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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  January 13, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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the center. my mom. its costs it's frightening to me. what you say hi. there's snow this discrimination the proton upright greenback hit the economics of everyday life in china. dr linda. last week on the chinese fireworks more than her what to do and on tv. money matters for the weekend is the goal. no
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question that day got some valuable connections the consumer court was told that the claim fighters into chinese internet users have to say about it. part of the development of a look at the farm and usage. for all that but the look of a topic of mine karen time. first off she wonders why can't bring back home to wish for good well but are cheaper than before. bring to hook up with known as the torque up with the historic piece of chinese new year tradition. every year before the spring festival which i need them and go pick of the pair red cup of kopi hundred dollars to the creative path and welcoming feel for the festival. many of the conflicts which are approved current wealth and happiness in the coming new year. in recent years many companies and institutions which have indoor and give the client in official the painter carpenter made of material to type paper they're made of high quality cloth with gilded frames. one dear papa could cost the company hundreds of dollars. cover due to the chinese central government anti corruption
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measures. most all the colors are not receiving big orders from companies this year most companies are normal middle income family with the market cup of sprite collecting fifteen dollars for the most popular product this year. next if he wanted daily. one day from time to concoct a few dollars. should the retooling the average price go blind is not tied up in the province. their dignity in about three hundred picked us up to nine us dollars in total. anti indian blogs and are about to achieve that all the time the basic and most of the meal. when did have become a popular way for single chinese man and woman to look for the future wife or husband. the chinese government. the number of single males and females will likely reach thirty million mike duff and twenty the survey also showed that more than thirty percent of single tiny female field and through the mail doesn't pay for the meal but about thirty four percent single melted claimed they would want to spend too much if they didn't think to date went well at
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all. the survey also showed that more than fifty percent male and female the first of their new year's resolution is to find other happen to them for tea. i'm the type of development. why do companies auctioned off these people to produce higher than you want one of china's biggest steel why do companies will be out yet. recently held a government vehicle auction the company that is able to fall the chinese government anti corruption campaign. i was told we are quite bizarre these cars are often not much higher the average global market. most expensive one with the trio the piano which ideally ten thousand miles on it. not enough for five hundred and thirty thousand men. what an eighty thousand dollars. however market insiders point out the prizes if you start to be no more than fifty four thousand us dollars. china did we found out that other people dating back to them to compete distributors currently over fifty percent the company baidu products are priced above one thousand u s one hundred k can you
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tell the bottle. some could even reach five hundred us dollars the high and dry climate in the bop a government official. cover the federal government anti corruption campaign and the damage to the company's appeal to yours. during the third quarter of last year the company's revenues have dropped by forty percent compared to this time last year. don't go away because of that money matters were talking a weekend business school. they didn't. people in china highly value education. many are looking a weekend courses to supplement their careers when opened by new opportunities. worst of the offer from previewed in fact a man and learning new skills the summer taking the courses with ulterior motives. and it's called a plane to them. conclusion with a young aspiring actors a few small roles in tiny tv drama. but deep down overnight and while taking course the beach owned contractor school of business the very high ranking to the school acted superstar chinese alumni. the actor
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happen to meet the wealthy class surgery. to start a relationship with one share back in the field the biggest residential building company in china than cup. the photo the two of them sitting together on a plane became headline news the thrill that i can and fifty one years old which is thirty years older than the actor. not news that old rich man can find younger girlfriend. especially if the old men are willing to help them cope and better their career prospects. he told them not news that people are expected in networking business school the high profile case the people thinking about how to improve their own networks the partner each meeting didn't go in just about finding a rich lover. a couple classmates and chunk on mba program the multimillion dollar deal that is where the company. no gunshot to the present among military which has won the largest dairy companies in china. mommy a lot lot of value during the two got the financial crisis. a call from beth gave me a trend to the present lenovo ten supporters classmate. he was three hundred thirty million
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dollars and forty eight hours the capital to acquire chunk on graduate school of business in china europe international business school a well known high entering school the two schools are topical which nba nba an effective education program they're both are non entrepreneurs high ranking official and other super rich people. all of them hit their non profit organization. but the end of commission fees have increased rapidly in recent years. they can jump on costas and bolted up and have been completed to hear the mba course come to nearly fifty six thousand dollars in the future simply have increased nearly a hundred twenty thousand dollars. with so many high profile leaders attending the program. other schools in china started copying the idea. we haven't had nearly the same contest or talent. there's a lot of money in the industry. accord to the enterprise and for a financial weekly newspaper in china. the market for training courses party entrepreneurs and businessmen has rapidly grown in recent years. each year nearly twenty billion yuan one run
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three point three billion dollars from paul in the market. the whole country of the one thousandth reorganization opened up. one of the most effective way to get students to complete the problem of the famous university. unlike university and university in shanghai doubt the universe we are all having lunch for her and entertain courses. most days course don't have the credits her diploma. religious weekend courses need to supplement the students' work the shortest program last run amok. a longer program pitched into round one year to complete. many are left appears that there are many classics of people from the newspapers. don't go with the object will continue to weaken business school. they can. welcome back to china price walk in today's money matters were talking a weekend of the school the training course being offered china for giving people a chance to mingle the country believe they can take courses taught by five to hear that on a new company
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if you're lucky they can fulfill their dreams of working with them in the future. may we did start a romantic relationship worthy of the hebei. that didn't have to attend high profile and it courses. but the top of this young comp and tiny european business school. most people end up in class the people of more humble background. media manager to mid sized companies for mid to low ranking official. the tuition fees are cheaper now. they range from around two thousand and six thousand dollars that's more than a hundred thousand dollars less junk on commission. as reported by the enterprise server. a cornered the market insiders. the scores of chili with university can actually see any of the university's resources uribe has a good cast on for that. the three thirty to forty percent of revenues for his name into the universe. the north protect the reputation of the top universities to provide that could extend the quality of teaching. this gorgeous outdoor to teaching and teaching company. in addition pressures of course
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advertise that there are senior managers attending their courses. appealing to mid level managers who want to get a leg up on their careers. building relationships. the very important part of doing business in china. the value of networking to make or break careers government officials are highly sought after individual. many people want and what their relationship with them for business opportunity the courses offered are beneficial to the class for free. can't make it seem like the class was worth every penny. i am feeling compelled to never seen them advertised the course are taught by well known professor spent a couple individual. on crafted elections will be someone much less exciting. he might invite friends to teach a course and then of course that isn't very different form of which university to around the world anyway. some programs really ramp up to the actor to the preschool class. the classic actors pretending to be taken the chiseled and point out that cometh to put the leader the doctors and paid the court to help them very much. the one to come back for more. with that read
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reviews that you need to be incurred to buy more portions another way of the school to make oodles of money is to make a study abroad program it's not necessarily a . we are using it to the advertising would be according to enterprise server many course organiser changed into cooperation with diploma mill from foreign countries. a fourteen day trip you can come to one hundred thousand us dollars the average height that river the chance to visit major us to places like apple in your stock exchange nasdaq in chicago board of trade. we all took a bus schedule time to meet the players and senior managers the fortune five hundred company the most and still end up meeting anyone famous. did you have to take photos with the building. many might have to be happy to stay in the course completion certificate from the pacific western university and each of us. but i probably only get a hundred grand anyway don't go went on to her question today when beijing or stop them valuable
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connection. they can. sth and now time for a question today we're thinking of you to take on issues affecting their lives. today we have people must read of their top of valuable connection with people how to say about the current situation. aren't you up to the trial and night to find the closest one to turn the selecting such courses abroad to attend think i would pay to attend these costs can lead to an end to the bridge people seem to like them. besides running against building connections is another reason why they like because so much did i make. we have. the data connection and tenacity. many high ranking officials. i contended that the and meet with that. i wanted that much
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money. click on it. don't you thinking. i don't think the rich people are going to the clutches of knowledge knowing more people. high profile business resort to getting more connections. i'm going to be tempted to class even if it's quite expensive they don't have a specific person to want to meet a lot i have i made my mind making. i don't think they can actually go back to the heating and income. i mean chicken i think i would go to what i would want it in the business classes for entrepreneurs. it could possible the courses they teach there for example business management are quite useful. so i would want to know more about it. if i were to be in the class i would like to meet people with higher social status. that and think of hiring not need to be one of these people attended. however i knew
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brody desperate to my account and i'm there hoping to learn things. speculation the us not to make and keep doing it without the cute on it fenton to work or we take a look at trends and above the line china. it is to look a tiny pic when buyers into a chinese dinner due to apathy about them. china will clark is the corn market. cover the chinese government not taken kindly to cross border currently. it might be the challenge the chinese central bank controlled currency. at the end of last year the chinese central bank from its financial decisions and third party payment companies participating vick would trade it for the country's largest equestrian website to compete on a topic of the renminbi to purchase pick one. on december eighteen ten price is low point. i was three hundred thirty two us dollars in china. back to two dozen on when to quit the first time in march twenty one us dollar to purchase thirteen
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hundred declined. in two thousand told the average price decline between six and seven us dollars. and more buyers into the market peak when prices skyrocket. in fact a member of the corn prices for the first time surpassed one thousand dollars. then on the report described the new record high one thousand two hundred thirty eight dollars. however just two weeks later after the chinese central bank announced in the corn prices plummeted. they fell by more than seventy percent. as chinese think one of the superstructure with the right ones. the quick rest of them start to rebound because more you accompanied me to an ethic when it came in at intermission times reports. these companies include overstuffed dot com facebook and india. with the news conference that the court trading website melt off the comp with over one thousand dollars again this also stimulated the redone and wynne prizes in china. by the end of last week the price of getting close to six thousand us for nine hundred thousand us dollars. compared to the lowest priced at three hundred and thirty dollars in
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december eighteen. the quick rights in china summit twice that amount. some chinese decor investors have been doing well on to say. they purchased it when the price plunge. now the reason the report. however some were stuffed with huge losses. he never expected the corn price for by so quickly. the phobic window. back to nature currency trading. the fact they can hire it again the corn price increases brought copies back to chinese investors that the central bank's topic when payment and a third party payment services. chinese investors have blinded me with a tree decline. wire transfers from bank to get a couple of hours to get to ptt time. the two hour commute in currency trading. they can be the devotion of the game and a huge loss. much prettier he tried and tried to make things easier. there's nothing going on a new channel for being the central bank probation. had they been up to the airport. walker's nine of the pillars looking for my prepaid card from
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when buyers. people just need to produce his report card he's the pastor the purges the quantum and ptt web site the entire process takes just about fifteen minutes people don't have to pay any additional fees for the service either. corn is getting to do today the entire part of the poet's birth of the total value of the fifteen thousand dollars to prepaid card for the time they come to the point seven percent discount for nickel and now you should try to request the retail price the gilbert point two five percent discount to the purchase price. the point or two percent profit margin the dividend nine cabinet doors of the commission. tiny to use express their pain and antiquated. the port to cover position of the clincher in china. one row quo. note to quit batches and china are mainly used for money laundering speculation. it's really none of our ordinary people. another privileges a row quilt the significant decline in china is more bout of speculation item rather than a currency that i need
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to reach a band. but they're all the other internet users supporting declan one row quo according to global currency the kids till the government kept printing money. finally with the user can click well after that even though government of different countries will actually have to climb. oh hold on to them to go into circulation. they will then have the money to come pick winners are. they think that the standing of gold reserves the government to curb the decor and are trying to reduce the cost to reserves. we did end up with interesting with the government. the huge price drop that happened last december with a good example of how weak the currency trading can be. the very new critique of people from all over the world are still pretty good gauge of how valuable to me. there's certainly a market for global currency. that probably isn't much government can do to stop it moving on to get the price we find out how old they didn't understand the cost of living. could there be people mistreat me of how much to talk to attend
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a weekend of the court would take a look of the death the price ranges from fifty fifty thousand dollars for europe and the real question i don't know but other business class. the mitcham calling for a school district what i've heard the pasta salad and corn. all very intelligent. and i have a look i think it cost hundreds of dollars in ten people attending the content of the ditch. admission costs and a lot of money but many of them are going to be more connection. according to a new loan i guess it could cost sixteen hundred to three thousand dollars there's not
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much to learn in these courses as far as i know the advertisements and promotions are very attractive but nobody actually learn anything useful. from what i've heard the courses are more alike the businessman it would cost ten thousand dollars his cost of tuition. and keep them in authority. they're meant to be a reason why it isn't so much more expensive than others. i've taken such parties to iron them up although it was about to get lost because the tens of thousands. my friend the one cost hundreds of dollars. why can't the mountains of peru get more than what they pay for the course is so difficult than expected price i can. eighty thousand on eighteen to nineteen eighty eight four. if you go into making people it can copy them or for that connection i wouldn't want to eat people need that connection i'll close for the death of one year weekend courses cost as much as twenty six thousand us dollars. courses
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for entrepreneurs and collaborate with top universities and educational institutions. government if it never is only responsible for authorizing due to bad name. the dog and went on to the left to the tale. a top university can get thirty three to forty percent of total to reach a peace deal sth. and on time for development debate we didn't convert on the question shaping the future and present china. today our debate topic of giving farmers a right to demand that the pain. standard format and prioritize the chinese temple in the thirteen am. the presumed held in november two thousand thirteen. i'm not good news to them for urban and rural development. expect the blur the line to curbing to relent in china relented when a whole world and is known to collectively don't. farmers in china have the right to easily and they can't directly stellar mortgage from wendy's used to construct high with factories are mine. dillard is to
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become depleted the topic formula. the money is relatively tiny compared to the value of the project it'll make you talk about the property. many of you interested. some chinese experts and economists have hiked the cases the lender for the economics phd kids want to hold the view that if farmers were about to tell or mortgage to lend to help stimulate consumption figures they can also help transform china economic structure keep the bed now the chinese government funded community can come to market through economic means. not quite the previous year when economic growth mainly depend on the connect four. she noted that the change might not be carried easily realize the role area. should point out that there are two types of income when we're in company of africa. this means that people can benefit from the movable property. should adapt income is not available to farmers and the restricted from untreated. without the money they can't spend much. shifting that if the farmers had individual property rights too and the wind market value would increase. drizzle farmers
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could get the complete entry day. when farmers' incomes increase may be willing to spend more money on consumption. he also stressed that necessary for the chinese government to give individual property rights to relent. if not people think of several areas where we improve. they don't affect economic structure of the country. cover partially on the financial commentator for striking outcome for the different new one because of the individual property rights. to me too much to farmers at all. to delete the likes of manchester right to be more meaningful the fire. that is right. the morgan horse the land. like the effect live production. when the farmers' incomes in time to be real and physical work and to be worthy competitor from the acapulco industry if they don't know when but it helped me come very far from the three of the chemical farming and a martyr days. this will lead to decline to the plate. he had that more than seven percent when china. local production. individual property rights of lyndon
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rowe areas. the effect of interest as a result. he added that the loss of world ventures are incomplete. a formidable more right to mention they have to take on more recently the deal the plight that they would end up losing money in yet the new and reform agenda contract the team china. they can bring wealth to row area really most the wealth of them today. give them the two population shifted to the row area would alter how contrite for these changes that happen. farmers will need to be able to get decent chunk of the caspian made from their land sth. okay that's all we have time for the date of the china price was right next to the weight of the cost of living in china until then you can view a neighbor at the online ad you'll end up tv. i'm not
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sis. here to tell you from afar and finds nothing and no one are what or who they see not distinguished looking on the way. now police officers not only has nine children or even old fisherman the button. it's just the other. mom don't answer that. determined to see the need for sucess is inspector frank the stunningly whose laid back manner belies his drive to get the truth. i am who i know. the is growing so fast says salome is that. in
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the chain. the team. the team is from kaiser groups and earnings. so let's assume some areas ability to uncover the truth may be his greatest strength but also gets him in constant conflict with his superiors study into building a luminous white and green opener. it is so rich and beautiful top selling the tickets are one of the final two companies was so relieved. among the multitudes he conducts the commemoration the scooter called karma the new issue. the christian relief only to go. mason loved the name of the stall most of the time he maintains an impasse and exterior which masks the ever present grief over the death of his wife court commissioner consuming kendra is even prettier this record so. when is
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the money under the posts the series. this into question. i am the fan the two heat night the ruling. to me. it is stitched. the eight zero she was tedious. he's not comfortable with other people's expressions of feeling. which leads to what may be one of italian television's most genuinely
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awkward moments the kid the scientists will look more open. fall in crime stunned and enthusiastic television audience in italy we ran for three seasons between two thousand five and two thousand ninety eight the story is based on the novels of malaria for a seat which became popular for their sense of history and their exploration of the aisle causes of crime only two of his novels have been translated into english and the book serve as a departure point for the series episodes rather than providing specific storyline. mary is played by luke and barbarous he who brings a depth to his trail of a complicated man. in addition to his acting career barbara. he is a well known figure in italy because of his political involvement having served as a member of parliament since two thousand and eight he became famous in nineteen eighty through his association with
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the notorious horror film cannibal holocaust. a film so unrealistic its director was arrested on murder charges barbara. he was one of four actors killed in the film who sign contracts requiring them to stay out of all media for year. in order to fuel rumors that the film was an actual snuff movie. all the contracts were canceled and the actors appeared on a tv show where the charges against the filmmaker drop and. the issue. human skin the love interest in fighting crime displayed by russian actress natasha stott can you tell who began her acting career after winning the look of the year contest in russia in nineteen ninety one. she then traveled to italy and began a career in films and as a popular tv host. before stephanie who became famous as a model and actress. she earned an undergraduate degree in moscow studying metal engineering. stir until
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smooth. status the students i salute you can see it. i know. main character in the series is the river hull it shakes alinsky the climate in the lives of people who live on it stinks both rich and four. is anyone who tries to look beneath the surface of things unseen. power to set its history can never be fully understood. mueller says people alsore. and it also hesheir seatssecret covered by people like franco son gary who have eyes to see
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ay ay ay ay ay. you need one more one will. the us the owner. welcome to nhk world news line protesters in thailand are trying to shut down the capital in their latest move to ban the government to their well theitalent for political reforms and for the immediate resignation of prime minister yeo optionally. demonstrators to go for seven intersections in bangkok police estimate that at least sixty thousand people participated. they set


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