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tv   Taiwan Outlook  PBS  January 18, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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that are strictly military effort. each. are you. you will will will will the eye sea. i have. olivia single welcome to a brand new edition of the tub while. probe and the presents that different faces and that you keep it that the voices on taiwan on the hosts were equal. for many of us. russia
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is far away country that feel this income one know much about. and that is why away the light that and on that to have on the probe into the midst of vaseline over abbas geek who stood representatives of moscow high paid coronation commission on economic and cultural cooperation to talk to as above the state of bilateral relations between russia and taiwan will come to the program is that bilbo was key. hello everybody montreal that can all go to war. thank you for waking me up conversation with a few folk of me on the probe and the pleasure is ours and theirs to start off the program was to build lost the windmill. the russian has always being of the reported regional international player billion year yourself you know economics political and also military. k you can tell it's a little bit about the state of your country since many of the scene
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taiwan. nope not much of all you are beautiful country packed with pleasure. yes but it's difficult to speak in one word about pressure because it's as if you wish to carry it teaches the long history and rich culture news and much tomato resources of you may know you. and that with a vague developed country or world flower with me. point to the snow and especially recently on high tech and development and death. there were of course some misconceptions maybe its time of prussia in many places of the world including taiwan because some people claim that russia is something far away to bolton and un understandable that some women see that perhaps some polar biel or abuse their working along
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the streets because of the truth it's not that it's not the case it's not mean that it anyhow mike king that as far as we talk the time the bills who want to travel to do business in russia and would get a better understanding what my country in years. this news has mentioned that though the shelf course traditionally pr lot of misconceptions income on the bubble of russian is the only slight bird filled with the chorus for example the last twenty years or so russia has undergone a lot of changes. you know the sinking can be said about how one as well. russia is now generally recognize who is one of the leading emerging markets in the world is a member of the brick built the rac and this really has demonstrated more strength on international and regional issues. not only in terms of legal political and
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military dimensions bowls clinton's hope you know like you mentioned the economic an old school technological sheeps. so when you don't get this you know how old you or your meal basque country. as you fall all over did you know the last fifteen twenty years. and what is the field of view that russia will like the rest of the wall including taiwan to half of russia today. first i must to make it kind of disclaimer because you mentioned political and military aspects emily atm non governmental organization when they are doing politics he is a no no for me to comment on that chair. but to that is set well known that the russia it has the cutest into a m the couple that lives in newark and another cop and asian students and that even in russia the terms of national symbol the eu leaders to head to me and
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said that one can go on you replace full list here than any other real time asia to the east. so we are may be called a euro each and country exactly that and that we are trying to play our role in bowls continents in a shack. and in europe had to help economically. to participate in the integration process is that too and make our own contribution to the sustainable development on all the empty these days is staying in the region. so that the people. in these aren't the region as well as globally because we are living in the era of globalization and the quantity of copper lead and a half to spare it. and though we did get to fully applies to the deep ties between russia and taiwan and which are based on the perception that our
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cooperation in economic and cultural other fields diego was in line with the interests of the people of the two sides. and four in the interests of which are named on the stability of daylight. the sustainable development of the avocados nuts. and how believing it's the end it you know since we talk about the tremendous progress to taken place in your country as close to taiwan. and though what can you tell this in your own personal observation. for some of the similarities and differences between russia and taiwan. of course we can start off by saying the size is very definite have to load the number of people the bill to the different years. but other than the obvious you know can you tell that something falling your perspective as a foreign visitor the income of forty years i would say that
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the core that many the difference is that you have mentioned. why am i to the territory and had a number of population that mr edmonds and i think it said everybody it's what everybody understands. i'd rather see that many senior medic use his wealth and learns to say you were named in the climate dwindling in somewhere sometime somehow always be global warming the summer when the russians have been even hotter them immunity and in that. in taiwan and give you walk along the streets. in in in moscow and other cds. you just see the same picture the same young people attending. at the same. have we use to playing man to man is indeed they did the same kind of new music and did well. it seemed that what she can fancy shops that sold
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beer manny's to your letter to spend i'd see that add to what is the most singular between and to this i would save the most important. it's in the nation all for the people who deal in taiwan and is rushed home because rush really well known as the opt in russian side well known to people with open hearts did the same. i can see about putting the catwalk a if the cost of going to warm warm hearts won worldwide hospitality to guests. that's what unites states. and i think that's a very good point and time happy that i am in discomfort of the leftist be his stand that that is to chew valley love the people to people relationship that we have between russia and tumble in rehab because for me. relations that so called grassroots relations or religion from heart to heart
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to be the only basis on which the real cooperation in economic and cultural fields can be created in the face and those we know that in the midst of the week lost the use of beans come on as state director. they'll ask the representative of the ntc office. bella since november of two thousand and nine and you can tell it's a little bit about the kinds of promotional programs that you have to implement it in the last few years to try to working parents. the bow tied to relations between the old russia and tumble that when it comes out don't do long mane all our office to wear non governmental office we represent the coordination commission of moscow tape a combination commission for economic and cultural cooperation is this what our aim is to help billion pounds
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in the lab. mutually beneficial it beneficial to the area's cultural exchanges education exchanges and to morrow learned that trade and economic operation and the web's to go out. we are glad today the bca and the united chamber of mars to help taiwan and that as the new enough you wanted this to nominate us as her award as has been a while now all the outstanding trade missions and that they too can receive the award will tackle that use our humble efforts to guard the understanding you want to think colby that taiwanese friends to help us to win because without their help we would do nothing to fear him of this i'm sure your efforts over the last few years have been richly deserve. in terms of receiving this award gives thank you very much. but we know that mystical abbas key
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in terms of being pulled in utah understanding on both sides. mikey said the changes to clean the area of education and also towards the very important. for some of the field. rolf de he had seen in the last few years billy in this area of education that no school tours. i know we have had good educational ties between the taiwanese universities and russian universities you and it looks so far. student exchange and we have every year. also that many. quite a number of russian. and that professors are working kid teaching at tony's as students. a russian language fresh from the true church and culture because says russian college freshman which are either one of the mages. yet industry all
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bake the taiwanese university the next ten g in a misty the political and national university and a cold cut some calm and cultural. and the poetry of this scheme we have a growing number is growing year by the year. oral weekend about from twelve to fifteen thousand to ten when he's resisting. every year it inside. we have about eight point five thousand that businessmen who are going to russia marked with a tourist site you there but that is a bit to do business. oh to do of business tourism golf course good for them we need to take the first radio program today it will be back
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i have. it is. is. steve
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the welcome back to the second part of the scroll then he'll become law look on post we will will continue our conversation with mr thus a legal philosophy which the representative of moscow type a coronation commission on economic and cultural cooperation. this is the lebowski you have being the representative since november of two thousand and nine. and you have seen him into a number of different programs in the area of economic cooperation cultural exchanges and educational visits and changes. and in your personal p one piece the assessment of the state the pot to relations between russia and taiwan today. i'd say that. the everybody knows that we have no official ties between russia and taiwan has lifted the state doesn't hamper. in the promotion and
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all for economic cooperation and mutually beneficial cooperation in other fields starting from a common me we moved to a lot even in the years to time here and of course a freshman when we started we started with a very small copper a chalet joint venture between small time coming the small company said from say it's a nice now we come to an already complex than that contracts and then cooperation between the real beat. corporations will of the two sides and the beast is a grueling. now mom. oh you can find some perspective to the perfect gifts and now as far as the russians reach with energy resources. in many operational use in humans. yet humans. well it's
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high and taiwan and well known for its eight key developments here. and on the other hand. russia is well known for its fundamental studies in seoul kate and death. had science and technology cooperation on break. come to a vertical because there we missed it. i know about complimentary structure of our economies still i think that cooperation and in an energy and not that more investment in infrastructure. over russia because of its waste territory news and a. also in operation in every other fuels that we're an emphasis on ict and development. which is already on the way. cancer and that the future okay. and though we're now looking at the neal pollack picture to endure more more ill
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the interactions stanley seen the area economy built between the two sites. what is standing as far as chic and you know tell this what is the total volume of trade between russia and taiwan for example in the year two thousand called it. i'm an a in the year off to sew and quilt. we reached in the in turn dollar which was an absolute directors and we stuck to our contact you. it reached up to four point seven billion years dollars to that we're showing twenty one percent of girl wonderful hair which is rather beat this and a dark tree. it is continuing to go uphill. this year the situation is perhaps a little more difficult because most of us i bought economies are facing global financial
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it is also financial crisis but on the other hand thanking both russia and taiwan are coming out ok now you all these consequences imported consequences. like luckily did and we can conditionally discharged without terrific and goodness that bilbo boss key the water some of the ideas that come when exports to russia. and conversely what are some of the items that we import from russia. i think that many of the drawbacks of taiwan where you will in every average family is that for instance these in first place near a computer to see that such names as set out to be sick or taste it and are well known by everybody and many of the rational russians can sedate to be the best on the point of view all fluffed up price quality ratio. ok that and also the ona many
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other products like to make their mall while on stage dc everything good and a half from russia that you do export. a hour. in our old man tell them that timber some other chemical products used them anyway and did it we head to east la last year eight and became a new map saying that more and more chocolate produced in russia or candies city are important detail i will conclude and the little monkey different i did just that you mention which one though to hear your stay you seen the most potential for growth. for example a game released in one room for a computer to boil in the russian market or is it for example chocolate to attend the state i'd say that the then unknown limits. ok actually no limits and because it again in one word i'd see
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that. what russia means for taiwan knew i would say used to work with boxed set that date which uses them boston's old opportunities including business opportunities. for example folks come corporation has invested a lot and it's working out for creating any yes i'm that big jam productions site for the lcd monitor tv mom and tourists in russia and quite recent example the logjam operation and a has opened to full fledged production all for lunch an suv today in russia good with the baby clams are all opening and that hopes they'll steal the rest of the details of all russia and the bsu these are assembled in the self prac. of course they have to meet the competition of many
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international companies listed in there but that we share logjam the very best is spencer lee has a yield potential. a lot of potential in the russian market. and then those given the fact that youre looking at the pass rush to market. of course is very attractive to many taiwanese manufacturers of goods and services but feel for the average business person named tom walked in the kenyan team neo tremendous potential in russia. but they also come to you know maybe the preliminary heard of. in the sense that the old russian is big no doubt know is how lot of potential gifts but the all russia is far away. and the calling that can be ill with a docile friendly you know sometimes and the couple with the fact that you believe we speak different languages. no i mean english can be a beach will be on i know it this is bad but you know trying to deal with them learn the language both bikes you
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know it isn't difficult process for a lot of people so we in your opinion what the faintest admits that russia offers compete with other emerging markets in the area for example southeast asia. oh and you know other places. to attract taiwan businessmen uncle neil's appear to mean that's what is the event is to brush i believe my view is that in these is that in one word is mainly ip look at information technologies with taiwan is sarah. a war leader years or one of the world the years and then russia has a good infrastructure for that. that place is said to invest in them opened up to you for making the production of ninety and also as i have mentioned previously i had the big with fundamental research because we cared for by the way that a good
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cooperation in fundamental research work of more than a hundred joined the fundamental research it together soon to be implemented in production of crops need. so i think i t is the most. at the scene which has the most prospective silk and also in construction to make the interconnected that we're developing twelve freshmen resorts this one because say these guys think a group of report taiwan because and eleven which is not the problem because more and more time in the middle english is as english is the base. i know some taiwanese company schoolwork in and the moscow than the old air with the papers are written in english. good thing and another aspect is what dc are some of the you know opportunities made the flow of russian and prices to come to taiwan and the best know for example which so you too will come
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with a very tough and take a very good russian restaurant in taiwan. bill provides some authentic food for the people didn't like the law other than that the dc some possibilities in the area yes thinking because we had an import we have a supper it's actually an ironman in the out tray has so if taiwanese expert to russia news yet to grow a little more milk and we cope with growing more news. so we are ready to buy it here and we are buying. lots of spare parts for creating for the op immobile in the streets of. for the ed bike in the streets him and also for them. aa. you know some infrastructural projects his time. hi how you would like to mention they are the new bikes says in manga into the city but that we were and what would we do
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there is something to learn here but now we kept stopping the super kid the very same system in moscow. so the pictures one evil twin is in pain. and finally do you think that there's a potential with taiwan. maybe a new feature to become a partner. too many of the russian firms for example he'd be looking to go to southeast asia. love the part of the smart kid. maybe there's the potential for pardon should ideally i think of course there is a potential partnership. in the chinese speaking world in the south east asia and in asia is calling the asia pacific but not only nature and to russia can serve as a breach of war. taiwanese go he did demonstrate to you or me including the western and eastern european and add some i'm going to sign you know under development for making production on russian
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territory which can be explored. it was an awful word to european countries for it. yet we need to take another break of a prelim will be back fan. it is. sells. says. the welcome back
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to the world and you know that while the on post we will or will continue our conversation with this the vast illegal but last week was the representative of moscow type a coronation commission on economic cost will call for rage. mystical mosque he would understand there was something youh was sd and came to own up to over sixteen in the year two thousand thirty and that was the aviation agreement between russia and taiwan can you tell was a little bit about the significance
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behind the agreement. even till evening meal remains commercial in nature. of course that and it was a quite candid am busy now about actual high speed has for many years and that businessmen from most nights and the kids ask us had to help some call them to reach each other the more costly fees and a possible directly and so on october sixteen n framework agreement on aviation between moscow and taipei between russian bit of respect for him. i want to miss being outside she didn't have a look at it and it doesn't mean the media star all the flights because the heat has to be followed by a commercial negotiation but you are all busy. nobody said it concerned and interested. what i call her
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that in. in the coming months hopefully that will will will see the first flight and now i'll be happy to report to you that if the hwy use the direct flight from taipei to moscow it will take no more than eight or nine our city depending on the pulpit hall told us to take fullest now. now applied to neil moscow icy and now as it indeed you must pick one up and ate a ton i am hours plus three hours of flight to hong kong with a solo to vietnam to the north of tokyo and then a couple hours so far as the little mover years and so it makes me a little more me a lot more convenient for many people and how would you think the aviation agreement will help to enhance the meat on the stand the nicest among the business community but also the money
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or to people what to make it easy for example for people to travel uncle who is absolutely because of mad that we expect an a or eyes that a man and a number of tourism lane from russia to taiwan and that of a mobile switching from taiwan to russia. most will not come only businessman but today the youngster's be off taiwan is being asking us to hate it very hard because they want to go to study russian to get them into budget did and did the one to go directed rather than by a yale as cold or it's just oh four at the kids michael quickly with little to play very good school years and missed until the boss he you know that tourism since two thousand and eight. has being considered by the government here. as one of the six star industries in town while. and we're delighted to learn that the bow tied to a tourism
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held between russia and taiwan has been increasing in the last few years and that given the fact that gays that the man for more business travel as close with tourists and profits. bill what do you think is the likelihood that the maybe one day e in the future of russia can give taiwan passport holders the beast the waitress that this bill tylenol has you know old clothes two hundred thirty countries in the world that you know of places that give taiwan passport holders though the rnc passport holders tv so we fix that this is something likely to happen in the foreseeable future use. in principle that because many times am asked this question. in principle a russia that stands for the zoo we were swedes everybody in the war years oh we have talking about that we the united states we the european union with everybody and it's toll we've seen is the only
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logical way in the arrow logo that i did this same time. we have to respect our own legislation law says that unfortunately under present legislation. there are some provisions in the news that related to the absence of officials said that relations between russia and taiwan you know that it doesn't make possible. the reason we were at the moment of rabbit on the other hand. let me assure you that as far as i'm cheerful for years and never heard the complaint from winning taiwanese or taiwanese tories company there was any difficulty. i whipped up a new russian visas. some only be one some of the people can see read today in the man that martin said the man. and just to remember that we were in maine biting at my chamber of
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converse i tizzy. oh one and two outstanding trade missions one of the trade deal. this is indeed excellent. visa service needs i still know that we are we hoping that to know what the in taiwan with it and the house because we insisted that these was the essay as it was before okay. and as we say you know tourism is a very important issue for colonies. and then given the fact that neil was that we are looking at you note the tories into increasing the years have juarez some of the places for example if i'm traveling to russia for the first time. bad news that opened last the day you would recommend as must see and must do what some of the tourism attraction where some of the places that common goal of some of the foods i must be i must name the company which only arabic is there a lot of them but to that meaning something course the center of
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everything in russia is said is that the cto of moscow which is the biggest ep that the new workbook by population and high territory to its intended as many tourist attractions and to the er because the braves hit them and other big cbo brush unlike some pictures for you which is holding. vella a lever than traditional museums and art to fox. that one can see posts over the net. the usual the net to people in taiwan have seen go fresh or something. as far away but they share something very close to taiwan in the russian far east legacy killed let us talk with the help of the apec summit of the new year. and it's very close and death. i would i would concentrate on another thing which is just in the middle of rush a weekend day ellie. named by kyle liked. its territory
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it's the oboe at thirty five square kilometers. then with placements which amazed at just the territory over the island of taiwan you just imagine the depths only delay call wednesday but a delay their uni their speeches. i did laugh at him at nowhere in the world. had that fish which is very tasty reaches said no one is and what is more important than these lake. what is there any specific because awe at the keys clean and good for drinking to alivia or whatever you do with that he cleans itself. it's so unique is that there is a new field of science called liam ideology which means study all bike up all that and because it's after that is one of the america will still do world is that it's absolutely a must see. ok so
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far is if hamas can. at about five hours by car and have no known on the levelling up by plainly just in the middle of the whole creepy dead is quite some distance was healed of being caught one yet so we'll publish some of the things that you must buy a sony is coming back to taiwan to give to friends and family. of course. this several of the movie which i whittled the world one that is the famous russian difficult not to talk to. at one dollars when all you don't want one and one of two yen to twenty and in everything and we are as somebody wants to spend more money for shopping in bed that is big with anger. amber croft is that embarrassing sand old soul. i would name would rush in for a smooth that as well as with a well known of the whole thing yet walker years and though one or some of the meal for example some of the deal with
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it seems the new attractions that you must go put some away moscow. you must go to the press clear and then some of the many of the museum's say you should visit he had any recommendations for me to pasir mas on the earth's gravity and that's where we can be found in the hat with the russian president is seeking is open to this year you can walk down there lots of cathedrals in sight. an adjusted as the wavy they were before them that there's still an old soul the air main museums today. oh well and of course kim museum all time. art and go to the art gallery and then take it cool galleries very famous and so do lots of museums the loss of the letters for more than one hundred and fifty and that every every baby and giving their art perform live and the bold showing see it there we will know no with a
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world where you can see how wonderful have been a pupil is due to we the world starts and you can see them by the way in and i want to win the cup he added of course and dating turns out the youth exchanges and in the ongoing programs for example the people college students and how one will scold students in russia. to make a chore to visit baby for one month. the ato like a study abroad program. this is something going on every outing of his gait is going on. okay hate is going on the acting be. starting from three months old who has is that people come here a long de. fellowship or school scholarship programs and an old soul. and on the bilateral exchanges that day the taiwanese students to go to russia every single year. that's one of them doesn't do not want to give the matter it said that they stay little. there's a lot of
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traction that we know it's solved the moment you send to sell the russian many a year of course. there we need to take the final break the polenta they will be about that. it is. session
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says. the welcome back to the final part of today's world and feel that i won all the odd post recall what will continue and hopefully wrap up this fascinating conversation with ms the vaseline local boss geek who's the representative of moscow type a coronation commission on economic and cultural cooperation. mr gove philosophy we have learned quite a bit throughout the course of the navy today and let me ask you this that we post i mean russia and taiwan belonged to the apec fan. how can we cooperate closer under the apex of new
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york in that time that can answer your question because before coming to taiwan the score is seventy years said the man seen it featured a perfectly next to me and said rationing and will lead to a new. and i'm glad to report that did during my time in a pack and even now yes i know with its witty well. the cooperation between the delegation so fresh and federation and chinese taipei use. he's very good and productive and one only leave it. examples of that is to be that the monies in shooting the kicked off a dock which means that a it a day and the still center network. in the apec carry no we in russia have three such centers we fully support this
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program and as i like it very much personally because mine from my purse for a point of view of the sago program that can be seen from two different than if one does the spreading of iq which is important and another one that it is still chilly oriented because said it set up a book on education on all on privileged people is to learn more about computers and every see it so the combination of debt that now the program the stalwart michael didn't care to chinese taipei will come with new initiatives ii. and the russian russia will be radio close to support that that is one racing gone now go to the nations in congress and the man operation with the innate back. it's an oh so congratulations he would do to russia. twenty eight single entry into the wto family in the year two thousand and eight and think that mom for our house constantly supporting our accession to the vehicle was
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being so relieved as people from shelves of the fatah won and the rest of the world and what can we see on that that the pto you'll framework that the veto cooperation in trade investment can be he'll continue to prosper in noting the years have. i understand it of course. efficient than government fuel and gradually of course we can reduce some procedure with him and only fuel that will lower the tax is indebted to affect rate them. between all the members including had that all five russian and chinese taipei knits. sue as far as we talked about tight tee hee there is a for instance to pack it in nineteen ninety called the epa and held the wt all this how we can as several years afterward after paying the right to
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sign up. of course we don't talk to for the future not but the of course not to weep and that there is it possible that he'll blowing paris and in many areas including that. so i think it's will be beneficial for both sad because our trade with taiwan also will be. i mean that would allow what it meant that we are facing. of course and we have been talking all called to lead changes to know the navy today and though we also understand that taiwan's first lady the mother on to lead team has let the cloud gate dance troupe go to russia. and you know i believe the first time was in the year two thousand ten and then the you know sir we do know what like to see more of the cool toy educational exchanges in the years ahead he did not necessarily at such a level. but though what do you see your meal capacity that what the prospects of such feeling the changes continue to foreigners in
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the years ahead. at first i fully agree with a an appreciation for the performance will be a world unknown. college the company in which share it and the men unto me to kiss headed to the head company performance and in moscow quite see it. in two thousand cannes in two thousand and twelve last year and then bowls times. it was that it meant a great success from the russian audience. olson liking vice a versa. he awoke from a famous russian stars all for the performing arts and an old soul orchestra some valleys are coming to that for me in that cpo fiji's oakdale on every single year. we even have the joint venture is to morrison's one russian directed. and a b a dots
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the optimum choir. a taiwanese quiet moon and we can suchn experience that we ate and we called that to continue such exchanges there is nothing to do mild interest in doing very successfully but there are some new fields of doubtful i could name but staying guests stock exchange on fashion show springs is new and old soul. here in taiwan which is very new in asia and in the world. all the taiwanese see the glass so why not to come with well paid more attention to exchange all of film festivals russian film festivals to cuddle on them and let my eyes were set in and i think wean use the costs of itself to making not only indian cinema cinema theaters. it also by the tv news and then she know you're being told one for four yrs now the deal town once you know coach is trying to become more international
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and though we do have other heel international film festivals seem to come up for your idea on the russian folk festival is certainly very attractive. i wish i can do our best to help her get to cover current one have about five minutes left in the program then go when the kid will personally feel that it costs eighty eight db years since november two your first impression when you first arrive on the island. i don't know if you visit here before i know it though so that was the first visit to what was your first impression. my first impression was set that i am surrounded by a very bad very kind people think. in the heat a the cost what i like the best in taiwan i sent these to people quitting piano. indeed they seem eager to avenge his open heart to you over is how you look at you and terrible if we don't speak the same time in weeks i e i face the db of
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dedication when i couldn't find my tween paper in my first time in them that they couldn't actually do need to use the wind somewhere brought to the person was full the english and he took me up and wanted me to get the wheel me out and replace any that absolutely stunning and also of the iii with a car auction site would highly recommend to visit taiwan to see the unchangeable claimed slide. nature preservation carry us to appreciate very much. the series and also the people calle whi is good f ecology and dosen't look for sightseeing legs on lake know with all the birds and bee and butterflies some fireflies were there though i'm such a book they've been shut down the lights blinding lights in the inning the evening not too troubled all species. i loved very
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much into what one would you call that the summer lake in comparison with white collars small over small things as careful and rebuke this. and conversely what were some of the adjustments they estimate for example food. i w taking a hit wh the taiwanese cuisine. it's how lynch and not not dream big challenge because taiwan the taipei specially at this into a well known as i've told her that yes sometimes i try and eat with pleasure that the taiwanese to afford especially dumb excuse. and sometimes a kiev reviews seet a single day can switch them out or put another one. ellie gant is the envy of many seem to live to moscow merely confined to pull it all well almost every icon shield the world. and finally if you're speaking to people back home in russia and some of them is thinking of coming to town one to visit for
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maybe two were caught go study will be some of the recommendations were fights that you would hope that. we did not then invites not a condition which just an explanation is that it'safe it is for emily year na but today it is only one thing that you cannot imagine how i feel on the god man who has the guts to climb it. i did it for russians it's a little bit. he will cop to do my phd which we are not used to because russia is not surrounded by his lawyers are we and our denial no had that sinking the only thing that the only thing that really mean it in ages it is just what the other thing that went just to mention that only couple the days before there was an opening goal for this young lad senior at mit line yet and my previous to see here was leaving that
1:51 pm
saying it's a preview for the concert line up to opening the season the line and i'm glad that that i do a c i a cap of just a few days ago and i congratulate the people. a man of taiwan with the enticing it's a great saint and i invite everybody and russia to visit atlanta sightseeing but also i invite that the taiwanese to go to russia antsy to rush home. welcome to the show you'll be most greeted with a high respect and most warm welcome. here's a nice early scenes to promote the bow tied to relations between russia and taiwan. you certainly have done the wonderful job. i would like to wish you all the best you personal and professional endeavors in the future thank you to war and thank everybody who helped us to do our humble will thank you very much be on the pool then today. oh thank you for watching oc next time all mac
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with the summer the news. in the name. and i in him the book. the un. the air still i think that's even possible he started looking
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for that but you can watch all of the proceeding of the puzzle. the news a muffin and today the nominated candidate to be mined from the known that and the rich web connection and need a facade. busy weekend has been nyc a whole without the zoom into the one whom i love this easy to get out of a key thing that happened when that kid. and my decision was o'donnell is the mike as he wrote that deal was a mighty kick in theew month. but i did itver i up t seal a good bill and if that is full of fat in just a wee bit odd given that the heat of the market as saying that the museum field field you'll feel present it and decided that this episode eleven to come home. all in the somme the score remained a bundle but seth. then the monkeys that is utter crap on the bonds at a couple
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of god in others the voice that just isn't. she said with a little more room. and then here's a few visitors there's every reason for him this is america in the middle of the muslims. they should do to help with human mother who did it he said as he wanted to be. when anna dedicating all but given the stated goal is to look in my crazy going on a warning to the mosque but if in one or stuff i need to know too many bikes anything when all is the longest was inevitable the focus of the finn wanted gordo opal school was dubbed the legion of august on many know that by just aren't that often lead to bet that as yet of this e g the back of the out of pull me out of the tub on the button yet we've done a puzzle put through this you have come to appreciate the genius of coal from a double talk with ash and a baby bunny that a p a week to decide if a crucial bridge in london to begin walking out of the book that
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was a tentacle ne the creature from the gretna beneficial to know of the seam sealed to you by zany comedy. more this and a mother of the silver seven the canoe was twenty. last but not the sole lead in the jordy the lead in the us is recording you would own the most inane somebody bill in the tibetan us the school to get the added that the incentive for them to but got two assists. mussina my ideal of the bottom of the pacific whose intimate the butts of a button and it's up to go to the addendum images will miss this would put a foot in it. and better than us the goal is to sit with him one of his. rob stable get it over to cut it with us again with the big deal in the distant mechanic dedicated it to be with the club listings of a city a month. the fatima commit the latest on this in a mock up of was at the cinemas to get to use it. then the system emotional criminal with a fumble stash to cope with the stiletto. for us was
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good to be assisted by fellow unelected honesty the devil at this time the queen charlotte use the tools to build up the rest of the film to finding the most news on going. but the bill we do most of them cannot believe there was a wonderful mother to the beach. the most of the motion of the event was a kid to cdo we get to size him up for the befuddled as to what the will to win five hundred with wooden didn't have a gimmicky. pollution superman to move on. will they. who knew they would often work for them to move you to know if you know newfoundland was a lose lose for the soliloquy. according to an auckland. lukas ago when one of many of you in the coup. for those of us who like because of a pool. only one who died in a coma yet
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in this thing with a photo coma get to go but the little though. the posting about what to do this the mcdonald's has covered it with yall. the cages over the fugitive felons them on the committee. and i don't have to move to go on a pc tools with twenty one to four hundred nostril. as of the scale of people the moment at the moment i knew him and honeywell the use of local was too little or no comment tuesday on. come and he unleashed into the company for whom we have. i did it is. i can do
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i am. the it did. i did. at this. it is. it is. i did it
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view. they are. steve. you do. i did it. and with it. to do the wounded. i was. did you. and
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