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tv   RT News  PBS  January 22, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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will . the link for choosing gulf central kiev the ukrainian police head down barricades and chase brought to the fourth day of anti government protests. two people died safer the crisis is being filled white nationalist radical scheme to grab the opportunity to push for brevity. also the staffs there is double into the position sit face to face for the first title since the start of the conflict the beginning of the old anticipated peace talks in switzerland have exposed the puppies are very
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different to the beach the call. he's been in love it when it is just to midnight and ten pm in kiev where two people have donated an anti government protests in the ukrainian capital in a fourth consecutive day of fun it's nice to pull down barricades in the center the city and chased down ross's at the retaliation of protest is has been equally as forceful up is an excuse to ski is in the ukrainian catholic well my dad pointed out. the protests will be delivered at the numbers are not receiving yet it's still pretty much that i would say maybe several thousand people of the protesters and riot
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this week it's blowing glass banks molotov cocktail was that the police. not that it's shipping the product of actually reaching the police line because of this the black smoke effects that i would never expect that i would have to wear a bulletproof vest and helmet in radiant like yeah but don't be a little dirty up several hours ago i filed this report i saw the first wave of protests this. all calls the police try to push the dough does this all this blather title to this report right now. this is yet another attempt by the police to push the protesters the governmental quarter they've just started moving as we can see that coming themselves with heels the broadcast of the riot about running back but they still crawling. look at the police. it is very violent yet we see that last month ending exploded. from time to time. although the police are not resorting to any kind of special means so far seventy when you flash bangs or not meaningful
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mommy goes to women's lives with that scene over here they've been wanting been sitting for hours for several hours before attempting another and another guy let the protesters. we also had her death on the prime minister of ukraine would that not all those right thing in the central kiev are considered to be terrorists and will start from the assembled the official from the wind the bank if the bunnies lines quoted saying that. they will use less if needed and this indicates that we can see right now from our best at that point the leaves are now unfold in full swing the king of the broadcast of the stone throwing rocks and mud of the details of that the kids to bed late. i wanted but leeds much. there are so proud of you to bagging their shields to give a proper psychological effects of that the progress
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of my most head. but now we can see that no protest the remaining at the scene of the riots would not be in see although i could've bought four days already that's it. the protesters had been pushed off from the governmental quarter the police lines again see that one believes line the other police line that now securing the perimeter no major violence into a casino the major bought and sold the police in front with a goal by men from the police at all. we can see the crowd for the police are not advancing to the independent sweat which is literally a two hundred meters away from here they are not announcing that bad just basically what they do in the securing this got me a bit too big of a metal quarter to push the right is from the scene and what they're doing they're just getting in here now so that quickly added that not iperse. the big protet the protest at the independence square the one which had existed for several months already. that will never sign that the plaque at the police again that the protests of the writers are back are back as we can see in them can
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also see another wounded person being carried. it is getting violent again all day this summer's cricket and that's the balance is coming from the protesters on the ride is not from the police the police is merely protecting themselves which is the amount of cocktail then on the ground as well. the gun lot of cocktails are baked on drugs are being told that the police. so this is what this looks like yet another yep another retreat by the police. the protesters are tossing again the writers are bringing desires. that will burn them and know that the police like big dogs on several occasions already they're charging the charging again at the police as we can see when talks all the time cheese dementia to share
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scheme and what course to repeat all of the kids all say in kiev closely following the events as they unfold and here's how he was cool calm and assertive drop a nice idea. well i'm currently still it between independence square and the area in front of the dean of the stadium that will feed a european sway away that there is a stand off again between the riots is in riot police there's that line of fire wall of quiet separating the two had not deemed a set alight by the higher the right to living tie isn't thick black skirt smoke the separate the two sides as the steady stream of people moving from independence as sweat over to where the oft said the flashpoint is currently am. this is terribly unfair what we're seeing is that the politico in the carrying a lot of of rudimentary weapons some of the helmet said some with homemade forty although we see them carrying the likes of clothes i embossed the bits of paving stone that the team breaking up the speed rail operation
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going on the head of on the right to stick to break up paving stones to provide them with roll stability at the police in and getting them over to what is read out the front line in this that this clash between rioters and rightfully so. he rolled in the day and the right place to play everybody go to the area that just behind me over there though while the weekday mass and i when sadness comes straight out the time and we and we were able to to fit catch on film example was going on. we sang as a series of explosions occur often in places like that. the squares you can sing it with other people are gonna be writing this with the subject of the cover of a committal to the left. emma gets a huge crowds of people with their body types that get away from those dark ages i am. i cut the trees moving in with our saintly cementing in the diary the area. they have been pushing but very
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fulfilling to them. hopefully with good they could be fined well we are to a twelve man who has everybody off the cage. the body away from it without all the dark as not to get inside joke with them. with the intense i did not fit to get all the way of what's going on this is that the police had decided that they are the getting rid of them and clearing out everything that was at the bottom fifth country in position of such a stunned off at katrina wright says i'm deeply saddened. or simply citing that this baby was trying to to put an end to dawson city in to clear people our resorts huge wave of people queued shoot with the people fleeing after all most part cases. as police tried to add to this post is all about. all the is the body is not about forcing a policeman no hissing eight somebody is on the floor right then repeatedly basing the person. basically stuff oakley is not always the explosions india that we
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wanted to come inside to the hotel which is near funny yet whether these advocates would say so than the notes it to get away from from what was going on. i am. they're off somewhere and it demonstrates that some people used to be in vegas the pleas of not completely cleared all of that area. the way i am the sole top and very very quickly it all happened in a space of just a few minutes we had a few loud explosions i believe they were banned at it but they would noise crazy with fudge and grenades. emma and then charged by the police. which is completely clean out the pool area. for it demonstrates is simply sitting in istanbul for the last. the last few days. but although this does seem that it's the third set to continue for a while me and sam will be trying to get a count that as soon as it is safe for us to do so to see what's going on. i am only a case where to locate it. yes it is exhausting demonstrates is trying to insult or treat
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that they were just expelled from buy by the right place all that was the scene early on where to stay right now will write is to re occupy the arcades as they say that that separates it from the police now by a wall of fire. as for those thai is another thing is that the looting and the continuing to rise rather than local to central kiev resemble a battlefield dr nelson isn't that exactly where the events were describing it taking place this to put it in perspective for you. the ships go to st which has been at the very center of much of the abundance that there is here that out we have seen the faces clashes between rockets and the police in the last few days including today when the policeman is to push the rock is off that very long street in the city towards european square here this is what we're seeing cars burning right now on the wall of flames off season next year is that these women if he's there somewhere in the midst of all that blacks might now all reported peter on a base already he's a little weight back on
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europeans square. here is independence square the muffled about my pants split with the main body the anti government protest isn't being can tell for several months now and they'll still there in great numbers. one of them i went to an appreciative been injured during the riots they've suffered fractures head injuries burns stabbings and gas poisoning. more than a t have the hospital as a fall in financial commentator pat field says the rudd is attacking the security forces if a few reasonable arguments in comparison to mobilize terrorists great in kiev we certainly see a large number of protesters but do they really reflect the viewpoints of the entirety of ukraine. well i don't think that's the case ultimately we have this tragic situation where the ultra is effectively a thuggish elements the stigma of links to every extremist politics in many cases they meet some of them are national socialist or fascist some of them probably have some sort of pocketing towards communism. certainly they're not the sort of normal average everyday
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people really can be reasoned with these sorts of people insisted all societies the truth is that normally would give up a reasonable political economics to keep everything going from day to day politicians all the sorts of fringes where there has to be in philly and unfortunately by interventions from the european union and the united states of america which i think the pulley on reasonable in the domestic politics if you pray you will see them trying to right top and indeed most people are rather extreme some of them are very very upbeat news indeed. of course they're demonstrating it to the violence that their proper getting all the innocent people of tf and ukraine at this moment is not a huge majority movement demanding change. it is ultimately a very well organized terrorists were awful. will twenty people have reportedly broken into a television station that in kiev the more the authorities believe was a case of ditching because equipment and furniture was still going out with such details across the city would discuss
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the tactics used by the ukrainian drop nice with a man has been in the front line himself. simon fully he was a senior officer from london's metropolitan police he told me that sometimes an officer is left with no choice about how to react. i guess maybe this is a deeply somehow standing between the tension between eighteen people killed in protests that something in me wants to date. then it stops becoming violent. it's all i've made many had no option into the act. sometimes a new eighty eight. that situation does get out of control like that. well they do this to me and say he's useful. he's quick and quickly went away you can get that demonstrates the growing threat to
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the rest of our drive. prior to the second part means is to do so as to say. antonio says. in some ways when you get back to britain from the musical was the substance indeed many ways it's not surprising that i had reacted and the goodness that is happening. not only pitched at indy. he's coming to get into a number of fortune the contingent as well as human beings in a good idea to announce problems. however when cooked they are our beloved and i know he needs to cease his arm in managing its conduct in the world that doesn't like making the trip might use the pc because it's completely different. it wouldn't be true right actually this is very front line. face to face his name his people. many of you are actually in pain. of course and on sometimes in a circumstance is progress made the diesel says dude and cruise control. i'm actually casings that are innovative
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nineteen eighty two record while running the nature when asked was what makes the difference between police and the iraq news is that their mom was in our society is needed not to use disposables for protecting the peace. i mean she will scoot scoot guys but they did and if they acted outside the old folk may best be dealt with the students. well they supported the ukraine opposition since the very beginning of the protests now the us and eu even threatening kiev with sanctions. what with mourners to school till the twenty boy can she joins us live from the name of the sun twenty of these sanctions alone horizon this edible amounts of fresh eggs essays on in ukraine from the pool it already had the us embassy in kiev has been great to be said that stephen ukrainian officials linked to violence they said that considering the direction of the communion could be falling say they face the painful was taking place in kiev sweaty on the ukrainian leadership the president of the european commission has a mangled law center has said that he may have to rethink its entire
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relationship. a second consequences could be installed wanting a eu official has said that one we sanction that they could take would be to try the eu bank accounts of sets and ukrainian what it costs leading to the ukrainian he said. the same time when pads and ndp talking about the same station agreement the ukraine still being as something very much on the table at it and the eu the eu official that's responsible for the unique strengths and the european commissioner for enlargement the neighbourhood policy where he's coming to kiev on fri sat on the one who can think of condemnation and rats. but on the other hand people total. how do they eventually ukraine is still going to drop the stuff that deal with the eu. when things were in washington for the subtleties playboy reporting that much but in our discourse. back to kiev where we can bring you some live pictures of a poet's
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looking at them and it can be sent to the city still walls of flame paint eva fires burning throughout the city and i would of course bring you more on that says that the benefits continue that throughout the night now beat us in the eu in justifying the sun response to use provided by the ukrainian authorities as we've heard from only that most of the day he's a scene in cash or nations lecturer reception from moscow state university explains why he believes the decision is hypocritical what we're hearing from the united states and from the european union is of course the most cynical five percent. after the last twenty years of them. it's refreshing to be occupied wall street the united states in the anti me a new liberal posterity. the tights that have been instituted around the european union which brought literally tens of millions of protesters of october st. of them. call it against violence in the ukraine where the majority of the inside
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it has been from the elites that have suffered injuries from our cocktails fire bombs like stabbings. love the ease with morning stars. we did shots from trina which it is constructed and the mike don and both the narrows between them were frequently seen on a level of the people want us up from the protesters that is where the real time. in these protests. this pieces of the new cradle position in state prison yanukovich refused to alter the questions during negotiations today that they could continue tomorrow the president did say the cabinet's resignation is snorting possible while opposition leader the many cats coach. justice to stay put. read the latest on ukraine. seems to get more international news and just a couple minutes. the a piece
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if any of these. when asked how long i forgot that we all sang night and the traffic light thingy. free coffee guru. what can be. your
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teens today are rover's future the eye a year in the making and just a couple of days ago to like me might know that all the representatives of syria's government and opposition are finally in the same room and token for the first time since the start of the country st you don't call it what you just know who's been following the talks wraps up the first day of the conference for us. well it's the person opening day of the conference are we expecting it to be filled with all these formal statements but instead often anymore since peaking in the spotlight and also became clear that different participants often talks of a different understanding all fog of war stories and so soon enough tories seem to be ready to talk about comic and terraces is widely known that
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the size the political opposition terrorists including al qaeda linked groups are fighting the insidious aloft and he seemed to be ready to open up and discuss things like oh cool i cease fire as well but at the same time. what had you at center stage on a k a his opening statement saying that president assad has no future in this country which is pretty much the position that up for what what the opposition has been saying and they're still pressing on with these calls for him to step down. we managed to speak with the official representatives ikea at our friends let's listen to it yet so you'll just have to think that this is the problem and said that i do to promote its use them without us going to help set the dial. now it's also clear that so old the participants off this conference is due respect the agreements on friday in geneva one conference which includes forming this transitional governments but according to the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov the interpretations of these
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agreements are often different as office list. it is necessary to eta to agreements reached a genius along the rio warning against the once onto the temptation of those agreements. many including our colleagues in europe the us this but as the opposition attempted to interpret the geneva communicate so in the context of a scene change the weeds text that reads wanted me to consent between the government and the opposition run are actually its absence is another issue shares this is also hosting caught in its power in the region with a definite influence on the situation in syria but the opposition was strongly against that sentence in the ends. watch it and asking the united nations to cancel its invitation to bowl today referred from. will the city allow broth and your answer to the gentle upon the move saying that the call center and will be able to join the talks. sometime later on along with us the other groups off the syrian opposition since kelly. it's
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not the presents yet entirely it seems everyone here agrees that's all the diplomatic a political solution is possible in syria and that's definitely going to take time but frankly even having the steeple of the authorities and the rebels in the same building with me already be considered a diplomatic breakthrough. this can open one despite a general understanding that peace talks would be easy. inside syria there is hope of some kind of breakthrough. what a great finish to reports from one place where every goodness for reconciliation is especially strong. even in these dangerously divided country. one place the differences don't want a nice piece children's hospital. the motif of the government's mistake jayson room he'll be the second only to find two so it's nice hearing on the nice and simple in this area including at his house
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by the reverence because this isn't the only hospital of its kind in the country when they visit auntie can be treated to an end on the same now for sending children to grow beyond the longtime country and hopped in the continent together again three years of conflict night remained between the note children greased pan according to the euro and more than one hundred thousand people have died. in fact greece overhauling it officially stopped counting the yen and peyton groups on sky. sixteen students that people are moving in pain. d who's married to use the name given to j has just fallen pregnant a minute off my niece. this is a beacon of truth. the scheme in so much to me my husband. it's a connection between nasrallah away from the chabad which is open to meetings and even means life itself. i need to maybe i'm the times one and a
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hokkien old told ted was going to hit theaters to damascus has at the scene she says. wine tasting nothing to do before. i'm trying to clean it all means and i have to even have to find the peace of mind. come to give up. will. it's a sign to ward it melts many think about it. inmates of bombings and devastation a basis to be born in their thousands. new parents who run away from atrocities in their hometowns all in and out the weekends like the basics of citation and security. the truth that all around. a tuesday night retail shop tea from damascus. that openness in government and the old position as the continued enough he would of course be bring you full coverage throughout the week. while the backup. i am rome
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recently facebook was ablaze with lights and chairs on the twenty fourteen no pants subway ride. this is the yearly event that is grown in popularity and spread with pianist native york to cities across the globe according to fox news is that you thousands of people ride the subway in their underwear as if it were normal day which organizers say is the prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in places. i guess this is kind of funny i mean hey i like whacking us think about the african propaganda takes the thousands of people the world over to simultaneously do something and with all that effort in all those thousands of participants all you do is walk around thatcher pants on this idea most of the korea by some people in a pre deck and lifestyle because the community to stop organizing people for the goal of spreading joy a lot of us can't afford puttin on the table in the future could you guys please try some camp was full of donating more pencils recycling more. maybe best of
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all an artist of all pencils job creating whacking this is fine born you have the power of thousands of trials to its volunteers please use it responsibly and productively that's just my opinion. i am do. do i. the he did i did
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it is. it is. and. i did good thing. i do you did. i
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did it. we were you. to do the game. i would do. could you. and. ch. heehee. china's cctv. any weakness of our
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news and current theories of her as news makers and experts can discuss issues of global impact. crime and punishment united states has the highest rated for them and the world but an ex convict get a second chance i eye. six of the deal. it was a seatbelt. when i'm there. kelly thank you very much for joining us. chaos on the streets of kiev the agreement between the ukrainian president and opposition leader international peace conference on syria and with no sign of compromise their heat. and then secret offshore accounts being used by


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