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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 13, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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are women human power of thinking. you knew you when when when when will you. we do . i remember who. our ay
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i am. it is. sch. ch ch the two. oh no. i i been. pn
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i am. ay. in it. good good the four thousand five hundred km away from kuching to gently altos region the roof caves in the team the coach can still grow its symbols and the storehouse that some new goals and is about to be examined by a three d scan. eye. the thus
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it is already used to record details of the actual sentencing on the console process. now this was beyond the marshall consistency. you try this team will be competing with jason obtained from the scandal the actual case. building a scale model of the cross is unprecedented it requires high precision sit across much of a good artistic sensibility so that when people you trust you will feel it's the real thing i know really. i guess. it was. it's been a success. i
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did it. he pointed out. these teachers. the arts. it's objectively. to which few weeks. ultimately he was talking with pitching. we caught it. steve went to wichita. we always open to a ticket the pizzas. juice. tom and excel one wins here and for some time will make his contribution peace on the first news of the console gone to school twenty eight. it was to
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actually copy paste as a more accurate. so long his two nd xi to meet joan pm victorian archaeologist specializing in studies of historical sites and since young. it has a voltage gated. didn't she do it is to imagine that you are. she met him. it too he called with easy to eat all the files shared with all she would again be the closer you see archie the individual whether one or two to question the short run with helping to another to watch it. audio for so long the screenshot the first visitors are tied up in order to know colin due to insane not change you wish. don't you know you'll come to the ruins. susan toy
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he firhrea t cancel cause it' lasttence is listed for instance i intend to jump onto him which reminds me once compelling. she knew and she cheating. cronkite for chinchilla says it. portrait these few days. a huge piece of the law. true or not centered teaching an upturn and it seems you call yourself a bargain and i know that its inner core traditional two gotten into a new religion. also chose to avoid being cocky jelly. to be on picture groovy guy could we change. she hinted that she donated to two hundred to one up to all top side. she go. fo sure paul's letter to santa in the picture. seizures a day you will have to walk on who
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she joined jay chou was busy talking to joe de novo tools soup with easier solution they did ten years in a court order not to wear shoes when he visited the jar simon years to a young twins he says he wants the council into the kingdom which came into existence of thousand years ago. in one language these are remnants of one section of the city wall. i know. jaunty of the population include todd county. obviously when you people. there are instances was sweet and light tones and see. before it settled here the regional happens when the torch aryan language which very few people present you can understand specialists of homes traces of winston european languages and the mysterious collapse it is going to juice. two
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people months of being caucasian. put them to compromise any citizen findings about the race language. al history. fan lubricants is the will of its hard to imagine how strong we go to the kingdom once was. the opening goal senior on the compound of the ancient kingdom runs an inscription of a sissy. some of its contents as in queensland coast. we're really don't need a new and cool in. the they had a pretty village under a minute when it suits the criminal whom you knew what to choose from you. the upheaval
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the steelers to it. she was there with tyler and i was denied hitting the ball high and souls. valued at five. no avail. i don't think so when no one chooses originally or don't you feel meaningless rituals is what don't you. he died on the whiny and it is also needlessly show. seems he will do what you wish. he gave me chills. to compound things to new moms and moms know he'll be going to soldiers and building a row is an important piece of it so he wanted to buy theulture of central china on the lines of the hutu people. it'll be interesting the solomons influenced by the who found him papa and mama homes and children and shall defeat of the homes. so go to the territory of the cool talking to him and in the imperial court because of governor general the western regions too cold to start to build the tombstones. tensions within the boundaries of
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the form of torture kingdom chores. a certain shares this year. call of woman called fight in the singles event. nigeria which we hold these will watch it the design view that schoolmates who care to go to with chiseled on. tree in the year the economist has an article for the confusion they get to see you said you were gone. so it should be so i can do the usual crew of the security door you'll be helping you will the twenty oh nine georgia her feet on who your friends to warn she died she said to him. to lead to increased use and you wanna chill is a veteran who would you give it a problem. the show can be endured by. says tou we jettison the woods is which many merchants can stop along
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the silk road through to today. the use of the houses and folsom time look like an old man in the last years waiting passengers along the busy modern rights. i knew. the e street the center was to surprise people and vehicles and eleven times and the time to stop and see them at close range. it shows the article the option tyre maker chores and sundays if i die. radio with but you add it to me and mom wanted to teach. so is otis uconn were shown being gone. i do no more huge it was a need with your peace winston hands and the two princesses one nine two long nights of the winston regions
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the coach of content the shooting tool for offenses to know was very beautiful and very good at singing and dancing the seventy one c apiece to pa school sean who was in town and see the supply routes. jim team held a grand banquet folder which included john thompson music. to express gratitude. he should play a song. the king was intoxicated. and decided to keep their hands. this one i missed it off. second a listen to me without all the awful eye doctor on monday that they are awful all eternity both gotten it wrong. was he won three zero we had these are more she switches. we will now be introduced to schools into kids practiced in the central planks. place beef in
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wisconsin including the times and all kinds of chanel's new musical pieces. i'm going to school to dance and its music cz. the i don't know. you're teaching the basics. it all away. he was innocent. and one. and why. tom. you can see. it's too warm. shell
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the houston school to see ms while covering the wall with one explained last time before the frisco copies. we mounted on to the wolves what is that it was just too long. oh yes. although we cannot stand doha so far away what did he tell you. so far the automated color. it was a bottle. the top. when she
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took some blanks place on the wool and the replica case this will be used as a screen for showing videos about the history of the canceled all times in court on. this time. lol well the intensity of a tool for spiritual one by one means you're from since young was also the color adjustment on the computer is not satisfactory. the employee owned who's in charge of the image processing has to readjust everything again
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the answer. don't be late unity has been recently. i'm always here and also to me as a theater and talk retailers how you say you can't eat the cheese evenly into the place the one. if i want to. the way to clean it up along with the soul synchronize due to severe than in summer and was listed as in most appear to want to present on the up to this effect said. my goal the mock me on a clean living. i hate about to get an activity that can listen to this court cannot afford
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all of the chemical up what's up with the insults albeit one with the gauntlet i saw tons of bad ideas. the result of the millions of contentment and design contests. i was. once he saw it's so hot. look what popped into design this continued good. once there. i am. we are. all one. the road there was you. don't recall paul martin or tuna to learn she gardening or condo
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didn't the only dog in ontario the stunning yet in a quiet lad that i now live in it and they're free to leave for his image and he got to go confidently in the mail it to say that i'm home a couple days to cut the industry i bought the studio no breeze at home and when times are mere tools that are ideal. no i did it. seminars on them long easy and fun getting to the jeweler was gone not needed there and you received your soul is the ideal state is all that. gen ipod much easier it is a sentiment from the sea to hear that it's a three hundred police carried out. to top the book and doesn't cause you know how to keep up with them for a walk on a rigid you you're the view from time to living doing dishes but not enough of that. on. the mm mm. a man
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with whom she begins to get stuff to me and engine cooling solution to withstand strong winds for over a thousand years. this is the largest buddhist temple site among the roots the grandstand was composed of two sections which was impressed by the french river too harsh. she's awesome. it is when they use that time the invasion in the future she was tuesday edition only in the lead up foliage on the scene. the day of the boat or under the articles are not needed ritual or large. in the mastery that on a school shirt on she will say two is the authority or to you that leo. two of our citizens was
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so much and don't know our son and daughter by a fumble he's chicks. what's my clients. judy from town to speak to the committee to study buddhism. putting ryan typical john king with simple styles and looks monks to green stem. when he was so much. it was more challenging goal was to lose the most splendid buddhist monk in kuching. doodle was a follow up the center of honesty. so as i intend to follow all the mile high and six. yields on two plates of course principles. it became very famous in the history of
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buddhism. i'm always drawn to not be seen on a paci three a terrified as i don't receive their monthly long cautioned that you don't buy pieces of crap to do so please don't treat your body changes to the court would teach you that you all. that night she called to tell you up close. to me it shows a sweet kind thoughtful said i do a bang and anton. mrs was in order to meet shi their money via jordan will see that regime. the buddhism was introduced which would stephen season and began to crawl to us. things are going to continue the architectural features of the central line winds. he would begin to get some groceries. when one can find lines will pursue friend and softening the skin cell it's called the real sin treatments. its usage of
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the box the icicle twenty four flat she shared on our porch. two it follows on cctv beach area and each of them and you resent season one so young could be gone i didn't cut him off. that order. yet when bill simon. it's a chore chart that show was that these two. the message in the jars are bigger shot in the october that a body on the signs were in jeans and a semi good news john symons and walk with their heart to receive the honor to help our moment the doctor did i choose to go to the gop's don't see. tori and i caution you to cut so he eats all who saw a shot. the sunday eucharist. i want to use french explorer of paul kelly ryan pc onto our rooms getting into crisis
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extinction. and cannot be signed before he came. from the strictures of the remains of work and buddha statues people can punch in the picture on the prosperous ancient kingdom of cool cha what research. the exhibit until the one to mow should be starting right now. once the technicians. the whole journey on how to do the job golf the mayor chicago the judges and one of the pharmaceutical benefits to feel good about this until i get to the vet says no idea
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the same area but you'll need to create a seed stitch out to camp out without weights he cautioned that such a beautiful trail often without the use of legal title to go to. what i did hear from you immediately. my team she was a decent job of this holiday amazon are certain that it is unethical cordial to live you would do for me the idea that they are. yes you have the most obvious. seniors to lead apple for a charter right. craig to go. the way we usually run into the outfield. beginning sunday. so what's to come easy. what would a mother walking when walking. now she's innocent he should act as a bell concert hall. she did yesterday. poster whatever can. plus article john has yet to enter into the side. he never saw it
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she stuck to it. i don't yet told him that well. yes a little flat the new century the top. customers have to go with. we are here. well never know that yet. optimism is on a formidable job. we got to be seen about the pool this idea. the study. on that. yes he's on leave the little guy he will try to tell me what they don't count on the fourth count the no one left leg. the act julie doesn't jump the gun
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here is that it has been a super happy that you are online here the bus. it comes been chiseled technology makes it easy to accurately reproduce ancient transcripts it stands watch him and beat answers usually sundays me the results to the process he is preparing to reproduce the flying m size of your soul and thirty one cents was oakland's of law. still in it's full on screen off coach john grocers. i am. i
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did. luton. and mm mm mm mm mm mm. all home. success. yes
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as it is. move them move. and boom. mm mm mm mm. all home yes. in. the new moon eye
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you know. and. the eye
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the eye. apricots. the needy one of ireland's contingent in action this week and is poised to form a government next week. the other main political party the bnp which boycotted the election has nothing to detract in to look or know what a six under for the ticket bought these boots have representation in the tenth parli


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