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stealing checks to new and it makes the network's gotta work on in each seat. tv will continue to share with your friends on facebook and twitter. the top story on the m a c networks. and nm moving me the eye the fan the news. egyptians are heading to the polls for the second day of that scene in a constitutional referendum. that said is true democracy international which generally positive about the fast and basing this point deadly clashes in several parts of the country between security forces and supporters of ousted former president mohammed most seem to prefer a speech on set which would replace the one was he pushed through in twenty twelve men only contains disputes the business language that critics say babies the army at the expense of the people it is however expected to
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cost easily and its currency moves today in today to the military backed government is continuing to call the ballots democratic sentiment. as you. retired tracy priest kept in kansas reeves has been charged with second degree murder and denying bail during his first court appearance following the incident in which the shots until the movie goer who was texting in florida cinema. for walter reed's shawn bates chad olsen who was texting and his wife nicole said reid's senate will soon hit him during the creation of the witnesses say they never saw anyone touch the four queens captain reeves was considered one of the tampa bay police departments makes a valuable office is in the nineteen eighties and would handle some of the toughest case is being posted situations . i am the reconvened on him more
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shh shh shh. the key. we do at that. the air
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the decorated police captain has been charged with shooting and killing a movie goer who was texting in a florida cinema which was showing the hit new war film a lone survivor. at some point a former officer curtis reeves and brandished a gun and shot ten olsen who was texting and his wife nicole said. according to the tesco county sheriff's office reads retired from the tampa police twenty years ago the argument again after all so he asked are reasons he reported him to theater staff for using his phone. we said all see his hand during the altercation. witnesses say they never saw him touch the former police captain. in a statement caused the year said it was deeply saddened by the shooting expressing sympathy for the families of the victims. reason to consider when the sheriff's department's most valuable officers in eighteen eighty sq m it handles some of the toughest cases such as hostage situations
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the israeli art experts are expected to sit on it ask for still investigate and help decide the fate of a massive one point four billion dollars are true found in munich which includes many works of art believed to have been taken from tues during the era where the experts is the deputy director for young patients new zealand division on the other is the curator of european art at the israel museum. it is unclear how many of the items were stolen or taken care of forced sales from chips and a taskforce to investigate the origins of the items in the collection police discovered some fourteen hundred pieces semi artisans isn't easy and cost them any part in an eighty year old cornelius bruins who inherited that from his father an argument for the nazis early to say he's not willing to give them the authorities faced criticism for failing to quickly and bacteria were now making the case for eighteen months after the collection wasn't covered the controversy triggered german chancellor angela merkel the changes to the country's restitution
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whole dance can be counted israel has reached germany to delete the words to jewish or israeli museums. in eighteen fifties in many cases are taken by the regime were transferred to israeli museums and to be relocated major authorities were discovered hidden in storage facility is not much is believed to still be in private collections and museums. it is in the celebrity magazine published last week purporting to show a nocturnal visits my front lawn to tune the streets of embroiled the french president in a scandal that has us the life and raise doubts as to his ability to do his job. we should be this man who is depressed and two prongs. concentrating orleans and the police efforts to fight unemployment can create all too real when the economy and we know that the scandal
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btk. he carries his private life is to be too complex will the french often say they didn't care about their leaders title ix read is quickly clean else kiosks in the magazine close second to publish the images of what it said it was the helmet is launched secretly visiting actress julie game. is that dc. the most unpopular president in the street. of the concrete . and you wanted to impress the trench. we decided that he was in no mood now. he was a man of dignity increasing t moore reader. use only. the french on discovery. these lie to others. but for its glorious manner. the media mower me because this man. a president who eschew high and henman
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and writing the blog in god on this quilt in two seasons and age. mr is another blog and god the greek squad school. he had told the tenements of medina. long is a lifelong passion of haiti has four children with former presidential candidate said in a non royale the situation has been further complicated by the fact that barry tree when a long long temple and was hospitalized alloys officer allegations of his offense at this. this is the first time ever. in french history bending the knee of complying. and he ate the last. he's not know why the president. so you can get crazy again. as an added mr pour evenly combined. along the sixty nine came to power in twenty twelve and according to polls is the most unpopular president in front says one in history
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that is failing to tackle unemployment and widespread sense that he lacks authority analysts say it is in the home's entrance to come up with the clear and precise response to the accusations into the pan and put an end to this story stood on the one estimated damage to his and political reputation turkish officials have detained several people in six cities suspected of ties to al qaeda. one of those arrested are works for a muslim charity that was behind the flotilla which tried to break israel's blockade of gaza in two thousand and two the group known as the humanitarian relief and he said it was one of the main backers of the flotilla was greeted by israeli soldiers as they try to reach the gaza strip relations between turkey and israel sour following the events during which nine turks were killed. turkey demanded an apology and compensation for their deaths while israel insisted that it
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was within its rights to defend its blockade of the palestinian enclave. at the urging of us present barack obama is really cry minister benjamin netanyahu told his turkish counterpart to reach it i heard one last year to express regret for the debts of the turkish nationals during the flotilla rate the rest to one of the charity members on accusations of myself hey that could bolster israel's claims its excellent ella's are promoted by extremist elements. flag raising ceremony which in its attended by at least it will make his big and celebrations marking the third ended a streak continues his uprising which helps it was depressing anita and i mean. known as the cradle of the arab spring she knew she was the country these events inspired a wave of uprisings across the middle east including in libya egypt and yemen. but none like in those countries web revolution has launched the lead to ten while this salmon is a testament to a
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country which is edging closer to achieving democracy cheney's yet which recently rejected trio well as the basis of its constitution has become a model in a region plagued by instability out on the streets two nations gathered in their thousands amid tight security to celebrate the enemy's downfall. elections are now in sight for the north african state of the ruling motorists islam is part and accept last week resigned in a deal to overcome deadlock with its secular opponents and make way for technocrats administration to govern until new elections late to bc in ancient it's the atmosphere was festive as an ox as supporters marched and sean sit alongside the face of opposition policies. and all the tapes are highlights the continued political development problems remain the possibility of attack from islam its militants is ever present was the weak economy and high unemployment for the present unto the front of progress continues yet has so far achieved. as you. israel's
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defense minister mostly i want to try to re air con didn't eat it from washington statements he made criticizing us secretary of state john kerry what the israeli defense had termed obsessive and miss ionic attempts to bring about an israeli palestinian peace deal. the us state department called the comments offensive and inappropriate. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu scrambled to defuse the situation explaining that the two countries were working together to promote peace and that any disagreements with the us administration were not personally know the official who did go to local governments even when we have disagreements with the united states. they always contain the natural and and a little personal history of cooperating with the united states president the vice president to visit again and with the secretary of state for the deal making and fits in order to promote peace and security and stability in
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the region. we call him the a similar goal the military has been on a diplomatic plates in recent weeks and months to persuade israel and the palestinians to agree on an outline proposal addressing the core issues of their conflicts israel's videos are enough newspaper reported that the aisle and said that kerry quotes cannot teach me a single thing about the conflict with the palestinians and that coats the only thing they can save us is if kerry wins the nobel prize and leaves us alone. yet won. also try to smooth things over saying that the two close allies share common goals the initial report. will frequently and even if there are differences and friction been in various discussions on iran. they must not affect the interests of common goals of israel and the united states and we've been in one of the unknown. relations between the israeli government and the us administration have had their share of road bumps over the past few years. the new
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memoir by former secretary of defense robert gates revealed that he wants to try to have netanyahu banned from the white house explaining that he was offended by his live in this arrogance and criticism of us policy. us president barack obama was also caught making in off the cuff remark the team does eleven but he was overheard spying a former french president nicolas sarkozy who called him a liar. your setup with them. obama said that when i have to be with him every day for posting. these foreign ministry has confirmed that a diplomat from the us nation has left the country as a diplomatic spat between the two nations continues to play alex the departure is the latest development in a months long dispute triggered buying the rest and strip searched at an indian diplomat in new york. johnny called rotted in his deputy consul general in new york was indicted by a us federal grand jury on accusations that she exploited her indian born housekeeper and nanny allegedly making her work or
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in a hundred hours a week from ok to like about it i'd be set for much of india's outreach stems from the circumstances of her rocks which are seen as unnecessarily healy be barack today was allowed to return home and care compromise within the inner eye to new delhi on friday nights been acting united states requested the cover art even leave the country. he asked washington to withdraw diplomats and u s embassy in new delhi. the state department said it would comply. although with deep regret. the top. officials here russian orthodox church see that the telco wants to convert the nature of the world's most popular assault rifle wrote a letter to picture our trio in two thousand while expressing remorse for the many deaths caused by his weapon the letter and watch the cars who died last month at the age of ninety four said he experienced spiritual pain for his role in the deaths of so many people killed by kiki forty seven assault rifles the instantly
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recognizable weapon has become a symbol for me to really creeps. the price for its simplicity and low cost he even appears on the flag of mozambique more than a hundred million such rifles are believed to have been sold around the world kalashnikov had previously refused to take responsibility for the deaths caused by the gun. st was the fault of that state policy study found it painful to know that the weapon is such a common tool for child soldiers and criminals around the world . loom. to the express o bar is known as israel's answer to starbucks in over the past few years they've made a big push into the american market including a recent opening here in washington dc. after becoming one of the largest franchises in israel. developers say that the time was right to
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expand their operations targeting the american market in the last time. the is getting a little more accustomed to your team. and and foreign concepts. and there and it's it's expanding get it most of consumers now appreciate. with coffee. and the site being hit by coming into the us market in the womb. there will definitely get starbucks run for their money in and around the globe to find your place with american consumers both fiscally canada with their cuisine. i think that today we leave in a very cruel the world. communication is noble mind is global and food becomes go as well. and you know although we have a very global international kitchen and that the items offered to that customers are very special and in a very nice
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way around the middle eastern inspired menu stands in contrast to the standard american sweets served at many of its fellow coffee houses in the us something the company is proud of. no for us it's very important to keep the regional names of the items defeat in his rule the feat in bulgaria affordable ripped off or awful for for south america for the south american cooking is an important if you do it's thing because we want people to understand that we have something unique and that actually attracts people to buy it but one of the biggest challenge is for any new restaurant is getting people through the door especially when it involves trying something new. one whenever we opened some here in miami. miami area here in dc new york new jersey depressed people but to open the door for us. i went to the israelis and the jewish community. but the real challenges of the cbd there the message. watch for the adopt a little essay is that once people try them out
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they almost always come back into the feedback we're getting from customers has been overwhelmingly positive he later i was in israel i love coffee and got a work meeting and was so excited when i feel. but finds the lake was a little bit of a bitter taste to it and love a bit more. like a bird as he surged. this does not happen i think this is very. a real mess as they pay special attention to their coffee process importing coffee beans from all over the world and roasting them in israel creating the number of unique plants with a rich full flavor it's a realm of plans to continue their push for the next opening will be in miami and developers say that they're planning for additional storage in the dc area to open in the future he's that sort of leave to run the band's new and old i'm rebecca foster for j and windy in washington
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the european central bank has unveiled the currency unions new ten year old bass notes saying the legal tender will be just the beginning of september twenty third the new banknotes for the teeny eurozone countries and european union's twenty eight member states will again feature an example of roman architecture which granted the dominating color more than three hundred and thirty three million people across europe use the euro which are placed in local currencies in the eurozone in two thousand to you. since then it's become the third most popular traded currency behind it an easy one and the us dollar euro is no you is well why did the rounds fifteen billion those students that the nation wait is over nine hundred billion euros in all. that's broadly comparable to the total value of the us trial of the notes. which is no mean feat in just twelve
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years. the main reasons for the redesign is the year of increasing popularity among criminals and rising care if it concerns you never care if the euro banknotes withdrawn from circulation in the second half of last year rose by eleven point four percent from the first half to three hundred and fifty three thousand the largest numbers since two thousand ten. she gets ticked off and shimmery lal showed his latest collection on home turf alongside chinese designer maxima. it's nice chinese designer much emma has been waiting for the right time to show her collection in asia. she chose hong kong as the perfect bridge between china and the last to show for spring summer two thousand fourteen lecture aged eyes and collection featuring uniquely
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patterned designs the babies that is a translation from sin. nate is the best potato i decided to just be because like every two minutes the cousins together. as i said this in the house collection included extravaganza eel average accounts and suits he said that the inspiration behind the collection was the massive theme of hollywood stars and that he wanted clients to feel the transformation from ordinary to superstar when wearing items from his collection. the forty fashion week runs until january sixteen. as you we showed up on the second you know you don't own a company to be cheap deals being displayed the smithsonian institute in washington dc. the camcorders
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on the chasing group noodles tomato festival great address is being led the national museum of american history same designer but i really am a lot of ways and different for us it's that there's a train on the stance which has made it easier to move around them on knits and slimmer aligned straps and certainly doesn't have the amazing beauty that the first arrest us a little on the place is probably much easier just to wear. while the smithsonian tradition economic siege firstly the sudoku gallant second guy on tv on the show an interest in the white race. this is the first toy museum is despite a second or two down an indication of the first lady's massive position question on popular culture there's always an interesting was the first lady's can wear it. carrion was a first lady's going to wear but it was a real interest in what she wears this for the second inauguration. i think it's some people wanna see what i need is to just reflect anything she might have learned. on having lived
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the experience first. is she doing something different this time. many americans who remember the first lady's dress for me from going to present back from a gender either austria promised him and he was to be on display to generate twenty fifteen at the smithsonian and the exhibition coincides with the twentieth anniversary of the best ladies exhibition aides to leave the guilt factor became fascinated by being still in the past of israel before the country as even being created. this fascination quickly turned into a hobby. and when it almost turned compulsive he realized he had to do something with his bike then extensive collection. so the one time hr executive resigned from his high paying job and created made in that it's israel. eels center
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admits he feels very fortunate he can make is very unique hobby into a full fledged business. ellerslie this stuff on the past. and the noise sounded like a team to him in court it's related to the teaching. and it is a being known candidates in a lifetime to a new teaser eye on dates open team talks and phoned the steam mops hostile to lead an uncle to include a three month pants. he may become only the cardinal because the stuff i'm making the easy enough room to fill the seats the sixties and again in the seventies so these days he's very difficult to find the things i delight. from the big apple camera and got a tip from a local ngos to go see jill found his place as an attraction and was the main something like that even exists. very interesting to see the difference between
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racing and what is right now difference is and how to use the wedding and had a picture is lamenting am happy being here being in the refrigerator and easing he said. you focused actually grew up in the arrow which found two is fascinated with and was extremely excited to see his collection. i was multi day. tying with him and sing the theme of latino elected. only nineteen. my dh i do what you can say for little old. it wants to be a candidate to win the sewing things or swing easily become very trendy and not be penalized for him in the past qantas nostalgic space by a justice of the market has become acute success is already fully booked for events for the next six months. an israeli spies so nostalgic putting one on one
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jacobson him to leave the new year tt stands at expressed mixed opinions regarding new york yankees star alex rodriguez spent in the slugger will be out for the entire two thousand fourteen major league baseball season and playoffs for doping. some fans thought the one hundred sixty two game ban punishment was a bit much. i think that putting on that day that goes out with the losses they've been caught on the bed soo badly that they gave that we would do if i was then that contains triad. i guess possible. this means to enhance their performance ahh like to see the update irish show an id. it's great
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light and sound. with us lily is an amazing line. and it's brilliant and entertaining. the suspension was the reduction on the initial penalty of two hundred eleven games handed down by mlb but it's still the longest sentence ever imposed for doping offenses in baseball. some pencil or thought it wasn't long enough the ecb gone. life is worse than heroes. earlier this week anthony botched the owner of a now closed for the clinic accused of supplying banned performance enhancing drugs to mlb players including rodriguez said in a tv interview that a writer was a longtime drug user. rodriguez who has never failed a drug test but admitted using performance enhancing drugs. earlier in his career issued a lengthy statement maintaining his position and that he has been the victim of a witch hunt out to destroy his career the band is set to cost in a massive sum of twenty five million us dollars in salary
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rule. i did. i mean. to me will. er. i will. i do as
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you. i have. he didn't. i am
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i did. he is. says. in one i won on the twenty ten on its last day before reassessing the united states joined the state government's twenty fourteen annual budget proposal and cut one point two percent of the annual expenditures. the lesson nature has also passed through debris basins to ec


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