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tv   China Price Watch  PBS  January 17, 2014 8:30am-9:01am PST

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unprecedented scale also on the web. and they've seen the torrens title. you knew we wanted . oh and welcome to try to pray for the economics of everyday life in china climbed off the winter luckily caught the train ticket scalpers. more to the work that you end up tv today money matters. she loved that. our question
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today what they were not functioning and cool consumer quarter. well woven a credit card. if you're a chinese internet users have to say about it. wanting to donate today. it tightens up markets to start over. but before all that with the look of the top right like in china first up and aunt honey in it. eighty percent of people will spend more than one month's salary on the spring festival. with the three thoughtful commentary. many chinese people are clean and go back to hometown for family reunion. a recent online questionnaire to the bygone time eating it with them over six hundred net users. in the survey seventy percent responded that they would go back to their hometown for spring festival. and for the people who do not wanna go home. most of puerto rican the lack of money. nearly eighty percent ninety percent but going home for the spring that will cost them more than a month salary. among them fifteen percent of estimated that nearly half years the act. the major cost three or more transportation
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read and look for and parties and new clothes. there are many other reasons for not which are also given just too much work can be separated parents talking about marriage. next up i do not come only ten percent of wealthy alumni can lead to their alma mater. chinese media release. only ten percent of wealthy alumni would donate the university where he graduated from utopia wanted to be less than thirty million us for almost five million us dollars in the past few decades. the survey showed the wealthy alumni from the university started the boat to china the donations for packing university to more than one between us. about a hundred fifty million dollars at the end of two thousand thirteen. got ninety a wealthy alumni from tech university where more than a hundred between us. well the alumni from the university of china to him that eighty two million dollars total. that earned second place among the chinese university wealthy alumni always regarded as the main card is for donations to their alma
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mater. data showed that more than two hundred wealthy alumni have to read to the universities where they graduated. the total donation from the popular night. not to about six hundred fifty million us dollars in the past few decades. finally in the dot com i can companies are having wild end of year meeting. the lunar calendar two thousand thirteen. then off to the chinese new year coming up. most chinese companies hard to hold their annual meeting during that time she trys to keep an eye to the company which is famous for its free antivirus software is making headlines for year end awards the continued through the tv during the war told me about eighteen million us. with three million us dollars to complain. neither could the porsche cayenne which got more than a hundred fifty thousand dollars. the thing that most internet users are interested in the team in three fifty. but if they missed out the pornographic meeting. now lov annual
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the pictures of the actors can feel the meeting were spreading online. not just teenagers chicken with wild awards either other ip companies are getting in on the fun. t dot com when did they get the chance to stop the applicant ought to be about one million yuan in cash during the annual meeting. baidu china's largest search engine company less rowdy meeting invite the parents of their employees to attend the annual meeting. they didn't get quite cold the medical supplies. ali baba for toddlers. i can compete the elder and a meeting. whatever wasn't expecting that it amounted to about a big surprise. because of their breakthrough performance durg thehole go away because of that money matters. not clever way to cheat on that station. china has become known a the countryere those who copied at tha. find the right and to the right time is more important coming up with it by one goal originality is really protected as you can drive our thrifty. plagiarism is
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very common academia and china are numerous academic journal i kept read write research papers the norwegian press that price depending on the workout. but that's mostly for professors to want to keep her job. students who want to get into college i found out that cheating on the national debt to help them too. dr lucrative business. there's so much weight given to the exam scores. earlier this month one point seven million tiny didn't attend the postgraduate school entrance exam. the harbin university applied to technology. when the school examination room. many high ranking ministers at the university for free. i did for cooperation with professional teachers. enable the company of heaven and to think of them in their exam easy peasy it under the old media revealed nearly one hour after the exam started the review which a nearby school. the red began question and answers. i've investigated by fuji tv hundreds of students were involved in this team team in harbin. two related companies
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that provide the changes that were closed after this report the two companies were labeled as education organization. the prime of their student to pack the nba head coach guy that went into them. that's a lot of fake education organization. i've been showing up in recent years. but then promptly did and they're packing rate could reach ninety percent of the real thing the organization did not hope that it was officially studying and doing and had to take that time to teach them how to cheat with their equipment. he couldn't usually included one wireless headphones and a radio receiver. one of them are small and about t type of battery now. and usually didn't own color to blend in better the staff members of t sixteen companies act exam takers compared to compete in two years that we do so we needed to remove them. and the review river steamers to be covered by coming fall. this blog thing to do that to get her fever on the student body the tape
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the dems are taken with her they are easily hidden. at the summertime in the winter clothes. the teams are entered into an eraser up and clapped and what a neck be taken to attacking her according to beijing and the cost of the equipment is very cheap. the basic os or manufacturers is only forty you and what the seven dollars and ten companies can get one for ten to fifteen dollars. by filling it and just attack the kicking twenty thousand dollars for ne markeinsirs told t beijing is one subct on t national college entrance exam. the cost of getting three thousand to five thousand us dollars. it shouldn't need to pay for stuff to the toll revenues from one to ten years twenty thousand dollars. don't go away because of the cooking to look a clever way to cheat on tests taken. welcome back to china price watch. in today's money matters were talking the clever way to tm at. you can pay companies to help them to china. the weird
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happened during the attack the people can tell them the impetus. i do hope that you prepare for the cheating endeavors. for all the wonders of the fact that the answers which to get the two main exam. from the national them. but the cold and damp when the nba them their measures taken to prevent cheating the demo offers a combined degree compound. he replied been closed off location until attack to finish the test papers are off the field until the dam began there are other ways to beat the system. no she didn't come back again takers go to attacking her and what is an electronic camera and take pictures or videos of the past keeper the information is then quickly spent a good test takers. for the banned in china last three hours. you can't take it all in one hour to complete a whole paper but during this one hour to change them takers. not to get around and do nothing there's some to require new to me the answers to all the cats identical be the one
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to prevent people from copying. sydney the read the whole paper things differently with the question he has hinted that question but the orders changed. could it be entered in a timely manner. you can know where to find the question. didn't intend to them. for the multiple choice test would not be read in the number and the multiple choice to enter. but the duck confit and choices. can we get them printed page turning which might be a red flag the cheating company's copper declined to fight them not to worry about making any question. be informed of the radio were pink and has multiple times until the jam is over. the cheaters get caught get a pretty harsh penalty. for most of them good call by the court that protected her from taking it again for one to three years the test takers for nationwide cap for the national college entrance exam are considered the secret to protect information is weak or properly shared them with the person illegally sharing the secret. lincoln had gone
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and tiny cameras rolled products strictly controlled and china are pretty much like a way to cover want control over it. people of all the teasing them to go to prison for three years. you can't do that and when the most important moment in the life of a tiny person. a lot of pressure to get a good score. the people have been well known spend a lot of money on it. nikki people putting their efforts toward being the vtim rather tn sdying. going to jail for cheatin on testsould really get people back from reaching their academic goals but the country to kill the copying the beginning that it is a good skill to own. don't go went on to her question today when debating the punting and cool. you can now time for question the day with a zinger to do with their take on issues affecting our lives. today we have people mystery of the top and cheating in school. with the people there but the current situation
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shell the shares into oblivion. cheating on exams is a common problem in universities. i work in university myself the students miss the days of exams every year. there's no way to stop it despite the punishment. the bassoon is achieving in my university will be expelled want they are male. now only a small amount of people ecstatic and i don't think it's a common thing. the content network or the like. she is eating anything and it becomes harder. the key to future more in that way that people will be pressured and tt being a computer. again it's pretty common nowadays for people to cheat on exams however i've never done it for her to anyone that cheat only her let it continue cheaters should be banned
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the band began the next two years as a punishment. what's more he noted that a defendant relied on taking today off with the line and i had written down. today we would be. he had the painting the dvd having to be needed and the feeding tube be completed and too high. what a way to change i've never cheated on exams and i don't think many people are doing management perspective and conduct various cars i know that twenty ten official exam for example the college entrance exam. one will get harsher treatment than twenty of the coop seeking. to be high. he can they would not touch that can be found in china that too much pressure on tv. i mean. think of to
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work or we take a look at trent green above here in china confidential the couple in the credit card. credit card to become very common ways for many chinese people that spend their money credit card consumption has also been the main way for universities tend to spend their money. after the show them one thirty three percent of chinese university student or credit card users the survey also showed that credit card can be more popular among freshmen university. the per capita ownership of credit card one freshman and sophomores in universities is about to park most of them preferred to pay for their online shopping with credit cards the industrial commercial bank of china. the condition that eighty two million credit card. as of june two thousand thirteen the transactions using credit cards. but seven hundred fifty billion us the top of the twenty four billion dollars for the popularity of credit card and universities not exposing young people to the rest of the credit. tiny dot com reported that some tiny think
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issued credit cards go about the content credit limits for university student. that went to the discussion online id card from the credit histories of many people chinese media release them and wanted to get a loan to buy a house. but he was refused because he didn't pay off a fifty five dollar credit card bill. the credit card only fifty cents credit limit on it. the universe he made you discard a pincushion due to low credit limit. he didn't use a credit card at all. when the men graduated from university. there was something wrong credit card records. when he went to paying for health the thing to keep them because that is bad credit history. that meant after an explanation from the bank which issued the card. they didn't tell them anything. it exposed the people in the cards credit and debit card. if people want you too can feel the need to put money in the first. if people don't react to implement what don't need a car for consumption when he adopted by the bank indicated that people have to put money into the cart and
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use them. like it to pay fees the thing is that they did not pay interest on the money to put in. they also have to pay extra fees if they want to withdraw cash with the cart. the people don't pay for the fun. the credit and lower. many chinese net users without their dissatisfaction with the credit card as well. a few to hold the view that the will of the card is very common in universities. when the user status quo. some universities would cooperate with banks to introduce a credit card to him. they can often get benefits from it that didn't mean that universities are not computer other stupid all the cord to my understanding. those universities might want to give a lesson to speed. chris will have the chance to ruin their life. the mother that he has pointed out that truly wicked for big issue because the credit card. when the teaser for the typo. many chinese they prefer to advertise the credit card to universities as well that and doesn't it. you would not tell the customers that the card to very low credit
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limit. it really helped improper more and more customers as a result. it's really on what to do so in the long run. internet users also questioned why the targeting college students. they want to know why didn't approve of getting good cards. they don't have the bling come when they use the rope tow. d although most university students to have people come into the goal for them to get a credit card in the name to hide anything to prove the pension credit card please people. the only reasonable reason to give these things are trying to get more profit by cheating consumers. they're just wretched. when market. many think and china are choosing that our university student the renewed credit history the complete iran. from pulling out well. but most are big purchases like cars and houses. the food at the university which made him use his card. in the cart over to the end of the particular student otherwise it will get many donations. moving on now to
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get the prize. we find out how will they do understand the cost of living there with people mistreat think of how much it cost the people in the welcome tea. but the look of the guests the answer could be sold for more than two thousand five hundred us dollars. right not too high the students could look into account and have to get into the cold. the answer social institutions like teachers university. and it's quite common that students pay for it. the vet. and the cost i can't stand people who make them think and i'm hoping you can see he can't and didn't want to get into comics recorded and husband cheating on crime and should not try it on. and i were to go i get
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the interest are sold for sixty to seventy us dollars prices by twenty five hundred us dollars or two which tend to forget that only rich people are finding of the region to get a better future. i know why. peter pan she had pink peach and green when cooking with it. to comply. the four hundred us dollars to get people to heed the call attention to their mostly because everyone wants to go to a good college however no matter how much there's no excuse for cheating in any way undermined the third of it it hurts other people chances the class. the people who teaches one to two hundred and fourteen nowadays. i think i don't think many people could keep the company in the current expansion i'm looking at all
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how close the gap and got one subject in the match went into camp like cheating but you can pay company three thousand to five thousand us dollars. if you need to take four subjects. the toll revenues from one student turned twenty thousand dollars for getting caught can be a big risk and the commission went on tilt now proper development debate we dig deeper to some the question shaping the future empress of china they will teach me chinese actress. the bidding. china's stock market to let companies go . china's stock market regulators prefer people try to stop market has led many companies are overvalued and don't want to teach them the biggest earners with money. ben covington going cover officials believe that many chinese companies going with less pressure on the stock market. but on the kids in big companies off the market opening of the stock market is worth much less. the chinese stock market hasn't the healthy
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growth. still the company to go . the two dramatic change in the year two thousand china's stock market regulators. the china securities regulatory commission has resulted in ipo. we get closer to november two thousand twelve the commission found that the health inspection campaign before restarting the company's ipo. after fourteen month suspension the commission finally agreed to reopen it. chinese media reported on the left if you doubt and thirteen the commission approved by chinese companies go the january first. this year now that the companies are given permission to ipl previously chinese herbal displayed newly issued stock he manipulated had very high prices. their price to earnings ratios and total capital would also been exaggerated. it is small and medium sized investors can barely afford to purchase you should stock. but this time time to charities rated trade commission and they've already reform the auditing system for going . if you
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people call it won't happen again. financial commentators the us where article showing his coffin to restart ikea the contest if any typos for longtime worker of the function of wanting to stock market. although the chinese government mentioned several times the lord direct financing as of now will be in direct line to dominate the market. to point out that a restart would be crucial to re configuring capital to believe that this could help make china's financial system more dynamic. to understand concerns about high pressures that the price to earnings ratio and capital will come back with you share things with the reason is quite complicated. they combine both of them at home for the time to contribute or commissioned an investor speculation. covers the building of the reforms ipo to them when they get closer to being a flea market rate mechanism. the bullies of the new regulations to protect the right to low and medium sized investors the financial commentators and we jumped in the optimistic about bringing back ipo but truly there are
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over seven hundred chinese companies when on the list to go . the total funding to know which one to win us the two huge amount cannot be handled by china's stock market until two dollars and twelve. china's stock market size. the malacca hundred to lead you back or sixteen billion dollars. the point of taking the lead in the ten hundred copies go and different batches over saturate the market. that might weaken the value of listed company. this is especially bad for those with the shanghai and shenzhen the fundamental problem to ikea restart. i haven't touched a crucial problem of china's capital market. you give us the party as an example. when the us economy was in recession largest company like apple microsoft intel opened up huge cash reserves. his dad at his company finally let us stop working out of a struggle however due to leave on time upmarket no copies would never get a chance to get huge. large companies to pay the same no matter how bad it
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didn't forgot. that is how to make time to come to value the show. this is a big issue the government that an ipo restart a more market oriented approach the upcoming ipo in china can completely change china's stock market. but it's going to take a major change the extended note to give china's best private companies could use a high over hong kong and singapore okay that's all we have time friend today that the china price watch terrific time for the winter from a cost of living in china. until then you can get a neighbor of the current online that you end up in the dark ch sissies
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there was beauty. when iam windows to see the pope for his prose about. panel. a new identity in a day portland has been on. that's a good thing. nice guy. it is our story. i'm still please email me call them. with so
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much. so on. the ban on the dome of available today i see a gift. so not to get water into an opera stage he boarded my shout oh two teeny day the people. it's a lot to do some not so fun about this yet as that might be good they do that. she's acting so what. no employee at the skeptic that i don't think it's a mass audience. i went out with it and you know that the day you get to that ditto i know that the second and listen to all. what then is still wanting to get the astounding. anyone that i'm all and what the scene it i don't want they'll take that and still want to walk some. as more of all a great
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day. two weeks back it's the second sentence the film on any non am yet to get conceal me in a moment and we see the sun and sand. we have been at the assets. what are some of it with the icky stuff that an imf or so. yet the thought that would be a building at you and the seaway day with output of the plate. recently we need a boost that. we'll employee but the money i make the tie when will end on a double sided team standings at it what added fifteen and twenty. the speech that he said. at that. what i didn't want to come to me tell that
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it's a little. a bad day today. in it. actually at my ekg at all. i think about that. he was twenty. what happened there. no posting it is out of touch typing away at it to be small. a trumpet player went on. we see with our math teacher name. apple maple me. but the mock battle. the mii and alarm. some old friends. that and you know what you're doing by not what i did just that. and what to say for sure what to do without that film too. the lack of due out in the second of may to deal with the tbilisi of me that all you it'll all be out though. they gave the needy during the experiment the audio at one low after coming to kill the dse all
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the august that they were so many years and on about on the annual assessment today and she did like that nothing much in sydney they say. it was physically see it another item in the summer yet and we entered monday also might give consumers an enzyme which bought the senate. well sorry but you might guess buying at the mean age of italy. it was something has to catch fish ever they feel that the things that an identical to the system. i guess ii the vatican not. it all on the bedding to scent of wood to send to me. in the process the ato what it all but two the debate in one go. i don't get bennett video is an act of the leading typically tops i bought this gem of the davinci it but what i question. was he speak. in the asset backing. unless
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it's an nfl gap at all. until we stayed in tx. you could meet the bk showing the evolution of them fail that distinction that jack was at my heel when he sided with the yeti the d e b didn't that mean the tif went on to the abdomen steps to twenty minutes of what the yes. chaos and political decline. the air. i can reach and statistics. you know
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sometimes the too much the us. now on dvd. low low you knew you. the us. i don't. welcome to nhk world of islam in chino tummy until chilled. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour. i am someone has thrown a grenade and anti government protesters in bangkok leaving many of them did. people in south korea are facing more trouble caused by air pollution blowing in from seighboring china. and dr


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