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oliver and i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available. this is your marketplace today research makes the network. new new new new room . the easy one is from berlin. so with things to do it. eleven that accused of killing lebanese prime minister. reopens and eight. one was pretty apple store is to face trial in a munich court. recharge. and
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it's out of it. well the three d space spectacular gravity towards the nominations list for the oscars. the lean years the people of lebanon on have waited for this day the trial of the four men accused of assassinating former prime minister would seek a re re opened on thursday. especially when quarterback eight but the men on trial are not at the trial they're still on the run and allegedly had ties to the shiite militant group hezbollah. will the trial suspects prison total could be a watershed eleven on putting some resolutions will cry and that the nation has never fully recovered from the special truck in lebanon is now in session. be specific. it may have looked like the beginning of every team trial that this one is different on several accounts it's the first international tribunals to deal with the attack and the first to start proceedings without
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the accused in the dark tree they're being represented by court appointed lawyers the attack. capture the attention of the world its effect reverberating long after the explosion subsided. the people of lebanon have the right to have this trial to hear the evidence and to seek the truth. the defendants for members of the militant islamist hezbollah militia are still at large. an international arrest warrant has been issued. they face a total of nine charges in connection with the attack. a truck packed with explosives killed hariri and left twenty two other people did when it exploded in beirut in february two thousand and five. the greasy fingers hopefully by the end of this i believe i begin to be and to get back to us. so far nine years after release assassination weapon on is still haunted by the attack
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the trial is expected to last months and to re awaken old traumas. the special tribunals fall in love among started with an analysis of all photos taken just before i'm off to the attack nine years ago there was other evidence. the procedure to explain how they linked data from old line phones to the accused. that was considered important for the victims and for the people in lebanon. even though the accused are no presents. the driver will is taking place in the hague and not in beirut for security reasons. parliament on the line now into beirut where correspondent martin j is on the story for is more what are the people in levin on saying what the scene about this track. make sure it is yet hugely important day for the political posts
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is that this could lead to send a petition to be waking up knowing it and that really killed mr hariri. but the humble people in the street. it makes you just open the mind to include that of the shipment is so cool i'm about to leave the doors to discuss all the appreciation of helping special criminal court this month. some of them and give them to a patrol homeless youths from this side of it that much. most people that the article. we have to think about what time the economy is going straight to the team is headed to the ms withdraw the money that would just let it go. and educational route or something more concrete to make even the gratuitous the trial itself. it seems rather strange that the suspects still at large i can say i say that some independent video of abuse over to the same thing but um it's not so touching in
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the form from where i'm sitting in lebanon. you know that going to cooperate with the top of that viewpoint the beginning was that any corporation would it be the ending of the suspects or not i'm sticking to it would actually get credit for the whole investigation and critic is to promote cool which is largely other western europe america climate change. which is going ahead with this pro team. on the short to be a look at the back. more words in the league martin and stay with this woman be back with you in just a moment. well as we deserved hariri's assassination was just one sign of the tensions between sunni and shiite muslims in levin on sectarian divisions and deepened since then have been made worse by the war in neighboring syria at least three people were killed and dozens more wounded when a car bomb exploded near a government building in the town of hair moment near
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the border to syria syria the blast happened in the predominantly shiite area of shattering windows and causing widespread damage to buildings. art is called becky and martin j he's on the story for a stint in beirut martin and sectarian divisions have deepened since hariri's assassination we know that's for sure what rep repercussions could a judgment in the heat have on this fragile balance of power in levin on me could a verdict ignite even more hostility in the country lebanon is being sold in the studio and a sectarian war to syria alone who was going to write this world is this condition occurs in top of the arab world the twins as she goes which is just getting word to us by that date the beginning and we
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have the potential crisis that the document from the moment mentioned in the old days so called balding from the respective groups not coming back today to report crime a good point about the problem in eastern lebanon which is as good as the real worry is that ultimately. she didn't want to use video to her in bed too late to the tribunal to the completion of the schools the commission will ultimately impact the tube but i wouldn't call the critic mike. the move that could be the final blip and that the witches. alan king's as good now with the government. i really have missed it. among the weakest saying that i'm in the one that had come just in front of the disease. ford taurus from the read more. thank you very much. fled to syria where the civil war drags on and preparations are underway for peace conference next week in switzerland. the male physician group as it decided
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whether or not to go speaking only a tube with secretary of state don't carry them to take. and one country that hasn't been invited to his ear on the strong supporter of president assad. the iranian foreign minister has been meeting with his russian counterpart in moscow said eli broad reaffirmed russia's position that iran needs to be a part of an attempt to reach a peace deal he said iran must be invited to attend the talks. what is the roman catholic church doing to protect children from sexual abuse by clergy that is the question being posed to the vatican by a united nations committee on the rights of the child in geneva. this is the first time that the vatican has publicly answered questions and defended his handling of child abuse cases in the church. this was a remarkably van. it's unusual for profit institutions and to the catholic church to the challenge by admitted to
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the obscure un human rights committee. not the church was willing to cooperate the carefree church is keen to become an example of best practice in this important endeavor. as required by the height of bad news and any deals incorporate it in the convention. how he sees signs the un convention on the rights of the child thirty four years ago but it failed to prevent widespread abuse of children by many of its priests. the vatican acknowledges that it failed to respond to the allegations of abuse that occurred to me victims of the month in more concrete measures to prevent abuse in future. what we want to achieve is to create a culture in which people feel that they can ask questions to protect kids so that nobody else and it's the first one to have suffered. committee members criticized the vatican has failed to provide figures on the scale of the abuse. but there is acknowledgment footsteps the church has taken such as making it easier to suspend priests and
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making bishops more accountable. the committee will have its report sentenced next month recommendations will not be legally binding but they will increase the moral pressure on the church to act. to some business news now and inflation in the eurozone is as low as it has been in years. in december it fell to zero point nine percent down from two point two percent a year earlier thanks to falling prices for fuel and heating oil. in contrast to the prices went up and alcohol and tobacco vocals to become more expensive economists point about potential inflationary pressures during the year of crisis. now inflation is full blown their projections. it was a downbeat day on mock exam and at the frankfurt stock exchange conrad gleeson said has this report the consumer goods maker biased off at the retailer's haul it from the netherlands and come forth from france have a lot in common they all are active on many not because of its way. and since
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they all come from the euro countries. they also have a problem in common the exchange rate of the euro against the dollar was meant to be high during the last three months of twenty thirteen which means that business making dollars after being changed into euros lost value for these companies that's why the sales and earnings of some of these companies did not rebuke to battle the way that the market had expected. one reason why that dax is thursday was pretty uninspired. the burlesque did manage to and trading slightly below record levels well you know they're up to wednesday's rally for the major markets here in europe. it was such a nice day for the german dax pulling slightly from table to the closing numbers the stalks is well. the euro stocks that is over too. you deal with the dow is sliding it is now the euro is also pulling against the us killed one u with still a thirty five ninety eight is
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the number alright it is high summer in australia and high season for bushfires fire fighters attacking ways of the wave of fun moving fine is intensified by i think what it is more dozens of bushfires are blazing across southeastern australia officials issued an emergency warning after two fires months in the grampians national park in the state of victoria. residents were told to leave immediately authorities are struggling to contain the blaze. no point in the situation is likely to get to the morris in adelaide temperatures soared above forty flight degree celsius on thursday who did whatever they could to simply cool down. even animals the zoo would give an icy treats to feed me melbourne is also wilting under the extreme heat temperatures was so high on thursday that organizes suspended play in the australian open to
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several hours. hundreds of pounds of already being treated for heat exhaustion health officials are urging people to keep cool. we need to restate the dvd release is a serious and in the snow nor any time for a student in to restate that hate and will be on time and we need to wait to get a second inning the place is set to continue through friday. but in many areas temperatures dropped on the thirty celsius at the weekend. some people see it as a basic question of artistic freedom while others it's simply a picture of battleship lunch but you're talking about a new brandenburw parliament building showing figures of historic figures and frank was a luxembourg are both stalin and hitler the oddest asks the question why did these people become the people they become. but that's not sitting well with everyone you don't have to
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look too hard to tell this is a portrait of on off hitler it's part of an exhibition which includes over a hundred works of art. the artist's name is to provoke people into thinking about the often fine line between a dictatorship and democracy the exhibition is raising eyebrows in potsdam and around the world. some people believe the artwork down plays go for is of germany the artist's a surprise. this is this this is not courageous insinuation is one picture is being taken out of its context as hundreds of other works has defended the council had not been so sick and there's a suggestive christian about it without mindful hits and comments are against it. for this insecurity. but hitler on the same level as west germany's first postwar chancellor caught right on in our. the conservatives want to have their picture removed but there are other opinions
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knowing you not fall dish some suggested hanging out landscapes in the phone instead. nobody would've said what about the women interested in what kind of fights and eight. and the fights are bound to continue. what's tom's new parliament building doesn't officially open until next week and so far. we will be at the opening party it was a whistle redbacks. i do. for it. do you i knew she was
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infected. i foresee the land to the teacher only. it aims to prevent mother to child transmission of aids. each nation. fourteen do something i make it a nation this is the shared with him and he's been in the driver's seat for a long time the vehicles then he turned full meal one into a billion euro business was in charge for decades now yours is stepping down from the board of directors as a german court orders that magnet to stand trial. it's alleged that he bribed the german baker. these are ready serving time for receiving the payment wilson's lawyers say he did nothing wrong but that may not prevent the link suggests the eggleston was always used to being the center of attention. einstein has not
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come down to us. back in twenty eleven when these pictures were taken to mt htc hero for me one last test appeared before the munich to speak for them as a witness but in april he'll be the one in the dark on charges of serious bribery and insight into fall. who in the united question and he used to be influencing the former by an alp bank board member to sell shares the bank and in formula one to two an investor has defended a chance in the form on the tenth of its concluded nicholson is accused of paying the whole hall. i keep trying to get to talk speak to enjoy his stay in control of formula one. that caused him to the nines that the saying instead that because he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison that's repeated with blackmail. prosecutors are put together a mall than two hundred page indictment and
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planted called sassy nine witnesses to testify against eccleston. and why he may be stepping down from the day to day operations. ecclestone still plans to stay in charge of formula one. come what may the one they are the talk about the joining us now in the studio is our deed of these sports correspondent jason martin said jason does this spell the end of. bertie couples in korea. but he didn't really write him off he's been around for very long time. that was hella be seen immediately steps had been taken atkinson is stepping down from the board he is eleven continuing to run the day to day operations they want to keep it in place but he's not be known as michael manage to write throughout history he's almost single handed the bill to form a new one so that's a big setback already for him and what remains to be seen is how the responses are going to react to this but the trial coming up to our sponsors that have ethical compliance rules that say princes has an opt out clause in the situation they could actually pull back into me to get out on what we don't know if it's kinda out of the pressure to pony up some before the trial he can start
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and put himself is is looking almost almost forward to it how he as a weapon said to me c to three years old his career. most people's careers coming soon and that's taken as pm he has himself said that he can run the operation goes through and considering he's eighty three years old one so the prison sentence we actually took the theoretically ten years that's for the same this is the very serious offence however none of that atkinson said he's gonna face that that the trial he's going to go to his debts he said still most looking forward to he said meaning the lovely city. it amazes me how enthusiastic he will be as a troubled season when he will actually participate. i also in germany there are lots of rules regulations and some of his eighteen eighty three we don't even know when but it's what the past if he's found guilty. whether he would actually go to prison at that stage with health issues and whatsoever. i personally think he probably won't see that it's a good reason. in his eighty three he was and is for many people for me to want a card to come. what will the sport be been
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without it. what is the big question and you see on a friend's ensues that red bull at the center said that he's want him to take over when nicholson does sat down he said that it tackles and is only one there is nobody else around formula. however it's such a big operation and some buildings multibillion operation. it's been a head even though he's been managing it all these years it is the ownership is elsewhere and they must be making at preparations behind the scenes eighty three years old we know that these potentially trial was coming up soon imagine that there are preparations in place a lot can happen post eccleston i would say that it gets bigger the nicholson and it has a bright future. it is where serve with vehicles inside afford to give her my space. mexico where the drug war has been taken to a whole new level. it's no longer just a vicious battle between cocktails and security officials armed vigilante groups set up and a recently approved by the state to
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defend civilians are taking the wall into their own hands the government is trying to reassert its authority its attention to disarm these groups but that's resulted in a standoff between the military and the vigilantes of meeting the deadly violence earlier this week. and in a twist to this whole story some weapons used in mexico's drug war has been traced back to a weapons benefactor. here in gemini and that is at the ammunition to the debate here over restricting german exports of weapons. trial began on the mexican state of the manner of december twenty eleven the hundreds of student protest as a doctor central high with the mounting holes into the college. among them twenty euro to gabriella activity. the situation the un offices of dr to see at the scene. tear gas to be a soft findings of the crime two minutes later
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the building activity it was shocked. he was one of two students killed that day the doctor does turned out to be the same kind of an innocent as he was buying makes. investigations revealed that local police had used it to mum to call g thirty six assault rifles but on the jumbo on arms exports. they should never reach the conflicts such as capital. this is where the g thirty six is built thousands of kilometers away in full and often sucked into many pentagon's inspector calls in twenty ten police swooped on the company's headquarters the others making it into the ride to mexican officials to boost sales that had exported nearly ten thousand feet thirty six assault rifles to the country many of them eat daily the company is being investigated on suspicion of violating the wall with his control and the foreign trade act. we have comedy investigating at least two suspects like on tv
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exact number. additionally the truth seeking to understand. to approve these illegal deliveries. many areas in mexico designated comfort zones and off limits to my own strengths. still the t thirty six is used in place. it is the oldest woman in the documents stipulated mexican destinations doctrine to make the weapons exports in the vehicle to watch it and call new robot six last year the company fired two employees claiming they were responsible for the violations. the man filed a lawsuit against the weapons to the court sided with the plaintiffs saying the layoffs were unlawful peace activist judge interesting to see is the brooding as a victory for him too. pasta roller. he's the one who reported hacked and coughed to the police back in twenty ten. listened to the ruling is a slap in
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the states for example the company's entire strategy has collapsed. they would just before six am confined to the management is key to today's ruling means the county has been a long list of things so it shouldn't. cox says it will appeal court ruling the company is refusing to comment on investigations into the weapons exports saying only that it is forty cooperating with prosecutors meanwhile more evidence continues to say is in mexico while filming a documentary in the country to get adult content of this film several messages on the thirty six assault rifles that they are taken from the local police the set of numbers for the interest of the german prosecutors. it seems germany's biggest arms make it. hasselhoff or explain them to do. well with some entertainment news now the races on the world's top film of prizes the oss gets right. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences has
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announced nominations for the eighty sixth academy awards. the winners will be revealed in hollywood on march the second three films nailed to their front runner status in the nominations. i mean. biologists rolling stones' first spacewalk. it is about to set off on a very long journey. santa's village is rolling in soon finds herself living in states completely cut off from everything except her own thoughts. director alfonso put jones film. gravity was nominated for ten oscars. i am i. the argonauts all the money and the spaniards and directed by david russo american hostile oh seven to ten nominations. it's a crime caper to the con man who's forced to work for a while the fbi agent there's another candidate for best film oscar twelve years a sleek directed by steve mcqueen. it
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deals with racism and slavery in the ushe c. fall into despair. on the true story of someone with a free man from new york who was kidnapped and sold as of late nineteenth century. it is not germany's oscar hopeful danl lee came out empty handed. he wasn't even nominated for his performances making out that in director ron howard's film runs. you may remember the international media fury close by to watch the baby cold day here in boulder on your wall imagining him and a double pack tn polar bear ubs are wowing the world from another germans these two new arrivals soon unique custom being shielded from visits. still the center of
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attention. the trim painted as a beagle which extends from the boldness of that case instead to just over a month ago. progress is being documented on camera. this book is the dirtiest it rains our unique experience to the sudanese to the system that it's not a fan stomach all day just being born and raised here. munson m to noon one of the last bit was twenty years ago on ski on if you have to stay inside the moment with them mom to ponder the many get him outside and meet the deputy history. until then however fans can watch their progress online. visit his website what do these don't disturb every bizarre. what you've seen it a few hints. and the yen. don't get to watch
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meets the world you were ever you go. she asks for your own tablet access program schedules on demand video. my name is pete over night stay i enjoyed the us versions available to secure the marketplace today research makes the network in him. tombston contact
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sandra now. since. austin has been on my way home. first two. two explosions at its that time. z's. mm. in it. in june. in it. the us. we caught the eye. i mean
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the you are. he knew me. woo hoo the day. been. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some of the chevron bp a lot. or c or c top of revelations former chief executive paul wylie was paid more than seven hundred thousand euro on retirement


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