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tv   CCTV News  PBS  January 16, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PST

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you will want to know when when when when when when when the sea. the spring festival travel routes to china in place what would be without revealing to its expected over the next forty dates. a day to avoid the outdoors in baking pan pollution levels soar appetites with a smile from hitting the chinese capital. syria donor conference opens into a
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twisted leg hoping to raise over six billion dollars mostly for a few refugees the anti caretaker prime minister in one scene a lot to say it might as well so what happened that yuri despite protests from north africa. the law. a genial watching cctv news and longer what is an eel population migration on this starts from today in china as people make their way home for the spring festival holiday which began two weeks from now. during the forty day travel period of total number of three point six billion trips are expected at two hundred million more than last year authorities estimated two point six million trip the day on the road at the peak. there will be twenty one thousand passenger ships at the ready and fifty thousand flights a week which is twelve thousand more than normal. on the railways will be five thousand trains every single day before the actual
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spring festival. the railway operator is directing all its efforts in guaranteeing maximum transport capacity during the travel rush. on this period is most crucial test for the tiniest transferred next word earlier we talked aren't one hundred homes. he taught us how people are coping with the getty ordeal we are not joining the white house are the major railway station this is the biggest human migration that is happening on her. two eight point six billion people are now on top and hold the door tonight was probably the shortest route possible. we want to go to the sky for all the balkan nation on the ladder. and yet getting the ticket is now the single biggest headache and try to slow its descent to the cutoff cope with that you would call outs of this that's also part of the reason why the titans
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government. the series has been so motivated to do enough video high speed railways has conducted all the major cities are getting tight. in order to alleviate the problems for people to redefine the ticket the chinese government has launched an official website to help people to buy a ticket online. but the only create more problems with some of the people particularly to buy their records they don't know how to use the books i've just watched some of them still come to this village station and by the intended audience is applied to kid sometimes with the ticket this year with just seconds on the east by so quick so many people to buy the ticket online sometimes the sculpture is that i think it is held his one hundred people including a high price but also creates a problem for this to say add milk bottles every sea goat hide and go home and saw that goes on in order to stop it. ery time he said. we prinstival hdrsf mons hi me
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hometowns to re unite with famies and friends and elrate the lunar new year getting a tickefor wish eds of h. thiss millions of people. tess railway and civil aviation systems have now worked t measures to cope with this rash or hunting has a small the most crucial test for china's transport has begun and china's railway system has decided to expand its transport capacity to meet t demands. china railway corporation says itill strengthen the security checks for online booking websites and stop the influx of ticket scalpers. share your unique the current interest mostly capacity cannot occur to me to the traveler rusty months. it is said to reduce advanced to the difficulties to see kevin tickets gone on to it. well more than forty milli expectedt china's civil aviation sector increase of ten pernt compared to last year the flight peak is expected to come within three days before spring festival at the end of this month to get
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stuck in major cities like eighteen in shock i have almost been sold out in some cities their only first cla tickets available to cope with demands more than twelve thousand flights will be added including five hundred cross strait flights in a hundred international flights china's civil aviation authority loosen its control on the price of beer tickets last year and the price of their tickets remained almost the same with a ten percent increase in certain airlines the cctv. onto some other news now and pollution level in beijing has flown off the charts following a foggy wednesday intensity of pm two point five eight pm quality data. hence only about five hundred eighth in the chinese capital. whether forecasters are warning people to stay indoors and take a cab since when venturing outside meanwhile officials at the shooting warning for having font as visibility in some parts have got to less than five hundred meters the expressways having close now to add to and quality
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concerns to find work suppliers have started dispatching the context of shops across the city. and these are a major source of air pollution during the spring festival will become available to beijing residents in ten guests hayes is also causing traffic woes in the northern provinces of kobe and nine and thirteen expressways have been closed in the base's late wednesday with visibility less than five hundred meters in many parts in the west affected. i think lynn and visibility has plunged to less than fifty meters. heavy fog started to hang over the central and eastern areas since wednesday prompting local whether the parties to ensure a second here warning. over one hundred toll gate a major roads are under traffic control. delegates from nearly seventy countries and international aid agencies have gathered in kuwait for the second silk odyssey area donor conference. last year's gathering ways to pledges of one half billion us dollars mostly from the gulf arab
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countries. this year at the un which is leading the drive the wle two ways for times that amount. a lot chunk of it would be to help seeing that the genes to have spilled over the border into turkey from evan on and jordan. cctv chris pine who will you back and read reports from the jordanian capital and. the key to pledge their support the question is will they also pledged their money according to the un more than thirteen million syrians both inside and outside the country will be affected by the civil war by year's end and un officials noting that the situation is dire recalling this their biggest appeal ever. and then i will new ideas. all you who
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missed out. analysts are. it is on. the us which along with russia is trying to bring the syrian sides together in geneva next week announced it would beef up its contributions. we are today. provided. in addition all through the through the grace of the american people. another thread and eighty million dollars. that brings our total to about one point seven billion. that we have provided. the un wants more six and a half a billion dollars of estimates officials say that's the amount necessary to meet the talent of housing clothing and feeding those who most desperately in need of its. more than half a million of them are now here in jordan in tonight's zealand's top man on the ground here has told me he welcomes the pledges but added that quote we cannot wait. a neat to see these commitments converted rapidly
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into caps more than a quarter of the pledges made at last year's conference. still haven't been filled. meeting the promise of money wasn't followed by action that may indicate a growing donor fatigue at a time the un wants the donors re energized we read and heard cctv amman was now head over to thailand of thousands of anti government protesters have marched towards the city's many offices able to bring the diamond to a standstill and forced prime minister felix a lot to resign demonstrators have sealed up other government buildings in this phase as well as blocking the adobo injunctions. so far the government has left them alone cannot act to prevent violence that might trigger an army intervention thursday was the fourth day of what the protesters are calling the bangkok sat down the government is continuing to function by using buildings on the outskirts of the capital. on wednesday announced that elections will go ahead despite intense
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pressure by opponents to postpone the vote. she happened to meet with the opposition on wednesday two days after the election commission proposal to get laid if ye do a second ballot protest leaders refuse to take part seeing me for him not to get rid of russian politics not happen for us as tourism sector is suffering losses and anti government protests continue in bangkok according to the country's hotel association the number of two lists in the capital is down ten to fifteen percent. evans has been working heidi to help affected joints including the setting up of the two extended to assist visitors need to list a friend center has more than ten ha lines to accommodate cars from two is a round the clock. the center has awful contacted hotels neo valley sigh and said that rescue stations at the airport and some subway stops. according to an official from the tourism
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industry. the rescue stations will help to its lead the country. if the protest worsen or violence breaks out for the two lists themselves some find the capital peaceful while others find it disturbing. no really know where from northam and in so well you still like those could be sold when traveling with him a freeway for no where so. griffen said whenever one very friendly very nice to have that any dollar bill. we fall for it every single day and i might as well. we just arrived to write on the airport and the taxi driver dropped us five hundred meters away from here because we're going to this hotel right here and you roll up. yes it is a little annoying after a slide that the taxi dropped us over there. tantalizing out to eat at the state news agency mena had to put it that preliminary results show over ninety percent of the egyptian voters have approved the country's new draft constitution in a referendum. both counting is
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under way to reach the final results which are supposed to be submitted to the high election commission the constitution will be approved by winning at least over fifty percent of the boat. the result of the referendum is scheduled to be announced on with and seventy two hours. today am floating on the new constitution ended on wednesday. the new constitution is to replace the previous one meaning drafted by ousted president muhammad would cease islamist allies in late twenty twelve a special court in pakistan has opened to hear the high treason case brought against a former president for best musharraf for navigation of the constitution. earlier we spoke to us was one of five entry as in islam of that. i then told us the sheriff was big and absent from the hearing on thursday the prosecution began around nine thirty this morning with a robust attack on the continued absence of gentlemen shaft during this treason trial they said that in spite of a number of bad
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for a spot of note than the battle over an application for his exemption sandwich shop that continue to flout the board of the courts. and they said that this constituted an obstruction and an abuse of the court proceedings and they further stated the president doesn't submit to the core business summit device to the head by that court. they cited the number of days that the former president had failed to have to make an appearance of the court concluded that the twenty fourth of december second the ninth of january and the d today which he felt to show up. and again today melt they also stated that an individual that no individual in the whole caucus on is to be in the hopes too high a banking was too lofty to make an appearance recording inside tibet the former president was removed by the abbot of egypt had to attend a court in his hospital bed. it accused a sandwich after being now a fugitive of the fiddle and that his
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absence the key is to be to that threat. just asinine our precious out with kiera has failed to deliver a national address on the ongoing violence in the country instead he's off is at least a statement calling the country to stand together during this difficult time become docile down to continue the fight against a rebel opposition. cctv skill from linda has this report from the capital juba. for one month today sees the audience. so sit down and out. and many in june but hoped the distance from his address to the nation will contain gluten . he said the presidents all these negative content. he'd made it to see you missed any of the new job up and that even with his pollution here the whole school pics of them has their own. we went to. the city and the desire
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to continue on that line during his sunday column and you'll know it the sticking points. the names that attention be given to those texts. i totally don't get the child wants them free she is refusing. a supposition that hasn't changed throughout the weeks of talks. without central slovakia has addressed the nation. the news here continues to be dominated by reports of what the new fighting. confused but rather troubled picture. many here once these for us. read it cctv. by stealth soda. south korean president. when hank has met with indian prime minister mehmet and send in your daily to discuss boosting trade tights tapping their meeting with an agreement to upgrade their free trade pact which was signed in two thousand and nine. most will help open the world's second most populous country in the world into south korean companies
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will stay in india for four days as she meets with indian leaders to discuss lowering indian street deficit was south korea and twenty more taxes for indian services companies especially in the i t sector. south korean defense ministry has said any or towing trailers with united states will go ahead as planned. this is despite demands from the democratic people's republic of korea that they hauled the drills and threats of retaliation against any hostile oops. to achieve the law. will conduct two years old and bald eagle exercises client. if the dprk actually commit to military aggression and excuse what is a normal exercise become dull as preparation for emergencies are too will mercilessly and decisively promise. we urge the dprk to take a sincere or up to two over the country's nuclear reactions before condemning our annual defensive drills the us house of representatives on wednesday
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passed the one trillion dollar spending bill for the rest of fiscal twenty fourteen the bill including documents which for the first time caught on the us secretary of state to encourage japan to address the issue of comfort women the move came as japan and its neighbors and either victimize country to world war two by prime minister shinzo abe's visit to the controversial gas attorney trying last wants it right on as japan's war dead including fourteen class a war criminals. the spending bill had been sent to the and the white house has voiced support for it. the document attached to the bill referred to a resolution adopted by the chamber in july two thousand and seven. the cause of the japanese government to deliver an apology for sec two in late may and in occupied countries dealing world would too. post war germany. made the right choice. japan on the other hand has actively promoted
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the story to end the show that can be no denying that the japanese imperial military. call us thousands upon thousands of women prime enter the chinese and koreans into sexual slavery during the war. they are new revelations in the stock topped the us national security agency nsa has been installing software or hardware as many as one hundred thousand computers around the world but not in united states to conduct surveillance on those machines. this one engine spam and has more details from washington dc. senator biden just days before president obama will announce proposed reforms to the nsa new revelations that the us sinful treats computers around the world. even when they're not connected to the internet. according to documents provided to german paper dish people from edward snowdon the nsa uses a combination of software and
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high tech spy hardware like this trend seaver. the name cotton of one embedded in a usb plug to wirelessly transmit data back and forth between a receiving station like this one. codename nightstand which can be miles away from the target computer this allows the nsa to target secure computers not connected to the internet once the items are cleverly put in place. the computers can then be monitored or use to launch a cyber attack the nsa refuses to comment on the program but in a statement to cctv road. emma says activities are focused and specifically deployed against and only against valid foreign intelligence targets in response to intelligence requirements and there are no indication the nsa uses the program to target computers inside the united states according to the york times the program code named quantum has infiltrated of two hundred thousand computers around the world targeting military trade government and even criminal networks in
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countries like mexico russia saudi arabia and india. this nsa map shows the breadth of the program. also targeted chinese army units the us claims are responsible for hacking american computer systems said in documents indicate the us maintains two covert data centers in china possibly concealed behind legitimate business fronts james bowman cctv washington a us state department spokeswoman were rehired has declined to comment on media reports of intelligence section when asked by cctv respondent long way in washington take a listen mary according to york times the end he's a handsome access to about one hundred thousand computers around the well its kinda became collected data from those computers. even if the computers are not connected to the internet. so what to comment on as well as we don't act planning and he's kind of reports the president is speaking and friday at the department of justice about the nsa and
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other intelligence gathering about privacy and about these issues and how they impact our relationships around the world that just don't have a specific comment on mr went well according to this article some units of chinese army are the targets of the us surveillance program still took on us and did an activity common free and that specific report. i think the present will speak at length about the teaching of reading. on the new york times reported that the nsa has implanted soft landing in the one hundred thousand computers around the world that allows to you last took like surveillance on those machines. the times cites an essay documents computer experts and u s officials in its report about the use of secret technology using radio waves to gain access to computers and other countries have tried to protect from spying or cyber attacks the nsa cause cfa and act in defence and has used technology to monitor units of the chinese army of us military drug cartels tray
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institutions inside the european union and sometimes the us partners against terrorism. like saudi away vs india and pakistan well how what is holding its breath for the end the inning after nominations at the academy's headquarters on thursday. this his films are jam packed with a list celebrities getting career defining performance as what i should list of the top award and best film can compromise the plane to fly the team and the movies and in the strong get like this it is likely to be closer to the hyatt and have gotten wealth when the twelve years of slain american hostile gravity are expected to be among them. the best acted too wet seal a deal for a golden globe win a match in the economy are likely frontrunner stupid town united dicaprio are awful contenders uk plant if you won the golden globe best actor this is strongly tipped to do the same at the conference center block and thompson amy adams and
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you need and i'm so in the frame. yes the nominees and lottie its own chosen by some six thousand industry professionals now as this is field of contenders is the strongest for years the prediction of two lovely nominate it is tougher than ever. well there are less than twenty days until cctv is big spring festival doll of the to find out that in his quill are remaining tight lipped about what we can expect to see. we did get some hands from performers repressing outside the studio it's not take a sneak peek chrissy teams for my mom cute here house and a tv studio. we are waiting for access to the states it's as if i may have been done extravagant director has been frugal. it's still really nights costumes on to
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introduce a budget in distress unknown performers are tying on their acting costumes. most of which have been recycled. some adornments to these recycled cost units. these black steed pieces and eight. the real ones are too expensive costumes have been piling on by the actors themselves and others the atlantic. so we can expect as long as the tenements in the proceedings. and of course the forest is an indispensable featured this year. in atlanta so our part has to do with the forest although they can't tell you anymore about it. but you can probably guess what kind of performance it will be the plea in this dressing of stylistic are even attaching the longhorns like character one actor to complete that equine got stuck in cctv well to do it for this as is the date and online dating thing to accompany our season
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the eye. artists. chewed three cup chopped and nineteen teacher opens in october to democracy. i teach english and spanish the group and only national support all the recent integration in the european union. celtic content on the issue. he calculates an open with europe. albania bosnia. the man craig share the former yugoslav republic of kenya coach of the money to make room and said the outdoor ones tasted economic and commercial shipping them constitute the eu. in many cases tell if
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the animals to teach me teach or preach and will extend obstacle to regional cooperation. from the european continent and expected. coach rich countries and regions. you can eat a tasty dish or on line art to try and fight against corruption and organized crime. the outta here. when cutting them to express our aid in its normal homework only by riots. but by a concrete situations on the road gets. and i think that is important that ppp each was always the force behind the enlargement process and beyond to continue. the use of cleaning he's organizing school finance. we must to him. a good dent into reach. with lesser god. photo four bit pc nero. an even cooler temps fox process. we must to be making it a bulky too sure of
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the problem of these us. it's impossible to have that jesus became our fallacious. even criteria such as teaching nineteen ninety three european council and denmark to find other countries eligible to join the eu the criteria require the state as an institution is to present democratic governance and human rights functioning market economy and that's not the case concerning the eu. bn is an official candidate and has implemented many reforms to me it sounded too quiet. he's going well but it could be better. we expect only eu member states to respect the conclusions of the european council and two most of the dates for setting up for opening the accession negotiations before the end of the irish presidency that was a commitment to the eu twenty seven so i don't have any reason to doubt that the eu member states will stick to their commitments. my maker and iceland's. techie. former
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yugoslav republic of macedonia oven mitts can take on the strict sense the people who criticize future announcement saying the eu is in danger of becoming a victim of a six song ep great expression on the noggin and neighborhood she didn't bookmark disagree some people thought that maybe worms six was enough when mary and twelve. what we're seeing is that you can units become better and better. i don't agree with those who ascended to heaven and often succeed. because in that sense because of the market driven more by the dynamic here is the net otherwise the problems we have today and almost coming from announcements are coming from the reforms in very many of those member states geographically the toxicity of the western balkans in the region that it can import into the eu. emt won't charge you nine. the country in
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the region the eu. i want to comply. it's true. which will be the next eu and the day knowing you can find more information. how much i e ppl group don't eat until next time thank you for watching. is. steve. the us. so in
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the hello i'm scott thompson and welcome to after ten korea the world's powerhouse of information technology and the united states the world's powerhouse of advanced technology. what kind of synergy effect can we expect between the two nations in the field of science and


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