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one. we immediately ordered that. but military effort each. are you. you will will will will will . the us. all that suits the boer war place the dough into trouble with miserable with this. i lived in the way she grows up without a ticket. be their last respects the form of
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knowledge from god. i did. a two one and successfully against situation. when people treat human body can withstand hot water when hundred thousand people in the us veto but we didn't do with it what followed welcome to ease up on cctv news on the two into beijing thank you for doing it's our top story at this hour the president of the international committee of the week ross has visited the camp for displaced syrians it came on the second day of tomorrow's third three day trip to damascus to meet with government officials and conduct field visits to syrian arab or red crescent teams in and around the capitol college on the lake looks at the living conditions the warm greeting for the top official of
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the international red cross peter mile. this is what serious displaced children call a kitchen. and this is their toilet. nia candy is an unfinished building the displaced sear and families used as shelter many families here come from a southern suburb of damascus called the rock which has been the scene of heavy fighting. like here is a daily struggle and winter makes it worse. none of that idea. here on this island territories and ran into water absolutely anything the fed's this man and we all were sitting on the ground in their situation is still bad. in another cca the bathrooms the scenes in the trash all sizes. no one is looking up shots and a generation is growing up without an education. jayden
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i don't know what they knew my father mother brothers wife children and myself all came here and live in one room. i have three children my two kids should be going to school a boy and girl. i cannot afford this. as you know it costs too much sometimes i can find work and some days i don't understand what the uh the emmys two hundred and twenty thousand people had been killed and many more displaced in serious nearly three year long civil war. a long planned peace conference is scheduled to take place in geneva in less than two weeks but unless there is a breakthrough. it will matter little to the syrians and now have no other home then bits tell you a cctv. the chinese embassy in damascus says china has pledged to revive syria with three point three million us dollars worth of humanitarian aid. the chinese ambassador to syria said the relief will mainly consist of blankets and
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quilts for the internally displaced syrians while battling the harsh weather on friday the fourth batch of relief materials arrived in damascus international airport. a message on schilling said the second shipment is due to arrive within a week. according to the united nations high commission for refugees the number of syrian refugees who fled to neighboring countries has exceeded two point three million while around four point three million had been internally displaced. unknown to france for a foreign ministers of the eleven strong core group of the friends of scenery of our schedule to meet in paris today with the president of syria's main opposition the national coalition on the job offer the group will increase pressure on jabbar to persuade the silly in opposition to join you in with peace talks which are set to open in the swiss town along through later this month. for the very latest on this we join now without
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correspondent keith parkinson in paris and would i like abraham who joins from damascus. let's start with uk there can you give this a more details about today's meeting and what will the minister's be discussed the new licensing this may seem enticing same things together and then a cool drink and eleven countries that make up the strains of syria and that what he had to basically try and put pressure on the syrian opposition to its hands. this is going to need it to peace conference which is insane does it mean. this puts an end in just ten days time. at this area and dedication from this any national television i is for sale here in paris that biden recently elected president. i maintain that on hand as i stated that faith is at its meeting in today's media tried to eat it right in. i'm convinced that did this in the opposition had to attend. the peace conference it would be discussed. o pee
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chee nancy i met an attack and sitting up position and it is sitting on foreign seas i will have a had two were taken. see lah. and to enter into dialogue with each other since paid the company since im in a castle mystery isn't it odd that they had nice time. i've been sitting in a nation. this in a position has not made a decision ono att pains to stay and make a decision until jenny week the seventeenth which is just a few days before the peace conference is to test on sale in other men's size in ca in parents today have been sent me a lot of pain from the stands and syria that they can accomplish and the opposition at two wallets at the east peace conference which in itself is taken on most of what a body set up means heat into two sets up don't keep staying with the unknown reports say that some of the representatives
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from the friends of city has expressed its image and confidence of baking coffee opposition to joining those talks. oh why is there some costumes that that can happen yes larr. we have had sam and ben main stakeholders at the dentist. that sentiment is confident saying that they will be able to. at the sleeve and field position to attend that. even this instance and the united states and i add it to be the usa's expressing the simple confidence that they'll be able to do lah soon to get me the opposition to the dance that she needs it a peace conference is to know what the present. they said and in pain and anxiety. you are the options that should entertain the situation on the ground in sydney and social iran that will come but he is very difficult very complicated and fight scene continues its at a stalemate in many ways high even when
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one side that. it makes gains that they can be very quick and asked i'd say you need the interaction means he may be trying same. add fresh at that and determination sydney opposition team. to partake in its august recess and diane are placed at the model's face saying that sad that they eat it then they'll be able to convince me that sitting up position that this is a big basket lady today who is paying me to present day l willing to partake in dying out because this francais. i've been sitting administration that whittington on taking side up and we didn't end at this point less than actually winning to make the sheets in any kind of transition and i intend to see if that's going to happen we need inside sneaked in to take part in in the east peace talks at a nice present. p parkinson let's bring in i like the brain now lose they are in damascus. i love what our silly expectations coming out
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of syria for today's meeting in france are both from the government and from the point of view what they're serious. what are some of the expectation that so to all those single from the home and efficiently on the meetings open to students from goldman has always considered the team's offensive to the host wildcats opened the door. i'm told that the media has maintained an innocent student offences. on the record longest and officials home we opened this morning so that they expect i think i'll have to meet in office instead of off the record some of them told us doubts that they feel that the fiscal rules could be the last chance to pressure local position to talk and geneva talks which will be held in more fluent than on the twenty first of the small dots to the store some very possible to broker a peace deal that saw an end to violence and syria as the understanding here but to me that you want in filings with the beginning. two as follows all those leaves
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i've spoken to many people today and they were very optimistic do it although not optimistic geneva due to begin rhythm of the drama was really the mystic with offensives in a meeting of the parade. the mystic with that with focal pieces moved to idaho because many feel about this. this is it that that difference has to offer is merely a call for is for supporters of the stool position. total costs can be expected from stupid to tell i like the brain talking to was from damascus and take part in paris thank you both for you would from a year and will have much more newsletter which will make statements the ah. oh the fridge and leasing. it's
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coming closer to us. you boys with me. an accident. the new you. let's watch to get there i bought. he delivered you let's explore. we get you in stock. real. every day. cctv these are the future
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the position. it's just that the alarm. we can the net welcome back. a real sharon israel's hard charging former prime minister and general has been brought to israel's parliament in jerusalem where it will lie in state. the will be able to pay their respects until eighteen hundred local time. this teacher will be held on monday morning and the military for more will follow in the afternoon at his home at the shipment bomb in southern israel the ceremony will be open to the. world leaders including former uk prime minster tony blair and us vice president joe biden will attend the memorial service. sharon will be laid to rest a site close to the farm next to his
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wife lily who died fourteen years ago. sharon died saturday at the age of eighty five. one of israel's most iconic and controversial figures he'd been in a coma for eight years after a devastating stroke that incapacitated him at the peak of his political power the passing of our teacher on this part makes reactions across the world. but when israel meaning all revere in the league leader as a war hero. corresponds to the freebie and tell of the wood to the streets of that city and talk to people about the future. the howard at cherry the announcement that ariel sharon has passed i hear it in. i mean square of talent eve. this is a square that she's protest peace march is. this was the site of a protest against action that ariel sharon took in the nineteen eighties in levin on but here tonight the people i've spoken with her stack. their sound to hear that ariel sharon has
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gone to the underworld. on every morning. i've spoken to a few people one person said he's going to the jewish people here is good for the state of israel. i also spoke here with out me. who told me how he was feeling. i mean she would again how are you feeling. here in sadness the commercial loan move for me. and sure of. for many of the new bern. like the father he and two more to give hoping for the industry lingo for thinking. he can do with them. to go there right thing in the right time. or is it that. the other radio stations. we're going to make you known to history or the body of a real sharon israel's former prime minister and general has been placed in front of israel's parliament the knesset in jerusalem where he is sharon's body will lie in
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state for viewing. let's not take a look of the live pictures coming out of israel former israeli prime minister sharon is one of the country's most iconic and controversial figures. he guided the age of eighty five on january the eleventh. as a mark of respect the israeli flag is being flown at half mast over the israel's parliament the knesset the former leader was in a coma for the last years following a stroke. during this time he was being kept on the cost of life support about ten days ago he took a turn for the worse and his condition quickly did to read it. steve joel will be held on monday morning in a military show will follow in the afternoon at his home. on a song in southern israel
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the ceremony. will be open to the. world leaders including the formal minister of britain tony malaya and the us vice president joe biden in a memorial service and you can see in the respect and honor being aides to. the late. israeli prime minister ariel sharon and you'll be late to rest at a site close to the fallen we're his late wife lily died and was buried for two years ago. all in sharp contrast to the respected the views that israelis are painting our nails sharon
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palestinians holy widely differing view they loathe this military man for his many offenses that he want to live. our correspondent natalie connie reports from the simple point of the west bank. the shoot and i'm not like getting palestinian reaction at the recent news that the passing of ariel sharon. i can't eat what is your memory of surrounding with mum but the blues can be when we have not. on top of that is a view to the kids to behave jawbone the fed must visit the site goes up against the law to be born in their book of the villages and burdens of this but i'm not sure from this past tuesday my hope in the peace process. no no i am. we have as the boost you up. ed do that if you took sharon was you know it you compare him with a baby the present government. he's a he's there
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what according to the gym he's the beach and get more extremist israeli society is growing more extreme style by much of a lobster roll was bloody. it's not good to be happy over the death of someone. but god is punishing him for a steal treatment of the palestinian people she is is impossible is a whale doesn't want peace. if an agreement that took place twenty years ago is implemented today says has the freedom of prison that's where he's in that case those three also prison as for the be freed in twenty years ago. israel and as in the last piece. we are peaceful people we love and peace. we wanted the event on the seas in the world. it is only on thousands of monkeys sharon the ex general unlike ringleader trapped more than any other leader in israel was admired and about in equal measure. johnny damon's it's a story on his life and his leadership of the jewish state . i will sharon was
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born in palestine in nineteen twenty eight at the age of twenty he joined is will's underground military. he fought in all of israel's wars since the state's founding in nineteen forty eight and quickly rose to the rank of major general in nineteen fifty six he was credited with helping turn the tide of the nineteen seventy three meetings. when arab alarmist launched a surprise attack on israel his military exploits were also steeped in controversy in nineteen eighty two he organized the school sedation of this know what the neighbor lebanon a strike takes balls to palestine with the race in one patient from lebanon and stop you from using the time to launch attacks against these. but it also resulted in the killing of hundreds of palestinians by lebanese christian militiamen known as the cell growth and chat to a massacre from then on sharon was notorious among palestinians
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and hate it. the incident left a gift from office in nineteen eighty three. he remained a popular figure among the youth really bright he continued to hold the key posts in the government presided the biggest clothing drive into reception and ten the west bank and gaza. joel eventually made a political comeback. first as the foreign minister of mr hicks had his coalition government in nineteen ninety eight. then as leader of the thrills right likud party in nineteen ninety nine. it was in the landslide victory that he was elected as prime minister in two thousand and one. this would allow only two who served in the teaching you do for swimmers prime minister the onus in opel the rules state of israel. here are the new prime minister pledged to bring security and peace. while insisting he would not be found by previous negotiations with
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palestinians. is paramount the midwife was to ensure total security for israel on his terms. mr sharon was a leading player in building jewish settlements and captured territories. but he made a dramatic political about face with the puny allowed to pull out in two thousand and five from the gas the street. it ended the thirty eight year military control of the fair dd the sleigh. no teacher in the future understanding his role in the scandal increases which it's in now despite receiving government compensation. many israelis living in the gaza strip felt that there were four and the tray. and the growing dissent within likud over the pullout. sharon left the party in late two thousand and five and established a centrist party to team up. just as he was looking to return as prime minister in fresh elections was hit by a stroke from which he never recovered. i
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eye. the show he means business. from all across the americas. stories of people. her hopes and aspirations. partly to investigate. cultural and social inside. he is out
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taking a nap. michael vaughan's cctv about a weekly news magazine called the other. there is this enough. the welcome back china has succeeded in its first three hundred media saturation that read i was never turned a safe and sound from the deep water in the living chamber of the ship. cool j wanted name and domain return to the deck of the ship had five or nine pm on sunday the on site keep directors said the doubting they'll actually reached a depth of three hundred thirteen point five meters under the south china sea three of the doubt is the home jane to show maine and ten weight began their tent and eighty am on sunday and returned to the living chamber at about one pm the divers will stay there until january twenty fourth
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to let the inert gas in their tissue fluid returned to normal. saturation diving technology enables the human body to withstand high water pressure about or even his teachers with inert gas travelers can stay underwater for a long recap and a deeper sea levels than with conventional techniques simon the magician woman to sell the school under the ministry of transport. it is our duty to carry out under sea rescue efforts but decided this trend an undersea exploration in the near future and contribute to china's between power build up. we've also decided to dive deeper to five hundred meters under the sea and do research in that dept several hundred thousand people in the usa the west virginia remain without clean tap water for third day following a chemical spill into a local river. according to a water company executive. it could be days before and contaminated water is flowing
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again. the spill occurred after a foaming agent used in coal processing escape for me freedom and the st plant and seep into the old rubber federal authorities including the u s chemical safety board have opened an investigation into thursday's deal. thirty two people have sought treatment at local hospitals for symptoms like nausea and vomiting. around three hundred thousand people had been ordered not to use tap water. people's lives and businesses in the area had been badly affected i mean aids test playing nations all were stationed in germany and in the air. in these busy days whereby we don't know how long the end of the e in with the italian treat the cancer food. we're trying to do to offset there is some were opening selling legal beverages only and chips. for customers. and that's our report for now aligned to do it in beijing
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thank you for walking national weather forecast is next . i know. zz use. we are
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ch ch ch ch ch the eye
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the room. in one. chai chee
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good bye. eye. what genes to a guided tour to welcome to this hour's news line. a japanese agency has agreed that the government of the philippines to provide support for the rebuilding of areas devastated by typhoon heidi and in november the typhoon caused some of the biggest tidal waves the world has ever seen the storm surge hit me tonight and in other parts of central philippines. japan international cooperation agency were trying


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