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physical therapy. we focused mostly on education scholarships. i feel like it may soon skip that step. you knew you who read the i am welcome to digital realty to be looking to trade these are our top stories. this year he teaches new constitution michael take the point isn't it the british built in ukraine is demonstrations
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protests to the point the government. witnesses holden hill the well we begin a bg went the final results of the country's restaurant and have now been announced with vote is signaling overwhelming approval for a new draft constitution by the turnout was low on to the poll was largely boycotted only islamist groups. ninety eight percent of those who cast ballots gave their backing to the constitution of the military led government is hailing the result was a wholesome and also its legitimacy and its overthrow the elected as the next president will make mosey however officials say just over thirty percent thirty eight percent of eligible voters actually went to the polyps. well to find a mall its crossover nassau correspondent in cairo current logo on a cutting an emphatic victory for
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the gypsum in a tree and a massive boycott when supporters of the muslim brotherhood. surely that does not bode well for fiji's future we're really did a great way to move to como or because the book would like to go with it the dictatorship that the tradition of the government and the pq open yet. criminal court with an open book on the ticket but it came out of it which was that the addiction to that point out that it will last a very high court to note that it would look. what are you trying to flee the iphone that would harm them. the chicken wire to the tradition it. that's what democracy is working. that is it that the pope to think
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that because i'd come up typically achieved the effect that clear warm and encourage you to do with people know if there was some kind go to cope with it. no it doesn't look like that juno is the next and the soon to be at least a presidential bid from the military chief general outs easy. no one the muslim brotherhood likely to respond to that man. i can totally hear from another window looked it up to it that it didn't help that the next question though is to admit that the military up to the front he will see a picture of her and also at the met the court and had to run into contention that they can get the guitar that he wouldn't make a destination or parliament their addictions. the point that i could probably have. there's an extent that the question with an upper cut out keep you from normal. he's very much. st anselm the egyptian capital. we can see ukraine and wet and c government demonstrate his home built buckingham this point in anti protests bills signed into law on friday. the new legislation was the author
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sees the jailed protesters who broke a buildings for up to the following years of opposition leaders say they won't be intimidated and the cooling for a big rally in kiev on sunday. this man has little chance in central kiev. the government supported tries to convince the protest is to keep up with who he gets his bbq protesters have made clear they have no intention of dismantling the barricades despite new restrictions on demonstrations. the right wing populist policies fall but this is the new legislation signed by president viktor yanukovich is a provocation. when the brazilian we do not recognize these laws adopted by parliament. people should rise up and refuse to obey them in the way they were adopted is unconstitutional if the people accept this mockery of the lot. it will be the end of ukraine. he puts it to the vent session
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in parliament on thursday the governing majority to push through the protest goal advantage. he foresees is in st since he's about to fly here for anyone convicted of milking government buildings filmmakers can also lose their immunity from prosecution. more recently the opposition is undeterred he sees planning another mass demonstration sunday. police clearly tennyson to find out more on correspondent markets are enjoys the snow blowing from kiev marcus them to listen to music in the kiev this evening especially after the passing of this new legislation. the full court for protesters to take the key to the island to get on with a speed that they can move on via my gun kid in the pennant. there were quite
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dark. more than two thousand vote lead to a maximum cap and goggles the day. many market in protective gear up like her daughter after all she have. i'm the patient is leaning on her part for the very case this happened to commute to drive it. i don't go looking for different skin protesters who think they can get the kids needed a cake. we have taken to the top two months now and think only get to work and work hard. i mean they are calling for taking action you can call in a heartbeat and government including our second trip to reading. a warning and akin to taking wine and the arab legion of intentional provocation on to describe mr took the mood to type a diaper on him. some of these illegal saying restraint and presentations waning what should we expect from this protest on sunday
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this riley. where we can expect only the applicant to be quite get it on. they own in the ticket to interrupt their pumps they act he had been due to the doctor actually like it to convert her having afternoon tea having arrived at the ukrainian parliament speaker not to get thursday earning him the power they have to keep up this time and even earn one of the government to use a word that the effect is it too. i mean as next tuesday. and i heard that it is. i mean did they do after interrupting the correct count that as people expected. we didn't occur to him on tuesday against the protesters kinky hair. mountains are enjoying a central tx. syria is on his opposition group has announced that it will take on scene upcoming peace conference in switzerland the exiled syrian national coalition voted to join the talks which began in the swiss city of long term on wednesday. the group previously said it would only attend if president bashar al
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assad agreed to step down the result means the opposition and government representatives will recall the first time since the crisis started in early twenty eleven. the new developments in the child sexual abuse scandal that has shaken the catholic church the vatican has made the number of priests who would be for all because of child molestation. janet under pope benedict the sixteenth room is almost four hundred men from the priesthood in twenty eleven and twenty twelve at school than doubled the number of cases over the previous two years benedict's successor pope friends has said this week that catholics should feel shame for the scoundrel where's the big issue down and rebuilt defense in the world is currently taking place here in davao and it's the annual international green week and some thirty thousand people taking advantage of the patient's mom told the chancellor's office to protest against
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agricultural policy. i add around one hundred organizations joined the march. some represented small scale farmers who say they're being driven out of business by subsidized factory farms. other protesters targeted a proposed free trade agreement between the european union and united states. german agricultural minister hans beat fb page said he welcomes the debate and called for greater length between food production and foreign policy as for the free trade agreements. he knew and the us hoped to have a deal by the end of this year safety is just one of many concerns on the table bookings for snack on a big surprise in world cup downhill skiing is allowable holden classic in switzerland it was a swiss here. he came up trumps when no country can be swept to victory. cycling is proving to be the surprise packet in alpine skiing this
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season. one month ago the thirty year old won the world cup downhill race the infamous held on to prove it wasn't a fluke. the ads his victory was great since then. the cross the finish line in his six hundredth of a second faster than costly and qantas flight to the margin between second and third was even thinner so don't spend on the norway just one hundredth of a second behind my stats normally the velcro born is the longest on the world cup circuit the strong winds forced organizers to short the court. the partisan crowd of twenty million dollars deal the new swiss teen sensation. cole who suddenly among the favourites for the winter olympics in sochi such funding preparation for the salty games that went to school to rent in full full speed europe would have to round out the latest stop in with the nordic combined
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competing in the stud switzerland seventeen year old priest goes be at least it's a limb and became the first human woman to win this lifestyle woke up event with tricks and style are assessed the school will also be amended to prevent its lte woke up champion every friend who has won the second round of the newly inaugurated nordic combined to form at the world cup races a failed austria feels a need to be overall standing jim is by athletes until the world cup event in and votes to seventy two lead and they are thinking goes the first season in which he tipped it into a nice if the speech. he makes the moon and the victorious in the twelve point three kilometer to see keith was his second win in as many days after winning the sprint on friday. benjamin he's championed fix it all seems to be unstoppable in it and a gemini he bagged his fifth world cup we need a macy's and secured overall victory with one more season raced
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again. tennis now and the police claims that the australian open in melbourne appears to be over in the women's draw all men have been victories for victoria as a drink at the marriott of apples left the scene and street is that all my old son progress spain's roughly on the dogs here at the top of the screen and richard was relayed to us against france's guys in one piece. there was an injury scare in the second set but the world number one shrugged it off and advanced into the fourth round as he demolished the flamboyant man fees in three sets. andy murray of scotland had to work a little harder to vanquish beans for the ci modal this. the first set was touch and go against the left hander the murray had trouble strong serve and seemed to lose concentration. i know. but he ended up beating hope is in three sets. roger feeder of
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switzerland was in greek for without skipping a beat he quashed. russia's unseeded team around establishing be the six two six two and six three. the tour moves on to the next round without having lost the set. good to know spanish deliver nani roma has won the dakar rally becoming the first person to win the grueling is and bows on them and just michael and his mom. no room for ten to twenty six second deficit to beat his x ray teammates stepped on a counselor and to those placed the gym and x rayed squall and claimed all three spots on the podium and in the motorbikes cassidy role as a fellow spaniard marc coma secured his place in the top of the standings. it's his fourth dot com rally title silken belgian midfielder kevin to boeing has completed a move from chelsea to bundesliga team of all spoken
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of kim and media reports an easy transfer fee is in the regionals twenty two million euros. chelsea recently paid about eight am to halt million euros for the attacking midfielder. his ten goals while on loan to that agreement last season brings is still on the cons about it. twenty two year old has signed a funny and a half year contract with the feds he has a plan to care for illegal smuggling of them the bill to mandate a little more than ten sailors and book lovers braved freezing temperatures in the latvian capital riga to launch the ict stint as european capital of culture. and they did so by forming a human chain reminiscent of four people in the baltic states did back in nineteen eighteen knowing when the demonstration for independence from the soviet union and the people in the train this time transfer of books along with two km path to the old national agreed to the new state of the op structure the locals call the council. all blacks
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for more news and sophie are going away. i do. i know the most mistakes ninety six she was infected. i foresee the linkage to the church calling. it aims to prevent
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mother to child transmission of aids. each nation fourteen do something i make it a nation. oh and i assume has been fighting against pollution in china. he use to it as a journalist. he's one of the country's best known environmental activist. low and cover the cost of cancer cases in the village of harmony and made it up up up and down on a relative of ours. the village is called these scans the streets in school. it took me a bit down from the pole with a thud on east one member of every family has cancer. in the family over that the woman suffering from stomach cancer. she had written in the opening event is another case. look on his
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chin has bone cancer. stones into his ear too. and this is where we'll use these families. i can't tell if we can visit the family summit god did. it was a lot. only by another. very full and so on. new ug is unable to work he's been confined to bed unions. for me. everytime i drink i get a rash on the walls and he's a bit of taste in my mouth she says conti and sent to war the spots everywhere i feel soo weak. leo says that since she's been ill with her whole
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body. bones and joints as well. hopefully we can the other. mason and the doctors couldn't find on what is wrong with him to a senior position in the hospital in the city titan is too intense do you find here. the hybrid fuel the analysis of caboolture in the window showed heavy metal levels three thousand times higher than permitted the road takes me to another neighbor. the dot. and at the entrance to the surface of the gila cancer my whole body hurts he says the fuel
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system you don't know whether to send some. on top. yes monday when palm beach and still seek eight years ago the family couldn't afford the difficult operation she needed. combs husband even considered sending the bill to pay for his wife's treatment. cool managed to prevail. our homelessness to penzance intestine. sometimes i can then you will confuse step she says i can hardly move. when the council to last. i would rather kill myself and carry on using and suffering like this to salon article. the cancer doesn't come at the beginning says hello. diarrhea. the cancer council aide said in
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the liver stomach and bowels and the bubbles. susie and how to cope with the other days its radiance. when we evaluate it we determined that many more people die here than elsewhere the cancer rates in the villages of sixteen to twenty four times higher than comparable earnings. i eye the irrigation canal in the village is a stinking cocktail of toxins the sentiment contains heavy metals and many carcinogenic chemical compounds which we washed in by the way river as adidas to contaminated water in their fields for decades. we finally reached from gold to and from then to wales. almost all of it is in the east and china have become gigantic students largest industrial area in the well. thousands of companies pump toxins into the country's reduced to this day. the effects are getting
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everyone who lives near the trip. not limited to factory workers. oh and i saw him set up a base for his campaign to save you a rift in his pants at the auction too. it's a center for fellow activists. he spent the last decade documenting the environmental abuses cool publishes a prolonged and state media also carry his reports. won prizes for instance isn't on. national team's finances work. prior to that is also to support his efforts. but most of the time money is tightening new name. hassan is often held and where. things didn't go i see this amazing would it be like standing without
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breathing. it was only two weeks after these pictures were taken in a little further down stream. mama's went to the river to get people to their fields. so my practice get away with their pockets he says. released the stink of the contaminated water. they lost consciousness and collapsed it was hydrogen sulfide someone called an ambulance but it was too late. though it ended in tragedy with six killed and forty eight england's you. it is awesome you're so so so. i together with his eldest son avoid ice on the set up dates of sedation. it's along the river. help is even use itunes to document new sources of pollution. when they find a case colorings of the ministry of environment and aging. most art is in the reactor pressure from the top. sometimes the water quality improves as a result but it often takes only a
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few months before pollution read to stand in and who is young son when she was daddy's arms and hands on with the taunting the signs his father's dedication inspiring and is painting a portrait. it is. mm mm. it is the last ten years or more working to save the way trip my father has experienced a lot to gain justice contempt and abuse. he's been beaten up. right from the stock is called vigorously. what's cooler. he still sits next to him that awareness of the changes of water pollution is growing in china he said. and today. but as she is. the popcorn and some have visited four hundred villages along the holy river system and documented the results of
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the accumulating permission today they want to install a water purification plant in the village of tonk one's own will. they built the ball to ten weeks of images. yes ago chinese man living in japan saw report about who would i sound and recommended the micro biological water purifier. because the technology works that installing it didn't hit it off the bill is sponsored by supporters into the pan the law prior to the recent years we've installed twenty eight what most of purification concert to providing around ten thousand people with clean water the rates of cancer folding and says well in many of the villages with the equipment to happen in any new cancer cases to find here's me with the best in
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the final one. the whole way we process it into the water and technology ministries of the provincial government uses to make sure they use this technology when it's needed. one that's going nowhere until combined. that did it last sunday that she is single again. they haven't given up hope that the solution might one day you find on the great escape do it in dunedin will really go at him so a lot of the unsold feel a lot of people asked me he says why my son's carry on this polluted environment where all thought that a lot more money working elsewhere but i think there are enough people in our society and a lot of money. the show is missing people with a sense of responsibility. i hope that the younger generation to promote a stronger sense of responsibility compassion guy that and respect for life
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yes it is troubling ay ay ay the chinese government and teaching is insisting the president of billions of euros a year in economic development the same time protect the environment is being left to individual citizens who often have access to very limited funds allardyce has come to teaching. he's just in a fundraiser for foundation which seeks to provide clean drinking water for schoolchildren. its eyes away from criticism. and in returns. it has plenty of coverage in state media the well known blogger didn't say it sets up the foundation. he wants to work with cool indie sound i'm tired the last to get more money from the gut the first prize is awarded to foodie son for his work in saving the voyeur is
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the organizations through the busy work together the environmental movement in china will achieve more why would i sound knows that without states helped isaac controls and a strict reputation of the north opponent is pissed off with a chief petty little. it all whenever i'm on to my country and speaking to people he says. i feel very sad. with all wish to pull it off. well bottle please use the language. the reason why i want to change this tragedy and make the situation but to what i have to do something in this life. not only be really handy if i achieve something. oh and ice on them is weighted to fifteen years for state recognition at last
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the commission is coming to visit his clean water project to speak to those that deal with cancer. the air and new and moving more the issue the saturdays. why am i. i got one. we immediately ordered that are strictly military effort. each. are
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you changing one's mind is the world's first jewish interest. weekdays. it's about the peace process was for many years. twenty oh eight and its brightness of this trial. what i'm talking to fit into. i know. i might add with a white woman. think about the child patients the weekly checks. leo but that time not mine. and all after that. i'm not caught
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the ball. and one. watch out ch you you you will the eye i do. the result still lying i could attend by accident into a bit humid and dynamic economy. the best holiday destinations. i was on


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