman to make a helicopter landing pad still the stormy weather prevented any rescue until festivities when the skies finally cleared. australia's maritime safety all such a wasted no time in rescuing passengers. one of the twenty two member crew will remain on hold. it's fully operational is fully repaid
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to the policies wheels the warrnambool provision. so the risks for the month of the crew. for fifty two passengers on now on board the ice breaking a rule ruck stocks headed for the australian island state of tasmania. the voyage is set to take two weeks the rescue story of the italian navy has rescued two hundred thirty three migrants off the coast of what to do so i went helicopter cited a wooden boat in rough seas late wednesday. the naval spokesman for the people on board were from pakistan and from sub sahara africa. they were suffering from exposure because the cold conditions but were otherwise in good health. maybe stress for new migrants to the port town of augusta. in sicily. ok we're going back to our top story now where going online to be rude as to recall a hezbollah stronghold in beirut has hit the internet by a car bomb in the latest violence in that
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country being linked to the war in neighboring syria was crossover now online to martin j in beirut martin who might have been behind this attack in beirut five lines slides claims and forty wounded. this summer already linking it to a sunni top sunni daughters yellow. it's people that you will the thing it's included in general. the beagle the question is in local politics. so i opened it up to two good friends with the detroit being so sick of it. colin to the demographic which will put into the haunting words of sugar to cope with all this is
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great. too keen on top. i'm just about to go to boot up and blow it up in the skit was welcomed in the area but keep it clean. but the fickle but the future. some at the beginning to last. it took kindly to upgrade the top. last week a guy who was in the last one i knew it was only two weeks ago and did it in. it's been a little kitchen below. i mean people hating each other but no real concrete under the care and cut it down to his son dale klein all possible suspects what about the situation right now between the country's sunni and shiite population. these attacks. so to all four of the day. since the american pulled out the new week saudi arabia. so that we can keep it balanced on a lack knowledge of the rapid
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communication between the two crew it should be no middle ground and this could happen exactly. we were off to get people to walk this was before the next government elections take place next to my big toe. the king. that will suit bottoms. welcome to the base. syria and now i'm walking on the way the race it will go all the faithful it now leaves the ground was invited to come my way. this sounds much more genes for us in view. some businesses down is a big takeover coming in the auto industry the outset to buy a controlling stake in the us carmaker chrysler by saying that about four billion deal supposed to be completed by january twentieth and it would pave the way for new global auto giant. yes boss
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said you monkey on it has long been seeking to take an impressive century chrysler now it's finally in the back and deal with he said would go down in history books the us originally took a stake in the american or jamaica at the beginning of the cobalt financial crisis in two thousand and nine when hospital's front. at that time cs holds a fifty eight point five percent stake in the company. it's not paid three point one six billion euros to buy out the rest. the deal makes him the world's seventh largest water company. she hasn't yet gone to the news. since investment in chrysler was initially seen as a risky bet of the german comic medina previously failed to turn the company's fortunes around the us move paid off. prices sales in north america on non blooming of the years of decline. the takeover is expected to be completed in just three weeks. find out how that big fusion in
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the auto industry went on the markets we turned a twenty bucks in jaipur didn't christ and that was certainly the news of the day people love to hear that story. no ipo but instead joining the companies together one hundred percent that will allow the cia boss to take advantage of all the things that are inherent in such a union taking profits over as he wishes. plus merging the technical activities for example as he wishes to do so and size is everything in the mass on rubio market that's what the experts say when you look at the market and whole though there wasn't this kind of spectacular news to propel shares for the upward. there was a record high for the ducks in the beginning minutes but then it went downhill. still people remain optimistic for two thousand fourteen because many of the factors for higher share prices remain in place. quick look at those were all market numbers now starting in frankfurt with
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dax. are they coming and i don't know. that's down by one point five nine percent to ninety four hundred euro stocks fifty also down by a similar amount one point five eight percent. where in new york the dow jones industrial average also traded out the moment by almost seven tenths of a percent. you'll also be down against the dollar to one thirty six sixty six. baltimore stellar performance numbers out today for the german economy last year was a good one for germans job market the number of people here in employment at a record high for the seventh consecutive year figures from the country's statistics office show forty one point eight million people work and work in twenty. some two hundred and thirty thousand new jobs were created most of them in the service sector. germany's jobless rate has stayed just below seven percent the past two years. it's the envy of some eurozone countries like spain or greece where more than one in four people are still at work. we mentioned
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earlier that week demand in europe has been getting a few automate this process nowhere is that more true than in france new car sales in france in two thousand thirteen would be worse than a decade and half fifteen years for french carmakers who are very dependent on domestic shall call this extreme effects. he said in a shortage of supply here hundreds of thousands of french may cause the shows and renault's all waiting to be purchased to monday's globe and sales slow. in short francaise auto industry is stagnating. sales dropped significantly in twenty thirteen the west yet from cars in the country since nineteen ninety eight and the just barely scrape by with tiny profits and that's any sense to its low cost romanians have to do reduction measures the two nd in contrast isn't a tailspin negative seven point seven percent. the total number of new car registrations from french manufacturers fell five point seven percent
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science is still feeling the effects of the financial crisis its economy is faltering and consumers are reluctant to spend money. in the most important markets such as china or the united states. france's long fallen behind the competition despite all that's new registrations time shopping at the very end of twenty thirteen. but it still was enough to compensate for a miserable here. now to israel where doctors say the condition of former prime minister ariel sharon is to tear it. sharon has been in a coma for almost eight years and physicians say his condition is now critical. he suffered a stroke in two thousand sets audio sharon has been at this hospital near genevieve since two thousand and six. now doctors say his condition has deteriorated and he may be closed today. they say seven is all guns have malfunctioned. members of his family. our insistence on
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this area chair on the easel hospitalized in our pasta cut for the city news. show some signs of deterioration during the following two days. with some predict the nice functional my functional some of these organs including his kidneys. sharon suffered a severe stroke in two thousand and six after serving five years as israel's prime minister. he is being in a coma ever since. on this is so very sad moment for me cause i was wearing his advice for over fifteen years and go unknown that it's it's a very sad moment. also for people in this role because allie and sean was an icon in peace. most palestinians revival sharon calling him a war criminal the kiwis to all israeli troops from the gaza strip keeper most of the building of jewish settlements elsewhere and was seen very much is a hard line on palestinian affairs the retired formula one
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champion goes to moscow remains in critical condition after injuring a head injury while skiing in france schumacher who will turn forty five on friday has undergone two operations and is in a medically induced dome. the scheme helps when the accident. it has never had to stop criminal proceedings against germany so called bishop of bling after he paid a fine of twenty thousand euro the bishop of them bored cause pay the tab of the nose was ordered to pay the money after he was accused of lying on the roast about the purchase of a first class seat on an international flight. he's also bn embroiled i scandal since last year oessive speingnis ofl bispric. firefighters in australia are battling bushfires inorse driver of the island of samoa this in queensland. hundreds of people would be camping on the island have been evacuated. helicopters had been flown in to help control
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intensified by strong winds many parts of the island are without power. we're going to short break when we com back said debate about romanian and bulgarian workers coming to germany and six other eu countries. this is quite a gooday to stay with us. the shooting war the issue. double. went to
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study in germany. and you still have lots of questions you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses admission requirements qualifications costs and much more. w don t use to be injured. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany. welcome back there is a fierce debate underway here in germany about the latest step in eu integration. as a genuine first romanians and bulgarians can now enter germany and six other eu countries without first getting a visa. but drinking conservatives especially from allah mac calls the variance is a part of the csu say these arrivals will mean new call for taxpayers coalition partners in the sp the spd though they're calling that nonsense and want them to receive a warm welcome. let's go to romania itself now and the one woman who is planning to move to germany. friday
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i'm in fact it is scrambling to get the references in order. she's planning to stop in utah of the cap room in gemini. the thirty six wrote in the us has already quit a job it's been in romania which he makes costshree hundred euros a month. mormon dot to dot. i'm not leaving romania because i don't like my country. for the people it was the same event but rather because of the court system than any year. and the last time anybody. many are hoping the lifting of restrictions could benefit all signs germany has long suffered from a shortage of skilled workers. in a newspaper interview john and foreign minister steinmeier highlight of the advantages of attracting workers from abroad. european regions make uphe color the nations of europe. what does freedom of movement is vital to european integration. this is something gemini has
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benefited from commencing unsettling much more than others. close a hole for the headstones america's conservative bavarian sister party the csu as one of the policy could prove costly for gemini. last year. he's warm and it's what we don't want to and this was addressed in our election program as well as in the coalition agreement between the conservatives and the social democrats is integration directed towards the social welfare system. in his hotel room. others argue that those concerns are ill founded. figures released by the german institute for employment research show unemployment among romanians of kenyans living in germany is lower than the national average. silicon german expect in the weeks and months ahead. one that loves crossover down to peter craven who's been following this story from our parliament is serious kiprusoff to get chosen on the situation right now for
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the bulgarian and romanian community is already here in germany. what counts in the brine is that those two communities together number somewhere around three hundred and seventy thousand people and it's estimated that said this year. that number could surge by anywhere between one hundred thousandtwo hundred pounds in the not quite so long. a lot of people but always tended to see so far is the kind of people who have come to jimmy fro romania and bulgaria have tended to be highly skilled in the many highly qualified people thought says qantas engineers in these kind people of the stewards colts. but that could now change with the lifting of restrictions that we could see many more people from less skilled second group or a second sofa. romanian and bulgarian society also from the cincy and roma communities which have all the sleeping some trouble them in battle in recent years to people other than looking at this very very closely because is already a word used to describe the situation in some german cities is a very important word is called generalization what details about that it's an ugly word of coal studies would use it to
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describe i suppose he says concentrations of people who don't want people to winning the from one country to another they concentrate in certain areas when they already have some little friends of members of the community. that's what's happened in several german cities like do we spoke on toll on cologne berlin just to mention a few wetlands scale less qualified people tend to tended to concentrate the members of the roma community that post launch in substantial challenge is full the municipalities and then hoping for more assistance from central governmental parties whether they going to get a total is a different question. and peter griffin is average size frozen sites well for more perspective than import european perspective this is in europe wide issue we spoke to the sunday times you correspondent boy unconscious key in brussels. in the summer that we can expect issued with a migration to countries with stronger opponents. no no no i mean then as the severity of the borders have been open since two thousand seven soon
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consumption is that everyone who wanted to go. i began consuming tata tea to find where it is in the western countries of the eu they've done so already said the european commission has conducted a number of studies and surveys. and none of them indicated it will be a huge tidal waves of migration now it is likely that skilled workers. we'll probably try and find employment people like engineers doctors nurses etc but these are exactly the people not the job markets in germany britain so in need. was going on and just be speaking to us from brussels there right. they live on just eighty dollars a month making clothes for people in rich countries especially europeans and americans and now they want a living wage for their efforts about cambodian textile workers in their stride tegan in their thousands for a minimum salary of just one hundred sixty dollars mark but the clothing companies often depend on them in the last to turn a deaf ear so far to the protests
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the cambodian police have used what activists are calling excessive force to break up one demonstration in the capitol dome the monks and other campaigners are gathering to protest against the police is heavy handed tactics. they're also calling for the release of their fellow activists detained during thursday's demonstration. written on them as far as we know will be important unionists like going down town center line and go to santa clara is to say we'll find out what is and some monks and soldiers were also injured the violence marks a turning point in cambodia's textile workers' strike for the past two weeks protests for a higher minimum wage have passed off peacefully. but the police accused the strikers of throwing stones at thursday's rally whatever the truth the workers will remain a powerful force. the garment industry is the country's biggest exporter. now to africa and the home of the world's biggest refugee camps one hundred thousand people are living there right now some of them so all
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the lots is called died of a sprawling complex of can't see the somali kenyan border for twenty years it's been a refuge for somalis escaping their civil war. but now with parts of somalia more stable the hosts. what then can go back home. for kenya somalia and the un refugee agency signed a deal last november to repatriate camp residents on a voluntary basis. but most are too afraid to go. a reporter awesome colossus sent us this report. i mean french looking to snare a passionate as bean pot of tea and honey to life for the past twenty years. he was volunteering hundred era. one of five to conduct and the two of fifteen in one piece houses with their makeshift with us. it's home to him and his family and his mother made him what he is today. season with commute to
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school. she used to kenya because of the fall of faith is seen having been in use in milan. go see a uti and used them up on their sleeve to go to school on awesome and took some photos the cia asked if we fall on top of defiance it's no i'm not teaching and i and my sis during an on campus in order to help his community to stay healthy more than twenty th adoptees no more than just an issue de camp. more than four hundred thousand people leave here it has become a functioning town plan one can almost anything. the national poll life might soon be over the human brain cheeky and it's the nt government of kenya and somalia went to my leaving the keys to retire to some mommy it is helpful
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allow the city of the idea that we overlook the friends i didn't believe the gifted it to cook so silly to even notice. so it's not cos once locals. the moment. the year and for teaching and she has now opened to help desks for good after incidents like the unit to explain what upon entering the tunnel would be involved. it stains the town with a knowledge becomes meetings between the eye can see timothy t he says al also and ranch land they live because of the package two weeks into the juried she just might be in tiny tent they consigned to the testimony of the dodo train carriage them to count some cash assistance and household items have already been promised a new part of the country to read i liked his tricks. luke by telling him to smile you push the car i was skeptical. it was the team and will benefit us that the coolum today the so called mini buses cost the love song with all of
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the smokies and a decoder which also does not save enough to go buy some idea and the love sundays is the sentiment to let us give full amount to mumble to supplement and the ones who see us. this will go to full costume be on the cdf unleash the full cost of the new discovery in the wind which is sad enough that day comes. but to no country is ready to take them again. in the scenes kenyan sends troops into somalia to have a sustained a cut on pain and swelling. the plan has often put on our chicago and also some i live in fiji's use of hussein who was taken off of recent bomb blasts. he doesn't know who try to kill him why he believes that god is being made a scapegoat for the explosions and cannot stand it if you tried to remain refugees victims of conflict. victims of war. on the security situation own country and to be honest some idea is dissolving not
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the reality is very different from the toronto monday is a country in conflict. and no one can guarantee the security and the protection of the people who are going back to my knee at any generation of so much in the ttc has been going in to town. she actually says he's delighted to have a few jokes handed out differently in arkansas money. he planted an enlightened. thanks to an end. can some questions for the residents of the dob on the somali kenyan border him bleed if your family's been away for a generation now stand this title. what a joyous is always time for right now but remember this more teaser website that said you have you got. keep on wanting to give. the air. in
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two months ago. no baby yet the devil to get into a new design. tsk tsk tsk. nm. dvds
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the documentary series from place to go. captivating documentary said reports covers business and science culture and education historical and present day events as well as sports and leisure. in focus saturdays and sundays at four thirty pm what's the world's biggest story each day. exclusive to any team that works. to top story was the case most intriguing topic as told by nhc premier global content partners back to back in english. it's what they mean washington seeks enlightenment you at party acting your age so it's good to hear the seventeen with me
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thanks to a doting aspect that i can take that stealing is just too new and it makes the networks to work on in each seat. he wrote continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter the top story on the m a c networks windmill new long you. we were. the us. dairy dairy first ever uk study of culture. also ahead we'll keep you up to date with all


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