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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  January 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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will. it was. we will win the data. we need to back to the tv the wall color to a brand new addition got that out while but the probe and that presents a different faces and they take it to defend voices on taiwan. i'm your host grateful. as you know us how one relates to
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some very very important for both countries and on today's program where delighted and honored to have a truly expert in this area. dr william stanton who was at one time that the director of the american institute in taiwan is here with us and he's of course currently the director of the center for asia policy at the national team. our university. bill will come to provo. thank you. it's great to be here. yes first of all i wanna come back to me for being a permanent resident of kabul. that's my proudest achievement in time i'd fill you in the distance over a condition for the many contributions they have come to us how one wastes over the years it's been an elf corps flag is said that billion of the director of the center for asia policy the national team on university. telescope that of other note the center of what kind of research being conducted over. the ok well you know on the center was actually on the brainchild of
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the president charm of the national team or university. okay um i think he heard present lot about the time you is offering the permanent residence here okay make that comment tea that perhaps i should be teaching in taiwan university we decided to take advantage of that. actually no tulane university in the united states have a history that goes back to nineteen oh nine except when she in law was established. and i think he saw an opportunity here is a certain symmetry because the university was first established with money the chinese government has given to the united states is an indemnity me for the boks were really aches and i think the u s ambassador to time president john lloyd's likes to remind me of the first and lovely and recommended to the us government that money be returned. so be used to set up on it and the university for education
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and so i think and i was in the back of his mind and when he saw that might be an opportunity. that's how we got started. i sing from the beginning. presidential his vision and that of his senior vice presidents was although the national chain one university is very well known for computers engineering and science technology. this is an opportunity to branch out to the department of international relations but also to enhance its reputation in his car to the humanities and social sciences movement and um from the beginning division was therefore not only to give to my university. country singer has an advantage but also to give a stronger voice for taiwan through center. in expressing taiwan views about asia policy. a diary for the long answer no prob. that whole biggest institute now
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the home video that for example groups for a subdivision to have one the decent to good meal that specializes in scenario two weeks. well we know we currently have of three postdoctoral fellows. o one of whom is an expert on south east asia. another is the greatest turned up on japan. of the third. it is more of a journalist on international relations but will probably of focus on our portfolio of trying to develop relations with india and i a single do a little bit of everything including of course the cross strait relationship. will everyone anyone is in taiwan has to be focused on that as well yes and we'll just add that this of course is the time of change in policies in teaching positions for many of the leading countries in the region including the united states. as us continues to heal fine sway
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in asia pacific where some of the opportunities you see but how one to be the presence of more active role in the regional issues where you know i know wary of taiwan's role in that sense in. policy cedar has been rather limited its not undergo commensurate with sent me this great economic strength is its great achievements in technology and um. i sang in the past taiwan is perhaps when someone did inward looking. i only say that taiwanese people among the most self effacing people on earth they don't give themselves enough credit for their own importance in the usa not only economically but also as a model for economic and political development. i always describe taiwan is a miracle because in a matter of few decades has transformed itself from a military dictatorship to democracy movement and strong
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really an impoverished place into a prosperous nation. so i think taiwan services model for many developing countries around the world but i think also it's experience of taiwan has learned a lot of lessons which i think can be useful for other countries in the region taiwan is a leader in many areas that people don't think about for example its progress in fighting against trafficking in persons. it's one of my think only two countries in the region are ranked in the first year but the us it's been a leader in nonproliferation it's been up you know i think of certainly very forward leaning in trying to develop trade relations with other countries movement and this is an area which i'm quite interested in as well. ok all i suppose the center will also devote some attention on the regional economic future of schooling it is necessary on. i think is as prosperous
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as taiwan and sweden. i think to some extent a great deal of that prosperity is because of the relationship between the mainland which is mutually beneficial um taiwan in fact is hoped the great deals from its technological know how its managerial experience in. and its investments which are huge in the mainland to hope. tell the mainland progress is much easier. that's what i'd like to see taiwan reaching out is traditionally done in its free trade agreements with singapore. while with new zealand this and develop more of similar trading relations with other countries region ultimately and certainly not to seek a line in the trans pacific partnership its ppp one couple more about that delayed the europa and the bill that between the old soul. in addition to being the defector off center the old soul holds the universe is your chance our universities. you don't tell chair professor
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telescope is about that. whoa that's that's quite interesting i mean it that comes my time in the end that's quite an honor because of course he was the longest serving foreign minister of the republic of china hits you is. diplomat who signed the new top defence treaty the united states on this years ago. but the interesting symmetry not only in the establishment in line and relationship the united states grounds woods came over the years it has continued. but there's also a symmetry in the fact that up. dr yell was reviewing its color of english literature. he went to m her stand out. um apparently his poetry was well appreciated by the great american poet robert frost after years of teaching literature which of course my doctor does anyone in return he became a diplomat. as i did after completing my phd there is no tears. and although i never achieved his
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heights is a foreign minister and also as the us accused the u s representative to the united states and could become the u s representative to taiwan in its stall and later when he retired from the diplomatic career he taught english in chiang mai university. seoul the fact that when there's a certain similarity symmetry in our career paths this and though although i wouldn't compare myself with him. it's a great owner and head and i think oh i think it fits her in his loneliness and we like it said that the recognition for many of the wonderful things that you come to the article lists. and also build one that you another question census and is fairly new. you know so we started the laundry europe. and of other people was a gaggle of taiwan has plenty of st ames research center's disease some of the policies were
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recommendations domain by the you know research community. sometimes i'm not really fully appreciated by government agencies go by the corporate sector. and how the theory first let me ask you this first. do you see dad is a problem in taiwan because we don't have the same kind of legal relationship between the government and the think tanks and can feel between corporate sector and the think tanks from liking the united states and to think this probably means how one and how would you think they kinda makes you feel coming years. that is the situation could be improving and if it doesn't prove how would you think that the you know the center for asia policy which will play university and two differently than the gifts was very interesting question i think over the years there are many syntax for example in washington this fall weather and no more liberal side the brookings institution or a heritage foundation. on
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the other hand up to the right. i think they do play a role in influencing the us congress crap sometimes people may stray should be nice tomorrow can be done and that reaction. as in one of the reasons it is there's more of an integration of people lap and policy makers and enjoying think tanks and people weren't paying taxes that go to work with the government perhaps that the fact that i have many excellent contacts don't have a lot of friends in government. well hope was to make some inroads along those lines. perhaps when we do have certain views we can convey them very direct and then hopefully helpful fashion constructive fashion his mother will be useful to the government and also to do more to reach out to the. um i think to some extent many academic institutions around the world tend to be a little bit too inward looking and
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need to sing more in terms of what are the results my research how can they be shared with the at large. how can we tried to influence the to pay its tenants will be trying to do ok twenty c didn't feel like the changes photo taken place with the corporate sector. oh i hope so. for only one reason we of course so will we know we welcomed owners. bell's helps in its own boat absolutely i think corporations financially viable world is in the overall success of time on it. the great corporations with a kiss and cedar pointe high. um where are you know there are many great american corporations with america still the number one investor here in taiwan and recording display technologies micron and others along those lines i think um there and very
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often they have things they like to see happen and we need to listen to what they have to stay in but at the same time we perhaps can make suggestions about how divorce can be when cleaning her good night. we need to take the first break the local entity will be right back. fan. i have. it is. sells. says the sea
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well come back to the second segment of today's program key on the town while the on post we will. what we'll continue our conversation with dr william stanton who was of course a former director of the american institute in taiwan and curly cat director of the center for asia policy at the national team are universal. bill. this talk about new year's day nineteen as its director. you would hear from two thousand ninety two thousand paul. over the three years. of course
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you see tremendous progress in us how one relates to us would you mind sharing with us. some of the highlights well when i first arrived here and a long agenda and i knew it was much time yes and i knew it probably be my last diplomatic assignment. i've met with our entire staff of the aq is a lot larger than people realize this matter hundred and thirty or forty americans and at that time about three hundred and fifty telling his employees as well tyson and i emphasize to them. i saw everyday nation douse themselves in whatever capacity as for whether we had made progress sort of put some of these goals the primary goal i think was to get one into the visa waiver program. and no food or many others and up. i think when i left i had a good sense of accomplishment your accomplishment was no my
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own along with those of all of our employees americans and enemies alike. he also great cooperation from the government of taiwan years and were typically go well with the foreign ministry for mr young was great help i sing much credit for the visa waiver program is his. i mean it's all for the question when you're a diplomat. you spend as much time trying to venture on government to do the right thing and i as your counterpart spence trying to get his government to the right thing. in the case of the visa waiver program that was so much in the interest of both our countries. yes we made great progress on that. whatever things i was proud to see one of the taiwan government will want to do is to purchase her arms. we have the two largest sales american arms in many single us administration met with almost thirteen billion dollars palm island to increase the number of high level visits for twenty some
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of the people. mom i asked a visitor people i'd known before but the deputy secretary of energy and on the undersecretary of commerce and on for international trade only came a couple of months after that it is assistant secretary for commerce. these are very important. um beyond the arms a single roller military cooperation increased in terms of up to that of visits to prove or the level of providing information and guidance to one another. i think i was very useful its own. there are many other areas would mean progresses well when i arrived and we knew that laurie had a groundbreaking ceremony for the new anti facility which will be here in april. and yet the ground had been broken and i found out we had no permits to proceed. in a matter of six months with me
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at that time the help of a premier would i need this we managed to get all the permits and permissions we needed we broke ground by the time i left. we finished the first phase construction problems of the project slower than what happened probably in the private world of private enterprise by pretty fast for government building and probably still making progress. um i think i did what i could as well to won't improve morale. at the mission. it's an either or a number of symbolic things we did see that hope does well. so um. overall i was very pleased the trade relationship with bounded greatly in two thousand eleven for which our nation won an award for us government of we solved a lot of trade disputes including of course the famous beef to speed. and um. i think i was a great breakthrough only in the sense not that it was so
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important in itself and dollar value but that was such an obstacle to the rest trade relationship and i was so happy that about two weeks before and after a while as we were able to solve. it's um and every time it's taken in our thinking. of course one of my low points in my tenure with these were all high points the feeling of achievement success of doing things to strengthen the relationship which i believe is so important it's because taiwan is not only a great success story for the taiwan people can drive these great success story in the sense that the united states. um you know that i won prospered as much isn't it soon became a democracy the problem i had was over the beef issue when i foolishly made a comparison can be tween the number of people died from the u s beef number of people kind of motor scooters. it was very
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insensitive remark and everybody's the rightly took me to task for it. and though i regret that very much later apologize for. but um overall in three years i think that was the only major. of major problem that i faced him. in general i've found the taiwan people everywhere it went so welcoming and warm. and of course i think that was a great success we are hopeful of outreach to travel all over taiwan and i went to matsui and went into the money they lend to those of the pool. i'll use of means. so overall it was a great success visited military facilities all over the island. and we had a number of successful exhibitions trying to emphasize historically home port in the us taiwan relationship has been. and i think all for all in all especially during the three year tenure that you have it the emt. a singled for all
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people and how long will remember this is the turning point in recent us colorful issues in the sense that the idols in washington any longer. luke said come on as a trouble maker. till then it is so certain level of consistency and predictability in one the government you would do and that's really is healed beneficial to both sides also to the region at large. would you agree with that assertion i absolutely think there's no question of why i was in washington before it came to know i can. everybody likes the fact that we can have private conversations the name private anymore there weren't surprises me and that overall i think the state's consistently welcomed. the improvement in cross strait relations is. as contributing to security and stability in the region its soul. ivy was probably a turning point and the mind to
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go and view of washington team and also the fact that you probably feel led to the mentioned earlier is the fact. on these your meal you know ceases and the nation that we were able to resume peace talks at the end of two cars pull even though you have left office at the time but the only one field would have been possible. with all that you know well where you have they really is and that dastardly is very helpful to taiwan. no need to sew back to triple h's bubble sometimes that's how one making him grow into regional economic meaning well you know far as this had the beef issue in itself was just one. sure other trade disputes in the whole goal of long will it bring in high level economic and commercial visitors from washington and one of the whole goal of outreach to visiting congressional delegations was always to get to that point were we to presume that if the talks its
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import our relationship economically and worn even keel and now we can make further progress. i really was essential for taiwan's future. then it developed its trade relations with other countries in the region. and of this is an important step for me and you mentioned earlier above the recent sign the new handles the passage in our legacy the month regarding. the feel free to be packed out with the ceiling and also was single. though we do think this is ill with meals something of significance in the ice to washington instead took on one making the domestic market while open accessible and making the plainfield more level you know either. absolutely or your course is not a us decision on the outcome one entry the trans pacific partnership that utp and modernizing the fact that of course singapore already has free trade relationship with the u s status of that new zealand and singapore. most
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of the inspired to how the ppp in otherwise is a very good beginning for taiwan and i hope taiwan will build on the successes and onto the tee pee pee personally i would like to see washington be a little bit more proactive in expressing its support for taiwan's entry into the tee pee pee even if it's not on the us decision. but i'm not aware currently of what the negotiations there may be going problems. so there may be some good reasons why that's not happening at this moment on but i think that should certainly be. the term goal and intermediate school football sites close to finally be fully in this part of the program. a woman chiefly in the last four plus years. no asking can you know pink tile wall. what you think the major problems that have seen in tears come and heal us making our domestic
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market while open and the government plea leading role in terms of educating the. specially the corporate sector about the importance of deal making taiwan morning can actually connect it to recently connected here for two team heads off. overall compared to its what i think the taiwan government has done a good job of conveying those years of enticing. i'm frankly much of the. the markeg these very protectionist disorientation and i think this goes along with the many years of diplomatic isolation that outline the sufferings of the fact that i one tends to be very inward looking. it seems that i when media times encourages that. and i think of the taiwan people need to recognize their own importance to be prouder of their own achievements and not to be afraid of opening up their country team to
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trade with others because i think it is the overall benefits and into taiwan will be great. um i think all free trade agree that free trade agreements including united states me with domestic opposition and that's why many of them are here to phase in periods so that people can adjust the changes that free trade will break him of what it takes time they of course his educational process sometimes it takes more than discourages to do the unpopular thing. we need to take another break the law program will be back i knew.
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sells. says. come back to today's program killed while the upbeat post would equal
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we'll continue our conversation without the williamstown was of course the former defector of the american institute in taiwan and currently the chair of the center for a directive to speak director of the center for asia policy at the national team. i knew the person. bill was car builders about cross tribulations doses prison mind goes the election first back in two thousand and eight. the theme rapid progress is still down. no starting with the mainland tourists feel coming to taiwan and also that direct flights and subsequently investments. so truly ill cross rate changes now to wait in nature and the flow of capital personnel have become healed. the more he'll open and more frequent than it once before and what is your view on this deal private capacity as non academic know what issue of view on the current state of costs for the lists. of course is a year earlier
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indicated. i think everyone appreciates the promise is the name because it has contributed greatly to prosperity and peace the region's stability harbour on my own story about the potential consequences. um if the drive toward political talks and political unity and out pace of progress on the mainland toward democracy i know that when i was a diplomat years ago and ageing in. and subsequently the chinese would only say that the us was the biggest obstacle across to the nation's ever believes that was true. you might use the biggest obstacle in cross strait relations has always been china itself. the fact is the chinese still not a democracy. there's still no rule of law and it's still the rule of the communist party. so the problem is i think that's the point of great resistance on the part
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of. most are one people who fear that their way of life will be changed. there use to freedom as raucous as difficult as democracy can sometimes be. also in the united states. it conveys the feeling that they won't have any choice in the matter when suddenly a new system wheel will take over it. to which they'll have to abide this worries me a great deal an instinctive worries other of the countries in the region. i think that's why you love. you know i know there's been great unhappiness. in beijing about the so called commitment to asia this. i think so that they do what needs to be understood is this is not only motivated by any us designer. this is desire of countries in the region whether of korean origin pastel tones usually in the vietnam other southeast asian countries who fear even though they enjoyed
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the economic relationship with china um they fear that of the growing strength and power light of the chinese military. can be used. to revisit the days of chinese dynasties when the surrounding neighbors swirl tributary states. i think they want to avoid that kind of scenario. hence the battle over the south china sea and on the territory there the fear that would become a chinese lady and as of twenty god and when one of my lectures we have to remember. mom almost all of the energy goes to japan and korea who could take aggressive young teens comes through this the streets of milan and up to the south china sea and so there are enormous strategic consequences. also up for the region and therefore also for the united states since many of these countries are friends or allies. um in
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the idea that there would be unification. cost re unification before. in mainland china has the market times has moved to new direction of where there's less concern me about ultimate chinese motifs news and that given the fact that you know there's been progress primarily in the economic area since two thousand and eight. but when looking at no cost or relations in the next two three or five years. it appears that the prospect of cos triple bill for cox increased. and that beijing has made it clear on one of one occasion that the view of the two skies and the long beach ca cup of economics bill political issues would have to come up one time one of. the and also the fact is that that there are some obstacles feel that being healed in place between costs are fallacious their own lessons obstacles tight dress
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bb not necessarily result when not likely to see major progress in other areas this will kill for example the issue of taiwan's participation that the regional and national levels. that continues to be a very ill frustrating point for many of us to come on and do you think you know given the fact that the province's for being in such a depression. ill of other people in taiwan will agree with you. did you notice that this call is never static you know the oh things are changing constantly. and the home can you let me predict. no level one to predict how costs are fallacious we fall in the next meal three to five years. well it's you know it's very hard to make such predictions but i think that what we do know is the vast majority of the one people prefer the status quo. it taps into the choices the status quo with meekness i think we agreed that
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there's no such thing in time without any old shoes independence hall for unification. sure the heaters in the chamber where these figures it out. it's been so they'd have to realize that perhaps there's something more that needs to be done at home before they began to press. taiwan too hard on political talks in um the yield may be part of a political option b the question of how quickly time you know the mainland will will move towards democratization but i'm not very hopeful. we know that last march that was his well publicized in the media there was any instruction from the party. telling universities that they should not discuss civil liberties civil society. democracy two list of subjects the history of the communist party. i
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think that's not a good indication of the direction things are going and so the lighter note the taiwan is no democracy. i think that people appreciate that that flourished under it um i think they certainly want to keep a relationship with china economically but until the situation in the mainland or alters politically tickets can be very difficult for the people of scotland to a great soul. i think as much pressure as may be coming down i think there's going to be the taiwan people dragging their feet about going to such talks. even though the leaders main leadership might feel it's necessary to begin some sort of process and it's going be very difficult very contentious years and of the size to political and economical means that we have just discussed. wills for me to address the military
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dimension. now all of this military commission only in terms of cost regional talent who were looking at you note the regional military balance of the situation and the phone especially regarding the disputed scenes you know east china sea and no school in south china sea and given the fact that i once long bean be guarded now for the unique strategic importance in the asia pacific. how would you know washington for example bill look at the situation in taiwan and costs are fallacious. i'm thinking day is that the other two sides moving courts eventually heal political cause some kind of feature. how would the impact of military to the beach. we have a great impact and think oh no it's not talked about greatly know what you find is that strategic thinkers post in china and the united states worry about this a great and feel and the fact is that the postwar of
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structure that was established with u s alliances in the region has created instability larger stability in which everyone including being mentioned has prospered since um yes that is upset it if for example taiwan for absent a democratic government and eating. taiwan were to change its stance. ideally be of great concern to all countries in the region man up and i don't know what the consequences that would be um it would be i think it would be great fear of destabilization. certainly people are looking at the fact that china inevitably now as an aircraft carriers interest in developing more. as each song range and medium range missiles. access denial weaponry. these are all important factors in us
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thinking about what will happen. i say it. let's go back to history was recently reading about the cairo declaration. in nineteen forty three in one of the reasons president roosevelt on it so important to me. when john kai shek in cairo. what precisely because esau. trying a gay friendly china has a positive force for stability in the asian region which change color that of course was in the sofa will the civil war years on and such glee because of the civil war because of the nineteen fifty nine soviet chinese defence cracked it and then do soviet and chinese support for north korean invasion in korea the us strategic thinking on the region entirely changed gears and suddenly taiwan became more important it was mostly that was her reaction
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to him because what the mainland could go on and so i think and china also during needs to seriously consider. on some of the downsides of the potential risk of pushing for unification before the situation is for any further. we need to take the final break on the program to be able to fight back. fan. it is. six season. says the sea. well
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come back to the final part of today's program beyond the town while the on post prequel will continue our conversation the whole sleeve wrap up the aisle with dr william stanton who was of course the former deflected off the american institute in taiwan and groom the director of the center for asia policy at the national team on the first. and of bill frist
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couple that bought the domain the exhibition is a unit on doing this for years the i t one of which is the american footprint in taiwan from nineteen fifty two to nineteen eighty. telescope that the bond that can take two exhibition. murray began as a project that was going to be just american footsteps and in southern taiwan when and who is starting up thrown in it was such a great success that we decided to expand. so where was the tens of thousands of people saw one on course for a timeline me it was an attempt to remind taiwan people of the origins of or relationship ok and that for never a problem is that there's been a relationship there's always been a great deal of goodwill. the role that american hospitals medical teachers. in some cases it that the missionaries set up schools here on american need of american military support
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from playing in the early years to help taiwan and get on its feet with the same time to remind people that the result was also in the us is only interests. because by helping taiwan on move toward prosperity and toward a democracy it served us interests global interests as well. in the process though i think people and people to people relations ultimately on the basis of many relationships that their shared values. head over time we did in fact shared and shared experiences. it's one reason that i also worry that the number of them taiwan students of america continues to decline. perhaps not as many american study chinese in taiwan they used to. it is now everybody goes directly to me on the mainland which is what reason i'm so happy to get such great support to our on the anti language
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institute. young men shot because american diplomats often the opportunity to come to taiwan for your language training before going to the mainland and see an alternative. mom told me it began with that then we did an exhibition as well of holland america of taiwan scholars to go to the united states and made huge contributions in science technology business in the arts. well we followed that with an exhibition of those with studying united states will return to town and made great contributions to time on it. so i think ago the idea and all of these was to emphasize the more positive aspects of our relationship with taiwan because the newspapers. often the media understandably will highlight what the conflicts are what the disagreements or and to remind everyone the great vast sea of
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goodwill the number of countries which one would expect. and in my personal view. i think the biggest contribution the united states has agreed to come off as close to many of the developing countries after one point two. what's the export of the american education system. no which is the inclusion of foreign students become one of the places and i agree we view that the number of college students going over the l a to united states has been on the decline in recent years. and a hope that trend was somehow they feel that for awhile and then what have warm or younger students that will be willing and able to go to united states was ecstatic because they not only being trained in specialized fields. lol so in turn is often the values of democracy. dollop the american middle of a new
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emphasis on freedom. in the official symbol the pretty face and that will go much no one long way when the two week check out one after finishing their education. murray i agree with that and um you know we we certainly try to encourage was programs like the fulbright program on its expanded somewhat well and is anti director but i would like to see it grow a great deal more swell and on. blood to all you know of fortune the american universities are getting more expensive this is a problem for american students move on. i wish it had a magic wand that would create more scholarship funds you both for americans for bright. the young people from other countries. um idea. all i can due in part of my room teaching lies to encourage some of the young graduates there. mom to get to the united states played a role in the one young graduates from ching wan has now seen internship at
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the brookings institution and the and it's the kind of early experience in those kinds of relationships that me off so well. in later years. um but there's also the competition from other writers guild great countries with the uk. connor though australian and new zealand and many other countries that are inviting taiwan students and who are well respected everywhere. it's the work on friday. so that's a curse when the great joys of teaching. and bill after you finish your tenure in the nt prison in mind you'll recognize your contributions to use taiwan relations and gave you the order of the brilliant star and the grand court all. at what is the award mean to you. dax will. it means that you be a great deal. perhaps he's not
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as much as my faith and rc hole in it. i took the day which was something that was given to me at the same time exactly um but i firmly and represents. in its tarp or so with so much is it's an award which recognizes the great khan of the great achievements that i think one in the united states and eat together and in that door as i said in many of our achievements that were so many people and tossed it on both the american had one side. so all i need a cake is a symbol of our youth will our share of success. because when you're a mother of success is its size it's not her own. these are single winner who's who and fro they are the many opportunities ahead of where the cricket but a new feature will hopefully get back on the program you can clean them up into the wee few years. the bill well this ten day you'll also receive a phd in english literature at university of north carolina
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and then you have subsequently you know became of him though diplomats the us government for thirty forty years and now you backing the academics and the two vb series tales from teaching at the national team the university. which world do you like that. as a diplomat and mistreated or as a researcher and the content well you know there are many ways to look at it from the academic point of view currently has more freedom of speech. of course is that when i was so beautiful in its name representing u s government views. what i raise the young man when i finish my doctorate and i wanted to do something new is more to get up in the world and now that i'm older and phenomena feel as something that i'm retired i felt i had still a lot to offer younger people and things that i've learned and practical experience in such a dovetail nicely i think a different
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point in your life and i think there is no problem all for academics moving into government moving back into academics. yes i think it would be also useful in taiwan to see more business and go into government didn't go back into business excited the more we understand the particular difficulties and challenges. no one another face of different bottom line it's different goals. i think that's that's going to get that healthy people in the middle so the senses that ilk they are some of course opportunities and limitations put each of the roles that you mention when hearing the corporate sector ruling government. but you know without realizing what those limitations are you cannot appreciate the low understand why this particular policy is taking place now. now what was already in prices can have on my thesis for example. and that given the fact that you have vast experience is in many parts of the world
11:50 am
including asia. how would you you know you know personal observation. how would you know observed that the opponents can come on. in recent years bill for example some of the economic achievement back in the sixties seventies had been walled up in. and so was the democratic transformation back in the eighties and ninety. and now we're getting to the twenty first entry and how one is now moving to become more active on regional affairs and also trying to resolve the differences though with china and the power to think that you know this path of development over the years your personal views has changed some of these have stayed to see. well i think i won means no new policies for new each week. and i undo some of them we've already referred to as the taiwan needs to find ways to liberalize its economy to overcome protectionism and to become more integrated up in
11:51 am
the rest of asia and the rest of the world economically it's on i think sometimes too much effort is expended on getting into one new land agency or another. um i think it's much more meaningful for example taiwan could attract new investments brought in by one share of foreign direct investment in egypt has dropped radically in recent years. seventy percent of taiwan's route to foreign investment goes to trial. and all. in ranks fourteenth and fifteenth in asia and in acquiring direct investment is if you look in a country like singapore which has attracted so much international investment is to think i'd like to see taiwan move in that direction i think also of taiwan should be more interested in raps in getting into more and she knows this and you know developing links and highs in
11:52 am
the matter is on but it's also important that i won remain at the cutting edge of technology and science. palm because there's nothing like success is to breed admirers them and to bring visitors of course and bills are we being a wonderful experience to happy on the program today of one wish you all the best you personal and professional endeavors in the future thank you very much like her much has been a great pleasure. thank you very much watching oprah led to the aussie next time all mccabe told each thing. in the name. i think. thus
11:53 am
the un the real world. i'm signing of a hike in with another edition of destination busy. they are refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this in a gary locke the ncc. so i had sticky rice to find out one evening when i order sushi. i'm here with brian as a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi. are they did it look different. for defenders out there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed
11:54 am
nori and out of their sauces that she knew it was pretty much just like his previous life in a number of ways. i then there's the year with his eyes as he slid over to us that was all wrong or is this fact. it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear voices within her heart was boiled with smoked salmon. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like. surprise surprise they wanted to start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit. its general. the japanese hundred they prepare their mission to the us uncertain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation they put on race and he was in a good fist of fun in and out. to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement anytime anywhere you know what it was done they would take it in the rice was discarded and run away and
11:55 am
eventually certified been adding vinegar to it not been kind of attitude is everything it's so. that was the devil's tool and the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you. fake street food in me. we always see these two garnish it with the cc when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of time. good good potato that is a very refreshing. since then the about the budget and with this as acts as a helpless. what about the sushi that looks like just brace with a piece of fish on top once that ball that is called the eerie calm i'd say that enough. so here is our second only to kick the person who suffers. you laid across. molded into bed sheet. we all know what you know what sells to shoot anybody is that the way it looks so is the extravagant living in us a lot of fun and
11:56 am
made them. and that is the new. any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on behalf of their stuff. it's the one we make such inquiries into three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me. the states to pull things out of the consoling pistol. norma a song like they are since i was. it is very involved and so it's to be a lot of fun so you actually can come down to making it in presenting its almost like you wanna make art you make it so. the people. most of what he did a mix between now and that's the kind of how i avoided it for fifteen from the suspect with the main and
11:57 am
only ways that have happened actually. so there's some great legs and property into a kind of yourself. they tell you that was three hours from well outside the bar. hey that looks good enough. what a lot. when you use issues in one bite and when you eat during your soy sauce based site down. also note how the mixture was a hobby or soy sauce. that you know what you're eating really tasty next time our destination busy that i'm sucking in a car the route. and. i'll stay in the morning raids aimed at tightening jersey. and when i
11:58 am
became a comedian i never became a comedian because i was like i would have preferred the world that arabs are terrorists the world that disabled people can do it. what i realize that the comedian was not. i had no choice but to carry this subject because as an arab muslim woman. quite often my comings as a mom means they have never been a month. i've never spoken to and from. i've never met and have now. how would it mean that you're an hour and i was lucky to have the kind of facial hair and one c in the world can feel. i was selected to represent the great city of new jersey at the democratic national convention. yes i was so excited i feel. was late to a history making and on the she called and said oh my god may soon we are so excited to have you you actually kill every single quota. might there not with
11:59 am
them. as a myth. someone was coming out saying like a listen. we are from the fabric of the american side unlike any other ethnicity when they come instead we met in the upcoming different states it was really hot seat. when you look at a standstill with the disabled community on. it's been an incredible journey. right now with a disability is very tall and one the first things i think a lot about it. and there's nothing wrong. a lot of people think that she disabled isn't bad. it's not it's not a bad thing you wanna know why because i get a handicapped parking. you know you have been in the brain. driving around looking for parking. can you see that handicap space and consist of. went to sleep embracing the favored side of my personality and seeing the reaction i get from the community has been
12:00 pm
incredibly impressed with how i would be there for this generation of young disabled philip evans and eight. she then i can be so proud the chillin in the united states their relationship is among the world's most important. now thirty five years after the established diplomatic ties. we examined the state of that relationship and how it may embolden the years ahead hello i'm like walter and this is. . monroe the nine s


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