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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 16, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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eye the new. all in national export strategy has been developed in context it defines specific measures for export to the moment it touches. for example the status of trade missions abroad in the introduction of tree apaches and the embassies in partnership with the national chamber avant noise. another measure is to expand the line of financial services without turnovers and to improve transportation and logistics services. the strategy also defines priority sectors court sports such as metallurgy mechanic engineering chemical industry
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and agriculture implementation of the strategy will start in two thousand fifteen. tickets for the initiatives of article two of them. we don't abide those export markets that are now interested in will be interested in cars extends goods their cars extends neighbors such as russia and will rest of the customs union. the west region of china in the east the nineteenth of august nd in the south and our closest neighbors to get stamped the deepest and turkmenistan whose becca spent in the countries of the caucus these countries are in will be the main trading partners of kazakhstan in the next five years. help me yet the kids the us. he has promised to restart the silicone clicking comment on them despite them on to win gold at a local authorities and national companies. action. which is ideal for about two years the plan will be run by the state mining company. how can some milk. it promises to invest half of the main scene in the preparation for the launch of the production
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use and will be taken in a span of the plane replacing its former management silicone cup extend company by a court decision the company owes more than five hundred million dollars development bank of cars extent than other banks investment fund came as the successor of the development bank will need to do so almost the entire person of the plant which is more than four hundred people were fired. the plan is currently maintained by thirty five people the members of the investment fund of context and it owes its employees during an imminent change in wages and pension contributions of those who lost their jobs when production stopped. got new jobs with the help of the local authorities the latter now hope to return the employees to their former positions. most justly called home. we now feel more confident in the future as we get we just bring you a big shift for him and i keep in touch with my former employees and many of them are willing to come back to school study which is audible local indian minister of the plan is planning to first conduct a technical audit and then start operation for the launch of the furnaces is assumed that the so called plan will start operating within six months
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the eurasian business formal be held in el monte and people seventeenth to eighteenth. he will be new interactive platform for business and the government over five hundred delegates from different countries one discuss the prospects of cars extends business in the context of the customs unions and the wto reform agenda will include issues of legal support of business development of private partnership animations attraction of investments the way some effective implementation of this the program of accelerating industry and innovative development and the country's transition to the low carbon development of green economy as promised by the organizers of the forum you'll be possible to exchange views and experiences that can develop solutions for business development of regional and people are engaged in business in kazakhstan the president of the customs union member states are invited to take part in the form will he find a new gucci mold breaking horses if you don't succeed here is a businessman should understand in kicking you in pieces for the moment in
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the heart of eurasia kazakhstan we should make an effort to place immigration trade and business processes here. the business in kazakhstan has not yet manage to fully appreciate all the advantages and benefits of joining the eurasian economic union. so we're going to explain and discuss these and other issues upcoming forum. he knew he was speaking screens. members of the cars and jealous insist on the suspension of increasing prices for utilities. many parliamentary inquiries were considered at the pawn their session of them angeles. most of them were just by the prime minister of kazakhstan. this of course i'm sad and angry related to the increase in prices for utilities etc said that if the concrete is left without consideration the party members would take steps to protect interest and they get it. o'shea info on to it. companies raise tariffs and received huge money. however material and technical base remains undeveloped. most of the money is spent at personal discretion of these
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companies do business. jay chou is one of the plan based on what did you as i've been watching the leader of the actual party last the government to stop sending former replies to the request of the polls close. although the decision ultimately disposal visible for example we send inquiries about the accounts of the government members with foreign banks received in sustaining that this information is confidential why we're talking about the cost of the people responsible for money was put into words the religious offices. meanwhile daddy got an awesome i am a suggested increasing financial aid to fame was with disabled children. it is also necessary to officially recognize the parents of disabled children as social workers according to daddy god has a buyer by this measure will not only help reduce queues for disabled children's homes but also solve the problem of unemployment. if you will be just alright the crows relatives mostly moms look after disabled people they've been busy with their children they cannot find a job. don't do it the deputies also spoke about additional social support for war veterans and on foreign workers. these
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measures should be included in a conference of plant operations for the semi anniversary of the victory in the great picture of war the ministry of education and science of context and has developed a step by step five year plan to eliminate emergency school buildings in three shifts schools the plan is enshrined in the member of the between the ministry in the regional governors the vice minister of education and science isn't doesn't it the mongolian discussed about the progress of the school construction because it starred for the group concluded that the much rumored that will fund for the construction of seventy three educational institutions have been located from the republican budget for two thousand fourteen twenty nine schools out of them are emergency buildings thirty five schools will be built to cover the deficit construction of nine school started last year all in it. in general hundred and twenty four secondary schools were commissioned as a gene way first fifty eight schools were built to replace emergency schools twenty schools were built to remove the three should schools and forty schools were built to cover the deficit and six were built with in regard to demographic group. they're
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currently on an eighty two on wednesday schools in cuts that most of them on southern kazakhstan the sky extended jam bill. tesla dark out that our almighty regions the main reasons for introducing three should learn it was the impact of demographic migration and economic factors in the development of the regions. a series of blasts across the knuckles fifty people and injures dozens local mass media reports that the gunmen blew up four car bombs in different parts of baghdad another attack took place in the city of baku but province of diarrhea. the gunmen attacked the funeral procession there i taught kos reports. the security was one of the key issues in the negotiations on iraqi leaders in the u n secretary general ban ki moon who ride them about the continuing thirteenth at the press conference the u n secretary general urge all iraqi leaders to counterterrorism and to see the country the opposition and kylie continues its large scale campaign bangkok shut down by blocking the central district of the capital city. the most radical protests against
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the anti government protests the members of the students and the people for democratic reform organization block the building of the prosecutors general's office of tile and practices change their plans at the last moment as they rejoice when the block off the air traffic control communications center the protesters began a blockade of the building demanding all agency staff to leave the job for five days previously radical students had managed to seize ability of the national board of economic and social development in may that its employees leave the office it's the opposition began a mass rally in bangkok blocking traffic in all major intersections in the central part of the capital city the protesters demanded resignation of the interim government and postponing of early elections indefinitely for carrying out reforms which would exclude populism and dictatorship of the majority in the parliament and policy. a cartoon movie featuring cause of july wars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was presented in boston on the money by not is by invoking by one the main heroes of the movie dr show the main qualities of the jurists such as tourism wisdom and patriotism for
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the first time motion capture technology was used in producing the context any court in the sense of balance into a computer where turns to a single three dimensional model serving as a base for the animated characters. bus number and speed. it was important was to present a deep history to the children we had to consider the fact that children will be our target audience. henceforth we had to be cautious with the scenes on the guys battle was full of blood and violence. we tried to make the scenes a little more kid friendly with the leaders agreed to see him now. known for my little guys to conceal it. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said eye. hugh laurie let the really crazy kazakhstan has exceeded fifty million units by the beginning of two thousand fourteen. according to statistics of the national
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bank of kazakhstan the core number of returning for school this is to eighteen point four million people this number is higher than twenty five percent compared to the number in two thousand swell. the cars for the day this year indicates the spirits market accounting for seventy six point two percent of the total volume critic let's make twenty one point one percent the sheriff came hard to credit limits and prepaid cards is one point three one point four percent respectively. according to experts to share something was feeling stall in the country. for me. and one why does news is that the minister and not just a tool for cash withdrawal unfortunately the share of non cash transactions in coniston is only about six percent of the total amount to sections one was two countries. this figure ranges between thirty five to fifty percent. reading this have no intentions action stands at ninety eight percent. at least aim for twenty five percent share. the volume of
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transactions with the main prize in gaza and nine to five hundred cc two point six billion today. by default lautoka last year. history was hired by thirteen point two percent compared to toronto. excellent for october two thousand thirteen and i to eighteen point three million to one of the fiercest james has gone by more than twenty percent the number of journalists has increased by five point eight percent. according to the experts in trees in the intestines actions will be a key criterion for the next few years if you are not miss taking entries of not just the means by twelve percent on total turnover least a gdp of one point two percent may vary for each country and the government and national bands of all countries see the great importance of developing non caspian seas that allows people to focus payments house has issued from china economy to open mike. this also allows for more to spin
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the siege of tax management and their effect on a budget and countries are home arming him. if i can have it coming. was reported by the national bank of kazakhstan in the spirit as the statement was read by pos daily on an ets has been chosen mostly done by a pianist going to link up with the un are still painful and meet up with that look ridiculous she noticed his actions it is going now maybe snow and am unlikely to be. makes about two to two point five percent. sadly it's not enough. thus we conduct training programs for various banks to promote non cash payment. this is the annual growth of non cash payment increases at a rate of four to five percent in five years movies that are needed in this twenty five percent in the meat industry european countries. all the time. your smile. when
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the deeper the scheme. this trend is increasing the number of small and medium sized businesses. and one non cash payments. in concluding the deal. last year the number of such alterations has increased by more than fifty percent currently incarnation by more than tony banks and customs region postal service is cool costumes. these international mastercard worldwide lincoln's press international in tiny new things are the cards are used to kazakhstan citizens the european central bank scottish fish with interest to a record low of zero point one five percent down from zero point five percent. this isn't a crime rates was due to low inflation and economic weakness in the use of the same time use them as having positive shift it to market them is really on bond of faith the eurozone countries has fallen. he has cited favorably for spain which in my mind which can be considered as the next candidate for default. only males in this country still
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to theory as well as unemployment job. last thursday portugal placing new five year bond for three point three five million viewers at the interest rate to four point six percent to lowest rate since two thousand ten. implicit in the eurozone fell to zero point seven percent it's over the lowest level since january two thousand sent to the concerns of deflation some countries. prices increased one of the eurozone members were hit by the economic crisis. no licenses july. some economists are also worried about deflation spring the city's target is to keep inflation just below two percent. he has a healthy level of economic growth. i'm
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the i i knew. i know. in them and . it was in. it seems
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your ec and eighty efficiency and environmental friendliness of the main the crime scene goes on the products of this ummah cpi interviewed us for the state system. time is that it took the plunge the enterprise must come to
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my seat space. activities in amman which can be squeezed and twenty eight is aimed at improving to twenty products and subsidies would offer to consume is my management and i'll wet that's when do you stand them up. he's not depends on can see ms and the products in the new cuts in defence but its profits to consumers to buy your product she's not spend enough time to create these things. we'll preview. culpable. crowe who went through. watch for when you were to go in. the ship i'm surprised he sees me not to fight the system which helps to waste less time save money reduce the amount of waste and increase productivity. the uniqueness of products is another criterion to confess it is nice. many enterprises in kazakhstan in central asia that money for up to what we do it done just the double pane glass that nani fact that complicated products which may be g ventures to
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stocked with produce that complicates he gets the party scene on them in a sea glass but it saved us lots of digital painting in action in the heat of glass which can seem sixty was dusk when the second liked about the pg sixteen hundred watts to the efficiency of this is quite high. then surprise was founded in two thousand and four. its aim was to introduce energy efficient construction involving the use of advanced technology in kazakhstan. for both. wahoo. when i got to the first audit in two thousand and four and the full dots one hundred percent of it had been employed to talk country. we started manufacturing of products which has made in kazakhstan. the same tons of raw materials or two from the village and rational tougher european and american guns to concentrate eat. that means and that separates a seaman on the fox domestic but it's been documented that the contents were walking comparable. his approval so
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forceful concluded. as jim production in which he meant it is tempting and easy about reducing heat loss through increased twelve percent which enables to decrease expenses on he teamed up to two and a half times. though was reconstructed its jockey takes anti zionist and on sunday because we still got to touch it. perhaps you remember that to monitor the construction everywhere he doesn't understand how this class could be used so we had to explain it the signals from mobiles comes from a can of something we do. the gophers. i gave her the seventy seven oz in different regions of kazakhstan national energy saving and energy efficient technology association headed by what i've come to my seat to stop these two from ebay id done to finance initiative to support it at the state
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level. it is true for work rumor has it worse for wear she adopted it was announced by the president of the country. its aims a green construction and environmentally friendly construction. i can say that it will not initiate is that this movement we adopted him and to be convinced people and finally this same is being achieved. just driven by the spots that outcome she became the winner of the qantas for x ten twenty seventeen. all of you is that it is with liverpool. now the companies recognized as one of the best time of such enterprises of the country and these innovations be that team and send them an eight year war which was out the stuff i was the president of kazakhstan. the product was awarded the best product of kazakhstan title. you never forced off with your word. when investments. of course am proud to fast we were the fence company and remains in the day and this feat on tuesday quiet of the vedas as a sportsman now on to say that it requires a not too wet to become a
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champion today not see the malek and responsibility to remain stumpy. aig's you can see him as the country and pop stuff bought this makes his progress over time business people to whom this is historic. or more. two in one year history. it must come to my seat coz its unsuccessful margin business is the mean when funding asleep and waking up with the puppets. the a unit. as i
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cheesy. i am. our the breakup child in the nineteen th. democracy. i teach english and spanish the group and only national support all the recent integration in the european union. celtic content on the issue. he calculates an open with europe. albania bosnia. the man craig share the former yugoslav republic of kenya coach of the money to make room and said the outdoor ones tasted economic and commercial shipping them constitute the eu. in many cases tell if the animals to teach me teach or preach and will extend obstacle to regional cooperation. from
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the european continent and expected. coach rich countries and regions to say that to treat in store for minority rights and fight against corruption and organized crime. the outta here. when cutting them to express our aid in its normal homework only by riots. but by a concrete situations on the road gets. and i think that is important that ppp each was always the force behind the enlargement process and he wants to continue. the use of the inning. he's organizing school finance. we must to him. a good dent into reach with lesser god. photo four bit pc nero. even cooler temps. fox process. we must speak to the very idea of bulky too sure of the problem of these us. it's impossible to have that jesus became our
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fallacious. even criteria such as teaching nineteen ninety three european council and denmark to find other countries eligible to join the eu. the criteria required to state estimates that you choose to present democratic governance and human rights functioning market economy and that's not the case defending the us the eu the bn is an official candidate and has implemented many reforms to me it sounded too quiet. he's going well but it could be better. we expect only eu member states to respect the conclusions of the european council and two most of the dates for setting up for opening the accession negotiations before the end of the irish presidency that was a commitment to the eu twenty seven so i don't have any reason to doubt that the eu member states will stick to their commitments. my maker and iceland's. techie. former yugoslav republic of macedonia oven mitts can take on the strict sense
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the people who criticize future announcement saying the eu is in danger of becoming a victim of its success. coming out in our neighborhood. she didn't bookmark disagree. some people thought that maybe worms six was enough. when i am or twelve. what we're seeing is that you can units become better and better. i don't agree with those who ascended to heaven and often succeed. because in that sense because of the market driven more by the dynamic here is the net. otherwise the problems we have today and almost coming from announcements are coming from the reforms in very many of those member states geographically the toxicity of the western balkans in the region that it can import into the eu the exception to the team teal and charge you nine. the country in the region the eu. i want to
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comply. it's true. which will be the next eu and the day oh wait you can find more information. how much i e ppl group don't eat until next time thank you for watching i was. experts say disturbing kong is performing well. the credit sector continues to have a strong disincentive. consumption of goods and services sky. to increase investments in overseas remittances. and the boom business process outsourcing sector remains a major factor behind the stove this fundamental said. we can do it efficiently and sound banking sector and the teachers. however this economic growth has not trickled down to the masses many remain poor and
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unemployed and investments and we'll give each sunday sunday's open bank report called takings of rights will it include cisco systems development challenge is due to your productivity growth because of snow industry the station. especially in manufacturing. the bpo industry is a success story in turkey. the report says hope is that the needs a strong industrial base. i stopped struggling reports the report recommends that the con people into may. mimi has developed mostly outsourcing services and its manufacturing sector. he has in unix new day. o more. bpo each of the country's you cannot reach. then eat. you can be built. i'm also
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working to students. that means it will give them the years. day one. i'm sure and he's going to stick on the coast can be more inclusive. because it's too gross and you can go by changing to wonder if satan and all. the group holds only for the pdp keep workers who support them with a case he wants to keep the focus has been an angel. the digital preaching. digital market can the. in order to further of this con and sustain its growth. the report recommends that the sheriff government urgently addressed and that its basic structure. weak governance and an unfavorable perception of its business environment to help friends neighbors the tiger experts and took to the private sector to explore constraints the case in discovering manufacturing and marketing new products. the country we
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still face numerous challenges. these key steps are necessary in oregon to take the road to think this is. the and meaning wong will . i i i. i am. the beat beat beat


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