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not always where they would on a linky to the present leo and that was a bit so that guests should ask the people. only in the department of the everyday life. not to be lol welcome to the cctv means i need to mean in beijing. another round of the run in the middle seats on the way he ran in the european union have been sealed the talks in geneva on into nineteen in that month deal at ten minus six month highs reached last november anna today told state than on thursday evening between the lines took me many ngos say that abbas iraq. she and to help us meet a devotee of the eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton on the two sides discussed the remaining he sees to that
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the implementation of the deal on the preschool level. a u s undersecretary of state school principal f as wind the showman also arrived in geneva on thursday morning. the us state department confirmed in a seminar with me too with those on iraq tea and sweets but did not see whether there would be a three way income tax. it identified prominent members of the un security council passed an eight pack of goodies in the land that many around the whole pot to the snake and programs for six months in exchange for limited to sentence review more on this muscle and joint buyout respondent and the machine in geneva had a sheen at the new round of talks between iran and european union is now in the second day can give us an update on. is there right now i sat down said on denying that. it says about it says so right up to ten o'clock in the morning here in geneva and to act on the links at the second day of the bonnet
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or talks between iran and the eu just started to about ten minutes ago that this is the second day of talks in the latest round. we know that on thursday. even amy and the two sides went into tall set which lasted a couple of islands around the track at around midnight again this round of talks since that involves higher level representatives from iran and from the huge fee of forty eight the foreign minister. she found him on end to his counterpart to use external action service the debt he said the general held at schmidt's of me think that we've been invited to discuss the outstanding the final outstanding issues resulted from the expert level talks wrapped up right before new year. we note that this will be the second day of negotiations it is not expected to last longer than today so we are watching very closely what might come out to do after at the end of
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the state's chocolates yes and then the war on me and jenna respect patience for the new round of talks. i think the expectations of fairly high as the festival we are seeing higher level officials especially the arrival of the canadian foreign minister. she is mindful that old saying clearly shows that iran is taking it very seriously when did that to ukrainian foreign minister's diary but i just read a couple of days ago on he said social media that he's been helped me see it that you bought it will be able to find a solution a comprehensive solution to its end you get called her best he says that to the negotiations had been progressing along very strong political will. still he's a fairly optimistic to the outcome of this random told that we also hear that said chinese foreign minister also voiced it. it's the kind that said bye bye
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now the agreement that was agreed that was reached at the end of an event that will be properly implemented is now obvious that agreement although it was just an initial one he was telling the arts is there a tv this is the necessary restrictions on the brands you can read thus removing the maze thirty the son of the international community. at the chinese foreign minister says what matters now is to properly implement the agreement and this the implementation of the first initial six month will test the ability of re reading and the other parties' do that responsibilities and all the patience to solve this issue is imperative to use no time in pushing ahead with the negotiations in order to reach a comprehensive deal so all in all we have a strong feeling that the political will is strong enough that both sides are willing to seize the last opportunity to try to gain as much maneuvers space as possible but a deal these on hand at the end of
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the negotiations and the deadline that we have been hearing tuesday the twentieth of january so the don't be really don't have much confidence going thank you very much indeed any team recording from geneva. and the last entry me that knew my eye to eye until i become an ace is in terms of a syndicate old swede six but paris review's eu and enmity towards his country he did one of the blessings of the negotiations who invented the animosity of american officials to was the wrong tube babies is them animals and was reviewed it with everyone. just go on to these into what's in the sand and contention for the tele that would ask that a week on tuesdays and we come to that. it is and if possible be going to demolish all nuclear facilities a month but i believe they come to that. i may stray mocks came before a scheduled meeting between iran and the eu in geneva on the state of
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the coaxing team from ideal as mocking the pto in fact a run in six but paris meets in no time to come in a deep knowledge in evaporates on what he meant by ntt of the united states he rejected the idea that the route was forced to enter into negotiations under the pressure of the best sanctions. i may say it's the summit would probably win the ten states with the us to want all these evil. end result. well the officials are scheduled to attend a peace conference in switzerland on generated twenty seconds and they say they want to meet the cdc's five between syrian president is out of stock and rebel groups fighting to overthrow him and french foreign minister lawrence idea sit in the police close in addition an easy ticket and the three year civil war ensued and in betting jump on minister friend walter steinmeier said that his government it would help install a serious tilt pile of chemicals used to ask the role materials for poison gas and nerve agents. plus we
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made it into a solution for syria. he always had to find a peaceful solution to pulling you to talk to each other because to me about tap the keys and passes about as the puppets of a geneva is too heated to the creation of a transitional government. it all exactly how was the talks between all the puppies ethan did i think no one who has the technical capacity to carry out his disposal of chemical weapons should be used to provide help. that is why we the german government has decided not to go back for a responsibility to get her own contribution. meaning the elimination of part of the residual material canuck always the truman show in germany as well the technical capacity to do this exists here in the framework of people in despair and four assists in leicester. as the less impact opposition group based in the national coalition has postponed its decision on
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participate in talks that precedent the south's top government and those stilts is scheduled for late at this month's as a cctv snappy conning the stomach the group he's having trouble reaching a consensus the union of opposition groups to present a legitimate alternative to the syrian president bashar al assad government is turning and to be quite the opposite heavily fragmented coalition has again been meeting assembled to discuss its participation in the upcoming peace talks down to geneva to get your disagreement amongst its members continues to push back the decision. the syrian national council the largest group with in the umbrella organization has rejected the january twenty second meeting saying the asset government must be willing to leave demand damascus only rejects the general assembly also saw disagreement about the re election of a man down to that as president for a second six month term deduction was going to be so sparkly. erm unfortunately
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they did not mark the results as it is open to the sum of all that excited too the withdrawal. meanwhile in spain two days of talks began between other syrian opposition groups including some members of the coalition we request and hope to inject an authoritarian regime to build a new government based on principles of democracy and peace. back in syria the war is being taken to new left as rival opposition groups only ok to fight each other for control of pockets across the country marked difference from the simple street protests that sparked the beginning of the uprising in march of two thousand and eleven. we believe that the division is the source of tourism in syria and division as well. it has been since the two thousand and three that has prospered epiphany in sprinting. terrorism in the area. provision for supporting our card affiliate groups so in our view to
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the gym. it is not only the source but also box via qaeda groups as well. it's a critical time for syria. even if the geneva talks and don't go forward which would require the participation of the syrian national coalition has already doubt about that achieving any real results the lack of any political and military units him with the opposition is pushing the country farther away from any possible solution and farther away from producing any viable alternative to the outside governments natalie carney for cctv in istanbul turkey the health of the fall my israeli prime minister ariel sharon on has to deteriorate a father and this ac five year average punter this year yet iconic figure is now in grave condition is funny on by the specs at night now for more on that family and had joined by responding to set me straight in ten of these steps we have that at da hat than the latest updates on
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every child's condition while the latest on the former prime ministers sad condition as you noted the deming is that he is a pain in the final hours his family is by his side his sons are there they've been there since last night. also he's top personal driver came to bid farewell. some of his closest colleagues at the doctors have made state statement saying essentially he's been downgraded from what was critical condition for the past ten days last night to terminal condition meeting. he's at the terminal and now in a state could be our easy could be a day here too high. it's a waiting game and there really is no hope where where perhaps there was some hope. during the past ten days that his heart had stabilized somewhat now they're saying that battle. i doesn't matter any more meaty on destabilization
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that that period is over and now it's really just a matter of waiting and bidding farewell. i tend to stephanie what these rainy probably saying about him getting back to a given that he's in chile's the reputation of a controversy over. yes mike on the tv set in the middle east lee iconic on it plays a larger role according to my perceptions here. hi i am i to know that he is a controversial in it not only am i the world knows that he has been a controversial figure on militarily. however within the israeli . i've been surprised at the center of the reactions as his situation as his condition has deteriorated. the people who have said to hand held him up as a hero. he's a very iconic as you say and and glorified high figure for his military achievements. he had
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participated in atlanta. all of the major military campaigns that shaped his country and people do respect him and hold him in high esteem for that and people here. i don't are not that i that i have heard spin on speaking ill of him. tom and essentially again a lot of quite a bit of honor for him and that reaction would be very different on the states the palestinian state streets of gaza the former ma lot within the palestinian sector but within israel's there's a great amount of respect for this man to live she certainly the military phase of this country the domain. many thanks indeed. stephanie favorite fourteenth round ten of the i mean didn't you come back to us entertained in the us last month the event is a fraud charges is on the way home to new daddy a new lease of parties say the child isn't this afro look at making false statements and past thirty
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nine year at the blackjack candy on me. copper rod onto we'll remain in place to the face trial each returns to the us with that diplomatic immunity and the color i got was a vestige of december the fifth things in new york and in a tent and east on bail. she was also accused it of the pain had a housekeeper. the incident sparked a diplomatic crisis between your daddy and washington. the children on reported to have remained in the us. the lobby us embassy in india has been notified by the indian government that has to shut down or business activities in the embassy the us embassy has been running a stop in this area would guess that is sustaining pole and a tennis field and say that by americans working in your daddy for entertainment and now i guess it's the running of this crap when none of them i think sally sentenced in vienna convention on diplomatic relations and death as requested is close to double me get into plates and is smooth as an activity
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that in the latest diplomatic route. at the same time the us senate he said that she has canceled his visit to india next week. the second such people at the construction in the months and you know the response in his minister makes the no offense to see heads the us cook until the case in the front room and. in respect of any country or the united states of america. the goal was offended and to dust if it is a problem. obama did on the hostesses and in laws relating to have the last together. must again to find a solution. but the bottom line is the dignity of our diplomatic service has to be asked to be. except it has to be yourself. but while since the weather window. china has made progress in its ongoing fight against corruption. all friday in the central commission for discipline inspection of the coming east posse of china raised the media on casey's handled into south and stretching the cctv oppose the idea was at a press conference and ten cents more details. this
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typically last august by sudan on corruption earnings come out to get released yet shoot even all tip offs from the plains more high level officials. well yes she goes and thirteen anti graft watchdog stage like they received one point nine five million tip offs from the thirty one high level officials some ministerial level with either punished for us subject to ongoing investigations. it's not important any hundred and eighteen thousand officials what if the planes in twenty thirteen after about twenty thousand more than a yet to fall. corrupt officials are finding it on as you can petition the shield. even senior officials from government ministries may come under fire. whence then treated with suspicion. such prominent polish include told officials from the national development and reform commission the state owned assets supervision and sydney
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station music as well as the ministry of security she is trying to listen to conference. so clean and dominance has been made. some thirty thousand cpc officials were disciplined last year for going against the frugality practice reporting channel was set up on the official website exposing typical cases to the. this is to convey the message then misconduct will be severely punished growing determination to root out corruption. this is the biggest and best yet pour stock routes. it's become much more. it's the kind of a patient goes off and fishing rewarding when chinese officials to stay away from corruption. i do. cctv they say. a chinese ordering it to scientists for outstanding achievement in two thousand fetching more than three hundred and sixteen sign season award is
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that contributions to the country's scientific research and development to fish or just have the receipt that opel will johnson howe who has been lacking in chemical can tactics and engineering for more than forty s and that time i get a tiny ant and keith think that in chinese nuclear weapon development. it takes a look at the achievements that i've come to haunt us. friends and coworkers called the six year old jumped on how the men in a car. joan views scientific research as a race and the development of science and technology is a category in the inter national competition. in nineteen fifty. competition for energy resources intensified with the korean war. johnson helped rob a phd offer in the us to work on china's development in order to ask a possible substitute for fossil fuel. in the nineteen sixties johnson how focused on rocket propulsion to boost china's national defense technologies to the seventies is worked in chemical laser research a completely new
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feel for chinese scientists i want to combine my own interest with the country's but sometimes my own interests must give way to that of the country. joan is also well last mentor for china's next generation of scientists and federer told me that he used to reveal my paper a sentence by sentence and word by word in his notes in comments for all all for it. it is very meticulous and i was very new and great on the actions and the attitude of the teachers and faculty see and very often for a lifetime. jolly nice shady china's outstanding john scientists on. today more than three thousand young scientists and researchers have received funding for the research from the program john a cctv. and can hijack a cia other scientists to receive the poll below the ninety five year old physicist days of tiny air and keep the banks honest the ball into the new pill
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weapons until the eighth inning party rally in the development of china's fuss that on the ball in the nineteen fifties he calculated to be in that temperature and pressure. but on the atomic bomb blasts or buy it as china has no calculate this will compute is at the time and chill was the chief director for more than fifty new eleven attacks and was nicknamed in uk general and tell it to hijack a plane he's a phd from the uk. he returned to china the same yet as the johnson county in nineteen fifty and he's a member of the chinese academy of sciences and he established the country's nuclear weapons research institute that to confuse many of china's new care experts. just weeks ahead if ease the state's open the union address us press and brought obama has already matched to a son fourteen a year of action and a lighthouse beach on the state he has a pet supposed think i prefer a handful of the imp of grace the us neighborhoods
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up responding in kind davey has mold from washington dc marking sixty years since president lyndon johnson called for a war on poverty here in the u s president barack obama is launching a new plan of attack in the ongoing fight. they use in turning to washington and wall street or silicon valley for the first set of solutions. with a group of well mannered kids behind him and several politicians and business leaders watching the president in our support for series of education and business development and infrastructure projects already in progress across the us. indigenous communities is designing from bottom up not the tub down what is they think they need and we're working with them to make that happen. in each of these men is preparing to what it takes to change the odds for their cats. we will help them succeed. now with a handout. but as partners. the first class of the so called upon the stones includes neighborhoods in major us cities philadelphia san antonio and los angeles
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there's also work under way in the state of kentucky and oklahoma. each area will be given special help in navigating federal regulations that affect a revitalization efforts the loss of the top priority when applying for federal loans to help carry out their programs from opening the farmer's market to build affordable housing. the focus of each specific project is a little different. but there is and you'll find bottom line and that's getting people back to work. that's one thing to say. we should help more americans get ahead but talk is cheap we got to actually make sure that we do it and i will work with anyone who's willing to lay out some concrete ideas to create jobs help more middle class families find security in today's economy and offer new letters of opportunity for folks to climb into the middle class. as part of the party's own initiative the obama administration has also said it would like to offer tax breaks for private companies investing in
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the neighborhoods as they rebuild. but that will require approval from the us congress yesterday from cctv washington. the tussle for this edition of cctv means i'm the new name in banking act. i knew. hour. well that
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this is one of its non traditional bullion banks and his hands all over the world wouldn't eat meat i completed today to promote its beauty products the fan. it's a
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waterfall of a committee that old site yet. the falcon department of the problem at the end of our belt we consume to be symbolized chains of sleep has to be the steward. and the children in samoa is out of the powers that go into this least half of all time. so because it has come the eu. saturday night a love story depicting the guy at the moment. first i have sometimes. sigh on deals yet have a theme it's not that it's on the science on that is given to safeway to expect that some of the eclectic sounds like you think of but at this. i had left him and he wants her back. so there's a lot of websites and turned back
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inside and cover that. you have traveled mania or succumb him for tcp yet to be coupled with a meteorite the problem overnight. it's five hours to find out if we die. many analysts debate the utrecht. follow the paths to the moms we can practice in around three to four hours a day. peters has been really tough. when the kids love it the eyes of an eye to the chilly in the first of all that to me i pretended that it took me back to the eye. i'm here with many suspect that the president of april would he be a twenty five years celebrating them traveling buddy been called to do this and that stool i probably won't be the last one hundred and twenty five years ago. just a tool and marinated the people who sell a bike in the fall and the bleeding. meetings meetings being copied. it's been a teacher at times bring
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in our history our son immediately entering the site at the frank on this sorta thing. the fifty s or eighty in the stc now do you think is going to be seen here. so i check into some hot in states like running game and that makes he would have them he is from your old family as well. what's in a series of crummy typically him down comedian send me some can be put in. return to the incidents. i had a fun gal people dun seem to get people to whom was appalling the nineties the scribe the peanuts. i'm always waiting to be taken with the cats from the first thing whereas the parents who don't mind being put at the weekend from a country where we always believe in it and honey convened to get there in one of the schemes is to share that they insist on to get their team. pss on. yet i
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may come people people from their panties dancing which is trying to learn. elegance is a leniency. the saints and crawling before we speak schools my kids like twenty four seven hundred people but the sight of what i can be teamed with it. tom has had a lot of fun. he went to they went to camp. i say to people from august. you can't allow the plant so it sticks like italian team who have leaked out that communities but really it's trying to do teaching can learn about what this is the only thing that we always keep telling him that the captain on what the week she has a screen will always be at his bedside before adding onto the string panties i was only kidding
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he knew you. i did. the chillin in the united states their relationship is among the world's most important. now thirty five years after the established diplomatic ties. we examined the state of that relationship and how it may embolden the years ahead hello i might falter and this is. . monroe the nineteen seventy


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