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tv   France 24 News  PBS  January 21, 2014 6:30am-7:01am PST

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come on to win. to find a way to stop and a squeeze play the process. you will will will will the eye. it means is that by extension least four people died in the last shiite dominated heads in each district just yards from our car bombing killed five people reading this. russia says it doesn't but she wanted to see him towards his mistake but not exhausted it's up to the financing future but the un inspector
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general. instead he's trying his best as two thousand and fourteen will be attending for his country's relations with the eu this. ross. so as some breaking news this morning explosion has hit the shiites donated southern neighbor was all of the route for people in an end to it died twenty people have been wounded lebanese security officials say that i'm building was set fire to after i ate at suicide bomber and that decimated at his belt in the area that's according to certain reports this morning for more we can speak to our correspondent in beirut said his team fielded she joins us now we see that tell us a little bit more about precisely what his hits cds at shiite dominated neighborhoods all beirut this morning. did he know how to take a chance. squirt is
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mainly shiite area in our society. one way and raised fourteen of snow on an error and often seen as one of these keystone homes. nb if you meet is not man's meat is from my apple green stuff this month raised its rating to find people that serious rain on me. by the sonic states. the recommended books to read is operating in syria seems to have killed at least four people send me your horse in front of a nineteen twenty seven people in chains. and indications that this was also insist on calling it can. which is an online channel and carry an extra strong presence in the air and its offices in
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the area. according to eyewitnesses the current limit of the race and was totally hot for science and scripture in the context suggests that it was also says i only know the economy this means that in a suicide bombings in cuba. and in the town of hana who went on to the shiite iran. loyalty is not a good way to the twenty twelve until his instrument the only tax is not an exchange currency unit and a being that now. when hannah. in the shiite areas of teaching at dc area. each his own line that's because i ain't it great we only can strike anyone next to the two mines since the nineteen eighty three areas one time it's intriguing. fourteen people opponents to me and teaching at the center of the cn he's raising tensions between those teams is the same champion. for many months to the course last year we've been talking about
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looking ahead to this potential spin over from the war. it crossed the border in syria the see of course. over the documents mention that the upsurge in violence indication today as to who is behind this pony or why but i've clearly what has been happening is this increased tension between us between the communities in lebanon is one of the consequence is what's been going on across the board. many people are keen to trace this change the time. it's a little contest announced. that's the last two tracks that will change by groups with links to the violence inside syria broken hearts the only independent strangling this was confirmed by the abundance of friends in lebanon the nice brunch at the main archive to create a map and find the true side of
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the reckless. it's a very direct link between east and sincerity. those kinds of response that he didn't allow for its expansion in spirit and was finding a haircut since their last nineteen eighteen. in this box of breaking into believing she is the apron also played since the start of this crisis. pt convenience the country spreading instability finding it should be asking again in the last few days back. absinthe is that between the city the nice things that cause the syrian president to forge links between lebanon and syria. basing its findings could increase the costs increased to include it. yes you. only today. it's a great
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team at sea in concrete. this time. she didn't say we will continue to bring you details as they come in. this week that the nation speech is coming to us from the ritz southern shiite neighborhoods where the station has killed four people. it was a mistake that helped results are the words of sergei lavrov. as you get a press conference this morning to comment on the lions a surprise eu china and india soon fighting in rome from the world peace talks on syria to teach beginning will play tomorrow listen to what russia's foreign minister to say. it is a mistake. you went and saw many occasions mini will nominate disasters of school visiting told to consent to pre conditions in with my new position. when this all took a whole range of its supporters though was its use is not very graceful. as i see it we can save ten thousand principle stated in the geneva one unique as the criteria wilkinson and dozens of countries should be in by either because they support regime change will move. so why would stroll well humans banking merriman said he's keeping it short by iran that it supported
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the meetings aim of setting up a transitional government in damascus. but the den for himself and deeply disappointed by iranian statements which were helpful in line with that that commitment. less than twenty four hours off to announcing its invitation to iran was strong on his tennis shoes sitting down with alex a key player. all the un with jewels iran invitation to the geneva tee pees conference concerns being raised as to waltz can be achieved without the syrian government's main factor in the region. john and foreign minister from pole to steam my essays geneva to you is useless without sarong. a statement supported by some quilts is a syrian opposition if you upload. if approved and you must be a possible solution. and you know most the employer. and these discussions to be the products. all the decisions and to respect
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that isn't. washington the cold of the u n's decision. iran submission means syria's main opposition group the syrian national coalition will now attend the talks on its biggest goal the syrian national council has withdrawn. on the battlefields of business and sports with the conference. rebel factions continue to fight against government troops and that we tell. the no a lot of analysts in the new policy makers are not absolutely a certain of the talks have been really lead to a resolution because i know it's very bloody complex two sides are all pretty well entrenched and really fighting for are their respective existence. even the syrian opposition coalition say to skip school geneva t will produce results the benefits of the country but satan wants to show its serious about finding a solution. the international
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community is keen to put some place right now which would leave syria to hold the transitional government meanwhile syrian presence shots of his insistence that olds must focus on commencing the rebels he calls terrorists. the sale of nar at my judgment this disc contains is now playing at sale. at first goal at its music school he was it was surprising that the invitations had been made without the consent of the americans who immediately said they expected to be withdrawn within it he said actually we call it within twenty four hours seem to lose more extraordinary skill and incentive is the reason for that is because iran has been sending mixed signals regarding a key aspect of the conference which is this transitional government that you mentioned a little while ago. you see this conference is the follow up to the first big diplomatic push to resolve the civil war in syria and that came in the summer of twenty twelve the anti agreement that was made and it was that
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the transitional government will be set up which would have full executive powers and the enemies of the syrian regime see that as the first step towards the removal of the charlotte side woking ki moon when he came off the phone he got off the phone with assyrian the city the iranian foreign ministry on sunday he clearly got the impression that iran agreed to this precondition that they would approve a transitional government. and that's when he said the official letter to iran but less than twenty cars later the government change its tune and saying it would not agree to any preconditions before going into talks that it would not back a transitional government and the un then under intense american pressure had no choice but to withdraw the invitation why we'll simply because a certain opposition saying that iran was heading into talks with no intention of approving a transitional government as her opposition was threatening to pull out of the talks and the whole thing would've come crumbling down. so the us put pressure on the un. the invitation was withdrawn and one of the key players in this crisis iran
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now finds itself on the outside looking into this cold spell out what about said the time but the regime is now staying ahead to hold peace talks that it wants to focus attention on the fight against terror. it's been a threat to the regime was to shift attention away from a power transition. and towards fighting terrorism why it would simply be the same argument has been put forward by damascus the last ten years ever since. the syrian revolt began in march twenty eleven damascus has been saying we're not fighting political opponents we are fighting terrorists it wasn't true in the beginning it has because it has been something as a self fulfilling prophecy there are no extremists some of his groups operating in a northern syria fighting each other as well as bashar assad several of them have been listed by the us and other countries on terror list and it shows us thinking is very simple he believes that if he can make it as his
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arguments to western powers that be have a common enemy and that is the rise of terrorism in the region. then he is going to boo wants the supports that the west and other regional powers are lending to the rebels and to some extent it's working so much so in fact that some rebels are now saying of where we're afraid that the us is secretly going to strike some kind of deal with syria. too bad to keep the terrorists and check in other words the us that it would shift its attention towards fighting terrorism rather than fighting the syrian regime spellbinding things bennett emptied out for that. look at events ahead of tomorrow's talks that it can be walked on stage. two thousand and fourteen it is to be a turning point in turkey's relations with the eu that's the view of turkey's embattled prime minister. he arrived in brussels late last night he's hoping to put his country eu accession talks back on the table. it was a
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rush with mel explains his trip to brussels has been rather be shattered by a gruff scandal. cover and subsequent mass purges that nice. it's just me he goes to great welcome from supporters on his arrival in brussels. speaking to them from the top of the bus. his popularity with eu officials will be more muted. brussels is concerned about a corruption scandal that has cast a shadow on his government to each prime minister says there is a plot against him. there is yet to miss the visit to brussels gives us the opportunity to explain to our counterparts was happening in tiki in the most accurate and impartial way. gold winning the game of this neglect of treachery will be read. this is according to him to resign accusing him of wanting to establish one man rule. after a heavy handed crackdown on casey contacts of this nastiness beanies in accra scandal. his response another crack at this time on
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the judiciary and police who he says a link to form a line in topeka the tuna today the first objective will be to convince cisco counterparts in europe that what's happening in turkey is a cold engine year by the goodness within the turkish judiciary and the church police. therefore you'll stand by him. the mall to see muscles them will be asking in the masses need to become the cause of the techies justice minister annan says the justice system should remain independent. the technique is to keep its eu candidacy on track. this politicization has charged to make this an alcove for racially aggravated did gesture it was on sunday twenty eighth inning game against west ham the elk heads in the ad now infamous can and gesture a gesture that was made famous by the french controversial comedian the agenda make a gesture that the faa has ruled that is anti semitic the former france international and now faces a
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minimum by the game and under the fa is anti discrimination or hopes that's it for now all the backing of course you have another look at the headline says do this. oh and welcome to the interview here on fostering cat. well teen teenage erie has never been easy but life for homosexuals in africa's most populous country has just become a lot harder. some say almost impossible with the new laws that punish his same marriage with up to fourteen years in prison. and it makes support regained associations and clubs a criminal offense. now in the muslim dominated north of nigeria where islamic sharia law has broad support the people can be legally stoned to death. in nigeria is not alone in uganda recently passed a similar anti gay measure. reflecting a trend that applies across
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role either. portions of africa. now my guess today i joseph a choral piece the nigerian human rights activists. he's also the former director of the initiative for equal rights in nigeria. welcome to the interview thing happened the president of the country goodluck jonathan and he is not publicly expressed his views yet on a small yet to come and seven. a spokesman however has said something i wanna focus for a few ways to get your reaction. he said this law is in line with the people's court ruled in religious inclination and it reflects the beliefs in orientation. nigerian people he's basically saying there nigerians agree with this law they believe that gays are abnormal. even in him and i don't really deserve to exist the fact that my reaction to that would be adaptable to be referred to co chair is very tan and a smoothie to the need to reduce the nature is christine tea in beslan it was as mean all over
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the world. christine see in the slam them into that allow for miss h i t and teases the court that has been re fit too. that included into the game features comic everything i mean she arrived at our easter ease of plantation of same people and have read a lot of the trade to and from from east to use them in jail where two women can call had baked a pan kind of comedy that peace is not something that has been referred to as i'll cut your pieces at this a stampede. i'll contact between. i see a disgusting human legion beaches was then eat eat and he slammed week i begin to accept as a contrarian and sell underline the fact that you have a really deeply conservative evangelical christian self right and they knew of a muslim dominated north where sharia laws in effect this is correct. essentially what i'm used to love on line reaction in nigeria nigerians writing
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in saying things like team to a bean hummus actually is wrong it even satanic you and your human rights activists and i'm just wondering you're up against such a deeply entrenched belief system and how do you fight that especially on to the current conditions and that crowd my thoughts reaction to that is that as you read to this i believe that everybody has the right to freedom of expression and to tolkien but the truth is that the latter underground is that people need to be protected. the kindness of pork hock and got to the point it is not about what i believe as a person but it's about protecting the rights of the other person. this isn't just about being gay you are knocking this is universally descent into ci which reached which is kind of related to what people might feel about illicit auntie c does not mean he does not matter what you feel about my sexuality what nots is peace that the society is set up country
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requires to protect the citizens need guidance of securitization which made a tasty and i'd assume that in the nigerian constitution and those protections are somehow enshrine section thirty two absolutely experience and express these are the defendants used to life and other fundamental human right of return it to lgbt people in months. you are from family close to the commercial capital i suppose not to handle. it's a giant city sprawling fifty million people now presumably in niger is no deeper than any other country in the world is a sizable gay population there. what's the gay culture like you make us is there any place you can go in weakness in the open weekend. i would say no because there is no one respects he came to acting to fight to being taken up off the t bar. i actually expect that in my garden one of the act it is that i wrote that. my whole life in eugene
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as unique as i have never been born head of the plays being identified as the tea cups of august as it can mean it's the people who can't contain themselves with second place but the gate to meet she is small though so today its eighteen point eight in the age's one b anthony came to know what is known as noted the pinnacle with these no there's no good bargains don't think i would never see a travel guide to what make us nigeria same night life. he seemed no end in and lay hold on to the back of my luggage now and i'm just wondering you know i will get a large number of people being in a jury also hiv aids has been a giant issue of the problem some estimates have three and a half million people infected with hiv tests and medical programs right now that are in place. what you see happening is the result that you protect and preserve those programs if it all back to me i cannot just asked him how possible it would be to protect its programs because the theme is that we need to
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recognize the distinction i see when it comes to pop in and then when we talk about it deprived the only sectors of service provision. what does that mean. does that but that means that even if many nice white dress somehow my doctor cannot provide the city. in some sectors of the scenes because both highlighting the oil away. i had my infection because it could be pleasing to have been as a result of some site in sexual practices of the dock myself being that this is the problem the problem and unfortunately opportunity right now they do not come as the national agency in the control aids. i've not made any statement on track on what the impact of the small group b and hiv aids couldn't sell a lot of hiv and aids problem as after the upgrade sit and do not know what to do things that provided services to the lgbt community. the meaningless with men carry on starting right now you are telling me just before we get we went to
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air backed up. this law came under the radar the parliament educated at each fell on the president's desk on january seven. he signed a lot the same day in the way you tell me you found out about it was from a block most people around us and recorded right away. it was funny because the under thirteen years in the morning to monday and i thought i was getting a lot of emails and about the deal being signed into law and i convinced the fact that my foot so the deal as it was from outside said now i do not be reduced not because a lot of people who discuss the thought it was. sigh i thought it was for me with the body to the point indications study two point two is truth of the room where there was the most though was the buzz going around and then i received a copy of the companies that at this time of the presidency saying that because you see him on the seventh of january
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and then the news going around. add to the view that the president signed that deal the same day just waiting for it. i couldn't understand how the appeal of such sixteen ninety seven signed with the space of the fuel. the us. britain. a lot of european human rights groups have been extremely critical of islam based content and do you think that this international pressure will. ah perhaps bring the nigerian government to change its position to perhaps repeal the law that backed down and porno. this position is that really didn't go for it to believe in a global community. so whatever happens in cedar rapids in pakistan is nineties this every other place to have the rights to express the error of their own. please understand the oil on the arrow and animation mainly consists of two things that happened in other parts of goa tell you is a human rights activists be in nigeria international criticism will that help you
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we encourage you to be encouraged the company to recall right to sue the taxi uganda is one country with chad recently passed a similar law and taking legislation as latina map of africa before at the show and i was the surprise that the number of countries that have really harsh anti gay laws on their books. what is that it renounce any need to say is this an african phenomenon was why so many countries have these and these laws tropical studies that i would do with its aid to african phenomenon because again it's happening in some of the chair and bingo you know about the and a staff team team in russia as well sometimes they are pieces that the eu team in africa in some countries in africa what i see here is religious fundamentalism. rich the withdrawal of the philosophy another to truth than the rights of all the sec twos and i think this is. this is what we can call the phenomenon. it is unfortunate that these kind
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of thing is sloppy governments in africa. i know thats me to go under the darkness and the juice just after the meal and then the few hours ago i read that the president refused to sign and refuse to sign a new concept maps and that's good the ones who would've expected tonight president to act as nicely as that. i would like to note that down in the fourteen years in jail is the maximum sentence right now for same marriage. but in the north were islamic sharia law supported by matching the population to be stoned to death. the theme of cities that same marriage is one thing that happened was that it is an author. to those that are given in a philippine jail for many years even before i was gone they sell it and that's and that's the law prescribes for cg as the guilt and i'm going to section two one four and two and seven. he is a tool for anyone who was convicted
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of a crime to the gate in goma sexuality but that is the role of the north tested so that the southerly in the eyes of the federal indian law of the gop was there. the reason militants can i say is that it's not marked the last of them as a child seat up to date sentence of clause issue of all that goes for the great commision about to begin writing break on pixel so you cannot easily gets convicted of additional unique evidence is indeed weaknesses and they do this at the things that you have to call them before he can be convicted but of course that all states can opt in and year are prescribed. today sen on tuesday after an unproductive day making it no one can actually get there just the core year a nigerian human rights activists we've been talking about the new very partial or two thousand and ten already restrictive laws in nigeria against same marriage homosexuality. thank you very much that it's not an easy task i mean i can see what you told me today thanks to all of you for i watch me into gear on cuts like that
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though. aye. each. i did
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moon. and when. i know. you knew you wanted. i took history gets worse every day because breaking the old one lights the eagles to play the stock. while. good news
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chickens extent laser disc eighty three million tonnes of oil and forty one billion cubic meters of gas oil and gas minister was asked by cannibal and reporting to the president on the results of the agency over the past year or die. he also announced plans for the current year and a strategic goals in the second of a rising from the president's address in turn the president is open to survive without the need to attract investment and strengthen the work on innovative bowman of the industry that the state is coned


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