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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 5, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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make it. these. i was so that new new new room. warning from the past. a former japanese prime minister calls move to revive the country's pacifist constitution unnecessary. i am breaking out to these tips you will all wait for favorable weather for free itself from frozen arctic waters. i do
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all welcomed the news update on cctv news on that pillow to beijing. we begin this hour with the general elections in bangladesh where at least five people had been killed and dozens of others injured in box prime minister sheikh sabah had refused to step down on the point in neutral caretaker to oversee the election. this is good to protest on a boycott of the election by opposition parties. police opened fire to stop protesters from seizing a polling center in the northern run port district killing two people a half. in the not for more moderate district police fired at about two dozen protesters also killing two people. da carson daily star newspaper said that the ring of the men belonged to the opposition jam at it. i islami party. elsewhere police said opposition activist of the polling official to death. local media reported. that and that
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the trial was set to about one hundred thirty polling stations across the country the voting began at eight pm local time sunday but television stations showed mostly empty polling stations officials said the arab violence and the opposition's call for boycott. cambodia's away. thousands of anti government protesters have marched through the streets of the thai capital bangkok this is a prelude to a broader action next week when they say they will shut down the city. they came to school in february election and called for promising months and walked. the protesters have begun accusing him of being the puppet of her self exiled brother and former prime minister toxins and walk. they are demanding adequate people's council to oversee reforms before in the future. the league the crisis has dragged on for weeks now and has hit the thai economy. what protest leaders to attempt to sew buttons as two more
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marches will be held on tuesday and thursday meeting up to the january thirteen shot. violence continues in iraq as goldman forces pressed to clear militants in the desert province of como fighting continues in the provincial capital money and in neighboring collusion of the town center has fallen completely into the hands of fighters from the al qaeda linked islamic state in iraq and the vet. government troops have withdrawn and position themselves on the ends of the town the violence broke out in late december as security forces started the clearing mission. it quickly evolved into a military confrontation with islam as insurgents. at least one hundred people had been killed in the fighting anbar province is bordered by syria and jordan. its population is almost entirely sunni anbar is the heartland of the sunni insurgency which rose up against us troops and iraqi government after the two thousand and three us led invasion that toppled
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saddam hussein. us secretary stay john kerry says he's confident though that the iraqi government and local tribes will be able to defeat al qaeda. he made the remarks at the inn the bees visit to israel on sunday. he says washington is not considering sending troops back to iraq sectarian and ethnic tensions have risen in iraq since the us withdrew its troops in december of two thousand and eleven in plane back conflicts in neighboring syria. the iraqi army has joined forces with local tribesmen to battle al qaeda it is teamed up with some of the syrian rabbits. oil from the autonomous region of kurdistan in iraq has begun to flow to the turkish mediterranean coast. as the new pipeline is part of a multibillion dollar deal which could see curriculum not only consume by turkey's domestic market but also sold to other global markets. but
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as cctv natalie comedy reports the deal has upset people in baghdad and renewed the kurdish question. they're in turkey. in what was seen as a breakthrough moments you deal was reached during a visit to turkey by innocent eyes on president of the kurdistan regional government last november well tricky depends heavily on energy imports. it can also help direct some two million barrels a day of kurdistan soil to the world markets but it needs baghdad's consent to do so without the two hundred people in this hall of crude oil from iraq has become its biggest gold will not be exported to consent of the rocky coast month. this oil is not being shipped to europe a modest yet. well constitutionally kurdistan is entitled to seventeen percent of iraq's oil and gas revenue there are disagreements about the regulating of the resources coming from the northern region therefore i couldn't purchase of energy directly from apple the kurdish capital and its cost of building a second pipeline has placed a lot of pressure on its relationship with
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baghdad. yet analysts say the deal is making perfect sense but think that is security and our security and border security. thanks to good relations with addie. on the deck and today it's more to which unite and strengthen through them is to have a soft penalty. i want to head lots of choices. and for its energy needs costs because oil is high quality well the kurds and turks say they will be done its fair share baghdad still claims the agreements are illegal some even say paradoxical the map of the current one in the region of northern not accurate home. the kurdish people have been battling a three decade old civil war with the states. we actually just an autonomy was recognized in two thousand and five. turkey was concerned it would only strengthen calls for independence from its own kurdish population swells to
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kabul for talks foreign policy the couple however today turkish money is behind some of the biggest construction projects in kurdistan or bilateral trade reached eight million us dollars last year thanks to these iconic twinkies and it is just that after two thousand and eight the global crisis and it becomes time to obtain more and more importance. one more aspect of what it actually says. and not on the good combination of good will to provide installation from nations that thick oily she became more and more important. now we can secure it on the hazard healy said respects the doc sensitivities over territorial integrity. yet at the same time appears to also be expecting kristen's territorial claim over oil and gas in the region natalie twenty three cctv in istanbul turkey. less known turn our attention to the young sunni shrine visit by japanese prime systems
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audit. china's ambassador to the us to tai chi says on his visit is a deliberate political act aimed at reversing the history of world war two. the envoy as sad as irresponsible of the united states should take irresponsible stand on major issues of principle. mention she has more. i'm actually reads his uni then santa can see using these are not japanese if any new sanctions on a visit to the us increased water dispenser repeated opposition china's ambassador to the us is as ave is now attending his bag on his tray and his act as the alp's claims coupon the yasukuni shrine warner's fourteen class a convicted war criminals in four quart two among them the one and two it was responsible for the nineteen thirty seven nanjing massacre in wartime prime minister to tackle total was directly responsible for the surprise attack on pearl harbor in nineteen forty one. by paying
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tribute to convicted war criminals of the apparently intends to reverse the historical verdict on board for two and three take the old roll of militarism cj attacks as a tip as a means to reason with that great a tragedy for the people of china the us and south korea. the chinese envoy as is the international community to take a siesta and accused of these actions are done during the week and allow the postwar war to world war two the question or to be overcome in order to establish that order. tens of millions of lives were sacrificed in the kennel out japan's war of aggression the repeat it. the move was even disappointed in japan as i lie the united states stewie is according the motions him to take a responsible stand on major issue was of friends who are going out of it. i believe obvious purpose does not serve the united states' interest for us also took part in one or two. america china and other countries beat the fascist axis and
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the us also sacrificed a lot during that time. these days it has sparked a protest from countries that suffer the terrible atrocities in the hands of japan. wednesday china's foreign ministry summoned the japanese ambassador weekend i was all the visits me his face as a japanese city this hubbub mostly trampled on the feedings of a chinese and other asian countries peoples south korea's culture menezes as the soul cannot do with holly's the regrets and anger over the visit was huge on cctv. japanese prime ministers in the army has said his government is also considering revising article twenty six of japan's constitution. the amendment would overturn the ban on the country's ability to expand its military coup to tell reports however at least one influential former leader says the move is unnecessary the common us to an actress in a nasty rash ninety five
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years old and he leaves for in the world wars. he says now as not the time to amend the country's constitution it is not necessary to lay a finger so easily on the issue of lifting the ban on collective self defense rights i just don't think it is the right time now. we have to be very careful the past year and they have advocated that nineteen the country's pacifist constitution. article ii for these depend from going toward the statue and cashew d spirits. at its finest a first in the article ninety six which now requires that you start to maturity of japan's parliament to revise the constitution. it was the chains to a single maturity. meanwhile it was news paper you need serious in that sense ave has a ready started to review by green party's success of the hands of restoration party and the sunrise party. he's not likely to get the support from the party's coalition partner new quay meadow. its leaders said the govern ment
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she emphasized economic recovery not constitutional change when japan's leading news papers. the asahi sheen back tenth ave entrance takes about one lasting peace with its neighbors and then seeks to expand its military into what is perceived as a more aggressive fighting for the new sticker further argues that all the attic window down and credit party has won elections the party has not earned a mandate from voters to change depends constitution. wichita cctv after visiting the controversial yorker sunni shrine japanese promises and body is planned to extend his itinerary japan's national sunday newspaper says abby has decided to visit island countries in the south pacific for japanese and us troops fought twenty in the world war two the business came to pay tribute to japanese soldiers who died at the last time the japanese prime minister paid such visits was in
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nineteen eighty five. japan's national nikkei newspaper has warned that japan should not be mislead by blind patriotism. the international community has also voiced deep concern over the resurgence of japan's militarism. the us based network fox news says on its website on the shrine visit last month was inevitably undermining trust between the us and japan. germany's foreign ministry has also said that every country should reflect on that role in the last entries brutal wars as a bassist paul roos all the hostility and developing international cooperation. japan's defence minister gets an oral on monday our eyes expected to visit india monday in a bid to seek any better security deal with new delhi. all of their eye is on a mission to sell the us to plane to india the japanese developed aircraft used by self defense forces. the plane can land they own waters with leaves up to three meters of the two
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sides might call the deal do a moment there is visit japanese friends in la they will also pay a visit to india in late january. so kaylee is its ban on arms exports in two thousand and eleven paving the way for japan to grab a share of the global weapons market. to syria now with the syrian national council says it may not attend an international peace conference aimed at bringing him into the war that is rabid syria for nearly three years the conference known as geneva two is due to take place on january the twenty second of the syrian national council of the group within the syrian national coalition the largest opposition umbrella group. we believe is an old cd is in the nation competing for his airline is golden and the city and the city a baby conceived ocean. so the activities for golf and to find his footing
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for peace of christ is dissolved all your might this situation we were pretty neat looking to pick who we are not winning two gold two he knew that to our lives we find tedious in the shade. a visit from the international community board from the teaching itself to accept this at the golf gt so wednesday and towards geneva peace talks with an alive known to our correspondent. i like abraham he's in damascus. iloilo a whole has the syrian national council the largest opposition group. responding to threats from one of the largest members to possibly boycott that the scots. but soon the two coolest images umbrella group over for a whole level position. factions and groups operating don't start soon how did it not up to mow
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the state will give a statement regarding the recent positions but since the visit is the longest. a group within it wouldn't have the coolest an awful position on devolution of powers. it's still all clear at this point all of their songs and they are still ongoing meetings of all read her new body. buy it by the coalition to reach a decision regarding taking off in geneva to warm up taking off in geneva to buffer should mention y'know but it's not only the political developments the are opened and in this particular point the props in geneva to the film will construct knowledge of the park and indefensible function and sought city of the pre army of mosul phone and on its latest instalment to the top and some old in a boat in the midst of political condition oct nov and the northern parts of syria and accomplishments include school computers in your single on the rocks also positioned who don't seem to be having any consensus regarding whether they will
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go to geneva to him. the load you mention that you touched on the fact that the fighting continues all mug romania on the list of the what you know the latest update on what is it what is in fact happening on the ground. well there are no two categories of people himself a little consumed on the first category is departing reference to arm and a government forces and their allies. and the foam bubbles hard durable different functions the syrian army hasn't been able to control all provinces to the north of damascus which the rebels took over a month ago and the reportedly committed acts of sectarian violence can mingle for over a home. according to local sources it's hard to resist it at another place in central sweden holds the sunni army remains the proper amount they're also not opposed to the country this enormous trying to make gains and
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bounces and has made some small gains in the past two days of the most important category will fulfill little ones to know what it has been watching the trains are this latest results in an op shop on wheels off onto brooks is a full cargo and benefits they actually opened his authenticity different functions of the ruble the polish on and on the mujahideen many factions of the rivers of particle utah right now and the northern parts of syria and bubbly confrontations were in some areas installing phone which is a newly fallen to auction off the rebels on the bus thought it is moving costs and other places by a sudden it's been brought to book art is losing ground. i like abraham reporting to us from damascus thank you for that update and we love much more news right after a short break stay with us. fan. the it is
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is. steve. the only online
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welcome back the chinese icebreaker shoe long has opened an ice breaking track stretching nearly a kilometer an hour waiting for favorable weather conditions to free itself from frozen antarctic waters. weather forecast said that in this cycle is expected tuesday which will bring westerly winds that could global flows they are away all one hundred and one crew members on board are safe and in good spirits and the ship is caring sufficient supplies the shoe long his stuff in pack ice up to four meters thick and is about twenty one km away from clear seas. use your loan has been in constant contact with china's oceanic administration providing in receiving regular updates the chinese icebreaker got stuck in new waters around antarctica is commonwealth bay on friday. the team after its helicopter lifted fifty two passengers from a russian ship to the australian ice breaker. will the us troops
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no weather forecasters say a cold front will sweep much autonomy in seoul for the next two days. snow has already fallen and the northern change own way your thomas region has been called one travels he still was also expected in the nine mm shell way. autonomous region. shotgun and john c provinces. tone chain municipality in doj and holding provinces are expected to see rain temperatures will fall dramatically across the country beijing will see the temperatures drop by seven degrees celsius ball hit me the province's this morning with visibility is low as five hundred meters the weather officials of only issue the least of the alert in the country's three the wall color coded fall warning system the northeastern in the city of hard bean is hosting its thirtieth international ice and snow festival. the city offers special winner experience is like nowhere else in china. add ice and
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snow world will snow sculpture park. i slid into the air and all planning a rope or lean on when to snow sculpture park to see what fun is taking shape. read the review the new mode of life. thousands of snow sculptures are attracting hundreds of thousands of free tickets to heartbeat. i've only seen snow sculptures on the internet and kiwi. luke still standing in there and i now use to keep me in the famous international ice and snow festival has made car to his reputation across the ocean. this night right we're hoping to ride into town to see the odd sculpting but it's not. and god truly beautiful and way around i'll be missing anything like the fact of minnesota think it is the reach of the festival with the fire and damage. you can read a mortal psycho on the snow fields. but he really wanted
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challenge on her. the house tidy as to how this thing apart. i'm not going to try the us accord. the wolf taking pictures and teaching moments which our family from the tuition i aren't big part of the experience got me the station you may not in front of the snow sculptures tiring to be seventy years. i wanted to come here since last winter. it's like a one two who complain the snow and sky. i can't imagine myself living in winter. no scenes of the countryside seeking
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the things china. i'll recreate it. in engines and the meal he'd kept apprised as twenty fourteen and for many it's an ideal tasteful making wishes and resolutions to start the new year the number of cctv are being killed and toppings he looks awfully cold hard being the teacher looks like fun that's our report for this hour and then to lunch in beijing that people want to be hidden that will get his meds and live your way the eye. is you the sea. you
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use you. you do. do they. on
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the island of phuket for being the guy let me just in appearance. when you're thirty miles wide. much the course of our little off for channel four. three hotels and homes all for tourists. then when you go inside the attitude among times on this leg of the jungle. so you see children. we need. between thirty to fifty that. i was the right now three months ago soon as you can pass on the plane. my eyes most of the street to see home when you don't think it's you know this is what. i was so happy to see in the home team almost none on my way to my hotel. so i go back to the shop doesn't have to know what i mean i only see a couple thoughts that maybe the capital to know that builds houses like that. it was the best trained on me she loves to somebody. in
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thailand as if it's this very challenging every day. john daly or on the steps there are more sundays and happy days. because you go out and you're fine really. some times humans. you don't understand why. without trying. we found ours. people get fired. just yesterday we find all of everyone's me when we say few weeks they've got to be installed and kids talking dog. the one you're about to pour out. we have built the church. on the street. they go out and catch the ball from race to develop from the streets. we have a caning and now we're in or silver we received it today. everything i was there for ten days and everyday you see. please help me in all four people saying they saw da go for five miles away. we
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take the risk of it all. we also have our home teaching lessons i mean we go out to schools. went to the right to do with a consenting arsenal and temples for schools to do with me to understand that i mean it's the top when you need to understand this is the death of black thing if it was awfully could be your best. there's a really tough on me for me another day as a reward for working. many usages are almost nine months later though from readers though stocks in thailand on or your dog my dog. they are really really tough not mean they can sort by a really bad thing is i'm next day they are super happy and i think some people said how we given a chance to contest the election the room goes about getting sick of just the humans because you get to the shelter you open you know those grounds. we have twenty dogs to run. but when you know. because of a gazelle i'm so happy to sing and they just want to beat that
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it is pretty rewarding when you get there and us adults i'm doing. what to do it since it's just really good when it's a stuff about rewards. do they. do they see next time. the it's sunday night here in japan welcome to the seller's islam and change things done in tokyo. a japanese couple on their honeymoon were attacked by an armed group in ecuador president rafael correa has condemned the shooting calling it a good scrub the shooting took place of december twenty eight ecuadorian police say the newlyweds were seen leaving a restaurant in sunday both a week in keilor they got into a taxi that was


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