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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 14, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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today's recipe is posted the widespread the problem began on wednesday for first overseas trip hubby here. yet in switzerland for cooperation particularly in high tech areas of her agenda the seven party without legislative action to speed up the restructuring of the data sector. rodriguez was by situations the japanese government releases a set of pics of white lights that bolster its territorial claims over to
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korea control took a while let's be serious in east china sea. the latest in a string of incense in neighboring country the source of water. on sunday. it's to state every fourth year in korea went from full line of the shah alam thing is so much for joining us. we begin with yet another move by japan's exasperated already soured ties with korea africa has officially confirmed plans to revise teaching guidelines for middle school and high school students to beef up its claims for koreans took a while and the company has fifty thousand a response from seoul's foreign ministry and as officially confirmed able to buy educational
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guidelines to bolster its claims over kirby esque coco island. among its own that's what uncle fred and that makes their baby frosty nights. during a press conference on tuesday japanese education minister could then chamomile or us that the kilo that by fifty two manuals for middle and high schools think it's important for speeding to have a car wreck. fans of japanese territory the minister did not elaborate on the details of every patient but according to japanese media. the new teaching guidelines will claim that the phillies illegally occupied by korea these manuals are often used as reference materials to certified textbooks which means more japanese expats can be incorrect territorial facts down the road. seoul's foreign ministry's plan and the danger and must not think i'm justified planes at once japan must immediately withdraw these are unjustified claims that let me reiterate that doing this
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with me the path for friendly ties between korea and japan dell has launched a heart and soul took in relations with the pen continuously laying claim to the eyelid and bold text banks and government report. its latest effort to counter japan's territorial claims over top though. the curry and other mentally spent on trying to get but on new year's day promoting its sovereignty and said that this plant will soon be available in eight legs and also in japanese. on sunday evenings. and knowing that to another text that debate this one in the united states ever want to call the body of water between korea and japan. school books in the united states may soon identify the sea by two names instead of one on monday an education and health subcommittee of the virginia state senate unanimously passed one of three pending bills to designate the sea as both the ec and the currency of japan in school textbooks
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the other two pending bills contain similar stipulations and are also likely to be approved with strong bipartisan support. if passed by the full senate the bill will take effect on july first. pres about today is set to continue her sales diplomacy dr that she embarks on a nine day trip to india and switzerland on wednesday the presidential office correspondence wasn't explains but president fox aims to accomplish during her state visits to the two countries. president will have to stop preventing her vision for creative economy and securing greater foreign investment in korea during her trip to india and switzerland. and yet precedent that will hold bilateral talks to prime minister manmohan singh to discuss ways to further develop the cheap entries cooperation in various fields reaching for economic affairs to science and information communications technology. it is the world's second largest market with a population of one point two
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billion. it is currently moving ahead with a five year economic development and the rescue two thousand seventy. the present law fisichella to says there is great potential in many areas for cooperation between korea and india and india will be a key partner in helping korea realize a creative economy with the pack administration's major polls sticky dough. india is nobody competitive in i'd take industries such as nineteen ten am est south korea will sign mou with india in the fields of science information and communications technology and paris based. preston's visit to strengthen cooperation especially in sectors related to the creative economy. all sushi place to upgrade the korea india comprehensive economic partnership agreement which took effect in two thousand ten. at first i didn't care for me to support korean companies including pasco which has been working on a
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project in the indian state of the t shirt for eight years now. president that will be the first korean leader to make this a visit to switzerland. there's hope for the bilateral seven with president the swiss confederation. did he ever called her and this is economics sites to benchmark switzerland the occasional trading system and its economic system which is centered around small and midsize firms. all of which completely clear passion for creativity. chris and i will grant the pre trip that the world economic forum in davos virtual meet with the css entity such as cisco and siemens an urge for businesses to invest in korea all i can share a genious and stay with the president to have her first overseas trip this year that area leaders sat down for rare interviews with two foreign media outlets are undone has more on help out there find her tough stance on any diplomatic challenges involving north korea and japan the president can
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handle its concerns over the volatile situation in north east the shia during an hour long interview with cnn on monday. finding out that north korea has become even more unpredictable after the arrest and execution of guns and coat and some day she said to the utmost importance on national security in safeguarding the south korean people. with regards to the political implications of the purge the president stated that no one knows for sure at this stage whether it reflects kingdom and strength and power or his vulnerability but she said one thing is very clear that any north korean provocation with the match was very firm response saying that further provocations have been predicted by experts at home and abroad in the coming months. president fox stressed the need to prepare for every eventuality. when asked about japanese prime minister seems to love a visit to the controversial
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yes when he was trying to present said she hopes to form the future oriented relations with tokyo based on a perfect understanding of history. president also urged tokyo to follow through with that what i am i and corn are statements that propels korea japan relations thorn in the past. the two statements contained official apologies for japan's colonization and wartime atrocities. meanwhile in a separate interview with bloomberg news president emphasized that breed unifying the two koreas is vital for regional security and stated that she will walk toward building a global consensus on the matter. and antiques policy leaders may have long procrastinated on a rigorous analysis of possible unification scenarios on the korean peninsula. but with us about the day calling it a potential jackpot mimi see more concrete positions in the years to come and join us out to explore the new re unification buzz word. this
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after pulling out of six senior research fellow at the aspen institute for policy studies of different beast to the sink is no doctor but what are the odds that south korea a way to absorb north korea or with the principles of democracy fully intact. oh what conditions would make that possible. well assisting the commission enough hard numbers would be almost impossible but hey i would say that it's a pretty good handle on what kind of path that unification and with it pay to calm him down he'll achieve. the edition on the premise i should be based upon the three principles politically he should be top political leadership the other the book democracy in an economically speaking of the unified korea should be market caps of this system and third movie tie in terms of national security. he should be commenced on the principle of nuclear free graham commencement in seoul wouldn't this be the most
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ideal condition in terms of identification. speaking of the most ideal conditions kendall's the frame. how droll avoid the worst call form of unification. on the experience of the front sight of an extreme its destructive quinn will owe more than sixty years ago deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of korean people one four size of tea and see that unification of tempted by fortune people avoid it at all costs. this should be the starting point of a new disc was on unification inquiry. others i suggested a federation model where the two koreas exists side by side with that look like the soviet union or like the commonwealth. most of that to come federation mall bill proposed by south korea use com. dallas become very close to the mall the other european union and the submission mona on sunday by a nose couldn't use of my
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creating a unified korea very similar to the united states. i would like to repeat that. past for the ultimate goal is a very important. then mark on the flow of ultimate form of unification. how will he or she is because in case of a time now. and though united states. of those people have to pull through. he stroked it and the typical warns. too much even though politically union that lasted. but in case of germany the politico the union was relatively speaking. maybe in a more peaceful manner that is why koreans are far more interested in stimulating the success of sermons. so what sort of economic projects with curry eight ounces so called jackpot well on the fly water are able to create them know what to make myself a rich man but
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i was just plain out of few things that one is the head of the connection of the transcontinental the release of starting from the port city of tucson the rush to all the way to euro. another pause it would be the russian pipeline. that would deliver a pipeline gas not calm. the degree to find the end of our guests. it's a doozy of the shipment there will help reduce the cost of all importation of natural gas for soft and economy by at least a thirty percent hoping to use this to me. so do you think economic growth and the money will be the main drivers for reunification is this wondrous there is disquiet that the is responding to the mops. mom you can say that of an economic approach to the question of unification has been been dominant in the mind of cream . soak up the melody musician
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sensitive. to move here though. because the word of unification as a check on it as a whole lot to do how to persuade the skeptic go and things to scream to buy into the promised me to think positively about unification but unification is not just the calming manner. it's up of pottering us pres olam on such terms that is creating more perfect union. it's a political post. somehow the town owns and compromise integrate the economic benefits and political interest in the right terms should be the though of course on deadwood so i picked a colorful post to po chipmunk a peaceful unification the future. after mom thank you very much for coming in today and for insight tonight thank you for your dns and another begins. get the latest online
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from seoul. any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint of the cold its local network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south. yes during your ears press conference by the opposition party on monday he had there really was having a party held one of its own heat down to speed up the restructuring of the imbedded sector improve north korea's human rights situation. mackenzie reports well in pre teen comedy all called for a progressive reform the sector corporations any new year's conference tuesday is a major bull market or the managed and weighed down with that went to. my party will set up a committee for economic reform which will have to sub
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committees the past with reforming corporations and recently opened on the ball well. he also plans to boost domestic demand and foster the service sector. regarding health care policy. mom said the party wants to enable hospitals to form four that's the theory. then i get daily show with privatizing health care. when the health care policy my party and the government are pushing for it to the healthcare system centered around the national health insurance service to it while allowing hospitals to set up for profit subsidiary businesses as hotels or restaurants and funeral homes this will allow hospitals to increase their profits and improved management one again this is not a privatization of medical services. nor does it have anything to do with my medical fees. in line with president as this is the re unification on said his party will start laying the groundwork for the unification including
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the passage of the north korean human rights panel this did not create human rights belt first. despite this the tea party in two thousand and five stipulates that the south korean government meet rigorous efforts protected human rights of the north korean people. with a population of roughly twenty four daily at but the bell has been stuck in parliament for years due to bipartisan differences over the contents the democratic party chief said monday that his party will still attract a belt a bit improving its human rights and livelihoods of north koreans the ruling party chief stressed that his party's number one priority is to review social club like to achieve national unity saying that those things eric e for achieving reunification and running the country a per capita income of forty thousand us dollars. he also plans to normalize commentary politics and strengthen relations with the opposition party. kinsey ins. so welcome
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news on the auto front korea's car exports surged to record high of almost fifty billion us dollars last year as local automakers expanded their presence in the luxury sedan market. and this year maybe even better on ga reports on how korean cars are commanding more premium price carrying on uighurs least tried to make inroads into the luxury car market seems to be off the trade ministry said tuesday that increasing sales of more expensive cars all the nations bottle exports reached a record high of twenty eight point seven billion us dollars last year up more than three percent from a year earlier the record value comes despite a fall in the number of vehicles sold overseas last year cause largely based rights the united auto workers and we are tapping and the ministry said the average export price of korean cars has risen nearly forty percent in the past
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four years. the biggest increase in exports from the west like hyundai motor is stepping up its efforts to sell its maturing model janice it's the korea automobile manufacturers association estimates korea's overall two thousand ericsson coal shipments to the west at a record twelve billion dollars up nearly fifteen percent from the previous year. inbev the world's fifth largest automaker plans to introduce new luxury models in the us this year when it aims to increase its market share there to four point seven percent from four point six percent in two thousand thirteen. reversing a recent trend of the fall in its presence. i tell you continue on with part two of our five part series on korea's industrial competitiveness we look into the country's plant construction industry which has emerged as a globally recognized exporter in recent years have seen in galle has this report. korean industry
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plans have built up a track record of building heights ahead of schedule without creating safety problems that helps korean construction companies and trade days of steady growth says their overseas orders of sixty billion us dollars in two thousand and ten the minister of trade industry and energy bill passed the amount of overseas orders in two thousand and fourteen two tops and two billion dollars. a construction and engineering expects to win that that project this year by diversifying its getting hairy . we expect that more than seventy percent of what there is no pattern at all proceeds to the air. bold orders from the middle eastern countries have been on the decline in recent years. market analysts expect new orders to march in the region this year on signs of global economic recovery construction companies also plan to set their sights
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quite there korean construction companies are planning to target the middle east in a shed this year they want to build a large scale oil refinery and petrochemical plants like this one as you can see behind me. the korea times industries association expects the global oil refiner market to grow by four percent this year and the next. however experts warned that although korean construction companies have become globally competitive in oil refinery and petrochemical plant construction. the massive projects in the middle east since nineteen seventy three korean construction companies are competing among themselves and cutthroat fashion we are facing competition and not those among ourselves but also from chinese japanese and european construction companies. we need to diversify our markets to focus more on technology integrated projects like nuclear power plants renewable energy plants and civil infrastructure this
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year the government tries to help finance korean construction companies in the initial stages of the bidding process. overseas business of politics and help companies expand their markets in africa and southeast asia. it's another day. i don't use of the construction industry rei is making headway in winter sports the nation's largest ever delegation is headed to the settee a look at stephen j joined us in the sports center with the details below there. hey guys it looks like that goal of a top ten metal finishes going to be well within reach as for more athletes have punched their tickets to the winter games in russia it's been confirmed that korea will send for athletes to compete in three luge events. single young will compete in men's singles popped unknown and took them down in men's doubles while some unknown will take part in women's singles. south
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korea sent us one that week from nz history the twenty ten games in vancouver. now adding to the greatest tiger woods has retained the pga tour's top ranking for the forty third week in a row what secured his spot as the number one golfer in the store with an average of eleven point two six points earned after participating in forty one the band's name although he teamed up with fred couples and stephen gallacher for the champions challenge on the twenty eight as for the twenty fifth anniversary of the dubai desert classic. and coming back combed the korea baseball organization has decided to get rid of the salary cap imposed on foreign players. this comes after a bunch of big signings in the offseason as most revelations that teams have completely disregarded the role in the past. battle the wall for the players now be able to make more than three hundred thousand dollars a year. it also will be able to re sign with more than just a twenty five
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percent grades. now let's get to tuesday's matches starting in the k b l top grant and low base hosted mask place pong ball in your sight. now mold it starts out hot but total taxes on in the second quarter. it was all dirty rather forty three thirty nine at the half. i admit it's exposed to the third for fifteen points putting the list of fights and the home team closes off the last period dance and dance with twenty five points and ten boards and motorists with nine consecutive night now it's time for the bijou week when a car took on some summer holiday at home in on site. other visitors set the tone taking the first set twenty five one eight the car comes back to keep it off but that's all they're going to get as hot or something the third as well as the fourth flight here leo martinez has on the other team team with forty seven points from some ways these two eight three sec to one victory and that
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does for me here to sportscenter this has been stated checked checked back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. this issue. it was colder and
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drier than yesterday here in korea but i understand we're in for a change to more but it tells us to turn things over tracking down at the weather center. well guess the lesson thingy in the sun and sea had the calls and dry conditions continue at this hour. in fact that i wondering towns uncle bill provinces are both under dry weather allowed. so if you're in those regions these years of high debt and take extra caution with fire. otherwise both sides of the nation a wonderful way and time whether we want is for me than a seven under the table and a high pressure fronts from time now which is why we're seeing clear skies. and now we can look forward to the temperatures rising tomorrow afternoon and numbers are forecast to remain in this seasonal average rains throughout the week. this guy's of the clay and i need to know where each of buying pets or while taking a lead that tomorrow's greetings stella makes it to three degrees meanwhile friends and foes have reached five and seven degrees respectively. i can't
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say i've every since said this morning well attached to two degrees all the while till two am confident that at four and two minus six degrees respectively. well that's all i have previous cabinet but i'll be back with my updates after midnight watch this i just use a knife and the students all know sean when things were watching aussie use it. i was the event. amelia's dream and race time and raced up and kind of acting family your mind my brother's new system musician my sister's neck is my mother's an actress director and my uncle's an actor. i was so years old and then my mother saw an ad in the news paper about doing so may impede own
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stocking. at the royal dramatic theater in stockholm and she said you wanted to address that ye. am but sita for me and said well you do get some couple hundred coolness in him. for every show. i was just thinking about that have remote control car deck and i said yes let's do it. i mean and then it just rolled on from there the answer for users from tv or radio came to the theater and i started doing some as a kid the ended up working in the city theater. up until i was twenty one i think in the mind to stop because that was a moment where i thought that um. i was beginning to think that this is my choice or or or so stop doing theater. i did some film speaking i still enjoyed it but. i stopped yelling gauging and i'm really trying to get to. to be interested in more jobs. i started doing
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music instead of eating them i was six four with a band and two thousand and five we had just released. our first single and we were doing some some promotional exam in some parts and distance. some are bad news and i when i'm onto the stage first off they introduced the band and there was about thirty thousand people in the audience going. i felt like a rockstar and i was those are really cool moment because i thought this is really really cool. but still i was a dj in the back row and the other two guys rapping and singing came on and i was looking at them scratching and i was thinking that. they are exactly where they want to be right now and i was out it was more like a hobby to me and him. and then so that's that was what i expected to step back in the night till the guys couple weeks later that i wanna apply to the to
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the theater academy and the night i was accepted so i let stuff go. there are four different theater schools in sweden. the is one is unstoppable. but i know like i couldn't be here because i had so many calls like paco de da de da tonight or tomorrow night then. and i love it so pissed off i still want to say no but i need to leave everything and then moved to mumbai where unknown nobody in it so hopefully difference. seal of the city and beyond. so i started in this. in this class of people cool and knew nothing else but theater which was very odd to me because because i had all the life of. other than the mei tai and the music. i guess i attended my way. the school as well. i appear here's something new in this ongoing series on
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seventeen ninety. you are watching them. i knew. chu new will will will will torture or sexual abuse and vicious beatings and downing dots here claiming the widespread abuse by british troops of hundreds of iran ttc news is handed to the war crimes tribunals most brutal violence egyptians on this site and the annex constitution and fierce clashes with police critics warn that he gets results will give immense power to the army ant


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