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long more water will the news he did tuesday to close today too but it's the most is their second constitutional referendum in three years. security has been pointed in that place with all the personnel and the substance of the leak inside and outside the state in its unedited its constituent assembly and senate says. she seemed to disintegrate the freedoms rights and benefits to
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the people in concentration due to simple majority to come into force and replaces the previous islamist tell the story and presented to him and seeing new presidential and parliamentary elections expected to follow soon off to the referendum. hormones new year's address to the media is at risk of being chanted by allegations that the french president is having affair with actress today. speech is due to deal with. it is to use the current economy the attention of late has been focused on other issues including the role without a trampoline and his longtime partner who is generally conceded to france's first lady. the scandal comes into the back stairs and said that champions the most unpopular president instructed in history. we tend to get to tackle unemployment and widespread sense that he lacks authority. as our eye the units on him more
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the law the good book. did you know. this layout about the dispute was settled in front of them. it was just about all the conservative about it the eye. eu . only they are hearing can enter
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israel selected for a minister of the insulin is laid to rest and at the commencement where his coffin was placed for an honorary memorial ceremony a ceremony attended by some of the world's leaders including us vice president joe biden former british prime minister tony blair and other such representatives from canada said the in germany and that there is the others. aloha when someone was in a coma for nearly a year. spain is a sad thing is now see to it presidents who experienced human ties to the prime minister benjamin netanyahu honored his past rifle with a speech in which he emphasized that the home was one of his greatest warrior. the review us vice president joe biden spoke of his personal acquaintance with scotland as
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the senator has stressed to us his commitment to israel and anti standing in the spring months. aren't you doing here. it was worth it it is a man lloyd wright minister sharon. it is going to last week. if you want me to death. like the middle east but said tony blair referred to previous touched on as bold and orthodox in a new team. history as well as a maker of thing. is this the directions. no one today green the time. stroll from god. only eighty nine the other. the change
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the oil use. we should find it the change. i was aiming high and determination. he told me on the war. chamber of the driver's seat. who i am. since d i stand. any stories and anecdotes were told that the only crimes israeli and international journalists follow the events in it to use new cellphone. i tend to get close to the person behind the sector the moon. like the notion of approaching me. as i was an
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officer in the division was on the user. the six day war and in whom kippur war the relocation. shouldn't we are usually other in. moldy truth. in full remission wash the procession. the greatest leaders. the thirty km to live every day. you lose a lot of their followers of the state of israel. he said oram his life. there in the nation and for the people of fiji. we are very sorry today the diesel he's gonna say anymore. he never seen the canyon known as the area of security and safety of israel. here is the one that no respect. owner and women thousands of israelis to rise to the system to silence various entities seeking farmers allow her to pay respect to their former leader. one last time. id. it
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is. someone was known to be courageous think many can bury security oriented. he loved the land of israel in delta's home lighting. a farmer at heart he was buried in his beloved she came ranks alongside his late wife living. free jn one nine save energy by the sacred fire is around us secretary of state chile kerry says the next stage in talks with iran on its peak of the program will be very difficult. kerry's comments come on stream at the announcement and the interim deal signed with wilco is designed to create space to reach a comprehensive package would take effect on gender twentieth. we are very clear on it. about the even greater challenges we face in negotiating a comprehensive agreement we understand to be
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a tough negotiation. and we are very clear about what will be required in order to be able to guarantee to the international community this is a peaceful progress the negotiations will be very difficult. but there are the best chance we have to be able to resolve this critical national security issue peacefully and durable it senior officials from the european union and iran made to geneva last week i knelt remaining practical questions related to the implementation of the nave and the twenty fourth deal between iran and the west. under the agreement iran will have higher levels you ring in richmond in the tenth is some relief from western economic sanctions tehran says its atomic energy program is aimed to kill the ants into the end of this is all that pasta regime intends to highlight its sensitive nature activity from un inspectors has raised
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concerns. analysts say the agreement with the west is held still holds a slight detour was a wanted me to the east conflict over tehran's nuclear aspirations iraqi forces are continuing offensive to wrest control of the rest to six hits and two to sixty five km west of baghdad which remains in the hands of militants in tribal government a cruise to the central government the extremist militants in cold and quiet time if selected games in the civil war in neighboring syria have tried to position themselves as champions of iraqi sunnis and the shiite led government says what they see as efforts to marginalize and minnie up sliding under the banner of the islamic state of iraq and an opponent's two minutes and sell trying to build an islamic . syria iraq and lebanon. the crew is just one of the number which has taken
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advantage of penniless unleashed by the syrians have the will to advance their agenda. you do this to me is we have you seen the eye is open to this especially. that is all the good in it because it cooled off a client the thing that since i think the vacuum that is death but it stays in the tools of them and the dead and euro as well as the beginning of the uprising in sydney. as it did the interest groups on both side that to see in the cia and dia de. and then even a fool or idea that these teams as good as it possible that the office to obtain an estimate given to vote in this technique tuesday. this is why do we have seen today called mitigation of old school soul a side that played hoops as well as that of the can that gould said. coming to see it
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here. as many as eleven today and as the danger is that these groups have been getting a local success and have become the main opposition group to daily about the regime to a city in the game and the osce in the eyes of these groups in lebanon as we have witnessed in the dust explosions that took place. the un said ponce dossier killed over eight thousand people in what was the highest death toll the country has seen since the west sectarian bloodletting began to subside in two thousand and seven it's really hard. experts are expected to sit on it ask for. still investigate and help decide the fate of a massive one point four billion dollars are true found in munich which includes many works of art believed to have been taken from tues during the era when the experts is the deputy director for young patients news team division on the other is the curator of
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european art at the israel museum. it is unclear how many of the items were stolen or taken care of forced sales from chips and a taskforce to investigate the origins of the items in the collection police discovered some fourteen hundred pieces semi artisans isn't easy and cost him any part in an eighty year old cornelius bruins who inherited it from his father an argument for the its ruinous and he's not willing to give them. the authorities faced criticism for failing to quickly and bacteria were now making the case for eighteen months after the collection wasn't covered the controversy triggered german chancellor angela merkel the changes to the country's restitution whole secondary standing down israel has reached germany to delete the words to jewish or israeli museums. in eighteen sixties in many cases are taken by the regime were transferred to israeli museums and that they are located in the german authorities were discovered hidden in storage facility is not much is believed to still be in private collections and museums good to see miss
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libertine magazine published last week according to shipping nocturnal visits my front lawn to two mr has embroiled the french president in a scandal that has us the light and raised doubts as to his ability to do his job. he should be this man who is depressed and two prongs. concentrating only sanity. for these efforts to fight unemployment to create all too real when the economy and we know that the scandal btk. because his private life is to be too complex. will the french often say they didn't care about their leaders title ix read is quickly cleaned out kiosks in the magazine close second to publish the images of what it said it was the helmet is launched secretly visiting actress julie game. is that
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dc. the most unpopular president in the street the kicker . and you wanted to impress that range. we decided that he was a normal now. it was a man of dignity and pcp. moore really are use only. the french on discovery. these lie to others. that eunice glorious manner. you see him or me because this matter. a president who as too high and i met. and writing the blog in god. on this quilt or two she's an age mr is another monday god and requires home. he had told me and the months of medina long is a lifelong passion of haiti has four children
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and former presidential candidate said in a non royale the situation has been fed a complicated by the fact that barry tree when a long long time honda was hospitalized alloys officer allegations of his advance as this. this is the first time ever. in french history bending the knee of complying. and being a badass he's not know why the president. so you can get crazy again. as an iron age mr. pour evenly combined along the sixty nine came to power in twenty twelve and according to polls is the most unpopular president in front is one in history that has made it to tackle unemployment and widespread sense that he lacks authority analysts say it is in loans interest to come up with the clear and precise response to the accusations that his offence and it was an end to this story which could otherwise tunisia damage to his and political reputation i. israeli
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defense forces has accepted a recommendation to dedicate a military training complex under construction in the negev desert to former israeli prime minister and idf commander aerial share on the base is due to be completed later this year or early next year and is situated near beer sheba sure on a leader who fought in most of israel's wars since it was created in nineteen forty eight was laid to rest earlier this week with a full state funeral. he had died aged eighty five after suffering a severe stroke eight years ago which plunged into a coma from which he never allow the city and is handy and has also planned to honor the late war hero by naming a rage after him . the early express o bar is known as israel's answer
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to starbucks in over the past few years they'd made a big push into the american market including a recent opening here in washington dc. after becoming one of the largest franchises in israel developers say that the time was right to expand their operations targeting the american market in the last of the is getting a little more accustomed to your team. and and foreign concepts. and there and it's it's expanding get it most of consumers now appreciate with coffee. and the site being hit by coming into the us market in the womb that there will definitely get starbucks run for their money in and around the globe to find your place with american consumers both fiscally canada with their cuisine. i think that today when the end of their eagle the world. communication is
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mobile money is global and food becomes go as well. and you know although we have a very global international kitchen and that the idea that an offer to that customers are a very special and in a very nice way around the middle eastern inspired menu stands in contrast to the standard american sweets served at many of its fellow coffee houses in the us something the company is proud of. no for us it's very important to keep the regional names of the items defeat in his movie feet in bulgaria for the work on or off before for south america for the south american cocaine is important to keep doing the same because we want people to understand that we have something unique. and that actually attracts people to buy it but one of the biggest challenge is for any new restaurant is getting people through the door especially when it involves trying something new. well whenever we hope that somebody here in miami. the miami area here in
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dc new york new jersey the first people that opened the door for us. i went to the israelis and the jewish community. but the real challenges of the cbd there the message. watch for the adopt a little essay is that once people try them out they almost always come back into the feedback we're getting from customers has been overwhelmingly positive he later i was in israel i love coffee and got a work meeting and was so excited when i feel good. i find to be like the smell a little bit of a bitter taste to it and a little bit more. i like to purchase the surge. this does not happen. i think this is very good. a real mice as they pay special attention to their coffee process importing coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them in israel creating the number of unique plants with a rich full flavor it's a realm of plans to continue their push for the next opening will be in
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miami and developers say that they're planning for additional storage in the dc area to open in the future of news that sort of leave to run the fans new and old. i'm rebecca foster for j and lined in washington i the virgin galactic says the sixty two has conducted its spirited rocket powered test flights between the state's tourism company closer to taking kate passengers in the states the pilots tested the spaceships reaction control system in the newly installed their own protection coating on the vehicles to heal wounds according to the company of the test objectives were successfully completed an the twenty second rocket burner for california's mojave desert propelled it shipped to supersonic speeds was until i pick us up she a billionaire richard branson london based virgin group is selling rides on stage sixteen for two hundred and
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fifty thousand dollars. so far more than six hundred fifty people have put down deposits for peter wright's twenty percent more than the total number of people who have ever been in states the upcoming flights are designed to reach altitudes of more than sixty five miles above earth. i have to see the curvature of the planet set against the blackness of space. riders will also experience a few minutes of weightlessness for the ship re entered the atmosphere the life sized replica of the titanic which will feature a ship wreck simulation is set to become the centerpiece of the new theme on pinch elena. chinese version of the on scene to comes with a price tag of one hundred and sixty five million us dollars and will be home and keep on india to live in the name county in central seem counter province
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but it's hill who played captain edward smith and typed any of the nineteen ninety seven movie starring leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet fifty hong kong show his support to the chinese africa and rejected suggestions that building at the new column based on the tragedy was inappropriate i think it is now the eye and then married women. that way the book the event anyway it is intended that way. last year the welt marks the centenary of the tragedy in the end of the shortest line is saying and took over one thousand five hundred lives with it during the maiden voyage from southampton to new york in
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april fifteen to nineteen twelve. the european central bank has unveiled the currency's new ten euro banknotes saying the legal tender will be issued beginning of september twenty third. the new banknotes with att eurozone countries and european union's twenty eight member states will again feature an example of roman architecture which granted the dominating color. more than three hundred and thirty three million people across europe use the euro which are placed in local currencies in the eurozone in two thousand to you. since then it's become the third most popular traded currency behind it an easy one and the us dollar euro is no eu was twelve. why does the round fifteen billion those students that the nation. boy is over nine hundred billion euros in all that's broadly comparable to the total value of the us trial of the notes. which is no mean feat in just twelve
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years. the main reasons for the redesign is the hero's increasing popularity among criminals and rising cared to concerts than ever cared to euro banknotes withdrawn from circulation in the second half of last year rose by eleven point four percent from the first half to three hundred and fifty three thousand the largest members since two thousand ten. i. filipino caregiver who was once part of the feast was crowded foreign workers has shot to stardom on the israeli version of the world's biggest talent show known as x factor belting out hits songs to the likes of popstars queen christina new layer and roast a stunning surprises really tears and sweat the judges of the three x factor of their seats with her soulful renditions and swinging beats rocking away the light finale the study says the show has turned her world upside down
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the new xbox me change my diet. because if i have loved us that many analysts epstein and now i get. and with confidence now from my sound and i got friends. and the three of them just to be any of that dominate complements rather than with compliments they're about twenty thousand filipinos working legally in israel the quintessential bureau of statistics but must employ these cleaners and caretakers for the elderly disabled the sign says she always wanted to be professional singer in the israeli x factor has given her a final shot the tree and she hoped to inspire others. they know and it's gone on to the charm i think that i i am done police say that i'm in the am. i mean there for them it's tight. also what may be so i think was on a daily be proud of me and. ideally be a
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demand by the no ugly on the beatles on saving waking us up the man or whatever out of all that wp on sushi and it's not that dense and they can also nominate me up by the pound. the big events like these. serie a minute to study says mentor on the show who was herself a finalist in musical reality show star is born more than ten years ago said the eventual outcome of the program was known that people would remember for are we. erm anything not doesn't matter because the thing she made an amazing journey. he rolls round. i think that that these men the israeli people gave her so much strain. and now i know if you believe in herself she knows that she can be. singer says she needs to stand up to stand on stage to perform. this was teasing you and hopefully soon to be one of the best singers in
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his lap. chinese has been compared to scottish singer susan boyle the shot to fame in two thousand and nine after appearing on the tv show britain's got talent despite her new found fame at the study says she has no plans to give up her career as a caregiver and placed returned to her profession after the contest is over i go on to the eye. in it. zz you. she smacked her writers of all suspected in the prestigious fourth annual mixed use it to eat no pants subway ride. due to some without pants. some who joined the fun by taking the pants off on real events well it says not to and some disapproving status is listed among other passages in one of the world's busiest subway systems media bent has become popular in cities around the world. in mr that the event was the foreman was
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solely by means of social media timeout this year was estimated to have fallen significantly in comparison to his costs within the eight hundred people riding without their parents through their scarcity. the new pants subway ride is no frills as a world wide annual event which began in two thousand won in new york. i the will you. do will he be. to me. who are
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will the poor. the internet at that. i was. the top
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the eye the other. it is this is. the need to start i won an open hand the military recently held its annual new years and two socks. indigenous defence of bikers and simulated an attack at the height of airport as an emergency repaired team what to repaint the wrong way. the exercise also involve thi


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