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tv   RT News  PBS  January 15, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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will . likes me onto the center of midnight afghanistan accuses the us killing seven children and one woman did not sign this strike despite calls to stop bombarding residential areas also this hour. the boating in the lead to further the constitution referendum was marred by deadly bombings but it's late is that the vote no campaign was silenced the lever for much also two. the viewer to become a burning building
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with no exits the full board declined britain's treasury chief warns the european union that the uk will quit if nothing is done to fix the club's flagging competitive . call. most of its twenty third of mourning be the key to this. his auntie. the top story than that of the american airstrike in afghanistan has claimed more civilian lines like to stick to the least seven children and woman those details out from the president's because i'm self. the attack took place on tuesday night apparently in the central pa one province north of kabul but because of money just been released. cardiff is on a scroll that name and told me the lesson he doesn't have afghanistan's interest in ending the bloodshed of hockey thing. this is directly tie a shoe when seeing disputed between
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the afghan government and u s government is trying to negotiate an agreement on what can happen to us forces after twenty fourteen one don't be allowed to do the afghan government doesn't want us to unilaterally engaged in military operations in afghanistan a busy one and all. this is is it is an example of why the afghan government is so adamant about this and it ends like this make it less likely that the us and the afghan government will be in the region greater incentive for the future source of rest over the months of abuse intrigue at the us was admitted to friends friends though. share only a day to day but as we know these are the kinds of issues. then presented to the negotiations between u s government in the iraqi government for reaching a successful conclusion. the us would be happy to see
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teachers there. there are terms that the awb had been key. us troops there and kind of been a magical unicorn and finishing terms that they never jewels of billions they never do anything the afghan government doesn't like those details are confidential that the u s forces that magically do what the afghan government wanted us to do with the afghan government people don't want those us forces those magical us forces don't exist if the afghan people and i was stopped. bands like this from happening. didn't you say us forces. our hearts are happening now. you weren't there yet. why should there be a political process continues the war in afghanistan. the key obstacle
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of western policy then had to do sleep deserved the hot sun and resembles that of changing the afghan prisoners at guantanamo for the u s soldier bolted for dell is being held by the jaundice was at that happened we know the us government is in serious political crisis the war. throw in a moment speaking to me in the voting age it's no wrapped up just a matter of fact whether to accept another new constitution. critics say yes result was said to secure the manatees grip on future governments get the muslim brotherhood refused to publicly the sham referendum that puts the army before the nation. but as shearing day one of the bombing killed eleven people this could lead to cairo aunties beltran is the high pile of in the buildup to this vote the full loss of this confusion would get three where the exit polls that now but back in the temple now. well the county has just begun the government says that he will have the results and the next year our ways insanity poetic and sending me to come out yet this anybody expecting it be yes it was sad and often feeding
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on the streets this season the cost is huge. instead multimillion dollar tends to campaign across the country saying yes he did send me your self with cooking spray yes i do think each person in the ministry and the government's ad for the current season to be rectified. meanwhile we all think they might be a light tan outset cabinets that i sometimes cannot. with that said cynical media that he thought this might be the highest pass in accidents at that place and seventy thousand haven't done a real evidence to the end of that baby d has not yet but sadly government is looking at for this big white tent but this one again again. sigh it's very important than the data gets really didn't like santa so we conceded a free book in the nation. after that fits right into place. often
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they take the train at president muhammad more seat hockey tonight to bring you are taking a hit in ireland is possibly a big hit my tie against great this season to be tossed into most east coast he said. i will say that very light sentence for the government really wants the questions will be a problem it's going to do next if it does to not laugh out of the first twenty four hours of today vocal violins one about the last twenty four hours of it. what is the ending is in a while to rest day we had to oversee the number of deaths across the country in the festivities at today's being a fatty and when it was really not any app open design finance. well how was that protests held by the enemies of the domestic forces across the country in all the things you don't recognize that the states they will sail out very angry because of the hated security policies that led to the taps and across the country yesterday. they said in a stump up the santa cruz has inked a close associate of the fights because he said. they say is the sound there are problems with bits and bites my face is expected this season. it may actually creativity to stay within the states because it's an oscar. he was the scene. among other things
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that have been a treat to read it with a defense that has to sweat as allowing me to trust his opinion say the documents pretty content is any way in advance of a painting with odd bits and pieces of it because it was a stamping the sentiment was his eyes again. i can to keep protesting that you respect of what happens to me that not all it does cause jason doesn't seem to be yes in the country safe when looking at him as possible while it's on the horizon said he'd worn dress on the streets. they seem so distant aunt he spoke to the time thank you for that day. daily three is no course of protests and unrest reduces the time eleven revolution that led to a stop in a given color until the end of this referendum even if it is successful will not bring stability to the country. all environments on the wits to constantine was stopping and now the whole process of debt with a heavy handed security team up residence and even with the anime that the has beens status of anyone who was trying to promote
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the bullet and all i did some activists this whole environment they said it's the process even though he added. in terms of adina proceed is up to now it's been on quite the sense that into a great extent. it's intimate and then you have this constitution house however the supports to the events of this constitution would not bring any sort of submitting to this the problem is that it's a political point of the crumb is not constitute an eye out for taxes on the sea so we continue to be on the streets. now given that. that tendency seat when he announced that he would long for our presidency is when worn as exasperated problem and perhaps we might see. he did for linking to more violence and pass even a civil war. man in charge of britain's finances is giving the eu a dressing down telling the brussels based the month of its declining inmates imagined oval. george
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osborne's of those who think i'm torn europe when he also warned of the uk will pull out if the eu fails to reform itself is up to source. yes like a burning building with meadow acts it's basically he sees that this cold milk. as thornton behind india and china is spending on welfare becoming less and less compact city said today that economic and fiscal looking decline in domestic and of course here in the uk the eu is losing popularity people say is very expensive increasing the power hungry i know sophia grace has had an awful lot to fred take both the essential message today was that the uk still pressing for a restful break they'd say oh no is pushing for reform have nobody else to fake the europe sake is a whole said he was talking about at the taping of the goat island is a two year period that course of justice he said it's nonsense to europe and in fact it's a way for stuffing bodies that traditionally seem to be europeans such as no discrimination he talked about the recording full of rejection of the financial
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status is reform which of course think he did have one bank has a nice is that which is quite controversial here in the uk because london competes with that new york and hong kong is no competing insights here that than anything that damages the states if not endorse it damages done to both the damage is yet but the whole of the pta to atone for his summing up for his central message was how some on the continent like to see this is just the uk is seeing its own self interest the expense of the collective good. but it's the full six if we can overtake the collective interests of no new risen and the states then they will have to choose between joining the year at which the uk will all did. leaving the european union and the swifts and the schools that were folded into a knot and russell's keep lifting up the dentist is a veteran jason moore human rights since the uk. in fact at brussels has talked about it pretty thing. if human rights on all its member countries which would cause the legal challenges to
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businesses and governments at the uk already all tease out too fast in nineteen ninety eight said at the government so that i can get back into the hearts and doing something again that's the latest data and only light if reprisals if brussels tries to wrap up the political unity and insight that no political integration. but george osborne's message on the message of hope they can set it apart to hit uk is a whole is that reform or die postpone the uk will promise to come were seeking to renegotiate britain's membership of the eu and to hold him in a referendum but to the seventeen bubbles from the new liberal bruges group think i'm told it is no point wasting them because europe's not going to reform itself very pessimistic about the challenges of the eu changing the state since nineteen fifty seven is a bit players union that more regulation. it's about mixed up a nation states will often unaccountable theocracy. he's not going to change in
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the confines of the government has given the increase meant she cannot continue without the consent of the british because ninety percent say they want to buy me now by the time membership of the year. it was out to the fundamental to our economy as well because of the moment having to pay billions each year to brussels eu red tape is holding back. the british economy as well as other european nations as well it's known in an economic benefit certain things we must change. it doesn't have much of an economics teacher he's declining as well britain should occur although its units he's the white dots around the globe. humans biggest ever appeal for humanitarian help the scene donors pledged to an albanian dollars so far that helps korean refugees one of the country dipping into its pockets in britain which are things one would know why it's a case of oakland while it but closed doors. this contest or so increasingly for humanitarian suffering disease humanitarian crisis said britain is leading the way with humanitarian support some might wonder whether it
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actually is. the uk has committed five hundred million pounds to eight that's to assist its neighbors like a level beyond jordan turkey i give up hope with the sheer number of refugees. that's as far as it's going to go. the new goodman criticized for picking the saving knowledge of the un refugee agency has appealed to the area through the complex. despite calls to open its doors for now and the answer is still no the latest child more than two million syrian refugees over the borders into neighboring countries. this is the abandonment of august it was still in love with this the review to keep the candy bowl on the wood is where the where with the thickness of them giving them a concern shared by seventeen other nations he said yes. hot spots that might take this position given that this is something that i've done the cost and tearing it up then is the conflict and in the balkans for taking thousands of concert bands and bosnian refugees. i
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stated that maybe you could maybe use add to the state immigration considerations that influencing and this got a slap in the middle of the political climate in the national mood. it's increasingly wary of anyone coming through the door. we already have accepted a number of the staff except on about one thousand five hundred asylum seekers some nice because it is a fact. we decided to shake his head is a fact that we have accepted hundreds upon hundreds of individual songs in his pro syria. actually speaking the us most recent request is that countries offer of the supplement places for people who were still stuck in the region which does not include the fifteen hundred to make like sen has applied for asylum in britain but the un has asked for a movement of the annotated awesome commitment and intentional david cameron has cooled the uk series friends and he scored this event the crisis upon tyne in recognition of that we've had that the uk would respond in
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this city our team london russia's foreign ministry says the pseudo positions reluctance to take part in peace token of them in oaxaca in the way of ending the bloodshed. in other developments comes to mask his claims that western intelligence agencies if they do this if he discussed the radical groups like the president assad syria's deputy foreign ministers suspects is a rift between politicians intelligence communities in some western countries that have been calling for sound to go. this pitiful my british counterterrorism intelligence officer killed in which it would be white. he thinks we may be seeing a change in european and american policies towards that commission member foxes. one of the disease the inability of the serial position on iraq was to get out together basically i'm cuddled so i think there's a recognition that militarily. the ref was right which to live a calm on that polices in any case perhaps no immediate concern to the west and is expected to cash in your pink eye towards it with other elements of the cervical
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position comprising fraudsters to hide its practice of going from countries such as britain germany spain it's a trip to syria to fight. we found out college of the forces that actually pose a threat to european countries themselves set of conditions meant the security services. of course before darting to and address this in the us went to the announcement us because inevitably that means the ticket since it's likely more i think are nice not the site will be around for some time to actually make those links even if discreetly out with back with the regime's intelligence services. here's a thought an american internet service providers can only do you pick and choose who gets to have make a speedy downloads whether this trip that tells a very simple and that leaves more online services. next to or not seems nice enough right. off. the ufo them when you are being investigated. because of
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the women of someone. this is the beginning of the end of your freedom. the human stain from me in the south american citizens. text messages. no the coup. he added without my knowledge and implicitly and then slowly go accident with it. they're back with the internet in their back with big brother. the when we were leaving. i did. is you
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the room . with the bombings in iraq killed at least of the fun people in baghdad and the northern city but cooper to twist that axel eighteen gone when a suicide bomber himself up with a funeral procession. the land says over five hundred people are being killed this month alone will not succeed it could be erected the assistance program. as a continuing standoff between the iraqi army and al qaeda linked militants who couldn't control the city of fallujah moment we now have an awesome looks and who's to blame for how the situation unfolding that makes the dish to take a break said he had to form a website is a little tight last week lk ten militants to control the iraqi cities over money and food after days of nonstop by lots of corn and hand iraqi news agency on swaddling rock rhiannon said eight people have died in just the last
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ten days all about numbers hard to verify considering how bodies are not being taken to morgan said excluded from official death counts not you may remember full image as one of a primary deadly battle ground during the height of the us occupation. so took the fall of the city signify for now in the province of iraq the region as a whole. right now to discuss is eugene career ordinator for the cancer coalition. thank you so put on the effects of us so you've seen what the main factors that contribute to your field stated the boxes and what the key factor that we have to mention is that the occupation of iraq by the united states fundamentally de stabilize the country the united states just completely disassembled the iraqi state as it existed and natalie didn't really put everything in place but actually set up a structure which made it up so the beneficial for forces to become more at the cereal to divide along sectarian and other sorts of lines of what we're seeing now is the real fruits of all these time
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bombs land mines that were set by the us occupation we're due. all that outlined at this online to just me full of america's spy capabilities couldn't get in the wind it will report if you don't even need to the nsa to sift through your pride that the internet would you like. the seed of calm. i miss that little thing maybe i'm a week in raising able to find a fat she objects is what is good news you know that people think that the problem is he a cute is that this report but could prove a useful assistance with disabilities the lord for that. the beads and founding principles was a course of those equal access to everyone online but now it seems null set. everyone agrees the city in the us federal cool scrapping net neutrality it's not granted some internet providers the power to rule out when traffic into decide for
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themselves against a job the camp. it means the biggest companies to get the hands of the polka went sentosa could mean that you online services and those not willing to pay pool time that would provide is like the risible call the cost could find speeds held the korean people pull together in this movie was pushed by verizon which is one of america's largest mobile phone operators in telecom providers of course an expert in new media entrepreneurship spokesman the wrong told me how it will most likely result in discrimination of many online services and the whale in a bid to stop trips to the sizzler eight. telecom nz streets lined with its allies and in hollywood and big media would very much like to make the internet essentially an enhanced form of cable tv. and that would be were they when her spade losers they decide what's on and we what we get to see to some large degree what we don't want to see is innovation and requiring
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the permission of the big operators at the center of the network. innovation on the internet has taken place in large part not all but in significant part at the edges of the network. so i don't want to see the name of the next facebook. needing permission from verizon and comcast in order to get that that would be a problematic at the very least. mauresmo has been going to break israel's defense minister apologized for his remarks on the u s tucker states middle east peace efforts much a yellow was quoted by news papers say that joan carries intensive israeli palestinian peace with messianic an obsessive like to scold the comments inappropriate kerry feel a diplomatic push recently to outline the deal between the sides but progress is so hostile these palestinians went out to the u s interest rate policy be there with scores of people staging a rally against john kerry in although the visit was
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canceled it didn't prevent people voicing their anger and calling on them even on the backs to enter negotiations with the israelis. the crowds chanted protected go home and demanded the escalation of israeli settlement construction. behold. masses of protests is implied and still refused to back to the continuing to try to disrupt i'm off to try to force the government to quit michelle so fun to be proud of and i have aged at least two people to have part privatization or what we think that she will cry along with snap elections in february in an effort to calm the situation demonstrates his own body of the state's northern up with them only on the country's leaders. i get a job can be tough he got the skills of experience till the impatient bought these to face the twelve applicants in front say they're being discriminated against when they looks. his aunties with emotion. tt's lottery funds
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by points singers and artists mike to come up with drawn to beautiful people. the console the oil paintings. the season and is that whilst the sun and bse sensex pack. but the gleaming smiles and sleeping mats lines that plays their wares and shopping diaries. i was so self centred and the sound deeply undesirable consequences. and sophie spent eighteen years at university she has two components tactically and thoughtful but khan find a job she says because of her son has his own home state the only people think the kids and counting snacks too greatly. i don't have the brains or intelligence to take up a post you like to really capital of getting a job i didn't even hide it. in total appearances like having next to the clomid which is completely wrong depressing and pure discrimination. and sophie describes more to society as being like a carnival mirror. if you don't conform to standards. it
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stands he and others negative image of yourself. cingular is it a wee season high in points. any society stuff from the gift with these problems and becomes even more painful. it leads to extra stress and depression is just not fair one now this is the sense she has been the scene for years appears to be backed up by statistics. the number one we don't belong here. she got much more is because as compared to an overweight person. sociologist john francois mind you carried out an experiment in which he sent this seems to be pleased if painful times often changing the color scheme can we take an age and the results were surprising and there is more difference between the pretty blonde overn dead and between someone of french origin and sewn with african violets which means that discrimination by duty and age is even more
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pronounced the race or origin based discrimination. but no one pays any real attention to it france and belgium and the only european countries with these type of discrimination case against them all. physical appearance is among nineteen criteria that employer is an often not to base the decision on a sink and this is a very dangerous tendency. people are pushed away from the market because the lack of qualifications but because of their peak weight or color there are ways that those responsible for this creation based on physical appearance could face up to four years in prison. a forty five thousand euro fine. people don't even consider it his cremation is considered normal and peaceful quiet one and i'm helpless as haitians in france as well as worldwide and to protect the rights of danny's not conceded to the convention attractive. twenty one already suffering thanks to the unofficial non spoken pt
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contest of the job market results not to eat some fries. like interpol and other anyplace control of this channel. everyone was welcome to want a token of space control the little as two million cameras watch other people's every move in london the question is of a safer for it. you find that in making citizens in just a minute add the two walking in the uk. good morning good evening at werribee watching asher times he's going underground special program one defeat to appeal see just how mountains of may. i rmb the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for spots of politics which is pretty insulting than the average american's not doing so well financially the scenes that make a pledge of rich guys rule the country which they cut
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into one could argue that congress is a quick spin off first off duty inflation million dollars is not as much as it used to be special in the cost of a campaign to get in the congress costs around one millionsix hundred thousand dollars city of million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but the expensive game of us politics these guys can even afford the costly and again to work. electoral campaigns are a bit of money affairs was no surprise that people like you and me kick it into law making business without sonny least a little piece of our souls to someone who is very deep pockets. so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy is that many of them hefty cost of financing in order to maintain their positions. it is you average folks know what sharon that they've got a bite of crops. well that's just my thing. i see the america we cover the americas with the difference more than
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thirty correspondents across north central and south america. i did well but i don't yet we traveled north and south to provide the most comprehensive coverage of everything. here in atlanta will open your eyes to the changes taking place in cuba. a place closed off to some fascinating to watch and everyone is talking about brazil with the correspondents across the country. top with bills but its advantages as it moves towards the twenty sixteen and then takes out the off. our coverage goes well beyond standard treatment of drugs and immigration issues. as we reported a nation just beginning to unleash her friends. like every week to the citizens of america and south. i think her city
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providing me a way that a loved one. just the salt lake the bod diverse america's cup quality end up reporting from north and south beach diet advice from washington is a ctv news. seek the death all winter long. ay ay ay so if you greet your life dw here and relenza to be with us. thanks for joining us coming on. the nsa scandal i don't need and in gemini and made signs and no spot you might not be happening the world bank says the industrialized world is on the road to economic recovery. and in kenya for mental connection but it's a command line for the shopping last


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