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tv   Arirang News  PBS  January 15, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PST

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the next in the broadcast brisbane hard drives in india for a state visit in which he will continue personal diplomacy bush to broaden economic ties with the world's second most populous country. it lays own a three year economically friendly focus is on for the dow dropped business practices while boosting innovation and the next day. violence mars the first voting day on he gets new constitution the voters make their way to the polls despite the bomb blast in deadly clashes between military forces and
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protesters on sunday the kids. primetime years it's what's a ten year a fifteen year in korea flight from seoul and see them from when things so much for joining us. we begin with the latest in korea sales diplomacy push present company arrived in new delhi india just hours ago for the first leg of a ninety two nation to war. he's special to hold summit talks with indian prime minister manmohan singh on thursday the presidential office correspondence art into was traveling but the president supports the start of possibly history. pictured with great potential. this is now officials at the presidential office of charlie did describe india
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eighty s the world's second largest market falling each time and with a population of one point two billion. it still lacks infrastructure need are many opportunities for korean business sense. as it yet has a lot of restraints on foreign investment. set precedent that turner stay in india will seek ways to make it easier for korean firms to entry to indian markets. who wouldn't korean companies have more opportunities to participate in india's infrastructure projects. if the government in a bad science was needed and more units such as in the finance sector made up of four for their cooperation to them this is what we are trying to do on the trip the u s india wants foreign firms to take part in special effort to keppel projects and bring in their own sources of financing the president is expected to call on taking good care for men to ease its approval process for korean
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financial institutions. joe hirsch the south asian nation to support korean firms already operating in the nation as well. in particular pasco which has been working on a project in the indian state of the dealership freaky years now. cooperation in the sector of the creative economy will be and never key issue for him seven times between president pack and prime minister in the moment saying. the key thoughhe would india is globally competitive and high tech industries for his art and aerospace career will sign mou in the science information and communications technology and aerospace fields during the president's visit to strengthen cooperation especially in sectors related to the creative economy. and the tears as expected this as a great country and its comprehensive economic partnership agreement or seek that which took effect in two thousand was an asic for the kids that based on a low level of treatment for my station. what i can use new
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delhi. let's all to embark on her two nations trip she sat down for an interview with an indian broadcaster to make the case for closer economic cooperation between korea and india and touched upon regional challenges including north korea and japan again uses and dunn reports wasn't i can hang is how the head with her sales diplomacy drive an interview with india's ddt be held prior to her trip to india present cox said korea can be a very good partner to south beach and country in the new powerplant sector as it has ample experience in plant construction and operation just this that korea has not had any major plans accidents since launching commercial operations in nineteen seventy eight. with regard to the korea india comprehensive economic partnership agreement which took effect in twenty ten the president said a comprehensive and many men of the pact is needed to
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bring more economic benefits to both countries. she pointed out in particular that in order to hit the target mark of one hundred billion us dollars in bilateral trade laws and double taxation me to be amended to boost investment when asked about north korea president cox said it's a great pity on you and turned down souls offer to resume into a korean family reunions for the ausaid to read it since the korean war. she added still continue to make efforts to set up a platform for re unification. i convinced the north to kenya to rise while expanding humanitarian aid and non government to exchange its president also told the indian broadcaster that she opposes increasing the number of prominent members of the un security council. she stated that korea believes it's more appropriate to add more and non permanent members serve regular referendums to better
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test of radically changing the parks and say are aimed at japan which is actively seeking a permanent seat on council. and i'm full. korea warned south korea and nuclear war on wednesday's annual toy itself for us to spend strolls begin as scheduled late next month to north korea's committee for the peaceful reunification of korea said the stampede to cancel the joint exercises with not only damage dinner korean relations the lead to a terrible disaster on the peninsula. yes the rhetoric is an annual occurrence this time of year has debuted the key result in foal eagle drills as a provocation. seoul and washington have long said the annual exercises are strictly defensive in nature i want to worry me but its share of the problem entries defense committee you listened in on north korea's missile capability. if the rogue state were to fire its nuclear tipped to build on the ballistic missile seoul has eleven minutes and
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fifteen seconds before impact as a precaution you suggest that south korea should adopt a malt i layered missile defense to improve the current system in the face of growing military threats from north korea the representative also stressed that korean need to adopt the terminal high altitude area defense system and standard missile three system which can effectively intercepted both long range and short intermediate intermediate range ballistic missiles. the german re education is so close us president in history for what may eventually happen on the korean peninsula. now though it can be a bit of a stretch to apply germans have led to the two koreas be looking to some useful lessons from its re unification. the doctor come to love professor of law act hundred university of foreign studies. thank you for joining us the supervisor why
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do we look to the german model especially when the majority here in korea wants as smooth and steady progression for its beatification. i think even in sherman germany's case nobody really expected the new patient to take place that cost a few of us people but what it felt like an early nineteen eighty nine nobody really thought the term and education will happen just overnight in the pauline what wall fell and the new petition to place in nineteen ninety. the above with north korea or code north korea has and very above that the persistent in them and karissa system i don't feel we can rule out that you will disintegrate to slay his term ended in ifa education happens under the most ideal situation how can we minimize the economic costs and social chaos. i think one thing for sure is a south korea will be asked to make huge resource commitment and as soon as prairie and we don't exactly know how much is because well people to think about in the neighborhood about five hundred billion dollars to
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five trillion dollars spread over about ten year period so if you will take a lot of money and investment into north korea what we need to do i think is that we still maintain a flexible mindset of a lot of things will change so will need to look just as things change at the same time really strengthen the political support for reunification in south korea because you know that taxes will increase both sampled germany. the drama still have to pay just because folks only carry the surcharge twenty four years after reunification. so this will be a massive long term commitment to beat south koreans need to be on him and not mindful of. there's talk of establishing a consultation body to discuss the myriad of libido issues that would come up under a unified korea what should be one of the top of the agenda for these types of discussions. i think this is a very useful exercise to think about what north korea wanted tantrums of legal framework like civil laws and no losses they move away from the communist state to a market economy but the same time i think one thing that
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everybody agrees about north korea is that nobody knows much fun with korea. so if you're in it he really did my full the fact that lawson these laws need to but just as society changes so we knew we'd need not be so wedded to one village beside the adobe alot of all known unknowns that pop up one and if the uk happens. so if you really need to maintain the flex mindset. and thus case and they were fairly cool surprises and what they'll fly to korea as well. yes one really distinct lesson that we can learn from truman experiences that they try to legislate the quality between eastern and western in the day didn't go to two things one the legislative that is strong on mars was from our sweet portable one one one basis and there was a legislated or wages and pension payments for workers in eastern and western the same and they thought that they could make laws to make things equal what it actually did in fact was to hollow out the instrument industry villages phones from an icon in the process of rebuilding its meant to post lessons in mind as we tried
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to teach in korea. while the devils in the details here as well thank you so much for your expert insight into the room. before your dna and another began. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with the viewpoint only caught with its global network and why on arrival that. he always on standby. south the government has laid out the basic guidelines of the rehearing economic innovation plan first proclaimed the president fostering her new year's address to the nation have time to head past a detox in any of the economy related ministers in holland on wednesday finance minister kang sok unveiled a guideline
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for crafting the government's three year economic innovation by the three main principles of the planned that will serve as a cornerstone for the country's sustainable growth are really how bad practice as nurturing the dynamic and innovative economy and boosting domestic demand. it should the emphasis on the three aspects is designed to lay the foundation for another leaf always the result chronic problems of our economic structure and prepare for future changes and to do it all the immediate focus of the government will be on the lax management at debt ridden organizations ending abuse in business practices of large companies and institutionalized unfair competition. the guidelines include plans to promote an innovative economy by fostering an environmentally friendly industries expanding mergers and acquisitions among startups and other companies in new growth area and helping them
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find new partners and markets the government also plans to boost domestic demand by supporting small and medium size businesses and re write the regulations to promote education health tourism and other service industries the three year plan differs from previous economic development funds and that it focuses on structural reforms instead of seeking immediate row. under the plan the government expects the nation's growth potential to grow to around four percent. the annual per capita income level to reach forty thousand us dollars and the overall and won every right to seventy percent the finance minister said that the government will work closely with private sector to effectively carry out targeted reforms in ca itn news. the president talks visit to lay the groundwork for a creative and innovative economy the world's most wired country is stepping up its game to invigorate the software sector for more on the multi year plan or
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seasoning has to detox the korean government is seeking out ways to make the software industry a new growth engine for the economy to be announced on wednesday a long term plan for boots and a scepter. it includes making soft requested the part of regular school curriculum. increasing the competitiveness of small and midsize softer companies to that they have an increased presence in the global market and strengthening regulations to protect the i t industry under the first part of that claim student in elementary school detox software development as part of their current curriculum starting this year with the other grade levels training later all in an attempt to cultivate a younger generation of innovators to propel the competitiveness of software companies the government has laid out plans to invest over twenty three million us dollars to the industry by the end of this year. the funds will go towards supporting startups and building new software support center intake. to
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boost revenues of small and mid sized soft drink companies the government also plans to pee more of a gnat bites off to hear from them and ask for strengthening copyright regulations the aim is to encourage smaller companies to come up with new and innovative ideas that alternately string thinker means soft rice sector as all choose any item me. three ever five part series on korea's industrial competitiveness. we took a look at the steel and petrochemical sectors which have enjoyed relative success over the past think these things smart thing to superior technological capacity. however our team deal says he thinks a bumpy road ahead due to declining demand from china btw korean steelmakers are facing another tough year ahead the steel market is suffering from a global glut with supply exceeding demand by about five to forty million tonnes. some three hundred million tonnes from china. market analysts say the steel market stability
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tree cover will hinge largely on how rapidly the chinese gov't mobile cut the nation's production capacity. korean steelmakers are no exceptions one go. although the process will the common meal or one group. it would take the stillness be some time to regain its momentum. as a global demand for steel is an awesome back to it. and it still is fighting to ride out the global glut by differentiating itself from the rest of the pack by supplying more still plays to its carnegie and ship building a billion. and in order and then the industries with an oversupply of steel balls wide korean companies like minded still trying to specialize in next generation's pixels failed to gain advantage over the global competitors the completion of a new gloss varnish last year middleton has more than twenty million tonnes of steel was here the outlook for korea's petrochemical
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industry does not seem much better as it is heavily dependent on exports to screen out which itself is suffering from an oversupply there are two respected related to china more than fifty percent of korea's petrochemical exports are shipped to china. second as china relies more on its own chemical products and korean petrochemical exports to china meatballs. while waiting for a better type of industry korean pitcher chemical companies are also seeking to groups that competitiveness. lg chem memo to chemical for example are building petrochemical plants and old rich countries in central asia to north their production costs and diversify their clients don't get a good onions. i want or try to carry accident in south sudan a refugee boat carrying hundreds of civilians trying to flee a growing violence in the african country capsized on the nile river on tuesday leaving more than two hundred people dead. mussina
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casualties were women and children who were not able to swim to safety. they were among the growing number of people in south sudan seeking refuge from them like between government and rebel forces. more than four hundred thousand people have been displaced from their homes over the past month according to one estimate of sixteen thousand people in it did you know to each its deadly clashes mark the first day of the two day boat in the country over its new constitution. at least eleven people were killed on tuesday as supporters of deposed president muhammad more see clashed with security forces are on salon reports. a bomb exploded in cairo on tuesday just before polling stations open for the national vote on a new constitution. no one was hurt but at least in the three people great skills and other incidents connected to the referendum despite tight security for the folks
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at least five deaths resulted from clashes between security forces and supporters of former president mohammad morrissey was ousted by the minutes read last year another three backed interim government wants the new target to replace the constitution passed one more seat was in power. it hopes to win strong backing in order to validate its removal of the country's first democratically elected presidents. somehow look nice in each exchange under the new constitution. under the new charter equality between men and women and freedom of belief will be guaranteed. parties will not be permitted to be formed on the basis of religion race gender by geography and presidents can be impeached by parliaments. because this constitution is the best constitution we have had. i was done by professionals for somali respects human rights and freedom of religion. it's a civil constitution are a symbol of the states and this is called we were wishing for he said. more season. carter
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is boycotting the vote weekend them apart is paid and he did visit them and see toby is in it which is close to people and tries to act like it is a seated in the prairies and is in need of the milk ready canola siebel. the referendum is expected to receive mostly lost votes but analysts say the turnout is important to less than thirty three per cent of the population voted for last year's charter. this vote is the third in free here is annually fifty three million people are eligible to cast their ballots the pontiff results can also paint the way for french presidential elections the chief of egypt's army general of delphi icc to the ouster of morrissey has emerged as a strong candidate a lot. i need and use
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the suffering one gold medalist kelly press conference on wednesday at the pettit national training center in seoul. stephen kaye joins us now to tell us what they had to say well the big guys figure skating queen teen done on as well as three short track speed skating champions all share the same sentiment that they feel no pressure to defend their gold medals the twenty three old kitten was about to compete in their final as they said that she's more focused on training stands he's a third person ever to defend the figure skating call to the mall on the short track the ladies five hundred meter champion world record holder you some pot was flanked by men's five hundred meter gold medalist able to bomb and ten thousand meter when eric hughes who won all three skinner said that they were excited to return to the admiring the city center in sochi where all three competed in the worlds in march last year. but the biggest winners may very well be the fence school gets to witness these world class athletes cheat their way into the history books. and
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speaking of champions let's go to the nba the miami heat up the road trip to washington dc. not for gain but to visit the white house us president ruffle bomb was invited to time is defending nba champions for the second time in as many years to water them for their latest title. brian james and company presented the president with his very own jersey and also we signed the weapon the championship trophy. now it's time for wednesday's match ups starting in the k b l the orioles take down the tc one hundred to seven before but now let's get to the game of the night. it's the story as skate nights hosted on one of the seekers at times it has k starts out with the lead but held she stops that starts its lg up like my dad to have noticed these guarantees comes alive in the third but it's all guilty and keep on jefferson. he has a monster night scored thirty three to go with
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the seventeen boards. lg twins eighty to seventy five and oh period of the week it's korean air taking a roadtrip to take on pepto insulin. now there's no home court advantage here as creator takes a person who has won five seventy. that still doesn't put up much of whites and cream year wins the next two twenty five eighteen and twenty five sixteen games this week than three points in the standings now that does for me and the sportscenter this has been stated to check back at midnight for the latest in the world of sports. it is
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the eye. it was yet another dry day here in seoul but at least temperatures have started to rise record it sells let's go over it or i can look down at the weather center with down's beating guys dry conditions showing no signs of letting not a fact the trial of the land that was in effect incomes and fulfilling highland provinces has been extended to both counsel province is on as well as the cities of cable was ten and hui shan else for the east coast regions are also dealing with drier weather and its allies to please continue to be aware that it buys them a very behaviors of hiking and taking the lead at the current conditions. well it seemed clear skies across
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the back seat to a high pressure system from tying up the jets have started to rise and they will remain in this seasonal have it reads out the weeds don't know where each of the winter snows. we had high levels of fine dust that after gearing levels returned to normal hasn't for yet. i keep in mind that a neat move in again tomorrow. looking on to tomorrow's reading shelf that topic they add minus four degrees but the hyatt for the love and ten plus i've read six and eight degrees respectively. holding on to either be changed at the temple built. she has five victories love on them and tops out at my watch well that's all i have read this hour but the fact that my thanks to midnight. thanks the doubt. broadcasts on this wednesday nights and you two hints all know shawn lane thanks for watching will see
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will. the mm. the we are the years. cz . new eu law
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when will we will . my security surrounds the second day of egypt's constitution referendum after the first round was marred by deadly violence and claims that the vote no campaign has been silenced. you can become a burning building with no exits reform the decline britain's treasury chief warns the european union that the uk will quit if nothing's done to fix the blocks flagging impact of this. or to laugh


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