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chu you you you will. do the eye. the yarding of the incoming your life from berlin. i'm sure he's the most kind and merciful can i say joining skimming off the right thing for peace talks held in syria now thousands of weeks. ross suggests he smacked it took him by the damascus regime paving the way forward the eu picks up a membership talks with serbia. it's the story of whiskey and from jamaica. he's been taped onto the skin. it's a national
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delegates all writing is excellent but the stool on syria and facing an uphill struggle before they even stopped negotiations all drank tea in some disarray the un withdrew in ron's invitation to the talks because the syrian opposition threatened to pull out of russia has called a reversal a mistake. representatives from nearly forty countries will be on hand and a deeply divided on the solution to the war in syria diplomats and combatants have been arriving in switzerland they face a huge task. un secretary general ban ki moon will oversee the syrian peace negotiations set to begin wednesday after the peoples during the run up one run with the flight only to see the invitation withdrawn the syrian opposition doubt the answer. these teams are breaking news to negotiate in good faith. in a gigantic it's like mike and syria
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itself in damascus on santa's lap. in reflecting on that to come up to the ground it will accept nothing less than achieving the revelations goals for the syrian people on the side effects. talks will be based on the twenty twelve to one degree. because for a ceasefire. the release of political prisoners. an interim government that includes members of the opposition. those are going to go to the cheese. in paris. germany's foreign minister warned that congress would be slow. sylvia missing toes and thus be careful about raising expectations it's like using the space colts will not lead to breakthroughs of peace. we need to take small steps towards a possible political solution because it produces endurance and mayhem. after two years of civil war that solution seems more distant than ever. but many believe that all too long on for the last chance to end the conflict meanwhile
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delegates are facing another issue that talks have been overshadowed by a new report that claims to have evidence that the syrian government carried out systematic torture but investigators say the pages taken by simeon minute read police photographer. today is the governmental authorities tortured and killed around eleven thousand detainee since the start of the uprising. that report was issued by a team is to prosecute the government of president are all upset has denied the allegation. these images must be presumed to share in their entirety assyrian minutes the policeman he has since fled the country. took more than ten thousand pages of the meet today to corpses of the penance of the syrian regime. in the war crimes experts examined the images and issued two reports saying the evidence is compelling he played in the follicle i've dated. the system acts
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as a consequence of the pope would set me on the pain of a tribe called the crime against humanity. human rights organizations have long suspected that the regime of push ups of systematic be told just kept its now it seems they suspicions have been confirmed. too many syrians be any option is to leave the country. one rights group describes the situation in syria catastrophic and civilians subject to attacks from government forces as well as some of the greeks to keep these years and the massive trading to apply sufficient pressure on the ice machine i tend to pull in our middle east expert michelle is they show what you think this report well look ineffective think it'll have on the peace talks in geneva. well the approaches raffles course but nonetheless there will be a strong influence on his peace conference they do have another agenda and they're trying to go ahead with a piece of the memphis area will be very difficult because there's so many diverging interests involved in this peace process and it's almost impossible to
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make ends meet. however this isn't really important stuff into the right direction the need to be more negotiations of this time next time including wrong though i mean it is seeming to use these allegations is the time that the truth is that instant that the true would it be assigned to the us and europe. yes i will just fail to put enough pressure on the estimation. i think of the western states or to quake in denouncing us that he is a brutal dictator out of all that but he is still in power and the western countries made a miscalculation on the top bloke would take up the year year of the most many would be toppled. now it turns out to be much stronger than the opposition which is weak which is not truly unique find. so therefor it's really quite a quagmire and the western countries do not have a clear idea what to do and also there's lots of hypocrisy involved in while the less it enters the denouncing the stuff of good reasons they also trying to mend fences with the secret services of several european countries including the us of trying to
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get back to business with us up because they needed to find the radical jihadist movement of movements in syria including a pumpkin of the us energy message that is strong right now with the opposition appears to be found out what kind of progress if any you think we'll see come out of geneva well the best issue with the best solution would really be that there is the utah with a cease fire in certain parts of syria lets in aleppo the economic hub of cereal to help people and to to get it over with this and with this warrants from parts of the country but i'm very much afraid that the school would go on and i believe this pullover towards other countries. we have seen the dreadful attack in the beaumont today another on the suicide attack. four people are killed and this is an immediate response to what is happening in serie of the syrian civil war spoon over to the beaumont into iraq and possibly in the future towards the turk in his role as well. spread the jam this thank you for joining is famous for that
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analysis. well as michelle i just mentioned as the more violent scenes serious made a lemon into a car bomb going off in the capital beirut is still mentioned killing four people reading about this cctv footage is your shows explosion as the suspected suicide bomber detonated a device in a busy commercial street in a predominantly shi'ite suburb. it's the latest in a series of bombings to target areas considered strongholds of the militant group hezbollah the on those restaurant which had links to al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the moment. turkish prime minister read it and no one has been in brussels today for the first time in five years to visit that was meant to give new momentum to his country's bid to join the european union wants the visit comes as the time of fresh controversy in both the neck or options scandal and the ones government has fined hundreds of police officers and plans to reform the judiciary with the european commission president to see manuel barroso raise concerns
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the plan which critics say would undermine the rule of law. the run course those concerns aside will talk to one eu lawmaker has been in talks with the turkish leader in a moment but first this report turkey's next generation of lawyers wondering what the future holds for them. here at the istanbul bar association there's one thing is to bring on their minds. the play minister's plans to reform the judiciary. that includes giving the government direct power to appoint prosecutors and judges. i think we've just taken the justice system when terry frustrate it people must take astounds me you go to the finals to lose right now the rules nor this country is being the raiders was it fun the uproar over the plant has been big news since the government fired dozens of prosecutors earlier this month. it even costs impulse among government and
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opposition lawmakers in parliament and on corrupt the one is pushing ahead regardless. he believes turkey's judiciary is the victim of what he called a foreigner orchestrated dirty clothes designed to unsettle the country before elections in march. it comes amid a deepening political crisis that also having an economic impact. but a little turkish lira is falling rapidly against the dollar and the euro. it's very clear signs of an economic crisis the victims of this internal palace trouble of democracy the rule of noah and the economy double the economy. taiwan's government has been losing support at the same time. its goal of joining the european union appears increasingly distant. only one in three turks believe it will still happen. mom called. he's chairman of the soreness as committee of the european parliament and a member of
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the demand cools christian democrats party. he joins us now is famous for being with this wretched time that one has dismissed concerns and european commission about the state of democracy in his country in a recent eu force of satan's voice and concerns haven't you how fun to use the tiki is from the democratic status of the european union the memento is a separation of power. i was also in a medium is the bark from a cerebral on mood today and to rush out to note that the screenings entries were as a democrat to do it could tell that he has a right to defeat and judicial procedures. the rest of the kindest and the vet conditioning system must be hoping deep and informed political forces that could be no interference of a government that and opinions is separation of polymer is a danger to the tedious avoiding any pressure which might be harmful for him and
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his political career says quite a dull say is you see it between ntu and techies positions that to me. i was serious teaching of the turkish government is at the moment about trying to join the eu european union things are when it comes to bust a groove and cool your open and i'm still convinced because it is a model for foreign teachers. but diabetes that the trip is by far more pretty than woman in the back wet snow and also european union is going on for a beautiful retreat link to an all new road map which has multimedia for membership that's a goal but the front of thousands of rupees slide european economic area of active norwegians abortion the two east as need immediate situation which make it possible that the agreements the midst of the dust before it was so fun and who will crash and so rich that needed to become one of the center you suggested and that the talks as they are at the moment that there's no point continuing. no i think we
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should do so. it's written in them and it causes degustation the goal is the membership of a country but if in the name of the main stations and all for the ratification process problems arise when the core goals for the highest possible binding constraint and that the true obedience to the bizarre sofa bed. and to then seventy percent of the ip ponytails the ukraine these missions taken on board it's going very far right uses a small wave is a sporty member of showing off into the market. and then it is such a company gets the start to make a station of the ones that aren't as bright as the european union. in the end in the country itself probably contest he needed to sink in i must the joints what a tasty about tacking as serbia has officially kicked off its negotiations to join the european union with the goal of joining the club by the time to put them on the biggest obstacle to that membership are how belgrade tackles organized crime and corruption. and how
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its relations with its former province of kosovo developed because of the declared independence in two thousand eight and has a significant ethnic serb minority. most nba games official candidate status new year ago to making progress sometimes cleans consonant with the full moon told the stasi deed of these uncle michael scott vicinity as deputy prime minister alexandre who teaches one of the nice how men in serbia the leader of the governing progress. it's getting to be connected to the sewage system. small but significant step in the country still recovering from the wars waged against its neighbors in the nineteen nineties. i was. mystical political decisions. you know. hh himself was once a member of the extreme nationalists that the iraq policy. six years ago to break away and formed the center right's progressive party enjoys a
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strong lead in opinion polls now he wants to beat serbia into the european union. and to sweep aside the basis of the costs that instructed said his economic transformation. it still has many tools that originated in socialist yugoslavia. and it's become increasingly reliant on foreign help. in december the judge held talks with the will to thank for new dentist five hundred million euros. he hates the start of eu accession talks will herald a new era it's coming soon and that will be a part of europe. one david koch. serbia has seen decades of corruption and mismanagement. now the government is pinning its sights on europe. the start of accession talks. this debt towards the future. written to show one minute break the dam ahmed will have to chance or an update on ongoing protests there and we can have all the latest business news today lifted
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the genesis of the company s a p it's trying to move to the clown but it turns out that the costs of sky high and cold running was almost as jamaicans dear ones a spot in the sochi winter elliptical have that for you as well. i do. i do. you decide you want to watch the images it's a whole package the future. media center. dw tell you. to study in germany. you still have
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lots of questions. you'll find all you need to know about studying in germany here. information on courses the commission requirements qualifications costs much more. w don't start gingerbread. the first port of call for anyone interested in studying in germany. is president viktor yanukovich has been calling for calm in his country as a stand off between protesters and police continue in the capital but hopes for a political solution to the crises anytime soon. team lead in auntie's a yanukovich refused to meet with opposition he did that on a pitch that even though he can directly to the presence of spain won the heart of kiev riots that started on sunday have been ongoing but demonstrators taking to the streets to defy a controversial new law that limits the right to protest hundreds have been injured in clashes with police
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there's more. the three of the night. becoming a clear message to the authorities that they're not going to give up. equally adamant my police are standing firm central kiev resemble the battlefield. after another night of violent clashes between anti government protesters and police used stun grenades tear gas and rubber bullets the us. demonstrators want the government to step down gore's new anti protest march to fuel their anger the past two days of violence and seriously escalated the country's political crisis. boxer turned opposition leader vitali klitschko has called on all ukrainians to join the protests. political ends is putting together like this all into the country. leave it that we have full support and will band together or get genial cars taxis and buses donated it to the ukraine an ornament of the twins for a
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lot a lot greener on the move with the current presidency to the other cool features appeal to the population not to be seduced by the opposition bills that would cut one calling for o'donnell comparable to my knees both coming off another country. i believe in the ukrainian people. i'm confident about the lives of people i'm ready to serve this country with good bagel whom i love to read it as long as people trust me the doctor. those on the street do not trust him and they're prepared to steal in the cold and running until thickened and centered officials in russia saying the police and killed a senior islamist militants in the north caucasus special forces kill the man in a shootout in and out of that region. he was a suspect in numerous attacks in recent months it was the latest in a series of operations against islam as the head of the sochi winter olympics investigators are also searching for three women suspected of being potential suicide bombers would say one
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of them is believed to be in sochi one of germany's biggest institutions see a scene car club is reeling from revelations that has been lying to the every year the club holds its members to find jenny's favorite cop but now the acc has admits that it has fiddled those papers that said the club insist that cheating doesn't affect the results but the reputation has suffered a massive blow among its nineteen million members were now prosecutors are looking into possible challenges four million tonnes a year they come to help motorists to me my mom eighty ac repairman are often the first on the same and learning tribe is trust. the scandal has rattled confidence the apa see admits to having adopted results of its car of the year poll. it ends now the ipa see scandal has moved up ikea. an industry association claims the car club has also been reading
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the results of concealment as to force a sundress stilts to the benefit of a business partner. members are outraged had i made it into the senate as a new sewer line and acceptable. the guy making the shooting dead his outrageous like being in adhd member for a long time. it's not like they've been tampered with numbers like this and a smile. the adhd is wasted europe's biggest automobile club. he now has nearly nineteen million and this plus the nep i see is the big money spinner. most of its revenue is from in this tues. and its sales of automotive excessive rees make money soon. so a dnc isn't just a humble known profits. it's a gel and to the gym and business worlds but the scandal threatens to tarnish its friends. and prosecutors could say and put the club and it even more pressure. confusing isn't
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costing one of the big buzz terms in the tech industry and costs fees and it makes life easier for people juggling not to succumb to her but a smartphone and a tablet and attend from businesses to sell business software providers like jenny's as a pr investing heavily in the field will very happily it turns out to see pete says it will take two more years to meet its profit targets. because it's coming to invest so much in class. that's a piece customers will in future nato bid needs to install the company's of wellness that is storing it in steps directly from the incidents i say pete calls its duty to but its cloud computing platform come to our mid term guidance is clearly revolving around sep becoming the cloud company powered by a honda today we said we would be a three to three a half billion euro company in the cloud by twenty seventeen. that our total revenues would exceed twenty two billion euros
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things can then progress rapidly. by twenty twenty s a peaceful tough to move from ppt than traditional business that indeed is putting the brakes on the company's current earnings. i think he now says it needs two more years to reach its profit ngo that the company believes the wait will be worthwhile with the payoff being more stable revenue in future european union says it's suspending a part of the negotiations aimed at setting up a landmark free trade deal with the united states with discussions of mobiles investment will be put on hold for three months while negotiators conduct a complete survey on tuesday to close its critics say that those clauses could enable businesses to challenge environmental or consumer protection regulations these few days just the latest in a series of obstacles to creating more will be as successful. the world's biggest free trade zone. oh well economy is looking up
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the imf is the latest body to grace its growth forecasts for the year as the global recovery gains traction the imf expects the global economy to expand by three point seven percent this year with high rise sixty two which countries the main reason for that price. but somebody does warned that problems remain. it acknowledges one are you sensing the fallacious in prices hit some in europe. it told of what it calls a delicate balance he did in china to manage the buildup of risks in the financials well as get him on his handlers he holds as the laces from friends but when that story from ncp and the climate was beat me europe's biggest upset the cheese that is ap didn't give up its ambitious profit goal but test teammates. his target disappointing investors. this is where worst performance in index with consumer goods giant pink eye a pc this is by
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announcing to the art the high end dvd and it was mauled wasn't even need it you can use urine in distance remained calm today and that the connelly and show a strong rebound and the international monetary fund is more optimistic for the word economy. the chill index reached a new record level. but to tell back again at the end. details and friends are less common than the numbers leaving them with details starting off. jenny atlanta dax ended the day it very slightly higher at nine thousand seven hundred and thirty. the result is the absolute is that no change three thousand one hundred and fifty three was the closing number. well mark is a searing your in the eu the us they are still trading the dow we can see that is currently no point three percent lower at sixteen thousand four hundred and nine. and on the currency markets the euro was trading for one to let things he finds fourteen points. right let's see business head off to school is now nineteen
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premier league soccer. french striker nicolas own alcan has been charged with making an allegedly anti semitic gesture. while still embracing and don't really match last month. critics described the adjuster called the canal in france as an inverted salute. it's been popularized by comedian who says it's just anti establishment. another hoop a place for west bromwich albion faces a minimum five game suspension if found guilty. jamaica is home to some of the sexes men and women in the world but mainly when it comes to track and field to dance with the exception of the same as old sled team made famous in cool running isn't cool enough. jamaican ski at his intended to make great for the winter olympics coming up in stocks. it's lonely at the top. michael williams is jamaica's best ski and kentucky to curb the nation's only intended to pretend that event. the canadian born frantic pace to make an
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approach to qualify for such a good trading conditions in the austrian alps as he prepares for the games the steering wheel serious about this i mean we spend three to four i was training every morning when we're out of the slaves made in the morning till about mid day and then training continues into least stamina training a deep analysis and so on. in england and did you know is that cleans was inspired by the famous nineteen eighteen the jamaican pops a team. a former professional american football players in his mid forties is still fighting fit nevertheless he still nice to increase his skills on the piece. to make a would be a dream come true for me to qualify for the lunatics as a jamaican cia. i would be just perfect. miners led to step up to the next time. williams still has a bit too deep to quantify and the international ski federation rules. but he has his sights firmly set on the olympics he sleeps and
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saatchi. i liked him a well finally in tennis and was a big show of the australian open in melbourne are the defending champion novak djokovic is out. the number t seas was beaten in the quarterfinals by some slow thinker of switzerland in what was a fine set thriller. a friend who will now face thomas bennett in this case republican the semi finals. the aggies defeated then number three seed of the center of spain to make its way. big surprise in the women's competition to canadian teenage sensation you jenny bouchard is in the semis after defeating serbia's on a new batch of its shell pei li na of china for a spot in the sling that's all for now the gentle thanks for watching and easy with more news announcement. the year
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i'm so patients the weakest six thirty. o'neill but that i find it on. and all. after that. i'm not caught the ball up. one. watch out. ch ch
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