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tv   European Journal  PBS  January 4, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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do you know when will the week. it is the thing is that european celebrate it the unification of that continent. as they will love going to get things done on a nice taxi dixon will be looking back at ease. easton in knots means i will also be looking at the prospects for some of the countries that are still in the process of becoming members will be taking you take ukraine poland latvia cyprus and said the us. when high above the rooftops of brussels on the triumphal lots of museums and the time. europe's top politicians often enough then
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cites a tight too. but now that important decisions have to be made in the year. they call this coming week. i knew ratio was nineteen ninety seven when declining cardio five countries embarked on their ascent of mt you. their mission was to conquer the summit and oxen. in hindsight it was an attention to remember. sometimes it is so water water plus the slovenia hungary poland czech republic to use on the icing has led to name but the others seemed to the state of soul although stunt that is was the stimulus the forty odd that the suit to proceed five cents. once all those cyclists who called up as the summit on the horizon the frost costs for the braves six must meet the economic and political conditions to accede to
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the dizzy heights of eu membership. they needed a solid base camp a stable democracy and respect for the rule small. that guy can to some like in most european commissioner for enlargement it that i knew it was an ambitious going. and he has to convince the momentum summit blunders apostle frauds. nice to see opposing viewpoint was that although they rejected the idea of new members although they wanted to do on the ticket countries access to the eu was the concern of the french was robbed of the eu enlargement would change the balance of power within the european union in favor of gemini them to their own disadvantage the ongoing conflict in full when it was not the exchange commission scope and speed easton and osman suddenly meant bringing in ten countries as quickly as possible. shot lead into the white was a champion of what became known as the big bang approach. how much
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someone unwanted war in kosovo in nineteen ninety nine made it clear to everyone that goal will be an untimely back from your office also will perform on its own pets in fact we understood that european unity was the only reliable tool to bring peace to your phone go into this and the solution. the new map of the eu would now look like this. ten countries were now facing one last steep climb at the copenhagen conference does she know about some point the summit appeared to be very far away. in fact i felt a bit like we have to climb the north face of the lake in the swiss alps and in the end we made it it was a medical student the foot of the acropolis in athens use new and old sneakers but staunton names in the summer. together they have overcome the cold war division of europe so good one gender or in the fullest two thousand and four it was time to celebrate. most all
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of the new members from its easy going. the new dryer the financial crisis the new post on challenges for many and even for my high achievers such as slovenia one that struck me. so it seemed reuse being that there were cool. the new cult cool forty in them and to the prince of bruce the boss ross who also has a market economy. once on the spectrum of human dignity. it seemed to be honest in the accompanying a four month old when this company and that the disease. one of the ten countries rushed in to get into the destination the north atlantic on. old mind you asked myself today with the we should have done more to pad the new members for the fight against corruption. to help them set up a more stable justice system. what it is the most
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is that i have to say that the main problem in these countries is not the absence of strong institutions and legal agreements. the trials of the people themselves on the political culture music and the bill. that was particularly true for the next countries to reach the summit. romania and bulgaria joined in two thousand and seven. croatia followed in two thousand and thirteen the eye. it's on from the trial plots and go inside the bowl to maintain easy in the collection includes some impressive cold war memorabilia such as this is it makes for interesting fight. the call was a cool set of the many foreman says it's not like states on the offending positioned in the west and then designate and the eu. when ukraine is poised to sign a free trade
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agreement with the eu wants to spend some time back the clock to the times of two opposing blocks of time before the ukrainians feud between east and west between moscow and brussels and in the ukrainian city living which is called who was once widely known by its german name than that. this has seven hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants. it's the most western oriented city in ukraine. the polish port is just eighty kilometers away. if you make judgments we need to keep up their traditions in the clubhouse court might just find more time and house the same building houses gets as he was coaching them to the region. today acquired rojas was on schedule the school rule. lol i eat
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the in between. one topic of conversation. the european union. these people are among the elite three hundred thousand and three goals in ukraine. they have ukrainian sports. many of them to the government could make a bad decision that would chain them to russia. kim's can i meaning is that the question recalls can't just drop everything and go. i would really like to finally live in europe with my husband and daughter. i hope i don't have to flee ukraine to defect lessons. jr was also just like grandpa lol we say dawson comes to the point where they have to seek help disposal of the blow species to be potent. that's why i remain here is a poll on protecting will the ukrainians have destroyed yet the demonstrations in his ears too. on some options twenty thousand people show
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up support for ukraine to orient itself towards the west no one here. it was a customs union with russia what a shame unto it and he won't let us join the european union the little questions that come in the moscow wants to force us back to the soviet union back to the stone age beware of modern people you want to be part of your rope the next morning at six am when the box with the ukrainian school group last prayer. this is. his opponent for few hours to all of the compounds of ukraine's national anthem. he's buried in the little village in present day poland. less than a hundred km from view the problem is the border it can take up to seven dollars before everyone in the bus has gone through the controls. these people have been through this before it's frustrating but we want
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to complain. with that. a small miracle occurs the presence of our camera team seems to motivate of the border guards and went through in the me into one of the flowers. ukrainian passages have never experienced anything like it the new citroen feel camera was a big healthy ways we've never gone through so fun to hear that you mold a guardsman evidence for an uneventful trip with the widgets that you haven't come visit anytime you want to share your views will goes on. maybe then something in ukraine was changed because of. the our destination is this wooden church and when mcconnell mcconnell beach the beach. he was the village priest said unto his death in eighteen seventy. and this is when he composed the music of the ukrainian national anthem his lyrics and snakes ukraine has not yet apparent today the once seen as relevant as abba. and that's why onto the procession to vent to his grave. the people
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are so emotional about singing ukrainian them in poland. wollongong. being a oh oh. katana. which sports he belonged to the ethnic ukrainian minority in parliament. the following very closely what happens in ukraine. should be noted here that i didn't study for my countrymen and worried about their fates. it may be when a man in ukraine joining the european union. i shed tears of joy these are our brothers and think of it than he does sit in front of the tv and watch the ants and tremble with excitement and nervousness of mine yet. most people in the city does he agree. as fate would have its fifty thousand ethnic ukrainians and a double mocha lose sight of the border the most in the european union the children on
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the ukrainian language in schools. they use strongly supports minority languages these days the children are very aware of the nearby border. a stylish went there with grandma and papa. she and everyone had to show their passports. otherwise we would have been able to go on even i needed a passport and you need one for some time to come. he wants to visit ukraine with his parents what direction with ukraine take. and its people still dream of a place in the european union. maybe by twenty twenty four. well and has benefited tremendously from eu member states. i was left its mark on the year in many ways too. this saturday outside the european parliament in brussels is caught this on and on our system not named after
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the independent thinks kenyan back straight opponents of the race and from communist rule. the announcement of the eu ten years ago was not a success with the new member takes hikers many a tear ducts by taunting the year the mediterranean island which finally overcome its intended use in box piece that still has to be safeguarded by un soldiers it's quiet along the buffer zone. the un controls don't have much to do along the demarcation line that separates the northern and southern parts of the island to the north. heavily armed turkish forces to watch over the no man's land. the buffer zone ranges in width from a couple of kilometers to a few meters. forty years there's been no major violence here but tensions between north and south still run deep. you are into bed and stayed with him. the game. the ot hear
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about it. what is. sure signs of normalization of the two sides. cypriots from north and south have started farming the land in the buffer zone again the un support this development. ten years ago the greek cypriots wouldn't want your fourth year of the turkish army but today greek and turkish cypriot sometimes me here one of the week to speak with these people. he learned to stop them from touching soldiers. we want to go back on land in the middle old cypriot refugees to improve it. see as the last divided capital in europe. there are a couple of places where you can cross the border but not much else has changed since cyprus joined the eu ten years ago. talks and re unification installed. you can seal launch direct contact between the eu and the turkish north. turkish cypriots say that's not fair
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in honor of the lean mean come on and only the greek cypriots to the eu benefits like subsidies. all we have is the ability to travel freely in europe. but only with a passport from the south. my interest in the eu and the euro has been waning in the south. europe's economic crisis has sparked heated debate about the pros and cons of eu membership. a fuming at ut we should leave the eu. what are they done for us having sold any of the problems of the femur of avoiding what would happen if we went to the seat. we would have gone by and dropped a long time ago. a visit to this thing that fits. before joining the eu greek cypriots rejected the un proposal to re unite with the north. many critics say that was a mistake both in political and economic terms. we would have needed to be its new infrastructure between today's the north and out of cyprus to the south park sure
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what to do it. so the idea that received the dealer community a short bit and opened to me is to open a tin shed the end to its bounds the sheep eating this the buffer zone between north and south nicosia is an abandoned hotel. the lead rope alice. i am a dance troupe of greek and turkish cypriots meet you don't want to find the un. the church members say the optimistic about a peaceful future the songs and dances on the same. just the colors of the costumes are different that simple message isn't always easy to get across especially to the younger generation it opened with the sugar lot of people under forty who know them and he lives on the other side of the border. let them do you do. i remember the positive aspects of everyone living
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together. that's what slicing cool. hahas in the preview of this and that is what we want to show people. all right then and jen's challenge the drugs issue. she is old airport is also content a buffer zone. the derelict passenger terminal has been closed for civilian traffic since nineteen seventy four a somber reminder of the last of my country in the european union. i knew meant as a welcome end to teach and buildings have to be reset based in brussels just taking tap it is capping is behind me here in this committee room of the european parliament the tap that as of the eu not won in twenty four langley text. the new acted as a result of the east and not consist in music and one of them was lacking. as one of the baltic country economies not been seen as a country that has been quick to adapt but it is also home to live to russian speaking minority
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and they feel that the country is moving west once without them the ruins of rust as miller tree of the one that caused embraces favorites books even in a rainstorm. the twenty oh nine is no better place to practice his own steps. many of the protective walls date back to tyler's times. later the soviet navy continued to use the base. often i feel became independent polls and twenty five thousand soldiers will pulled out of context because of it many people who didn't just want to get away. the young people look of the parents and think. i don't want to live like that it's like they just want time to think i will stop with the money it doesn't do it. in front of the splendid orthodox church is the sin of the year of pre fab houses look all the more dilapidated seven thousand people in income of stuff because it's cheap. many of them feel closer to russia than to just
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in brussels. the improvements promised ten years ago when latvia joined the european union has not panned out. i'm inclined to try a new children auction sites wouldn't it be. i grew up in port campbell to serve the wild and dangerous area it will be soon or later you have to decide do i want to get stocky like most people but it'll do i want to find my way and to care for. it does is way outside to eu accession took him to britain when he worked as a neighbor on a chicken farm. about two hundred thousand black youths who denigrated. many of them was in western europe and construction all farming this is the steelworks and he blindly an idea. it was always wanted mental ext until the plums went last weeks ago. now more than sixteen hundred people are out to the job. the skeleton crew is keeping them from functional to help to find an investor to revive it
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the introduction to your means greater competition in the steel markets. he knows that i won't find work again soon. so many of us are unemployed. tell them even more. my kids loved spending time sitting around at home the employment office holding a school system they don't collect as many intend to look for work in other european countries. an american government is happy about everyone who doesn't go on welfare and offices and so empty. boy's disappearance by contrast is confident that the euro will bring good too he has two thirds of his countrymen would prefer to retain the old town seek them out. he lets managers of large construction company that builds all and for your own. you insist. or at all the euro is a financial instrument. just like the last. on the left was already paid to the yoruba full five years. we've already be living with six
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colts. the lefty an entrepreneur who studied in my mind gemini says economic freedom of movement in the eu is what has made him successful the sixteen percent of his old snow come from outside latvia intending to heat and power units he produces in his country in the empire. in the dismal housing settlements in qantas to a dozen his friends are afraid that the new money would just mean funds to inflation. many people here already pool the two thousand and eight rice is fluffy and cut social services drastically but in sentencing the maastricht criteria for joining the euro cents. this new money for social workers or use gloves. as he trudged off was something to give young people off the streets to it as volunteers. i had to go yet i couldn't just left a few times i wanted to and we can travel within the european union
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the violence recognize that this is my place the place i belong to him and here i can do what's important to make it up and announced that the mailman spent. it does dreams of a bright future income rose to two. he'd like to become a police officer when he's finished school with the cq income. b mueller is. the building sites of souls on notorious and state often been used as an act of fools the elliptical i kicked a behind me you can see the new european council building taking state. sometime in the seats that will be yet but scared stop politicians will decide whether or not welcoming the monument is to the top five countries that currently applying for membership. one of the men said pia. what's sad is the seller still haven't made up their minds but they're not stand seeing feed off the eu and its values. woohoo you can see the economic decline throughout the capital belgrade sang in the south coast as the suffering is tangible
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long. she said serbia's leak is pushing for eu membership the way down to the crisis but in her puke. it'll take more than economic reforms to get over the wars and atrocities committed in serbia's named in the nineteen nineties you know of. recently also be leaving the house picking up the conditions of late. if you decide to do. not all. in the nineties he shouted co founded the helsinki committee for human rights in serbia in opposition to former president slobodan milosevic. the nationalist dictator was ousted in two thousand won. elections in twenty twelve returned some proponents of greater serbian nationalism to power. but nowadays they want to be in
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the eu. if this is not easy emotionally to accept the fact the call of duty for the photograph in the fast enough that it's not yet been put into custody. move it and if he's hoping will choose his own feet in both campaigns. that includes the party leader and deputy prime minister an extended to teach the most powerful men in serbia says he's changed here he's passing on certificates for winners of the school competition which its promises the up and coming scientists the future in europe. six years ago he was a staunch nationalist. as a member of the opposition he wanted to have the belgrade street remained calm and its boulevard. after the city in general known worldwide as the butcher of the balkans the way to show that we will fight for freedom and we love and understand serbia and the serbian people. today
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the weather the next guy things. the litter box record. liz says he wants to modernize the little town of economic misery. june election campaign including had to be pulled forward in three districts because the coalition's collapsed ahead of time. it's the refusal to each and everyone of us but we'll leave the arena will be stealing from human or more crap from you and will build a tolerant society of those who wanted peace and normalcy via the state . the further to the right to a critical and this approach. there's a new government is battling to eu pressure by tolerating the independence of the former serbian province
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of kosovo. cody was of the agreement which each country the republic of serbia now national interest because of possible but also in tokyo. words like ants make human rights advocates onion peace and co wonder if anything has really changed in the evening she meets an old colleague what happened each of its. most say they have little confidence in the new leaders. and that they hope the eu keeps up the pressure. the progress of the state's hate the sin of european gentle with things like that ten days of easton in knots and a very happy and healthy twenty four team deal that he would be back next week from the state is in brussels as he so until then i'll be the same and by
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the now. thus you can watch any seaworld you were ever you go. when she asks for your own tablet. this program schedules on demand video. i don't mind in peace. i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network you do. do. little. it is
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i had to stop. thus i asked
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what it is. i bring you anything it's that time afterward he said. you knew you will will will. the us. i know. well i'm scott thompson and welcome to after ten it's hard to believe but the air of spring with its three year mark in the summer we've seen dictators fall in that time it appeared that we may be seeing a true with their spring happened before our very eyes. however things took a violent


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