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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  January 16, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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oh wait you can find more information. how much i e ppl group don't eat until next time thank you for watching new meme moving more the ultimate price want to read that the economics of everyday life in china. josh was under fire last week caught up in class. more than what the un deputy. today money matters with different in the boarding school. our
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question today looking through the dirt off the board schools. they can to work on a lot of milk tea and fewer chinese youth apathy about it. finally the building today. actor to pay pension reform. for all that it would take a look at the top rate of one share in china. first up debating it for him to work like the liberty bell for higher prices he makes china the men are now killing spree that included punching the chairman of the vote on which the lord is one of the group the developer and china. last november. we now know from agricultural products recalled come probably gone to in the northwestern china. i'm doing all the publicity free of charge. he made a peer into the supermarket. don't you. the pr done is win win for him and the apple store and really old looking like a leaky could you put a huge bucket all the labels on people which means i'm baffled. the boss the pictures they had a round pick twenty pounds of apples one box of apple which under fifteen dollars for the un that it three times more content of the most apple
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he's not the only one playing the free pr game lenovo chairman leo time to start putting his name on kiwi. even though it can to make money from healthy lifestyle choices are doing it. chickadee and tobacco executives and putting the name of origin. rookie qb and oranges are selling for one to three times higher for comment on a park. next up is fine but you knock on the per capita on lengthening and i'll be taking the one thousand six hundred euro fell to two thousand thirteen weaker yesterday with the chinese users average per capita on lengthening a few more intent on to and from one thousand six hundred us dollars in two thousand thirteen. the term home life and include online shopping fund transfers and online payment. it also showed them to dump their team. all the pages on lengthening too good not to have the whole country and an increase of eighty four percent from last year. the average per capita online shopping which about two thousand nine hundred us dollars last year. all the case showed the guangdong province the birthplace of
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lord of life than in two thousand thirteen. the duty on products with the second largest province in terms of online betting and only pay on time the single bed into the thirteen more than thirty five billion yuan five point seven billion us dollars in failed for some people about cars. the number of transactions holiday the hike to one hundred eighty eight million. got to bed now. but you can always use more than one hundred million. they could find for those looking to tap into the potential market. funnily from time to do it. shanghai free trade don't drive with light to the nearby area the pelvis through the shanghai free trade that has driven up off the thread though. now this trend spread out by the ftc area. the wind off the picnic area of may company moved up to the area surrounding the film quarter that is real. the developer and a chance to build up to a nearby area. in late december last year. a shanghai based group the developer and fifty
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three million dollars. i'm predicting a win proper building off the paper the plow truck even more than five times higher than starting price. dividing the building area the accommodation guide to reach fifteen thousand two hundred yuan for square meter for two hundred forty dollars per square foot between the highly marketable to drive the office rental prices of ivf tv this can be shown by the hot off the pace rental market which began on the ftp with personnel from july to october with the ftp with established office rentals in the area what to buy more than two hundred percent don't go away because of that money matters what some of the need to do boarding school. they can. almost anyone with money to send the kids abroad in china will do it. many simply believed to be a worthwhile experience for the children. it all to make the template could fill up an appetite they care about education. the survey also said that the naked
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abroad can help out with the pressure and competition at home in china. that unequivocally number of chinese overseas didn't have to ride in recent years. data show that there are likely more than five hundred thousand chinese students heading overseas in two thousand fourteen. tiny didn't account for more than half the total number of overseas students. but there's a new trend gradually emerging in the chinese overseas student market the chinese can just come over for study abroad program or master's degree. over the past two years more to it and the need for high school tiny preview of the british boarding schools are becoming a popular choice for chinese this especially goes for those who persecute cities in china. this engine was due in shanghai. in college in the paris school of the most famous british private schools for chinese people but and thirty cradle to the lead role. about twenty british ministers meeting in college when prince charles and prince william. he'll be difficult or not easy to get into. courtney in colleges rules only two hundred fifty applicants are actually able
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to roll into laughter. many rich for his family life or that old and very early on take the competition just that much harder for chinese parent. as result the shiny pants are turning their attention to other private boarding schools in britain the competition from china is getting tougher though the applying a map and now he's getting better doing it most chinese parents prefer to prepare related materials one year in advance reportedly spotted percent he said the overseas student to bring an increase of twenty one thousand to dump seven to fifty six thousand dollars and twelve. according to independent school come for my feet. for more than twenty six thousand foreign students studying british boarding schools and to top thirty. about ten thousand to care for hongkong in mainland china. foreign students pay more than seven hundred fifty million pounds for about twelve billion dollars into which of these two forty schools each year. chinese media reported the most tiny pair of shoes defender told the british boarding schools becid in the top
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universities like average in oxford. it's very common in time to think the connection can help you get ahead. might not work out well spoken england. but data shows that it certainly doesn't hurt don't go with that of michael continued to produce forty schools station. sth welcome back to china for its launch in today's money matters were talking the boarding school. in the world of business in china connection to everything. the perkins wanted to be with guaranteed to that. how much the opening lead. time to entertain their kids attend boarding school he depicted in the top university. connecting the work of a meeting going to do in china but to fill out. the british government we have to think i'm going to make up forty four percent the total came to the top three. the report showed the floor cameras university where forty percent. although the commission piece of the schools are very expensive. many chinese tend to believe that the right investment. in fact it but
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the commission piece for bridgeport school french about fifty thousand to sixty six thousand us dollars each year. and it is difficult to compete for four years and up two hundred forty thousand dollars. the schools or five years to make about three hundred thousand dollars. it is to actually get into a top university after graduation that the bill will keep coming. it means that these chemicals have to prepare four hundred and ninety thousand dollars to pay for both the high school and university study. without the top flight food and other unplanned expense. in china international schools are also popular choice for certain number of chinese parent. but there are many different types of bridge private school. in terms of international schools. about an optional courses for students. but increased private school. more than fifty optional course available. the chinese education system are typically criticized for being too rigid and kept oriented. it made international school located in china and the worker killed in the aisle. many chinese them rethink their
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kid to be happier if the study with different approach offered by british private school. if you're someone living in a major study to take into what he called the magisterium as it might sound. the cost of education can be huge in china too. many have to buy a house in your school or to get the kitten to a choice one school year. how can their prices shoot up. i've written to tony puppy came into play. it's not uncommon the department of days ago perhaps million dollars. not much difference in the company could support for high school and college in england. on may of last year chinese new year will be the culprit in the wood output or impatient sort prices were about fifteen hundred thousand square foot houses an area about three hundred ninety fourth the whistle the pre sale price to five hundred eighty thousand dollars a shot of just because a nearby school the cost of uk meant investing overseas learning chinese people the money to spend for interesting than their kids abroad. he wanted to have the best education possible. the thing you can be done in england. never doing this a super ex
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although quite a few are many just generally computer study abroad to be a valuable thing to do in a globalized era. the stool competition is tough to home. don't go with it the next request today we are basing it off to boarding schools. they can. now time for question today. we'r take on i it a affecting their lives. totodadayy when people misuse of their top important goals. but two people hunted by the current situationon sending children to boarding school has the privilege of rich people. as an ornery chinese custom much on studies in the chinese school. if i ever have the money i would choose to sentinel wrote that buying a house and patient education abroad inspectorate and eight they maintain ongoing promotion of the gap and entered into boarding school i'm not like the bride even
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if i had the money because i was back in my county would be the only thing getting in the education i believe education tending northwest and to haul a boarding school does not mean a child can get the best education what's more i believe in china's education. so i would not send my child abroad because it costs too much whoever he wants to go and i have the money leaks in them abroad i think that if i can think of any content brown people as anybody in contemporary japan and china i want. he might have implied that we could have been many is the key to conquer what that meant and how can they it's hard to see a fifty year to meet more of weeks over the world to boarding school that i believe boarding school these can provide good
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education and entertainment so there you have money but it's too expensive it was that bad. i have other classmates city in the united states canada and australia hard to be used even in china the canto more akin to pressure you have the four high school student. i would want it to the rod and even then my cucumber on the matter how expensive it in. thinking to work where we take a look at trends and above the line china. today told the cup milk in china nokia the concoction of red tea and condemned milk. with winter coming. a cup of hot milk tea is often muddled and the buried nose of a chinese girl and a big winter jacket walking to work in the morning. in china there is no peace out almost every shopping mall in busy street customers walk into stores or drink of the counter behind the counters or tv salesman. he'll have to play games and ranked behind the counter. recently a story reported by kiwi delhi was quite the pro with the most popular social network in china. i know there is no milk and milk in the milky drink. as reported by julie daily paper cups or one cup
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of milky the weekend at thirty cents for the store the thing to pick up the cup and straw. for consumers is the new paper and much higher that about one to three dollars. authentic milky me that putting milk to boil tea sort of done little to drink until other flavors. will add other ingredients like putting kelly of capital to probe the drink. promotional t drink them in the china have really deviated from the norm. now the drink is not geared for labor in campus and water. to that milky tea without milk and without key. the non dairy creamer interesting to put the milk and tea. even with the name of cream and the flavored milk is no way real milk. it's not enough if the product isn't that a product called hydrogenated vegetable oils which contain trans fat. and i had the intent that can lead to obesity and heart problems the price the fatty creamer is much cheaper than milk which is high in protein the average price for one two agreement not to convert
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it into the third un for about two dollars to the stand for five dollars and one kilogram a convert to make around fifty cups of milk tea. waverley campus of the other major ingredients milk in china. it is at the tea flavor. it can also add many others like coco strawberry banana and are the flavors come from chemical without a trip to peru. the average price of the chemical flavor enhancers are at two dollars to the center to address. during the chemical can be edible who died. the thing for him to sign up for bidding on the chinese market. but for the sake of nutrition long term consumption of these chemicals is not good for human health. chemical think that's a very healthy but not new it can help you in plastic bubble to help the team in china having paid the money be spent to their customers to bubble to the popular type of milk to retain taiwan. bubble tea and offered half of the pearl milk tea. april's are most in need of capital to adding the protein can take them to hear. many people consider to be kept to a cabal of good
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capital kabul. the produce is what having trained to make them to your menus. i didn't like edible gel pen to add that to me k. in order to favor the cost of manufactured in china replacing animal shelter in the concussion of delta. duch who dealt in common use for making plastic which is ten to twenty times cheaper too the bubble tea drinkers in mainland china. the plastic cover many net users are not angry about it. one row quilt everyone knows that we drink it because it's delicious and it satisfies her appetite we've got to the protected now. all the food in china the same. others even defended the milky stores i'm not a milky stellar but wanted to come before them a cup of milk he cannot cut too much money for this offer is all to hire staff pay the rent and utility bill we're all very expensive in china and other veggies added quote. yet most businesses can be lucrative. all their business. like the muggy air we are treating now you with no key. don't force your body
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drink it. this kind of good profit from that used a script by deregulation of china's government quo. why kill the commercial and the sugar for doing the smoky store. it is pretty colors are all punished to the left and dental. watch the common people pay the bill to respond regulation. having unsafe and unhealthy food in china has become old news people become so numb by the diablo cody could actually defending the stores it's not usual for them and defend the people pointing them in others it. in this case no one has reportedly become the vehicle because of the key. without expected low standard. it's almost rational how relaxed people are about it. the not out against the price we find out how all the singers understand the cost of living today we have people mistreat the gift how much it costs one year purdue forty school. take a look of death i was out for us to complete
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when daddy went to england the fifty thousand dollars that much money for education. i don't like that of christ. bravo which they cost eighty thousand dollars each year to attend a boarding school in england too expensive and no one told me people can afford. i don't think it's necessary potential to cut school to look in the financial backing it teaches the company hundred thousand us dollars i don't think you can eat. each of their family man in america to return to my heart disease and ppc. went you can get these cost a hundred and sixty thousand euros. rich
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people are doing this they have too much money to help not all successful people come from the elite boarding school. so we don't think sending kids to boarding school necessary at all. i know. thirty thousand to fifty thousand dollars mike and two hundred fifty thousand dollars in. yet even cost him more to come in. i think nowadays everyone is willing to stand their children abroad to pity if there's enough money. what mother wouldn't rely on boarding schools in england at leeds cost eighty thousand us dollars acceptable. gordon grandchildren can earn it back after they graduate from university. lawyers like people overseas educational backgrounds so they will learn a lot of the future i'm close to the death of the cost of boarding school in england is about six thousand dollars for one year most teams attending boarding school for five years the high school. if you're lucky enough to get into top universities like all three cameras will have to pay lower prices for another four years of tuitions. additional costs will lead to treat him like
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an outline for development debate. we dig deeper into question shaping the future and present on a table into chinese experts debate the service pensions to be lowered. china happened to look out into the dump which people have been completed now for a long time. ordinary decent other turned in by boat the company to hand them out. by comparison the pan to the servants are fully covered by the government. servant in china don't spend a penny on a penchant for some reason get much more than forty employees after they retire. data from the china academy of social scientists shows that over ninety percent of servants new report thousand yuan for two hundred fifty dollars per month for their pension the hype can even reach one thousand six hundred dollars per month. gary differ from what most people make someone working for privately owned company to the pension of thirty dollars per month. free community newspaper people's daily published an article the pension reform the article pointed out to
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perform in time to pick them up to be a player in the pan to the servant. the article ten of their cars to spare and egalitarian. the article wrote quote. going servant fell to the effect of duty of the work and might lead to corruption. servants ye are highly educated. long time infusion of money having it if there are patches or reduce the same level of blue collar workers the article from people knowing what the peer discussion among chinese expert. the findings upon this site from time to think read people really bad right. servants don't need to pay for their penchant for joy the high casualty rate in the world. i fed the other countries to continue at japan and singapore of them need to pay for the pension although servant to get higher pensions and other ordinary employee the difference is not a big event in china. service pensions in those countries would never be double or triple ordinary one the wildfire also point out that education should be linked to people's income
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level. back to the modern society employee dollars would be decided by the value of their labor. i point out that it unreadable but i think that tells a servant the general ankle level. i believed i would outperform in that it would impede upon every chinese person trying to equally share the benefits of reform. however professor from two non university economics to our chopsticks on the port side idea. tom points out the crucial point for point is not to do to improve the pan to the servant. and then shot to death. the government should gradually increase or dare employee pension. top ten for the talented chinese workers are too low. cover the film the dip a huge amount of money to the pension sure that the commies are earned money to go bankrupt. you lose both their jobs and their pensions. to make life difficult after retirement therefore top just the best way to tell the huge pension gap between servant an ordinary workers interpret the penchant of ordinary workers. she also mentioned that currently the total number of servants in china
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to pick one reforming the pension to dump the cover of all need to reduce the number of service otherwise the huge financial burden of their pension might collapse that to them in the future. a feisty dot com report that the celts were called to improve the pensions of ordinary workers like ten percent gently press the year the ten consecutive year that an increase in pensions for non government employees another radio still take many years. for ordinary people to the pink and covered official. okay that's all we had time for the date of the china price watch don't let them cool a bit of a cost of living in china until then you can use any of our episode online that you end up tv on top. ch i
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know it. when iam windows to see the pope for his prose about. l a and i definitely need a hot guy. when i was gone. that's a good thing the day. nice guy. it is our story. i'm still crazy enough to give them a call. we ate so much. so on. the ban on
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the film are available today place a gift. this is a good watering. though it might shout oh two teeny day the people. so i just read about this yet as that might be that they do that. she's acting. so what. no employee is at the skeptic that i don't think it's a mass audience. i went out with it and you know the day you get to that. ditto i know that the second and listen to all what then is it still wanting to get the astounding you had to mom all and what the scene it. bill maher failed to advance him. want to walk some. and what of all a great day. two weeks back it's the second sentence the film on any non am yet to
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get conceal me in and lamenting police effects are stunning stand. we have been at the assets. what are some of it with the aid of the fat end. i am ever so. yet the thought that things would be a building at you and the seaway day with output of the plate. actually i did decently we need a boost that we'll employee but the money i make the tie when will end on a youth athletic team standings at it. what attitude enough money to the speech that he said. at that. i was at it. i mean tell that it's a little. a bad day today. it is actually i'm an ekg at all
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i think about that. he was twenty. what happened there not to eat that. it is out of touch typing away at it to be small. a top player went on. we see with our math teacher name. apple maple me but the mock battle. the mii and a lot. traditional lands that and you know what you're doing it by not what i did just that. what to say for sure what to do without the film. to live it yet but it'll make you feel like the tbilisi of me that all you it'll all be out so they gave that meeting on the beach and the audio at one low after coming to kill the dse all the august that they were so many years and on about on the annual assessment today and she did like that. nothing much to see me they say. it was
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the secrecy. not that meant that funny yet and that we get monday off so i give consumers an enzyme which bought the senate. well sorry but you might just find that in the mean age of italy. it was something is fishy up with a goofy with the inset in an identical to the system i've been thinking not. it all on the bedding to scent of wood to send me a line up was the key eight q what do all that to me that you place in one go. i don't get bennett video is an act of the leading minds in a typically tops i bought this den of the davinci it but what i question. what's the east. in the asset backing. unless it's an nfl gap at all. until we stayed in tx. you could meet the bk showing the evolution of them fail. does it seek to manage
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another person and i feel when he sided with the yeti the d e b didn't that mean the tif went on to get some stuffs to twenty minutes of what the yes. chaos and political decline. the shell style meal was actually come from a supplement. go ahead and sees a nice friend to have a bunch of friends the thing lets rip with some paprika. all purpose seasoning and some killed there is a bill that the stovetop and then adding
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about a tablespoon and a half off at the royal. so that's the name change means costs down. are you proud. i read about four. go ahead and transfer it into a serving bowl. my heart. or. he and
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new. we went. welcome to nhk world news line and you know tony until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am. chinese police have detained a vocal critic of the way the government reached there we were the minority. a long time fugitive and four book called members is on trial for crimes he allegedly committed before his group carried out a deadly nerve gas


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